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ECO2 series stand alone security DVR


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LH130 series - ECO2 Stand alone DVR

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world using this economical LH130 security DVR solution that is ideal for business or home. The DVR is both PC and Mac compatible. Connect to your system on any device no matter where you are over a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network. Record on a specialty hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Connect to any TV/PC/CCTV monitor with industry standards HDMI/VGA/BNC inputs up to 4 monitors simultaneously. The new intuitive interface with simple icons allows for easy & efficient security DVR programming.

LH130 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.



Security DVR features:

  • H.264 video compression¹. D1 capable (720x480)
  • Real time recording 8ch/16ch: (360x240)/ 4ch: (720x240) resolution
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485)
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard ²
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones & Tablets†
  • PC and Mac Compatible (Internet Explorer & Safari browsers)
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Accurate Time Stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time


  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones†
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard²
  • PC & Mac compatible (Internet Explorer & Safari browsers)³
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts

Additional Features:

  • HDMI output (HDMI cable included in the 8ch DVR) for convenient connection to HD TVs.*
  • Keep in Touch with your world. PC or Mac to connect, view and control your system remotely.
  • You don?t have to be a wiz to set up this product. Internet setup wizard, and dedicated Apps give you the
    peace of mind at the tip of your fingers.
  • Simple to use Apps with multi-camera live viewing and instant connection allows you to keep an eye on the
    things that matter to you most.
  • Record on a reliable 24/7 100% duty HDD (Hard Disc Drive) that is designed for surveillance purposes.
  • Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at D1 (720x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time (720 x 240 or 360 x 240).
  • Simple setup - easy Copy feature allows you to copy your settings from one camera to all cameras saving you time when programming your DVR.
  • Dependable time stamps - your security DVR will always record with accurate time stamps thank to LOREX NTP (Network Time Protocol) that syncs with the atomic clock as well as advanced Day Light Saving modes.
  • Reliable DDNS and email relay service. Register for a free DDNS service (one web address to remember) providing you with connectivity you can count on at all times.
  • A total of 4 video outputs (HDMI, VGA, BNCx2) allows you to connect to multiple monitors simultaneously**.
  • Ideal for business applications where you have the DVR in the back office as well as a public view monitor.
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) allows you to monitor a scene in full screen mode while keeping an eye on up to two other locations simultaneously.
  • Digital zoom allows you to get a closer view while in live viewing full screen mode.
  • Unique continuous recording with motion activated visual alerts inform you when motion is detected (e.g. when someone enters your store). No longer do you have to make a choice between continuous or motion recording option.

    *Video output resolution scaled up, auto adjusts to the connected monitor via HDMI connection (8 Channel Video only, 16 Channel Video and Audio).
    High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 720 x 480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
    **8 channel up to 4 monitors, 16 channel up to 3 monitors (VGA/HDMI cannot be connected simultaneously).

System Includes:

  • 1 x DVR with Pre-Installed HDD
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x Mouse
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • 1 x Documentation &Software CD
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad™, iPhone™, Android (version 1.5 & above), Windows Mobile (6.0, 6.5), Symbian 3rd & 5th generation phones. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest compatibility list, check as new models become available in the market.










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1 out of 268



August 13, 2016

Location: Los Angeles

Product is very reliable and customer service is top notch. Had this product for 4 years now and still functions as it should.

2 out of 268



July 27, 2016

Location: Yonkers,ny

Im very happy with my lorex dvr, the quality of the camera and the dvr are very well, i have been using the sistem for about 4 years and i am still happy.

3 out of 268



July 6, 2016

Location: Staten Island, NY

I have been a long term LOREX product user and the current system meets and mostly exceeds my requirements. The quality of the cameras, including the PTZ, is a great price vs. value. The zoom feature on the PTZ is very easy to work and quality of the picture is fine. The initial install was easy, and the packaging of the system in the order that the hardware is required makes it fairly easy for a novice to install.
I did have some difficulty with the establishment of the DDNS connectivity, but that was more a router porting issue.

I recommend this product for home security.

4 out of 268


June 4, 2016

Location: graham,Wa

this items works great easy and convenient to use I'm very saticfies

5 out of 268



May 24, 2016

Location: Ontario, Canada

The Good,
- The length of cable with the cameras was great, was able to reach our furthest needed points.
- Setup and configuration was simple, novice computer people or those that don't understand networking and routers etc, may struggle. But, Lorex appears to have great customer support and will walk anyone through the process.
- Apps download and installed on iPad, iPhone, and an Android phone, all went smoothly and setup was simple.

Not so good,
- e-mail alerts using the offered lorex SMTP was a lot of wasted time, and in the end we had to setup a gmail account for the e-mails to work.
- I would have liked for this product to have an arm and disarm switch or button option, physically or in the apps, that would trip all channels into alarm-arm mode with a preset delay for entry and exit, simply and independent of any scheduling.

All in all, this product did everything it listed, the quality in packaging and fabrication was noted. This is a very well supported product and has great backing services like DNS forwarding and warranty tracking etc.

Would buy again.

6 out of 268



May 22, 2016

Location: Ga

Does well

7 out of 268



February 21, 2016

Location: KY

So far this is working great! Have had it installed for about a month now and love it! I can look on my phone and see what is going on when not at home and even check on my husband when working at the barn.

8 out of 268



February 6, 2016

Location: Baltimore md

It was very easy to set up and when i couldnt figure out how to connect to my phone so i can check my camera wherever i go, they walked me through step by step. It is very nice system for decent price~

9 out of 268



January 24, 2016

Location: LA

I purchased this product in 2012 and it continues to monitor my outside perimeter however some cameras went out and I had to replace them. Possibly weather related and hopefully not a defect.
It is great to look outside from the inside!

10 out of 268

The Reviewer


January 17, 2016

Location: Michigan

This Surveileance system is phenomenal. It is pretty simple to set-up. the cables are long enough to reach the DVR. The only struggle I had was getting the connection to my mobile phone. However I did some research through the many videos available and achieved mobile support On Demand. Great Product, would recommend for anyone. Just needs some help setting up.

11 out of 268



January 16, 2016

Location: AZ

DVR fan lasts 6 months to one year. Then, drive overheats and DVR quits. This, interspaced with camera issues and significant down time, has taught me to spend a few more dollars on quality and save yourself hours of frustration.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear your system has stopped working after a few years. Our sales team would be happy to assist you with a newer version and can be reached at 1-888-425-6739.

12 out of 268



December 21, 2015

Location: california

i love it good system and so easy to install

13 out of 268



December 8, 2015

Location: PA

This product failed me two times in one year due to fan problems that keeps the DVR cool, and when they sent the replacement DVR's too me they were refurbished, Now the DVR is down for the third time and is now out of warranty, Customer/Technical support told me they were unable to help TICKET CLOSED. This system is a terrible design stay away.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the difficulty you have experienced with your system. We have many new systems to offer and our sales team would be happy to assist you with something that meets your needs. Please don't hesitate to call us at 1-888-425-6739.

14 out of 268



November 30, 2015

Location: San Diego, Ca

I had difficulty setting this up, but not because of the product from Lorex, only because my router was NOT listed as a supported router on any of the instructions. But have no fear....LOREX CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HERE!!! I called them on a Sunday evening and they not only explained the steps to me, they showed me. By logging into my home computer, the customer service rep actually set it all up for me. Quick, fast and painless.


15 out of 268

JL `


November 2, 2015

Location: Kansas City

LH 130 is easy to setup, use is easy to understyand. The support is is great.

16 out of 268

Web Source


October 26, 2015

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

The LH130-Series was very easy to setup and install. My customer has been very satisfied with the surveillance quality and usability.

17 out of 268



October 25, 2015

Location: CF RI

I had few issues in the past with Lorex products. My last contact with them the technician provided me the most excellent customer service i was impressed with his help knowledge and professionalism, I do recommend the new product of Lorex for your home security. is somewhat overprice and warranty is short for what we paid.

18 out of 268

Security man


October 18, 2015

Location: New mexico

Very easy to set up. Lots of good support. I like Lorex/ flir products and prices.

19 out of 268



October 3, 2015

Location: Texas

After having some issues with a couple of cameras after the warranty had lapsed, the folks at Lorex took care of the cameras and replaced them. I was worried, but it turns out this company is a real 'stand-up' group. I will buy more Lorex/Flir products in the future.
Thanks Lorex!!

20 out of 268



September 21, 2015

Location: washington state

Awesome product, and great value. 8 cameras running strong. Thanks Lorex

21 out of 268



September 21, 2015

Location: washington state

I bought this system and was very pleased with it, This one have 8 outdoor cameras...I love it, I will buy a Lorex in the future. Thanks Lorex

22 out of 268



September 21, 2015

Location: Oakdale

This review is for the person that is stuck dealing with one of America's Dumbest Criminals.

With a system like this and "good quality" well placed camera's you will put an end to the crime spree of even the savvy experienced criminal.

This system was used to catch the same career criminal staging several situations, then calling police and claiming to be the victim. I have also nailed him for several Hit and Runs and not just on me but others as well.

With the proper camera's to fit your situation, the quality is good enough, even in the pitch black darkness of night to stand up in a court of law, even when the criminal has expensive lawyers.

With a good system you will have the DA, and your lawyers laughing as the judge throws the book at the criminal and slams his lawyer for wasting the courts time.

I really like my system, it is connected to it's own monitor which is nice for that quick view, but the ease of remote connection to my computer is outstanding. It makes looking for, backing up and transferring occurrences as easy as can be.

The Police and DA really like getting a CD Video that captured the criminal in action. Video's don't lie, they cut down on face time, foot work and paperwork, the proof if burden is right there, its clean and simple.

I especially like the Lorex phone app that allows me to use my phone to monitor my location when I am away.

It set up fast and easy, then stopped working, but Lorex was right there and got it up and running in no time. This is a great versatile system.

Like any other system or device you buy, to get the best results you need to make sure you have what you need to get the job done. Before you order give some thought to what your needs are, then call Lorex and make sure you are getting the system that fits your needs and serve you well…

My system is a success story that has earned five out of five-star.

23 out of 268



August 19, 2015



24 out of 268



August 5, 2015

Location: Fresno

I am two different different systems from Lorex, I picked up my Lorex system at Costco
Lorex has Great customer service. I'm looking at upgrading to an HD system

25 out of 268



July 27, 2015

Location: Florida

Junk, This product is garbage. Nothing but problems since I purchased it. We had many nuisance items when we first got the system. Finally got it working properly then....trouble starts. The system kept shutting down and restarting continuously. Tech was unable to correct the problem. Finally, after numerous calls I got someone that seemed to know what they were doing. Come to find out all he did was disable my hard drive remotely and changed the alarms so they would not go off. I wasn't happy when I found out because we had one of our vehicles broken in to, I went to get the recording for the police and there was nothing there. Lorex agreed to replace the DVR under warranty in October of 2014. 9 months later the unit is doing the same thing, continues to reboot. Wont stay on for more than a few minutes. Will not record, can not make any changes in the menu because it locks up. Tech support tried to format hard drive, was unable to because the unit locked up. After several failed attempts to get this working they finally gave up and said too bad you are out of warranty. Thanks for nothing Lorex! After the kind of money spent I would expect a product to last longer than this has.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry for the issues you experienced. Our technical support and sales teams were happy to assist you. Should you need to contact us again please call 1-888-425-6739.

26 out of 268



July 2, 2015

Location: San Diego

I have had the product installed for a while now at the office and I have no complaints. I am able to remote in from my Ipad and Phone from anywhere without difficulty. Sometimes the playback freezes when trying to fast forward to certain times of the day.

27 out of 268



June 27, 2015

Location: California

Awesome product, and great value. 8 cameras running strong for 2 years +. Thanks Lorex

28 out of 268



June 1, 2015

Location: Hawaii

I spent quite a few hours with the help of Lorex tech support to set up the system. Wish it is not as difficult to set up. The camera image quality is not so good at night time. Since I just installed the system. Don't really know how well the system work yet.

29 out of 268



June 1, 2015

Location: San Diego, Ca

This product is great! I highly recommend it to anyone. It's simple and very user friendly and there are so many videos and guides online that are sure to help you set it all up just to your liking. But if you have to call Customer Service for any reason, you are in luck. They are fantastic! I can't say it enough, but they have thus far exceeded my expectations. They'll walk you thru every step and explain why it is necessary. Great company, Great products. 5 star rating from me.....ALL THE WAY

30 out of 268



May 28, 2015

Location: glasgow uk


31 out of 268



May 24, 2015

Location: Columbus IN

No problems setting up the cameras and DVR.
Everything is work well

32 out of 268



April 19, 2015

Location: Ontario Canada

This was a great purchase! We needed extra security at our hotel and this rig is perfect for the job. It was easy to set up and functions perfectly. I love being able to check in on the cameras from my android phone. Thanks!

33 out of 268


March 29, 2015

Location: Jamaica, NY

The eco2 is a very good product easy to install and very easy to program. It has many cool features which are also very user friendly. I can't complain about the product or the costumer service that comes with purchasing a Lorex product.

34 out of 268


March 21, 2015

Location: Montreal

Good DVR when comparing price to quality, but entry-level. Cameras have been outdoor for 2 years and they are surviving. However, image clarity is not at its best...

DVR HD went defect, but DVR was replaced under warranty. The process was lengthy though and took 2 months to get sorted.

35 out of 268


March 6, 2015

Location: So Cal

I replaced an six year old DVR, non Lorex; very easy install did not need to consult the manual. New features are a vast improvement over my old dvr ,the software for viewing, managing the dvr and playback is excellent. The setup on my smartphone for remote viewing was easy and quick!

36 out of 268


February 18, 2015

Location: Arkansas

I had to study the manual for awhile before we could get our system set up, but so far we have the cameras working and wired, at least. When we bought the DVR, we thought it would connect to the router wirelessly, but we found out after running all of the camera wires through our walls, that we need a wired ethernet connection to our DVR. Since we only have one spot in our home with an ethernet outlet, we are unable to even attempt to hook everything up to our network until we find a 50 foot long ethernet cord. Other than that, the system seems to be doing what it is supposed to be doing. I hope we get it hooked up to our network very soon! I may have to change my rating after we finish installation, but until then, I'll give it 3 stars...only because it isn't wireless.

37 out of 268


February 16, 2015

Location: Florida

I purchased a house and the previous owners left the camera system behind. I figured I would give it a try since it was already installed. The system was easy to set up. I had to originally call the 1800 number to by-pass the old owners username and password. Once in, I was able to work the settings to set up motion and other features. Granted, I did not have to run the cables or anything but the technical side of the system I can vouch for. I also contected my iPhone with the network and can see and playback footage via the app. I did call the 1800 number to set up the DDNS since I had never done one before. This nice guy Steven helped me out and after about 30 minutes we were up and running. Very happy with my system and am interested in getting 4 more cameras to max out the system. I was also told we can upgrade the harddrive so I will look into that too. Five stars

38 out of 268


February 3, 2015

Location: Oregon

This unit wall well worth the cost being purchased on a holiday sale. Although it is entry level, with regard to current product, it is a quality unit.

39 out of 268


February 2, 2015

Location: new Jersey

Excellent product, feel safe and has a great picture also. I have recommended this product to all my guest and family. If you want to see what's going on in and outside your home, get this product. The BEST!!!!

40 out of 268

Second Generation


February 1, 2015

Location: Second Generation Lorex

it works well. It was missing some features that my previous DVR had. But I paid a lot more for my previous Lorex. the more sophisticated the set up, the more difficult the it was to accomplish. I am still working on accessing the DVR through the internet.

41 out of 268



January 7, 2015

Location: USA

I hope this helps buyers:
Read the reviews and Lorex seemed like a very dependable Surveillance system for my Business as there's been some activity going around the neighborhood. Their 1 year product warranty was okay should be longer, yet standalone it was only good for bought items of which always failed.

My review of the product: [1 Star] as the DVR software was hard to work with given I did everything the manual and tech support told me to do with setting up the Network system.
Secondly the DVR, PTZ camera along with 1 camera head died in under 6months of use normal use with good location placement from weather and etc.
Got my replacements and everything was working (considering I did not run my PTZ anymore with movements just a single set location as if it were a regular camera).
Replacement parts failed after less than a year (11months) and there's nothing that can be done besides buy more products from Lorex.

For such an expensive $1k product of 16ch DVR, 12 camera heads, and such an expensive PTZ camera, as a business owner I would had appreciated that the system work at least 3-5 years before it hit the Failed Button as its costing me move onto other systems.

42 out of 268



January 2, 2015

Location: Ohio

I found this unit to be a great value. Set up was not to bad! I did have to get some help with the networking part. Still getting the hang of the features & setting camera sensitivity, so I don't get false motion emails! Overall very pleased!

43 out of 268



December 15, 2014

Location: Santa Cruz, ca

Went to COSTCO for a surveillance system & came away with this unit, as it seemed that Costco usually has high quality items. The unit & system is good, but however the cameras don't live up to being "weather proof". I spent most of the day, being put off by one Lorex phone service attendant to another. Always being told that I couldn't be transferred within the phone system, and had to call back & go through different phone prompts. At each wait, was the better part of an hour. I got no resolve, except to know that another manufactures cameras will work, as long as there is BNC connectors.

44 out of 268

Faceless Void


December 15, 2014

Location: Los Angeles

One of the cheaper options when I was shopping for security system for my parents' market.

Did not have a high expectation given the price (~$350, with 8 cameras).

Remote viewing setup was little tricky to got it running, but I eventually figured it out.

Remote viewing works just okay on iphones, but on PC, the videos are extremely choppy and lags a lot. This led me to look for other options such as dropcams.

45 out of 268



December 14, 2014

Location: Los Angeles

This was a great product - initially. After working non-stop for 18 months, the hard drive started making funny noises, then stopped working all together. I sent an email to customer service, and did not get a response, and my service ticket was closed. Since the monitoring was still working (just not recording), I did not follow up on this. Months later, I sent another service request. I received a generic email that stated what could be done (restart the DVR, ...). I replied to state that it did not help. and that the hard drive was still not working. Same thing: that was ignored, no replies were sent to me. The service ticket was then closed with no response from Lorex. Then my warranty ran out. I am now going with another company. Though the product was excellent and the system worked great at first, it did not last, and the customer support I got was not adequate.

46 out of 268



December 10, 2014

Location: FRESNO CA.

Your technical support was super great, incomparable to all other product support that was offered.
Any electronic product with good tech support is absolutely worthless.

47 out of 268



November 21, 2014

Location: Fort Worth Texas

Great product, give my family peace of mind

48 out of 268

Jasonwe 75


November 20, 2014

Location: Palmerston Ontario

The peicce of mind I get from my Lorex security system is a wonderful feeling the crime rate in my town is unreal and my Lorex system has put several assaialiants into jail with the footage I provide police. Thnk you Lorex. My neighbourhood is a little more safe.

49 out of 268



November 18, 2014

Location: Ontario, CA

DVR unit replaced under warranty within a year of owing, now the 2nd DVR has failed.
Not impressed.

50 out of 268



November 5, 2014

Location: Toronto, Canada

I have been using this camera system for almost three years and it looks like it is doing the job very well.

51 out of 268

Anibal Morales


November 3, 2014

Location: Bronx New York

The LH130 ECO2 Series

This system is worse than the previous Lorex system I had.

The cameras are not for the outside, they turn green and blurry very quickly if they get a little bit of rain. No moisture allowed.

I'm very disappointed.

Also you need a degree to see your house cameras on the internet. Still haven't been able to figure it out.

thumbs down on Lorex Im very dissapointed

52 out of 268



October 27, 2014

Location: Houston

Very disappointed with this system. Looses connectivity and poor picture quality. Not reliable at all and therefore changes my initial satisfactory rating to poor and will definitely replace this soon.

53 out of 268



October 26, 2014

Location: Los Angeles

I love the system it works great
I had a little trouble getting it to work
On my h
Phone However the tech took care
Of that for me Thanks


54 out of 268



October 21, 2014

Location: Nelson

So far love the system bought system a wile a go just installed it was easy to install a little harder to get to work on phone but tech help was great would recommend to buy

55 out of 268



October 18, 2014

Location: texas

well we have nothing but trouble with this system.. can get it to work on the phones the admin had to be reset.. we are very unhappy with this system and tech support is very poor I left a call back a week ago and still nothing... and your on hold forever...

56 out of 268

Juan G.


October 10, 2014

Location: Indio, CA

In trying to resolve the problems with so many cameras, I called on 10/6/2014 @ 1135. The girl was willing to replace the bad cameras at a reduced cost, however it was the same model I was having problems with: MC7662 600TVL, which I did not want. She then put me through to to the manager's voice-mail to approve an upgrade to 700TVL. By 10/7 @ 1034 no callback, but I decided to just buy 16 700TVL cameras since I am in desperate need to replace the bad cameras. On 10/10 I realized that I had not received an email confirmation, nor had my credit card been charged and there is no indication on MY LOREX that an order had been placed. So now I have been waiting for over 30 minutes to talk to a sales rep to find out what happened. What I do know is that the sales rep on 10/7 took my card info and no order can be found.

57 out of 268

Juan G.


October 6, 2014

Location: Indio, CA

Yikes !!! Upon first purchasing 2 units in September 2012, I was excited to have our home under surveillance, inside and out utilizing 13 cameras. Within a year, 3 cameras went bad. In another 9 months, 2 more went bad, Since then I have noticed whites across a number of cameras. Recently, I have noticed that the infrared LEDs are burn4r out on 4 cameras thus losing night vision. Today, 4 cameras are bad. 2 displaying a light blue haze on entire frame, 1 displaying bad color on 1/2 frame, 1 flickering. Due to extensive work to install cameras, now I am faced with immediately replacing entire system or replacing 5 cameras. This is camera model MC7662, 600TVL. I would have hope that the cameras would have lasted more than 2 years. Now I feel bad for buying still another system for my daughter, although her system has the 700TVL cameras.

58 out of 268



October 4, 2014

Location: Pomona ca

So far System works great I was excited to get the option to watch live cameras anywhere with my iPad but there's no app for iPad only for iPhone very sad
I encourage LOREX TECH To star working on iPad so we can really watch from anywhere on the WORLD as you advertise !!!!!!
Works great on MAC PRO

59 out of 268


October 2, 2014

Location: Palatine il

Seems to work okay but will not let me view on my IPad Air

60 out of 268



October 1, 2014

Location: Buda, Texas

I love the product, The cameras give great view and I love that you can view them on your iPhone and iPad with no charge yay. I recommend this product to everyone it's a must have @ home. Gives you the security when your @ home and away from home.

61 out of 268



October 1, 2014

Location: Fredericksburg Va

After professional installation of the camera we were having difficulty streaming the video remotely. When I contacted technical support they were polite, prompt and courteous. Remo was the technician and he was very helpful. He remote accessed my computer and got me up and running. Even helped me get the app on my phone up and running. Very happy with this aspect of the company. The video is clear. No complaints so far.

62 out of 268

slimdaddy iz


September 30, 2014

Location: houston texas

I would like to say the lorex product is the best product by far, the service is excellent and I am very satisfied with everything.

63 out of 268



September 28, 2014

Location: Gp

Good product. Wish it was wireless. Decent picture for the price.

64 out of 268



September 26, 2014

Location: Mexico

I have this Lorex security system. great picture

65 out of 268



September 16, 2014

Location: Beckley, WV

I have this Lorex security system. The service department is very prompt at replacing parts that go bad.I don't know about other people but my picture is terrible, everything is fuzzy and blurry. and the longer I have it the worse it gets.

66 out of 268



September 16, 2014

Location: Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada

I Just Got This System 4 Or 5 Days And I Found It Very Easy To Set Up And The Online Viewing Works Great Even On My I phone I Rate This System As 5 Stars And A Must Have For YOUR HOME or Bus

67 out of 268



August 19, 2014

Location: 10908 97 street

I have this Lorex security system. Its quite good .But the remote viewing has a problem. I often lost the connectivity.

68 out of 268



August 19, 2014

Location: PA

Worst system i ever bought. Built a house that took 9 months and bought the system 9 months ago to have them install it. Cameras started to go bad after 6 months. I have 2 that still work fine out of 8. Which puts me out of warranty. Lorex customer service is terrible. No help. Do not buy!!!!

69 out of 268



August 18, 2014

Location: SANTA ANA, CA


70 out of 268



August 14, 2014

Location: Fultondale, AL

I purchased this system after quite a few cars and houses were broken into. I installed the system myself and planned it out while waiting on the system to arrive. It was fairly simple to install for anyone who can do basic household repairs. The PTZ camera is very impressive and super clear.
The only thing I wish Lorex would do is create a way so you can start and stop the PTZ camera "auto scan" from within the mobile Eco app. Many times I have needed to move to or zoom in to view something remotely and have to fight with the scan program to keep it on what I need to see. Over all well worth the price.

71 out of 268



July 24, 2014

Location: Dover, DE

Works great

72 out of 268



July 24, 2014

Location: Terrace

Most competitors have good products but the greatest thing I like the after sales support, technical support.
Well done. Keep it up.

73 out of 268



July 22, 2014

Location: St-Antonin

Good product with a lot of possibilities

74 out of 268



July 18, 2014

Location: Vancouver, Canada

This product is good for its value, but does freeze at times where it is completely unresponsive. The technical support is brilliant and extremely helpful.

75 out of 268



July 18, 2014


I purchased a DVR ECO2 six months ago, my truck tires got slashed, I can,t view the recording, I called customer service they assisted me remotely to tell me that the DVR is not responding. .
I then request the warranty, it took them over a one month and half to resend me a rebuilt DVR unit. my question is if the new one did not work!!! the use rebuild unit may be worse!!!
Please don't buy this product.
research to other product.

Have a Blessing day.

76 out of 268



July 16, 2014


I purchased the DVR ECO2 six months ago, I installed it, my tires my tires got slashed, I can,t view the recording, I called customer service they assisted me remotely to tell me that the DVR is not responding. .
I then request the warranty it took them over a one month and half to resend me another rebuilt DVR unit.

77 out of 268



July 16, 2014

Location: central fall RHODE ISLAND

I purchased the ECO 2 6 months ago, i installed my tires my tires get slashed, I cant view the recording, I call customer service they remotely assist me to tell me that the DVR is not responding. I question my self why in earth did i purchased this JUNK OF LOREX?.... now I request the warranty it took them one month and half to resend me another rebuild unit. my other question is if the new unit did not work the second unit is just another junk?
Please don't buy this product.
last month I place a review I cant see it.

78 out of 268



July 8, 2014

Location: Washington

Love it!!! I am very happy with this product.

79 out of 268



July 7, 2014

Location: SC

I couldn't be happier with this camera system. It's very easy to setup and run. The access to your cell phone and computer and a snap. Getting the port forwarding is somewhat to handle. During the year time, I've only had 1 camera go bad on me and the replacement for it was painless. Tech support as will as the phone support are great as the people actually know what they are taking about. I'm also thinking about getting another one for myself as well as a friend.

80 out of 268



July 7, 2014

Location: Poenix, N.Y.

I have had a Lorex LH138501 for over 2 years and have been very happy with this product considering we live in the snow belt of Central New York. I was very concerned that the winds and snow would interfere with the performance or even ruin this product but Lorex has proven me wrong and made us very happy customers.

Customer Service and Technical Support is just fantastic! I have had to reset my remote access from my computer because of a power outage and set up remote access for my new smart phone and they stayed with me for every step. Very pleased as an ex Customer Service Representative I found Lorex top notch.
Keep doing what you guys do so well and don't change a thing...Please.

81 out of 268



July 7, 2014

Location: Poenix, N.Y.

I have had a Lorex LH138501 for over 2 years and have been very happy with this product considering we live in the snow belt of Central New York. I was very concerned that the winds and snow would interfere with the performance or even ruin this product but Lorex has proven me wrong and made us very happy customers.

Customer Service and Technical Support is just fantastic! I have had to reset my remote access from my computer because of a power outage and set up remote access for my new smart phone and they stayed with me for every step. Very pleased as an ex Customer Service Representative I found Lorex top notch.
Keep doing what you guys do so well and don't change a thing...Please.

82 out of 268



July 3, 2014

Location: Richmond Hill

This type of product requires a good amount of knowledge on network and computer stuff. If you know those thing well and know where to find the guide to follow, then this product works well for you.

83 out of 268



July 3, 2014

Location: Wilmington, NC

Product is not deserve 5 star at all If you see all other 5 star review those review is From when People Bought there Product and they Wright reviews but I am not that person that I give you 5 stat when you have new Product because when you have any new Product its goanna work Fine and that's not Product Actual Performance so if you are planning to buy Lorex technology Problem is Products is design for temporary Solution like First few month there is no Problems But as it is After few month You will See DVR Fan stop working and DVR Making Loud Noise also PTZ Camera Configuration is Very inconsistence also Major Problem is DDNS server is not responding its Major Problem I am an IT Guy if I get very hard time so think about how about other People getting Frustrated so This Product is not for Commercial Use at all also if you are trying to buy for commercial use spend little bit more money and get some High Quality Product because the installation is not an easy job that you can spend you valuable time on every day on this product so do not fall in gimmick that you get PTZ camera or other Advertisement

84 out of 268



June 28, 2014

Location: Miami

I cannot connect to the server. Every time I want to check my cameras from any computer I can't
What's wrong with Lorex? I thought I was buying a good equipment and service. Please help me to solve this problem.


85 out of 268



June 24, 2014

Location: Trinidad

We are very please with this system. It was not only easy to set up but the cameras produce excellent color and clarity,not to mention being able to see our home and business from we're ever we are. Great product.

86 out of 268



June 23, 2014

Location: Lethbridge Alberta Canada

It's a great system for my home and just got another one for my business

87 out of 268


June 20, 2014

Location: Charlotte

After several attempt to get the system past the log in. At the DVR, got thru to tech support and they had to use a back door password to get me in. Then again not being able to poet forward to my wireless they had to do it for me., then could not get mobile working. Again they had to remote drive my PC to do it. Very painful
But they did it. Good support for a messy product. Would not buy this old technology again.

88 out of 268



June 15, 2014

Location: Orange County, California

This device is the most annoying to get setup to view your video online with y our own DDNS site. If you cannot setup your DVR and Router to do port forwarding you just waste a ton of money on this security system. I am not an IT person but can at least follow step by step instructions to create an DDNS account. I don't understand why this device is so difficult to setup where I can setup a VPN connection. Should have just stuck with the simpler version that came with a monitor.

89 out of 268



June 11, 2014

Location: Felton, PA

I'm very happy with the Lorex system & especially happy with their tech support. Setting up the DVR & Cameras was pretty straight forward. No problems there at all. The only trouble I had was configuring my router so I could use the mobile monitoring features, but that had nothing to do with the system. When I called for help setting up the mobile monitoring / router they were very professional & determined that I had a problem with my CAT5 cable. (This was an extra long 60 ft. cable that I provided, not the one that was supplied with the system.)
After that determination, it was only a few minutes until the Lorex tech configured my two router system. I repaired the bad cable & I was ready to go!
Thanks Lorex! Keep up the great work!
One more thing that was really helpful is that they supply a REAL PRINTED MANUAL as well as the CD version! Yea! It seems like everyone wants to give you a link to a PDF file these days. With an actual printed manual you can quickly refer to the info you want without inserting a CD or going online. Very convenient!

90 out of 268



June 10, 2014

Location: Upstate NY

I am so happy with the Lorex system we purchased. I love the fact I can be emailed with a snap shot of any movement at our home when not here, its awesome you can log in and check your home through your phone or any computer, and the just the piece of mind this brings is wonderful.
The customer support team goes above and beyond in helping you setup the system. They were the best.
There is no reason for any doubts when purchasing this security system!

91 out of 268



June 10, 2014

Location: Holyoke, MA

The manual is beyond confusing, not user friendly at all. The system and menus are not intuitive -- lots of memorization to navigate. The camera wiring is very difficult. The wires are delicate and break easily when being fed through a wall. This has been a total wast of time!! The unit beeps at us at random times and we have no idea why. The unit is constantly flashing irritating lights and we have no idea why. We still have no idea how to access recorded data. I have tried to reach a human to demystify this for us, and believe it or not, the techie was even more confusing than the manual! I am ready to throw the entire unit and cameras at the curb!!!

92 out of 268



June 2, 2014

Location: Tallahassee

Purchased 2 complete units in a period of a year and a half. Both have failed. Spent 1K and Lorex makes you jump through hoops to repair. Not worth the money.

93 out of 268



May 25, 2014

Location: London, UK

Fantastic piece of kit, very pleased with it. And afyer finding out about lorex's own ddns for the device made everything sit together perfectly. Thank you very much for a professional grade bit of kit.

94 out of 268


May 24, 2014

Location: valle crucis nc

The product arrived on-time, in great condition (never seen better packaging) and took about 2-3 hours to install and configure. The system works great...4/outdoor/wireless camera's, 23" monitor and DVR. I had a friend (electrician) mount the camera's to the soffits with the wires hidden...well worth the beers...clean look and "critters" can't get at the wires. This is not necessary but I would recommend.
The systems been running for about 2hrs.(mid-afternoon) and the resolution is great.
Can't wait to see the infrared images this evening.
Didn't need (yet) to call the support line but if there customer service is as great as their sales reps. that would not surprise. This is a bit lengthy but when you buy a product and it exceeds expectations you gotta give the company... Lorex "cuddos"...they earned 'em.
Charlie from Valle Crucis N.C.

95 out of 268



May 22, 2014

Location: Johnstown, pa

I would like to thank you for your quick help and replacement of the cameras I had a problem with, the replacements work great

96 out of 268



May 17, 2014

Location: Ohio

Does not play well with Mac. Does not work with Safari 6 even with update, email jpegs are all digitized, need tech support to get through the router configuration. Tech support was great, don't buy one off of ebay though and expect a warranty.

97 out of 268



May 16, 2014

Location: Richmond, Virginia

easy to set up. good picture. great for the price. remote access works great. would buy another one without a problem.

98 out of 268



May 15, 2014

Location: Oregon

This is a great and easy system to use with many options to make it work any where. The Lorex support is also very helpful. Thanks for all you do.

99 out of 268



May 10, 2014

Location: Canada

This product covers all the bases. The only issue was mobile, and let me tell you if you have trouble setting it u call for god sake. I waited 20-25minutes and was instructed and set up in 10. As far as I can tell this company has created home end user product that works and have done so with extremely complicated tech to the average person. I am happy with the product, the service and the security I now provide for myself at no ongoing cost. Thank you Collin.

100 out of 268



May 8, 2014

Location: San Jose, CA

The hard drive disk (HDD) of my LH1362001 (2TB) DVR stopped working just as the 1 year warranty expired. The DVR no longer recognized the HDD as being installed in the DVR. After several attempts to troubleshoot the issue with Lorex technical support with no success, it was determined that the DVR was defective.

I contacted Lorex customer service to see if the DVR would still be covered because it was slightly passed the warranty period. Unfortunately, Lorex stated that I had to pay a $250 replacement fee for a new DVR. I was hesitant to pay the fee because I purchased the surveillance system from Costco, who is well known for the hassle-free return policy.

However, Costco told me that surveillance systems are not part of the product categories that qualify for additional extended waranty through Costco. With no other better alternatives, I decided to pay Lorex the fee to replace my DVR. I had to package and pay the shipping costs to send my defective DVR to Lorex. Upon receipt, Lorex shipped a new replacement DVR of the same model to me within about a week.

I had some trouble setting up the remote viewing. After a day, the DDNS setup seemed to work by itself. I suspect there was a delay for the Lorex DDNS to become active. So far, the DVR works fine and is no longer making the loud fan noise that my previous DVR was making before it eventually stopped working properly. Hopefully, I will have better luck with this DVR.

101 out of 268



May 7, 2014

Location: 32835

Just recently installed my Lorex ECO2 LH130 series Security system. The installation was very user friendly. I only has two cameras at the time, but has ordered two additional cameras. My sense of feeling secure in my home has been restored. This system work perfectly both day and nght. So far I have no problems to report. The customer support is great.

102 out of 268


April 28, 2014

Location: North Carolina

Love the cameras. They were easy to install however it did take a little expert help from my son to set up the port forwarding. The only thing that I wish was better ,was the app for ipad. They need to optimize it for the ipad instead of using iphone app and making it work for ipad. Please update app. 5 stars for cameras but 2 stars for app for ipad

103 out of 268



April 27, 2014

Location: Oxford, NY

Excellent product, I have bought another brand and this was much better and offered many other free services. I bought the complete system a months back have it all set up . Found it to be a very easy install. For the few things I did need help with tech support was quick friendly and extremely helpful .The monitor an cameras are excellent quality. The instructions for DDNS do need a little work but the customer support did help. I'd got buy one again.

104 out of 268

Door Man


April 25, 2014

Location: Cedar Hill, TX

This system was easy to instal and easy to set up, does a great job once you get the sensativity right and the cameras located within there range. I would recommend this product to anyone who didn't need more than eight cameras.

105 out of 268

jamie dionne


April 15, 2014

Location: dieppe

this product is great i would never buy comeras anywhere else

106 out of 268



April 14, 2014

Location: mastic, NY

This is my second lorex product (dvr) in past 10 years.
Very good product and quality pictures. Setting it up is not hard.
I am very happy with the product specially when I monitor the restaurant
from my mobile phone I feel secure and confident.
Clarity of the pictures very good and I am going to add additional
Thank you very much Lorex.

107 out of 268

Virginia and Steve Fiorentino


April 8, 2014

Location: Los Gatos, CA

We are totally delighted with our Lorex system AND especially for the technical support. There was a wait for technical support but once answered, the technician was wonderful and very professional. I did run into a little question on the cameras at night but thought I should probably put lights around the camera area in order to see things more clearly.

Thank you for helping me enjoy safety at my home!

108 out of 268



April 5, 2014

Location: sun valley, ca

The cameras have been great to have. I live in a guest house and people who visit me have to knock a white gate that is not see through so having the cameras and be able to see who is at the door has been helpful. Haven't had any problem with the dvr except the hard-drive stopped recording but called tech support and was helped right away.

109 out of 268



April 2, 2014

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Great product and excellent tech support. Very happy with this product.
iPhone monitoring rocks.

110 out of 268

My Lorex Vantage H130 Eco 2


March 30, 2014

Location: Marysville, WA

This is my first security system and I LOVE IT. I feel safer and less stressful knowing that my house and yard is being watched constantly. The product was easy to install and so far easy to operate. Everyday I am learning new and incredible features of my new toy. Yes, I said toy. I contacted customer support on one occasion and I got immediate response and help with my question. Excellent customer service. Thank you.

111 out of 268



March 27, 2014

Location: Gilroy, CA

Easy setup and install. Phone support was necessary to get it online. Tech support very efficient as they were able to temporarily take charge of my computer and router to configure. Would recommend.

112 out of 268



March 22, 2014

Location: houston

Great product and even better customer service. They stayed on the phone until it worked and went way above and beyond!

113 out of 268



March 17, 2014

Location: Colorado Springs, CO.

This unit has functioned great since installation. Would recommend to friends & family.

114 out of 268



March 16, 2014

Location: portland or

I love it make my life so good

115 out of 268



March 14, 2014

Location: HOUSTON TX

I think system is really nice. I work with a lot of different DVRs. High end low end ones. I think this system is close to higher end. Having two built in fans are really nice. Functionality of the user interface is awesome. Easy to use. I think two issues are Mobile application functionality needs some more improvement. Picture quality for the mobile app quite nice. Also I think there is no need for different password for the mobile app. BNC spot out would make this a lot better. Overall for the price really good solid system. A lot pluses I just don't have time to write. Thank you Lorex.

116 out of 268



March 9, 2014

Location: Tennessee

This system has really been effective and the customer service agents have really been a big helping hand in continuing to assist us in ensuring our business is monitored properly.

117 out of 268



March 8, 2014

Location: Fort Wayne IN

I purchased this system back in Nov of 2013 due to living in a pretty violent city with high gang violence. I work night shifts as a 911 dispatcher so I personally know if a lot of the things that happen in this city. My girlfriend has always been an easy scare but after hearing a lot of the things that have taken place in this town she became even more paranoid so I got her this as a gift. This has been a horrible winter so of the 4 cameras I have only been able to install 1 in my garage and haven't been able to install the other three on the exterior of my home. First off set up is very easy basically just drill and screw is all you have to know how to do. It was a little inconvenient to have to run some extra wire to an outlet whole being sure it was hidden but I got it done. Only having one camera up (especially in the garage) I didn't think it was really going to help. But in Jan I was proven wrong when a couple of teenagers decided to break into my car in my driveway and the one in my garage abs then proceed to take some tools from my garage as well. The scariest part was I was at home. The camera and dvr did it's job perfectly though and caught both thieves red handed and is going to play a big part now in their conviction. I could not be happier and I can't wait to install the rest. Just one last note when they send you your package they include a number you can call for help installing. I called but sadly they told me they do not help with these wireless cameras. Just keep that in mind.

118 out of 268

Tony Nguyen


March 4, 2014

Location: Carrollton tx

I am very happy with my ECO2 16 channel

119 out of 268



March 3, 2014

Location: ca.

was never able to view remotely. frustrating!

120 out of 268

Ron T


February 28, 2014

Location: Denver, CO

I did not use telephone support, but between the manual and FAQ, I was able to configure my system with no problem. I have a series of routers interconnected, yet I am still able to view through the internet. The price at Costco was very reasonable.

121 out of 268



February 28, 2014

Location: Kelowna

I love this product. it was easy to set up and I loved the fact that it came with 8 cameras. I also have the Edge model for my other store. The one thing that I did not like is that the picture quality on my phone is not as good as that on the Edge model app. Please fix the image quality on the Eco app.

122 out of 268



February 28, 2014

Location: Edmonton

I've had to reformat the hard drive every 6-8 weeks, even with auto-deletion enabled. I installed the latest firmware as suggest by technical support, however, the issues still remain. The system is good in regards to hardware, however there are bugs with the firmware and can be cumbersome to use. If you want a system that you have to continually maintain, ie. reformat the hard drive all the time, go with the the eco, otherwise, try elsewhere........

123 out of 268



February 26, 2014

Location: TX

So far no problems with this dvr...doesn't run super loud either. I would recommend.

124 out of 268



February 21, 2014

Location: Dallas TX

Really liked the product, easy , handy ,fast. no need to be a tech expert. would buy more for my other campuses.

125 out of 268



February 17, 2014

Location: NEW YORK


126 out of 268



February 14, 2014

Location: Brooklyn NY

Great product, easy to operate

127 out of 268



February 12, 2014

Location: NJ

The product itself is good. I was able to setup quickly.

But the remote connectivity is very hard and still not able to achieve. I called the support several times during last year. Each time I waited for more than 25 minutes and had to drop off. Now I am out of warranty and still no remote connectivity.

Customer support is very lousy.

128 out of 268



February 9, 2014

Location: CT

This product is awesome. I've been trying on and off for a year to set up a foscam as my IP camera. Between the DDNS and port settings on a router (I am very inexperienced with networking) it was a great pain and still not working. This Lorex system is great. It's so easy to set up! In addition they give you a DDNS address so you can view your cameras over the internet. As if that wasn't awesome enough, it comes with software to set up your router by running a script based on your router model and it sets everything up for you. The DVR's interface is very user friendly as well. This is a great product and I will definitely buy more Lorex products in the future!

129 out of 268



February 9, 2014

Location: usa

I love the eco 2 series dvr and cameras that came with it. All hardwired and dvr features works as advertised. I have had other brands systems and this is by far the best yet. I haven't tried the remote connection yet but will someday. The setup and operation is fairly straight forward and if you have any questions they have phone and online tech support, easily accessible. That is important for most consumers. The HD cameras have a great viewing width and distance. The dvr allows backup to usb drive. If I had a negative thing to say it would be that the dvr is kind of loud, fan noise I think. Hope this helps someone else decide to try lorex.

130 out of 268



February 7, 2014

Location: chatham

everything worked perfectly.
would be nice if setting up off site viewing was a bit easier for the non-computer person.

131 out of 268



February 5, 2014

Location: PR

This is a good system with all I expected, but kind of difficult to setup to view on the network. I opened couple of ticket but I can resolve the problem. The website offers little help or hard to find answers.

132 out of 268



February 3, 2014

Location: Brandon, Florida

The machine works great and does exactly what it promises.

133 out of 268



January 31, 2014

Location: IL

overall happy with the product, easy to setup and install

134 out of 268



January 25, 2014

Location: CA

Simple and easy set-up love it

135 out of 268



January 24, 2014

Location: Chilliwack B.C.

I am totally satisfied with the Lorex Technical assistance I received when wanting to view my security cameras from a remove location over my Mac computer. I am very happy with the

136 out of 268



January 22, 2014

Location: Greenwich

Although I had the system professionally installed, it was not easy and there were signs of frustration by the installers, though the the results were good. Unfortunately, the DVR died into the 11th month and I just got the replacement and this link for a review (for an extra year of warranty) (; This time I was a bit more hands on thinking it would be a plug and play situation but alas, it was not . . . and after the third group came in to figure the thing out, I guess I'm resigned to never be able to figure this out without a geek and the level 2 (Keith) Lorex technician from Toronto (via India?) who was invaluable. Hat's off to whoever hired and trained that guy. He even called back after we got disconnected. I hear from the parade of techs I have met that the present software is a big improvement and so the next generation of hardware and software will be even better and Keith confirmed . . . so I've ordered the 1080p DVR/Cameras Lorex is now selling for my apt. I'll let you know how that is when installed.

137 out of 268



January 22, 2014

Location: New Jersey

This system is great. The camera quality is great. I'm very happy with my purchase. the only problem I had was connecting to Mobil. I had to pay someone to set it up and it works great.

138 out of 268



January 16, 2014

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Quality of the cameras is what is to be expected for the price of the system ($500 for DVR and 8 cameras). I did have to replace 3 cameras after about 6 months as the night vision stopped working on them, but Lorex did warranty them promptly. Cost me $15 to ship the cameras back to them.

Technical support is good, and that is a good thing because the user interface is not intuitive or easy to learn. Once you get it though it's not too bad to use.

It was extremely easy to set the system up for monitoring from my TV and any other device on my home network. It took less than 1 hour. However DDNS monitoring over the internet has been much more difficult and I have not been successful yet. However I have also not worked on it with customer support and it may be an ISP issue.

A few warnings:
1. DVR is ethernet only no wifi, I had to buy an adapter for wifi from Belkan

2. If you have flat roof installation will cost you more than the system if you want to weatherproof it all.

3. This is not a high def system with 8 cameras, the picture will be grainy but usable. We caught a city worker peeing in our front yard!

Overall if I could I would give it 3.5 stars. It's a good system for the price but does require some tech saviness to use to its full potential.

139 out of 268



January 15, 2014

Location: Portland, OR

I want to say that the Lorex Support team is the best. I was having trouble setting up my computer to the Lorex system so I may use my computer and then my mobile phone for viewing. I called Lorex customer service department, at first the hold time was 48 minutes and in about 7 minutes I was on the phone with an agent, very impressive. The agent was very knowledgeable and listened to my concerns. She took control of my computer and went through many steps. ultimately I had to take a ticket number and call my internet provider to add a port that was not added by my internet provider. So I called my internet provider and took care of the issue. I then Called Tech support back and only a 5 minute hold. I gave the very kind lady my ticket number and I was up and running in minutes. She also put on a note pad on my computer how to log in, and typed up what I needed to access the application on my phone. WOW!!!!!!!!!! She went over everything. I just about fainted because of the excellent service for tech support. Thank you so much Lorex. I love my 16 camera system and the support behind it. Truly a fresh of breath air. Excellent product and excellent service all away around. Thank you again.

140 out of 268



January 13, 2014

Location: dc

Cameras and dvr are great for the money, however the customer service is sooooo awful and slow. Each time I call it is always an hour wait time. Enjoy the cameras but would not recommend to the lack of customer/technical support.

141 out of 268

Dissatisfied Customer


January 13, 2014

Location: Los Angeles

At first I thought I had a great deal for a reasonable security took some time and over the phone (extremely Long waiting) tech support to get the remote viewing set up on my phone.

Either way worked great for about 10 or 11 months before it completely went out on me for no apparent reason. Dealing with warranty issues with Lorex is a very difficult process filled with hold times of 1-2 hrs during their limited hours of operation...closing time of 5pm if your on the west coast. Just horrified by the wait times and the lack of response. To get online support took 3-5 days for a response and it was different person each time as you were trying to dialogue with tech support via email. In the end out of my frustration I tried buying a new power source from lorex on my own which didn't solve the issue...while trying to resolve my warranty issue I even took advantage of the Black Friday special and just decided to buy the same brand new system so my business would not stay unprotected for so long. In the end the new system went out in less than 30 days which I have since paid shopping to return along with the first device and the useless power source! Lorex has a great concept but they loose it on the quality of their work and the lack of true customer support! i have no interest in using any more Lorex products at this point.

142 out of 268



January 13, 2014

Location: Gatineau

Easy to install and to connect on server. Love the apps on my Iphone so I can verify the builiding at every time of day


143 out of 268

Mr. Steve


January 10, 2014

Location: oregon

I purchased an 8 camera system and a monitor this December. I have since installed it for my residence. I rate my experience with Lorex and their products as a pleasant and I do recommend that any potential purchaser of a security system, that they would do well to consider checking out Lorex as their choice. Steve

144 out of 268

BPC Randy


January 10, 2014

Location: Plantation, FL

Have had the system up and running for a while now with absolutely no problems!

I have had issues with my ISP, and LOREX Tech. help has been THE BEST TECH SUPPORT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED...EVER!

I highly recommend Lorex to everybody and anybody!

145 out of 268



January 9, 2014

Location: Fl

We are very satisfied with this unit.

146 out of 268



January 8, 2014

Location: Georgia

Have had my system for 10 months and the only problem is one camera has lost its infrared light for night vision. Currently in the process of taking care of it. Customer support has been very good so far. Other than that, I really like the system. Night vision in total darkness is good for about 60 feet, give or take a little. If there are street lights, flood lights or any kind of light at night, the cameras pick up the light pretty good. Daylight vision is very good up close and far away. System is fairly easy to set up and use. I installed my system. The only hard part was running the wiring through the attic. I placed plywood over the rafters and used screws to hold it down so I could easily get to the locations I wanted to place the cameras. From now on, if I need to re-wire or whatever, I have easy acess to everything.
I have an older computer monitor I was not using and hooked the system up to it. Works very well. It is an 8 camera system with four cameras set up and you can select one, four or eight cameras on the screen. Of course, with four cameras, in the 8 camera mode there are four blank screens. Wish I had 8 cameras. Very pleased with everything so far.

147 out of 268



January 6, 2014

Location: Seattle, WA

Great product, the only issue I had was setting up remote viewing, which was taken care of 2-1/2 years later, by tier 2 support..

148 out of 268

I don't like this product


January 2, 2014

Location: Tacome

Not user friendly

149 out of 268



December 30, 2013

Location: Oregon

I bought this unit (ECO2 LH130) for my home with the intention of using it to record motion only. That feature doesn't work and I would not buy another product from LOREX. You cannot get technical help for your problems. The router set-up disk didn't work either and so I had to manually set up the port forwarding. That is not easy or quick. So I am out $600 and many hours of de-bugging time and I still can't get it to work.

150 out of 268



December 27, 2013

Location: Montreal,

Been using the system for two weeks. So far so good. Had to call support for a minor trouble. Very good.

151 out of 268

keith's trains


December 23, 2013

Location: santa rosa, ca

i bought the ECO2 system to keep an eye open for people viewing my christmas train and village collection. this way i did not have to be out waiting for the next people and could
watch inside and then go out and explain the layout and run the trains.
needless to say i am very pleased with the system.

152 out of 268

happy lorex customer


December 23, 2013

Location: hawaii

I really like the lorex system, which I got at Costco for a reasonable cost. Install took us a couple hours only. It has been tricky to get the remote monitoring set up, since I use mobile broadband for internet, but I think if I had regular internet it would be pretty easy to set up. The technical support has been outstanding, although the hold times were long.

153 out of 268



December 22, 2013

Location: Spfld. MA

Bought the original Lorex PCI card and used with a computer. Had many problems with it. Finally bought the Lorex DVR what a difference I couldn't be any happier. Great product worth the cost!

154 out of 268



December 21, 2013

Location: Campbell, CA

I love the idea of monitering from my Smart Phone & the picture is clear. However, the system is very sensetive (to movments) & require technical help to setup.

155 out of 268



December 20, 2013

Location: Texas

Great product but a camera and the email feature stopped working 2 months in. Don't expect to get any help from tech support, you stay on hold for about an hour then they hang up on you if they can't figure out the problem. Terrible customer service. Call centers are based in India as well... Avoid purchasing, they don't last long.

156 out of 268



December 19, 2013

Location: San Jose, CA

The initial setup was pretty straight forward by following the instruction manual. You can access remote connectivity via your LAN by entering the IP address of the DVR or over the internet by creating a DDNS account on the Lorex website. The DVR also allows you to view your cameras via the mobile viewing app (apps available for major smartphones like iPhone, Android, etc.). These are great features of the DVR, which is one of the reasons I chose to buy the Lorex system.

I had this DVR for a little over a year. The DVR worked seamlessly until recently. For some reason, the DVR stopped recognized the HDD (hard drive disk), and I also noticed that the fan inside was operating much louder. I tried to troubleshoot the problem myself. One of the solutions I tried was to check to the Lorex website to see if there was a firmware update for the DVR, which there was. I downloaded the firmware update onto a blank flash drive (no files/folders can be on the flash drive). I installed the update via the USB port of the DVR.

Unfortunately, more problems persisted after installing the update. First, the mouse was unresponsive and only 3 out of my 13 cameras were displayed. The only solution I could think of was to turn off and on the DVR to manually reboot it. However, it did not work. I tried calling the Lorex technical support, but I was unable to reach a representative. My wait queue was over an hour! So, I decided to submit a technical support ticket on Lorex?s website explaining my issue. Within a couple of days, a Lorex technical support specialist, Ron, responded with detailed troubleshooting instructions. I followed his instructions and my mouse was working again along with all cameras displaying.

However, another problem surfaced. Somehow, the DVR configurations reset and none of the username/password combinations for either the admin or other users that I created were able to login to the Main menu of the DVR. I contacted Ron again. He sent detailed instructions on how to resolve the issue. His instructions worked again.

Then, I noticed a new issue. I was unable to get the remote connectivity to work. As you can the pattern by now, I contacted Ron. You guessed it, his instructions worked again. Now the DVR is working as intended. Fingers crossed, I hope I do not encounter any more issues with the DVR.

The performance of the DVR has been disappointing to say the least. It only has been a little over a year (keep in mind that Lorex?s warranty covers up to one year), and the DVR started to have issues.

On the contrary, the Lorex technical support that I received has far exceeding my expectations. In particular, Ron is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in resolving my issues.

157 out of 268



December 16, 2013

Location: Clearwater, Florida

This is the 3rd lorex system I installed. Each one was easy to install and operate. I really like the ability to go back in time almost a month in the past if I need. That means if I go on an extended vacation I will fell comfortable if something happens to my property. I can find out what actually happened. Here's an example. This past weekend I was working in the garage in the morning. I was picking some things up and I found a small pile of feces on the floor. I wondered what left the surprise for me and I rewound the footage and a snake squeezed in and did his business. All of this was caught on the night vision so that shows the quality of this system.

158 out of 268



December 14, 2013

Location: tijuana

exelente ha dado grandes satisfacciones en el mantenimiento de la seguridad de mi pequeña empresa.

159 out of 268



December 13, 2013

Location: Michigan

This is really a great system for the money! The video and audio quality is great, plus the recording features, remote control, smart phone and internet connectivity make this a great security asset. We are really satisfied with the Lorex system.

160 out of 268



December 13, 2013

Location: Florida

This is my second Lorex DVR, I still have and am using the first DVR which is a 4 channel and I am very happy with it. Since then, I have added a couple of new cameras and needed another 4 channel DVR to view them. They sent me this newer model 8 channel instead for the same price, and just like the first one it works perfectly, almost.. The only problem with it is the HDMI does not transmit the audio, If you want to have audio you have to use the video out ports. I have checked the mute, and the mainstream audio, but still no audio using HDMI. Overall this too, just like the first one is a great product and I would recommend Lorex to anybody who wants a well made surveillance system.

161 out of 268



December 12, 2013

Location: Parry Sound

This is a great and reasonably priced product I am very pleased with my purchase and the staff at technical services do an outstanding job. I would recommend Lorex products to anyone interested in this type of system.

162 out of 268



December 12, 2013

Location: Westminster CO

I'm not sure how this product works yet- it arrived nonoperational and technical support is really, really, really, really slow to respond to questions.

163 out of 268



December 11, 2013

Location: Brooklyn

We are very happy with the product and the lorex support team who are very helpful.
I am actually an electrician who recommends your systems to all my Customers for its easy plug and go .

164 out of 268



December 11, 2013

Location: Atlanta, GA

We bought this camera for our office security and it really paid off when we caught a person trying to steal our HVAC unit. The picture quaility is very good and the internet view is great too.

165 out of 268



December 11, 2013

Location: Oklahoma

This is a great product. The dvr is easy to set up. DDNS works great. The cameras are good for starter cams.

166 out of 268



December 10, 2013

Location: Caledon

Creat product. I use it to monitor my front and back of the house, as there is no one home most of the time. The cameras display great pictures. The remote monitoring works great. I can se my property from anywhere theer is an internet available.
The DVR was very easy to configure. I am replacing my older unit that for some reason stopped working.
I love the peace of mind I have now.

167 out of 268



December 4, 2013

Location: 51-4515-76 Ave. Edm. AB. T6B0A4

We have your product for almost a year now. This is an excellent, fantastic product.
It is easy to operate and manage. It does not take a scientist or a mathemetian to operate
this lorex seirvellance cameras. Everything is easy to read. We bought the 8 camera
product. The picture is in as real time as possible. The pictures are very clear to view.
They are in full color during the day and black and white at night. The monitors are nice and
big and they take excellent pictures.

168 out of 268



November 29, 2013

Location: mississauga

Its a very good product, the cameras are very clear even @ night.

169 out of 268



November 27, 2013

Location: Eugene, OR

Love it!

170 out of 268

Country Girl


November 26, 2013

Location: Southern California, USA

We purchased a hardwire 16 channel security system from Lorex on-line. I called Support to find out how to install cameras further away than the standard cable allows. Support did not know. I called Sales and they were very helpful. My rating therefore is for Support, not the product itself.

171 out of 268



November 25, 2013

Location: Redding, CA

The two biggest complaints I have with my system are:
Outdoor cameras are not very durable. Sent one back because of rain getting into camera.
Replacement camera already has issues with it. The bottom of the camera screen has a pink tint to it.

LONG que time with tech support!

172 out of 268



November 24, 2013

Location: west virginia

product is great , buy alot of inventory from this company .

pros: great quailty , easy mobile viewing setup , easy install
cons: somtimes when power goes out have to reboot entire system and unplug all camera cables to do so .

173 out of 268



November 23, 2013

Location: Utah

Great product. Was concerned about set up because my set up CD arrived broken in the mail, but I called tech support and they were very helpful and had my system set up in minutes. The tech representative also gave me information on which app to download so I can view my camera's via my mobile phone and I was able to set that up in minutes also. I called customer service and they sent me a new set up CD which I ended up not needing at all. The system has been working great and I have no complaints.

174 out of 268



November 22, 2013

Location: new york

LH130 package is GREAT value for the expense. Pretty user friendly to connect, and close to plug and play. Installation directions are easy to follow and kit is packaged in the order that you will require the materials. Directions for the PTZ camera could have been a little easier to understand and follow, but after a couple of false starts, it is relatively easy to make additional changes to pan setting. The DDNS creation is pain free, and biggest issue was to find the correct app for IPAD and IPHONE from APPLE.

175 out of 268



November 21, 2013

Location: Barbados,West Indies.

After installing the LH138 ECO2 system, I am very please with the excellent performance.

176 out of 268



November 21, 2013

Location: Hayward, Ca

Great product, great support, this is our third location to use LOREX security system. We would not be able to feel safe without this fine technology. Nice to see day and night who is around your house, we don't have to look out the windows anymore. Working wonderful on my IPhone too. Thank you LOREX!!!!!

177 out of 268



November 21, 2013

Location: New York

This was the best piece of mind we have ever had for my entire family! And the price was amazingly low considering everything you can do with it. The customer service has been impeccable! The cell phone app has been a blessing for whenever we travel. I highly
recommend this product to everyone.

178 out of 268



November 20, 2013

Location: New Port Richey , Fl

Great value for a good price. remote access over my I-phone is great but on my PC is much slower.

179 out of 268



November 19, 2013

Location: Las Vegas

I saw this kit at Costco for a great price and couldn't resist. This was quite a big step up from my previous 4 camera system. There are some really nice features and some not so nice. I'll start with The GOOD: 1) Excellent auto port forwarding program. I spent hours on my old system and never could get the remote viewing to work. With this Lorex system, the set up was a breeze and all auto. 2) The remote viewing from a mobile phone also works flawless. 3) The internet interface for local control is laid out nice and very user friendly. 4) The camera images are pretty clear and have a nice wide angle that captures a nice viewing area. 5) The night quality is bright and very clear. 6) Plenty of wire included and the power adapters have a 4 wire pigtail so my power strip isn't cluttered. The BAD: 1) The fan on the DVR is LOUD; I mean, REALLY LOUD. I need to figure out some type of exhaust pipe or baffle to quiet this down without sacrificing cooling. 2) The bottom row of camera inputs is bad. All 8 cameras on the bottom row have wavy pictures. Not bad enough to deal with warranty but still disappointing. 3) The DVR interface requires a password for everything which is very annoying to have to input with the mouse every time I want to do something like even use the PTZ. Even when you elect not to use a password, you still have to input the default which is a hassle. 4) One of the cameras only lasted a week. Funny thing was it was the only camera I used inside. 5) Did I mention the fans are LOUD?? I've spent a lot of money building a PC that is quiet. All that is thrown out the window with this DVR that I can hear all the way in the downstairs office from my upstairs bedroom (door open). Overall, the price was great and a good value. I would purchase this product again and would recommend this to a friend (with the caveat that it is loud).

180 out of 268



November 16, 2013

Location: palm coast florida

I love lorex. I am an electrical contractor in palm coast and i sell the lorex systems to my customers all the time, and then install them. I have one of the systems installed in my own house and I use it as a demo. Lorex makes it so easy to shop and buy exactly what my customers need. then the instalation is so easy. My customers love the prices, lorex makes it affordable enough where I can still mark them up a little so I can make a little extra money and my customers are still getting a wonderful deal!!!! Keep it up lorex.

181 out of 268



November 16, 2013

Location: Upper Darby

Enjoying my security system. So far no problems. Haven't needed tech support. Everything working just fine. Must be a good product.

182 out of 268



November 15, 2013

Location: home

I think the lorex security system is an excellent product- I purchased 16 cameras & they all work great- I love the PTZ- the customer service is awesome- the IT techs are friendly & know their product- AI do wish the wait wasnt quite so long but worth it as they answer all my questions- I would & have highly recommended the lorex system to my friends

183 out of 268

Second Generation


November 15, 2013

Location: Orlando

The system seems to work as advertised. The instruction are detailed and finding about a specific aspect of the operation is available in the table of contents (no index).

There is no buzzer for motion notification, on a beeping noise.

easy enough o hook up

184 out of 268



November 15, 2013

Location: Richmond, BC

Excellent DVR System. Setup was a breeze and there are many different options for you to set, so you can have a very specific custom setup. Quality of the camera's is quite good. D1 technology is worth it. Mobile app works well, and provides great peace of mind when you are away. I Highly recommend this product.

185 out of 268

marine drummer


November 13, 2013

Location: St. Paul, MN

First class DVR and wireless cameras. It takes a lot of hold time to get the tech support, but they are very helpful, if too complicated due to my need of more help, they will forward you the "Tech 2" team, after another long hold, Tech 2 takes all the time needed to get your system working. I've called two different days and am keeping this system.

186 out of 268


November 13, 2013

Location: Missouri

Purchased system for exterior surveillance and have had only one problem with a wireless receiver to this point. Easy to install and on screen picture is fantastic. Customer service over the phone is a little slow, but ok once you get through.

187 out of 268



November 9, 2013

Location: Ontario Oregon

I own a auto repair shop and had a problem with people stealing scrap metal after hours I got the 8 cam system and have 2 on each exterior wall & it seems to have stopped the problem. now people walk by and are looking up and seeing the cams. That alone is a huge deterrant. But I do need to add a spotlight out back as an night the cam wont reach 60 feet, daytime its great. We had another issue where the Sheriff recenized a car in our lot, and came and asked to see the video of who was driving and commented how good the video was. Love it I do wish for a computer challenged person like me it was a little simpler to hook up on line.

188 out of 268



November 8, 2013

Location: TX

Great product and I love the features. Only issue seems to be a common one, after a thunderstorm knocked our power out for an hour or so, the DVR rebooted up no problem and worked fine however, no longer sends emails when motion is detected. I did some research and seems like a common problem with this box. It was on a surge protector and everything else works, it just no longer wants to send emails.

189 out of 268



November 7, 2013

Location: Chatsworth, CA

Overall, it is a well designed system at the right price. The manual is well written and easy to read. It is fairly easy to setup the system and remote access via PC or Cell phone. The resolution of the camera is good and the viewing angle is wide enough that the system covers the whole house with very little dead spot. I'd suggest to label both ends of the extension cable with signs like 'To VCR' and 'To Camera' cause it is so easy for people to overlook that there is a direction when laying out the cables.

190 out of 268



November 7, 2013

Location: Longueuil, Qc

I purchased the LH130 Eco 2 I did have problems with the DVR and one camera having issue with night vision but with a few phone calls and emails, Lorex replaced the DVR and the camera within a 2 weeks period. I feel that the the motion sensor recording is very sensitive. Recording and vision quality are very good during day but not as good as expected at night. Customer service and support very good..

191 out of 268

I see u


November 5, 2013

Location: Riverside

The self installation of the unit is quite simple and easy; however, setting up remote viewing over internet is quite challenging. Lorex tech support are very knowledgeable in helping you set it up but the down side is be patient because when you call the wait time is quite long 45 min or plus until you get someone for help.

192 out of 268



November 5, 2013

Location: ontario canada

the DVR had to be replaced less than a week before the warranty was up. I found it very difficult using their website to apply for the warranty. It was not easy. Once my warranty was established, the correspondence was good and timely. I had to ship the DVR back to the manufacturer at my expense on Monday and the new replacement was at my home 3 days later.
warranty access....1 star
warranty service .....5 star

193 out of 268



November 5, 2013

Location: coos Bay

I have been very satisified with this system for my home.. But.. Recently I can no longer get my cameras to show on my Iphone when I am away... It is very frustrating not having this feature working... Have done all trouble shooting to no avail does ANYONE have a SOLUTION ????

194 out of 268



November 5, 2013

Location: Fremont, Ca

We love our Lorex system. It gives us the security needed to feel safe in today's world. Customer service is a little slow but we got what we needed.

195 out of 268



November 4, 2013

Location: Fountain valley

On April. I bough a system Lorex LH130, it work very good until now without any problem.
Last month I bought another Lorex LH118. I got it a few weeks late because back order.
Any way, I am happy with LOREX.

196 out of 268



November 4, 2013

Location: Calgary

I purchased the Eco2 6 months ago and the HDD crashed. After over an hour on hold I was connected to the tech who said I needed to replace the unit. Of course it had to be mailed in at my expense but lucky for us we bought it at Costco which will take it back with all of the pieces. It will not be fun taking down the cameras and pulling the wires out of a new house but who wants to play around with sending it back for repair when the service call did not inspire confidence.

197 out of 268



November 3, 2013

Location: Orlando, FL

I love it. The cameras work great. Very clear pictures. I've had some issues with setting up the remote access, but overall fantastic.

198 out of 268



November 3, 2013

Location: Niagara

We are happy with this unit and the peace of mind in gives us.

199 out of 268



October 31, 2013

Location: Ny

System works great! Excellent night vision. Great customer service when needing new cameras

200 out of 268



October 30, 2013

Location: Orillia

the product is great easy to install and easy to work. PICTURE QUALITY IS GREAT !!!

201 out of 268



October 24, 2013

Location: Ottawa

This product has been spectacular!
Set up was simple and it has worked perfectly since day one!
Would highly recommend.

202 out of 268



October 23, 2013

Location: Sacramento, Ca

Purchased my system from Costco on-line. The system performs as advertised, however, the tech support system is extremely weak. Time spent on hold is unacceptable, these people need to hire more staff. I have spent more time on hold than I have talking to the tech people. And, talking to the tech people is another challenge unto itself. Maybe they should recruit people who speak English as a first language.

I think I know why Costco discontinued this company's products. The review below is based purely on tech support, or, lack of tech support.

203 out of 268



October 22, 2013

Location: Ottawa

I bought this product for my home and am nothing but impressed with it. I am so impressed with it that I am expanding my number of camera's. I have had the system for a year now. I have had to use the system to review my perimeter a few times and its awesome day or night. During the day, there is no glare on the image and the picture is crisp clear. At night, the black and white IR image is very very clear as long as your not expecting to look beyond 25 feet.
Very very good product, quality is great, price point is just right... Overall great buy! Would recommend to others and have recommended to others!!!

204 out of 268



October 21, 2013

Location: Toronto

Easy installation, Great Cameras, Tech Support took control and helped with setup completely. Helped clear all questions about the unit.
Thanks Lorex,

205 out of 268



October 14, 2013

Location: Fredericton

it was a great way to upgrade the old system.
still using my old cameras and these new ones are a lot better.
the pc client software works really well inside the metwork.
i found the android app a little lacking it needs some more work.
i use teamviewer to get on a ruuning pc with the client running on it, gives me better graphics etc also.
i really think it is a great system for the money.

206 out of 268



October 9, 2013

Location: North Las Vegas, NV

Purchased this unit from Costco and right out of the box, the power supply on the DVR was defective. Lorex did replace the DVR, although I had to pay for shipping the defective unit back to them. The replacement unit lasted about 6 months and then began making a horrific noise before completely crashing. Again, although Lorex replaced the unit, I had to pay to ship it back to them. Hopefully this third DVR will last a while longer. Around the same time the second DVR crashed, 2 of my cameras also went out. One camera was from the original packaged set I purchased from Costco. The second camera was 1 of 3 additional cameras I purchased directly from Lorex. Of the 2 replacement cameras I received, 1 was not fully functioning (the night vision didn't work). Shortly, thereafter a second camera from the 3 supplemental cameras purchased directly from Lorex, also lost it's night vision capability and required replacement. This time Lorex did pay for the shipping to return the malfunctioning cameras.

When the system is working, it works great! The cameras produce good pictures, day and night. The remote viewing capability via the internet, iPhone and/or Android apps is very convenient. If I could keep the system up and running for any length of time, I would be very satisfied with it and would recommend it to my family and friends.

207 out of 268

Security man


October 8, 2013

Location: Los Lunas

Lorex Machine is a good machine for the price The cameras are pretty basic but will do the job there is some minor problems with the ptz camera made by Lorex that camera is definitely not worth the money also if you're going to use the motion sensor on it it is too sensitive any flicker of the camera and it will take a picture even on the lowest setting The customer service is getting better but it's still average

208 out of 268



October 5, 2013

Location: Riverside, CA

We are very pleased by the clarity of the videos. We had an issue with the hard drive but tech support walked us through and resolved the problems. Mobile apps on my iphone and ipad work great away from home.

209 out of 268



October 5, 2013

Location: New Hampshire

Great overall value. Must be tech oriented to setup a lot of the features. Tech support is decent.

210 out of 268



October 1, 2013

Location: Anaheim, CA

Great product and great support team. We had trouble setting it up on the I Phone but we called and the support staff walked us through the process. We went out of town and was able to log in easily and see the cameras, what a great idea and piece of mind. Our neighbor now is asking us for help on selecting a package from Lorex.

211 out of 268



October 1, 2013

Location: New York

This is really awesome product. The video resolution for both day and night are amazingly good. You can watch your home anywhere around the world for 24/7. It is worth what we paid for.

212 out of 268



September 19, 2013

Location: Ladysmith, British Columbia

I am very happy with the system as a whole, the cameras work well and the colour is quite satisfactory. It took awhile to get it all working, but then I'm 78 yrs old and not a techie. I would recommend this unit to anyone who needs a monitoring system.

213 out of 268

Dear Lorex


September 18, 2013

Location: So Cal

I love my Lorex Eco2 system. Great Customer Service.....Enjoy it and Feel Safe....Day or Night. Next System would be HD System Can't wait..... :) ~

214 out of 268



September 17, 2013

Location: Lincoln City, Oregon

I own two Lorex systems. I am much happier with this larger model. Takes a bit of learning to use the memory, but with some practice it works very well. Quite a relief to have this set-up, especially compared to my old outfit (which cost several times as much). I certainly recommend getting the largest hard drive and number of inputs you can. My hard drive did crash (just under a year), and Lorex replaced it with a new unit, which works just fine. If I had to come up with something critical, I would say it could use a better mouse, and the software could be more intuitive. On the other hand, it is a great security system. My next goal is to set up remote access.

215 out of 268



September 17, 2013

Location: Massachusetts

I had an issue with my fan on the dvr. It made loud noises for a while and then ultimately stopped working. Lorex sent me a new one under warranty without incident.

216 out of 268



September 13, 2013

Location: Omaha

I've had this product for about 5 months now and I am very satisfied with this product. However tech support was needed in order to get the smartphone app running after it had stopped. They are not the easiest to work with. It took 2 separate phone calls over a few days (and waiting on hole for almost 2 hours the second call, only an hour and 10 minutes on the first) before we could get it working. Other than tech support and waiting so long, I gotta say that we are very happy with the product

217 out of 268



August 30, 2013

Location: Toronto

We are very happy with the interface of the DVR and were able to set up the system to be viewed over the internet, a feature which is very useful.

One thing that may be a problem in the long run is that most of the components (such as the ports and CPU but luckily not the hard drive) inside are welded together, which does pose an issue for maintenance or repair should a single part fail.

The only thing that I have complaints about is the customer support, which I found to be typical of most corporations today. Long wait times (upwards of 45 minutes on the phone waiting) with little helpful assistance in the end. I was told to call an entirely different department after that, and was required to be on hold for another long period of time.

218 out of 268



August 21, 2013

Location: Sacramento, CA

We could not be happier with this product or the Lorex support. Lorex support is exceptional great. They were quick and knowledgable on their product. I love my Lorex Security camera system and I went bought another one for my in-laws

219 out of 268



July 28, 2013

Location: PA

Camera's are ok but software and support are the worse. I have never been able to get the system to operate on my home computer. The software is horrible. I have been trying to reach a live person at customer service for weeks. No one ever answers the phone. Get out of the business if you are not going to support your product.

220 out of 268



July 24, 2013

Location: New Mexico

Have used our system and love the security and protection it offers. Bought one for my daughters home as well and have recommended it for multiple friends. One of my friends just bought the same system this week for his business.

221 out of 268



July 18, 2013

Location: Volcano, Hawaii

I purchased two of these Vantage stand alone systems and I am completely satisfied with both. Had them up and running after two days of running cables in two buildings. Both systems are exceeding all my expectations. Cameras provide a clear wide angle view and are very good at night.

I have signed up for and using the DDNS service on my computers. The support for all aspects of the systems and the DDNS is really good. The online tutorials and instructions are excellent. Software for the Lorex cleint and the port forwarding is very easy to use.

I am really impressed with Lorex and their great Website. Will recommend Lorex to all mt friends and neighbors.

222 out of 268



July 16, 2013

Location: Los Angeles

After reading the reviews of several security systems on Costco's web site I decided on the Lorex LH 136 series. The system installed with no problems. I installed 8 cameras with two requiring me to purchase additional cable due to wiring runs longer than the 60ft cables that came with the set. Setting up the DVR was pretty easy as long as you read and followed the instructions. The only issue that I had was setting up my mobile device. The Lorex soft ware was unable to forward the necessary ports on my router, so I had to call tech support. It took tech support all of say 10 min. to manually forward the ports in my router and that all she wrote. I am now up running with both local and mobile access. I will purchased higher grade of cameras as I expand this system.

223 out of 268



July 16, 2013

Location: Los Angeles

It's very easy to use. High quality cameras.

224 out of 268



July 16, 2013

Location: Northern California

Got a good deal Installed 7/8 cameras and bought a monitor to see around the place from the office. Had difficulty connecting via the Internet but Lorex tech support was able to help complete the connection.

Late one night a motion light came on outside. I turned on the monitor to see what it might be. There was an object on top of the car in the carport. I snuck into the shop to get a closer look through the window. There was a big car admiring his reflection in the window from on top of the car. I moved toward the window slowly and suddenly jumped up waving my arms. Cat went flying.

I have had a few other interactions with Lorex over other systems of theirs I purchased. They always took care of me. Will purchase their products again, knowing the quality and customer care are there.

225 out of 268



July 6, 2013

Location: Silver Spring

good product,good price

226 out of 268



June 23, 2013

Location: Kingsport TN

THis purchase was to replace another DVR that quit working 15 days after the warranty expired. Hopefully this one will last longer, other than that the unit works great.

227 out of 268



June 11, 2013

Location: Saskatoon

Very nice, was a chore trying to configure though. The one problem I did have was the camera's mounting bracket does not tighten down very well, I broke one trying to tighten it.

228 out of 268

the man


June 11, 2013

Location: Rancho Cucamonga ca.

Patrick was my tech. He gave me expert support, professional and knew his stuff. You don't have enough stars to rate that kind of customer care/satisfaction.

229 out of 268



June 11, 2013

Location: Virginia

Great remote access features. Tech support was very helpful when my phone wasn't communicating.

230 out of 268



June 5, 2013

Location: Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

I could not be much happier with this security device (ECO2 DVR) and the Lorex support team. I am offering my sincere thanks to Mr. Mac, Technical Person and to Mr. Patrick, the Senior Technical Person of LOREX for their cordial support. Specially Mr. Patrick, who can resolve the Tech. problem very quickly and accurately.

This Lorex surveillance systems is giving me the peace of mind. I can monitor my home, and family, live & remotely via internet and smart phones as many times as I want a day.

This security device (ECO2 DVR Series) is very helpful product. So, thanks to LOREX, and its excellent support team.

I will rate this product happily with 5 stars.

Dated: 06/05/2013.

231 out of 268



June 5, 2013

Location: Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

I could not be happier with this device (ECO2 DVR) and/or the Lorex support. I am offering my sincere thanks to Mr. Mac, Technical Person and to Mr. Patrick, the Senior Technical Person for their cordial support. Specially Mr. Patrick, who can solve the Tech. problem very quickly and accurately. This Lorex surveillance systems will give you a peace of mind. I can monitor my home, and family live remotely via internet and Smart phones as many times as I want a day. This device (ECO2 DVR Series LH138000 and UP) is very helpful. So, thanks to LOREX, and its excellent support team. I will rate this product happily with 5 stars.

232 out of 268



June 4, 2013

Location: Quebec, Canada

Easy to install, easy to use. Technical phone help simple, friendly and efficent. This product help us to stay in contact and, in a way, in control with our handicap son. Give access via the web to educator and other important persons.

Facile à installer, facile à utiliser. Le soutien technique téléphonique a été rapide, amical, professionnel et efficace. Ce produit nous aide à demeurer en lien et, d'une certain façon en contrôle avec notre fils handicapé. Permet aux éducateurs de garder un oeil vigilant sur leur client.

233 out of 268



June 3, 2013

Location: So San Francisco

love it. love it. will add more camera soon.

234 out of 268



June 2, 2013

Location: Florida

This is a very good system with all I expected, but kind of difficult to setup to view on the network. I am still not able to get it working properly. The website offers little help or hard to find answers.

235 out of 268



June 1, 2013

Location: Orlando FL

I love this is excellent. a little worried as the replacement has some problems with a channel...not sure if its a setting or real warranty issue. I am sure their excellent support will help me! Randy

236 out of 268



May 30, 2013

Location: Bigfork, MT

This week I completed the installation of my 6th Vantage/ECO based system. 3 are 8 Cam [LH130 series and 3 Blackbox 4 Cam LH010 series. All are using the 700 TVL cameras that came with the LH130 systems These are being used for environmental monitoring of homes at different physical locations in different states. All on different ISP's and modem/routers. All installed by CAREFULLY following the instructions for Internet connectivity. Using my droid I am on top of conditions 24/7! Thank you Lorex for this product and technical support. DDNS hosting is great as well! Lesson Learned: The 60ft [Lorex provided] cables work great even extended to 120 ft. BUT note that even thought the BNC Connectors [the Yellow ones] are the same on both ends of the cable, the power connectors are not identical! Make sure your cable runs have the correct end toward the cameras. You will only install it backwards one time!! Especially where runs require a lot of hole drilling and routing of the cable..

237 out of 268



May 29, 2013

Location: San Diego

We have been happy with the system. The camera quality and ability to replay footage is good. Installation in the house was straightforward. The instructions and process to setup online viewing have been a little challenging. But overall we are happy with the system.

238 out of 268



May 29, 2013

Location: Queens

I am very happy with this unit and the customer support for my mobile connection was outstanding.

239 out of 268



May 29, 2013

Location: Atlanta, GA

So far great product. Easy to install and use.. Hope the quality keeps camera's rolling for years to come

240 out of 268



May 29, 2013

Location: Edmonton

All tested well out of the box, then a day to wire it all up for exterior property surveillance. I installed mine on the garage/shop to view the alley and back yard, then spent 2 days trying to connect remote viewing to the house. I finally found out it must be connected via ethernet (cat 5 or cat 6) to the router in the house and won't work with a WiFi device attached to the DVR. (Not stated in the manual). More searching to find a 100' outdoor ethernet cable (without success), so purchased bulk indoor wire and plugs and ran it to the house. 4 more days of trying to get remote viewing with success on the 8th day from start of installation. Many calls to Lorex help with not overly long times on hold. The manual states a "moderate' level of knowledge needed to get all up and running, which is this and more. Great help from Lorex support, but most steps each needed a call to set all the technical stuff needed as very confusing for a 'non-techie'! The cameras cover a wide viewing area and work well day and night. All info is on the Lorex site(s) but a bit difficult to navigate. All in all, I would rate this product at a 'best bang for the buck' scenario. Very detailed manual but still phone tech support for remote setup can save hours of frustration setting port forwarding and the multitude of number settings needed. So far, so good and I would recommend this system.

241 out of 268



May 22, 2013

Location: NJ

I have -3- systems, they all work great. I have two systems sharing the same IP address and the help desk was very helpfull in setting this up.

242 out of 268



May 7, 2013

Location: Katy, TX

Great system for the price! Not the most user friendly to set up. Remote viewing and playback is slow. Lorex has great customer service and is very helpful!

243 out of 268



May 4, 2013

Location: Fremont,CA

This is a user friendly security dvr. Lorex provides all the needed software and services (port
forwarding and DDNS server) so that users can view and log on remotely via LAN or Internet.
The user manual is well written with lots of screen shots which makes the initial configuration
very easy. However, sometimes the motion detection function needs improvement in accuracy.
Email warning feature should be schedule able so that user will not get lots of emails at night
due to false motion detection.

244 out of 268



April 28, 2013

Location: Seattleish

Camera system has worked well with a few quirks and quibbles, but overall a good value.

+ Video quality generally good, best in medium daylight.
+ Infrared (for night and dim light) sensors work well, though blurry at times.
+ Local, PC and mobile access makes monitoring your cameras a snap.
+ Easy to use interface allows you to monitor real-time or review past footage.
+ Set up your own DDNS with Lorex for easy remote access.
+ Email alerts let you know when motion is detected in zones of your choosing.
+ Can restrict recording to motion only, to conserve on recording, allow for speedier review.
+ Audible signals (alarms) can cue you when someone approaches a door or other area.
+ Lots of controls to adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sensitivity, and so on.
+ Mostly self-maintaining: Just set it up and let it do its thing.

- Cost to install can dwarf the actual cost of the system (as with any surveillance system).
- Infrared on cameras sometimes go off by themselves; easily remedied by un/replugging.
- Focus/sharpness could be better; might be hard to read license plate from 20 feet away.
- Picks up interference/distortion in some areas, like in dusty garage interior.
- Get audio interference even though cams are non-audio. (Fixed by toggling speaker icon).
- In-store display is deceptive since 1/2 the controls pertain to PVZ cams (not included).
- Only about 2/3 of questions asked of support get answered! The rest tend to be ignored.

245 out of 268



April 27, 2013

Location: ga

Hardware seems decent. The software just brings tears to my eyes.

Seriously, people, it's the 21st century. It has been a long time since I have seen software this bad. There are too many examples of really poor software design and obvious bugs to list. Just look at the GUI on the console, and the PC client. Compare what you see to anything that was written in the past 10 years. It practically screams "we're too cheap or clueless to design and develop decent software." Lorex, you should be ashamed. Please hire someone with some user interface design skills. When you farm out the software development, have someone with some common sense interact with the offshore team. Demand quality.

I started with the 8 channel 310 model. The software on it was worse. The PC client software was so poorly designed, it would completely max the CPU whether it was doing anything or not. Software developers used to call this a "busy loop." That practice is so outdated and shunned, younger software engineers don't even know what it means. When the client is running - DOING NOTHING - the computer is so taxed, you can't do anything else with it. I bought this to replace the 310, hoping the software would be better. I should have known.

The Lorex Client 11 isn't much better.

There are no options to scale the window to the input to correct the aspect ratio.

During playback, if you want to move to another function, it pops up this idiotic "Playback in progress.." error message. You're forced to stop playback to move on. Come on! How hard would it be to make that usable?

You can't edit the input fields to download paths. I think I know why: If you try to download files to an invalid path, the application exits without any error message - it just crashes out.

Most every time I run the client, at least one camera doesn't show an image on the screen. I have to reboot the DVR and restart the client to get all 12 of 16 cameras on screen.

In playback mode, zooming and scrolling the time line is a lot more difficult than it should be. There is a huge area of unused space in the window, yet the zoom buttons are tiny. There's no auto-center function, so good luck finding your cursor - zoom out, find it, zoom back in. You can't play in reverse.

"Signal Channel" is misspelled. Most error messages are broken english. Who approved this?

Those problems are just the tip of the iceberg. I'm waiting on another firmware update, but not holding my breath. I can't believe any professional would even consider using this poor quality substandard buggy product that reminds me of how bad software was back in the 1980's. I would never admit that I had anything to do with development if any of this.

I can't believe marketing and sales can interact with customers and keep a straight face knowing how bad the software is.

2 stars for the hardware. 0 for the software.

246 out of 268



April 25, 2013

Location: West Palm Beach

Our ECO2 system has been an invaluable asset for monitoring our home while travelling for work and vacation. It provides a piece of mind knowing that we can always check in on our home, and see if everything is in order.

247 out of 268



April 24, 2013

Location: Charleston, Sc

This product is awesome. The installation was very easy and set up was fast. Customer service was been great, they were prompt when I called and friendly to deal with. I've been using the equipment for several months and the cameras work well at night and are exceptional during the day. I highly recommend it!!

248 out of 268



April 15, 2013

Location: MD

The overall concept of this system is great, and a must have. I've had my Lorex since July12, currently two bad cameras that I still have yet to file a claim with Customer Service. One camera seems to switch to take it's time switching from night vision to normal.....sometimes days, and the other seems to have some shifting of inner lenses going on making my picture blurry. I do wish I had the capability to review footage on my Droid remotely, along with more than 4 camera views remotely. a plus could have been if there was an option for a Web vault to store my footage as my fear is if an intruder did breach my home....all he or she would have to do is turn off the power to the box and all video is lost. Lastly, the push email alerts are extremely slow....taking hours to send a picture message of a zone breach, the issue is long gone by the time I get the picture sent to my phone. Other than the previously mentioned, it's great being able to access views of your home while away.

249 out of 268



April 9, 2013

Location: phoenix

This is my second lorex system . The support team and warranty are second to none. The software is easy to set up . i had some problems with the first system but the support team should me the errors of my ways and got me up and running very quickly, The i phone app works great from any where, and pc software works great and the play back options are enable me to check back in time.
Overall i would highly recomend any of the lorex products

250 out of 268



April 5, 2013

Location: Edmonton

I bought the complete system cpl months back have it all set up . Found it to be a very easy install. For the few things I did need help with tech support was quick friendly and extremely helpful .the monitor an cameras are excellent quality.I have a friend with another system he looked at mine an said that my cams were alot clearer an have better infared.To view all 16 cams with my iphone is excellent and gives great piece of mind .All in all this is a great system!!

251 out of 268



April 5, 2013

Location: Hilo, Hawaii

Great quality video, especially with the 700 TV lines cameras. Easy to install, just connect the cameras with the included cables. The ECO2 DVR begins recording once its turned on. Monitoring my home system live via my droid smart phone is great. (After seeing my system other family members have purchased similar Lorex systems. Total of seven systems so far.)
My three system(s) have been on since last summer without any issues. You get real live tech support the first time. (Not like another company which claims 24 support, but provides no phone number, you must communicate via emails first.)

252 out of 268



April 3, 2013

Location: Caribbean

The ability to monitor things happening at my property when I am not there is something I have always wanted. It was a bit of a challenge to get the ddns set up though. Even now I still have issues.

253 out of 268



April 1, 2013

Location: Philadelphia, PA

I am happy to recommend Lorex for more than a few reasons. To begin, I did have a problem with my original DVR, but with a few emails and a phone conversation, Lorex quickly replaced it at no cost to me. Perhaps more importantly, the act of putting my cameras on the internet was the easiest I ever experienced because of the software provided and the extremely easy directions to create my external IP address. I have been using cameras since 2000 and this was my best experience. BTW I don't always use my cameras for security. Having owned a restaurant and coffee shop, I installed cameras on a another building and my customers could sit in the coffee shop and see the buses coming from 7 blocks away rather than having 7 seconds from when the bus turned the corner. Additionally I now have a consignment shop and I will be using these cameras to display my products for sale, changing them on a daily basis. In both cases I allow the neighbors/customers to see the IP address so they can either see the buses coming or what I have to sell in my shop

254 out of 268



March 30, 2013

Location: East Moriches, NY

I am very satisfied with this product, and the technical support. Aside from the cabling, the installation was a breeze. I was up and running in an hour or two. The dynamic dns hosting makes it very easy to monitor the cameras from my droid, or from any laptop with an internet connection.

255 out of 268



March 29, 2013

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Excelent product. The salesperson at the store recommended Lorex as the best and she was right.
I had probems with two of my eight cameras going overexposed "white" and they were replaced at no charge. It took 2 more calls to technical support than it should have but I'm happy with the result.

The installaiion instructions need some work. I had several runs over 180 ft, so I had to go to other vendors for extension cables. My install was complex and the Lorex on-line and paper instructions were of little help, so I had to just figure it out.

I'm very happy with the product though.

256 out of 268



March 29, 2013

Location: California

When I purchased this unit in July '12 I envisioned it would be little work after installation however that has not been the case. Multiple defective cameras, specifically the night feature burnt out on two cameras within 6 months of purchase; 2 mos later I'm still waiting on a replacement camera for the last one I returned. Tech support is decent, but hit or miss; the last tech I spoke to was extremely knowlegable. Still trying to get some existing bugs with the email worked out; I will have to call back as I almost never get a return call. Hours of support are not convenient for west coast unless you want to get up at 5 AM. The unit has not lived up to my expectation and on the verge of returning it to Costco before my year is up.

257 out of 268



March 29, 2013

Location: United States

I really like this product. I often work on the road and the ability to check on the house while gone provides a great piece of mind, even if it is to just check on the weather. The support has been good so far. The biggest issues I have had are with my router and the ability to use the IOS app on my iPhone and iPad, but I have been walked through the steps through the support number.

258 out of 268



March 28, 2013

Location: new yory

love it,love it love it

259 out of 268



March 28, 2013

Location: Washington State

Very happy with the product. Easy install, easy set up, and DNS server set up for viewing with web browser and smart phone. I like the idea that I can review the alarms from the channels and create a video that I can use for prosecution.

260 out of 268



March 27, 2013

Location: Wisconsin

Great Product. After 8 months of use, still working very well. Cannot agree more with another reviewer, remote access on a smart phone is such a piece of mind. It's great to open the app and see what is happening, no matter where you are.

Cameras work VERY well in the cold weather that we have had here.

I recommend the product and will purchase again.

261 out of 268



March 27, 2013

Location: Union NJ

This is a wonderful product. The phone support is helpful.

262 out of 268



March 27, 2013

Location: Stamford, CT 06907

Wonderful product. clear and easy to configure if you have the correct router information.

263 out of 268

Lorex User


March 27, 2013

Location: San Diego CA

Great product for the money!
I don't need all 8 channels at the moment at my home but it is good to have some expansion available in the future.
Cameras are good for day and ok for night but if you need longer range night vision take a look at a couple other cameras from Lorex.
Lorex DNS is a challenge, I am still not sure if I have set it up correctly. I need to find the app for my droid phone and will test. Overall the quality is here. Very happy with my purchase.

264 out of 268



March 26, 2013

Location: Rancho MIrage

Love it!!

265 out of 268



March 26, 2013

Location: Calgary

We could not be happier with this product or the Lorex support. The remote access through a cellphone is invaluable, as I check the cameras several times a day. The phone support is quick and helpful. You would think it's back in the seventies with the attentive customer support!!

266 out of 268



March 26, 2013

Location: New Jersey

I think this product is a good value. The video quality is not bad at all for the price. I just wished a couple of the cables provided would be more than 60 feet. It's pretty obvious that a couple of cables at least should be at least 100 feet, but apart from that, I am happy with the purchase so far.

267 out of 268



March 26, 2013

Location: California

Cameras are installed under a house roof under hang. Night: I.R. works fairly well however at times I needed to unplug and re-plug the power to get one of the camera I.R. to function. Day light or lighted use (non I.R. use) cameras are excellent.
Support: Providing you can get to a 2nd tier technician you get good tech support however it may take several days to reach one or you may get one on the first time calling depending on their back up of calls of the two times they promised to call back (24 to 48 hours) they failed to call back at all.
Quality overall: Overall for the price you can't find a better camera system.

268 out of 268



March 26, 2013

Location: Hawaii

Easy to install but direction for setting up is not clear.



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