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8 channel digital video security recorder



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ECO4 Series Security DVR with 960H Recording and Stratus Connectivity


Maintain vigilance and experience true peace of mind with the LH1581001B 8-channel surveillance solution. Lorex was first to market with the industry leading 960H (960x480) recording resolution that ensures high quality live-viewing and recording. 960H is a 34% increase over standard D1 resolution and a 500% increase over CIF, giving a sharper, undistorted image with a true-to-life aspect ratio that enhances your ability to view your world. Featuring the innovative Stratus Connectivity, allowing you to quickly and easily connect to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.





DVR supports up to 8 cameras



960x480 with Real Time recording



Maximum Capacity 2 x 4TB hard drives

Lorex Stratus solution

Stratus connectivity

Introducing the Stratus solution - an innovative hassle-free cloud connection. Download free App, scan QR code and start viewing your world securely online! The ECO 4 DVR allows you to connect & view your system on any device no matter where you are. Complete setup with your smartphone or tablet, no PC required.

Works With

security dvr with 960h resolution

960H Resolution

The Lorex ECO 4 DVR is optimized for use with 960H compatible cameras. Record at 34% higher resolution than DVD quality (D1), offering true to life aspect ratio that provides sharper, more detailed and nonstretched images. The DVR is backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.

Security certified hard drive

High quality hard drive reliability

Record all channels in real-time to the specialty hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 960H (960x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.




Security DVR:

  • Real Time Recording: 120fps @ D1, 240fps @ 2CIF, 480fps @ CIF1
  • Event Log Search, Preview Search, Motion Area Search, Go To Search
  • SMART network transfer
  • HDMI, VGA, Spot, Looping Outputs
  • Disk Mirroring Function
  • Advanced user configuration
  • Security Certified Hard Disk with up to 6TB of storage
  • PC/Mac Compatible
  • 3G Smartphone (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android)2
  • Tablet Compatible (iPad, Android)2
  • CMS-DH application supports up to 300 DVRs, 64 ch/ screen, E-Map, full control
  • Hardware watch-dog/power Failure recovery: auto-reboot while maintaining settings and data
  • Alarm notification (Max 10 users): e-mail alert
  • Fan lock detection
  • DVR temperature alert, auto power-off

1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and UPNP (Universal Plug & Play) router - not included.










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1 out of 85


Location: Usa

Can't leave a note about the product since I was sent a different unit than I ordered

Your order was upgraded. Please reply to our email if you are not satisfied with the upgrade and would like to set up a return. Thank you.

2 out of 85


Location: Toronto

I so looked forward to setting up this dvr when it arrived. It worked and I tried to adjust the resolution and rebooted it then nothing. I spent 2 hours waiting tech support no one there no one call me back on the chat either and no response from email there I returned it reminds me of 15 years ago no tech support from a laptop bought from website Dell.

Our sincere apologies for the wait. We are currently experiencing longer than usual wait times.

3 out of 85


Location: hawaii

Have had 2 hard drives crap out. The first one lasted less than a month and was replaced by the store where I purchased it. The second one lasted about a year and a half. Now I have to either get it repaired or just buy a new unit. What a pain in the butt!!!

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please see

4 out of 85


Location: Sandia Park, NM

Good System

5 out of 85


Location: Colorado

I ordered this unit to replace one that failed (after about 2 years service). I have two other Eco Stratus systems and so it was important that I receive what I ordered so as not to have deal with mixing different technologies. Lorex shipped an "upgrade" which is not compatible with my Eco systems. It took two weeks to get a DVR I did not order and now it is nearly another week trying to get this fixed. It takes days to get an email response and the phone number they give to call, you're either on hold forever (I never got through after 30+ minutes) or if you get their automated "leave your number and someone will call you", no one ever calls. Their customer service is awful. This is not the first time Lorex products fail within 1-2 years or they ship something different. I'm still trying to get this latest problem resolved but in the meantime, I'm researching other companies. If I find something better first, it's good-bye to Lorex and I'll start changing my systems over to a better product and company.

Our sincere apologies for any difficulty or inconvenience you experienced. We have been experiencing a much longer than usual wait time and are working to improve this.

6 out of 85


Location: Plainfield, IL

I can't honestly review this product because although it's what I ordered, I received a completely different unit. I do like the unit I received so kept it and it works just fine.

Thank you for your feedback. We upgraded your order due to inventory levels. We're glad you like it.

7 out of 85


Location: Dallas

Product was very east to set up, and the Stratus app lets me view the video through an iphone or dedicated app without having to set up port forwarding on my router. I would recommend this to anyone.

8 out of 85


Location: Brooklyn

I have had the ECO4 for about a year. It was an upgrade over a previous Lorex box. I bought it for the "Stratus" connectivity and am happy I did. It was very simple to setup and works very well. I can view my cameras anywhere from my phone or computer.

Tech support is always very good.

I do find the DVR interface very clunky to use. Feels like DOS for those of you old enough to remember DOS.

9 out of 85


Location: Ohio

Ordered this product but was sent an entirely different DVR.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Your entire order was upgraded as we had a back-order.

10 out of 85


Location: Red Deer

We started of with a Swann system but had to replace it when it stopped recording. The second swann system also stopped recording and I was told once again that it was a failed hard drive. Instead of replacing it again , due to warranty issues and overall terrible customer service, we decided to try something different.

Installing the Lorex system was fast and easy and was up and running in a very short time. I haven't had to use the customer service yet, and hope that I never will need it. So I can't comment on that but I do like how easy it is to use and so far it works perfectly. Happy we made the change to Lorex.

11 out of 85


Location: Connecticut

What a nice surprise when we received our order because even though we ordered the LH1581001B model (ECO5 Series), we instead received the LH161200 which is a ECO6 Series system but instead of a 8 camera system, the system delivered was for 12 cameras. The sweet thing about our pleasant surprise is that the cost did not change and now we have a 12 camera ECO6 Series Stratus system where we can add 4 additional cameras in the future.

We order this system to replace a 6 year Edge system that died on us a few weeks ago. Installation and setup was totally much easier compare to when we setup and configured our previous Edge system. All of our iPhones, iPads and PC Windows Desktop was up and able to view our surveillance system within 30 minutes and without any assistance from Lorex Technical Support.

The only issue to report is that the Mac Client version for viewing our surveillance system has not been updated to support Mac Version OS X El Capitan so we won’t be able to view our surveillance system from our Mac systems until a supported version is released from Lorex but viewing from our iOS mobile devices and PC Windows Desktop is without any issues.

Overall, this was an excellent purchase especially since we received a 12 camera system upgrade for the price of an 8 camera system which once again, was a totally pleasant surprise. We didn’t purchase the extended technical support so we are hoping that this system will at least last just as long as our previous Edge system or longer which was over 6 years.

Thank You Lorex!

12 out of 85


Location: Toronto, ON

Disappointed with the noise that comes out from the unit and the bad customer service. Have it installed in the living and now I have to crank up the TV volume in order to hear my TV properly. I had this unit replaced once after 6 months of usage because of the ventilation fan failure. It took me 1 month to get a new replacement after I initiated the complaint. Now the new unit also has a high level of noise coming out of it. Unless you are ok with the noise and the bad customer service, then you should go for this model. I WOULD NOT recommend this model to anyone.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you experienced and hope everything is working well for you.

13 out of 85


Location: NEW YORK


14 out of 85


Location: Alabama

Product received in a very timely manner and in good condition. Easy enough to get installed, and working well. Was able to get the remote view on the iPod, but haven't been able to get it set up on the Surface 3 yet (requres alot of extra info like IP addresses, etc.) and has taken too much time/effort to get the Surface set up so far. Still, I'm glad I've got the unit and would recommend to others w/the remote setup caveat.

15 out of 85


Location: Central Florida

Buying this DVR was a breeze. Shipping was quick and the setup was even faster. This setup is truly a 5 minute setup and your able to view your camera online or on a mobile device quickly. I wanted to setup a DDNS site even thought it not required since the Stratus Connection but i connected customer service and they walked me right through the process. The app for viewing on your devices can use some updating but it works well. I have both apple products and windows and works well on both platforms. I would highly recommend this product for the quality and the price point.

16 out of 85


Location: Waterford CT

I bought this Stratus DVR as a replacement for an Edge2 that I had for over a year. I had trouble with the Edge2 from the start having to get a replacement for the first brand new unit that I received. Recently the Edge2 overheated often and would not work until shut down, cooled, and restarted. I almost gave up on Lorex completely because of the Edge2 experience. I see that Lorex dropped the Edge2 line and I can see why. However after reading good reviews on this Stratus model I decided to give it a try. I am very glad that I did. It was very easy to connect to my network. It has better resolution than the Edge2. It was also very easy to set up the App on my Android phone for remote viewing and works well. So, after having it for about a week I am very happy with it so far.

17 out of 85


Location: South Fork,PA.

Have this unit,it's been working good for around 17 months , then hard drive started to reboot, every 1-2 mins. called tech support, they walked me through on fixing my hard drive, very nice people,so far running good now , Happy...Thank You

18 out of 85


Location: Eagle Bay, NY

This is my second Lorex DVR. In spite of having surge protectors all over, a power surge (I am pretty sure) took out the internet port on my first DVR (LH020) right after the warranty timed out. So I got this one, with double the hard drive and plugged it in. The GUI in both DVRs is very similar and once familiar with one, the other was a snap. But it is a bit old fashioned with multiple mouse clicks required where only one should do (like entering the password, must click Enter on the key pad menu and then click again to get logged in). Would be much more convenient to have a keyboard too, but it would used pretty much only for the user name and password. My Lorex PTZ camera 700TVL would erase set points after accessing them once, except for set point 1, with the LH020 (worked for an hour with support and they sent me a new LH020, which had the same problem, so I gave up). The PTZ camera works perfectly with this DVR. Entire system is working fine now for a month or so, or at least until the next power surge. Will have to get my LH020 fixed so I can substitute it in if another surge clobbers this one. I have slow DSL for internet, which makes doing anything over the internet but looking at the video very slow and unresponsive, but that is a problem with DSL, not with the DVR. Watching video, the average frame rate I receive over DSL is about 1 frame per second for each of 5 cameras, but it comes in bursts. If you have fast internet, I would not expect any problems. Right at the DVR, all controls are very responsive. Overall, it is a great system, very happy to have installed it.

19 out of 85


Location: las vegas, nv

good product, just need too upgrade playback/review modes for ipad/iphones and android apps to make more simpler-hold and drag for correct view time not happening:( would give more ratings, just need too upgrade apps!

Thank you

20 out of 85


Location: Oregon

The equipment showed up on time, in good shape and worked as advertised. Needed some help on the remote access but support was excellent.

21 out of 85


Location: Montreal

It was very easy to purchase the recorder, I just called and got a good service. The service that I did not like is from sales. I wanted an invoice for my company and It took me 2 days to get the line and I still only got a confirmation of order. Also for the image, after a few days I lost the color image, I am only in black and white. The product is easy to work with.

22 out of 85


Location: Piedmont, OK

I have had Lorex products in the past and this one is by far the best and easiest to set up. The GUI on the OS is user friendly and has prompts when you hover over an icon. I use a static IP and it was a breeze to configure the custom settings. Connecting on a PC over the LAN and the web was easy with the downloadable app for PC's. The iPhone app worked great on my wife's iPhone. Taking a pic of the encoded box id was easy and worked the first time. If you want a DVR to view on other PC's on your LAN or want to view it away for home on different platforms, this is the way to go!

23 out of 85


Location: Ohio

At first the wireless system was a little difficult to navigate through but after a brief contact with Tech Support, the system is up and running. It took about 8 minutes on hold to finally reach Tech Support and they do not have a direct number so you have to wait in the queue. I just purchased an identical system this week so it is great once up and running.

24 out of 85


Location: California

This DVR is plug-and-play. Tech support was very helpful when there was a problem with the hard drive. I highly recommend this product.

25 out of 85


Location: Indiana

This is the second Lorex DVR that I purchased as I had wanted to upgrade my system. I am very pleased with it. It was easy to setup and is very user friendly.

I had purchased several Lorex cameras in the past and will add more cameras in the future to complete my upgrade

26 out of 85


Location: night and day

this unit is nicely done. I started with an Edge unit that did not work well.

The Stratus works very well. Network and internet access are as easy as entering a single number

27 out of 85


Location: Oregon

We purchased the LOREX(LH1581001) on the LOREX website good deal, $400. We had to replace our last system which was also a LOREX (LH118000). We experienced rapid successions of power surges and evidently the last one couldn't take it. We also have had the unit for many years.

Would highly recommend a really good power surge protector.

This system was easy to set up, because we already had our cameras in place; it was just a matter of plug and play.

Seems to work fine, except we are having an issue with getting into the menu. Thought it was the remote, but attempted to use the the buttons on the recorder, which also didn't work. So I had to turn the unit off, wait, turn back on, then I was able to use the menu. ???

We will give the unit a few months then see how its functioning.

*Make sure your area is well ventilated, the device is running 24/7 it need good air circulation.

A little note is that it didn't sit flat. The pegs on the bottom were not the same thickness. I took the foot pegs off the old one and had to put them on the new one.

28 out of 85


Location: Québec

is my second one and the menu is super easy control improve. in short, I recommend it and the service is great ......
Excuser mon anglais mais je le recommande au Canada et au Québec.....

29 out of 85


Location: charlottetown, prince edward island, canada

my new security dvr was a breeze to set up.

i disconnected the cameras from my old system, connecting them and the internet to the new security dvr, then following the printed instructions.

i now have my system configured the way i want it, and it is working well.

it is very useful to be able to use my system via the internet.

30 out of 85


Location: Union City, CA

Great system! Easy setup, and great quality!

31 out of 85


Location: Toronto

I just bought LH150 series camera last week. It was very easy to install. The clairty of the camera is better the previous one I bought. The problem is when calling for Technical support it takes almost 1 hr to get through unless you call after 8 pm Overall performance for the camera is excellent.

32 out of 85


Location: florida

we finally have most of the system up for our 1.5 acre property. Installation went fine. However, 1 of the cameras did not work and it took a while to figure out it was a bad unit. So we were on the phone for at least 1 hour with Lorex tech to figure out it was something on their end, not ours. Now we are waiting for a RA - time will tell. so far i enjoy see what is going on outside my door. security camera systems are a great invention.

33 out of 85


Location: Venice, CA.

Easy to install and so simple to activate iPhone, iPad and Mac viewing, I thought it was an accident! The iPhone/iPad app, and Lorex client for Mac worked simply and perfectly. Expect to do some reading and running through administration settings several times, but then I'd expect this with any current home camera system with as many features. No complaints after 3 months running continuous.

34 out of 85


Location: NC

Have been running system for about one month now. The short of it is, the system works as advertised.

Set-up was relatively painless. Had no issues with the DVR and the 4 cameras worked great out of the box (LW2232PK2B Vantage Wireless VGA).

Instructions were straight forward and if you have a little experience with electronics, they can be easily followed.

Well pleased with the picture quality as well as the DVR menu item's to fine tune your own parameters.

Stratus Cloud is a great feature as it makes viewing on the web via smartphone very easy since set-up is automatic thanks to Lorex. (I use the Android app on a Droid mini for those who care). App does crash now and then but that is to be expected with this new feature but I expect the app will be fine tuned and become a very useful tool.

Why 4 stars and not 5? This is my first security system and really have no other basis to rate other than 30 days of use. Time will tell and this system will get 5 stars from me in a year or so if it continues to perform as well as it has so far.

I DO recommend this product to others who are looking for a decent home security system.

35 out of 85


Location: Bronx, New York

Wow wow wow. How easy the network has gotten. I just upgrade my dvr box. Installed cameras downloaded lorex app from iTunes Store. Took a picture as it said on installations guide. Boooooom it came out working. Watching my home on my iPhone 5. Thanks guys awesome.

36 out of 85


Location: Union City, CA

I would definitely give this unit a 5 if it weren't for the fact that the hard drive is not recognized. I have done everything as recommended, but no recognition. Help!!!

37 out of 85


Location: Florida

I purchased this LH1581001 DVR for my home September 16, 2013. I installed the DVR and it asked for a firmware update. After the update I restarted the DVR and it was stuck on the Lorex Logo screen. I called tech support and I was told that they have to get repaired or replaced.

If Lorex wants returning customers they need to fix couple of things.

1. Not everyone at Lorex tech support is trained properly.
2. Your products has to more reliable.

38 out of 85


Location: San Juan, PR

This product is amazing. Excellent to view thru the internet. I recommended this producy. The quality of cameras are excellent. Easy to install and configured.

39 out of 85


Location: Northern California

Security is important. Being able to view from Smart Phone or computer is nice Daytime: Color quality good. Rather wide angle (23' across with camera about 10' away). Evening/night: Black and white and the has better image if not camera is not placed behind window due to reflection from glass window. 1 camera flickers sometimes at night, but not during the day. SMARTPHONE SET HASSLE: We had to call Lorex for assistance - was more difficult than expected. RATING EXPLANATION: Long time on hold when I called Lorex (2 different days). Can't figure out how to get sound to work. It says: *Audio capable cameras (not included) are required for audio recording. May need time to get use to it PRICE $500 at Costco + we also purchased a 23" monitor OVERALL: Would recommend for low end system - better than nothing.

40 out of 85


Location: michigan

You can't beat the price of this system, 499.00 from costco. I did a lot of research on all different brands and this was by far the best deal. The picture quality was excellent. Installation was easy. I mounted all the cameras under my eves and ran the wires through my attic then, down to the dvr. I did have a little issue with the remote viewing on my laptop and android phone. The directions could be better. the part about getting an IP after you register for your warranty. That should be step one. Everything works like it should. Dvr is quiet also.

41 out of 85


Location: miami, florida

great system, easy to set up, good quality camera. just a little issue with motion and email set-up but the help desk fixed it.

42 out of 85


Location: Pompano Beach Florid

I enjoy techie type projects and I offered to put cameras in my aging in-laws home in Florida--I had seen the Lorex bundled systems at Costco and it looked like a great deal --I have cameras in 2 other homes that cost more and have lower camera resolution--this system worked out great--I did try to short cut the set up instructions and had to call technical support for some help--they were very polite and helpful in solving my self inflicted issue! All of the adult children in the family are able to log in from remote locations around the country and check on their parents now-we have the application on our laptops, iphones and ipads. --I would recommend this system for your residence--the price and content are excellent--Installation instructions are clear--you just need to follow them and have a little "techie" in you or a phone nearby to call support

43 out of 85


Location: Florida

Nice system. Easy to install. Works nice on the Iphone and Ipad. Would be nice if they have 8 screens at one time and not just four.

44 out of 85


Location: Naples, Fl.

Purchased LH150 and the installation was a breeze. Downloading App for my I Phone was also easy and now I can view all eight of my cameras while I'm away. Still on the learning curve on how to playback from a remote system but I'm sure with time I get it all figured out. I would hight recomend this unit to anyone who's looking to purchase a home or business security system that can be installed without paying a technician.

45 out of 85


Location: Naples, Fl.

Purchased LH150 and the installation was a breeze. Downloading App for my I Phone was also easy and now I can view all eight of my cameras while I'm away. Still on the learning curve on how to playback from a remote system but I'm sure with time I get it all figured out. I would hight recomend this unit to anyone who's looking to purchase a home or business security system that can be installed without paying a technician.

46 out of 85


Location: reno nv

purchase my new lorex Eco4 LH150 security cameras on 8-17-13, Very please with the clear quality of the pictures. Easy download for smartphone and computer. I bought eight cameras have install all of them. Nothing like piece of Mind. This is what I wanted, you can see them coming from all directions. Eight cameras is ideal for our home. Thank you E Dohr.

47 out of 85


Location: San Juan, PR

Bought the system in COSTCO at a very good price. The system is very user friendly and very easy to installed. It took me 3 days for the installation just by myself. I am a retired Security Executive and I wanted to get the best equipment for the best price and I got it. System is working perfect. My only complaint is that when I registered the equipment, Puerto Rico is not shown as a State and I have to put Florida so I could registered, this is a required field. Please add Puerto Rico so I can order accessories and an extra camera. Thanks.

48 out of 85


Location: Las Vegas, NV

The system was easy to setup. I would not hesitate to recommend to friends.

49 out of 85


Location: Holtsville ny

I had to purchase a new system because my old lorex DVR gave out only after a year. This new system has 8 vs. 4 cameras and offers a wider viewing option. set up was easy and a lot faster than the first camera. No monitor was included and of course more money. the camera feels like cheap plastic and do not think they will last more than 1-2 years in the northeast area. Cameras are OK; Customer service for Lorex is one of the worst in the tech industry. It takes about 45 min just to get through to a rep and then the song and dance comes on. In my case it was easier to get a new system then deal with the red tape, outsource Consumer service

50 out of 85


Location: California

We purchased this system a couple weeks ago and installed it in just a few hours with no problems, it helps to have a young man to climb in the attic. The complete package is great plug and play. I have already recommended this to a neighbor and he is also buying one, my other neighbor saw it and is replacing his existing system with this one. We have had a lorex camera system at work for many years and it still works fine. Thank you for such a great product.

51 out of 85


Location: Willcox,AZ

I installed this system in my Laundromat and I am very pleased with it. I had a little trouble setting up the remote server on my laptop but after a phone call it was fine. Would buy this again.

52 out of 85


Location: Baltimore, MD

I love this surveillance system. Great price. It is very easy to operate. The quality of the video is great. This is the best system that I have bought so far.

53 out of 85


Location: Prattville, al

This system is a breeze to install. The wiring is all modular and the system is a total plug and play install. The start up of the system through the quick guide was complete and accurate and allowed my wife and I to be online monitoring our home in a matter of minutes. I would highly recommend this system for small businesses and home use to protect your investments.

54 out of 85


Location: Walnut, CA

Bought Lorex to replace an existing security system. Found it easier to install and picture quality was better than I expected. I bought accessories for my system and customer service was helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend system to anyone interested.

55 out of 85


Location: San Diego, CA

The system was a great price at Costco. The software and menus are easy to use. Installation was a breeze.

56 out of 85


Location: california

Very happy with the price and all it offers, purchased at costco. Had some problems with the remote not working but firmware was finally updated and it also updated the remote so hopefully this resolved the problem. The android and apple app however sucks and 95% of the time doesnt even work. System was easy to install and so far happy with the purchase, great features in a security system.

57 out of 85


Location: Everett, WA

I had an experienced friend to do the installing while I watched. For my house it seemed rather complicated and I would have taken a lot of time pondering how to install it by self. For the price, I think I did very well. The pictures on my computer satisfy me, and I have been learning how to manipulate the various other features.

58 out of 85


Location: Hayward

This is my first product that I got going to work without assistant of tech support.Got it setup and going on the internet trouble free.

59 out of 85


Location: Ogden, UT

1. PC/DVR Setup - The paper and online instructions are not very good, leaving a lot of guesswork. Took several extra hours of trial and error for setup. 2. Remote Access - Still can't get remove access. Got on once and other attempts end up with "URL not found" or session timeout. 3. DVR - The DVR seems to be working very well. However it would be nice if the system were compatible with a real keyboard. 4. Cameras - With 8 cameras in the sysem, you would think they would include at least 2 cables over 60 feet. I needed to purchase 3 extra 100 foot cables. The night vision seems to be limited to 40 feet max on distance instead of 130 feet claimed. The motion detection also seems to be limited to 25 or 30 feet. The resolution on the cameras is OK. But I doubt if police could identify anyone unless they were within 10 or 15 feet of the camera. 5. Monitor and Mouse - Since the system doesn't come with a monitor, I purchased a KVM switch allowing my to use my PC and the DVR on with the same monitor and mouse. Would be nice if the DVR had a real Keyboard connection. 6. Price - For the price, this seems to be a good system. But one might consider paying extra for HD or Digital instead.

60 out of 85


Location: FRESNO, CA

Setup was super easy, would definitely recommend to others. Now with system completely installed, we have piece of mind.

61 out of 85


Location: Texas

Amazingly easy to install. Great supporting. Best price to compare to any others.

62 out of 85


Location: Fresh Meadows, NY

I have done extensive research and have been in the market to purchase a surveillance system to install myself for about a year now. I must say this system caught my attention when i saw it at my local Costco. The features included in the system and the complete package far compliments the price paid. The Stratus system for mobile view on my IPhone was absolutely fantastic and very easy to get going in minutes. However, i did have an issue viewing the system on the web. Instructions are not clear on the process of getting that set up. One call to Lorex Customer Service took care of that issue though, and the representatives don't let you end the call till your fully comfortable with the system and have addressed every concern. The 960 H cameras are an asset to the system, of course not comparable to the HD ones but for the price point these do much justice. Installation isn't a breeze but if you take your time you can complete a professional installation. I previously had purchased a Lorex Security system (one camera and intercom system) and that is still going 2 years strong so i have much faith in the Lorex brand.

63 out of 85


Location: California

Very happy with this purchased from Costco . Set up was very easy and straight forward using smart phone . Setting up for remote viewing and DDNS set up also very easy compare with other manufacture camera that I tried . Picture quality is also very good .

64 out of 85


Location: Pennsylvania

I bought this for home use simply to keep an eye on my house an property. I got this system at Costco. I spent hours installing it an got the DVR box hooked up to the internet. DVR box did an update an would not power back on, so I exchanged the DVR box for a different one an it updated properly. Small problem I guess. I was a little disappointed with how difficult the DVR box was to operate. The instructions don't explain the functions or settings very good, unless you are an expert at Lorex. After messing around with it for a couple days it starts getting easier to use. However I may never fully understand all the settings, time will tell. I have it set to record an highlight the motion throughout the day. It don't catch all of the motion but if you adjust the sensitivity high it was just trip with leaves blowing. Bugs are attracted at night with the cameras night vision lights an trip it all the time. Bugs trip it in the day as well. It don't pick up cats very well but it picks up plants blowing in the wind, go figure. Cameras show a pretty good picture, at night isn't too bad as well obviously you cant see as much at night. I have nothing to compare this system to so it is hard to rate. Over all it is doing what I wanted. Using this on a smartphone is cake to set up and also cake to hook up the DVR to the internet. Only pain is running all the wire an the connectors are thick, your looking at about a 3/4in hole to run the wires through, maybe 5/8 if you are patient. I'am only writing this review to get an extra year warranty, todays electronics you never can tell how long they will last. I would rather give it 3.5 stars but I guess Ill go with 4.

65 out of 85


Location: Washington State

The cameras work well and are easy to install. Picture quality is very nice both during the day and at night. Setting up the remote viewing part of this has been a bit of a hassle. I had to up date my mac book in order use the software. Other than that I am happy with the purchase.

66 out of 85


Location: Idaho, USA

My house is small, 1500 sq ft but is on 2 floors. I only installed 1 camera inside and 6 outside. I hid the wires in trim and ran under the house and back up into a cabinet. I felt this would hide the DVR a little better. This took about 2 days. The 2 cameras close to the over the air TV antenna would cut off the signal for the local channels. They were about 4ft apart. I had to install a new antenna higher up and away from the cameras, because the cameras were right where I wanted them. The new antenna solved the problem. Everything is working well now, but downloads and firmware updates for mac are hard to find or not available. This installation is not for someone without basic knowledge and home repair experience, or get some home repair or wireguys type assistance. I would buy this system again, the cameras are working very well. I wish that there was some other accessories such as light, thermostat and other home control from remote locations. I can solve this buy using another system.

67 out of 85


Location: Ohio

The product is awesome. So far it is recording nicely and is easy to look back at things because it only records motion.

68 out of 85


Location: Bountiful, Utah

I have owned other camera systems and this is hands down the best system for the money. It is worth its weight in gold when it comes to being user friendly.

69 out of 85


Location: Texas

I purchased this system a few days ago and installed it in just a few hours with no problems. The DVR is user friendly and the cameras are plug and play. I have already recommended this to a neighbor and he is also buying one. I recently had someone install a similar system in my home and the cost was 4 times higher than what I spent on this system. I am using this system in my shop and ran a RG6 to my house so I can view from my TV whenever I want. Great system!

70 out of 85


Location: US

We are very impressed with the quality of the video from the LOREX cameras . . . literally generations ahead compared to the output of surveillance cameras 5 years ago (the last time we were doing our research on CCTV systems). Set-up and operation of the DVR is simple and straightforward. What really impresses my wife is the ability and convenience of being able to remotely monitor our system thru her iPhone and the LOREX Stratus app. We needed assistance with opening dialog ports in our Airport Express router, and LOREX tech support was able to help us. As soon as that was set-up, we were able to view our surveillance cameras on our smartphones. We have only had our system up and running for a few weeks, but everything looks good so far. This is a great product and affordably priced to boot. Thanks LOREX!

71 out of 85


Location: Ontario

I had previously purchased 8 cameras from Swann and the DVR was very noisy and the image was shaky and staticky (people unrecognizable) I returned it because the buttons on the DVR were not responding. I did not like their product and decided to try these Lorex cameras, I am extremely glad I made the switch. The quality of the image is impressive (clear), anyone is visible even with the night vision, the DVR is silent, installation on my notebook 2 was extremely easy, they also have excellent customer support technicians which made the installation a breeze. I recommend this product one hundred percent.

72 out of 85


Location: Hawaii

This is the second surveillance system I'm setting up manufactured by Lorex and sold through Costco. The customer support, problem resolution, and product quality have all been good. I won't hesitate to buy a third system. Takes a while to run the wires, especially when you have to go long distances. But having a video record of all motion, and being able to reliably view live and recorded events via the Internet is huge. It would be great if they made one for the car! Obviously wouldn't be motion activated, but having a record of all driving time would catch some interesting events and be useful in case of an accident.

73 out of 85


Location: Palmdale CA

Cameras are great, mobile software seams to have glitches, price is good

74 out of 85


Location: long beach,wa

terriffic product installation is very easy helped us feel secure right away.

75 out of 85


Location: Home

I was a little worried about installing this system myself but found it all to be simple to get working. When I got to the point where I wanted to see my cameras on my laptop and on my droid I expected trouble but found that it just worked. I used the Stratus setup to very quickly setup my access without needing to understand anything about networking. The app on my droid is fantastic, it is very comforting to be able to check on the house anytime from anywhere and the email alerts work to let me know if any motion happens in the cameras field of view so I can check all cameras to confirm everything is okay.

76 out of 85


Location: Long Island NY

Just had this system installed. Pictures are clear - a little disappointed in the distance limitation of the cameras. SPent a great deal of time trying to get to view the system on our i phones and computers. Currently have a MAC OSX Version 10.5.8 and I cannot download a driver for my system to view the live cameras. Need a download that is compatible with my MAC. Works fine on windows based programs.

77 out of 85



I have done tons of research prior to purchasing this product. I looked at many different systems you can think of prior to making my decision. I bought the system and had an issue with the HDMI not working properly. I called Tech. Services and they were very helpful. They told me to return the system and have it replaced, there must be something wrong with the HDMI port. I don't know how people on here could give them a bad rating. They were nothing but GREAT. After showing this system to several neighbors, my neighbor two doors from my house went out and bought the same system. We mounted and hooked up his system in a few hours. We showed both systems to other neighbors and three more are being purchased. We will be putting up signs of 24 Hour Surveillance on the street signs entering our neighborhood. This system has 700 TVL cameras and they do a GREAT job and we are happy with how they look, but I have seen the HD Cameras and let me tell you..... AMAZING. Maybe one day I will upgrade 4 of the cameras. All in All, this is an OUTSTANDING system and GREAT Customer Service.

78 out of 85


Location: ca, usa

I purchased the system from Costco for $499.99, and it included the Eco 4 DVR with 8 960H cameras and 8 60 foot cables, plus the other accessories (mouse, remote, etc.). The picture quality is very good and I am happy with my purchase. Getting the security system setup on my network with the remote access (Mac & iPhone) was relatively easy. Some of the user interface could be a little more clear. Example-changing to motion recording, it would be better to have the other rows labeled. It was not intuitive to use the second row for motion and the third row for alarms. Installation has been hard for me because of shape and design of my house. I need to purchase a few longer cables and maybe try changing two cameras out for wireless ones. I only have three cameras going now. I am a little concerned about the wireless camera reviews, hope the system will continue to meet my expectations.

79 out of 85


Location: Centreville, VA

Bought it from Costco last week. Easy set up but takes a time to configure it. Email server set up is easy. I can not see it over the internet now but will try it one more time. Overall satisfy it.

80 out of 85


Location: Passaic, NJ

Great system, priced right. My wife and I were able to install the 8 cameras and hide all the wires relatively easily over a two day period. I had a little trouble with the CD downloading, but eventually I got the system up and running. Viewing from the cell phone is easy and a great way to monitor the cameras while we are out and about. Viewing from the internet is proving to be a little tricky, but i'm sure its something simple (I had it working, now the URL isn't being found). Overall i would recommend this system for home or business.

81 out of 85


Location: Boise

I just purchased this camera system about a week ago and most things are going great. I usually spend several days testing a system before I mount it to my house. I have had several different camera systems from several different manufactures and have returned them all. So far, I haven't felt the need to return this system. I am torn between giving this system a 4 or a 5. When I am away from my home network, I have yet to get the remote viewing to work with my iPad and/or iPod, but I believe it is the remote system's server/network not allowing me to receive the video. When I use my laptop, my remote viewing works just find at the same place that don't work with my iPad/iPod. As a previous reviewer mentioned, these cameras are not as clear as the HD IP camera, but they are half the price. I would recommend these cameras.

82 out of 85


Location: CA, USA

Great system. Easy setup, good quality. The 960H cameras are really good!

83 out of 85


Location: CA

The quality and built of the cameras exceeded my expectation. However, my harddrive was not recording after install, and I was on hold for 1 hour with tech support after the person who set it up was talking with them before. They formated the hdd and it is fine now, we shall see. However, I love the quality and the fact you can set to motion record only so it does not fill up the hdd fast...and you can access from anywhere

84 out of 85


Location: Califonia

Bought this at Costco because it stated you can network it to your iPhone. Was pretty straightforward to set up and video quality seems to work fine. The firmware was outdated but the program located and updated the firmware with no trouble at all. Discovered that Cox Communications blocks port 80 so you need to find another port, port 443 worked for me. From there I was able to view the feeds from any internet conncected computer PROVIDED it was INTERNET EXPLORER. You can use Firefox but you need to attache a I.E. Tab 2 plugin/extension for it to work. The only downside, and this is a big one, None of the Lorex apps for iPhones work!!! It is supposed to be easy to get it to work but for some reason it is not able to communicate with the DVR. I tried using both the Login type "Device ID" and "IP/Domain" options, with neither one working. I did have the DDNS working properly so I'm not sure what is causing it to not connect. I'm giving 3 stars due to the disappointing iPhone app which was a big reason for purchasing this unit. If it ever gets to work the I would give it a higher rating.

85 out of 85


Location: Colorado Springs, CO

So far I am very pleased with this product. I purchased the system from Costco for $499.99, and it included the Eco 4 DVR with 8 960H cameras and 8 60 foot cables, plus the other accessories (mouse, remote, etc.). The picture quality is very good. It doesn't compare to the mega pixel cameras you'll find on some of the newer ip based NVR systems, but I'd have had to spend about $2000 to get a system like that. Six of the cameras are mounted under the eaves of my house and two of them are indoors. All the cables are run through the attic and through a access port in the ceitling down to the DVR along with a CAT5e cable for the network features and a 60 ft HDMI cable (w/ Redmere technology from monoprice). The HDMI cable runs back up through the ceiling, down through a wall and out to a 55" LCD TV. The feature set of the DVR is really nice. I can use the included software to access the DVR on my PC and view the live streams over the local network if I log in via the DVR's assigned IP address. If I am away from home, I can use the Lorex Stratus app on my iPhone or iPad to view a lower bitrate substream. The remote view is also viewable from a PC running Internet Explorer, although this feature requires an IE extension to be installed. If you are allowed to install extensions (I am not able to do so at work), you can view your feeds. The only issue I've had with the system (and thus the 4 stars instead of 5) is that on one of the cameras the gasket between the black bezel surrounding the lens and LEDS was broken and protruding from the casing. Since I believe this impacts its weather rating, I used that camera indoors. That particular camera seems to have a bit of noise in the picture, while the other seven cameras are crystal clear. You have to look closely to notice, so it wasn't worth me boxing everything back up and taking it back to Costco. Overall I am very pleased with this product and I would definitely purchase it again. Lorex seems to invest quite a bit of time making sure that there is plenty of information available for thier products. I was able to download the complete users manual from this site before purchasing the system. There are also numerous videos on YouTube from Lorex covering a variety of thier products. This is a safe buy, I doubt you'll be disappointed.



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