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4-Channel Security DVR with Internet Remote Viewing



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4-Channel 960H Digital Video Surveillance Recorder


The FLIR D3000 Series digital video recorder (DVR) is capable of recording 960H (960x480) resolution with a real-time 30 frames-per-second recording rate. Offering a true-to-life aspect ratio, the D3000 DVR provides sharper, more detailed, accurate images (34% better image quality over D1). Easily connect this DVR to any monitor or television to view the live feed (or recorded footage) of your security cameras using the VGA or HDMI outputs.





DVR supports up to 4 cameras



960x480 with Real Time recording



Maximum Capacity 2 x 4TB hard drives

FLIR DigiSummit

Remote mobile access with FLIR® DigiSummit app

Remote connectivity FLIR D3000 DVR

Remote mobile access with FLIR’s DigiSummit app

Enable remote monitoring of your security system from virtually anywhere in the world with the free DigiSummit app. View live camera feeds (or playback recorded footage) straight from your smart device or computer. With iOS®, Android™, and PC options, your security system will always be at your fingertips with the D3000 series DVR from FLIR.

Works With

D3000 FLIR hard drive

High-capacity security hard drive

Store weeks (even months) of footage to the high-capacity 500GB security certified hard drive. Engineered to be in the constant operation, this hard drive can even continue to record while you watch recorded footage. Record at 960H (960x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.




  • 960H Super-Res (960x480) with Real-Time recording
  • 34% greater resolution than standard D1
  • True aspect ratio wide screen format, sharper, non-stretched image
  • Looping, HDMI, VGA, Spot outputs
  • CMS-D3 remote access SW, multi-site
  • Mobile Apps: iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Fully PC/Mac compatible
  • Pentaplex operation
  • Supports 2x HDD (SATA, 2TB) up to 4TB capacity
  • FLIR DDNS service included
  • Supports USB 2.0 or eSata back-up
  • Auto Port Forwarding wizard for easy remote connection
  • Supports RS485 (PTZ), Audio I/O, Alarm I/O

System Includes:

  • 1 × 4-Channel DVR with Pre-Installed HDD
  • 1 × 12 DC power Supply
  • 1 × Remote Control
  • 1 × USB Mouse
  • 1 × Octopus Cable
  • Quick Start Guides


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1 out of 111


Location: casa grande, az

I purchased the LH03045GW open box 4 channel unit............................connected to existing cameras perfectly...................had to contact support to get remote access working................simple fix....................great picture quality and fast product shipping

2 out of 111


Location: Canada

Very happy with this does what it is made for

3 out of 111


Location: Colorado

I purchased this DVR to go with my Lorex LW2231 wireless camera and the quality of the night vision was so terrible. Someone had thrown their trash in my small front yard and I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. I couldn't even make out the type of car they were driving but yet after reading all of the reviews there was only one other person that had the same problem I did. Is it possible the DVR I purchased and returned was defective? I live on a fixed income so I can't afford the more expensive DVR's, I would li,e to think you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to be able to identify the individual that's vandalizing your property.

We're sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your system and we were happy to assist you further with this. Thank you.

4 out of 111


Location: Canada

Lorex cameras are the best all around. I love the security I have with them. They have great How-to videos. If there is ever a problem they have excellent customer service. Definitely recommend

5 out of 111


Location: Montgomery, AL

I recently purchased from Lorex website a 4-channel DVR by FLIR. There was some difficulty setting it up and there was a long wait time to speak with a FLIR technician but we were able to get everything working. I'm currently satisfied with this dvr and able to view my cameras from the internet.

6 out of 111


Location: Las vegas nv

I recently bought a 4-channel DVR so far so good customer service great service everything works like it's supposed to I can watch my cameras anywhere I'm at very secure thank you

7 out of 111


Location: California

Just purchased the Lorex Black LH030, along with the ecoLH150 that I have had for several years. The Black Box was easy to setup and configure, for the home service that I use it for, I definitely recommend this DVR.

8 out of 111


Location: MD.

Very Buggy and unreliable. We use to moniter a second home and it is down more then it works. The remote viewing almost never works. Do not buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have talked to suport and they get the system working today and tomorrow it's unavailable online. Multiple times.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were having difficulty with this. our technical support team was happy to assist you further with this. We hope everything is working well now.

9 out of 111


Location: Texas


10 out of 111


Location: CA

As advertised. Easy to set on iPad and iPhone but had a glitch setting up iMac . Called support and they solved the problem. So far it is an excellent product.

11 out of 111


Location: Washington DC

Great product, simple to use at a great price.

12 out of 111


Location: Bixby Ok

This is such a dump run company that I called tech support because one of my cameras were not working and told him it was wired in to the ceiling and he said just pull the cord out so I did and now the freaking wire broke. Called customer support and these people refused to warranty it because I pulled the wire out. This is a piece of crap business do not buy there products.

We apologize for any difficulty you have experienced and we have offered our assistance via email. Please reply to us at your convenience. Thank you.

13 out of 111


Location: California

This DVR is nice and user friendly i recommend this unit for just about anyone personal or business use.

14 out of 111


Location: Oregon

I bought this as a replacement unit for a Swann 4 channel. The Swann worked fine, but I could never get the remote capabilities (view from Mac browser, phone) to work. So I spent a lot of time climbing up to where the unit was installed trying to view recordings using the very primitive UI with the mouse and remote--a real pain.

This new unit from Lorex has almost all the same features, but the interface is much improved and connection via my local network to the Mac and my phone was very easy.

15 out of 111


Location: Brentwood New York

I,always think in buy a security device for my home I,though the best was lorex but what frustration when I,try to connect followed the instructions take to nowhere try one way or the myself i,am not going to let anybody to fail into look in you tube they make ease the installation but when you try is a nightmare so don't buy " Lorex".

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with the installation. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you. Please email us back or call us at your convenience 1-877-755-6739.

16 out of 111


Location: North Caolina

This is a class act. Product ships fast. Product is easy to install. Directions are easy to use. I had it up and running in minutes. Then spent the time required to fish wires. I would recommend Lorex- price is great.

17 out of 111


Location: California

This DVR is a nice inexpensive video surveillance solution

18 out of 111


Location: home

can not put two HD's inside like product description states

Our technical support team will be happy to assist you with this and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

19 out of 111


Location: Reading PA

Great DVR. Works great. No problems.

20 out of 111


Location: NJ

Dealing with Lorex was pleasant and easy. I received the DVR quickly and the packaging was easy to open.

21 out of 111


Location: Charleston, WV

I'm sure this is going to be a great add to the cameras purchased soon as I get DVR up and connected. I like the Lorex products. This is the first real I've

22 out of 111


Location: San francisco

Excellent product- very easy to set up and great quality- i have purchased multiple equipment from lorex- excellent customer service

23 out of 111


Location: Dallas, Texas

Upgraded from Edge3 to ECO. ECO seems much more stable. Customer Support can be really good or bad, depending on the support person. Most of the time, I have had very unknowledgeable support reps try to help me. A few have very thick accents. ECO is easy to set up and control

24 out of 111


Location: MI

I have had the DVR for 8 months now. Works great! Easy to set up. Was able to get it up and running in just a few minutes. I am also able to view the cameras using my smartphone.

25 out of 111


Location: Dallas, Tx

Ordered this unit because my older Lorex DVR crashed. Lorex states they will ship within 24 hours when you order. It has now been 3 days and they have not shipped. When I called them they told me it would not be shipped until tomorrow (the 4th day) or later. They have my money and my product. I wonder how responsive their customer tech. support will be?

We apologize for the delay in shipping your order and hope you are happy with your purchase.

26 out of 111


Location: Boston

I have Purched 2 Wireless Cameras,and a Dvr from
Lorex,and can say I am completly Satisfied with
the Products and there Customer Service,and would not
hesitate to Recommend Lorex to a Friend

Thank you for your feedback!

27 out of 111


Location: kitchener

I found this is very good DVR , price and quality

28 out of 111


Location: Canada

Easy set up. Great price

29 out of 111


Location: Ft.smith

So far works wonders and love the easy set up both on android, Internet and setting the system up all the together love and highly recommend in my book and love the price I picked it up at a tad bit slow on shipping but can't cry over spilt milk everyone needs this dvr

30 out of 111


Location: Massachusetts

Have had the Lorex up and running for about 2 weeks now and all is going great. It was very easy to set up in my home sand the pics are very clear.

31 out of 111


Location: Boston, MA

I bought a LH03045G stand-alone DVR (4 channel) on sale for $99 - good price comparatively.

Calle Tech support about the Remote - thought it was not working but staffer asked me to press the zero button 3 times (not sue if THAT is in the instrux) but it needs a press and hold till you hear a beep...and it works fine.

Lady was patient, helpful.

4 stars because I have not yet set up the Cam - and don't know how that will work out - but so far, so good. Fast shipping, arrived in good condition and everything works!

32 out of 111


Location: Saint Clair Shores, Mi

Great product. User friendly, great picture quality. Great tech support

33 out of 111


Location: new york city

Very good product, easy to install and use.

34 out of 111


Location: Phoenix

Great product! Easy install! Very good picture quality!

35 out of 111


Location: Chicago, IL

We had a previous 8 channel DVR installed that was a horrible experience. This new Lorex product was the best thing ever. Plug and play. The internet setup was trivial, as was setting up email alerting. The motion detection alerting feature is amazing, very helpful. Picture quality is much improved. The viewing application (android, iphone, pc and mac versions!) are all way better than I had anticipated.

If you have an antiquated 4 channel analog BNC DVR, upgrade to this thing.

36 out of 111


Location: Pa.

Good product and price support is fantastic as well as customer service.

37 out of 111


Location: Edmonton, AB

This DVR was easy to set up and run. Picture quality is great for the price point.

Lorex support was great in setting up the port forwarding with multiple routers.

38 out of 111


Location: Los Angeles

The DVR is analog but the picture quality is pretty good.

39 out of 111


Location: fla

got the dvr works great just what I hoping for

40 out of 111


Location: Uganda

Very good technology for the modern times. All wireless connections are the best kind of camera equipments.

41 out of 111


Location: Maupin Oregon

I purchased the DVR and Camera system after researching other products. My IT director recommended Lorex. I was extremely pleased with the price of the system , however the clarity of the picture is much less then I was hoping for. I have another brand of wireless camera and the detail and resolution is amazing. I am attributing the quality to the price I paid. I was very pleased with the external look and quality of both the DVR and the cameras, I am sure they will last. I also had to call Lorex support numerous times to get the remote viewing aspect up and running. I was treated very well it was obvious they wanted to help solve any problem I may be experiencing. I will purchase a more expensive camera for this system in hopes the picture quality is better.

42 out of 111


Location: Oak park MI

Product was very easy to set up. Navigation through the menu screen is like ABC.

43 out of 111


Location: CA

Easy set up and has been working well for one week

44 out of 111


Location: Madison, Wi

Very pleased. Replaced an earlier model...getting better performance and function out of this newer generation model. Had some initial difficulty... turned out it was because I plugged it into a secondary router instead of my primary. ..caused connection issues. Jordan from tech support was awesome and resolved my issue.

45 out of 111


Location: Urich, Mo.

Simple setup. One of the easiest internet and network setups I have ever done. DVR works great, should have got the 8 channel model.

46 out of 111


Location: AZ

I received my DVR without a manual, but luckily I was able to download it from the website. Once I had the manual everything was fairly easy to set up.

It seems to work as advertised. No complaints from me!

47 out of 111


Location: Nj

Easy to install works great. Only complaint is you cannot set time and other settings from the app. Directions say to hook a monitor and use the mouse. Mine is installed in a position that this is not possible so Iam stuck with the wrong time

48 out of 111


Location: NYC

I purchased this DVR to replace a Qsee dvr that died after 2 years. Easy setup. Will hook up to internet which I was unable to do with my other dvr. So far so good.

49 out of 111


Location: FGS FRANK

This unit replaced an everfocus dvr and the customer was very happy with the product. The ease of operation was so much better than the thumbwheel technology on the everfocus. The size of the unit and even though we kept the same cameras the picture resolution was so much better, its as if I installed new cameras. The network setup was so much more reliable. with the Lorex dns server we don't have to worry about always losing connection as she did with the Everfocus product. Also The Lorex tech support response times have even gotten better since the Flir merger.Thanks again.

50 out of 111


Location: ny

I cant stop writing about these systems,so I will just say that the amount of time to get this setup for remote viewing is incredible, what would take hours before takes minutes, that alone is a great reason to buy the lorex product, dvr and cameras work suberbly as well.

51 out of 111


Location: Cayce, SC-29033

Bought the 4-Channel Security DVR with Internet Remote Viewing to connect my LW 2231 cameras. Very good product at a very good price. Connected the system and is working beautifully including remote viewing/recording. Followed the simple instructions and the security system was energized. Fully satisfied with the product and thanx for the prompt shipping/packing/delivery.

52 out of 111


Location: crystal river, fl

starting to replacing my Wireless home security camera system Model No. : LW491 with ithis recorder and Security surveillance cameras weatherproof with 75ft night vision CVC7572PK4B
recorder came in on tuesday and cameras should be here on wednesday. the recorder was said to be an open box but did look great no marks seem to have all parts. It was no real problem setting the recorder did get my PC and Dell tablet and my Samsung phone to connect just had to follow the institutions using the Lorex DDNS connection and also my internet is by satellite so it made the connection will have to wait to see video coming. will have to update later will mostly start the replacement in a week or two.

53 out of 111


Location: Oregon

This is my 2nd Lorex system. Very happy with both. Easy to install and the help desk was very professional and helpful when I called with a technical question during the Internet set-up process.

54 out of 111


Location: South Whitley, IN

Great product. Works as advertised. Easy to set up.

55 out of 111


Location: Lincoln, RI

Great plug and play features, very clear picture. Love the pick and choose when to view date and time!

56 out of 111


Location: Los Angeles

Superb issue here.

57 out of 111


Location: green bay

Thank this has a crystal clear picture compared to previous,prior product I have purchased. Already had cameras old dvr broke so needed a new one and price wise was great.

58 out of 111


Location: new orleans

it was simple to install. started recording right away even before I set the date
love it

59 out of 111


Location: Cleveland, OH

I used this unit to replace a Q-See DVR. It was true plug and play--took only a few minutes including software installation. The Q-See never had usable remote access software while the Lorex software is incredibly good on both an Android phone and desktop PC. It's very easy to set up motion recording and motion recording works flawlessly across multiple camera brands. The price of the unit is very affordable but I bought it for the features and reviews, not the price. Buy it and don't look back!

60 out of 111


Location: North Carolina

The DVR was very easy to install. It comes with all the cables you need to connect it to the internet and a HD monitor. Setup was simple with all the information that is included. I plan on purchasing more Lorex equipment in the future.

61 out of 111


Location: salisburync

very good for the money

62 out of 111


Location: Office

The cameras and DRV are great. Easy to install and very clear and crisp. I would recommend to anyone who asks about a wireless system the Lorex brand
Michael J

63 out of 111


Location: California

I ordered this opened box item (DVR, model LH114501 and include 4 cameras, model CVC6996) through Lorex website for a budget home security system and so far (1 week in operation) I'm happy with their products.

64 out of 111


Location: Blacksburg VA

Product has been reliable for over a year. The Easy connect wizard wouldn't recognize the model of my router so I had to do the port forwarding manually which was kind of a pain and is what took me so long to get the remote viewing set up. I now can monitor the house while at work, which is great. Glad to finally have online access!

Looking forward to setting up email notifications and motion activation also.

65 out of 111


Location: PA

product was good. can view remotely in Note 3.

66 out of 111


Location: Hawaii

This DVR was super easy to set up, but using the mouse is required (mouse provided) The recorder is super quiet, if it wasn't for the blinking light, you wouldn't even know it was on. Overall it is a good DVR (only had it for a week)

67 out of 111


Location: Montreal

The product did what I expected and more, I was especially impressed with the customer support agent that helped me setup the router settings and mobile AP. I would definitely recommend this product to people.

68 out of 111


Location: Los Angeles, CA

DVR, motion detection very easy to set up... for the most part I set up functions etc. without even opening instruction manual.... remote viewing is great--peace of mind in a box. The footprint, weight and overall appearance of the DVR fits right in with the TV/monitor that it's interfaced with and most people don't even notice it. Installation of cameras etc was relatively easy (I did myself) however I do understand not everyone is a DIY, but it was pretty straight forward. I highly recommend this product for pricing, ease of setup, operation, functionality and appearance... Five Stars!

69 out of 111


Location: New Jersey

I ordered this model looking for an upgrade to me existing Lorex edge that was 4 years old. There was nothing wrong with my old unit. I just wanted better features and maybe a backup and more ports. I was surprised when the blackblox 2 showed up. it's an outstanding unit that supports 960H. I had camera that supports that format so it was an instant upgrade on the quality of the picture as well. The BB2 run great, no problems, great picture, great software, good remote,

TIP: for me, the remote viewing works better P2P then Relay. So go through the DDNS configuration and access it that way. You'll have to port forward port 80 on your router (and don't use 80 use something else). good luck

70 out of 111


Location: Germantown,Maryland

This DVR is definitely a step up from my previous model.It is more user friendly as far as set up,remote viewing setup(DDNS),play back and menu functions.Overall,I would highly recommend it as a 24/7 monitoring system.In addition,with the help of one of your techs and after downloading the appropriate app,I am able to view cameras on my Nexus tablet and smart phone.

71 out of 111


Location: WA

Just now setting it up, very user friendly. Had a few questions before my purchase & Lorex support was extremely prompt & helpful, both by email & phone.

72 out of 111


Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Pros: Easy to set up and can connect to other cameras easily. Much like the other reviews this unit is easy to set up that even female friendly. The remote viewing is great too. I am able to check my house from my tablet away from home.

Cons: None so far.

73 out of 111


Location: Sacramento

Great product for price. However, I was disappointed that the internet connection was not WIFI. Connecting with smartphone was very extensive.

74 out of 111


Location: waukegan,Illinois -0408-2014

Lorex technical support are great people-they set me up and got me running. my first system was a Q-SEE , but their support people would not help me set the unit up . I returned the Q-SEE and bought this LOREX unit on line.

75 out of 111


Location: Miami

This dvr was very simple to set-up and it works great.

76 out of 111


Location: Arizona

No problems with the unit. We had another appliance that we had hooked up to our network that was using the default port number, but it wasn't too difficult to change how the DVR is run. No problems with the computer monitoring interface, but the mobile app is a bit touchy, though I haven't tried using it much.

77 out of 111


Location: sc

Good price & service

78 out of 111


Location: Canada

Thí DVr. Is very easy to set up

79 out of 111


Location: Kuwait

It's great and make your life esy thanx

80 out of 111


Location: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

I bought a 4 camera system 2 years ago. One camera failed withing a few months. I got another through my warranty. The new camera has a much better picture than the other 3. Recently the DVR failed & I contacted Lorex about repairing it. I was told that the repair would cost $200 plus parts. I asked about the price of a new DVR and was told I could buy a new one for $140. How stupid is it that they would charge $200 plus to repair my old DVR when I could buy a new one for only $140 with a new 1 year warranty? This system is cheap and you get what you pay for. I could not get a local CCTV repair guy to even come out to look at my system. He said it is too cheap to fix. If you can find another manufacturer, buy it from them even if you have to pay a bit more.

81 out of 111


Location: Calgary Canada

I am very pleased with this product. Easy to set up and works great!

82 out of 111


Location: 30277

Great product for the money. Hope it will last past the warranty.

83 out of 111


Location: Knoxville, TH

Great product. Installation was easy and the documentation they included was easy to follow. I was also impressed with the setup wizard for DDNS setup.

84 out of 111


Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

I upgraded to this model from a previous LH400 Model that I had for over 4 years. My camera system was already installed from the previous installation so all I had to do was install the DVR. The installation directions were straight forward and easy to understand. I only had to have technical help from Lorex on my port forwarding because of my internet provider complexity of their router. Lorex technical help has always been very helpful with issues and within 5 minutes it was ready to go. The difference in software usage from one unit to the other is a little different but once you start using it, it is quite simple. I believe my cameras picture quality is better than before and that my be because of the way this unit processes the picture.

85 out of 111


Location: Vancouver

The DVR is really easy to install.
And the free DDNS service is great.

86 out of 111


Location: Texas

DVR was very easy to set up to record. Learning all the features was not quiet so easy. Reading the manual is a must to use all the features. The firmware needs to be updated to handle the latest web browser so you can connect over the local network without doing some tricks. On IE 11 you have to use comparability mode, and on Chrome and Firefox I had to download and use IE Tab. I learned this by reading some of the FAQ's on another model and tried it and it worked. The mouse is not the best but it works. The VGA connector flexes when you move the cable and may be a weak point. Overall it is a very good product with a few minor flaws but it does the job.

87 out of 111


Location: Winnipeg

Good functionality

88 out of 111


Location: Abq, nm

We have used Lorex security systems for more than 10 years. DVR went out and support was so helpful in getting a new DVR to work with our old cameras. I was so happy that we didn't have to re-wire the cameras. Thank you customer support!

89 out of 111


Location: MN

Great price and good support system from Lorex.

90 out of 111


Location: California

Good DVR. Setup was easy. Port forwarding software is helpful. Haven't configured mobile app yet.

91 out of 111


Location: New York

3rd Lorex Product. Much more user friendly than previous generations. Overall, good quality and very good value for the money.

92 out of 111


Location: Pennsylvania

Hard drive not detected right out of the box. My only option is to waste my time re boxing & sending back. China doesn't make em like they used to.

93 out of 111


Location: Illinois

This DVR set up was easy to use except I'm having difficulty getting the port forwarding to work. I'll have to call Lorex for support help. I think it's going to be very useful and effective for our needs.

94 out of 111


Location: MILton, FL

This DVR is an outstanding surveillance system DVR for the price. I've only had it for a couple of days now, but it was easy to set up and has all the bells and whistles of a more expensive recorder. I especially like the motion detector so I don't have to review an 8 hour recording like I had to do when I was using a standard DVD recorder. Using the mouse and the copy feature, makes it easy to set up all the other cameras. Great buy!

95 out of 111


Location: Dallas, TX

Good system for the price. I had another more expensive Lorex previously that lasted 5 years before the onboard NIC went bad. I like the fact that this system supports smart phone applications.
I was easy to integrate into existing camera setup. Much better than competition.

96 out of 111


Location: SC

Have only had this unit a few days. It is a very basic DVR unit. Definetly not worth the regular $399 price tag on it. Instructions are not very good. Still don't know how long the recording will remain on the hard drive before it is recorded over using 4 cameras. Video review is pretty easy to work. Recorded images are fair.

97 out of 111


Location: Toronto

Very easy setup. Remote doesn't always work but overall great value for money.

98 out of 111


Location: Kentucky

I have a computer systems technical support background and found this easy to setup. I like it. Cool product! The only glich I had was that there is a separate ID for the remote access from my iPhone, so I spent time figuring that part out. I had to dig into the Lorex web site to find the documentation that made the light come on for me. I would like to see an iPad app instead of using the smaller iPhone app on the iPad. I would definitely recommend others to use this product. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

99 out of 111


Location: kansas

This is the best people i have found to work with in a long time and they will stand behind there products

100 out of 111


Location: Rancho Cucamonga,Ca

Excellent product. Worth well for the value of the money paid. Happy camper

101 out of 111


Location: Oakland, CA

This DVR was a replacement for my 8 channel DVR that stopped working recently. It has the same set up and it's very easy to switch DVRs without a hassle. The DVR itself is very simple to install and use. I think its actually better than the 8 channel one I had before because it has a usb plug for the mouse on the front of the machine and it also offers two opinions for connection to the monitor: VGA or HDMI. I just hope that this DVR will last a long time. Its working great so far.

102 out of 111


Location: Val-des-Monts

This DVR is very easy to set up. The features are really nice, although the remote viewing - port forwarding is hard to set-up. The task should be completly automated.

103 out of 111


Location: Toronto, ON

This is a great DVR! Set up is easy and viewing on my IPAD is very easy and handy!

104 out of 111


Location: Cal

Easy to install.

105 out of 111


Location: 1924w18th ST Houston TX 77008

Very simple for watching Video .Just type IP Adress on lap top www.Then type Pass....code-Will be see.... Put 5 STAR. Thank you LOREX.very much.Jimmydinh

106 out of 111


Location: NY

I always liked Lorex Products, solid build, easy to setup, works out of the box. The only thing is ddns didn?t work for me, had to choose different route

107 out of 111


Location: Redlands

This is my second DVR. First one didn't have iphone capability. Current DVR works lot better. First one had to be reconfigured repeatly due to constantly changing internet address. I had to call tech support and spend 30 minutes each time. After 1 year, tech support ran out, so I couldn't use it anymore, so it was left unused for several years. I bought current DVR for the iphone and so far has worked great. I hired techie to set this up, but I still had to call Lorex to help connect iphone. Seems the set up is very complicated, so even the techie couldn't figure it out. Techie set the internet address to "static", so hopefully the DVR doesn't need to be constantly reconfigured. Hope Lorex will figure out how to deal with constantly changing internet address and make set up more easier. The first DVR, I hired installation techs recommended by Lorex. They were able to set up local viewing but couldn't figure out internet viewing either. The current techie I hired thru Radio Shack set up internet viewing but couldn't figure out iphone viewing. Like I mentioned, Lorex needs to figure out how to do set up easier. Currently, everything works great. I just pray that it stops working like last time because of changing internet address.

108 out of 111


Location: SK, Canada

Overall - I like it.

Pros: Easy to setup with intuitive menus for the most part, lots of good YouTube how-to's and helpful tech support from Lorex. The "behind router" and ddns video streaming works great too, but did require a tech from Lorex to take over my machine to complete these tasks. Its relatively small and light weight.

Cons: So what's not to like? After powering down the DVR, moving it, and powering it back up the time was way off. So I've reset it again (it seems to run fast now) and I'll have to see if that's a chronic issue when there's a power outage. I have a surge protector but not a UPS connected. The BNC connectors seem a little flimsy with the RCA convertor hanging off the end of that, any movement makes the video signal cut in and out, so I won't be touching that much, but I shouldn't have to now that its in place. I'm only running one camera so I guess I have three spare connections. None of these are show stoppers.

Unknowns: This DVR will now be on indefinitely, so it will be interesting to see what the mean time between failures is.

109 out of 111


Location: Ontario Canada

Now that I have finally set everything up and tested it for a few days I must say, that overall I am not impressed with the system. It does the bare minimum and you will be hard pressed to capture decent pics of any would be crook on here let alone a decent face shot of yourself passing through the monitored area.

I have 2 wirless cameras, and the 4 camera dvr. The image quality is poor and the frame rate is not good at all. Captured image is choppy at best, and my signal is poor despite setting the camera's up within 30 ft of the receivers. (Yes the signal passes through 2 walls for 1 camera and 1 wall for the other camera.) I finally have it so it will sit at about 3 bars strength, but occasionally it still cuts out and says"Connecting" for a second or two and loses the recording. (I actually had to have 1 camera moved in to the front of the garage instead of the back (16 foot difference) as i get no signal at the back of the garage....

When I could not get an initial picture on the cameras (That needed to be synced and moved within range), the tech expert could not answer my questions and repeatedly told me he was only "Tech support" and didn't know the answers to my questions. (like why wasn't anything about range extenders necessary mentioned etc)

The DVR settings are pretty easy to use and self explanatory, but coupled with the poor image quality, this will be of little use (I believe) unless the tresspassers stop and stare up into the camera for a few seconds....It also wouldn't hurt if they were to write their name on a piece of carboard and hold it up there too, but even then i'm not sure we'd get a good enough image to read it.

This system is not worth the money. Buy something higher end and save your money. I do not blame Lorex, this was my own fault for not doing the proper research. Learn from my lessons here people. you get what you pay for.

110 out of 111


Location: Wilmington, DE

I bought this DVR and plugged it in. It worked for about 10 min and then would not even power on. I had a horrible experience with customer support and ended up calling them 5 times, each time waiting in the queue at least a half hour and was hung up on twice. I finally called customer service who says they will replace the dvr come Monday, but I am doubtful. If I ever get a working DVR I will write another review.

111 out of 111


Location: Salem, OR

This DVR is very easy to set up. The features are really cool, although I haven't set up the remote viewing - port forwarding yet. The menu is very user friendly. The mouse and remote control work fine. Don't forget to get a UPS with surge protection to plug into.



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