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8 channel Security DVR with HD recording



(55 reviews)



Save $430.00 (65%)

View your world in HD


Experience the gold standard in analog surveillance video that is second only to being there yourself. This HD DVR records video in real-time at 720p HD, double the resolution of 960H, on every channel. Maintain vigilance with a DVR that is designed to work exclusively with advanced megapixel security cameras, for stunning 720p video that captures every detail. View your world with new eyes and best-in-class image quality.





DVR supports up to 8 cameras



High definition 720p resolution



Maximum Capacity 1 x 4TB hard drives

Which Cameras Work with the LHV1000 DVR?

Our LHV1000 Series network video recorder (DVR) is compatible with many of Lorex by FLIR's HD security cameras. Click the button below for the complete list:

FLIR Cloud connectivity solution

Remote viewing from your mobile with FLIR Cloud™

Introducing FLIR Cloud™, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service. Say goodbye to IP & router port forwarding issues - you can quickly and easily connect to your security system using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. FLIR Cloud™ connects you to your system remotely within minutes on your iOS® or Android™ device. Simply download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Stay abreast of important developments with push notifications for motion events, and instant email alerts with snapshot attachments.

Works With

High quality hard drive reliability

High quality hard drive reliability

Record in real-time 30 frames per second to the security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 720p HD (1280x720) for the highest resolution, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

For those who already own a wired security system, upgrading to HD surveillance has never been easier - simply swap out your old BNC cameras for new 720p wired HD cameras that use the same cabling. Extend the video signal up to 800ft (242m) with a single run of RG59 coaxial cable for flexible installation.

Extend video up to 800ft with RG59 coaxial cable

Connect the HD DVR to a TV or LCD monitor with industry standard HDMI and VGA inputs. The intuitive interface with simple menus and icons allow for easy & efficient security DVR programming. Other advanced features of the HD DVR include click-and-drag digital zoom in live view and playback, dynamic drag & drop camera assignment, and PTZ control through coaxial cabling.

The HD DVR is designed for use with 720p wired HD cameras that use standard BNC cabling to transmit HD images. Industry leading 720p (1280x720) recording resolution ensures high quality live-viewing and recording, boasting a 100% increase over 960H resolution (960x480) and a 1000% increase over CIF. The result is a sharper, undistorted image with a true-to-life aspect ratio that leaves nothing to the imagination.

1080 MPX Comparison Chart
  HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording Full 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720) Analog 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720)
Platform 1080p HD NVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Video Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) Standard DC power Standard DC power
Installation Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

HD 720P Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels

Record three times the resolution of VGA, you can record more details without losing video clarity

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.




HD Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • 8 channel DVR for surveillance cameras
  • H.264 compression video compression1
  • Real time recording @ 360 x 240 resolution
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones†
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard2
  • PC (Microsoft Windows™ 7/Vista/XP) compatible using Internet Explorer® browser
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts

Each LHV10081T Includes:

1 × DVR
1 × HDMI Cable
1 × Remote Control
1 × Power adapter
1 × Mouse
1 × Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guides

1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
† Instant Smart Phone Compatibility on iPhone™, Android (version 1.5 & above), Window Mobile (6.0, 6.5) Symbian 3rd & 5th generation phones. Selectable one channel live viewing. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check as new smart phone models become available in the market.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 55


Location: canada

great system easy to setup on computer and phones.

2 out of 55


Location: Southern California

Ordered this DVR as a replacement for the one I had bought 3 years ago. The old one started over heating and making loud noises as it ran. I decided to upgrade versus replacing the fan to escape any further problems. From the time I placed the order to the time it shipped took a couple of days (close to 5 days); however, shipping was fast. If you have never installed a wired camera set you will find it easy as Lorex does provide you with easy to follow instructions (with pictures). Removing my old DVR and installing my new one was also easy with 6 cameras. I did not see any impact (improved or denigration) whatsoever in camera quality. It is quieter.

3 out of 55


Location: Colombia

This company does not have any product support after a year. In this case not worth buying their products because over two years deteriorates and there is no choice but to buy a new one . In my case the fan rust and damage the card operations. This was a manufacturing problem , I asked several stores of security products and was told that the fan does not tend to be damaged. The retailer Pricesmart didnt respond at all.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. This is not a known issue and we have contacted you via email to assist. Please reply at your convenience.

4 out of 55


Location: Alburtis, PA

I connected my 8 cameras to this unit and upon start-up all the
cameras showed up on my monitor, very clear pictures.
Downloaded Flir Cloud and set up a DDNS account. I am now
able to view all my cameras via the internet on my android phone.
This Lorex unit does exactly what it is intended to do.
I recommend this product to others.
Thank You Lorex

5 out of 55


Location: Toronto

Ordered online. The ordering process was quick and easy, delivery was also timely. I haven't set it up yet but so far I'm pleased with lorex service.

6 out of 55


Location: CO

Lorex has the very worst customer service I've ever dealt with!!! I have a LHV 10081T nothing but problems after a year. Fan motors, cameras, dvr, and Lorex solution is sell you another one. I wouldn't recommend this product to someone I despise. The only reason I'm giving it 1 star is because it won't post without a rating

Our apologies for any inconvenience. We have attempted to contact you to assist. Please reply to us at your convenience.

7 out of 55


Location: Brick, NJ

The video is extremely clear, day and night. I have seen many security systems and Lorex is my top choice. It is affordable for a home owner but actually can be used in a business setting as well. I have seen 2 accidents to the vehicles in my home which we were able to collect money to repairs because of this system. I highly recommend it!

8 out of 55


Location: Las Vegas

we installed our Lorex system a while back, been meaning to write this review for a while. now that Lorex is offering a year additional warranty I thought it would be appropriate to post my thoughts.
First let me say I really like the system. The video is surprisingly clear and detailed. I was impressed with the quality of the equipment too. All around a great package, and well worth the price.
If you're debating on getting something different, or not sure this is for you, put that doubt and hesitation to rest. This is the best surveillance equipment and quality is second to none.

9 out of 55


Location: Mike

Trying to get extended warranty, but it seems to be impossible. On order #L461013

Once you have submitted the review it is automatically extended. If you want to purchase additional extended warranty please call our sales team at 1-888-425-6739, option 1.

10 out of 55


Location: Desert Hot Springs ,CA

This product is great for both residential and commercial use. Install according to and follow all specifications for best performance. Lorex offers a much for stable remote connection with their free DDNS account. Make sure to register and warranty!

11 out of 55


Location: Chico, ca

I have been using a Lorex security system for over a year now. It has proved useful in a couple of instances. If I had not had the Lorex security system I would not been able to support my claims.
Thank you Lorex


12 out of 55


Location: Brampton Ontario

Purchased this system-8 channel Security DVR with HD recording, two week ago,system was easy to set up and works perfectly.
Great technology Lorex. Now I could be reassured that I could watch over my house while being away.

13 out of 55


Location: Auburn, CA

SOOOOO disappointing! Great images, but sadly FLIR app is mediocre and the DVR is total crap. Nothing records - can't figure it out remotely on the desktop version of FLIR. It's just a complete waste of time and money that LOREX is to CHEAP to REFUND!

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were disappointed. Our technical support team was happy to assist you with the issues you were experiencing. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

14 out of 55


Location: Mukilteo, WA

My model is actually LHV210800, but I couldn't find it on a search. This model is the closest to what I have. I purchased my unit 5/2015. It worked well but I had an issue (sign in screen can't be disabled and unit started in search screen rather than camera view) that couldn't be resolved by tech support over the phone. Lorex sent me a new unit. The issue was resolved with the new unit. I'm going to send back the original unit. I thought that I could get my warranty restarted. Lorex said NO, but if I write a review they MIGHT extend the warranty.
I'm satisfied with the system, but I think my warranty should be restarted from when I received the replacement.

15 out of 55


Location: Spokane, Washington

This is my second review of Lorex products, my first review of my LVH10081T system was a positive review of the system, but that was before I asked Lorex to recommend a 3 TB hard drive to replace my systems 1 TB drive. Lorex responded by stating that the WD Purple hard drive that I was considering was a good drive and was compatible with my system, this is the same drive that is pictured in the systems owners manual. Once I installed the new 3TB drive my system would start beeping after a few minutes of being booted up, and show a drive error, after many calls and emails to Lorex support Lorex replaced my DVR at a cost of $19.20 postage to me. The new DVR was delivered two days ago, and it showed the same errors as the original DVR, and now one of my outdoor cameras will not transition from day to night, and back without unplugging the power to that camera. The owners manual states that this system can operate on a hard drive size from 1TB to 4TB's, all I needed to know is what brand and model number of a 3TB drive will work in this system, that shouldn't be this hard to find out! All this can be verified by ticket #'s 1417843 & 1475035.

This is also the second review that I have written for Lorex under the promise of their email that I would receive a 1 year extension on my warranty, I have yet to see it.

16 out of 55


Location: calgary

It is very sad to say the customer service is very very bad,no response for my ticket.

Our apologies for the delay. Our customer service team was happy to assist you. Should you need to speak with them again, please call 1-888-425-6739. Thank you.

17 out of 55


Location: Colorado

Bought this HD DVR to replace my old Lorex DVR which went dark. New HD DVR was very easily installed. Access and configuring with mouse is easy but I'm still getting used to the new way of playback and recording with my PC on the web and also with FLIRcloud.
Missed the part on the LorexWebStore page where only HD cameras would work, so my old wireless cameras had to be replaced also. (didn't enjoy pulling wire). Would probably would have purchased a different DVR had I noticed that.

18 out of 55


Location: calgary

Bought these cameras from Costco.All videos are clear, you can playback videos any time you want. System 1TB of hard drive which is very good.Great product for the price. I am very happy with it.

19 out of 55


Location: Milwaukee

I bought this , worked just once and did not work. lorex not helping out.

20 out of 55


Location: Mountain House CA

I love this security system.This came with our house and it was very easy to configure and monitor all cameras.
I had couple of issues because this first time I was configuring this system but tech support helped completely and we were able to configure system in no time.
All videos are clear and crips, you can playback videos any time you want. System 1TB of hard drive which is very good.
I love this system which gives me more confidence about security when I am away from home.

21 out of 55


Location: Missouri City, TX

I have had this system for 11 months now. It has been a great system with mid-range pricing for a beginner to semi-serious security system user. The picture quality is very good at 720P; great in the day time and decent at night for close up, but not good for far away (more than 10-15ft away). 1 of the 8 cameras fail in the first month and it was replaced by Lorex. It is now the 11th month and another camera/BNC cable failed and I am troubleshooting it now. Overall, this has meet and slightly surpass my expectations give that it runs 24 hrs a day for almost 1 year now.

22 out of 55


Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

We installed this very quickly and was quite easy to install. Very easy to set up and use. Cables and all equipment were adequate to complete the job immediately.

Picture quality is excellent.

23 out of 55


Location: willits, ca

I inherited an old Lorex, probably from the 90s. The DDNS was unreliable. The DDNS on the new system is perfectly reliable now. I am very happy with it. I have a lot of experience with tech support because of all the problems I had with the old system. They were as helpful as one could be with that crappy old system. They were one of the reasons that I decided to stick with Lorex. I'm glad I did & wish I would have upgraded all of my old cameras too. The phone app is pretty impressive but doesn't perform as well as the DDNS.

24 out of 55


Location: westbury

i like it allot

25 out of 55


Location: home

very user friendly,easy to set support very helpful .

26 out of 55


Location: Henderson, NV

A very solid 4 of 5 rating. A 5 of 5 is hard for me to give to any solution. Let me start by saying/typing -- "You get what you pay for".. 8 cameras, HD system with IP connectivity, support on PC/Mac/Mobile. Works!! Do your homework online before you make your choice for a *home* based system as per your requirements., Would be nice to have longer cables (see note below about planning). Plan to download the manual and any firrmware/software. Plan your installation, from where cameras will go, how cables will run (length of cable runs needed), to where the DVR will ultimately be installed. The software client (and yes, there is a web interface too, only for MS IE), is a bit "interesting" from a GUI (Graphical User Interface) perspective -- not totally intuitive. However, very serviceable once you move around within the interface. I did not need to use technical support, granted my profession is in the IT world. I can see how some people might have a difficult time with the network setup, but don't blame this product -- consider getting some basic networking 101 skills on IP routing, port forwarding, etc. or get someone that does know IP configurations for your particular hardware (I have an ASUS router). I even configured this solution to connect to an AP (access point) that is configured to be a point to point IP device for the DVR -- allowed me to connect the DVR wirelessly (Ethernet port of DVR connected into the AP, securely connected back to my network. I did this because the location of where I installed the DVR does not have a wired Cat 5 Ethernet connectivity). Installed and worked with both the PC Windows and Apple Mavericks version of the software client and was able to install the mobile client on both an Android Samsung and iOS (Apple) and configure successfully. So, yes it does work behind a firewall, DDNS does work, mobile client works, night vision works fine, mobile client works fine -- NOTE: see note above about "you get what you pay for...", IMHO. Have not configured motion detect recording yet as I will wait for sprint/summer when all trees have leaves as I am assuming wind and leaves/branches will impact settings. Overall, very decent solution for me and my family thus far.

27 out of 55


Location: Dallas

Bought these cameras from Costco. Here's my feedback Pros: Cheap Functions very well in day light Comes with 1TB hard disk space. Cons: Software setup is super complex Cables length should have been atleast 90 feet. Motion sensors are a joke. It has an option to set zones but they don't work. Sub-streaming on mobile devices is horrible quality. Night vision is bad. DDNS doesn't work. Client software doesnt work behind a firewall. No proxy options available Client software cannot recognize DHCP changes.

28 out of 55


Location: Florida

This unit is great! The picture quality is far superior to the Q-See unit that it replaced and the internet set up is so simple! The price was great and it was shipped very fast! Would definitely recommend!

29 out of 55


Location: 28173

What an extremely user friendly and easy install product. It hooks up to my camera system and imediately stared working. The set up with display, alarms and recording was simple and straight forward. Second system and they continue to improve quality and capabilities. Highly recommend this product.

30 out of 55


Location: Winnipeg

Update on my last review, About the customer service, I found it AWESOME, i had an issue i explained on my last post on one of the cables not sending or receiving , well just generally not working at all, i entered a service ticket, it was reviewed within 2 days, i had gotten a reply that they were sending out a replacement cable at no charge, within 4 days, UPS was banging on my door with a new cable all nicely packaged, SO as for my Review posted earlier , Please update it as necessary , The customer service is great, no questions asked as is the camera , Im still loving it Merry Christmas

31 out of 55


Location: Winnipeg

The LHV1000 series has so far been a pleasure to use. The interface takes a little bit of getting used to , but after you get the hang of it, it works great. Picture quality is beautiful. Day or night, the resolution is just about perfect , a little grainy at times but nothing I wouldn't worry about , The zoom feature is awesome, it can read my license plate on my car to a readable zoom level at close to 100 ft from the house, day or night. The flir cloud interface works beautifully, I installed the app on my I phone and it took all of about 2 minutes to get up and running, It actually took longer to download the app than it did to link to it. You don't really need to be a tech savvy person in order to install the system, just be prepared to spend a little time on it is all. There is one con though, Not really a con but more of a caution, when you are ready to install, test all the cameras out before you install and all the individual cables, i made that mistake, tested all the cameras on one cable and went to install , got to camera 7 and discovered a faulty cable. not funny at all. My fault though , I can not comment on their customer service as of yet as I just submitted a warranty ticket an hour ago, but will update when i get feedback from customer support. Overall, fairly easy to install, great video, and a definitely an asset to any homeowner looking to protect his property as well as the business customers. You would be happy with this system, I am

32 out of 55


Location: AZ

Overall the LHV-1000 system is quite good. However, has a lot of minor faults. Enlarging individual camera on DVR is intermittent at best. Remote setup failed on several occasions. When downloading and opening Flir Client for Mac , and then opening, then exit, application crashes. Camera quality is far better that most other CCTV systems in the same price range.

33 out of 55


Location: GASTON, SC

Great product for the price, crisp clear pictures, night vision is a bit grainy but expected so not disappointed. Bought the 8 camera system, but had to buy the 100 ft extension cables to complete setup for our location.

34 out of 55


Location: Simpsonville S C

Works Great. Adding more cameras. Very easy to access.

35 out of 55


Location: Hawaii

This DVR is easy to set up. Remote viewing is also very simple Just scan the IR code with your smart phone and bam done. The picture output is very clear compared to past lorex models. My only gripe about this DVR is the face that the fan on the DVR unit itself is very loud. It is louder than my desktop PC. The fan on this thing reminds me of a hairdryer on its lowest setting! My ceiling fan on its highest setting is not 1/3 as loud as this thing. I highly recommend placing the DVR is a cabinet or DVR safe to cut the noise down. Do not place it in the bedroom it will drive you nuts!

36 out of 55


Location: Washinton

Set up was fairly easy. Had some issues with connecting to PC when downloading Client Software from for FLIR Cloud Client. The issue was my resolution was set to medium (125%), when changed back to normal was able to download and set up just fine. I say this in hopes that this might help others. Still having trouble connecting the FLIR Cloud to IPhone, tech support long waits. Other than that, system works great, great upgrade from my prior SD system. Great night vision.

37 out of 55


Location: Montana

The initial set up was easy. Video displays instantly after the initial installation. Picture quality is very good. Had a few issues with the Flir Cloud app on my phone. But customer service fixed that in minutes. Very Good system!!! Very satisfied.

38 out of 55


Location: Orange

So far it's been a headache after a headache. The installation easy. The software set up very complicated. I had "wrong password" errors after typing the right one several times. Then it locks me. To find something on the web site it's impossible. Everything is hidden. Tried to download Client Software for PC for WHERE IS IT??? Very little effort was made to make this a nice experience. I loaded the app to my Galaxy tab. I scanned the device, imput name and password. It tells me invalid password. Tried over and over and now it locked the whole system. This is a joke!!! Now, how long am i going to wait until i can access the commands again? 24 hours? And try to find the answers for this problems and you just can't. I have to go to Forums to find answers. You know what? I'm this lose to return this thing back to Costco.

39 out of 55


Location: Los Angeles, CA

I purchased the 8-camera 1TB DVR - Model LHV10081T. Had it hooked up and with Lorex reps help got it to where I can see my home from anywhere in the world. Awesome!! Thank you Lorex for a great product and a good value.

40 out of 55


Location: Los Angeles

I bought this this system at Costco and is working fine so far. The iCloud app works some times and some times it does not. The only thing I been having problem is setting up the time and date. I keep changing the date and time but the next day is the wrong time and date again. I had a See Q system before and was able to use the same cables so installation was easy. For the price you can't complain much,if you want a state of the art system you will have to spend more money.

41 out of 55


Location: West Covina, CA

I bought this camera system from Costco when it first came out. The quality of the images are decent and are superior to 960H systems. According to Lorex the camera housings and mounts are made out of durable Poly Carbonate material. This is not the case with the Cameras that were included in my system. Adjusting the direction of the cameras requires using a Philips screwdriver to tighten and untighten the screw. 7 out of 8 of the cameras developed hairline cracks along the outside where the screw holds the camera in position. I don't know if I received a bad batch of cameras but the quality seems like cheap plastic because it easily cracked when tightening the screw to lock it into place. I did not even use much force to get them to crack. I returned the camera system to Costco because it clearly not good quality.

42 out of 55


Location: Arlington, TN

The initial set up on this system is simple. Video displays instantly after the initial installation. Picture quality is excellent. The only down-fall to the entire installation experience is the Flir Cloud app on my phone. The app needs some major debug as it drops the video from time to time. I have to always reboot my phone every time I want to view my live video on my phone. For those bad reviews, the average person needs to have some IT knowledge to help with the installation and the IP address mapping, Sorry.

43 out of 55


Location: Spokane, Wa

I purchased this unit at Costco last weekend and I will be returning it tomorrow. The DVR and cameras seem to function fine, which is a shame because the support is godawful. The cloud component (Flir Cloud) does not work at all with my unit. I called Lorex for tech support and got a recording telling me to call Flir for support. Calling Flir got me placed on hold for over an hour before it rang once and then HUNG UP! That is over 3 hours of my life spent listening to their hold music for absolutely nothing. I emailed Lorex tech support but haven't gotten a reply other than the auto-response email confirming that they received my request. Since I bought this from Costco I tried using the Costco Concierge service, but that didn't go anywhere. The first guy went down an obviously wrong path, the second promised me a callback that never happened and the third finally admitted that the only thing I could do was to call Lorex (been there, done that). I have now spent over 5 hours on the phone trying to get to someone that can actually help, but with nothing to show for it. It really shouldn't be this difficult to get support on a product that I spent this much money on.

44 out of 55


Location: Arizona

So far a really great product, Easy to set up and use. GREAT image quality. Infrared night vision is spectacular even in zero light. FlirCloud app works great over Wifi, not so much over Data connection on phone, but that could be my service providers issue. DDNS service is awesome and allows connectivity to cameras form any computer. Still learning the ins and outsof system features but overall im a really happy with the system.

45 out of 55


Location: sacramento

easy to install and above all simple programming

46 out of 55


Location: home


47 out of 55


Location: Sao Paulo

I bought a new Vantage DVR, because the first Lorex model that I bought simply would not work with remote viewing. Several months later and lots of resetting, I still can't get the DDNS set up to work in order to have remote viewing. Very disappointing, especially considering that a few months after I purchased, the new DVR's have some sort of automatic set up (Stratus) for instant remote viewing, and there is now no need to establish DDNS. I wish I could get some technical help with this.

48 out of 55


Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Upgrade from a smaller unit, this 8 channel DVR was the simplest ever to setup ..instant access online and sound support as well ..picture clarity is outstanding

49 out of 55


Location: Modesto, California

Just installed the system last Friday. Actually had someone else install it as I'm not computer literate and my system is a MAC. I did help with the installation, where I could. I selected Lorex based on customer feedback on service and mixed and matched cameras with wired and wireless. I am replacing an older system, 90% of which is already wired. So installing the cameras was fairly straight forward. I have a Christmas light outlet and used this for power to add a wireless camera. I also added a camera where I have coax cable for satellite, which I've never used. One coax for power and one for the camera. This camera isn't up and running yet but is next to troubleshoot. I've had to call Lorex as my remote connection to our iPhone's. Being in California only leaves a brief window from 5 AM to 6 AM for help. I'm usually just getting up during this time. Lorex tasked someone to call me later in the evening to help me work the issue and get the iPhone's online. So far, the only negative I can see is there isn't a battery backup.

50 out of 55


Location: Modesto, California

Just installed the system last Friday. Actually had someone else install it as I'm not computer literate and my system is a MAC. I did help with the installation, where I could. I selected Lorex based on customer feedback on service and mixed and matched cameras with wired and wireless. I am replacing an older system, 90% of which is already wired. So installing the cameras was fairly straight forward. I have a Christmas light outlet and used this for power to add a wireless camera. I also added a camera where I have coax cable for satellite, which I've never used. One coax for power and one for the camera. This camera isn't up and running yet but is next to troubleshoot. I've had to call Lorex as my connection to our iPhone's went out. Being in California only leaves a brief window from 5 AM to 6 AM for help. I'm usually just getting up during this time. Lorex tasked someone to call me later in the evening to help me work the issue and get the iPhone's online. So far, the only negative I can see is there isn't a battery backup.

51 out of 55


Location: Texas

This unit started out great. I had 2 replacements due to time markers would not be in sync (lag) with the picture i was viewing. To correct the problem, i had to hard start the unit. It did not like me fast forwarding or rewinding which makes the lag even worse. Some case i would loose all time markers. Other than that its a good unit. One thing need to be changed though. When scanning in the minuets cycle and reaching the mark, it should stop at where the motion starts, but instead fall on the actual seconds on the internal clock, so you must change from minuet mode to seconds mode to cycle to it which makes this time consuming...I should be able to scan to the mark and instantly see the motion event...Improvements are needed in the scanning functions....

52 out of 55


Location: VA

Good product and great support

This is a really good security  DVR for the price. It comes with everything you need for  recording and is pretty easy to set up and navigate. Technical support was pleasant and was able to help me setup remote viewing on my iphone

53 out of 55


Location: Midvale, Utah

Lorex 16 camera system

"I have just installed the unit. The pictures produced by the cameras are clear and in full color with great detail. I had a professional install the camera and did help him some. I would definitely buy another one if I had another place that needed one."

54 out of 55


Location: CO

I would buy this product again!

We use this DVR at our warehouse to go with already in place security cameras. It was easy to set up and the tech. support team were awesome at Lorex...took control of my computer and helped open the port and information needed to remote access the system. Would recommend the product and support!

55 out of 55


Location: PA

Quality is good price is right. One of my main decisions to purchase this unit was that Customer service was able to answer all my questions when i called them before purchasing. Have not been able to veiw remotely yet but can when I am home. This seems like a very good buy for the price and what you get.




BNC security coupler


Security surveillance microphone


HD 720p wireless security camera


3 Terabyte Surveillance Hard Drive



2 Terabyte Surveillance Hard Drive












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