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LH010 Eco BlackBox series security digital video recorder


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LH010 series - ECO BlackBox Stand alone security DVR

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world using this economical LH010 security Digital Video Recorder solution that is ideal for business or home. The DVR is both PC and Mac compatible. Connect to your system on any device no matter where you are over a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network. Record on a specialty hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Connect the Lorex BlackBox to a TV, PC, or CCTV monitors with industry standard VGA & BNC inputs. The new intuitive interface with simple icons allows for easy & efficient security DVR programming.

LH010 series compatibility chart

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.



Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • H.264 video compression1
  • Real time recording: 8/16ch: (360 × 240) / 4ch: (720 × 240) resolution
  • Pentaplex operation – View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS-485)
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard2
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smartphones & Tablets†
  • PC and Mac Compatible (Internet Explorer & Safari browsers)
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Accurate Time Stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time

System Includes:

  • 1 × DVR with Pre-Installed HDD
  • 1 × Remote Control
  • 1 × Power Adapter (for DVR)
  • 1 × Mouse
  • 1 × Ethernet Cable
  • Quick Start Guides


1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad™, iPhone™, BlackBerry (supported model numbers: 9000, 9700, 9800), Android (version 1.5 & above), Windows Mobile (6.0, 6.5), Symbian 3rd & 5th generation phones. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.
* BlackBox is used solely as a marketing term and does not imply that the product can survive fire or extreme conditions. Use product in accordance with the instructions provided.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 295



July 4, 2016

Location: Massachusetts

Back in January I posted a review of the dvr I received (I had purchased it 1.5 years prior and could not get it to work). I had repeatedly picked it up and tried getting it to work with no luck. I had given up on trying to set it up and since it was out of warranty, resigned myself to losing the $ I paid for it. My last review was intercepted by customer service and THANK YOU!. They contacted me and offered to assign a specific rep to my case. This rep very quickly identified the problem: The power adapter I received with the dvr was the wrong one! After 1.5 years, my dvr was unresponsive ONLY because I was using the wrong power adapter! Customer service quickly shipped to me the correct power adapter and was in constant communication with me to ensure I was satisfied with the dvr and power supply. Thank you for your great customer service!

I own 2 Lorex 2 Dvr's and 6 other lorex cameras. It gives me peace of mind knowing the products I have chosen to help me protect my family are fully backed by their manufacturer. Thank you!

2 out of 295



April 13, 2016

Location: Florida

The DVR device is cheaply made. Had issues right after the 1 year warranty. Now at 3 years old the playback barely works. Most camera's won't even come up. Customer service will not help you at all without an extended warranty and not able to purchase one after the order. They don't even have the correct firmware to download on the website. These cameras will give you a headache soon as your warranty is out if not before. Take your money and go elsewhere.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty. We have attempted to contact you via email to assist. Please reply to us for assistance or call 1-888-425-6739.

3 out of 295



March 25, 2016

Location: toledo ohio

Product worked fine when I purchased in2013 I since moved and unable to get system to work at new house on computer or get port forwarding to work, I hooked everything up the same way as when I purchased new but to no success. I have spent hours on it what a disappointment. I was looking to get new cameras but now I will be looking to buy another product from some other company.

We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty and have attempted to contact you to assist. Our technical support team would be happy to help you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

4 out of 295



March 16, 2016

Location: California

We purchased this DVR to replace an old model. When we installed it, everything came up easily. But the mobile software was a challenge until we contacted Lorex after several calls and found a wonderful technician who assisted us in setting up our accounts. Now that it is operating, we are very happy with the system.

5 out of 295



February 21, 2016

Location: Hays,NC

I have had my system for a year now. Works great, easy to upgrade and manage both locally and via internet remote. All the cameras are still working as I have added to the initial 8 cameras to a total of 12 now. Combined with my alarm system these cameras give me a good level of comfort when out of town with the entire family or if I am away on business and my family is home without me. I will never be without cameras again and Lorex has been reliable for me.

6 out of 295



February 7, 2016

Location: Wisconsin

Product good but customer support Awesome! Had some problem's support was Great

7 out of 295



February 7, 2016

Location: Aruba

This is a very simple equipment and simple to install(hardware and software). You will be able to do basic "surveillance". Not only during the day but also at night. This is very helpful for me because I travel a lot to places with time differences of more than 10 hours!!. This means that I can still "watch" my belongings even if there is complete darkness at home. I can do this from my laptop and also from my smart-phone when I am abroad.Easy,just like that.
Now that I have seen the benefit and peace of mind of having such a surveillance system, I am now contemplating to upgrade this system.

8 out of 295



January 8, 2016

Location: Jamaica

This unit is very durable and reliable. Video quality is good and sensitivity of the motion detection feature is excellent and consistent. I am very satisfied and happy with this product.

9 out of 295



January 7, 2016

Location: Boston

I first purchased a Lorex system 4-5 years ago. We have loved it, worked well without any issues.
We decided to purchase a second box 1.5 years ago. We ordered a 4-channel DVR. The package we received was for an 8 Channel DVR. The product inside the box was a 16 Channel DVR. I didn't think anything of it (I didn't have a need for all those channels or the $ for all those cameras, but I figured it was a DVR and I needed one) and tried to set it up. It did not work. I have picked this up a few times over the last 1.5 yrs trying to set it up. This product never worked. Couldn't even get to the main menu. After a few attempts at setting it up I am finally giving up.

Too bad. The old system is still going strong. We just needed to add another. I guess past performance is not always indicative of future performance. Since this product never worked I'm giving 1 star (wish I could give 0)

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

10 out of 295

Peter the Rock


January 3, 2016

Location: wpb

After 2 years of continued use my LH010 Eco BlackBox is giving me problems!! I can't replay any videos whatsoever thereby negating any problems in my neighborhood. I love Lorex security systems but I strongly believe that any and all Lorex systems should last more than 2 years!!

Lorex systems should last at least 5 years of continual usage!!

11 out of 295



December 15, 2015

Location: colombia

es un producto completo y facil de manejar con alta calidad

12 out of 295



December 6, 2015

Location: Kamloops, BC

I love my Lorex Ecobox DVR. I bought the 4 channel unit and kind of wish I had bought 8 channels. We use the system to monitor the barn and animals in fields as well as the arena (this allow my husband to actually check on me without getting off the couch). We had coax coming from the barn so we were able to view on the TV in the house, but we added a MoCa adapter and now have all the network capabilities of the DVR as well! Can not be more pleased. The cameras work well day and night. The inside of the barn is pitch black at night and yet we are still able to check in on the horses.
I would highly recommend this system for anyone wanting an inexpensive but very effective security camera system.

13 out of 295



November 24, 2015

Location: Ontario Canada

Generally love the system but Mac OSX support is lacking - cameras can only be accessed via Safari (no support for any other browser) via a special plugin which is unfortunately VERY buggy - trying to watch the recordings from more than 1 camera at a time concurrently over the browser soon results in a "Plugin Failed" alert and you need to start all over again.

14 out of 295



November 6, 2015

Location: Platteville WI

I wish I had spent a little more and bought a higher quality system. This is a good system if you only want to use within a private network, but a real pain if you want to view remotely. I see they finally have cloud based system, but this one isnt, so you HAVE to get technical support on the phone to setup. Once its out of warranty, they charge alot to fix. I would stay away.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty with the system. Our sales team can be reached at 1-888-425-6739 and would be happy to assist you with finding the right system to meet your needs.

15 out of 295



November 4, 2015

Location: North Carolina

I have order this system as an "open box". It came with everything it supposed to have. The only problem I experienced was during setup but just one call with little waiting time and I had my system connected to Internet.

16 out of 295



October 25, 2015

Location: Yorktown Heights, NY

What a great product. The help desk is great, they explained and walked me through everything.....Great picture and is to view on the computer.....

17 out of 295



October 1, 2015

Location: North Carolina

Relatively easy to install. However, after having this system for over a year, we have repeated episodes where the DVR disconnects from the cameras electronically, leaving us with no access to live video. Of course, this defeats the primary purpose of a video security system. The installation instructions are not always clear, and the customer service is usually very little help. We had a robbery across the street from our house last week, and the video quality was not good enough to get more than a very basic description of the suspects (height, weight, but not even race or sex), and that's when they were a mere forty feet away from two different cameras. I would not buy a Lorex product again. This product fails the basic needs of a video security system - reliability, effectiveness, and ease of use.

Please contact our technical support team and they will be happy to assist you with your DVR. They can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

18 out of 295



September 16, 2015

Location: w.p b

Love this product the pictures are clear.Technical support is great they go out of their way to make sure they can it ti done.

19 out of 295



August 29, 2015

Location: Home

Excellent security system! Easy install! Best bang for the buck!! Watch your home from anywhere in the world is an awesome feature!

20 out of 295



August 23, 2015

Location: Home

This security system is fantastic. Easy to install. I called technical support and within a 1/2 hour I was up and recording. They even helped me install on my phone. Picture is clear and sharp and I'm very happy with this product.

21 out of 295



August 21, 2015

Location: Brandon Fl

Excellent camera. Easy to set up and use.

22 out of 295



August 17, 2015

Location: dominican republic

lorex very good service with video surveillance system, excellent and easy to install the application as well as remote access, no need to have a fixed ip

23 out of 295



August 2, 2015

Location: Hawaii

This device is a wonder. 16 channel. no lag. great interface.
The tech support is very patient and helpful, but ultimately, couldn't set up the remote access for the DVR. Local access only. booo.
Port forwarding setup wasn't as simple as it could be.

24 out of 295



June 16, 2015

Location: D.F.

Es un equipo con buen desenpeño, de fácil coneccion y de de configurar, lo recomiendo.

25 out of 295



June 15, 2015

Location: Peterborough

Bought a lorex system from Costco works installed easy cana access
From iPhone and Android as well as TV.extreamley happy,I found the cost of two additional wireless cameras were as much as the whole system,I believe there should be a larger discount for owners

26 out of 295



June 1, 2015

Location: tecate baja california mexico

yo compre el equipo de camaras LH010 y la verdad los recomiendo ampliamente yo ya tengo mucho tiempo con ellas instaladas en mi hogar y la verdad no he tenido falla alguna hasta el dia de hoy y eso que los del cable varias veces me han cambiado el router de mi casa y volver a disfrutar del mi sistema de seguridad tanto local como por internet en mis dispositivos moviles es muy facil y sencillo ya que con el manual que viene con las camaras esta muy bien explicado y la pagina de esta muy completa y facil de encontrar todo lo que quieran tanto soporte como productos nuevos con todas sus aplicaciones y especificaciones tecnicas y pues he visto que si este equipo que compre hace mucho me fue facil instalarlo los nuevos equipos son mas faciles todavia los invito a probar los productos de lorex y veran como yo que no se van a arrepentir un saludo y muchas gracias para todos los que lean mi comentario

27 out of 295



June 1, 2015

Location: MD

The system works as advertised. However, to get it works is a painful process. The issue I had was couldn't view the surveillance on my mobile phone. Installation instructions are not very helpful and customer support is horrible. I had to call technical support two times. Each time I had to wait 20 to 30 min. The first one was nice but seemed didn't know what she was doing. The second one was no better than a thug. He barked at every single one of my questions and suggested me to hire a professional tech. I later learned that my phone's WIFI has the same frequency with the system's.

28 out of 295



May 27, 2015

Location: Foster

I was having difficulties linking my Lorex security cameras to my cell phones. After struggling for some time, I finally had to contacted the Lorex customer service department. Their representative was very helpful, professional, full of knowledgeable and spent as much time as needed in order to get me up and running.

Thanks to the help I received I can now remote view my home from my cell phone. This feature now provides with me with the peace of mind when I'm not at home. Thank you Lorex!

29 out of 295



May 14, 2015

Location: Atlanta

It's been almost a year of piece of mind since I invested in my house and family by getting this product. I can check my cars,kids,pets,and tenants all from the comfort of my phone and from anywhere in the world. Amazing!

30 out of 295



May 10, 2015

Location: Chicago, IL

I purchased my Lorex security system about 8 months ago. So far it has been one of the best investments for my safety and security around my house. It was affordable and easy to set up. I can't wait to add another camera to my system.

31 out of 295

Mr B


May 4, 2015

Location: Northeast PA

we bought this product and love every aspect of it. It enables us to go forward or backwards to rewiew events or motion that any of the cameras have picked up. Especially helpful was when we called customer service and they told us about features we did not know existed. We recommend this product to anybody

32 out of 295



April 22, 2015

Location: southern ohio

Great affordable system. Had some questions, tech support was great, highly recommend

33 out of 295



April 10, 2015

Location: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

I purchased my security DVR about 6 months ago. It's the best investment I have ever made. It help me to see who comes and goes. It helps with watching the kids playing., I feel very safe in my home because of my security DVR. Thanks Lorex Thnaks so Much Cathy Benoit

34 out of 295

Pastor C


March 29, 2015

Location: NewJersey

This DVR work very well. The customer support is out standing. I purchased the 8 channel model that came equipped with 4 cameras. I added 3 more for a total of 7 cameras. The power supply that was included with the package was low amperage. I updated the power supply to support the seven cameras, and the added amperage made the video clarity better. The video provides crisp, clear color during the day. At night the black and white is clear enough to see. For my home this was a great investment. The remote capabilities are impressive. I can access my cameras from my android telephone or my windows tablet wherever I may be. The remote access allows me to view recorded or live video. So far I am very happy.

35 out of 295



March 26, 2015

Location: Seattle, WA

This DVR worked great for about a year. About two months after the warranty had expired, my DVR started having problems. Specifically, the camera images sporadically start to become distorted. Sometimes the images will have a few random black line through them, and other times they will be completely black and only occasionally display an image at all. Sometimes this happens with one or two cameras, sometimes it happens with most, or sometimes all cameras. This happens with Lorex cameras, Q-See cameras, and Q-See wireless cameras - it doesn't matter.

36 out of 295


March 22, 2015

Location: Bernhards Bay, N.Y.

This is a very nice camera system. Easy to install on your own and very good record/look back options. I had a hard drive failure on my device but with Lorex they quickly diagnosed and set up a replacement. I did lots of research before purchasing a Lorex system. They have grate reviews and after the purchase they have grate customers service and technical support. Takes little work to set up motion record options and internet setup, but with tech support its a breeze. Would greatly recommend.

37 out of 295


March 22, 2015

Location: Yellowknife,NT

Very easy set up, impressive video quality and the ability to monitor from my Ipad is amazing .

38 out of 295


February 27, 2015

Location: Dallas TX

I have had my Lorex LH010 system almost 2-years and it still works great. I love the ability to monitor my home from anywhere on my Smartphone or Tablet.

39 out of 295


February 22, 2015

Location: NJ

EAsy to use, great support people

40 out of 295



February 14, 2015

Location: Calgary

Purchased LH010 ECO Blackbox video recorder with 4 wireless cameras a few weeks ago. Instructions were clear and concise leading to an easy setup including pairing the cameras with the receivers. It took a few attempts to get the motion detection/alarm recording to function as desired. The key step was to disable the continuous recording first and second to enable the motion detection function followed by a recorder power off and on. This system is working great.

41 out of 295


February 13, 2015

Location: Nevada

I am happy with the system. Bought mine at Home Depot to watch my shop and tools. Setup and install fairly straight forward. Wish they would add a ninth channel for the PTZ camera!!! Make sure you register as soon as you get home with a pic of your receipt, even if you don't plan on using the DDNS. If you change your mind later, you will have hell getting them to host you. Registration for DDNS only accepted with current warranty, or so it seems. Register for it and then turn it off in the blackbox until you decide you want it. Camera quality ok. Note that the remote viewing pretty much only works with IE, so if you use mozilla or other browser it won't work. needs active x controls to download the remote view program into your browser. 8 cameras seems like a lot, but you'll find yourself wanting more, so get the sixteen if you can.

42 out of 295



February 5, 2015

Location: Indiana

This is our second system. Great system at a great price. Tech support for Kotex is awesome too. Glad we bought this.

43 out of 295


February 2, 2015

Location: Kailua Kona, Hawaii

This is my second set that I bought and it was really easy to install , I would recommend this system to anyone, it was easy to connect and also to my smart phones and computers.

44 out of 295


January 29, 2015

Location: California

I waited awhile for my installation but was satisfied with the quality of the cameras. However, I still have been unable to access the mobile view. Once I can find the solution for this I will be satisfied.

45 out of 295


January 28, 2015

Location: Silicon Valley

I had my 8 Camera system professionally installed, but I completed the setup of the DVR and mobile apps. I am mostly happy with the DVR and cameras... I think the mobile apps need some work in usability, but they get the job done. The setup of the DVR was mostly smooth, although it took a while for the DNS steps to complete, in fact I left the system alone for a couple of hours just to make sure everything went through. I also couldn't get one of the mobile apps to work (even though it was the one in the instructions) so I reverted to the other Lorex mobile app. Overall a pretty good system, with a mostly good setup process.

46 out of 295

Dr. Bob


January 23, 2015

Location: USA-Harlingen, Texas - 78550

This is a difficult review to write. Most aspects of this purchase were good, one aspect was great, and one aspect not so good. First off, the Great: Price I paid for a full and complete 4-camera set plus LH010 ECO Blackbox DVR w/HD was $29.99! a Black Friday steal well before Christmas. Now the not so good. It took me over 3 weeks to receive my purchase, and that would have been alright with me if only Lorex would have responded to at least one of my communications. They did not. Not until I received my product finally did I receive a robo-reply indicating that they were done with that particular ticket. I submitted at least half a dozen tickets wanting to hear anything on my order and never did. it just simply showed up one day. Now back to the good: The products look to be first class and everything needed came within the trwo boxes, one the DVD, the other the Cameras and wiring. I had difficulty at first getting a picture and called techs to help me. The fault was a small 22" TV I was using that proved to be the duilty party. So the savey tech lady got me working on my computer screen in the mean while. She I must say was awesome! What a kind and knowledgeable lady tech! She got me all set up in no time. I went and purchease a new TV for the Camera-Monitoring and now I have got it working perfectly. I also was assisted in downloading the Lorex Software for my Smartphone and it works well. In summary, I am awarding only a 4 Star because of the communication problems in the beginning. but everything else is top-notch and I would definatelt recomment Lorex to anyone considering a camera system. I will report again in a month regarding the performance and integrety of the system. They definately had the best "Black Friday" deals of anyone out there in the industry! Buy with confidence!

47 out of 295



January 21, 2015

Location: Cumming Georgia

Very easy to set up and use. Technical support is superior. Lorex stands behind their equipment 100%. I would recommend Lorex to anyone looking for a professional system that is very reliable.

48 out of 295



January 19, 2015

Location: Buffalo MY Downtown Loft Apartments

This is the 4th unit I have purchased to "watch" over our is just that good. The ease of set up, the quality of the recordings and the ease of retrieving events is priceless. Love everything about the product and would not even consider looking at anything else

49 out of 295

Gil Angel Amaya


January 14, 2015

Location: El Salvadodr

excelente sistema de video vigilancia para uso domestico y comercial con plena seguridad se recomienda su uso continuo

50 out of 295



January 11, 2015

Location: ca

great machine ,easy to install and easy to set up, and easy to istall on my iphones

51 out of 295



January 11, 2015

Location: Antioch

Best security system, good quality, excellent price and easy to setup
this is are 4th system that we purchase, for sure i recomend this to family and friends

52 out of 295



January 10, 2015

Location: Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico

These is a great product. Easy to install and set up for local network; for internet access the process is a little bit long with a lot of steps, but if you follow the user guide, should be no problems with the set up. I can watch my place from Mexico or USA with Internet access using my smart phone, tablet or laptop. If you have a big place to watch, I'll recommend you to buy another model with more cameras, otherwise these model works great.

53 out of 295



January 4, 2015

Location: Miami, Fl.

These product works great. Easy to install and set up. It gave us peace of mind when we travel. We can view and monitor even in your smartphone and laptop which is very helpful and convenient to us. Its a great product with excellent performance.

54 out of 295



January 4, 2015

Location: BC, Canada

Easy to install, setup and remote connect. Very satisfied with the tech support. Called on Saturday and being answered within 30 sec. Problem solved right away. It has almost everything I want. It will be perfect if it allows storage extension by an external HDD. Since this is my first security system, I don't know if this function is provided in other Lorex models or other brands.

55 out of 295



January 3, 2015

Location: Sonoma valley. Ca

I just love the camera system. Easy to install, and there over the phone assistance is the best. They sure helped me out a lot when I need them.
Thanks Lorex.

56 out of 295


January 1, 2015

Location: San Antonio

The System for the most part was relatively easy to install , Now I can view it from my iPhone my MacBook and my iPad I think it's an awesome product !!!

57 out of 295



January 1, 2015

Location: West Babylon NY

I have this lorex camera recording system and love it. It records 24/7 and has never let us down. It has the option of silently recording or beep when something is in view. The quality is Great. We have added infra red camera's where there isn't as much light at night.

58 out of 295



December 29, 2014

Location: USA

Have had this product over a year now and I am fully satisfied. Very easy to install and user-friendly system allows quick installation and watch your camera views online is made easy with Lorex Client software available online.

I did have some problem setting up for Remote Viewing and customers service made that easy with step by step instructions. I must add that at one point the support service set up the router setting for me.

Great job and will recommend Lorex to anyone. I am buying another another set in January for my home.

59 out of 295

Jimmy B


December 26, 2014

Location: So Cal

Set up is straight forward if you are not using the remote viewing capabilities. If you plan on using remote viewing from any WiFi or ISP things get a little complicated if you don't know much on port forwarding or setting up the ddns then you will pull all of your hair out. I found that changing the mobile username and password to something other than defaults it has connection issues but if you leave it set as default and use admin and 0000 for password it works very fast with the mobile app and works every time. Also the beeping mentioned from review writer GARY B is true but I found it is the motion alert beeps if you enable motion detection on the dvr. Motion detection is a great feature but I disabled it because the constant beeping is annoying. Also mentioned by reviewer GARY B is bandwidth hog ALSO CORRECT haha but I found by disabling your routers QOS feature it doesn't categorize your DVR as top bandwidth priority hence fixing my bandwidth hog issue. Other than those two issues its a great product the night vision cameras give you a crystal clear picture in complete darkness and gives OK color during day but it is very easy to identify a person but you cant trust the color of someone's shirt or pants based on the video because for me the color is inaccurate everything has a blue or purple tint to it. Meaning blacks look either blue-ish or purple-ish. The DVR is very quiet looks nice came with a mouse and remote it doesn't support a wireless keyboard/mouse unfortunately. But to sum it all up great product.

60 out of 295

Gary B


December 19, 2014

Location: Philadelphia

This would get 5 stars if the remote access viewing worked as promised and it didnt suck all my bandwidth. I've owned this for a few days now.

Bottom line: Hardware great, software awful. Bandwidth hog. If you can help me, please do.

I havent yet spoken with Tech Support, and I'm hoping they can help. My networking knowledge is limited, but I shouldnt need any in 2014. I build my own PC's, I have set up my own routers many times, and was able to get Duke Nukem going well years ago, so I'm not completely ignorant.

Product: BlackBox 2, 2 wireless cameras. 4 channel. Paid $179 after instant rebate at BJ's. The box had been opened and a few small items are missing (screws, 2-sided tape - nothing major).

Camera installation - used 2 sheet metal screws to attach to plastic outer window frame and ran the cord inside to the outlet below. I wont leave it like this, but I needed it done. Had 45 mph winds the next day with no problems. The setup was very easy, and the images are very good, night vision is very good.

Monitor and DVR setup - Very easy, with easy software installation. I attached a separate VGA monitor, and ran it to my router with a data cable. The mouse attatched to the DVR wont work on that screen. I assume this is because I installed the software on my PC??

The motion activation and recordings work great.

Router setup for DDNS /internet viewing. Lorex software made it a lot easier, but I still had to use more of my limited and rusty networking knowledge than I believe most people would have today. I just cannot get this to work. I'm set it up for use with iPhone/iOS apps as well as an internet page, so i'm not sure if they are conficting with each other. The iphone app connected 50% of the time on the first day, and has gotten worse each day for some reason. I cant connect at all now. The reviews on the App Store all agree with this.

The DVR box beeps constantly, and I cant find if its a network loss alarm, or a motion alarm. Again, I hope their tech support is good, and my rating is assuming that it is. Remote viewing is great but I would think the core goal of this is evidence gathering and monitoring at home, and its great for that so far.

61 out of 295



December 10, 2014


Excelente producto, fácil de instalar.

62 out of 295



December 9, 2014

Location: San Jose, CA

Great product, Works great in a small environment.

63 out of 295



December 3, 2014

Location: Miami Florida USA

I have an ECO Blackbox 2, 8 camera, 16 camera capacity 1 gig drive (up to 2 gig) with VGA,RCA and HDMI outputs.

The concept is great. Once the DVRs are hooked up correctly you can no beat the price. No rental fees. If we paid one of the advertised security firms ti install and pay monitoring fees many of us might have a different attitude about their experience.

Surely to goodness this is a huge company. From what I can see other brand names are exactly the same however I forgot the name because I could not pronounce it.

This company and all others that are in this class of business need LIVE streaming tech support.
A few $50 cameras some motion sensing and "ONE" human each for 3 or 4 of the worlds most spoken languages. Similar to a teacher standing in front of a setup. Nothing fancy.

Allow the audience to see the phone lines on hold.

In simply logic said experienced instructors would answer the phone and address each technical question as they came in. Surely to goodness this would please the consumer a great deal if the could see their problem dealt with and or actually speak with the tech as they work with each other to solve problem X, then the next person calls and so on.

Many people will have similar problems. Although there would be cost for the people that are placing their name on these DVRs the benefits will be huge.

I've worked on computers for 20 years and done minor networking for 5 years. This should have been a snap for me.

My personal feeling about scanning the SKU emblem complicated the matter. If you don't have a good camera in your cell your stuck?

There are numerous items that should be made clear. Basically these units are contain 3 or more servers. A server for viewing on your web that IS NOT the same server being used with the remote. If I recall there were 2 or 3 ports required for the cell phone app.

Most of the internet browsers do not support setting up until you install Java or an Active X program in Windows explorer. Your limited to certain browsers even so.

Also many people are not familiar with port forwarding on their routers. Thank goodness later model routers have PNP Plug and play that configure the browser.

Another item that was not simple was that you can not view video from all 3 video outputs at the same time. I can't recall but initially I was unable to set my unit so it would display on my HDMI port until I first hooked up my VGA display monitor. Most people have laptops and do not have the old VGA ports. I got lucky even then my mouse wouldn't appear but one one monitor at a time. I think I had to use the remote and press 8 or 0 3 time before the mouse control would switch to the other HDMI monitor. I might add that their are option when using the mouse and the VGA/HDMI video and their are using the laptop Lorex software )I couldn't see much if any difference in what appeared via Internet Explorer VS Lorex 11 Client program.

For some reason you must scroll up or you will not see all the settings options at the top of the client program.

The keyboard that appears on the 14" monitor was terrible, Not bad on my 60" HDTV but guys give us a break make a larger keyboard for the smaller monitors. Your allowed to adjust the translucent from 0 to 100 so make the keyboard small med and large.

I'm sorry if Im not addressing specific problems with answers but I'd have to rewrite the manual.

I truly think these DVRs are great and priced right but they are hard to set up even for a seasoned tech. A lot has to do with the way the manual is written.

You should describe up front the best method of setting up the unit. Cover all 4 settings options be it how to 1) Internet Browser, Lorex Client, Mouse and screen keyboard, Cell and the few cellular settings one can make.

A simple example is a setting called latch time. Nothing addresses it but I don't have an alarrn so no big deal.

I've reached my max bye!

64 out of 295



November 24, 2014

Location: New Orleans

Great product greater crime fighter.

65 out of 295

sam kash


November 13, 2014

Location: los angeles

Great product,, Easy to install and was up and running right away with the monitor I purchased separately. It was a little difficult connecting to web but I'called the tech support and they were very helpful. Once I got through to tech support it only took a matter of a few minutes for him to help get my router & DVR connected to the web. It did take about an hour on hold until I got through but that is about the norm now a days. i have ordered last week 4 camera and i installed them it is working great. I am going order 4 more camera. I will strongly recommend other to buy this product.

66 out of 295

sam kash


November 11, 2014

Location: fullerton, ca

the product is very good and excellent. it works great. BUT THE SERVICE OR THE TECH SUPPORT CALL CENTER SUCKS. No matter when you call the hold time is one hour or more.
i have tried several time any time it is same. I will not recommend this product to any one body due to their tech support call center.
If the tech support can not answer the call within 15mits. i think it is waste of spending money on this product.

I had this unit since 18 months, no complaint , i had to change the network equipment and i need help i have to wait.

67 out of 295



November 5, 2014

Location: N. J.

Excellent product, quick install of hardware and software is very easy if you have knowledge in networking/computers.

68 out of 295



October 22, 2014

Location: San Diego.CA

Very satisfied with this product. Had trouble with the mobile viewing but tech support had it fixed very quickly.!! Highly recommended !!

69 out of 295



October 14, 2014

Location: Severn, MD

The setup is relatively easy, however, there is a lot to be desired. First, there is no instruction manual with the product, you have to download 70+ pages from the website. All that comes with it is a couple quick start guides but nothing in depth. Second and it's a BIG deal. The camera receivers operate on 2.4 GHz and almost completely blocks all wifi signals from the home router. I have Verizon FiOS and have gone from 50+ Mbps download to 5 Mbps at best, unless of course standing in the same room as the router, which defeats the purpose of wifi. I am still debating whether or not to take back to Sam's Club. Third, there is no zoom, pan or any other feature for the cameras. The quality of image is pretty good but very limited, especially in night vision. Facial feature recognition, license plate identification or anything really helpful in nightvision is non-existent. Lastly, tech support is farmed out overseas and you have to wait nearly an hour (waited 51 minutes - stayed on the line just to see if anyone actually answered) to speak to someone. Not very helpful, reading from a script, they are simply just a voice (a poorly speaking English voice, at that).

70 out of 295



October 2, 2014

Location: Colorado

Good value for the price. Not the easiest to set up but took about four hours in careful if you are connecting behind a carrier router since they will also need to pass the ports but it is mostly impossible to get support for doing so. This is not a flaw of Lorex but just beware.
Overall very good product and caring tech support. Though you may wait 20-40 minutes, they are friendly and professional.

71 out of 295



October 1, 2014

Location: charlotte

works great, was easy to setup

72 out of 295



September 30, 2014

Location: Harriston

Unit works well. Wireless camera range is pretty good.

73 out of 295

Kevin Of Santa Rosa


September 17, 2014

Location: Saanta Rosa, Ca.

The installation was pretty easy. The total time was about 6 hours from start to operational system. The camera clarity is very good even at night. The only problem I had was connecting to the web. I called Lorex Tech. support and had access on my computer within about 30 minutes. The tech did all the work. Very pleased and would recommend this product.

74 out of 295



September 15, 2014

Location: East Bay Area,CA

Great product,, Easy to install and was up and running right away with the monitor I purchased separately. It was a little difficult connecting to web but I'm not a tech geek. Once I got through to tech support it only took a matter of a few minutes for him to help get my router & DVR connected to the web. It did take about an hour on hold until I got through but that is about the norm now a days. My only regret now is I kind of wish I would have bought the system with 8 cameras instead of 4.

75 out of 295



September 12, 2014

Location: Hermosillo, Mex

Es un Excelente equipo de video, para instalar es fácil y practico, ya contiene todo lo que necesitas para realizar una buena instalación en tu lugar de trabajo, oficina o para tu hogar, contiene los programas para realizar la configuración, fácil y practico. lo recomiendo si lo que deseas es un equipo económico y con calidad.

76 out of 295



September 11, 2014

Location: Costa Rica

It is a very good product.

77 out of 295



September 10, 2014

Location: queens ny

liked it so mush i went out and bought another system for my vacation home both systems work great tech service was great they took control of my computer and set it up for me thanks for everything guys i feel a lot safer

78 out of 295



September 5, 2014

Location: Richmond BC

This DVR is the best , easy to set-up , I'm using now , is great

79 out of 295



September 4, 2014

Location: los angeles california

Muy buen producto yo instalo camaras, y es la primera vez que uso esta marca y muy buena expericia muy rapido y facil , me encanto la recomiendo...

80 out of 295



September 3, 2014

Location: Toronto

I found the LH010 great to use, and works well with my Mac, iPhone and iPad. My cameras need updating with the latest PVR, but otherwise images are good.

81 out of 295



August 26, 2014

Location: Riverside, RI

With the assistance of your tech team who was very knowledgeable the installation to my computer and iPhone was easy. Very satisfied with the product.

82 out of 295

Rick G


August 21, 2014

Location: Toledo, Ohio

I received this DVR and 4 camera setup as a gift and was a bit dubious if I really wanted or needed a DVR since I already had 2 Foscam wireless networked cameras that I had been using for video security. I discovered the value of having the camera video recorded as I can now go back and see what happened even several weeks earlier since I set the video only to record motion which works very well. The only issues I have with the system are the fact that the cameras are stationery and that I could use more of them! Otherwise the video is fine, not super detailed but adequate. I mounted the cameras under a 2nd story eave but the infrared illumination is not enough at night to illuminate the ground from that height. I am considering dropping them down to better see at night without the risk of making them vulnerable. Installation was very easy, plenty of cable length and when I had a couple networking issues with DDNS (ended up being my router) the tech support was very helpful and all sounded like local USA support techs that knew their product and networks.

83 out of 295



August 4, 2014

Location: Riverdale, Ga

I think it's the best around, I had a problem with my night vision and LOREX was glad to fix the problem, other then that, the cameras are clear and I look forward to a many years of service with this company...

84 out of 295



August 1, 2014

Location: México

En un inicio me parece difícil configurar a mis dispositivos pero después te vas familiarizando y es más fácil, me gustaría que tuvieran una página web en español y así facilitarnos las indicaciones, ya que me base en las guías e instructivos de la caja , pero todos los correos posteriores a la compra, así como la configuración es en inglés.
En general me parece un producto de calidad.
Buena compra!

85 out of 295

Katie Power


July 30, 2014

Location: Kent, Washington

The camera was not hard to install and the receiver for the cameras dialed in right into the camera once the power came on line like white on rice, amazing!

However, I found one huge drawback and the jury is still out whether I will keep my system or not. The camera interferes with WIFI connectivity. I have seen others complaint about this on the Amazon reviews and was hoping I was the exception, but unfortunately no. My connectivity crawled to about <1mbps after the camera was turned on. The images comes through like molasses when it finally comes through. I cannot stream movie or surf internet; so it is a shame. Others on Amazon says one needs a dual band to be able to resume connectivity where one of the band is carved to 2.4GHz and the other to 5.GHz. Even with that I heard was iffy if that will fix the problem. So with this, since I cannot sacrifice WIFI connection for the rest of the house, if I cannot fix this problem then I am gonna have to get rid of this system. Wish LOREX gave ample warning about this on the packaging or description. It seems such an obvious issue that consumer needs to be warned about it.

Lastly, also on Amazon review, was the cheap tin-like screws where it strips even installing it correctly. So unless you feel like drilling out the screw heads if you ever want to relocate your camera, go spend some money to get some decent wood/dry wall screws. Another unfortunate flaw in an otherwise excellent deal.

86 out of 295



July 19, 2014

Location: USA

Pretty simple to use and easy to operate. Had it installed by someone who knew what to do, so I can't say whether it was easy or hard. But so far so good. Been running for 1 week now.

87 out of 295

Vintique LLC


July 19, 2014

Location: Lake Elsinore California

I like this DVR and camera bundle. Easy to setup and flexible.
I am not real excited with the remote viewing software. Setup is a pain and seems to be limited to the warranty period. So what happens after that, I have to pay a subscription? dont know. the cameras I have, MC7572 , are nothing to write home about. not a clear picture and need to have a lot of light. For the investment, it is adequate.

88 out of 295



July 11, 2014

Location: Minnesota

Awesome system, easy to install and setup.
Great picture quality day or night.

89 out of 295



July 11, 2014

Location: Lake Guntersville

Installed system in winter Great tech support staff is very helpful

90 out of 295



July 7, 2014

Location: Atlanta GA

Install was easy and cables for the cameras are long enough. Good quality during night time too. Hope the remote configuration was much simpler. Would recommend to others.

91 out of 295



July 6, 2014

Location: Mexico city

Very easy to install and best cost/benefit.
Works fine!

92 out of 295



July 5, 2014

Location: Washington state

We purchased 2 of this model dvr. They are good systems except when you go to search and backup the system as should be done. I found nowhere to just click and backup the whole system. You have to search then backup files one at a time or should I say you can backup multiple events but you really have to work to do it all. I am going to try replacing the hard drive to a terra byte hardrive and see if its a solution for storage on the system.

93 out of 295



July 4, 2014

Location: LH010 Eco BlackBox

A well packed unit that comes with a great instruction book. I had unit from another company that lacked detailed instructions and after you set it up it would change settings. I matched this with Lorex dome units for a 960H system that gives me great resolution.

94 out of 295



July 3, 2014

Location: California

I have had many problems since i bought this product. First problem was 1 month after the purchase. One of the four cameras stopped working. I noticed one night that i was looking at my monitor and i still saw it daylight and my car not parked in my drive way. It was showing the same picture since who knows how long. The second month i started having connection problems. I would look at my monitor and see 4 channels then suddenly it would turn off and stay off for about 2 minutes and go back on again for 5 minutes and turn off. It got kind of irritating after a while and i called customer service to help me fix the technical problem since i had thought it was my internet provider but they came down and did everything they possibly could do to help the connection. When i called technical support, the young man i spoke to was very rude and helped half way through and hung up or we got disconnected. Never received a call back so i just let it go. I was just so grateful to be able to look at my monitor and see what was going on outside without interruption. I would love to get the 4th camera fixed but the hassle i have to go through just makes me not want to call.

95 out of 295



June 22, 2014

Location: Georgia

I am so happy with my purchase. I researched them all and bought this model. No complaints.

96 out of 295

Scuba Mike


June 22, 2014

Location: New Hampshire

We absolutely love this product. It was very easy to install. I had a harder time working with 100' cables than installing and setting it up. We love the alerts that it sends out. We have already recommended this to friends and family and are happy to report at least one more unit sold. We look forward to expanding our unit.
Thank You!!

97 out of 295



June 17, 2014

Location: P.R.

Great Security System.

98 out of 295



June 13, 2014

Location: California

Product android applicaion never fails picture look clear no complaints

99 out of 295



June 12, 2014

Location: Canada

I installed this product without a problem. Good value. Cameras are metal not cheap plastic. Picture quality is better than what I expected. I really like the remote capabilities in such an economical package. Great Product!

100 out of 295



June 12, 2014

Location: Arizona

Great product. Priced perfectly. The hdmi connection was perfect to allow for the dvr to be hidden. The only thing I did find out is that the 8 camera has better quality of recording than the 16 camera. That being said the16 is perfect for me.

101 out of 295



June 11, 2014

Location: Ontario

Good bang for the buck.
The interface could have more option, like setting times when you would like email notifications.
I ended up turning off notification because it was emailing me almost non stop, even emailing me as I am cutting the grass.
I love being able to have a look from work, I can watch my daughter come home from school or keep an eye on the street.

102 out of 295



June 9, 2014

Location: ok

Very happy with this product. We bought online and installed ourselves. Only complaint we have is the length of the cable to plug in the cameras. We looked for extensions but couldnt find anywhere. We found a way to make it work!

103 out of 295



June 1, 2014

Location: Boston,Ma

I thought the install was easy and I got everything up and running in no time. So far the product seems to be really good. I did recommend it to my other friends. Nice views of each camera that come out crystal clear.

104 out of 295



June 1, 2014

Location: Nova Scotia

The install was easy, the cords were long enough to reach all camera points, the install was and initial operation was great. Technical Support was great but Customer Support was very poor. One of the two 4-in1 Power Adapter did not work, out of the box. After several call to customer support each of call gets disconnected once I start giving my information. I final had to open a ticket online, sent all the document but the still didn't tell contact me to say if they were sending the part. I was about to return the system when the part arrived in the mail.

I give the:
Product 5 stars
Technical Support 5 stars
Customer Support 2 1/2 Stars

105 out of 295



May 27, 2014

Location: tecate mexico

excelente producto facil de instalar muy buena definicion de imagen tanto diurna como nocturna muy buen soporte en la pagina lorex muy completo yo me conecto a distancia desde cualquier wi fi ya tengo varios meses que lo compre y no he tenido ningun problema lo recomiendo ampliamente

106 out of 295

Very Satissfied


May 23, 2014

Location: CA

Before I got Lorex in October 2013, my shed was broken into like 3 that I've got Lorex I am able to review, everything that happens during the night, with clear vision, and in May 2014 was able to identify 2 guys that went into my shed. I'm so happy and extremely satisfied with Lorex security system, Installation was easy and now we can monitor the house from anywhere....Love it! already recommended it to friends...

107 out of 295



May 22, 2014

Location: Missouri

Great product. super easy installation. Everything works as promised. Highly Recommend!

108 out of 295



May 20, 2014

Location: Home

This DVR works fine. I had a number of issues for remote viewing, but the tech support representatives worked with me until they were resolved. They were accessible within a reasonable amount of time, and solved every issue.

The DVR does what I need at a very reasonable price.

109 out of 295



May 20, 2014

Location: México

Lorex was an excellent with a great price and It was very easy to install.

110 out of 295



May 20, 2014

Location: México City

Excellent product, I recommend to separate the recorder from the screen, you may need to connect another screen due to the distance (you can use your lap top) to set the equiment occasionally. but it's worth it. I still need to contact support to configure my phone.

111 out of 295



May 19, 2014

Location: arizona

I really like my Lorex cameras, I view them threw my phone and everywhere I go.

112 out of 295



May 18, 2014

Location: New Jersey

- This was the first system I ever installed from Lorex. The setup was pretty simple/straight-forward, the price point is virtually unbeatable ans Support has been (while sometimes cold) acceptable or above expectation.

Price/Functionality/Ease of Use/Features/Free DDNS "Link"

Support wait time often a bit long/Techs often in rush to close tickets/Port Forwarding CD not very useful

I have since purchased another system for a client (this time a 16ch) & will be ordering yet another for an upcoming project. I look forward to working with Lorex & creating/continuing a good relationship.

113 out of 295



May 16, 2014

Location: Oklahoma

Install was super easy. The wires were long enough to reach all over the house. The video quality is great and the night vision is awesome. I highly recommend these cameras to anyone.

114 out of 295



May 16, 2014

Location: San Diego

Does not want to connect wirelessly. Will connect for about 1 day, and then disconnect. The whole point in me buying this box, was the fact that you can monitor it through a cell phone or tablet. Wasn't worth the money, wish I would have bought another brand.

115 out of 295



May 15, 2014

Location: Toronto

I like it

116 out of 295



May 15, 2014

Location: vancouver bc

This system is by far the worst system ever. Extremely complicated to use. Customer service also is very bad by lorex.

117 out of 295



May 12, 2014

Location: Auburn, California

I bought 8 Cameras with DVR for my business. Its one of the best investment you can do to protect your Business. I can keep an eye on the store even from my smart phone or my computer whereever i am. Customer service is excellent with extremly Friendly and Helful people.They help me to setup the remote viewing on my Network. Will HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE.

118 out of 295



May 4, 2014

Location: clinic

Easy to set up (cables and cameras).
the camera wires are long enough, in my personal situation 10ft more feet each cable would have better. I will try to set up the internet tomorrow and see if i can check them from home. Beside that I am really happy with it.

119 out of 295



April 30, 2014

Location: Rochester, NY

This one was 2nd system I bought. Easy to install. No problem. Still can't make it work to view on internet. Works well on smart phone. Excellent price.

120 out of 295



April 30, 2014

Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

I had this product only several weeks and all seems fine. It took two phone calls to get the feed working (was bad IP address), but works. Still have some fine tuning to do, but I can monitor my home from my phone while away, which was my objective. I like the sales rep and the customer service for questions. I would purchase again.
I would rather have a hard copy instruction manual instead of the PDF.

121 out of 295



April 29, 2014

Location: Montreal, Canada

Its the third kit that I install for friends and at my cottage. Very easy to install, and hook up. One dvr installed in 2011 is still working like new. The first time with port forwarding is a little challenge, but Lorex has a wizard for that and the support is there. Just today I suggested Lorex to a Bakery owner. Great deal !

122 out of 295



April 29, 2014

Location: Mexico

We purchased this Lorex Product at Costco in Puerto Vallarta for security for our 2nd home. The install was easy. I contacted Lorex support and their tech took command of my computer to configure the system for remote viewing. I can now view my home from anywhere that has internet or cell phone access. My only negative is that the frequency of the system does not appear compatible with my Panasonic TV, so I can only view within the home on the monitor supplied with the system, and of course my laptop, tablet or phone.
I would definitely recommend this product.

123 out of 295



April 28, 2014

Location: Queens, NY

For the price, the peace of mind, the easy installation, even for someone like me, I was absolutely happy. Most impressive was the customer service that Collin from the tech dept. provided me. I have Verizon Fios and had to call customer service because even though I was following all the instructions to set up my network for my PC as well as my smartphone I could not get it to work. I was on hold for about 5 minutes when I explained my situation to Collin. He was very polite, knowledgeable and extremely helpful and asked if he could linked into my system via remote. He explained everything he was doing step by step and informed me of all the extras I didn't know I could receive emails and snap shots through motion, which for me was awesome. He offered to even set up an extra e-mail just for this feature. Collin went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and made sure that I was completely satisfied with my experience. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE looking for a home or office security system. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS OUTSTANDING!

124 out of 295



April 27, 2014

Location: Parkland, FL

I wouldn't use any other camera system. Lorex makes everything simple from installing the system to configuration of the DVR and access to the mobile devices. Lorex including all of the cables and accessories the cables being long enough to run them throughout the house. Any configuration issues I had I contacted their support team and they answered within a couple of minutes and each time they were able to figure out the issue. The cameras have crystal clear video and the features are awesome. Set your DVR to record motion only, if you're going out of town set up your email address in the DVR and each time motion is detected it's send you an email with picture snap shots from the cameras. I can also view my cameras from any computer in the world with their free DDNS feature. For the price and ease I would recommend Lorex to anyone looking for an adorable surveillance system.

125 out of 295

Captain Dee


April 25, 2014

Location: Little River, SC

Product was working fine until we lost remote access. Customer support sucks. Was on hold for 59:18 and this was after saying it was a only a 15 minute hold. I finally got mad and hung up. Was thinking about ordering for another business but having my doubts now. Got a ticket number and wonder if anybody will contact me. I would rather pay more and get good customer service than go through this again

126 out of 295

boo boo


April 25, 2014

Location: Fla.

Smart DVR, works wonders when you don't expect it. Will recomend to a friend.

127 out of 295



April 24, 2014

Location: Venezuela

In less than one year one of the cameras damaged. I'm out of US so I cannot use the warranty. I bougth cameras from another brand and the image quality is a little better.

128 out of 295



April 20, 2014

Location: Port Charlotte Florida

Great product with wonderful features. I use it to monitor real estate property on three different devices - desktop running windows 7, Android tablet and iphone. Works great on wi-fi and 3g.

Tec support helped me set up the remote monitoring without any issues.

129 out of 295

Happy Customer


April 15, 2014

Location: Mexico

The best inexpensive option for my small business. It was relatively easy to set up and install. The remote view via mobile is excellent as I am able to view what's going on in my business at any time of the day. I am also able to maximize the HD space as I can determine the specific days of the week and times of day for recording. We received support from the brand from the moment of purchase to installation.

130 out of 295



April 8, 2014

Location: mexico

Everything needed was supplied and easy to install with no hickups

131 out of 295



April 6, 2014

Location: Ontario Canada

Easy to install a little difficult to set up but tech support was great and the APP just
Love it great product

132 out of 295



April 6, 2014

Location: louisiana

System was easy to set up, and once you figure out how to get past the firewall on the router, it is well worth the money! The port forwarding was the hardest part for me. Just make sure you follow the directions in the quick start guide and you will get it. The cameras are very clear for what they are and see good at night. Awesome system!

133 out of 295



April 2, 2014

Location: Mexico

The cameras are great, installation is easy; however, I wasn't able to make them work (on my own) remotely on my phone or other computer. I had to call tech support to get this done and to my surprise they helped me with the problem very quickly (and in Spanish).

The cables are very long so you have a wider range of places to locate all cameras. My only trouble was to install the camera with the proper angle (of the 4 cameras I had a hard time adjusting the image with the only camera I placed in the wall instead of the roof).

Other than that, they work great and it seems that the image covers plenty enough (wide wise). At night you can see perfectly well, since the cameras have night vision (I got the Vantage model).

I am really happy with the purchase so far (I have one week since I got them running), they aren't expensive either, so I would highly recommend them to anyone.

134 out of 295

Restaurant owner


March 26, 2014

Location: connecticut

Product works great, set up was not easy, support was okay.

135 out of 295



March 25, 2014

Location: Costa Rica

Excelente Producto, un poco complicada la programación para ver las cámaras por internet, además de que el sistema no es muy amigable, pero en general lo recomiendo

136 out of 295



March 22, 2014

Location: Ellicott City, MD

I purchased the LH010 Eco BlackBox for my office. The installation and set up was fairly easy. The quality of picture on two of the cameras was excellent. I'm especially impressed with the picture quality at night. I contacted the customer service regarding the poor picture quality of the other two cameras. They had me return the problem cameras and am now waiting for the replacement cameras to arrive. I initially had problems setting up the iPad and had to contact tech support a few times. They were easy to reach and very helpful. Customer friendly tech support is extremely important to me and Lorex has been excellent in that regard. In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased another one for the home.

137 out of 295



March 21, 2014

Location: South FL

Most importantly, I got a lot more with this system than just what came in the box, I got peace of mind. The initial installation was the hardest part because the pitch of my roof is low which made it difficult to run the cables through the attic. Other than that it was very easy, and Lorex Technical support made it even easier. The original DVR would not record upon initial power-up and Lorex immediately sent a replacement. The pictures are very clear day and night. The sensitivity adjustments for motion detection works great. The smartphone apps work good with the system as well as accessing the system from a computer away from your home. A great system with exceptional customer support. I highly recommend!

138 out of 295



March 19, 2014

Location: Freeport,Tx

The product es The same how is describe on the especifications very easy for install and The cameras images are better then what expect The motion sensors very reliable and you can adjust The sensibility on that. On The box you recibe what you need for install The product The cables size cover a house The average size and you still have some left. The product on general have very good presentation.

139 out of 295



March 18, 2014

Location: Red Earth Creek, AB

I am not up and running yet. Seems to be a problem with the wireless internet and Lorex product. Calling Lorex today for assistance.

140 out of 295



March 17, 2014

Location: Canada

Got this system online and have been generally pretty satisfied with the results after 1.5 years. Had professional installer complete the wiring and exterior install, but did the internal setup myself. Remote viewing setup requires some decent knowledge of routers/firewalls, etc.

141 out of 295



March 17, 2014

Location: Mustang, OK

I have been blown away with my purchase. This Camera system has been absolutely incredible. The install was easy, the setup was easy with great step by step instructions. Thanks Lorex!

142 out of 295



March 13, 2014

Location: home

the install was really simple and god picture and the night is good quality pictures all so
I would recommend this home security system good for the money. thanks for a system

143 out of 295



March 12, 2014

Location: Dominican Republic

Goob, in the country, is the best

144 out of 295



March 10, 2014

Location: U.S. Virgin Islands

The product worked fine initially, but within the year we have received no video image!
We are trying to get some answers to our dilemma having provided Lorex with the proof of purchase requested. We are without security, the phone number for customer support does not work in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I would even use a toll number if provided with one and I am not inclined to call Mexico. I am disappointed to say the least!

145 out of 295



March 10, 2014

Location: IL

Great product. Easy setup. Great features in software. Use apps over Wifi and mobile phone. Love the free ddns hosting.

146 out of 295



March 7, 2014

Location: Cabo san lucas

Bought this from costco for a good price. All 4 cameras were very easy to setup and I like the remote access from my ipad.

147 out of 295



March 5, 2014

Location: South Alabama

Customer Support: Good luck getting someone to answer. I believe there is only one guy at the other end. Be prepared to be waiting on HOLD for a LONG time.
Emailing, you get a response "Thank you for submitting your comment. A customer representative will get back to your shortly." That never happens.
I returned four cameras because the night vision stopped working (Jan). 4 new ones returned (Feb) and was not the same as what I purchased. They were smaller, quality was not as good and they did not fit my mounting brackets. I returned them and now it is March and still have no Idea what the status of my cameras are.
I am begining to question the night vision on some of my original ones, the quality seems to be fading on them. I will check when I get my new ones returned, I hope.

148 out of 295



March 3, 2014

Location: KY

Easy to install,easy to work with. Had to order two 150' cables for a long install but still great.Best buy you can get truely great equipment, my wife loves our system she feels safe now wiht the new system installed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

149 out of 295



March 3, 2014

Location: new york

I purchased this DVR with eights cameras and took it to my vacation home in Barbados. The install and remote set up was easy, had it done by professionals. I can stay in New York and view my property in Barbados. The night vision is good but could be better, one camera seems to be malfunctioning at night. Emails and pictiures are sent when motion is detected. Will recommend most highly

150 out of 295



March 3, 2014

Location: Miami, Florida

An excellent quality 8 channel, 4 camera system, did the installation myself, had some minor problem with the network setup but was resolved quickly, I would like to congratulate Fernando C. for provided support, he was very knowledgeable and found the problem quickly. The system has great video streaming, playback is great and easy to use. Recommend this system to anyone.

151 out of 295



March 2, 2014

Location: From Oregon-Use in Mexico

I purchased my Lorex system through Costco online, installed the entire system myself, very easy, simple logic on install plug and play. Toughest part was my house is not wood its all cement and red brick so I had to drill lots of holes. Entire system started up and worked perfectly from plugging it in. Only trouble was with setting up to view on other devices the IP auto forward software wasn't fool proof. NO PROBLEM I called Lorex customer care, they took over my computer and got everything up and running super fast all devices work perfectly just as described. Problem was on my end. Great service, great product, good price!

152 out of 295



February 28, 2014

Location: mexico ,df

equipo con problema , el manual ofrecido mediocre no ofrece informacion necesaria para correcto funcionamiento , el soporte tecnico no ayuda en lo mas minimo ,desepcionado de este producto y servicio

153 out of 295

Muy buenas


February 27, 2014

Location: Mexico

Muy buenas cámaras y la conectividad remota es muy buena!!

154 out of 295



February 25, 2014

Location: Spfld MA

Awesome product!!! Install was easy. I love the phone app and email alerts. The cameras are very clear both day and night. If you run into any problems. The website has many helpful tips and videos. A few friends and family members are also buying this product for their homes. I recommend this company to any home owner and business.

155 out of 295



February 25, 2014

Location: USA

Set up was easy and the only issue I had was with accessing remotely which the technician solved over the phone in less than 5 minutes. Thank you.

156 out of 295



February 25, 2014

Location: Parker, CO

After reading many reviews, and considering my comfort level from a technical standpoint ? I decided on the LH018501C4WF system. I knew in advance where I wanted to place my cameras, and hoped my layout would work. My first attempt to run the DVR off of my wireless repeater resulted in a very weak signal, so I moved it to the basement where it could connect directly to my router. This pushed the distance to my furthest camera, but even with one bar of signal ? it was enough to capture what I needed. I did find that with just four cameras, the interference causes my wifi and other 2.4GHz items to stop working. My solution is to unplug all but one camera when I return home, and reboot my AT&T Microcell tower. Overall we are pleased with this system, and plan on adding additional cameras as well as continue to fine tune our home network to minimize issues.

157 out of 295



February 21, 2014

Location: Canada

I'm very proud to bought this DVR ,easy to use ,technical support excellent.

158 out of 295



February 21, 2014

Location: Canada

Yes ,I'm very proud to have bought this DVR ,easy to use.

159 out of 295



February 20, 2014

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Relatively easy to install since the two cameras were already synced with the DRV. Just plug everything in and you're already connected. My cameras are 40-50 ft. from the DVR and separated by several walls. Video reception is excellent. Some of the system adjustments (eg. connecting to your LAN) can be a bit tricky, but if you take your time and are patient everything works out fine. The Lorex Client 11 works great from any PC on your home network.
Connecting to the system from the internet has been very difficult to near impossible. After considerable effort, I managed to get an HTTP connection on a Macbook. Thus far I am unable to get a connection on my PC. I expect that eventually I'll get it to work. However, doing network connections can be very frustrating.

Overall, I'm pleased with the product, and would recommend it to others.

160 out of 295



February 17, 2014


i AM overall plaese with this product. However I was not sure which of the instructions to follow first in getting this system up and runnung. There's the cd, online dowloads and paper manuals. Also wether to set up with the use of the mouse first, pc or smart phone installing or does it matter??

Also I have gotten "connection fail" several times when I am away using my smart phone, I had to reboot the DVR each time when i return home. I am concern about it's reliabilty when away..

Other than the above this product exceeds my expectations for its price..

161 out of 295



February 17, 2014

Location: canada

very disopointed. does not work well will iphone. very complicated to set up. would not recommend at all.

162 out of 295



February 17, 2014

Location: AJAX, ON


163 out of 295



February 14, 2014

Location: Wisconsin

Compared to the last system I had this product was so easy to set up and install. I'm extremely happy! Tech support was amazing, I would recommend thisproduct and company!

164 out of 295



February 13, 2014

Location: chas sc

This product is great so far, had one problem with a camera when I first install the cameras one of them was not working correctly in night vision. I called customer support, they ask that I fax over a copy of the paid receipt and what was at default, this was on a Monday,by Thursday ups was delivering a new camera..that's excellent customer care.I just install the system so I have not had a chance to really see any problems yet thus far excellent product. I love alarm system that you can set the cameras to record on motion if any one come with in the alarm zone.....the phone app is so easy to view it live on the phone

165 out of 295



February 11, 2014

Location: Beach

Installed this system on our vacation home at the beach and was very satisfied until a utility worker cut my cable line. I'm now having trouble remotely viewing when away from the network. I thing the system since trouble and changed the IP address. Can't fix the problem until I go down there. Strongly recommend this system. It?s much better that the ones I have at home and much easier to set up.

166 out of 295



February 11, 2014

Location: Mexicali Mexico

Excellent System Lorex LH014000, easy installation, can be observed via remote from my Iphone Live, I get alarm messages via email, I and installed three Lorex systems with friends who like me, and now I want to buy more cameras, I I recommend ... I required help from technical lorex level 2 and successfully resolved my problem ....

167 out of 295



February 10, 2014

Location: Castaic Californai

A month after the installation, I lost three cameras . I really hate the product at this time.

168 out of 295



February 9, 2014

Location: Costa Rica

To difficult to program with mobile

169 out of 295



February 9, 2014

Location: South Carolina

This product is very good, is easy to install

I installed this product without a problem. The length of the
Cables were long enough. I like the phone app. Clear view at night
Great buy!!

170 out of 295



February 9, 2014

Location: Alpharetta

Very easy to set up and works extremely well

171 out of 295



February 3, 2014

Location: Vancouver,Canada

The BLACK BOX is easy to hook up and I decided to try 8 cameras.Now I want more and it holds 16.My favorite thing is the ability to monitor the cameras from my smart phone any where in the world.My friends are very impressed when I show them the ease of use on the smart phone.Cameras work excellent in the dark I recommend this set up, 5 stars.With the Lorex warranty and the Costco guarantee you can't go wrong.

172 out of 295



February 2, 2014

Location: CA

Easy camera / DVR install, but difficult to install mobile/online camera viewing.

Video quality 8/10

173 out of 295



February 1, 2014

Location: sac, ca

super easy to install ,the mobile app is fantastic. very easy to . the cameras are super clear, I would recommend everybody to invest in a surveillance system . this is my second lorex product I would highly recommend them ,bill

174 out of 295

Omar Leon


January 30, 2014

Location: México DF

Is a great surveillance system, it makes me feel close to my home while away from her, seeing through my smartphone or pc is just great.

175 out of 295



January 30, 2014

Location: Southern California

This is my second Blackbox with 2 of the wireless cameras. The range is excellent and the setup wasn't to bad. Would buy again. Thanks Lorex.

176 out of 295



January 30, 2014

Location: Kissimme

Great cameras...good images and easy intall...recommend!!!!

177 out of 295

PAul D


January 29, 2014

Location: Pompano Beach FL

I am hoping to be a happy future customer but right now I am really disappointed. My DVR reboots every minute or so right out of the box. Waited over 58 minutes to speak with a tech support guy then I was told that unit had to be returned. Tech guy promised to send an e-mail with return details but got my e-mail address wrong (even after repeating it 3 times) so I never got the info.
I had to call again the next day and wait another 38 minutes to get a rep. They then told me I had to pay to return the unit and they would repair. I found that unacceptable since the unit was just taken out of the box and had NEVER been used. I had to ask for a manager but was transferred to reception. They then transferred me back to service and I waited another 17 minutes to speak with a manager. Finally he agreed to send me a shipping label.
An additional issue is the software disc that comes with the system was so badly warped that it will not read in my DVD drive. Complete pain in the neck.
I am praying that when and if my new unit arrives, that it works properly because I never want to have to call these folks back again. NIGHTMARE and I haven't gotten to setting up the system yet.....

178 out of 295



January 27, 2014

Location: mexico d.f

muy buenas camaras, rapida subida a internet, slaudos

179 out of 295



January 25, 2014

Location: Pickerington Ohio

Purchased LH010 ECO Blackbox video recorder with 4 wireless cameras a few weeks ago. Instructions were clear and concise leading to an easy setup including pairing the cameras with the receivers. It took a few attempts to get the motion detection/alarm recording to function as desired. The key step was to disable the continuous recording first and second to enable the motion detection function followed by a recorder power off and on. This system is working great.

180 out of 295



January 24, 2014

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Product (Blackbox 2) 4 cameras. It works as advertised and the company is excellent at helping if you have a problem. It makes my home more secure.

181 out of 295



January 23, 2014

Location: Tampico México

Great price, easy to install, dvr high HDD storage, fast Lorex DDNS this product is very good

182 out of 295

Karma Car Wash


January 23, 2014

Location: Miami Florida

We bought our system at Brandsmart USA and we got a great deal...!!! Never dealt with Security Cameras before....We installed the 16 Cameras and Plugged them into the DVR turned it on and Voila...!!! Connected to the Internet and needed a little help with the Set Up..Customer Service was Super Helpful and Courteous...!!! The quality is awesome...comparable to systems twice the price and the ease of use couldn't be surpassed. Just finished the installation and we are already thinking of installing another 16 camera system...!!!

183 out of 295



January 21, 2014

Location: ATL

Easy to install,done it within an the phone all Great!!!

184 out of 295

Jorge Tanuz


January 21, 2014

Location: México

This product is excellent, overpass all my expectations, the cords are long enough to reach all cameras, the basic configurations was very easy, I'm stock with the network configuration, but, as I read, I'll call to the support center for get ready this stage, is a highly recommended product indeed, I'll suggest it to all my partners.

185 out of 295



January 20, 2014

Location: Titusville,Fl.

Installation was as advertised. After the setup was complete, the system is running beyond our expectations. The video quality is exceptional and you can click on any camera and enlarge the video. The system is relatively easy to use once you get used to it. The playback features do a great job of recording the events. Another thing that I like about the system is when someone comes to the door, you can see who's out there without going to the door. All in all my wife and I really like the system and have great comfort of security. With the rise in crime this is a must feature that you have to have to help protect yourself.

186 out of 295



January 20, 2014

Location: Vista,ca

Excellent product and the customer service ask my question very quickly

187 out of 295



January 20, 2014

Location: ohio

these are great cameras, the night vision is excellent. installation was easy, operating is a breeze.

188 out of 295



January 19, 2014

Location: Coral Springs, FL

Excellent product, Network configuration was straight forward and went without a hitch. Had to get additional cable due to perimeter install. Internet access via Pc, android tablet, iPad and iPhone went seamlessly.
It would be perfect if we had Windows Phone 8.1 app.

Video is clear and details, I will recommend this product to anyone interested in a video monitoring system.

189 out of 295



January 18, 2014

Location: Oklahoma

This is the second wireless camera system I have purchased. I was so pleased with the ease of setup and installation that I started a fundraiser to place a system at a local historical building. The resolution and video quality is amazing!
I highly recommend this system to anyone needing an excellent DIY wireless security system!

190 out of 295



January 16, 2014

Location: Calif

Bought two LH010 Eco BlackBox and 4 wireless cameras. Using with a Mac so I didn't have use of the wizard bit finally got everything up and running on one of the systems. Have a good signal with one of the cameras which has a run of 60 feet and two walls. Not bad. Looking forward to having the other system up and running soon.

191 out of 295



January 15, 2014

Location: Ca

Decent cameras at a good price point. The cameras and unit were easy to install. The network install through a MacBook was a bit complicated through the quick setup guide. The online instruction guide helped resolve the issues. It does take up a lot of bandwidth when running through a network and slows if not disable other programs running in the network. Overall it does what it is suppose to do and at a decent price point.

192 out of 295

Ed Kaminsky


January 15, 2014

Location: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

I bought a 4 camera system 2 years ago. One camera failed withing a few months. I got another through my warranty. The new camera has a much better picture than the other 3. Recently the DVR failed & I contacted Lorex about repairing it. I was told that the repair would cost $200 plus parts. I asked about the price of a new DVR & was told I could buy a new one for $140. How stupid is it that they would charge $200 plus to repair my old DVR when I could buy a new one for only $140 with a new 1 year warranty?

This system is cheap & you get what you pay for. I couldn't get a local CCTV repair guy to even come out to look at my system. He said it's too cheap to fix. If you can find another manufacturer, buy it from them even if you have to pay a bit more.

193 out of 295

Jay G.


January 15, 2014

Location: Vacation Home

Beast Buys had this unit on sale for $ 279.99, so I was a little skeptical that the quality would not be what I was looking for , after set up I am impressed . I had a problem pairing one camera so I called tech support ( 30 minutes on hold but the wait was worth it ) when I finally had someone on the phone they walked me through the rest of the setup, motion alerts via email & pairing of the cameras. I purchased two other units for similar money , 1 from Belkin , 1 from Iris , setup and returned both units / this unit has better picture quality & superior night vision . For the money it is working better than expected. Only draw back is they need to expand the quick start menu so you can understand all the lights on the unit.

194 out of 295



January 14, 2014

Location: Toronto

Really good system, works perfectly wuth clear images on my phone or pad

Unfortunately one of our cameras failed within the warranty period and Lorex are not standing behind their products. Too bad. Days with no responce from service tickets, over an hour on hold and they disconnect me. Very 1990's when you could provide poor customer service and still prosper but fortunately for consumers we expect/deserve better and most companies have gotten on board.

I just spoke with Costco where we bought it and they said bring the whole thing back to them and they will credit our purchase. Thank goodness they respect their customers.

Problem solved, thanks Lorex

195 out of 295



January 14, 2014

Location: Los Angeles

Product is great. Needed help with iphone set up, but hold time was long. Other than that, highly recommend!

196 out of 295


January 13, 2014

Location: Nj

I think the costumer service sucks badly, I just spent 5 hours on the phone and got no where. Plus they messed with my router settings and now I have no wireless connection

197 out of 295

sam kash


January 13, 2014

Location: fullerton, california

This product is excellent. I purchased this unit from costco and it is almost a year.
It is very easy to install and very good. I have recommended to my friends and three of them bought it and they are all happy the quality.

I have been trying to call the tech support since jan 2nd 2014, it says i am 35th caller and wait time is more than an hour. Twice i waited and when i came to sixth caller it directed me to accounts department. Again i went back to 35th caller. I have to wait.
The tech support is very very bad. I will give minus 10 if have an option.
due to this tech support i feel that i should not have gotten this product. Now i regret it.
I have email the tech support today and let me see when they will response to my email.
I will come back to this page again to update my review.
Stay tuned.

198 out of 295



January 13, 2014

Location: Bradenton, Florida

I love this product. The one problem I've had is that I have been unable to use the HDMI to view the video screens on my television. I will figure this out before long.

The product is reliably protecting my home. Thanks

199 out of 295



January 11, 2014

Location: Wadsworth, Ohio

Received and set it this up about 30 days ago. One of the cameras was VERY blurry. Switched the cords around and used the other inputs but it was alwasy the same ... blurry.

After having to jump through lots of hoops, answering the same questions over and over and being made to provide lots of info that Lorex already had. I felt like they were trying to make things difficult enough so that I would just give up. Just recently, they agreed to replace the defective camera BUT ... I would have to pay to ship the defective product back to Lorex! I asked for them to send me a prepaid shipping label about a week ago and haven't heard back since.

To be fair the other 3 cameras that work, work as expected. However, customer service so bad that I would not buy from them again.

200 out of 295

Mark C.


January 11, 2014

Location: Merritt Island, FL

Me and a buddy installed this 4 camera system in a few hours. The color & resolution are great. The night vision is amazing. I got the ddns server working easily. I find it a comfort that when these cameras detect motion, I will get an email almost instantaneously. So, it works on my big screen tv, my Android phone, my Android tablet & any PC hooked to the internet. For the money this system rocks!

201 out of 295

N Rojas


January 11, 2014

Location: LA California

The install was easy,but the cords were NOT long enough to reach all camera points, the install was ad initial operation was great. I had to call customer service, waiting time is kinda long, but after all Good value. Cameras are metal not cheap plastic. Picture quality is better than what I expected.

202 out of 295



January 9, 2014

Location: boonto,nj

the product looks good but when you try to remote view that is the problem.knowledgeable person can not figure that, even when i tried to call technical support , no way to reach them waiting time probably a week . so support not available at all. i realty regret buying this system.

203 out of 295



January 8, 2014

Location: Lake Anna Virginia

This security system was very easy to set-up and get configured. The instructions are straight forward and easy to understand, and there is a CD with loads of information on it! The camera installation takes some time and thought before you begin, making sure you get the exact views that you will need. Once I had the camera cables routed through my ceiling and walls the hard part was over! The day and night camera views are awesome. This is the perfect system for monitoring my property. The best bang for your buck!

204 out of 295



January 7, 2014

Location: Montreal

Very good security system. Easy to install, price is great. This system is much better then other systems that I had before.
The hard part is setup the DDNS for over internet viewing. guess it is my PS company problem.
Over all, I am very happy with the system and I would recommend it to anyone else. It will do want I want it too.

205 out of 295

Expensive Vino


January 5, 2014

Location: Philadelphia

I found the cameras and DVR to be a very good quality for the price. The cable lengths are generous and the instructions are concise and helpful. The DDNS setup was straight-forward and works well. It's only been a few days but everything is working very well. Night vision is great and iOS apps work well.

206 out of 295



January 5, 2014

Location: Upstate Ny

I purchased this product almost year now. At first I brought 4 cameras with system. few months later I added 4 more. I'm very happy with this product and their support group. I recommend this product to other people very much. I use the software to my advance and I can view my cameras any where using laptop or my phone. It's very simple and reliable. Also the Phone and laptop client wizard is free for use.

207 out of 295



January 2, 2014

Location: western mass

i really like this unit. its easy to use both on the computer an the iphone app. Love having the capability to see my home from anywhere. The hardest part of the system is figuring out where to put the cameras and dvr. The cameras ( for what they are ) look good, but i guess if i want better cameras i can pay for better ones. These do serve their purpose. One thing i wish lorex would do is up date the app and allow rewind and history searching via the app. That would be HUGE.
The customer support team was very helpful when i needed them. I am having one issue and have an open ticket with customer support. Im confident they will be able to help me.
All in all, worth the money..

208 out of 295



January 1, 2014

Location: Camas WA

Very easy to follow instructions. I consider myself an average technological person and was able to install and set up this DVR. When we had a power outage I easily found how to reformat hard drive and get it up and running again

209 out of 295



December 31, 2013

Location: Maple Valley, Wash.

Excellent starter package. Already have had to watch uninvited guests during the day and at night drive up my long driveway and drive away. The cameras are all around and I have them in clear view of the visitors. The recording time is plenty long and easy to go back days and review. I have used a standard TV with a VGA input to review the video.

210 out of 295



December 31, 2013

Location: detroit.mi

the camers was ok it took me about a hour to hook up all the camers but the computer and cell phone was crazy i had to wate for about 2 hours on the phone to get some one but whin i did thay took over my computer and fix the problem but i had to call back about my phone its woryh the price but knot the headace

211 out of 295



December 30, 2013

Location: Fayetteville

So far we like it and it is very easy to use. I will recommend this to anyone looking for a simple camera for your home. It works great for what we are using it for.

212 out of 295



December 29, 2013

Location: Puerto Rico

The equipment are really good, ease to install, good product for price.

I need to tell just one thing no about the product, the web of lorex do not provide the option to register the product with address of Puerto Rico. I concern about that because I don't know if the warranty are going to able

213 out of 295



December 29, 2013

Location: Nunda NY

This system was installed the day it arrived. I use it as a stand alone (no pc, no internet).
The only thing I did do is find a very long VGA cable to take the "Black Box " completely out of the room the monitor is in. Also add a wireless mouse. There is no point in having a thief steal the recording of them if they take the recording too.
The install is child's play. All that is required is included in the box. mount the cameras, run the wires, plug it all in. Done in 2 hours! The cameras are amazingly clear. At night is when they really standout. the IR will light up my 25 x 35 foot patio nearly as daytime. a 40' parking area enough to see cars and deer. The motion detection auto record is great. I can block out bird feeders, deer crossings, trees that always move.
I have tried many systems over the years. At work and home. Yon can not beat this for price, ease of install, setup, and use. This is a no brainer.

214 out of 295



December 28, 2013

Location: New Iberia, La.

Set up & installation was very easy, the cameras work very well in either full light or low light conditions. I would recommend this product to anyone.

215 out of 295



December 27, 2013

Location: Darien, IL

This is a really a nice DVR, the resolution of image is high enough. The installation was easy and the technical support was wonderful.

216 out of 295



December 26, 2013

Location: Georgia

I am disappointed with this item. This is the second time that I've had to have the hard drive replaced within 1 year. Not only is the quality not what I expected the return turnaround time is too long. I have been waiting for 9 days and have yet to hear about my replacement and forget getting anyone on the phone to discuss the status, I held for almost 1 hour and didn't get anyone on the phone, I finally hung up in frustration. I am going to give this third hard drive a try, if it goes bad after a few months, I'm going to chalk it up as a learning experience and will buy a system from another manufacturer.

217 out of 295



December 25, 2013

Location: Mexico City

The product is of an extreme excellence.

218 out of 295



December 24, 2013

Location: Quebec city,Quebec, Canada

Good product, work great.
Thee only cons is that there is no ipad app. We must use the iphone app and it's not as good.

A little bit tweky to understand, but with many try, i found a good configuration.
The setup process is not userfriendly.

219 out of 295



December 20, 2013

Location: Georgia

Very simple to operate and install. Great instructions to walk you through the setup.
Great product! Pictures look great even at night. Download the app to your smartphone
and view from anywhere. Highly recommend this product!

220 out of 295



December 20, 2013

Location: FLA and PA

Purchased the Blackbox 2 from BEST BUY on 12/11/13. The DVR turned on but WOULD NOT interconnect with the two supplied cameras. Disconnected the power and router cable overnight. Plugged everything back together the next morning and viola, it worked. Opened the PC app and applied all the required info as directed. Installed the smartphone app and was so so pleased. Had to configure the channels every time I loaded app. The system worked remotely for approximately 1 week and quit. Can't log on remotely and when you call LOREX Tech support the best que "wait time" was forty two minutes and number 17 in line. I've called several times and waits are usually longer than an hour. In other words, if the equipment crashes remotely there's no chance of resuscitating on your own unless you can get passed the log on screen. Since I keep receiving a "NETWORK CONNECTION FAILURE" at the start of the program, I'm screwed. I have other WIFI pieces onsite that I can read which means the router is OK and the LOREX equipment is not!

221 out of 295



December 18, 2013

Location: Port Charlotte Florida

Great system and easy to set up and use. Very intuitive setup and I had my system running on the net, (desktop windows 7, laptop windows 7, iphone and android tablet). in no time. I am currently running 9 cameras and one is a PTZ. I plan on adding three more cameras to the system soon.

222 out of 295



December 17, 2013

Location: Ford City PA

The setup was easy had a lot of fun setting it 1st.had connection problems--moved the black box away from all of wireless hardware by my commuter and it set up and run like a jet--took Cam 4 Walked around my house -up & connection problems at all and the video clear as a HD TV and night video was great--recommend to all--already have my friends going to buy this system.

223 out of 295



December 17, 2013

Location: MISSOURI





224 out of 295



December 14, 2013

Location: trinidad

having fun with this product. most of my neighbors have the identical product installed. it works for this community...

225 out of 295



December 13, 2013

Location: Ciudad del Carmen, Camp, MX

El sistema está muy fácil de instalar, los cables resuelven perfecto para una casa de pequeña a mediana, es muy importante revisar las camaras antes de instalarlas.
El control a traves del DVR es super fácil.
Ya estoy pensando ampliar el sistema y colocar mas cámaras.

226 out of 295



December 12, 2013

Location: Hartford, Michigan

I bought the model LHO18000, loved it at first... i moved my system and unplugged it.. tried to plug back in after setting it back up.. it will do nothing but flash and wont i called lorex and was told technical help cant be had until i register my i tried to register a hundred times with no success.. it keeps saying required fields ro be done...when all is i have no system because i cant register to get help by technical.. can anyone help me?

227 out of 295



December 12, 2013

Location: Montreal

I bought this product from and so far only had one little problem with a defective power switching adapter for the 4 cameras.
Waiting for Lorex to send me a replacement.
Beside that I don't see any thing to complain about.
I won't downgrade the review because of a little power adapter.
Especially when their support is great

228 out of 295

Mike D


December 8, 2013

Location: Montgomery, AL

Replaced another brand after the hard drive crashed. The Lorex was very easy to set up and operate. Needed to purchase a wireless bridge to set up remote access, but the set up instructions made it very easy to accomplish. It is working well and was an excellent value.

229 out of 295

Chuck Wagon


December 8, 2013

Location: Location: Ontario Canada

Chuck Wagon

Date : December 4, 2013
As a former Police Officer and a security expert I am big supporter of alarm systems and video surveillance. I am pleased with the results and quality of pictures. However, I had some problems with activation and installation. The cables were too short. I had to get technical assistance to activate computer monitoring. Lorex involved lengthy wait on the telephone. Gave up and got an IT computer expert to do the PC activation. Very satisfied with ability to check PC for monitoring and check recordings for activity. The inclusion of a VEGA cable would be a recommendation.
I have been unsuccessful in activating the DDNS remote internet access features. Bell internet router firewall prevents installation. This is important to me as my residents in a rural location and I travel. I am looking for assistance to activate the DDNS features. Other than that I am please with the results and have recommended Lorex a number of times.

230 out of 295



December 7, 2013

Location: Alberta

Decent system for the money. Plug and play. Could use the longer cords for distant cameras. A good entry level system to keep an eye on things. Not good enough to positively ID someones face if needed in court. stil a good system for the money. Works great to keep an eye on your business.

231 out of 295



December 6, 2013

Location: chicago

This is actually my 2 surveillance system that I have purchase from Lorex , I recently upgraded my system with this new software and I am very happy with it as well. I highly recommend their systems for anyplace you want to secure .

232 out of 295



December 5, 2013

Location: New Orleans

Lorex ships very quick. Once locations cameras were selected I ran all cable from camera to DVR and all cameras were working. Setting up DVR to be view over local network very easy to do. Follow directions and you will have no problem. View cameras on iPhone was also done with no issues. Now I can view my cameras from where ever I may be and have peace of mind that my home is safe.

233 out of 295

Chuck Wagon


December 4, 2013

Location: Ontario Canada

As a former Police Officer and a security expert I am big supporter of alarm systems and video surveillance. I am pleased with the results and quality of pictures. However, I had some problems with activation and installation. The cables were too short. I had to get technical assistance to activate computer monitoring. Lorex involved lengthy wait on the telephone. Gave up and got an IT computer expert to do the PC activation. Very satisfied with ability to check PC for monitoring and check recordings for activity. The inclusion of a VEGA cable would be a recommendation.
I have been unsuccessful in activating the DDNS remote internet access features. Bell internet router firewall prevents installation. This is important to me as my residents in a rural location and I travel. I am looking for assistance to activate the DDNS features. Other than that I am please with the results and have recommended Lorex a number of times.

234 out of 295



December 3, 2013

Location: Vallarta, Mexico

I found this product after asking for quotations from several companies, all of them talk trash of all you can buy in Costco or Sams, but when you review what they sell and what this Lorex product offers it turns out it's just the same (talking about technology).
We used a professional installation service to have all the cables placed where we needed, and once the cameras and cables were on its place everything else is just smooth, we didn't need the manual for the setup and we were seing the live video in the phone in less than 30 minutes.
The image is great and the dvr easy to use.

235 out of 295



December 2, 2013

Location: Gatineau, Quebec

We recommend this product ..the first box I received wasn't good and Lorex shipped me a new one and now everything is very good.

I tried different product but the quality wasn't good like Lorex.

This is my second Lorex product and I'm very satisfy.

We recommend this product

236 out of 295



December 1, 2013

Location: Kansas

Install was very easy. User interface is not easy to maneuver through. Only complaint.

237 out of 295



December 1, 2013

Location: Vermont

I purchased your system and got the cameras up in no time. that part was very easy. However trying to get the system so that I can watch it online , my phone , or on my computer in my office has been a real challenge. I have called your help desk twice and both times the wait after I waited about 10 minutes it then told me that the hold times were over a hour each time. Iam still not able to watch the recordings.

238 out of 295



November 30, 2013

Location: NH

This machine is a great! I had a super easy time setting it up and the cameras on it are super clear and work great in and outside. The way the system functions is great, it is very user friendly.

239 out of 295



November 29, 2013

Location: Heredia, Costa Rica

I got this security system in Pricesamart aad I am very satisfied with it. I had some little problems with port forwarding but it was because I had the wrong procedure. After that, it has been a very reliable and easy to install product. The cameras work great and the DVR has very conveniente features.

The customer service from Lorex is just excellent!

I would reccomend this product and this company.


240 out of 295



November 27, 2013

Location: USA

Cameras and DVR seem to work fine so far, but I have not been able to download the newest version I need to be able to see my cameras vídeos on my mobile devices. The website is not available or just out of service. I have an AC D´Link wireless router which is not listed and it has been a nightmare.

Besides that, there is not support chat available.

NOT GOOD AT ALL !!!!!!!!

241 out of 295



November 27, 2013

Location: Guanajuato-Mexico

The install was really easy, I had some trouble with the DNS configuration but staff was really helpfull, Now I Can see my cameras from my LAN, Outside my LAN and Iphone, This is a great balance between , Price and Quality. Highly Recommended!!!

242 out of 295



November 25, 2013

Location: Loxahatchee, Florida

The digital recording unit and cameras work well. The problem that I encountered was the cameras and transceivers operate on 2.4 ghz. That is the same frequency as most household internet (wifi) routers. I followed the tech support recommendations on the website of setting my router on a fixed channel and it made no difference at all. It blocked all wifi devices, cell phones, wireless printers, cordless phones and home computers from accessing wifi in my home. On calling technical support this morning, the automated system advised me there was over an hour hold. I will be returning my system.

243 out of 295



November 23, 2013

Location: 303 logan way middletown de

I've in stall various types of CCTV systems throughout my carreer, this is the best and simplest I have installed. It is extremely easy to set up and maintain as well as affordable for the homeowner and business owner. I think the mobile accessibility and internet capabilites are great to use.

244 out of 295



November 22, 2013

Location: North America

After a little problem with the router configuration and tech services fixing, this product is fantastic. Juan A. from tech support is an asset to the company. This system does everything it says and we are very satisfied.

245 out of 295

Ferreterías express


November 21, 2013

Location: Usa

Great cameras. Good quality picture

246 out of 295



November 21, 2013

Location: ATLANTA GA

This product is everything I wanted for the price point. Installation was easy and quick camera quality is good and I really like the remote capabilities in such an economical package. I highly recommend this package.

247 out of 295



November 21, 2013

Location: Alberta, Canada

Very straight forward for installation. Cables were only 60 feet for each camera, some are long enough and some are too short, wish the cables were longer like 80 feet. Had a small problem with the pictures being choppy, try to phone tech support twice and was told over one hour wait. Hung up both times, but had the problems figure out myself. I bought this on line when it was on special, like $400 for 8 cameras. For what you pay for is totally worth the price. Would I recommend this product to my mother, it is an absolutely YES

248 out of 295



November 20, 2013

Location: Central NY STATE

System set up was fairly easy:
- had it up and running out of the box
- had to purchase a BNC to RCA adaptor to feed the entertainment system, ($5 at Radio Shack)
- hard part was running the wires through the walls and basement to the hidden black box
- it is hooked up to router, I can record and download what is going on
I have yet to access the DVR over the internet yet and I believe its my cable system causing it. I haven't had time to contact tech support yet but will tomorrow.
Over all, I am very happy with the system and I would recommend it to anyone else. It will do want I want it too.

249 out of 295

Lorex Security Cam


November 18, 2013

Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Lorex seems to offer a pretty good security system. The initial setup was a little complicated as the camera kept switching between color and black/white. I think would have been easier if it came with the manual rather than the manual being offered online and in the software. Overall seems like it will get the job done!

Was unable to connect remotely so I had to call customer service. Very long cables that made the hookup easy.

Great Price!!!

Thanks Lorex!

250 out of 295



November 18, 2013

Location: California

Harddrive crashed at month 9. Contacted Lorex, had to pay to ship defective product back and took nearly three weeks for replacement DVR to arrive. Image quality from cameras is not great. Bought the Costco online 8-camera bundle package. Maybe if I spent more I would have gotten higher resolution cameras (and a longer lasting harddrive). Just reinforces the motto "You get what you pay for". I primarily wrote this review to get the additional 1-year warranty as it may be necessary as a result of the hardrive crashing in less than a year with my original unit.

251 out of 295



November 18, 2013

Location: Vancouver, WA

I purchased an 8 pack camera/dvr system from Home Depot about A months ago and really like the system. I have great coverage all over my property and it's great to be able to be away from home whether it's at work or in Hawaii and watch my property. You can also easily set-it up on your IPhone or IPad. At first my wife hated it and now she feels safe and secure and can watch our dog in the yard. Great cameras and customer service is usually next day responsive. If you need a home security system this is a great option. Images are very clear, even at night. Navigation is very user friendly. I have already recommended
this system to many of my friends and neighbors. This system is a great value.

252 out of 295



November 17, 2013

Location: California

This is a pretty good system for the price. The cameras have solid build quality, and the night vision works well enough. It would be nice if they had the option for a bit higher resolution setting. Remote viewing is good, and with clients for both Mac & PC, 11 Android and iOS apps, and browser viewing, plus their own free DDNS service, anyone should be able to hook up and then view their cameras from anywhere they have connectivity. While it is a bit disappointing that you must use Internet Explorer for browser viewing (which means 'no go' on a Mac or Linux PC), at least there is the alternate software to use. Remember that you must okay the installation of the ActiveX plugin in order for the browser viewing to work, and in IE9 and above, you must add your IP address to compatibility mode in order for it to work as well (can anyone say 'HTML 5 technology' ?!?!? Hel-lo-ooo....). Aside from the few oversights though, this is a very competent system for basic office or home monitoring and very well worth the price.

253 out of 295



November 17, 2013

Location: Atlanta

Install and set up of the system was relatively easy. Setting up Remote connectivity wasn't that difficult either. My wife has an iPhone 4S and I have a samsung galaxy 3. Although the iPhone screen is smaller than the galaxy, clarity seems to be the same on both. You can't see no more or less on either. I suggest setting up the system to make sure it works for you before mounting any cameras. I have mine set on a TV that is HDMI capable and it looks great especially during the day when everything shows in color. I had to call tech support once during setup and was on hold for over an hour, but once I got through the tech was very knowledgeable. The only issue I have with customer service is that it is not open 24-7. It would be nice if they would consider having tech support on Saturdays otherwise I would recommend this product to others.

254 out of 295



November 17, 2013

Location: Atlanta

Install and set up of the system was relatively easy. Setting up Remote connectivity wasn't that difficult either. My wife has an iPhone 4S and I have a samsung galaxy 3. Although the iPhone screen is smaller than the galaxy, clarity seems to be the same on both. You can't see no more or less on either. I suggest setting up the system to make sure it works for you before mounting any cameras. I have mine set on a TV that is HDMI capable and it looks great especially during the day when everything shows in color. I had to call tech support once during setup and was on hold for over an hour, but once I got through the tech was very knowledgeable. The only issue I have with customer service is that it is not open 24-7. It would be nice if they would consider having tech support on Saturdays otherwise I would recommend this product to others.

255 out of 295

Ozzie's Security


November 16, 2013

Location: New Jersey

Great system. Easy to install and set up. Lots of features and options. I highly recommend this product.

256 out of 295



November 15, 2013

Location: Melfort

Great product. Very easy to install. Bought this as a replacement for an old system that the quit. Took us less than 2 hours to install all 4 cameras, set up the display and program the DVR. Picutre quality is amazing. The 4 cameras cover our entire building, and with the night vision, we can see the front office areas clearly. Made our insurance company very happy to have this quality of product. Cable length was great, did not need any extensions like with the old set. Cameras are easy to install and adjust to get the view you want / need.
Would highly recommend this product.

257 out of 295


November 14, 2013

Location: South Texas

Easy Setup which includes port forwarding, ddns, and mobile app.

258 out of 295



November 13, 2013

Location: AZ

The installation was really easy, the lorexddns is a little tricky but I nail down
the image is really nice and get better on dark.

259 out of 295



November 12, 2013

Location: san francisco

I have not yet able to use the product because of set up problem. I have called since last 4 days . Tech help is very difficult . Any time you call waiting time over one hour. They don't have to call back or using team viewer or ligament 123.
Customers especially tech service is worst level that discourage me to buy any future product no matter how good they are in hardware side.
i ip camera tech service is the key of the product especially in the consumer market.

260 out of 295



November 12, 2013

Location: mexico ,df

llevo dos dias realizando llamadas al servicio de soporte tecnico y nadie responde ,solo una contestadora , es poco profecional

261 out of 295

Kourt Kop


November 11, 2013

Location: Brooklyn, NY

It works great. Believe it or not the very next day, I caught a man scrapping metal and took my neighbors rusted bike. I still have to learn about some features, but so far so good. I finally hooked up to the internet, and it plays on my iPhone, and iPad, no problems!! You just can't playback from other locations. All in all I got what I was looking for.

262 out of 295



November 10, 2013

Location: PR

I installed this product without problem. There was no problem for online views and connection. The android app works pretty good, nice night vision, good cameras construction, easy remote access trough the computer software, tablets, iphone and androids devices.

263 out of 295



November 10, 2013

Location: kelowna bc canada

The install very quick and easy! Quite simple, anyone should be able to do the basic set up. Setting up to view in television or iphone was a breeze too. But I still have to phone customer service to get help with being able to sign in on line from anywhere in the world to view. Other than that, the viewing is great and remarkably clear. Daytime or night time viewing is awesome!! I would definitely recommend Lorex to everyone...remember quick and easy install and crystal clear viewing!!

264 out of 295



November 10, 2013

Location: New Jersey

Good quality product, easy to install with all items required included in the box! iPhone app is ok; needs to be updated with more camera view options. Also there is no app dedicated specifically for iPad/Tablets. Need to have a tablet-specific app to take advantage of the larger screen!

265 out of 295



November 8, 2013

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Video Playback was not well thought out at all. This unit has some serious functionality issues. I called Lorex customer service, waited on hold for 30 minutes, and asked my questions to a guy who had absolutely no idea about the questions I was asking. Every time I asked a questions, I had to repeat it 3 different times and each time he had to check with a "level 2" tech. (ticket # 453814) Here were my issues:
1. Firmware update - I wanted to update my firmware but apparently the website has a previous version than the version installed on my unit. That means Lorex is not posting the latest version for everyone else even though there is a newer version available.
2. Zoom in/out for playback for specific times. Playback only allows you to playback by 24 hour periods, which makes it difficult to pinpoint a specific minute you want to review. However, the client does has an option to zoom into the timeslots all the way from a 2 hour windows down to 5 minute window....BUT, when you zoom all the way down to 5 minutes, you can only see 12:00am - 1:00 am and you cannot scroll over to the rest of the day. The tech said that's how it is and no way to scroll.

Pretty simple stuff, but if I could do it over again, I would have NEVER replaced my Speco system with this 'DOWNGRADE'

266 out of 295



November 5, 2013

Location: Montreal

I was relally satify with this system I got a Q-See before and this one was really better and easy to installe and confogure!

267 out of 295



November 3, 2013

Location: Buffalo, ny

Very happy with product. Like being able to see my house when away. Fairly easy to install.

268 out of 295



November 2, 2013

Location: Minne.polis, Minnesota

This unit was a breeze to setup. The picture quality is excellent. I am still working on getting my network connection setup so will write more once I get that completed.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

269 out of 295



October 31, 2013

Location: SEA

Tech support was great! couldnt have done this without their expertise. i would use this brand again just because of their warranty and free year tech support.

270 out of 295



October 26, 2013

Location: North Providence RI

Excellent quality system. I had my system installed by an installernet installer.It was well worth the cost to have it professionally installed Installation comes with a 3 year warranty. Images are very clear, even at night. Navigation is very user friendly. I have already recommended
this system to many of my friends and neighbors. This system is a great value.

271 out of 295



October 25, 2013

Location: massachusetts

Very good system, no issues or complaints although the mobile app lorex provides for mobile viewing is not the greatest. Highly recommend a remote IP viewer other than lorex mobile .

272 out of 295



October 25, 2013

Location: Dryden NY

This product is everything I wanted for the price point. Installation was easy and quick camera quality is good and I really like the remote capabilities in such an economical package. I highly recommend this package.

273 out of 295



October 24, 2013

Location: Grand Rapids, Mi

Bought the system on Monday and like any man out there, decided that I didn't need to read the manual. Checked all the cameras and wiring before installing the cameras where we wanted to and found one cable that wasn't working.
Installed the 6 cameras with what we had and called tech support to configure my laptop computer to view the cameras that we installed, they were very helpful, althought I did have to wait on the phone for a little bit, not a problem.
Once we figured that out and were able to view the shots, it was easy to adjust the cameras as needed, overall the view was what I expected an a little bit better.
I would recamend this system for anyone who owns a business or for their home.
Called back for warranty replacement on the "bad" cable and was told what to do and was told they would ship out the replacement cable and pick up the bad one.
Very happy with what I purchase and would purchaser an upgraded system as soon as I can.

274 out of 295



October 24, 2013

Location: Hope mills nc

Great security system ,tech support was great in assisting the install also ..

275 out of 295



October 22, 2013

Location: East Bay/Tri-Valley, CA

Not happy with the user interface. Unable to view the DVR on my TV. I tried everything and then read on the troubleshooting page that my LCD tv must have too high resolution.
I was able to add the DVR to my network, then view the cameras.

The cameras are pretty good, but lack adjustment during installation. This limits the placement, and I may be required to make my own mounts to capture certain areas.

276 out of 295

Bob G


October 18, 2013

Location: Massachusetts

The setup for this product was very easy... I was up and running in 30 minutes, including network and iphone connections...very easy instructions with great CD tutorials. The cameras have good video quality, and the DVR has lots of features. My original purchase was the 8 channel DVR with four CVC7572 cameras... I purchased four more cameras CVC7572PK4B... now I'm running all eight. The only somewhat difficult part was finding the right places to mount the cameras and the wiring throughout my home.... but that was to be expected...
Great Product!

277 out of 295



October 14, 2013

Location: Smithfield,NC

I received it on Friday and had it going in 1 day. Computer and internet access is good and easy to start. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a security system.

278 out of 295

joel garcia


October 11, 2013

Location: Merida, Mexico

easy installation, good video quality and an installation wizard great video streaming settings according to the type of equipment (computer, tablet) best surveillance system. widely recommended

279 out of 295



September 24, 2013

Location: Lancaster Pennsylvania

Awesome camera system. Easy to install, price is great. I had 2 connection issues. Customer service had me up and running in no time. Picture is a little grainy at 20 plus feet. But this system is much better then other systems that I install professionally

280 out of 295



September 18, 2013

Location: Arandas, Jalisco, MX

Everithing is ok, except I´m having trouble getting ready the remote access. I have my free DDNS account but something seems to be going wrong. I´ll check again the manual.

281 out of 295



September 12, 2013

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Good value. Cameras are metal not cheap plastic. Picture quality is better than what I expected. Plug and play

282 out of 295


September 12, 2013

Location: YDtCifA45

I've now had Lorex send me two of these units, and I've returned them both! The set-up isn't paitrcularly hard, but both of the units were malfunctioning by the next day. They wouldn't be able to do any playback then, and they would proceed into an endless cycle of restarts, never to work right again. Wouldn't recommend to anyone!!!

283 out of 295



September 12, 2013

Location: San Jose CA

I purchased an 8 pack camera/dvr system from Costco about 7 months ago and really like them. I have great coverage all over my property and it's great to be able to be away from home whether it's at work or in Hawaii and watch my property. Because we loved them so much we just purchased an additional 4 pack from Costco so now I have 12 cameras. It's actually fun to keep an eye on the dogs and watch the mailman come to deliver mail. You can also easily set-it up on your IPhone or IPad. At first my wife hated it and now she feels safe and secure and can watch our Terrier dig in the yard. Great cameras and customer service is usually next day responsive. I had to do a return on a camera and that was very easy as well. If you need a home security system this is a great option

284 out of 295

Rey A


September 5, 2013

Location: Miami, Fl

First system I'veowned. Good product, easy installation and clear instructions. Tech support is good; however waiting / hold time too long. I had to return a DVR and camera and replacements arrived relatively fast.

285 out of 295



August 6, 2013

Location: Orlando, Florida

We purchased a retirement home in Florida several years ago and needed to provide remote visual monitoring. I purchased the Lorex L010 four cam system at BJ's for a very attractive price. Installation was a snap (you need to be somewhat of a monkey to scale the hip-roof rafters) and the system was up and running within a couple of hours. Getting remote access was more problematic. My cable company was blocking some ports and the standard instructions were not sufficient to overcome the problem. I called technical support and received prompt and expert support. Their technician was able to log onto my system remotely and work his magic to give me access via my iPhone as needed.

All in all good system great price.

286 out of 295



August 5, 2013

Location: Mississippi

LH01800 receiver and 8 cameras. A breeze to install. Only problem is setting up remote access but otherwise the set delivers quality video and great coverage.

287 out of 295



August 2, 2013

Location: Dartmouth NS

Helpful staff, good product. Waiting time to get through to a customer service is awful though.

288 out of 295



June 1, 2013

Location: Montauk, NY

We hard wired the cameras due to not havin enough outlets to reach where placed, camera quality is good. Your helpful tech support helped with getting the phone app to work with this system.
Overall, very satisfied.
Thanks for keeping an extra eye on things for me when I am not available to be there.

289 out of 295

night owl


May 30, 2013

Location: tough brooklyn

mucho all my latino friend i think is the best,i had other brands nothing to compare like lorex blackbox&security camaras.u can spot even the mosquitos out check it out.hasta la vista amigos

290 out of 295



May 29, 2013

Location: NY NY

I installed this product without a problem. The length of the
Cables were long enough. I love the phone app. Clear view at night
Great buy!! Love it!

291 out of 295



May 29, 2013

Location: NYC

Great security system ,tech support was great in assisting the install also ..

292 out of 295



May 24, 2013

Location: Sanatoga, PA

We purchased this product at BJ's It was easy to install. Running the wires was a challange. But setting up for online viewing was somewhat eazy. I would recommend this product. We were quoted $1200 for a security company to install their camera system with the exact same features. I would recommend this to a friend

293 out of 295



May 10, 2013

Location: michigan

This is a very good dvr. Helpful staff too!

294 out of 295



March 26, 2013

Location: Canada

Excellent bang for the buck. Everything needed was supplied and easy to install with no hickups. Only need to find time in order to get my internet access to work when i am away from my home network. Great quality picture and great functionality.

295 out of 295



February 25, 2013

The install was easy, the cords were long enough to reach all camera points, the install was ad initial operation was great. I had to call customer service to hookup to my network and run on iphone. was on hold for one hour BUT once I spoke with technician took less than 5 minutes for him to log in to my network and setup for me. GREAT customer service and that is VERY important when buying something techy like this. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PRODUCT AND COMPANY



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