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LH030 Eco Blackbox 3 Series Security DVR with 960H Recording and Stratus Connectivity


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LH030 Eco Blackbox 3 Series Security DVR with 960H Recording and Stratus Connectivty

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world delivering true peace of mind with the LH030 ECO Blackbox 3. Featuring Stratus Connectivity our innovative hassle-free cloud connection, allows you to quickly and easily remotely connect to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

security dvr with 960h resolution

960H recording resolution

The ECO Blackbox 3 DVR is optimized for use with 960H compatible cameras. Industry leading 960H (960x480) recording resolution ensures high quality live-viewing and recording. A 34% increase over standard D1 resolution (DVD quality) and a 500% increase over CIF, gives a sharper, undistorted image with a true-to-life aspect ratio with no stretched image. The DVR is also backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.

Security certified hard drive

Dependable security grade hard drive

Record in real-time to the specialty 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 960H (960x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

Lorex Stratus solution

Local and remote viewing

Connect the ECO BlackBox3 to a TV, PC, or CCTV monitors with industry standard HDMI, VGA & BNC inputs. The intuitive interface with simple icons allows for easy & efficient security DVR programming. Or connect to Lorex's Stratus app to remotely monitor your security system from virtually anywhere in the world.

LH140 series compatibility chart

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.



Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • Tablet / smartphone viewing and playback 1
  • Lorex Stratus Connectivity - 3 step setup
  • Superior 960H Resolution - 34% more detailed and true-to-life images 2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HDTVs 3
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • Advanced mobile apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • H.264 video compression 4
  • 3 video outputs (HDMI, VGA and BNC) to connect multiple monitors
  • Pentaplex operation - view, record, playback, back up & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485) remotely control through App
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time
  • Automatic firmware upgrade over the Internet ensures your system is secure and up to date 5


1. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, check
2. Optimized when used with 960H compatible cameras. DVR is backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.
3. High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 960x480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
4. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
5. Both firmware and software must be updated to latest version to ensure remote connectivity. Always update to the latest software (available at after upgrading the DVR firmware.
* BlackBox is used solely as a marketing term and does not imply that the product can survive fire or extreme conditions. Use product in accordance with the instructions provided.
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.








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1 out of 72


Location: Tunisia

Il forget password. Please tell me what i do.

Please call our technical support team so they can reset it for you - 1-877-755-6739

2 out of 72


Location: Colorado

Wireless cameras provide mediocre image which blurs when the wind blows. NVR crapped out and would not let me log in on the internet and Lorex said they would ship new box. Well they didn't and after wasting countless hours on the phone trying to remedy their defective equipment they said sorry, you need to buy a new NVR.

Don't buy from this company, their customer support is the worst!

3 out of 72


Location: Tunisia

i forget the password. this product is perfect.

4 out of 72


Location: Belle, WV

This Security System was very easy to install and when some questions came up, Lorex Technical Support was EXCELLENT. Lorex Technical Support was very patient with me words just cant explain how knowledgeable he was with getting me started with my new system. I highly recommend based on this experience. The PC based and Android based monitoring software is excellent and easy to use. I love that I can view this on my TV screen and I am able to do just as much on the TV as on the PC and Android. Picture quality is awesome.

5 out of 72


Location: Memphis, TN

I purchased this system with some apprehension as to whether I could successfully install. As it turned out, it was very easy to install and when some questions came up, Lorex Technical Support was EXCELLENT. I highly recommend based on this experience. I've been using this system for 10 months without any problems. The PC based and iPhone based monitoring software is excellent and easy to use.

6 out of 72


Location: Fort Worth, Texas

I have had my LH030 wireless system since October 2015. Thankfully, so far, I have not had to use it for identifying any incidents. But just having it and being able to check on certain locations around and outside the home at any time gives a sense of security. With the high definition pictures in real time I now know who is at the door before opening it.
The only problems encountered is, on occasion, having to re-boot the system or unplug and re-plug a camera to get everything operational again. This has fixed any problems so far.

7 out of 72


Location: Ambridge

i love the LOREXLH030 ECO BLACKBOX 3 SERIES SECURITY DVR/ 960H RECORDING security device that i purchased about 2months ago. I cant use the system on my desktop at home because i have a iMac system! WTF i seems as if iMac won't let you download anything other than there own apps...? i called the HELP line and they said that there is going to be a new download and i need to be patient and wait for it to come out. Really? I can tell you this... i was able to download the app onto my iPhone 6s though. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FOR US TO SEE......HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FOR YOU AN ME !!! (song in my head)

Thank you for your feedback. We're happy to hear you love the system. It should work in your Mac computer. Please find more information in the manual or contact our technical support team at 1-877-755-6739.

8 out of 72


Location: Manitoba

the cameras with this unit a clear and great coverage,the black box 3 LH030mouse started out couldnt get menu bar working,then got working and quit, waiting on new box.Customer service was great to work with. See how it goes with new box.

9 out of 72


Location: San Tan Valley, AZ

I purchased this device with 4 cameras with WiFi technology. So far I have seen no issues with it and the ability to remote access is awesome. I can almost see the whole perimeter of my house. There are some dark spots but the are not leading to any access to the house. All points of entry are being watched. Unless someone were to jump a fence in the right place they will be seen by one of these cameras. All I had to do was provide power to 3 of the cameras and bang I have video.

10 out of 72


Location: Bay Saint Louis,MS

This is a great product. It only took 30 min to install and begin recording. Love the product.

11 out of 72


Location: Near Palm Springs California

The system is not bad for the money. The picture quality is decent...not GREAT. During the day time the video would be able to pick out the person pretty clearly at night the image is just to light/bright. It would be great if there were two color for day and for night. The email notification is horrible it was a total pain in the butt to set up and the Lorex DNS does not seem to work at all!!!! Most email servers (gmail, hotmail ect) do not authorize lorex's box so it works for a few and then just stops working!!! The email servers must think its spam and just stop relaying the messages!

Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with this. Please call us at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

12 out of 72


Location: Sarnia

Nothing more frustrating then to spend hours trying to find the software to download to connect remotely to the systems I have bought. I also hit some sights that claim to have the download but you end up with junk due to misleading page layout.

Why doesnt Lorex have this download front and center.... I downloaded the app for the phone and an android devise and it worked fine.

13 out of 72


Location: Calgary AB

This is my second system from lorex and once again, blown away from the tech these guys have. Very straightforward, easy to use. Follow the steps and you're set!

14 out of 72


Location: Willowick

I bought the LH030 Eco Blackbox 3 series DVR with 4 960H cameras from Sams Club less than an year ago. All moving images come out blurry and washout, except for large object like my cars, which are sharp and clear. The Zoom, Focus and Iris setting doesn't even work, nothing happened when I clicked on it? Am I missing something here? Please help!

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-888-425-6739, option 3. They are available from Monday to Saturday, 9am - 10pm EST.

15 out of 72


Location: missouri

The LH030 was so easy to install that I thought there must be missing instructions. After following the steps it was a very nice surprise to see the view from all of my cameras on my phone.

16 out of 72


Location: Canada

It is totally junk. I hate their software and support

We're sorry to hear you are not satisfied. We have offered our assistance. Please reply to our emails or call technical support at 1-877-755-6739.

17 out of 72


Location: Gulfport, Ms

Love it! Model LH030 with wireless cameras (4) to remotely watch our place on the water in my absence. Had to call tech services for a few problems but things worked out fine. The online manual has important information in it that is buried and should be included in the quick set up info, like "pairing" the remote.

18 out of 72


Location: Ontario

Purchased the LH030, installed it yesterday. Easy to hook up, easy to run. The app was easy to find in the App Store, I did have to install it twice on my iPad, no big deal..the second time was fine. Took a bit to get the date to set but I conquered. I recommend this unit.

19 out of 72


Location: Windsor, Canada

Very unhappy. The Android app worked for a short while then stopped. I assume a update that disagreed with the app, but there has been no fix for it.
The DVR itself loses function. The mouse, network will stop working (both local and remote) and I have to cycle the power to get into it. The settings do not save in regard to recording. I cannot set the motion detector, or recording times. I have correctly setup all the network, and domain settings since it will work sporadically.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

20 out of 72


Location: Jamaica

I am very unhappy this product, the remote viewing Software is horrible, both android and ipad. i would install its works then late it doesnt so i am constantly installing. Forget the PC software it ever worked for me, I am not even sure i have download the correct one.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are unhappy with your system. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-888-425-6739, option 3.

21 out of 72


Location: 13760

Using this product with my PC is extremely difficult! I purchased this product and I can not figure out how to download the client software. Please help.

Please find the software download link under the Downloads tab of this page. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-888-425-6739. Thank you.

22 out of 72


Location: ohio

This dvr is excellent for the money. If you want to start small with you home surveillance, I highly recommend this dvr. It is simple to setup and use, their stratus connect is as simple as they say only 3 step and u have remote viewing. I have only had then unit for 1 day but this thing is perfect. It does only have a small 500 gb drive but you can increase that to 2tb. Thats is plenty for 4 cameras.

23 out of 72


Location: Wilmington, NC

Great reliable product

24 out of 72


Location: Mission Hills, CA

This product is very good, but the mouse and remote control does not function as intended. Changing the monitor resolution does not seem possible.

25 out of 72




26 out of 72


Location: Pennsylvania

This system replaces an older single record (4) camera set-up. I can see the advantage of the Simultaneous recording already. So far these are exactly what I had expected great picture easy set up on PC and smartphone. The only downside is, I got a remote that doesn't work, along with the cameras inability to be adjusted easily to capture an entire peripheral area. The antennae gets in the way of the adjustment screws and limits the camera movement. And it does severely effect the WiFi even though the router I have is a dual-band simultaneous model. Will be contacting support for the remote replacement and pick their brains on settings to improve WiFi speeds back to something more acceptable. Overall it's still a good system for the cost

27 out of 72


Location: Compton, Ca USA

I think that people that have given this product less than 3 are probably not that technology savvy. Got to read their manual or as in this industry they would save RTFM!! If you don't know what the acronym is look it up on google. Now the reason I gave a 4 out of 5 is because of the quality control of the S/W across platforms. On the PC side the app crashed the 1st time I tried to download a file in playback. You have to change the path of the "Local Setting" to an existing drive!! It defaults to "d:\????" did NOT capture what it was set to before I changed it.

My opinion is that it is worth the money for a small home of less then 1500 Sq Ft. Don't have to run wires all over my home and It captures decent video at night.

Still haven't got to the connecting away from home yet but I'll do a second on that one

Michael B

28 out of 72


Location: Pennsylvania

Easy to set up and connect the cameras and got my iphone to connect the first time. However, I haven't been able to connect to the device a second time. I thought setting up a DDNS would help but although the instructions mention a button to create a new DDNS there aren't any on any of the pages I've visited. I think we just wasted a lot of money.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your system. The full manual can be found under the Downloads tab of this page. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you as well and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

29 out of 72



Great picture and great technical support

30 out of 72


Location: oregon

called tech cause couldnt get the password to work..never been able to tell if i was recording a thing and play back when it was working never had a thing on it . and now im locked off again ,,password does not work ..again. Looks like swann will be the next first lorex worked but was really crappy software but it I bought this ..and the software and directions suck beyond confusion and im tired of calling support every time the password stops working. Buyer beware.. this system is a joke.

Thank you for your feedback. We were happy to hear from you again and that your system is working correctly. Please don't hesitate to contact us in the future if you need to.

31 out of 72


Location: NY

Remote Access Is Terrible.

I have been forced to return this DVR.

The unit is restricted to 3 connections. The software does not disable the connections, then no one can access remotely.

Failed Product

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry this system did not meet your needs. Our sales team would be happy to assist you in the future to determine the best solution. They can be reached at 1-888-425-6739.

32 out of 72


Location: Trinidad

Very good product. Set up was a breeze with Stratus - on my laptop and on my Android phone. I also have an older ECO Blackbox that needed to use the free Lorex DDNS to connect to the internet and it was a bit more technical to set up than this one but not that hard either. However they both work great and I'm very pleased. Quality and reliability are also excellent.

33 out of 72


Location: Toronto, Canada

This system is excellent. All the 4 wireless cameras have a good range. The motion sensor based recording works great. DDNS set-up could have been easier. The cell phone app.has one flaw-you cannot disconnect from the system and it can remain connected and may thus go over your monthly download limit of your plan with your cell phone provider. The only way around this is to enter in a wrong device password and it then disconnects. I have not figured a way to email a recorded file from my cell phone yet. The recorded playback works great and you can even download on your PC/laptop a specific file from the logging data. In spite of these flaws, this is still a great system.

34 out of 72


Location: Rochester, NY

I bought the Lorex LH030 System with four LW2232 cameras. I’m happy with the system and the quality. It could be better and it could be worse. You get what you pay for. It was fairly easy to set up and get the cameras working. The only problem was having to put holes in my house to run the power wire from camera to a 110V socket inside. The system is advertised as being “wireless”. I’m not sure what their definition of “wireless” is. If I have to run a wire through the walls of the house, it’s certainly not “wireless”. If you want to see your video on your TV or a separate monitor, you also have to run a cable. You also have to run a cable from the DVR to the WiFi. That’s a lot of wire for a “wireless” system. With systems that are not advertised as wireless, you have to also run a cable from the camera to the DVR.
I had a few minor problems getting all four cameras working properly. Two of them didn’t work at night. I called tech support and they had a few good suggestions. I found out the problem had to do with voltage to the wall socket. After I solved that problem, they all work fine.
When trying to play back the recorded video, I needed some help from tech support to understand the interface. After a few pointers, I didn’t have any more trouble with it. I believe they can make the interface easier for everyone to understand.
I’m very happy with technical support. They were pleasant and knowledgeable. Tech support gets 5 stars. The system altogether gets 3 stars. It works fine, but like I said, it’s certainly not wireless by any stretch of the imagination.

35 out of 72


Location: Home

It was rather easy to install but the directions could have been a lot clearer. Tech support was great with the help each time, I had no problems with them and they got me through the couple of dumb issues I was having with 'my' brain. lol
Me being the idiot I am thought that WIRELESS meant wireless however, I had to run electricity to all my eve for them to work. Not a really big deal but to me, wireless means wireless with battery's iin the cameras.
I am not impressed with the clarity of them as I stood in front of the camera outside and in the daylight and could not recognize myself in the picture.
One camera is about 50' from my controller and it has no bars on the signal and the signal on that camera goes in and out but, my house has a cement floor and a LOT of metal in it that hurts any signal.
I'm not sorry I purchased it but I am not 100% impressed with it either. My driveway is 80' long and I cannot read a license plate at the end of my drive nor can I tell what kind of car it is. I'm sure a police officer could but I cannot.
I would recommend it but just know it is NOT wireless and the plug ins for them must be within 10' of the camera.

36 out of 72


Location: Home

I'm trying to set it up

Please find the full manual available under our downloads tab. For further assistance, our technical support team would be happy to assist you. They can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

37 out of 72


Location: NB, Canada

Purchased my unit at Costco.

Initial setup of cameras, was very easy, and promising. Seem to work very well, in bright and low light conditions.

However, it killed my Wifi Network. 2.54 band interference made internet usable. Had to download a wifi scanner to determine what channels were best to use. Fingers crossed the new wifi router settings will hold.

The user interface on the DVR unit is a confusing puzzle. Trying to figure out how to configure the motion alerts anything but intuitive.

Getting the SMTP server configuration working has been a complete circus. And this is with Lorex Technical support's input. While they are kind and patient, they are not well informed about how the product, (nor how standard email server configurations) work. I spent too much time trying to educate the support tech.

I followed the Lorex Youtube video to set up email alerts, using the Lorex SMTP server. Did not work. I tried setting up my own ISP's SMTP server. Did not work. I (and tech support) tried setting up a gmail smtp server. Did not work.

The key feature of being notified when an alarm is triggered, is a critical feature. Yet it is not supported.

If I can't get this resolved, I'm glad Costco has a great return policy. I will regret the hours and hours spent researching solutions for what is clearly a faulty bit of software.

Hardware side seems good.

Our technical support team would appreciate the opportunity to resolve the issues you are experiencing. They can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

38 out of 72


Location: Sandwich,IL Home

No users manual. Am not able to figure out the DVR remote control because it doesn't do anything. Configured it with my IPhone but still not able to get the DVR to record. Was easy to hook up with the two cameras that came with the kit connecting very fast. I had to run power to the cameras because nobody has figured out how to make the power wirelss yet, but did not have to run cables from the camera to the recorder. That allows me to easily move the recorder.

Thank you for your feedback on our website, it is important to us.

You can find the manual for your product under the downloads tab on the product page:

If you require further assistance, please contact our Tech Support 1-877-755-6739.

39 out of 72


Location: NYC

It's Ok....but I still having problem to play back...

40 out of 72


Location: Michigan

having trouble setting up wireless.

41 out of 72


Location: Indianapolis

I am having a lot of trouble learning this. I wanted to view my property remotely but now that I have bought it Verizon who is my internet provider with one of there broadband wireless routes tells there router will not work with it. I can view the cameras at home but have not been able to figure out how to get it to record or playback. Seems to be a lot to learn and I apparently have to find a different internet provider. Much more trouble than I expected. Especially when I went to a Verizon store and I called Lorex before I bought it and both said it would work remotely as well as at home.

42 out of 72


Location: oklahoma

System works great after I figured it out. Had major problems getting it to work because my equipment only came with quick guides and no manual or trouble shooting guides to go by!!!

43 out of 72


Location: Texas

This is my second unit to e an older unit that stop working. Wanted to stay with Lorex because of the remote viewing capabilities.

44 out of 72


Location: edmonton, Alberta

just starting with a wireless security camera system and this product is very easy to work with. The system set up easily and the cameras connected with no effort at all. I was very impressed with the high quality video even in low light conditions. Remote access is a requirement and this system met that criteria very well.
We are very happy with our choice and pleased that we purchased from Costco as well.

45 out of 72


Location: Georgia

Purchased DVR in April very easy to setup,I use a laptop and smart phone with it,customer service was excellent with a few questions I had.

46 out of 72


Location: Ga

Just purchased LH030 series,easy to setup and easy to use.I love it works well with a laptop and smart phone,also did need to contact customer service and was suprised how quickly I received help and fixed my pro

47 out of 72


Location: Florida

I got the cameras to replace cameras that we rented. I find these cameras are better in clarity, and extremely easy to install. The cost factor isn't bad either.

48 out of 72


Location: illinois

purchased on 5/1/2015, alittle hard to understand how to set up. Teamed with 960h pro series cameras, clear live views, excellent playback and review. great dvr for the the price.

49 out of 72


Location: pr

Good piece of equipment

50 out of 72


Location: New York

Easy to set up. Loses connection sometimes ,but works well when connected. Have recommended to many people.

51 out of 72


Location: Arizona

Not impressed with hooking up to phone

52 out of 72


Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I bought this unit from and arrived in 2 days. I had the system set up in minutes. I am very impressed with the system. I bought the 2 Wireless camera system and this DVR and I am viewing currently from my work place. I have the DDNS working, I have the port forwarding working so I can login from my homeremote IP, I connected the viewing to my IPAD, all done in a few minutes. You should have a least small knowledge of router, port forwarding, and basic settings. I did have a problem with my SMC router not letting me test from my local network, but once I got someone on the phone to use their internet to connect it worked. I went to work, dialed in my IP and downloaded the active x, logged in and I am viewing, and playing back video. I am really impressed with the price, and the ease of it all. I do have some experience with IP camera setup, so this did help. Great System. Love the 24hr DVR recording, lets you not have to worry about setting up a computer to record and all that. I give the system a perfect rating.

53 out of 72


Location: California

This 4 channel wired security DVR works perfectly. All 4 of my cameras are 700tvl and one is a hidden. I am also using the Lorex microphones for the two channels where I had to run over 120v wiring and near fluorescent lights but there is no interference beyond ambient background noise. Internet remote viewing works flawlessly with my 1.3 mbps upstream typical available bandwidth even though I have my remote view substream set at 2 channels 7 fps / 512k bit rate and the others at 3 fps / 96k bit rate. This allows good uinterrupted audio and smooth video and I can always playback from recording at full 960h if needed. I really recommend this system where you need a dependable rg59 wired camera system.

54 out of 72


Location: Beltimore

Bought this DVR with the four wireless cameras. Great system. I know a lot of people are complaining about bandwidth issues once they install the cameras on their network. My only advice to them is to check their Wirelss AP or Router, because more times than none it is only running on 2.4 GHz. Major issue here, because the cams run on 2.4 GHz. So, how do you fix it? Get a dual band router and use the 5 MHz spectrum for your wireless devices. Granted the cams only connect to the wireless adapters that come with the system, but signal interference is prevalent, even though the cams are on a different channel. There is enough bleed that it causes issues due to signal congestion and overlap.

If you are scratching your head asking if your wireless AP or router is single band 2.4 GHz you can check it by looking at your configuration. You should have two radios show up in the wireless settings. If not, it is 2.4 GHz. To my knowledge all Cox, Comcast, Time Warner integrated DOCSIS-compliant modem/routers are single band. I have a Comcast one and I added a dual band to it and use it as an AP and I went from 1.2 Mbps bandwidth speeds to 63 Mbps and in off-peak times I am seeing close to 90-100. So it is possible to use the cams and maintain your bandwidth.

My only con to this system is the camera's wireless signal strength. I have one on my back porch and I can only get one bar because of the brick exterior on my home. I'd prefer to not have to purchase a range extender antenna. With a powered cam I should be seeing better connectivity seeing as my receivers and DVR are less than 30 feet from the cam. Other an that, I LOVE this system! It's not 720 or 1080 HD, but the 960 is just fine for viewing on my devices while I am away with enough clarity.

I plan to add a wired PTX dome later to cover my entire front of my home and my street.

55 out of 72


Location: Columbus

VIA TECH SUPPORT AGENT - Sean. M - "Device is really good. Very happy with the product! Highly recommends to friends"

56 out of 72


Location: San Francisco

Nice compact unit which is sturdy and solid. Installed unit with LW2277 cameras. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Instructions for installation and operation is detailed, clear, concise and simple.

57 out of 72


Location: Williamsburg, VA

So far I'm pleased. Initial set up was easy. Video views are good since my DVR is downstairs and my camera are outside and above. Learning the system by trial and error. First day, not so good, but then I had a thought. What if I add a monitor to my DVR via VGA port. Second day much better - I found the menu features. The owner manual I downloaded needs work - little vague. One issue I have: When motion is detected, I get an e-mail with a picture - neat! However, I have trouble setting the times for motion detection alarms. I place a yellow box in the hours and days of the week for motion detection. The hours I do not want, I still get alarms - 24 hours a day. I sent a note to tech support for help. I do like the system and I bought more cameras.

58 out of 72


Location: Williamsburg, VA

So far I'm pleased. Initial set up was easy. Video views are good since my DVR is downstairs and my camera are outside and above. Learning the system by trial and error. First day, not so good, but then I had a thought. What if I add a monitor to my DVR via VGA port. Second day much better - I found the menu features. The owner manual I downloaded needs work - little vague. One issue I have: When motion is detected, I get an e-mail with a picture - neat! However, I have trouble setting the times for motion detection alarms. I place a yellow box in the hours and days of the week for motion detection. The hours I do not want, I still get alarms - 24 hours a day. I sent a note to tech support for help. I do like the system and I bought more cameras.

59 out of 72


Location: New Hampshire

So far so good. The unit is performing great. Very compact. Set-up was simple, and software easy to install. I find Lorex is a great value, reliable and durable. We have 2 complete systems and they perform great so far. I am pleased. Very attractive pricing.

60 out of 72


Location: Ameliasburg, ON

Still learning functionality of system.

61 out of 72


Location: Orange County,Ca.

So far I am very impressed with the performance of the unit. The color is great. I don't consider myself a tech person, but it was very easy to set up. I had an old Dell monitor that I used. I downloaded the app for my smartphone and it set up very easy, so I am able to monitor my cameras from anywhere, anytime. Very happy with the product.

62 out of 72


Location: Colorado

This is possibly the worst camera I i have ever seen. The resolution is incredibly bad. I am unable to read license plates or even make out a face. My phone has a better resolution than this thing. Just go and get a HD camera system and possibly a different brand name one.

63 out of 72


Location: butler, pa

This is an very difficult system to figure out. I comes with limited and confusing printed material. Try calling for help. You won't find it! The cameras are easy to hook up and no problems getting a nice live view, but good luck figuring out the recording and play back features.

64 out of 72


Location: Austin, TX

I bought this item from Walmart online. (Sorry Amazon). I got everything hooked up, hung the cameras and turned it on.


I was very pleased that all the cameras synced up with the DVR very quickly and the picture quality was good. "INITIAL set up was pretty easy.


I had it about a day and noticed that the remote control was having a VERY hard time getting the DVR to respond (even after changing batteries. When I did get it to respond the user interface is laid out okay and things are easy to find, BUT getting from one item to the next is very painful. I thought to myself that once I got it all configured I wouldn't use the remote as much and I would live with it. (BTW, I have a harmony remote and programmed it for the DVR. Same response and problems so the issue is in the user interface software.

Next day I noticed that my wireless network as slow. I did the normal reboots checked the router, extenders, interface and all was good. I then unplugged my cameras and my Wirelesss Internet Speed went from .5 Mbps back to 20 Mbps!! I did this test at least three times and got the same result. This will KILL your 2.4Ghz Wireless network.

I called Tech support and the wait was about 10 minutes (this was 11am central on a Monday). The tech support guy sounded pretty bored but I explained my problem. He asked if my network was 2.4Ghz and I said yes. He then said, yeah, that is what the Camera's use. I said yes, i know. He then told me the only thing I can do is try to change the channel on the router and see if that helps. He then said that if that doesn't work I probably need a WIRED system. Fine, i then talked about the remote control issue and asked if there was any firmware or software updates out for this and if it perhaps addressed this issue. After all of that all he said was "no". I then asked if if he knew of any dates for release and got back a "no I don't". I then said Thank You and goodbye.

I then spent two hours messing with my routers (which are GB and new/powerful) changing channels, looking at network traffic, etc (I do this for a living), and nothing fixed the problem.

I then went back and "uninstalled" all four cameras from outside (not fun) and took it all back.

THE KEY POINT HERE is that the camera traffic is not actually being processed by the router having the problems. These cameras basically acted like a signal jamming device for other 2.4Ghz networks since a router has to look at the traffic it receives and process it to ignore /drop it. In computer terms this is called a Denial of Service Attack.

If you don't have an existing Wireless network, this may work for you although it might interfere with your neighbors who will call tech support who will find the problem to be "the neighbors" Cameras. Or if you have a purely 5Ghz network it might work if you completely turn off any 2.4Ghz function but it's rare that people can do this,

My advice is to stay away from this system and if this is the way that Lorex has implemented "wireless" in their other systems, buy those at your own risk.

I really did try to get this working, talked to Tech support and tried every option. Sorry guys.

65 out of 72


Location: Washington

So far i hate it.I can't get it to show the cameras.

66 out of 72


Location: 1041 cole court

working good sure do like bought a second one trying to set up but they may be working on the same chanels

67 out of 72


Location: mexico city

THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT. NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER. I did set up in under 5 minutes. Great views in day and night. This is money well spent.You can see in android and i pad with no problems.

68 out of 72


Location: Jmaica

Great system...Love the PTZ capability

69 out of 72


Location: Midland, TX

I cannot get my system to work and the instructions are not helpful! Have been on hold for over 30 minutes now waiting for technical support. Not happy at all. Wish I could talk to a live person to help me determine what I am doing wrong.

70 out of 72


Location: Halifax, PA

Installation of cameras to DVR is easy. A software manual should come with the product so you have step-by-step instructions to setup the DVR, USERS, DDNS system better.

The app doesn't connect every time and neither does the computer software program on my PC. Still trying to figure out how to setup the DDNS. DVR box requires USB to download firmware, but no instructions where the other end of the USB goes. Two USB ports should be on the DVR box, one for downloading of firmware and another for USB mouse needed to move along in the software. More detailed instructions on setting up motion detection, files stored, retrieving files, backing up files are definitely needed.

71 out of 72


Location: Hopkinsville, KY

Installed wireless cameras in back of garage and front of house. I drilled through wall to run power wire through attic in both places but no problems otherwise. Setup was fairly easy and spent time customizing the software. Drivers for PC, tablet, etc. must be downloaded from this website but no problems. Recommend a range extender antenna booster for any real distance like out in detached garage. Day/night pictures are good and has worked great the past week.

72 out of 72


Location: OH

Good resolution, great range on the Wireless camera's! Looking for the app for Windows Phone.



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