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High Definition EcoHD series digital video surveillance recorder


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High Definition Peace of Mind

Experience the HD difference and keep an eye on what matters. The LHD200 boasts high definition 1080p video and real-time recording (30 frames per second) on all channels, producing crystal clear images that are true to life. Use the impressive digital zoom both in live view and in playback to never miss out on important details. This one-of-a-kind surveillance DVR features Lorex's innovative Stratus Solution, a groundbreaking service that uses cloud technology to connect your cameras to your smartphone, tablet and/or computer. Best of all, setup can be completed in just three incredibly easy steps.

The HD-SDI DVR offers dual streaming to conserve bandwidth, and Pentaplex operation for added flexibility. It allows you to view, record, playback, back up and remotely control the system - all at once. The DVR comes with an HDMI output for convenient connection to your HDTV. Connect to your TV or PC screen for exceptional video and audio quality. Record with confidence on the pre-installed, 100% duty-cycle surveillance grade hard drive designed for 24/7 operation. Stay informed thanks to instant email alerts with snap shot attachments.

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.



HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder features:

  • HD-SDI full HD 1080p (1920x1080)1
  • Real-time recording (30 fps per channel)
  • Digital Zoom in live view & playback
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth2
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Backup & Remotely control the system simultaneously
  • 24x7 100% duty cycle HDD preinstalled. Supports 2 HDD (expandable up to 8TB)
  • HDMI Output for convenient connection to HD TVs or monitors
  • Remote Viewing on PC, Mac, smartphone & tablet †
  • LOREX Stratus Solution - Quick & simple internet cloud connectivity3
  • Instant e-mail alerts with snap shot attachments

System Includes

  • HD-SDI DVR with Pre-Installed HDD
  • HDMI Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Power adapter
  • Mouse
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Quick Start Guide & Software CD.


1. High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) uncompressed high definition broadcast-grade video over standard coax cable. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution, quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. HD video streaming locally to the DVR. Optimized lower resolution steaming for mobile devices. Mobile connectivity is dependent on bandwidth and resolution of the mobile device.
3. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
4. You may use any size eSATA hard drive with the system. However, the system will only use the first 900GB for backup purposes. The eSATA hard drive must be self-powered to work with the system.
† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad®, iPhone®, Android (version 2.2 & above). Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.










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1 out of 21


Location: Valrico Florida

The first verse of the Player that I had on my MAC did not work right with the DAV files. This included the one automatically downloaded by the system. Since then I discovered the Lorex Player for the MAC on the download site and it now works correctly.

2 out of 21


Location: North Carolina

Update to Previous Post: After my post about my first DVR going bad and the experience I encountered with Lorex Customer Service; they have redeemed themselves. Lorex went out of there way to offer me a substantial discount on a new DVR to replace the bad one. Customer Service has been very helpful in contacting me and making sure everything was made right. So I applaud them on standing behind the product. The new DVR (same model as before) is running and does not have any issues. Products (hardware) by nature can and will go bad at some point; but what makes a company and brand superior is if the company can stand behind the product if the hardware fails. And the follow-up with Lorex meets and exceeds that commitment.

3 out of 21


Location: North Carolina

Not a very good product or brand. Bought this system 1.5 yr ago and already the fan on DVR is going bad. Lorex customer support is the absolute worst, they are rude and actually hung up. My only recourse after 1yr of ownership is to buy another bad product. There are much more reliable systems out on the market to spend money on..

4 out of 21


Location: 20 W 30th Spokane wa 99307

Little hard to set up

5 out of 21


Location: Denver

This is a great DVR and video surveillance package. It was easy to set up myself. I was able to connect to my phone right after. Its a great and very clear system. Very cost effective also. Definitely worth it.

6 out of 21


Location: web

I purchace this dvr with the camaras.The fans made a loud noise.They sended me a replacement.However,the replacement was defected.I call costumer service.I explaned my issue.I was hanged up from the telephone.The ladys responce was that i only waited 6 minutes.A apology should be the right thing to say.I am not happy with this purchace.
The only good thing about this system in the resolution.

7 out of 21


Location: Elgin, Illinois

I bought this High-Def, Full motion DVR as an upgrade to our current Lorex system. Tech support was great, and customer service filled in the blanks. The system works exactly per spec, and is easy to operate. Great job Lorex!

8 out of 21


Location: Virginia Beach, Va

I installed the System about three months ago and completely love it. It was not that difficult to install myself but I do have some experience. The picture quality is outstanding during both day and Night. I have not had any difficulty with access using the Android app or computer. I would like to have been able to hook it up to my Alarm system so if the alarm went off it would record. The system was worth the price for me and I will probably buy two more cameras at some point to fill all eight channels. The fans are no louder then my Computer so that does not bother me but I did install it the Closet in my Office. I do wish you could use a keyboard to type user name and password instead of via mouse but that is normal for most systems I have seen even in professional systems. Overall I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a quality system at a reasonable price.

9 out of 21


Location: Calgary

This is my first security camera system. I had been reseaching different products for the last year or so. In the end, I decided on the HD1080p camera system and the Lorex brand name as it had the best technical support reviews I found. I installed the system one afternoon and the quality is amazing. The zoom feature is unbelievable as doesn't lose very much quality when you need to see crisp detail. The port forwarding software that they provide was excellent as well, I was up on the internet looking at the live video feed from my office the next day. Really great product Lorex, I can't wait to add more camera's!

10 out of 21


Location: Long Island, NY

This system is GREAT!!! Install couldn't be easier or more user friendly, the hardest part is running the wires. Can't beat this system for the money, simple to use and excellent picture quality! The ONLY drawback is the cooling fans are quite loud, don't put it in your bedroom.

11 out of 21


Location: Philadelphia

I have wanted to install a camera system in my home for a while. I have shopped around and the one making some sense to a new comer was Lorex. When I got my system delivered and installed I was not disappointed. It is if not better than advertised. Clear high definition, easy to work with, plenty of instructions and set up was a snap.

12 out of 21


Location: Connecticut

I have wanted to install cameras on a particular apartment building I own for some time but found most camera systems (and professional installation) were too expensive. I was very happy to find the Lorex EcoHD system because the price was right and the cameras were easy to install. I had some trouble getting the CD to download so I called Lorex for technical help, which was almost instant. Wow - the guy was terrific! He not only set it all up for me but typed out all the information, like my password, login etc. that I might need in a 'note' on my computer. It was amazingly quick, and then everything was right there on my screen. I loaded the app on my iPhone in only a few minutes and can view everything perfectly. I love that! I did have to buy extra cable and connectors, but other than that - the price was good; Quality is good; Images are clear; and I am thinking of using this system on all of my rental properties. Thank you Lorex.

13 out of 21


Location: Porter

Cant hardly get a good connection from outside my house.

14 out of 21


Location: Washington DC

The fans are incredibly loud! Don't think about putting it into your living room, office, or bedroom.

When I opened the box, I noticed that they used the cheapest fans on the market that have a noise level of 28dB! The solution is to go online, search for "silent 40mm fan", buy three of them and replace the stock fans. I found some for $12 each that are whisper silent (14 dB) and cannot be heard. After replacing the fans, all I can hear are soft clicks from the hard drive when it writes the video to disk. Nice!

Don't expect any quality components inside the box, everything is as cheap as it gets. The cooling element on the main processor was loose so I had to glue it back on. Not even the hard drive has a name anyone would recognize (Seagate or Western Digital), so I am wondering how long it will last.

The menus are not user friendly and some of the on-screen warnings/messages are poorly translated into English and don't make any sense.

Overall: poor quality, poor components, poor design.

15 out of 21


Location: Michigan

I am quite satisfied with this Surveillance system. Picture quality is very good. I can now see who or what is outside my house on the sides where there are no windows. The SDI has no loss of quality compared to regular NTSC video.
My remote viewing is a very slow probably due to my poor internet speeds. The motion detections is ok during the day but as soon as it gets dark it is too sensitive, I might as well just let it record all the time. It could use a much larger hard drive the 2 TB it came with isn't quite enough.

16 out of 21


Location: Miami Fl. 33021

like the product ,- kind of wish the zoom was in stages vs. full only (a bit less crisp than I was expecting) Better hope that you don't require TECH support because most likely you will be on hold over 1 hour . HOPEFULLY LOREX BRASS WILL READ THIS AN IMPROVE THEIR BUSINESS MODEL TO INCLUDE FULLY HAPPY CUSTOMERS THAT WILL SPREAD THE WORD THAT THIS PRODUCT ALONG WITH SUPPORT IS TOP NOTCH AND WILL LEAD TO WINDFALL PROFITS ON THEIR END ......GEEE WIZZZ imagine that, that would actually make sense LOL HINT-HINT

17 out of 21


Location: Montrose, PA

This system was installed in a house in rural PA and I access it remotely on a PC in New York. The installers had difficulty with the cables and did not know how to shorten them or lengthen them, so initially I was left with a mess of cables in the closet in which I had the system installed. Another installer was called to deal with managing to store the cables in the cellar under the closet in which it was installed.

The picture quality is excellent both in the day and the night. However, the playback is extremely slow - approximately 20 seconds to access 1 second of camera image - and tedious to access without spending an inordinate amount of time watching the screen. There is a button which allegedly forwards the image frame by frame; however, on my system the button does not work. I bought the system at Costco and they patched me through to Lorex tech support which told me I was accessing playback correctly. Very disappointing. I emailed them about it several days ago and have received a new order number regarding that issue but no reply yet.

Quality of image excellent. Price excellent. Playback fair. Tech support fair.

18 out of 21


Location: South NJ

Overall I am very happy with this unit. Love the ability to use an iphone app to view my cameras! I will say that Lorex Customer Service is not up to par (takes a long time to get through to them and thats very frustrating!) also, the desktop application for mac was very hard to locate and that was very frustrating. If I am grading the suppor of the producdt I would git it 2 stars. However, it is pretty cool technology and the picture blows away my neighbors non-HD system. Like I said, the mobile apps are something I really wanted and are really cool! If you are not able to connect an ethernet cable, you can buy a wireless ethernet connector (which is what I did) I still need to do mroe research on using all of the features but from what I have done so far, I am satisfied. For example, I wanted to copy some video to a usb drive to see who threw trash in the street (just to test it out) It was easy to figure out how to do that without reading the manual.. by the way, the mailman threw trash out of his truck--- no more xmas tips for him! lol Overall, a very good system!

19 out of 21


Location: La Mirada

We upgraded to the Lorex EcoHD because we were told that the quality of the picture was much better than our older system. We were immediately impressed with the quality - everything is crystal clear. What is even more impressive is how quickly it was to load the program onto our computer and there is an App to view the cameras as well on my IPhone which I especially love. I have peace of mind every time I hear something weird outside of our home to be able to view all my cameras from my IPhone in the middle of the night instead of getting up out of bed to go to our computer. Absolutely love the Lorex brand and most definitely recommend it!

The only negative on this kit is that the cameras do not come with a microphone and have to purchace them seperately. The microphones are also not rated for outdoor use. This seems to have gone backwards from the old system. This unit does have the capability of 8 channels of audio which is nice.

20 out of 21


Location: nevada

The install disk did not work, still haven't been able to load the
Android app on my phone, videos and help screens are not helpful, one of eight cameras does not work and the cables I ordered do NOT support HD. I left a callback # for customer service 4 hours ago and have not been technical support I was the 18th caller and was never given a chance to leave a call back number. Bought the system at Costco and may return it all if the situation doesn't dramatically improve. System and install is NOT user-friendly.

21 out of 21


Location: ARIZONA

REALLY LOVE THE QUALITY PICTURE OF THIS SYSTEM. I tried other systems that were not HD and we decided to bite the bullet (cost wise) because we felt it to be well worth it. The cameras are wider view as well, which we liked. My only downfall is the Android app is not up to par and can't be viewed on my cell ph. The reviews for the Stratus Connectivity are all very poor so they need to make a better software that works! I"m still awaiting cust service feedback have that resolved, nothing yet. That is a very important feature to us. Once that's fixed we will gladly give it another 2 stars.



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