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True High Definition 1080p Security Digital Video Recorder


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View your world in True HD

Experience the gold standard in analog surveillance video that is second only to being there yourself. This HD DVR records video at 1080p HD on every channel. Maintain vigilance with a DVR that is designed to work exclusively with advanced megapixel security cameras, for stunning 1080p video that captures every detail. View your world with new eyes and best-in-class image quality.

FLIR Cloud connectivity solution

Remote connectivity with FLIR Cloud

Introducing FLIR Cloud™, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service. Say goodbye to IP & router port forwarding issues - you can quickly and easily connect to your security system using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. FLIR Cloud™ will have you viewing your system remotely within minutes on your iOS® or Android™ device. Simply download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Stay abreast of important developments with push notifications for motion events, and instant email alerts with snapshot attachments.

The HD DVR is designed for use with 1080p wired HD cameras that use standard BNC cabling to transmit HD images. Industry leading 1080p (1920x1080) recording resolution ensures high quality live-viewing and recording. The result is a sharper, undistorted image with a true-to-life aspect ratio that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Security certified hard drive

Record to the security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 1080p HD (1920x1080) for the highest resolution, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

For those who already own a wired security system, upgrading to HD surveillance has never been easier - simply swap out your old BNC cameras for new 1080p wired HD cameras that use the same cabling. Extend the video signal up to 800ft (242m) with a single run of RG59 coaxial cable for flexible installation.

Extend video up to 800ft with RG59 coaxial cable

Connect the HD DVR to a TV or LCD monitor with industry standard HDMI and VGA inputs. The intuitive interface with simple menus and icons allow for easy & efficient security DVR programming. Other advanced features of the HD DVR include click-and-drag digital zoom in live view and playback, dynamic drag & drop camera assignment, and PTZ control through coaxial cabling.

LHV2000 Series Compatibility Chart

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

HD 1080P Resolution 1920 x 1800 pixels

Record and capture all the details, don't miss out anything. Full HD resolution with accurate color reproduction brings your recorded video to life.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.




Digital Video Recorder features:

  • True high definition 1080p recording on all cameras1
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • H.264 video compression2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs
  • PTZ cameras supported, remote control through App1
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Click and drag digital zoom in live view and playback
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Automatic firmware upgrade
  • 3-Step remote view with FLIR Cloud™3
  • PC and Mac compatible4
  • Free iOS and Android compatible apps
  • Advanced apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth

Each LHV2000 Includes:

1 × DVR
1 × HDMI Cable
1 × Remote Control
1 × Power adapter
1 × Mouse
1 × Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guides

1. Compatible with Lorex 1080p and 720p wired HD cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
4. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.








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1 out of 313


Location: Kentucky

The camera quality is good, but the software and app is slow doesn't show real time very well.

2 out of 313


Location: Orlando, Florida

Crystal clear video. It works well with my I Phones and my I Pad. I have the 12 camera and 16 channel unit.

3 out of 313


Location: Ontario, Canada

Picked up the 4 camera system and being a wired system, there will always be a challenge to install. Anyway after figuring the access points and where to mount it all went smooth. Great 1080p picture from the DVR which seems simple enough to operate and the Flir cloud on Android seems to work well. The only issue I have is getting the flir cloud for windows PC to work smoothly.

4 out of 313


Location: Toronto

I like the features of the security system, good quality on the recording playback. However, not enough length on cables and fan is very loud.

5 out of 313


Location: MEMPHIS, TN


6 out of 313


Location: Millington TN

I got this product at a local Costco after my garage was broken into. Everything was securely packaged so i doubt they ever deliver a damaged product. The quick setup instruction sheet was enough to get my system up and running. Camera installation was easy once i had all the wires run. I am currently trying to get the email feature working but between the actual system and my router i don't have it going yet. I have had a couple of questions and used the "chat" feature to contact Lorex and had great success with that. I am looking to add on to my current system with other Lorex equipment. I would recommend this system to anyone wanting to secure their property.

7 out of 313


Location: Canada

The HD cameras give a good clear picture and hardware installation is easy. But setup was not easy. I have been on the phone with technical support 4 times and still haven't got my issue straightened out. Website is often confusing! I search for the Model # of my DVR and I get something different . Windows 10 (FLIR) client software is not compatible, but no indication on website. Remote viewing is extremely important to me and this is where my issues are.

8 out of 313


Location: Washington

Works great. App works well. App on the phone could use some improvement but it keeps getting better. easy to setup.

9 out of 313


Location: Newfoundland

Love the new HD camera security system! Took less than a day to install (we bought the wired set) - six cameras with only three small entry points into our home. We feel so much safer and secure now that we can see 6 points of view from home, at work or on the go with the FLIR CLOUD app. The videos and pictures are HD high resolution quality - day or night. The smart phone push notifications with video clips on motion detect, cam masking, face detection and HDD Alarm are beyond what we expected when we purchased this product. I would highly recommend the project and give it high fives! Thanks LOREX by FLIR

10 out of 313


Location: Maple Ridge, BC

We just purchased one and did a permanent install in our house. The wiring was somewhat challenging due to the limited spaces to work in. The connections were really simple and easily done. Only problem was that the Hard Drive / Controller failed after one day. Took it back to where we purchased it where it was promptly exchanged without a problem. The new unit works great! The video quality and ease of remote access is way beyond our expectations. Highly recommend this unit.

11 out of 313


Location: MTY

I have a windows operating system 10
and me in this page is for windows 8
They will have one for my SO

12 out of 313


Location: LA CA

Really surprised by the quality of the cameras at night.
Installation was pretty straight forward. I did have to call customer support once.
(which took a while to get through, but the agent was very helpful)
I would recommend this system to someone looking for a home camera system.
Works well on my iMac, iPad and iPhone

13 out of 313


Location: Victoriaville Qc Canada

Très bonne qualité d'image , facile à installer .
Bon récepteur et logiciel en français mais faut s'habituer au terme.
Bon logiciel pour internet mais malheureusement pas en français donc plus difficile à programmer.

14 out of 313


Location: Cleburne , Texas

looked at a lot of brands of video security systems,none came close to the picture and recording capabilities as the lorex i purchased ,user friendly as well. i would recommend this brand to all my friends and tell them pay a little more and get a lorex and you will get what you expected. as the old saying is you get what you pay for.

15 out of 313


Location: UK England Cheshire

Originally went to purchase a Swann CCTV, saw this LHV2000 4 camera Lorex reduced in Maplins.. It had some great reviews in USA ..anyhow so glad I purchased the Lorex 4 cam

Easy to set up , the cameras are nice and small , not to heavy , a really good 1080p resolution, WHICH YOU CAN ADJUST

The recorder box is very quiet indeed, zero buzz.. once you spend a little time with the mouse and looking into the settings its simple to get up and running

The sales customer service team at Maplin when phoned are very helpful and efficient 7 days a week... not required Lorex customer care as yet

After setting up the remote on my iphone and laptop I am good to go..knowing my property is 24 hr CCTV covered , I have a camera outside for my car , great daytime and night time viewing.. only advice would be go onto Lorex website and download their info on the system you require , saves a lot of time ..

In summary a great package with a £60 reduction and great reviews

16 out of 313


Location: Hayward

The DVR and camera works good. The app for remote access gets trouble sometimes. It is not consistent.

DVR console makes it easy to retrieve information needed. Half year ago, I had one time the camera went offline due to power supply issue; however, unplug and plug it back it solved the problem. Not rocket science task. Installed the app recently to iPhone. The FLIR cloud app needs improvement. It doesn't really work well. I have to hit "reconnect" multiple times before it connect again. It is not DDNS or IP or network or firewall issues because I am monitoring the router traffic. It is just the app.

17 out of 313


Location: Minnesota

Very easy to set up and use. I was going to have a friend who works in installing hardware do it for me but I decided to tackle it myself. The only problem I had was finding the software download on their website for remote viewing. Otherwise it went without a hitch.

18 out of 313


Location: Florida

I bought this unit to replace an older system I've had from Lorex since 2013, in which the DVR stopped working and three of its cameras went blank. So far so good with new system, setting them up was a breeze, thanks to Lorex tech support for showing me how. Cameras are super clear, the only this is the DVR it has an annoying humming sound emitting, I'm guessing its from the constant recording. Over all I recommend this product.

19 out of 313


Location: Oregon

Running the cable was the only difficult part of this DIY installation of my 1080 system. The cameras have a three-way pivot, as well as the built-in adjustment of deciding where to put the three screws, so aiming them and fastening three screws was simple.
Everything else was plug and play, including hooking up to my iPhone.
I would not hesitate to do it all yourself if you can drill 3/4 inch holes through wood and run wire with a snake and a long flexible fiberglass rod with a hook on the end.
The clarity of the video is striking. I sent my son a photo of the monitor with my three cameras operating, and he texted back, "Wow! That looks professional."

20 out of 313


Location: san jose ca

I have had security systems for 8 years on my home. I thought my system was ok until i was shown mpeg from my neighbors system. Unbelievably sharp. Can read license plate and see details night or day. I recommend hd security systems.

21 out of 313


Location: WV

I bought this system on line and it came as anticipated. The cameras came in one box and the VCR came separately a few days later. I wish the company had let me know that it is being shipped in two separate packages so that I did not have to call and report that the VCR was not received. Before installing I tested the cameras and all went well. The wire lengths were adequate for my 28000 sq ft house. I chose the location of cameras and and then ran the wires through the soffit into the attic and brought them down through a wall to the 2nd floor where I have a wired internet connection. I hooked up the wires 4 power supplies with 4 splitters connected to 8 cameras. All lighted up and I made some adjustments to the cameras so that I got the view I wanted. More configuration was required for seeing the images on my computers, Ipad, laptop. Tech support was very good to help me out. Their downloadable software does not work with Windows 10, as such the tech support had to download additional software but got it to work. You will need to forward a port on your router to view the cameras from another location. All in all a great experience. I am happy with the support and equipment

22 out of 313


Location: Lake Tahoe CA

Have been trying to contact customer service and tech support for over a week no answer and no returned phone calls, so I contacted phone sales they said they are very busy, I told them if them if this is the kind of customer support they offer I to will be returning to eqiupement, guess lots of people are having issues, thats not a good sign, they offered to put me through to tier 2 help line, stayed on hold till my batteries ran out, I to will be returning it

Our apologies for the wait time, we have contacted you via email to assist.

23 out of 313


Location: Ohio

The system has great picture zoom & accessible with app from anywhere. Night vision is only okay though if areas arent well lit. Id still recommended it definitely worth the $

24 out of 313


Location: TUCSON,AZ

The picture quality is great. Ability to view on smartphone from anywhere is also great.

25 out of 313


Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota

Simple installation
Perfect image quality
Ability to look in on the house from anywhere, for any reason
Perfect night vision
Good movement-based recording

DVR is loud
BNC cables are difficult to thread through walls with their large connector types

26 out of 313


Location: California

This Lorex system is very simple to install and picture quality exceeds expectations for night viewing. The only thing that wasn't working was their Flir Cloud for remote viewing. But they did some updates and now its working properly. I Would buy this product again.

27 out of 313


Location: Alberta Canada

Product is very easy to install, get picture. We use in a retail store and love how easy the system is to use and the ability to look in at anytime from any where is awesome!

28 out of 313


Location: Rutherford, N.J.

Bought the Lorex 4 camera system and the Lorex LHV2000 (8) camea series at the same time. Installed 4 camera system first and was very pleased with the clarity of the cameras. I'm impressed how great it looks on our 50 inch TV. Enjoy the fact I can check on our house anytime that I wish. I have been to our house in PA and it is great that I can check on the pool to see who is using it in NJ. It really gives you peace of mind knowing you have real time viewing. Called our niece to pick up the paper on the front lawn in NJ so as to not advertise that we were away. I have an alarm system, but this is even better as you can check house if alarm company calls if alarm goes off. You have a recorded record if you need it. Best gadget that I have bought in a long time. Again peace of mind that you can check your house any time. Five stars.

29 out of 313


Location: Saint Louis, MO

Love it so far. The picture quality is great. Ability to view on smartphone from anywhere is also great. The only one complaint is the noise of the fan, it is very loud.

Bought it from ... had a bit trouble finding an installer in St. Louis. Finally found Reinhold Electric, who did a great job installing the cameras.

30 out of 313


Location: Timmins

I'm very excited about the picture quality of the cameras... I can't seem to get the online view working as the site as the Loren site doesn't like the MAC address of my system. Also there is a cost to viewing more than one camera. Many other companies don't have that cost. I do like the system though and am overall pleased!

31 out of 313


Location: Ottawa

Good resolution and picture quality.
Easy install but takes time which was expected.
Software not very intuitive unfortunately.

32 out of 313



Great system and the picture is very clear. I couldn't say no on the chance to buy. Thanks.

33 out of 313


Location: South Florida

Good system. Easy to view recordings. Great support.

34 out of 313


Location: Ohio

Great system, sharp clear picture with wide viewing

35 out of 313


Location: Houston

The security camera system was shipped promptly and received on time.
The camera system has everything you need to install I.e. wires, screws, mounting hardware etc. The Dvr itself comes in a separate box with remote and other accessories. Each camera has 60 feet cable included which is enough for a 3500sqft house running it through the attics ( across the house).

The picture quality of the camera is great. The 720p setting captures a good shot; however the 1080p image is simply awesome. The night vision clarity and image quality is better than most brands out there. The motion detector is very sensitive. It captures images for leaves fluttering in the wind or clouds passing by.

The DVR once plugged in makes some noise due to fan running. But it does not matter much unless it is kept in your bedroom.

Overall a great buy. I would definitely recommend this product.

36 out of 313


Location: Southern California

Great DVR & Cameras 1080p

37 out of 313


Location: North Carolina

Incredible views!

38 out of 313


Location: Miami

A month ago my unit started rebooting every few minutes. Tech had me reformat but did not fix. Still rebooting. I was given a ticket and told that the DVR would be replaced. To date I have not received Return authorization. Repeated calls to Customer Service have not been returned. It has been 4 days with no call back. I keep calling but no call back. I registered our Lord last November. I did find that I did not have full SN so I reregistered. Guess I need a lawyer. Ticket 57336-207660

Our sincere apologies for any difficulty you experienced. We were happy to get this resolved for you.

39 out of 313



5 Star. The quality is outstanding. Picture on cell and TV is fantastic. Did not think it would be very good, but was plesently pleased with the quality of of the pictures. Well worth the price and quality of the prodect. Will give pace of mind when I am away to check the proprty.

40 out of 313


Location: England

Anyone advise me why cant I see any pictures from my cameras away from home ?

41 out of 313


Location: Southern California

Good camera. Really helpful to have. Would be awesome if at least one camera can pick up the license plate :( Otherwise the cameras are really good and I would highly recommend

42 out of 313


Location: Bayonne, NJ

I did my homework before I bought the Lorex System. I compared most of the different product online with same features and category I am looking for. Lorex is the one that standout. I definitely recommend Lorex System to my friends.

43 out of 313


Location: Texasgunrange in Midlothian, Tx

I bought this system on Sunday and put it together. My android worked with the unit but my wife's I phone has not worked yet. We have reinstalled it 3 times. Left messages for technical support and not heard back from them since Sunday. The DDNS setup is an issue and once again technical support bad. They called back not sure of the problem I emailed them 2 days later saying we are very busy. I bought the cloud backup and its not working and they still have not called back. I have tried 5 times and their online chat assistance in ALWAYS OFFLINE! If this keeps up, I will take it back to Costco for a refund - WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. Our technical support team was happy to assist you further with this. Thank you.

44 out of 313


Location: Mansonville, Québec

Je cherche un système de caméra de surveillance depuis plusieurs années. J'ai enfin trouvé, de très bonne qualité/prix et en plus très facile d'installation.

45 out of 313


Location: CANTON, GA.


46 out of 313


Location: Ewing, NJ

Went from Swan to this and what a difference, set up was a cinch. I have leftover Swan cameras and the work just fine with this system. Bought the 12 camera (16) available ports, now with the leftovers I have a full 16 camera system. The HD is great and I use the lesser cameras for less importaint areas.

47 out of 313


Location: Canada

The unit is easy to install (hardware), I only had to lookup a few things online to get the DDNS setup but it wasn't an issue to be concern. All in all, a very good solid product.

48 out of 313


Location: Southern California

This is a great product.....
In the past couple years we have used various other brands of DVR & Cameras and usually purchasing the combo deals.

After installing this product, we are so pleased with the quality of the picture from the 1080p cameras. It was outstandingly clear.
Previously we have using the older generation of DVR / 960p cameras x16 from Lorex. And these 3 DVRs that we have in our location is still going strong.

Installing an externl monitor:
Be sure that you have an LCD display that has the capability to display a higher resolution from the DVR.
We have many older LCD display and the older resolution monitors will not work with the output from the DVR, and that was our first choice we had.
We were so pleased to see how clear the quality of the video, once we plugged in a higher resolution monitor.

For our new location we have completed the installation of this model # LHV22162T (LHV2016)
Tomorrow we will be installing the same model at our new facility (we have a small business office).
And still expecting another order to arrive soon. We purchased a combo deal - from Lorex for a x4 camera / DVR system. Since we had run out of connection with our recent installation.

The Lorex system have been working well for our needs but one area that could do better, it is their technical support.
We had opened up a support ticket from our online Lorex login account and we have not heard back from Lorex technical support for the past 3 days... but we will continue to check our ticket updates daily.
Our minor issue is that, we are not able to create a DDNS account connection for our new DVR. The online option keeps coming up with an error.
Hopfully we should be able hear from their technical support and have this issue resolve soon.

Our experience shows that Lorex tops their competitors
In terms of great combo deals; the durability and quality of the cameras; the quality of the video; the simple to manage DDNS option offered from their online login account and also the software usage from the DVR. The software option on DVR is not that simple but it is definitely not as complicated as their competitors

I would definitely recommend Lorex system cameras to others
It is a far better option compared to other brands of camera systems.

49 out of 313


Location: Norwalk,Ca

I love this system
Specially that you can watch it on any device.
Easy to install and operate.
Affordable price too.

50 out of 313


Location: Plano, TX

The quality of the pictures are great. Easy to use the app for Android phones. Easy install. Wish it would have included at least 1 longer cable.

51 out of 313


Location: Miami, fl

We recently purchased this product and it works great! The quality is great, even at night.

52 out of 313


Location: Canada

Purchased september 2016
good product quality / price : Very easy install and setup for both installing the cameras . Hardest part of the install was running the cables
Very clear 1080p HD picture
2 TB harddrive included
Easy to install and setup
Decent night vision with IR's

60' ft cables could be longer
Motion detection is mediocre

53 out of 313


Location: Canada

Purchased June 2016
Very easy install and setup for both installing the cameras and setting up the app on an iPhone! Hardest part of the install was running the cables in the attic....well, wouldn't really say it was 'hard', just very hot up there and it wasn't easy to get to the corners of the house as the roof pitch narrows down and you're crawling on your stomach on the trusses as you're being careful where to place your feet and hands! Would definitely recommend.

Very clear 1080p HD picture
2 TB harddrive included
Easy to install and setup
Decent night vision with IR's

60' ft cables could be longer
Motion detection is mediocre

54 out of 313


Location: Brimfield, MA

We purchased the LHV2000 series in June of 2016. The clarity of the video and live view is excellent. Was in touch with the support team while setting up the system. They were extremely helpful and more than patient! If you are in the market for a security system, you need not look any further. I would recommend this system.

55 out of 313


Location: California

Been very happy with the quality of the product so far. The cameras do a great job of capturing HD views and the night vision works very well also.
Can't beat the price either.

56 out of 313


Location: Calgary, Alberta

Overall the camera system is excellent. Easy to install. Linking to the cell phone application took a bit of time but nothing major. The image quality is excellent. Buying this product was the right choice for me.

57 out of 313


Location: Toronto, Canada

Great system! This system was very easy to install and setup. I am very pleased with the resolution and night vision capabilities. Phone app works well and remote connection is easy to establish.

58 out of 313


Location: Indiana

I an now very happy with my system LHV2000 since Lorex contacted me and explained the oversight.
I received a new camera the next day .

59 out of 313


Location: Texas

Best quality service I have seen yet. I have Swannview at home and the quality is not at clear and as fine as Lorex. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends

60 out of 313


Location: Olmypia, Washington

Over all one of the best systems I have used or set up. The email is a little tricky after I figured out that it was not the product but my router issues however Lorex can't help with all network issues as it can be multiple things affecting the connection. My best advice is to turn on port forwarding in your router if you are not able to get email notifications from the system. The system comes ready out of the box and is overall a very good product. I bought the LVH 2000 series from Costco with 8 cameras. The only downfall to the system are the channels are split in to groups of 4 i.e. 1-4 and 5-8 which means it will not handle full 30 FPS (Frames per second or real-time recording on all 8 channels) I would like the device to handle 30 FPS per second on all 8 channels but it just wont allow it. Has to do with the limits in the video processor. A higher end system would probably allow for this but for $600.00 this is a really good system.

61 out of 313


Location: livingston

installed this in my lake house. great resolution. really like to watch the fish in the green light off the dock at night when I am not there. can use my computer or my phone.

the only downside (minor) is that the wireless cameras are quite expensive.

other than that the system works great.

62 out of 313


Location: Philadelphia, PA

Easy to install and set up, crystal clear 1080p video, phone app allows easy monitoring of my home. Love it.

63 out of 313


Location: Home

Installed a week ago all went well on installing fairly easy to install. Camera resolution is awesome using 4cameras now will be adding at least 2 more with pan and tilt camera. Have already recommended to friends one has gone and bought one we are going to install next week. Have been very pleased

64 out of 313


Location: Brampton

So far so good the camera

65 out of 313


Location: Canada

The system shows nice clear picture. Easy set up was nice. The receiver is a little bit loud. I would recommend and have already.
Mark Lavoie

66 out of 313


Location: Gb kent

Cannot get to view my cameras on my mobile. Finding it so hard to set up . Thinking of giving up.

We?re sorry to hear you are having difficulty with the apps. Here is a link to the full manual if you don?t have it already, it may be useful to you: Our technical support team would also be happy to help you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 10pm EST.

67 out of 313


Location: Houston,tx

i am going for one year with my security system and i love it! the picture is so clear and easy to use/play back. I just had a issue with my dvr and Lorex corp. sent me a new one no hassle. i am up and going again . thanks Lorex

68 out of 313


Location: San Jose, California

Ease of installation, reliable, ease of use, and QUALITY - this system is hands down the winner. If you aren't quite ready for a PoE HD system, this hybrid 1080p is your answer. The Flir Cloud makes access SIMPLE and easy. You will be up and running in minutes without any port forwarding or any other nonsense to get in your way. Smart phone, tablet, computer - The Lorex Software makes this the system to get. Trust me, I've hand experience with many other brands and this one finally hits it out of the park.

69 out of 313


Location: Oly Wa

I initially hooked up 3 cameras. Got them installed and connected to the DVR. The DVR wouldn't display on my TV, it's about 10 yrs old and is a 720P HD TV. The DVR is a 1020P HD. So I installed the app on my phone. I was able to see the cameras through the app, but the problem with that was the app doesn't allow you to search large times of recording, and I had an incident I needed to go back and look at. Was a little frustrated, then pulled a computer monitor from the garage and connected it. Worked like a champ. The DVR would've allowed me to go back over a week. Overall, it's a good quality system and works great. Especially like the night vision capability. Just wish the app allowed you to see a little more of the recorded times.

70 out of 313


Location: Clinton ms.

I had lhv2016 system,had little problem but customer service,tech.service helped me lot.finally they replaced me with lhv 2216,which is very good dvr I lorex. They stand behind their products.

71 out of 313


Location: Home

Purchased this to replace an aging ZMODO (non-HD) CCTV system. WOW! Night and day - the quality is just amazing! I was really blown away by it. I've included a before/after picture that shows one of the cams I replaced. The best part is it still uses the old BNC cables so in most cases you don't have to run new cables. I did have 4 of my previous cams that were run with some unusually cheap BNC cables that had some slight ghosting in the picture.

72 out of 313


Location: New Braunfels, Texas

I purchased an 8 camera HD Lorex system model #LHV828 on 7-716. The installation was easy except for the digging and placement of the cables. Cords to cameras and cords to the box were a dream. I was surprised to find no manual in the box, but the download online was simple. The system is intuitive and simple to operate. I was really happy to see the quality of video from the cameras, even at night. It blows away everything else I have seen in other business'. The cameras cover my entire 1/2 acre complex very well. The only downside was that one of the cameras was bad out of the box. However, I give LOREX two thumbs up! (:>).

73 out of 313


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Very easy system to configure. Hardest part is getting wires pulled to camera locations. Great tech support for setting up remote viewing. Definite recommend!

74 out of 313


Location: QC

J'ai acheté un ensemble de 6 caméras à 1080p avec un enregistreur digital de 2 TO. Très facile à installer et fonctionne à la perfection.

I bought a bundle of 6 cameras at 1080p with a DVR of 2 TB. Easy to install and works perfectly.

75 out of 313


Location: California

I purchased the Lorex system in March of 2016 that has 12 cameras. One of the cameras did not work and one of the power adapters had to be replaced. Once they were replaced the system is actually quite simple to use. I like the convenience of being able to access the system via iPhone, iPad and PC.

76 out of 313


Location: Canada

Great system for the money cameras work great and easy to install, the lorex flir cloud is a nightmare and you cant get tech support, so have an electrical engineer handy and a software programer handy because thats what is has taken to get it working

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you further with this. Please don't hesitate to call us again if you need to 1-877-755-6739.

77 out of 313


Location: ca

excellent customer service and product information from Lorex. I would recommend this product to anyone in need of plug and play security system.

78 out of 313


Location: Florida

I have had the system for 80+ days and the hard drive\DVR failed. It reboots every 5 minutes. Called customer service the first time and the problem was fix for 3 hours then same symptoms. Called 2nd time and waited on hold for 1 hour. After troubleshooting with the customer service rep, he claimed it was fixed only needed the DVR to be re-formatted. 5 minutes after we hung up same issues. Called back and waited another 1.5 hours on hold and was told that they would replace the unit. So basically I have cameras installed around my house that basically don't work. It's been 2 weeks since my first call and I'm still waiting. I should just rip everything out and return it to the store and buy a much better rated security system. I will say that when it was functioning properly, the only bad thing about it was the app always crashed. But the system was decent for the price. You get what you pay for.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We hope the replacement is working well for you.

79 out of 313


Location: PR

Easy to install and great definition. Hard to set up the internet view part of it. "Flir Cloud".

80 out of 313


Location: Tucson, AZ

I have experienced excellent customer service and product information from Lorex. I would recommend this product to anyone in need of plug and play security system.

81 out of 313


Location: san diego, ca

Installed this in my warehouse and have had ZERO complaints. Works both indoors and outdoors and great vision at night. Really satisfied for the price - cant beat it!

82 out of 313


Location: Canada

I have only just bought my system. Upon testing I found one camera not functioning but the warranty is such that it was replaced by the company I bought it from without any trouble.

I found the setup simple as well as the installation. It remains only to wait for the next break-in at the acreage.

83 out of 313


Location: Little Rock

I bought it 10 months ago from Costco for $400.00, it was a bargain.
The security cameras are easy to install, I already had the wiring from the old one, it was rather a fast replacement. The picture quality is excellent, the picture has more coverage due to its wide lens. The connections are industry standard. It was an inexpensive system for 2MP cameras.
I used the IPad and IPhone to monitor as well as the TV set.
Over all I am happy with the system and best that remote monitor is up all time via IPhone or IPad, rarely down.

84 out of 313


Location: Kansas

I bought this system to upgrade my old analog system. I already had four cameras that were added to this system, so I was up and running in very short time. That is when the headache started. I followed the instructions for setting up a Lorex DDNS and couldn't get it to work, so I used their live chat system to talk to tech support. Tech support told me not to waste my time doing a DDNS because scanning the QR code on the top of the box into the FLIR Cloud app was the easiest way to set everything up. She explained that there was no need to do any port forwarding or worry about IP changes with the FLIR Cloud app. I spent a day trying to get the FLIR Cloud app to work with not luck. Contacted Tech support again and the guy told me that my internet speed was too slow so the FLIR Cloud app was not going to be an option for me. He was able to remote into my computer and assist with setting up the email alerts. Turns out it was really easy to do and I could have easily done it myself in a few seconds if they had included instructions on what all needed done. However, the instructions that were provided lacked a couple of key steps. After two days of trying to get this system set up so I could monitor the cameras remotely and being told my internet was too slow to do it, I went into my router and forwarded the necessary ports. This took me about five minutes and I was able to view my camera's just like I had on my previous system. Just for giggles I checked the FLIR Cloud app and found it worked just fine after the ports were forwarded.

The clarity of the camera's and the ability of the system are great for the price you pay. The night vision is good for about 20' rather than the 100' they advertise, but I expected that, as anyone paying this amount for a system should.

Overall I like the system and would recommend it to anyone looking for an economical system with good clarity. However, I would caution you that the instructions are one step above worthless and you may need to know how to forward ports and set up your network to work with the system despite their claims that you don't need to take those steps.

85 out of 313


Location: Where house

I brought this system from. Amazon. It works good. My Dvr went. Bad. In two week. Must be one of those thing with electronic.

86 out of 313


Location: indianapolis in 46237 usa

it works good for two week after install. dvr have some problem it not working now

87 out of 313


Location: Bradford, UK

Very good quality of videos, easy setup/plug n play. Setting up remote viewing a little tricky.

88 out of 313


Location: Riverside, California

I purchased system from Costco which made contacting tech support through Costco Concierge a lot easier for setting up DVR for local viewing and remote viewing of cameras. Actual camera system set up was easy since it is just plug and play and was able to install in about an hour. Good picture quality but had hoped the cameras came with zoom in feautres as on a Nightowl system. Had some issues with the DVR rebooting every so often by itself and recently had remote viewing problems which was finally resolved after contacting Costco Concierge and Lorex.

89 out of 313


Location: Spokane

Going on 5 days of no follow up with tech support. People need to be able to call, while in front of a system, for technical issues. So I am guessing I will get a call eventually, hopefully I am on site...Camera video seems pretty good.

Our apologies, we have been experiencing a longer than usual wait time and we're working to improve this. Please reply to our email for further assistance. Thank you.

90 out of 313


Location: Kentucky

Easy to set up, with a little help from my networking son. Good quality picture on all cameras. Nite vision quality not the greatest but ok. The motion detection picks up a lot of unwanted motion. Not quite perfected that yet.

91 out of 313


Location: home

The system is working well so far.
Pro: Easy setup, price, good resolution.
Con: BNC cable need at least 100ft long. I have to pay extra 4 extension cable to meet the end. Need redesign mount cam. This system will need to mount the base on top so you can adjust the cam up, down, left, right. If you mount direct to the wall then then the cam will only adjust up and down. If you try to move on left or right, you will get curve view. I have to create the base so i can mount the way it should.

92 out of 313


Location: work

I installed these cameras at my office and factory. Straight forward and simple hookup and setup. The only problem was with their tech support. They are not too bright. I was having problems with my internet changing ip addresses and they didn't know about setting up a ddns. I had to tell them and then the walked me through it.
I have called a few times for tech support and been on the phone sometimes for more than 1 1/2 hours. Not really acceptable

the product is good. The app on the phone and tablet is good.
the customer service is adequate but time consuming.

93 out of 313


Location: Newfoundland,Canada

I am ao glad i purchased the lorex LVH 2000 . Install went very easy
Had an issue with connecting with my smart phone, called tech support and was happy with the service Erica gave me. Dont be intimatated by instslling it yourself . Goes very easy

Happy customer

94 out of 313


Location: Veracruz, Mexico

Lamento haber adquirido este sistema del cual esperaba un mayor y eficiente soporte técnico el cual, al menos para Mexico es inexistente, todos los medios para comunicarse no funcionan.

95 out of 313


Location: L.A, CA

I purchased my system from and am very happy with it. Installation was simple and straight forward.
Their FLIR Cloud app is perfect for monitoring your home while you are away.
The only thing that is a little difficult to get a hang of is the "on-screen" tools and settings configuration.

96 out of 313


Location: Michigan USA

I purchased my Lorex system from costco its very reliable and user friendly easy to install, the picture quality is amazing i also used Lorex website to purchase two 125 ft cable and got a good discount on my first purchase the customer service are very knowledgeable im very pleased, Lorex is my number one choice 5 Stars *****

97 out of 313


Location: Washington

I upgraded from a q-see and am 100% satisfied with the ease in setup and the quality of the HD cameras. One of the most important uses is to connect via iPhone, which was impossible with the other brand. Dealing with port forwarding was a pain, and completely impossible for me when I switched to the AirPort Extreme. The remote monitoring with the lorex was simple and quick. I am happy I switched.
The only con that I have is some minor intermittent flickering in the display.

98 out of 313


Location: Laval, Quebec, Canada

Produit de bonne très qualité, image très claire. Il manque de français dans votre site internet canadien. Domage pour nous francophone

99 out of 313


Location: California

These are amazing cameras, and come with a great sized DVR to record all the footage.

We got the 8 camera system with the 2tb hard drive. We will never be away from the house long enough to fill the dvr so I'm confident if I need to view any of my footage I will be good to go.

The video quality is awesome and the options to view the video is super easy. I love that I can use the app on my phone to view the cameras while I'm away and take screen shots of necessary. The cameras themselves are easy to aim once installed.

My only complaint is that one of my cameras is defective so I have to return it for another.

100 out of 313


Location: Bakersfield, CA.

I had a system from different maker about 5 years old and needed an upgrade. Checked around and this was best quality for the money. Got it at Costco and had no problems on the install but one camera had a problem with the infrared sensor but I am still giving five stars because of quality and customer support. Great value and buying another to install on my father-in-laws house.

101 out of 313


Location: New Jersey

Truly high definition, this system looks and functions great. The instructions for the install and setup process were easy to follow. The android app works great, as well. We have had our system up and running for about 5 months now and the only problem we ran into was the live view via the mobile apps. After a couple months it would no longer work, but I called up customer service and they were able to walk me through the process of setting up the DDNS service and we have been fine since then. I recommend setting that up from the start, to anyone looking to purchase any system. It takes a few extra steps but It will just benefit you in the long run.

102 out of 313


Location: Livermore, CA

I initially installed only 4 of the 8 cameras because installing wired cameras in the front yard required a lot more effort and a way to protect the wiring from vandalism. Just 5 weeks after installation, we caught two criminals drive into our complex, park, and then one got out and started going from car to car checking for doors that were not locked. When they got to one where they were able to pop the trunk, as well, they grabbed and took off with a large bag full of goods. The imagery on the camera was fantastic and we were able to transfer the video to a USB stick and hand it off to the police who (we hope) are running this dirt bag's face through their database. Needless to say, I went out the next day and figured out how to run the wires out front, protect them, and mount the remaining cameras. Everything worked right out of the box and I would give it a 5 except for two things: the interface is not very intuitive--still struggling to figure out how to use some of the features; and as someone else mentioned, the connections on the back of the DVR or so close together that it takes some patience, some small fingers, and a pair of needle-nose pliers to secure the connectors so that they won't fall off when bumped. So far, though, neither are show stoppers. Now I'm considering adding a wireless camera so that I can get coverage a little further from the house without having to run wires.

103 out of 313


Location: Los Gatos, ca

I had to turn it off as It won't stop beeping every three or four minutes. Can't seem to change my password. I have sent a contact message to customer service, but have not received a reply. I was happy with it until that beeping started.

Thank you for your feedback. We have replied to your request. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

104 out of 313


Location: Atlanta, GA

Overall, this system was a good purchase. Good quality video. Fairly straight forward to use. Like other reviewers state, DVR is loud. I did not get used to it. Had to put it in a closet so I don't have to hear the loud hum of the fan. Getting cameras wired is a bit cumbersome. There are places I'd like cameras, but wiring just doesn't work for the location, so that is a drawback. And at night, close up camera images are great, but if the subject is really far away…it's a bit harder to depict.

Setting the tolerance for motion is a bit tricky. I have trees with a lot of shadows moving with the wind. It always calls it motion. That leaves a lot of viewing that is not really motion.

105 out of 313


Location: Mexico

Un error comprar estos productos en Mexico, la atención al cliente no existe y cuando uno trata de hacerlo a través de la pagina web no es practico ni util, imposible efectuarla.

106 out of 313


Location: Tracy, CA

Purchased my LVH828 from Costco and a few months later had a company install for me. The cameras are good and the separate screen I got to display the cameras all the time helps. This is a great deterent for someone thinking about trying something at my house. The cameras are placed pretty weel and hopefully I'll learn soon how to navigate through the recordings. I think if I were to order again I would opt for the larger unit. This one is max 8 cameras and I used all of them. The VCR is a bit noisey but anything can get used to. I have peace of mind that I can see whats going on.

107 out of 313


Location: Mahopac, NY

We had a client purchase this system and asked us to install and provide support. The installation was as would be expected, we ran our own wires and used the provided cameras and DVR.
We were definitely surprised with the video quality out of this analog system. It really gives a crisp clear image.
The only drawback is that the system forces you to use the Lorex DDNS rather than another DDNS solution. Also for mobile viewing it took some time to find a compatible app.

108 out of 313


Location: Washington State

We are replacing this unit for a second time (third unit), and what a pain it is to replace. First you must go through technical support (technical support is rather reasonable); then once they get approval to replace it begins the never ending drama with customer support to replace the unit. You are told they will contact you in 24 hours for shipping information. After two days (both times) I called them, on hold for 45 minutes waiting for them to answer. But that is just the beginning, customer service tells you it will take 10 to 14 days to get shipping information (even if "you" are paying for the express shipment). If you ask to talk to a supervisor, then you get to hold for another hour, to be told the same thing over again. If you request the call back so you are not on hold, expect a call > 4 hours later.

The product is good when it works, but problem is for us the first one worked for a few months and the second one for a few weeks (replaced it with a refurbished rather than a new unit. their bust).

There customer service is the worst I have ever encountered.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. Your replacement is shipping to you now.

109 out of 313


Location: California

I bought my Lorex LHV828 at Costco for home security monitoring. The video quality is okay for my purpose and using Flir Cloud on my iOS phone to monitor my home is awesome but I did experience that I could not connect through Flir so I have to turn off the power switch then turn on again to reset the unit to connect to flir again. I also gave this 4 star because the unit is noisy and it only can record up to 1080p at 30fps in channel 1 and 5, the other channel 2,3,4,6,7 & 8 is only up to 1080p at 7fps or turn it down to 720p at 15fps. The other way to do it is set all the channels to record 1080p at 15fps.

This is a good product for the price especially when it's on sale at Costco.

110 out of 313


Location: Colorado

I have written programs to monitor various areas leveraging old web cans and other video cameras. The ease of use on the interface is a relaxing change from having to write code. The video capabilities is fantastic and the ability to create zones to monitor are a great touch. Installation of the cameras is something you have to think about. Making sure all your hot spots are covered is key in any successful installation.

Their product is easy to setup on the software side but if you are not familiar with running wire I would suggest getting some helpnfrom a friend who is. It is not too difficult but it does require planning.

111 out of 313


Location: Calexico, CA

Purchased my product LHV2000 from Costco, very pleased with the quality so far. Love the smart phone application where you can see live video from all cameras anywhere. Vivid color and clear video during daytime, including playback and search. Night time vision is superb. Easy installation and quick configuration. This product is affordable and provides security and peace of mind 24/7. I give this product 5 Stars *****

112 out of 313


Location: Hawthorne

Good product and easy to install and use. Customer service is good too but average wait time was 20 mins for someone to answer.

113 out of 313


Location: New Jersey

Lorex, makes a great , reliable product that is very user friendly and easy to install . No special tools are needed and anyone can install this system.
This Lorex kits come packaged with everything you will need plus a simple "step by step" set up guide.
This product has excellent High definition cameras that can be viewed anywhere via smart phone app or laptop.
Most of all this product is affordable and provides upmost security and peace of mind when you are away. I give this product 5 Stars *****

114 out of 313


Location: Bellflower, CA

Purchased my product (LHV2828) from Costco, very please with the quality so far. Clear picture, easy to configure, once it located my router, everything configured automatically. I'm replacement my current system which was Q-see with Lorex. Configuring Lorex was easy compare to Q-see, anyone can do it. I did get a broken camera in my box and the support staff was awesome, waiting to get support over the phone was way too long (waited 25 minutes), one star less on rating. Once I got someone to process my replacement it was breeze. I'm still waiting for my replacement which I was told it will take 14 days. So far I'm happy, I even bought one for my daughter. Hopefully, Lorex will last longer than the Q-see did.

115 out of 313


Location: Vista

I have been very happy with the lorex lhv2000 series I purchased. It was easy to set up and the flir cloud app is easy to use. The camera picture quality is great. I started have trouble connecting to the system just after one year of purchasing it, and through the support line it was determined that the hard drive was no longer functioning properly. Even though I was two weeks past the warranty period, lorex replaced the unit for me.

116 out of 313


Location: las vegas

equipment died 1 month after 1 year warranty. they wont replace. want same price as a new unit to replace. poor customer support. press 1 for english. i would hope they can speak it clearly

Our apologies for any difficulty you may have experienced. We are happy to have resolved this for you.

117 out of 313


Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Very easy to set up.
Mobile connection was a breeze.
Great picture quality.

118 out of 313


Location: Bellevue, WA

We got this product for our small business office from Costco. The camera themselves are working great. However, there are areas that need improvements as:

1. Hardware:
On the back of the main base control, eight connectors (connect to cameras) are so close that it is very hard to plug in and twist.
Since this is an analog camera set, it camera has one video cable and one power cable. Hence lots of messy wires in the back of the system. The newer version which uses PoE is highly recommended; not only for the cleanness, but also the easy of wire running.

2. Software:
Need lots of improvements. When you set the new password from the default, after you reboot from some of the required actions, your password has been reset it back to default!!!???
The virtual keyboard is like a joke, specially using the mouse (only input option) to enter any data .....
The firmware upgrade is required by UBS only!!! While the machine is always connected to the internet, can't it be easier to update firmware via internet?
The camera resolution is 1080, ok enough but nowadays should go higher.
The interface resolution is quite bad. Even HDMI cable is included, but when we plug it in the back of our Smart TV, the resolution can NOT be support. We have to get the old monitor with serial cable to be able to view!!!!!

I have already run my wires, so I could not be able to return the product or exchange for the newer version (using PoE). Recommended this product? I sure don't. And I guess Lorex should not sell this product any more; instead promote the newer version.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with your system set up and settings. Please give us a call at 1-877-755-6739.

119 out of 313


Location: Nowhere

Good product but I had it for about 2 months and the screen just wouldn't take power so they sent me a new one

120 out of 313


Location: Miami, FL

Simple, easy to install, no fuss. Didn't touch the instructions and it worked out of the box. Cameras feel very flimsy and they are made of plastic. As always photos on the box don't reflect actual quality of the product. This is an economic system so I accepted that fact. Image is pretty good and stable and I have noticed some lines across all cameras but haven't looked into it. All cords come same length. It would be better to have a couple of shorter ones and add that length of cord to other cords. In almost every install there will be closer and further away cameras. Maybe even include a kit to customize length of cables. Flir Cloud view is not working. I guess it needs some router setup since it is using an IP address. I thought it would do that with the DVR's software reporting IP and valid port to servers. I'll call on that too. Remote viewing works fine. Zoom works fine. Managing the DVR is VERY outdated software, clicking your way around the menu with a tiny toy-like mouse included although I have seen worse on other DVR's. Mail alerts have not worked, always error. Setting sensitivity to minimum on motion alerts doesn't stop rain from triggering it. Oh, yeah, DVR has noisy fan. Why can't the system backup to a network share? Why can't it download firmware from the internet? It is connected... Definitely would say the software on the DVR is one of the weakest points here. Also, would be nice to be able to disable LED's on some cameras upon dark since it is better for some scenarios if those LED don't turn on with low light conditions. I got the system at Costco. It was 500 dollars for an 8 system DVR. Not a bad deal.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your system. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with any issues you are experiencing. Please give us a call at 1-877-755-6739.

121 out of 313


Location: HOBE SOUND, FL

I have to say in todays market, customer support is really on the downfall, buy not with this company. I had an issues recently and called customer support, the rep was on her game, she took over my computer remotely and walked me through the problem and not only corrected the issues buy showed me how to use their program. She was friendly and informative along with being very patient. Best of all no charge for her service. I highly recommend this product and this company.

122 out of 313


Location: New Jersey

This was a great investment. Was not difficult to install (since I have a live in Electrician). I did not receive the user manual but was able to download it from the web. My only issue is that the C is displayed on screen all the time and from the manual that indicates constant recording even though I have all cameras set to motion record. Overall great product and good quality picture. Easy to use even without reading entire manual.

123 out of 313


Location: New Jersey

This was a great investment. Was not difficult to install (since I have a live in Electrician). I did not receive the user manual but was able to download it from the web. My only issue is that the C is displayed on screen all the time and from the manual that indicates constant recording even though I have all cameras set to motion record. Overall great product and good quality picture. Easy to use even without reading entire manual.

124 out of 313


Location: 3028 225th Ave Williamsburg, Ia

Good price from Costco. Sheriff department amazed at clear picture. Had defective VCR replaced after trying alternate checking.
Technicians have been very helpful with my concerns

125 out of 313


Location: Washington DC

My previous review stated, "Wish doing and undoing that were easier, or that I could do it from the phone app." Turns out I can activate and deactivate the motion detect feature from the phone app, and fairly easily. Sorry about that Lorex, I'm still learning about all the features!

126 out of 313


Location: Washington DC

Not too difficult to install. Got the FLIR app on my phone and can look in from anywhere I have service. Even set one of the cameras up to motion detect and send an email along with a snapshot. Wish doing and undoing that were easier, or that I could do it from the phone app.

127 out of 313


Location: California

Decent value for the money. Pros: Cheap, easy setup, good pic quality, good iphone, ipad viewing Cons: Sometimes it will not load the video to your apps or missing a camera, slow to load...not good when you hear a sound and want to see whats happening, with all 8 cameras it slows the system, DVR is very noisy, I had a camera go out...its just a hassle to troubleshoot and get replaced.

For the price under $500 its your best bet. But not recommended for mission critical needs.

128 out of 313


Location: Canada

I brought this LHV2008 system from Costco. It works great. The setup is easy. Online information cover all what I want to learn.

129 out of 313


Location: KS

Cameras are easy to install and get running. If you leave everything at default it just takes a few hours. The longest part of the process is getting all the configs set the way you want.

130 out of 313


Location: CA - California

Installation was a snap. I made a few mistakes but that's normal. Now I just need to take the time and learn more about the features.

131 out of 313


Location: Mexico

Insulation was straightforward and every feature I've tried to use has worked as advertised. I did have some confusion about configuring mail alerts and technical support was remarkably friendly and helpful.

132 out of 313


Location: Fort Worth

I purchased this system from bestbuy . The picture quality and the wide angle is really awesome compared to my previous cameras .

133 out of 313


Location: California

This systems has more features and capabilities than expected. Motion detection configuration and other recording features are very flexible. Network access seems to work well. Documentation is weak, can be confusing and sometimes has conflicting information. The DVR configuration, FLIR PC application and the Android app have very different screens, which extends the time needed to learn the system. Tech support seems to be good for basic questions, but they struggle with more complex issues. The system itself seems very capable and should sever my needs well.

134 out of 313


Location: Here

Lorex by flir 4 cam 1tb is a fantastic system but the flir secure app and their subscription service needs some work. When I told the tech I signed up for cloud she said I was the first person she knew to get the rapid recap service. Things got worse from there. Can't access recap at all once I called customer service. But they did respond 24 hrs later. Lorex and flir obviously have no communication between each other

135 out of 313


Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Lorex camera system was purchased at Best Buy and is the LHV2008 DVR with 4, 1080p Ultra-Wide Cameras. The cameras are amazing and clarity of picture is what you expect at 1080p, crystal clear! The system was easy to setup on my network and mobile app. Easily works remotely with their easy bar code setup feature. I'm not looking forward to the wiring part and mounting outside, but I wouldn't buy any other brand!! I also use them at our work as well. Great product!!!

136 out of 313


Location: Montréal, Qc

Good quality. Easy to install. Bit complicated to configure everything properly. Tech support helped me. The fan is noisy. Apps on iPad does not register the changes successfully.

137 out of 313


Location: Arkansas

I purchased this system to keep an eye on things around my house. Installation was very simple, had one issue with getting email notifications and I called tech support, they walked me through the steps and in a few minutes, had things up and running. The FLIR app is excellent, one of the simplest set ups I have ever seen with barcode scanning. Purchased at Sam's Club, pricing was very reasonable, did a lot of shopping and comparison of different options, it is best I have ever found for price. The cameras are excellent, wide angle cameras give you a extends view of area and picture and HD quality is excellent. The many recording options, give me many options and the 2TB had drive gives lots of hours of recording. I would recommend this system to anyone who wants a little more security options for their home or business!

138 out of 313


Location: California

I absolutely am satisfied with these Lorex cameras! This was my first time installing security cameras in my home and all I can say is that I am super impressed. The cameras were quite easy to install and connecting them to the recorder was also a breeze. The camera quality is great and they record quite a lot of space. I am overall very satisfied with this purchase and I highly recommend others to purchase this if they are looking for superior quality security cameras. Through the Flir Cloud app, you can also view the cameras on there. I tried it while at work, and the picture comes out super clear with no lag whatsoever.

139 out of 313


Location: Missouri

Been up and running for a few weeks now,So far so good....the cameras are clear, I can view the image anywhere I want on my phone (and don't have to pay a monthly fee to do so)

I'll need to revisit this in 6 months and see where we stand....but if everything do far has been any indication, it'll be A-OK

140 out of 313


Location: Greenville, SC

Bought this for my business.
I love it better than the video that is with my security system
I don't even monitor that any more since having these cameras up.
It is much smoother and quicker than the security monitors.

141 out of 313


Location: Edmonton

Honestly for the price the quilty of system is great. So is the customer service . Fast and easy to fix issue.

142 out of 313


Location: Tucson

Running the wires so they're hidden is then hardest part. It's a work in progress but I am super satisfied with the results and camer quality!

143 out of 313


Location: Ontario Canada

The product is very good. The only item is the unit is noisy as the fan runs all the time. Find a place to put it where you will not hear it.

144 out of 313


Location: Woodstock, NB

Excellent camera system, easy to use, easy to configure, tech support was helpful when needed.

145 out of 313


Location: California

Installed a 1080 HD 8 camera system purchased at Costco with the help of a friend. Took the Majority of one day choosing locations and mounting them on the house to make it look professional. Easy directions to follow and connect, and the HD picture is awesome. Definitely would recommend these to anyone and the price can't be beat.

146 out of 313


Location: California

Great system, found the clarity to be better then expected. I was able to get a license plate number of a car driving by. The software for my cell phone works really well. The clarity on my PC and IPad weren't as good as the moniter hooked to the unit itself, so would recommend a moniter tied to the DVR itself. Don't think that you can find a better unit for the price, excellent value.

147 out of 313


Location: Virginia

We purchased this system and installed it around our house. We are extremely pleased with both the quality of the picture and the ease of installations. The eight cameras are perfect for monitoring all entrances including the garage doors and walkways. The LED enhanced night vision of the cameras are better than expected.

148 out of 313


Location: Gladstone, OR

I had my alarm company install my system physically, then had my IT guy get the web connection up and running. It doesn't require a static IP, but was apparently a little quirky to install for on-line viewing. But once installed, it has been sweet, with home internal access over my firewall-protected WiFi, and remote access easy to setup at my office. Resolution is pretty good, and the night view is useable (albeit in black and white). The system only cost $500 for an 8-camera unit at Costco, though my install costs more than triple that. But for a non-mechaneek, well worth it. Yeah, I made that word up. Not mechanical and not a geek.

149 out of 313


Location: Edmonton

Had some trouble with the first unit, but, was able to work through an RMA replacement. The new unit appears to working fine. It took some fussing with the settings to get it just the way we wanted. Could use more explanation of the camera settings and the way snapshots actually work.

150 out of 313


Location: Tennessee

Purchased a complete system that included this DVR. Despite some early issues with not being able to receive push notifications and view cameras remotely via my mobile device when not connected to Wi-Fi, the customer support staff was very helpful in resolving the issues and the system appears to be working just fine now.

151 out of 313


Location: Walla Walla, WA

Great System. I purchased at Costco. Everything was in the box except a monitor. I hooked it up to our computer monitor and I just switch back and forth between inputs on the monitor menu when I want to look at the cameras or my desktop. Super easy. The clarity is amazing on the local monitor. I can see the picture at home but it's a little grainy. But the manual says they record a lower quality for transmission across the web. I've been very happy with this system so far.


152 out of 313


Location: Boynton Beach, Florida

''I am very impressed in the simplicity to connect the cameras to the DVR, Computer & smart devices. The pictures the cameras relay are extremely clear.'' "It is the easy installation ever done by my without any help from tech support, without to create a domain account". "It is so simple that you only have to scan the ID code in top of the DVR." Best system I ever had...

153 out of 313


Location: California

Just got the system and so far so good. I still need to figure out how to send emails.

154 out of 313


Location: Iowa

We bought this system to monitor out showroom and warehouse. We are very pleases with the clarity and quality. We have 12 cameras on our property. We had a camera go black the other day, I called customer service and they are sending a replacement unit. Very helpful.

155 out of 313


Location: Qc, Canada

Très bon produit. C'est la première fois que j'utilise ce genre de technologie. Il y a beaucoup de temps a faire pour maitriser tout le système. Heureux de voir qu'il y a un guide en français sur le site de Lorex (pas facile a trouver mais..). Pour un début cela me satisfait. J'aimes bien l'application ''Flir'' qui permet de voir sur men cell toute mes caméras et plus.

156 out of 313


Location: MEXICO


157 out of 313


Location: Houston

I received this unit less than a year ago. I purchased it through costco. The quality is great and the FLIR technology is great. However, I'm having to request a replacement already as its making a huge noise (I think the fan is out).

They are providing me a replacement as the unit is under warranty.

158 out of 313


Location: Langley, BC

Purchased from Costco, setup was easy, great quality, remote monitoring via FLIR Cloud works great! price was $399

159 out of 313


Location: Bakersfield ca

I have tried several other systems in the market , including wireless. And I have found this system to be affordable, simple and reliable. I highly recommend it to anyone who is starting out .

160 out of 313


Location: Maple Valley, WA

This is my first camera system. I think they cameras are good although one with a 180 view would be good. I would recommend for first system for sure - you can always change out the types of cameras I believe.

I agree with one other reviewer who posted that although 8 black 60 ft cables are enclosed, I think the system should include 6 60ft and 2 100 ft cables - and you should be able to select whether you want to buy black or white cables. I have had to reorder all the cables to have white ones to better match my house color. I am not putting the cables inside the walls.

I don't have all the cameras setup yet as I am waiting on the cables but did setup one plus the phone app and had no issues setting it up.

161 out of 313


Location: BocaRaton Fl

This is excellent home security system with this price. Easy to install and understand the feature. You can always watch everything on your IPhone also from anywhere.

162 out of 313


Location: Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Had some issue with remot access but the support agent was very helpful and went through the motions with me until it got resolved. So far no complaints.

163 out of 313


Location: Clayton California

I purchased the set from Costco. I am impressed with the quality of the camera images. It's easy to set up. Most of the hard work is setting up the cabling and determining location for each camera. I would recommend this for purchase.

I needed two 100 foot cables since the locations were beyond 60 feet which comes with the set. Suggest Lorex provide s couple of 100 foot cables vs. all 8 60 foot.

Otherwise no other issues.

164 out of 313


Location: Visalia, CA

I love my new system, it's easy to set up and install, my only concern is the life span of the cameras. I've installed several Lorex security camera systems in both residential and commercial applications and I never saw cameras with plastic housings, until I finally decided to get my own system. I'm worried that the plastic will sun rot and break over time. Other than that the picture quality is amazing. My system came with four ultra wide angle cameras which is achieved by utilizing a fish eye style lens so there's some curvature to the image, but it's nothing that prevents you from getting a crystal clear image. The night vision is also stellar on these cameras so there's no worrying about not capturing activity in even the darkest of nights. My job keeps me away from home for days at a time so the flir cloud app makes checking in on things easy and my wife feels safer being able to see who's outside our house without having to open the door.

I would really like to see Lorex go back to all metal camera bodies, in fact I would like mine replaced by I doubt that will happen. When it comes to home security, keep the cameras metal and charge me a few dollars more for the materials.

165 out of 313


Location: Hilo, HI

Really glad I made this purchase. It works great and customer service was extremely helpful and efficient when I had a set up question.

166 out of 313


Location: New Jersey

I purchased 8 camera package at Costco for $399 on sale.
upgraded an existing system to HD and boy what a big improvement in video quality.
Very easy setup although I did have issues with lorex web site and setting up DDNS service which was resolved by a very helpful support staff.
So far so good, system is up and running and I am very pleased with the quality.

167 out of 313


Location: Illinois

I am quite surprised about the quality of the system. I had my doubts because of the low price for the system. I have a system at my business that I also installed and it was 4000.00. I bought the LOREX system at Costco on sale for 400.00. I was quite surprised at the quality of the cameras. The video is very clear, the range and angle that they cover was quite surprising. The software is very user friendly and easy to use. The remote viewing is also great. I have it on my phone and tablet. How it will hold up in the future is yet to be seen, but what I have seen so far I am expecting it will do fine.

168 out of 313


Location: Stockton CA

I would definetely recommend this product . for peace of mind you can view your home from any device you have at your disposal. The only drawback is the installation if you have an awkward attic like I have.

169 out of 313


Location: Left Coast

Purchased from Amazon. Everything worked great. The FLIR was easy to load on both cell phones and computer. Instructions are fair but most operations are intuitive. Purchased extra 100 foot cables but no connectors were supplied. Had to order separately. Otherwise would have been 5 stars!!

170 out of 313


Location: Woodbury, MN

Everything worked out of the box. No issues so far.

171 out of 313


Location: Portland,Oregon

Everything seems to work right out of the box, camera's are light but look well made

172 out of 313


Location: Nebraska

I bought the unit at COSTCO. I took it home and setup the DVR & 8 cameras on a folding table. I hooked everything up and everything worked fine. I got it setup on my Windows 10, my iPad & my iPhone. After 24 hours all was still well. I went up in the HOT Attic and ran the wires and installed the 8 cameras. 3 inside, and 5 outside. If I can do it anyone can.
No problems at all/ It was the LHV828 DVR plus 8 cameras from COSTCO.

173 out of 313


Location: Tampa, FL

Incredible 1080p camera's. The remote viewer app is excellent. Night vision is ok, not great, but will do. The cameras are sturdy but made of plastic. Very good value for the money. $399 at Costco. DVR fan is loud else the system would have received 5 stars. Highly recommend over Swann which has a terrible remote viewer.

174 out of 313


Location: Texas

The Lorex DVR system is excellent. In the past I have used Qsee for my home security needs. There is no comparison to the quality you get for Lorex as opposed to Qsee. The resolution is great quality and helps me to keep an eye on things quicker. Very satisfied overall.

175 out of 313


Location: Pelham, AL

After using another similar system, and having so many problems with it, I decided to try something different. i purchased a system very similar to the one I had/have, used it to find my problem on the other one, then converted completely to this system. The Lorex LHV2000-Series equipment seems to be better quality than the other system I was using. I liked the remote better on the other system, but for dependability, the Lorex exceeds in quality. Both companies use the little plug-in power supplies for the system, but the Lorex doesn't seem to overheat like the other brand. The only complaint I have about the little self-contained plug-in power supply is that the prongs for the AC plug faces the wrong direction, meaning that the plug-in has a tendency to droop or fall out of the outlet.
The overall picture is nice and clear, but not very smooth via remote access (from the cloud). It could be that I just haven't had time to figure out how to smooth the picture results.
I am well pleased with the ease of use, even though I had to have help in the set-up. I found the instructions a little difficult to follow, and had a difficult time getting it registered.
The other product, which cost more, only provided 6 cameras, and this one supplied all 8 cameras. My feeling is that the Lorex LHV2000-Series is a better buy for minimal difference in quality between the 2 products. I am a much happier person now.

176 out of 313


Location: Roswell, Georgia, USA

I purchased the 16 channel version of the LHV2000-Series DVRs (LHV22162T) and, so far, its the best analog DVR I have purchased/used. Previously, I have purchased or worked with analog DVRs from Swann, Q-See, Zmodo and DigiMerge (including several different DVR models from each of the foregoing vendors). Although there is a small learning curve with this model Lorex DVR, I have found it easier to customize/configure via the Lorex/Flir software applications (although I would prefer if the dynamic dns settings would allow for a service other than the Lorex dynamic dns). Another positive of this series DVR is the fact that it supports all of the current (and the latest/newer) analog 1080p cameras sold by Lorex (of which is a problem when working with 1080p Swann DVRs and cameras).

One item of concern for me with this unit is that it will occasionally reboot itself for no apparent reason and then continue to reboot itself every 5-10 minutes until I recycle the power to the unit. In reading several of the other reviews for this series DVR, it appears that this problem is somewhat pervasive for this series DVR (or that the cause is simply due to a camera with low power or a bad connection that the DVR takes as a fault and then enters the reboot cycle). As the unit "beeps" each time it reboots and I can't disable same, my dogs unfortunately suffer when the DVR starts the multiple re-boot cycle). After changing out/re-sorting the power adapters for each of my cameras two (2) weeks ago, and reshuffling the BNC connections on the unit, the re-booting issue has not yet resurfaced (and if you have a LHV2000-Series DVR and are dealing with the rebooting issues, try same).

With respect to the Lorex 1080p cameras I am using with this system, they are far superior to the Swann cameras or other generic cameras I have used in the past. As they work well with my LHV2000-Series DVR, I can honestly say that, so far, this is the best analog 1080p DVR that I have used/worked with.

177 out of 313


Location: Sacramento

The system is great. Nice picture quality. Very easy to view the live pictures on a phone. Love it. Wish it could be viewed on a computer from other places. Overall, very great system...

Thank you for your feedback. You can view it on your computer. Please find the system manual under the Downloads tab of this page and see section 16 "Connecting to Your System Over the Internet on PC or Mac"

178 out of 313


Location: Warren, Michigan

After lengthy research and a few friends recommendations I bought this system to replace an older non-recording system. It came with 8 cameras, 16 channels and much to my surprise my old system works flawlessly with the Lorex BNC connected DVR. So now I have 14 cameras. Installation was a breeze, plug and play simplicity. Super easy to mount and even easier to position the cameras once mounted. Picture detail and resolution are incredible and sharp. Night vision is excellent. Downloaded 167 page owners manual which covers everything you need to know.
One warning though. If you need more cameras spend the money on Lorex cameras. I bought two Night Owl cameras for $44 on sale to go with this system and they are terrible! Easy to install and all that but the quality compared to Lorex side by side on the screen is VERY noticeable and not in a good way. I also switched those cameras with a Lorex to make sure it wasn't the cable quality. Nope, Night Owl brand just doesn't hold a candle to Lorex. Spend the dough on Lorex products and you won't be disappointed.
I have not tested the camera's longevity and durability in extreme cold weather here in Michigan yet, however my friend has had his Lorex system for 3 years now and they operate as good as new.

179 out of 313


Location: Wisconsin

I bought this product to secure the perimeter of my home and it does what is advertised. I have not tested the camera's longevity and durability in extreme cold weather here in Wisconsin yet. Overall, the quality of the video is good and the system functionality for accessing over internet is satisfactory. The system installation was very straight forward and took me less than 2 hours to run all the cables and fix the cameras. The night vision is also pretty good.

180 out of 313


Location: bradford uk

its a great system to have I have had it for around months now and its a pleasure to own this I had swan before this but it wasn't as good as this so if you are planning of buying a product buy this I highly recommend it.

and the customer service is really great they help you until the problem gets solved.

181 out of 313


Location: Sparks ,NV

We had the LHV2008 /wide lens installed professionally.A bit much to hardline them in for my skill level.So far we really like the system.Clear HD and great night vision.Really easy to install Flir Secure and begin getting images over mobile devices.Haven't had it long enough to drill thru all the menus yet .Cancelled the mobile motion alerts right away as they were constantly sending alerts, need more time to customize this feature and others.Sadly, many others have reported,....this dvr is LOUD..!!
Maybe it is the fan they are using?We can hear it in other rooms is distracting ...

182 out of 313


Location: Texas

I have been using this system for about 8 months now and am very pleased. It was simple to install and works well. I am very impressed with the picture quality as well. My only minor complaints are with -
1. the DVR interface is a bit difficult to use - e.g., typing in a password takes several attempts because it populates multiples of the key you type
2. the FLIR Cloud app just stopped working - it took 2+ hours on the phone with tech support (very helpful) to resolve the issue with a workaround. Seems to work fine again.
Overall, I would recommend this system to anyone.

183 out of 313


Location: Edmonton, AB Canada

Great cameras - easy to install and getup and running. Really enjoy being able to see the view on my phone. Thanks to the great tech staff that corrected a small connection problem that popped up after about 1 month of use. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to keep their property secure! Hope the problem with the connection is a thing of the past - guess time will tell! Overall great view of our property and quick access on my phone.

184 out of 313


Location: Georgia

The system is well put together. The cameras are nice. My only complaint is the noisy fan. I would buy the system again.

185 out of 313


Location: San Jose

I've had hands on experience with about a dozen different security camera systems over the last 6 years. If you are looking for a high quality, EASY TO GET UP AND RUNNING system, look no further. This system has excellent picture quality and you will be up and running AND monitoring from your mobile devices in minutes.

186 out of 313


Location: Hermosillo, Mexico

This is a great security system for your, we use it in our auto air conditioning shop, the resolution is excellent, and is very convenient to have in you mobile devices.. The installation was very easy, everything was ready out of the box, plug it in and its recording!

187 out of 313


Location: Alta Loma, CA

Just set up this system. Very easy to set up. Had some trouble setting up the app for this but technical support was great. They helped me set it up in just a few minutes. Have called them with questions a couple of times and they are extremely helpful. I did not have to wait on the phone very long to speak to a representative. The quality of the product and their great customer support gives me a lot of confidence in their product.
Any company that stands behind their product like Lorex has my support.

188 out of 313


Location: California

I'm surprised at the amount of flexibility in configuring this system. A lot of capability for the price. It takes a while to learn. The manual is not very well organized, but it does seem to have all the information needed to set up and configure the system. The software is good, but the user interface is vastly different between the DVR, Windows app and phone app. Would bee nice to see more consistency in those. As many others have said, the fan is noisy. Overall, a good product.

189 out of 313


Location: Chula Vista, California

I am very happy with the customer service I received when needing help with my DVR problems. My new DVR working perfectly and I am very happy with how fast customer service!
I would recommend this product and this company I've been with them for over 15years and I really can't see myself going anywhere else with my business !

190 out of 313


Location: Dc

This system is much better than the edge series which had limited remote access options. The flir cloud works great from iPhone as well as computer. 1080p cameras are great even on original coax.

191 out of 313


Location: Florida

I previously owned an older Q-See system that began to fail on me, so I did my research and decided on the Lorex LHV2000 series. First of all, the remote setup via the QR code was so simple it took less than 5 minutes. The video quality with the 1080p cameras is unreal and the 160 degree view angle allows for amazing coverage. I had a little trouble setting up the email alerts, but tech support did a remote access to my computer and set it up for me. The quality of the product and the customer service is second to none in my opinion!

192 out of 313


Location: Hartland

This unit was just perfect for the small business owner. It was easy set up and the controls are extremely easy to use. Perfect unit for us.

193 out of 313


Location: West Palm Beach

Just installed this system very user friendly I needed tech support to view on my smart phone, which they walked me through it in less then 5 minutes . Will recommend this product to everyone.

194 out of 313


Location: Esquivel

Buena resolucion apesar del cable suministrado un poco lenta la aplicacion de flir pero podrian o pueden mejorarla para un facil y rapido acceso a la visualizacion de las camaras tal vez esto sea por la resolucion 1080 pero en otras marcas por ejemplo logitech es mas rapida la aplicacion y sencilla con midma resolucion 1080

195 out of 313


Location: Metairie, Louisiana

I recently bought a Lorex LHV-2000 Series system with eight cameras based on my brother's recommendation. He has two systems and was very pleased with the price, quality and features.
The set-up was very easy and the picture quality of the cameras is excellant.
I have been recommending the system to friends who may be interested in buying a security camera system in the future.

196 out of 313


Location: Chattanooga, TN

Very pleased with my Lorex equipment. The set-up and functionality was quick and easy to understand.

I will be expanding my system in the future to include PTZ features as well.

197 out of 313


Location: Orange County

This product is easy to use and sets up in 5 min I've had a great experience very satisfied

198 out of 313


Location: Baltimore, MD

We love Lorex products. Lorex has excellent customer service (professionalism, always resolving issues).

199 out of 313


Location: Mesa, AZ

Great product I recommend to everyone looking for camera system. Great prices easy installation and very clear cameras. i have been telling all my customers and friends to go and get one.

200 out of 313


Location: California

This is my second LVH2008 system. The first one failed due to the CPU running too hot and then the fan totally failed due to overheating resulting in a total failure - customer support was no help. The fan on the new one makes some noise too but so far not as much a the one that failed so have my fingers crossed. I accidentally ordered a LVH2004 to replace the LVH2008 and it's fan is totally quiet but I needed the LVH2008 so daughter inherited the 4-camera system. I am very impressed with the ease of setting it up for remote monitoring over the internet. Have had problems but still like the product.

201 out of 313


Location: Orlando, FL

I was a bit intimidated installing this across our two office suites totaling over 2,000 square feet. However, setup could not have been more of a breeze. I did have to purchase some cable extensions to cover the required area, but the cost was extremely inexpensive for the necessary cables. This system is literally plug and play. You simply connect everything and the system is already up and running completely setup from the time you push the power button. All you have to do is change any of the default settings as desired.

Connecting to the system through LAN was a little more complicated, although all the necessary steps can be fairly easily found on the Lorex site. I am still trying to figure out how to setup the system for remote WAN viewing, but I just need to put a little more time towards it, or perhaps I will need to break down and contact support. Another concern is the Android app for this particular model seems to be outdated and no longer functional, but again this is something I can address with support if need be. Not a deal breaker for me though and it seems there may be third party apps that provide the necessary Android remote viewing functionality for this specific model system.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the features of this system, as well as the ability to very easily apply a virtually limitless amount of customization on the fly. The quality of the recordings exceeded my expectations, especially the "night vision," and manipulating the playback viewing is also a breeze. I cannot attest to the longevity of this system, but so far I am extremely impressed and everything seems to be top quality build material for the most part.

As a business owner, I am just thrilled that I was able to get up and running with out too much excessive investment of time and resources. I believe I received an excellent value for the price I paid for this system through Costco. Thank you for creating a good product.

202 out of 313


Location: Charlotte, NC

I purchased the LHV2000 security system with four cameras included and it can be expanded to eight. Installation was very simple and I had it up and running quite quickly. Obviously the biggest amount of work is running the cables from the DVR to the cameras, the rest is pretty easy. I am very pleased with the results and am considering adding another camera or two. Having the mobile app has been an enormous convenience.

203 out of 313


Location: La Verne, CA

I bought a Lorex model LHV828 for my home at Costco, on sale for $399. For 8 channels/8 cameras & 1080p, that's the best price I've seen. I have not installed or used a video camera system before, but this one seems to work as described. The camera and DVR connections are pretty straightforward, and once all connections are in place, it works. It took me the better part of a day to install 5 cameras and run the cabling. My box did not have (2) power supplies (only came with one), and I'm hopeful that Lorex/Flir will send me a replacement without issue. I also pulled one of the cable ends off pretty easily. So, I would be careful if you're trying to pull cables through holes in the wall, etc. I've been able to view the live camera feeds from a connected TV, my laptop and my iPhone, but haven't taken the time to learn how to search for recorded video. The instructions looks more complicated, and the user interface is different between TV, laptop and iPhone, and a little confusing. Overall, I would recommend this product. Just give yourself plenty of time for the install (if you do it yourself), and take the time to read the instructions in full before you start.

204 out of 313


Location: West Valley City

I am very pleased with the quality of the LHV2000 1080P security system. The system is very easy to install and setup. The picture quality of the HD cameras is fantastic. I really like the FLIR internet access. LOREX has done well with the design of the security system.

205 out of 313


Location: CA

I purchased the 8 channels HD from costco on 6/14/2016 to replace my q-see. so far I can only get 7 of 8 cameras to work. It looks like the system came with bad cable. It is hassle to remove and return. hopefully i can get cable replace without too much hassle, otherwise, remove and return to costco. I am not sure how many can log into the system at once. I have received message "system is busy" but I have only have two connections going.

206 out of 313


Location: Phoenix

Have had my LHV200 system for approximately 6 months and so far it has held up to the Arizona heat. Have had a few minor issues, but an very impressed with Lorex Customer Service folks.

207 out of 313


Location: Albuquerque, NM

I purchased the 16-channel system with 12-cameras + DVR at Costco. The package was missing the remote control and one of the cameras was defective. I called the technical hotline and after a couple of calls they considered providing a replacement. I have yet to receive the replacement. Also, I have yet to hear about the remote control. Otherwise, the cameras show a great picture in HD. Does not come with a manual so it's hard to navigate through the menu and understand how to adjust settings. I also downloaded the Flir Cloud App and set up notifications. Since there was not a manual included, I had to call the technical hotline to ask how to lower the sensitivity. I kept getting notified constantly on my phone . (for example, the notifications would be over a small insect flying across the camera or movement from tree leaves. Very sensitive.) The App does show a great picture as well. It has a great live feed too.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support and customer service teams were happy to assist with everything. You can always find your system manual under the Downloads tab on the product page. Here is your manual

208 out of 313


Location: Grant-Valkaria Florida

What can I say bad about this produce - NOTHING! I bought this in April and although not fully installed yet it has proven itself to be highly flexible, works out of the box (don't need an engineering degree to deploy and use). I called technical support before I purchased one of these units and Technical Support Lady were very helpful and spent considerable time on the phone answering my questions. I was quite pleased with the candor and straight forward answers. I purchased my 8-channel unit with 4 1080p IR cameras that afternoon. Installed in temporary positions right now and will be made permanent shortly. Called Tech Support to locate and install the PC and Mac software and was immediately surprised and impressed with the programming as both applications are nearing identical in how each works and is operated from both PC/Mac, iPhone integration is also impressive and rock solid no glitches in any platform application. Nicely done - well engineered - simplicity in operation - these folks did their homework on the design of this product. I'd highly reccomend this product to anyone - if there were a sixth star I would have clicked it to.

209 out of 313


Location: Jackson, WI

I purchased this 8 camera sytem + DVR at Costco. I missed the step of changing the password on the DVR after initially logging in. The instructions made it seem like I would be prompted, but I was not. If you don't change the password via the DVR, you will have issues trying to get the HTTP and Client to login even though they also allow you to change the password. The camera quality is great and night vision is better than I expected. The mobile app works good as well. For the money spent, this system seems like a good value.

210 out of 313


Location: New Lenox, IL

It is a real good system. Local access for reviewing and monitoring is real good. Remote access and DDNS setup isn't as straight forward as instructions suggest.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you with this. Please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

211 out of 313


Location: Las Vegas Nv.

Purchased my system at Costco. Installation was easy. So far it meets all my expectation and I would highly recommend this security system to any one. LOREX support has been excellent.

212 out of 313


Location: Va

Purchased the product from costco very easy to install. Quality of video is decend wish they have better instruction for flir cloud client pc and ddns setup overall good system

213 out of 313


Location: Toronto

Bought it from Costco , about a month ago, works great , easy to install . Would recommend it to others .

214 out of 313


Location: monee,il

Purchased this unit from Costco after researching online performance. First thing I did when I got home was to unpack and assemble components to make sure everything was there and worked. Everything works well although the instructions are abet confusing but you can get thru it by using the mouse and some trial and error. You can always go back to default settings and try again. It is like a new smart have to play with it to find out how it works. While the 60 foot cables are long enough for most placements it would have been nice if there were at least two 100 foot ones included. It did take me about 16 hours with a friends help to run all the cables in. Be sure to number cameras and cables at both ends to make it easier to assemble. This will also help if there is any trouble. No problems at the moment but the system is new.......lets see in 6 months or a year. Right now this is a great system for the buck and it does what I wanted it to do. Do not be afraid to adjust and play with the controls.....have fun.

215 out of 313


Location: Rutherford NJ

I was looking into a Surveillance system that had a great product and more so customer services. I look into NightOwl and some other brand and the review were three stars or below. Lorex WOW 4 to 5 star, C/S great, product quality without a question outstanding. So I purchase the LHV828 which my co-worker suggested and you can't go wrong with top equipment. Easy to install and configure and all that I have to say is if your looking system a Surveillance system Lorex is the Brand.

216 out of 313


Location: Las Vegas, Nv

Purchased my system from Costco. Install by professional K&B Audio Sys. System works great, easy connection and interface with my Android phone. System has met or exceeded my expectations.

217 out of 313


Location: México

I Like this product, it was an excellent choice, I have anothers security system and I can say right now this is my favorite.

218 out of 313


Location: Cleveland, OH

Bought through Costco. Have only tested it on a table top, but am relatively pleased overall. One bullet camera failed after one day of testing on the table top (that's part of the reason for the 3 stars).

Thank you for your feedback. We hope the replacement camera is working well.

219 out of 313


Location: Canada

The LHV826 system I bought was a great deal and produces excellent quality video, I found for the most part it was easy to setup and install. I did have major trouble setting up the DDNS account and getting it active to view my video remotely. I am an IT guy and found references and the guide in the manual to a bit challenging and difficult to follow. I still would recommend Lorex to my friends and would look at this brand again if ever It needs upgrading or replacing. There is a lot of things that could be done to improve product support and create a flow.

220 out of 313


Location: Virginia

Excellent quality system however you need to be a DIYer to install the cameras. I will have to snake the cables through existing runs and order 250' cables to complete my runs. The 60' cables are not long enough. Access to my system via mobile devices is a great plus.

221 out of 313


Location: Olathe ks

It is a great system this is the second system I have bought in the last year. The Lorex really is plug n play the scan code worked great for setting up I phone. Took me 30 min. To set up the computer and I phone both didn't need any tech help. The first system I bought was a Samsung 5102 would never buy again couldn't get tech support. Bought through Costco using there tech people took over hour and half to set up not user friendly

222 out of 313


Location: Michigan

Very good system that was easy to install and configure. There are a few technical issues that I wish were more user friendly but the tech support folks have been top notch in helping to resolve.

223 out of 313


Location: Alexandria

Great system. Images is very clear. The software has great functionality. iPhone and iPad apps work great.

224 out of 313


Location: Devon AB Canada

I spent weeks trying to decide on a manufacture of a security camera system. Online articles and conversations with owners of cameras led me to this system. Having got an excellent price from Costco Canada I made the purchase. It was well packaged and undamaged in the box. I was pleased at the quality of the external casings on the cameras as well as the main unit. I follow the instructions and assembled the units inside the house to test them. Everything work the way it should and the image quality was awesome. I spent the next few days learning the software and adjusting the settings. I was very pleased with the whole system and have already shown it to some of my neighbors. They to were very impressed. Great product and would highly recommend.

225 out of 313


Location: Alum Bank, Pa.

I purchased this system last year and just recently started to use it. The video is very good and the DVR is fairly easy to use. I had owned a Defender security system at my old home and it was junk compared to this system. If anyone is thinking of buying a home security system then spend a little more money and go with LOREX.

226 out of 313


Location: Whittier

System was exactly as described. Easy to install and connect to WiFi. Camera quality is amazing HD, night vision is exactly as described up to 130'. I did have one problem, be careful and don't pull to hard on wires as you adjust your cameras, cables on camera are very sensitive, It snapped off at the the connector. Called Lorex and their customer service stepped up and honored the warranty. Now my cameras work great and my home has surveillance. Great product

227 out of 313


Location: California

Image quality and ease of installation was top notch. The LHV828 system is one of the best on the market. The issue is with the software. When hooking up the cameras, one of them defaulted to a sharpness level that was almost not viewable. Had to adjust the image manually. A MAJOR issue is with the software not being user friendly. It's difficult to access certai settings and the Flir Cloud software is almost useless depending on Internet connection and cell service. I'm having so much difficulty with the software, that it's really beginning to be a pain.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having issues with the software. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with this and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

228 out of 313


Location: California

The camera system is easy to use. It has quite good video quality. One thing though is that the noisy level of the recorder. It would be nice to have some sort of noise reduction feature. Overall this is a good system.

229 out of 313


Location: Winter Park

Great product! Easy to install and setup. Had to call support about my internet connect and they walked me through it with ease. Totally recommend this system for your home!!! Thank you

230 out of 313


Location: Small Business

Bought this 16 channel system with 12 cameras at Costco to replace an old analog system. I was able to reuse the co-ax that was in place so installation was simple. The cameras are quite good for the price point. I've seen better but realize that better usually means more money. My issues are with the software. Specifically, the motion detect ion could be much improved by using a grid of smaller squares so that its easier to be more precise in targeting areas where motion detection is required. In addition, the "tour" feature that is triggered by motion detect is really neat but needs a setting for "dwell time" , so that the system is able to go back to the pre-set sequence or to the next camera that detects motion, rather than stay stuck on a particular camera long after the motion event has occurred. The ability to to custom display grids would be nice. In my previous system, there was an "enhanced quad", which allowed me to have all 16 channels in small boxes on the periphery of the screen and the large center box displaying the first camera or any camera that detects motion.

These sorts of features would make this a killer CCTV system for those on a limited budget.

231 out of 313


Location: Ontario, Canada

This system was easy to install/setup, pretty much plug&play. However, unrelated to the system/cameras itself, there isn't much troubleshooting, support, FAQs regarding the FLIR Cloud mobile app, and Lorex DDNS setup. I googled the error messages, searched thoroughly on the Lorex website to see if I can find the meaning/root cause of the errors to no avail.

Our technical support team was happy to assist you with this. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

232 out of 313


Location: BC

Very happy with the product. It was easy to setup. Would recommend for entry level system.

233 out of 313


Location: Ontario, Canada

Excellent system, lhv2108, 8 channel with 6 1080p Lorex Flir cameras.

Hard wiring is always the hard part, finding ways to get thru walls from the outside cam locations. Cameras are excellent both colorwise and night vision wise. Plug and play.

Easy set up, easy to operate with mouse, remote control and with ipone and ipad mini 4.

Cameras record and flag motion detected for easy access to events.

I like the region feature that allows youto set the motion detection area(4) and the sensitivity and threshold.

Iphone/ipad access is good when far away and the video resolution is amazing.

So far, 2 weeks and two thunder storms have have passed with only minor, resolved by me issues.

I am giving 4 stars only because I haven't had it in service but 2 weeks. Otherwise it would be higher.

Purchased at Costco store, brought home and self installed.

234 out of 313


Location: Plant City, Florida

The Lorex Cameras are clear and vibrant.

235 out of 313


Location: Vancouver WA

Set was easy and quick very user friendly. Remote viewing was more tricky for me but tech support helped and eased the pain.

236 out of 313


Location: N/A

Very high quality video. iOS apps and Mac software leave a lot to be desired from a usability standpoint but they are not horrible. Would definitely recommend based on price and quality of cameras.

237 out of 313


Location: TX

great product

238 out of 313


Location: TX

Great system that was easier to set up than a previous system (different brand) I owned. Customer support is probably the best I have seen anywhere. No hesitation recommending this product or company.

239 out of 313


Location: Wheat Ridge, CO

I love my LHV221600. Lorex has good devives and good service.

240 out of 313


Location: eastlake ohio

Relatively easy to install. Can be used just with it's own DVR box and your TV alone, in about 15 minutes, minus running cables/hook up time, or also with the internet features, again a relatively simple process to install and use. Cables may seem like a B**** when you can go wireless, but are less hack-able, so for me they are worth the hassle. For the internet features, you do have to download a few items off the system's home page, and then it will be usable. Wish they gave a bit better guide to USING the internet features, but with a little poking around, I got it running and could view it through the computer. When viewing on a computer, you have to drag the camera you wish to watch from a side menu onto the main screen. Once you figure that out, it's easy. Don't personally use android or any cell, but have heard it performs well there, too. Being able to use just the DVR as a stand-alone is nice for when Windows for your personal computer isn't up to par (or if your computer fails, and you are in between the old and new), as you can still record a lot of data directly to the DVR, and stay protected. Night vision works wonderfully, in black and white, and daytime video is all color HD. Cameras are sensitive and switch between the two rapidly with no delay. Have heard people complain that they make clicking noises, and they do, when switching from day to night vision, but it is NOT loud. The DVR is a bit loud, but no louder than any standard computer tower, DVD player, or DVR for the cable boxes we all seem to live with. OVERALL I AM VERY PLEASED!!!

241 out of 313


Location: FL

It was extremely easy to set up, both for my desktop and i phone. The software is manageable. Just kind of winged it though. The quality seems to fit the value.

242 out of 313


Location: Victoria, Canada

I work at a hotel and our GM wanted to upgrade our very cheap, low resolution security camera system, but didn't want to spend the money required for a professionally installed system. We found the Lorex LHV2000 with six cameras at Costco for a fraction of the cost of other systems. I read some reviews and it seemed like a good system for the price.

We went ahead and installed the DVR and cameras, including two additional dome style cameras for areas where the regular camera might get ripped down. The DVR works well and the cameras look great, so far. We've only had the system up for about a week now.

However, when it came time to use the FLIRCloud client, it was a total nightmare. I installed the client on my own work PC, a Windows 7 Pro 64bit system. As I'm the IT Director, I have local admin rights, so the software opens up fine for me. Then I tried to install the client on my manager's computer. She does not have admin rights, so I generally install new software as admin, configure it and then the user can log in as themselves and use the software. This works for 99.9% of software. The 0.1% appears to be the FLIRCloud client. When you log in as my manager's user, the shortcut shows the "this needs to run as administrator" shield beside it. Sure enough, if you click on the shortcut, it immediately asks for a windows administrator password. I even logged in as the domain administrator, changed the security settings for all the FLIRCloud shortcuts and the entire folder in Program Files, giving local users full access to the files, and it still won't run without an admin login from my regular user.

I called into support and told them the issue, stating that there are hundred of other programs that I have installed on these machines that run just fine without admin rights, including our last four DVR programs. I was told by Lorex support that this was a Windows issue. I argued that this wasn't the case at all, it was clearly the software, not the operating system. I asked for a supervisor and was told the same story from him, although, after pressing the point, he agreed that their client should run without Windows admin rights.

I asked if there was another client option I could use and was told that there wasn't. I told him the answer wasn't acceptable. He told me to try the browser option for the So, I went through the painful process of setting up the DDNS, which included having to use outdated "how to" examples from the website to set up an account, register the warranty and eventually finally set up the DDNS.

Once I set up the DDNS, I tried testing it with Chrome. The plugin required would not install, so I was in an endless loop of refreshing the page and being told to install the plug in, downloading and installing the plug in, only to be told that I had to install the plug in.

I tried Internet Explorer and had the same result. Eventually, I installed Firefox and was able to get the plugin to install, albeit, with some complaining from Firefox. That done, I set up my manager's computer in the same way, installing Firefox first. I then tried to do the same at the front desk of the hotel where the DVR is being used. It was an XP machine and once again, the plugin wouldn't install on anything but Firefox. However, the plugin will routinely crash the browser, requiring a hard reboot of the desktop in order to recover. So, basically the DDNS option is useless for me on that computer, and the FLIRClould client won't run unless you're an admin, which I can't allow on this front desk machine.

Lastly, while I was at home, I tried going to the DDNS page from my Mac. I used Firefox first, knowing that the other browsers had been unable to work. Every time it tried to download the plugin, I got a 404 not found page. I tried Chrome and even Safari and had the exact same result.

Long story short, the DVR and cameras work quite well. The software is garbage.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were having trouble with your system. Our technical support team was happy to assist you with this again. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

243 out of 313


Location: Puerto Rico

Very easy setup and configuration. The Flir Cloud works great on my iPhone, very clear images. Also the Lorex DDNS option is a great feature without any additional cost. Recommended A+

244 out of 313


Location: Mesa, AZ

System was very easy to install and setup. The video quality is amazing. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, especially for the price. My only complaint is that the web browser view could be better as compared to other products but is very usable and stable.

245 out of 313


Location: Oakville

Good product. Camera picture quality is great, especially when you compare to my previous 960H system.
Called technical support both before and after I purchased the system and both times the service was top notch.
The only issue I am having is that I can't always access the system remotely through the Flir Cloud as the upload speed at my cottage (where this system is located) is only .7 mbps and the literature says you need 1 mbps. This is really my problem I guess. Still trying to figure out how to use the DDNS access.......
Would definitely recommend this product.

246 out of 313


Location: Veracruz, Mexico

Change my old Lorex system for this new version in true high definition, and change the notes from the moment you turn the DVR, the image quality is unsurpassed.

Installation is extremely simple program settings so is not highly recommend is not the first time I have a Lorex system, so that in the future I will continue with this system.

247 out of 313


Location: Iowa

There had been a number of vandalism incidents in our neighborhood and we were considering a security service to monitor our property. After much research I decided that the prices charged by the available services in our area were simply to high for the service offered. A friend suggested we look at a Lorex system that he and his wife had purchased at Costco. We found the cost of the True High Definition 1080p Security Digital Video Recorder LHV2000-Series perfect for our needs and total cost was less than setup costs with a full service company.
The instructions included with the kit were clear and direct. I had no issues with the installation. As far as it goes this is an easy install. It took me a full Saturday afternoon to install the cameras, cabling and DVR. I had a little adjusting to do so cameras would cover the areas I needed. I simply Turned on the dvr and everything works. The software needs some help but is fully functional and usable.

My only complaints are with the software and the really loud cooling fan inside the dvr and the reason for not giving 5 stars. The hardware is first rate and professionally built. Cameras capture crisp and clear full HD video with no motion blur. The 2tb HD that comes with our unit seems really big at first but fills up fast once you begin using the system. The software is programmed to record over older video when it gets full so you do not loose current coverage. You can set the dvr to record only when motion is detected to save room.

I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a security or monitoring system. Great product and great service.

248 out of 313


Location: Coachella Valley, USA

I recently acquired this system to replace an older Lorex system. I needed to upgrade the number of cameras covering my home; in addition, I was looking for better resolution plus I now my live view is in color. It was very easy to install however I did have a minor issue setting up on computer because of Windows 10 but the Customer Service from Tech Support was fantastic. I was able to easily add the program to my cellphone and tablet. Now I can monitor my home from wherever I am. That is quite a comfort.

249 out of 313


Location: Brampton

I like UR products. I fully satisfied.

250 out of 313


Location: NC

Great Cameras! good night vision if installed at correct height.
Great features. DDNS is a great help.
Customer service for Lorex is amazing.

251 out of 313


Location: California

So far I am highly impressed with the product. It was super easy to set up for both home viewing and viewing via Android phones. Just take a picture of the QR code on top of the DVR, enter the password you assigned when you first set it up and you are in, that simple. I am upgrading from a Zmodo system and cameras since the old cameras are getting hard to see in the night vision mode and this system has twice the viewing distance in both night and day vision as my old cameras and is in HD. I have seen several reviews that the cameras fail after a short time and I have not had any issues so far. The only issue so far is trying to locate a full product manual. The system just came with quick installation cards and said the manual could be downloaded online, but I have not been able to locate it yet. Am going to call and have them show me where it is so I can download it and understand everything this system can do which so far, it appears to be able to do much more than my old system.

252 out of 313


Location: Baltimore

These cameras are great. They system is pretty easy to use. We were already able to help the local police catch a robbery suspect with the use of our cameras. The picture is great and the night vision is incredible.

253 out of 313


Location: Tacoma

At this point I would give this product 1 star. I am having extreme difficulty downloading the client software and it does not seem to be user friendly for myself. The FLIR app seems to be draining my I phone battery and I am not able to connect to my cameras unless I'm at home. I'm hoping I will be able to figure this out.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were having difficulty. Our technical support team was happy to assist you with this. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

254 out of 313


Location: Florida

I purchased this system about a month ago. So far it has worked great. The video is clear and even at night the video is very good. I think the product is well worth the money and I'm very happy with the purchase. It was easy to install and configure. I was also able to copy a portion of the video to an AVI file on the PC so if someone needed to see what happened you can easily send it to them. I do have a few questions that I might need to ask tech support about but so far I'm very happy with the system.

255 out of 313


Location: Ontario

Bought our system at Costco. Setup was easy and the quality is great. Software works really well and is comparable to high end pro systems. Picture quality is outstanding and really clear. If you live in bungalow you may want to invest in longer cables as the 60 foot cables that are supplied may not reach where you want to put the cameras.

256 out of 313


Location: Montreal Canada

We purchased a LHV2008 system from Costco Canada for a great price. First unit did not turn on and was replaced by Costco immediately. Installed the dvr and 4 cameras and it worked flawlessly. Needed to contact Lorex Flir support and their service was amazing. One week in.... Fantastic

257 out of 313


Location: San Antonio TX

After the second time our house was burglarize.We bought us a Lorex Security Camera System.Love it. It is easy to operate.Also the clarity of the HD Cameras is very good.

258 out of 313


Location: King William, Va

The picture clarity from the HD cameras is very good. I have them mounted under the eaves. They give me a great view of the house perimeter. The Android and PC apps work very well so far. I'm pleased.

259 out of 313


Location: Alabama

I have two of these systems up and running and would not hesitate to buy more of them. They are easy to install and operate. The resolution on the camera and play back is outstanding. Even the night vision is clear when being played back.

260 out of 313


Location: Bradenton, Florida

I highly recommend Lorex because I've been burglarize twice but the third attempt the would be robber's were stopped, caught, and convicted due to Lorex Cameras and a house Alarm system. Lorex makes it easy to view by smart phone or in home monitor. This is my second system with Lorex due to their tech support and incredible videos on setting it up and handling the settings on the DVR. Thank you Lorex, for your devotion and expertise in the field of Security and a piece of Mind.

261 out of 313


Location: Portland, oregon

Great system! Easy to install!

262 out of 313


Location: Chilliwack, BC

I bought this to help protect a home that was being occupied by a squatter. The software is not great, but the hardware and price make it still worth the money.

263 out of 313


Location: Michigan

What a great system!! Very good quality for the price, excellent value!

264 out of 313


Location: Florida

Excellent product! Great picture quality, easy to install and their support team is hands down the best.

265 out of 313


Location: Marietta, Georgia USA

Purchased at Best Buy: After several months of heartaches from the first brand I purchased here, I removed it from my home and traded it in for another brand "of equal or lesser value."
*I bought a surveillance system to help ease my mind, not add drama to it.*
Well, the second brand was no better and I immediately returned it.
The third store-carried brand was Lorex, and I wish I would have chosen them first!
Clear pictures, easy installation & set-up, this 16 channel 8 camera boxed set is well worth the price, comparable to systems costing twice as much.

266 out of 313


Location: Phoenix, AZ

I've had my Lorex system up and running for about a week now. Installation is simple, pictures are clear. The video quality from the 1080p cameras is impressive. Very happy with the night vision also, you can easily see everything going on outside our house. I really like how much control you have with the motion detection. You do have to go on the Lorex web page to find the instruction manual for the system, it is not included in the packaging. So far the iPad/android app it works great. Overall, I would recommend this company/system to anyone. Very happy so far! More to learn.

267 out of 313


Location: Nova Scotia

This is our second Lorex system. The picture is nice and clear and the system is very user friendly. No problems so far.

268 out of 313


Location: Myrtle Beach

I've had my Lorex system up and running for about a week now. The video quality from the 1080p cameras is impressive. Very happy with the night vision also, you can easily see everything going on outside our house. I really like how much control you have with the motion detection. Having different zones is really helpful to prevent false alerts.
Lorex tech support is excellent!! I've had to call 3 times for help setting my system up, each time I spoke with a very knowledgable rep that was able to solve my problems quickly. You do have to go on the Lorex web page to find the instruction manual for the system, it is not included in the packaging. So far the iPhone app is my only complaint about the system. It works, but i've never seen an app drain my battery so fast. Hopefully Lorex will update and fix this issue soon. Overall, I would recommend this company/system to anyone. Very happy so far!

269 out of 313


Location: California

Installation is simple, pictures are clear.

270 out of 313


Location: Ontario, Canada

The 1080 p cameras give clear pictures both day and night.
Easy to install. So far so good.

271 out of 313


Location: New Jersey

The 1080p Picture is clear both day & night. Setup on my cell phone was Quick and Easy.

272 out of 313


Location: Canada

This product is awesome and very good resolution.Easy to install and good distance coverage both day and night.

273 out of 313


Location: MÉRIDA

excelente equipo, facil de instalar. Tiene cuatro semanas funcionando, facilidad para accesar desde dispositivos móviles. Asesoría técnica amable y rápida.

274 out of 313


Location: MA

Been up and running for about 2 weeks. Been in the rain for 8 days now and the cameras are functioning perfect. Picture quality day and night vision are great. Install was easy but set up a little more involved. Trying to get the motion setting correct is a bit of a challenge. Customer service is very good, had to call about getting remote set up and they were very helpful. Over all very happy with the system.

275 out of 313


Location: Livermore, CA

I bought this system from Costco and after having to return two systems because of non operating controllers, I finally have a good one. It's been two weeks without a problem. I hope my luck continues. As far as the system itself, I'm very pleased with the quality of the cameras and operation of the menus. The system does what I want it to. The mobile app, on the other hand, is completely worthless. The mobile app was the biggest reason why I chose this type of camera system. To be able to monitor my house from anywhere was quite convincing. Unfortunately, the app rarely works. The first install works great. But follow on attempts to connect to the system fails. Sometimes I have to toss and reload on my iphone to get it to work again. Not good. If the app software people can catch-up with the hardware quality, they'll have a complete product. The system deserves more stars than two, but the mobile app was the selling point for me and it failed. 2 stars.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team has tried to reach you to assist. Please call us at your convenience 1-877-755-6739.

276 out of 313


Location: Las Vegas, NV

So far so good. Cameras have been up and running for almost two weeks. My husband installed them with no problems. We had some difficulty in setting up remote viewing. Tech support was very patient and continued to follow up until the issue was resolved. The cameras are great! No problems with their operation thus far. Four stars because connection (for me) was not as easy as 1-2-3.

277 out of 313


Location: Oceanside Ca

I'm try all different brand but still have a troubles set up and poor customer service. After try Lorex seen much better other brand, easy installed, good customer services. I recommend this model good for house or small business

278 out of 313


Location: Colorado

I love my lorex cameras on the exterior of my house. I love that I can view them at any time and see areas around my home that I can't see through windows. the quality of the cameras is excellent. I wish the cords were a little longer to make it easier to install but overall I'm very happy

279 out of 313


Location: Calgary

Found the product relatively easy to do the basic set up with the cameras, connections and mobile app, unable to get the PC view working yet. Basically power it up and they're working. The image quality is excellent and very good in darkness. The difficult part, since there are no detailed instruction included, is setting up the recording and motion detection. After downloading the instructions online, was able to set up the way-overcomplicated recording (too many areas to set) and it is working well. However,the motion detection settings don't seem to work well. Adjusting the sensitivity and threshold settings is tricky at best since you either get all motion or not enough - particularly where they pick up motion whenever lighting changes and at night from headlights in the background outside of the set zones. This creates a lot of instances to view where nothing happened.
Overall it is a good system.

280 out of 313


Location: Ohio

Upgraded to this system and very happy I did, easy set up and install. Flir cloud is great but, sometimes it's a little slow even with a high speed connection. Cameras are very good with nice detail.

281 out of 313


Location: new york

camera video is awesome. my neighbor was impressed. have hadmike some issues that are being resolved. technical support is awesome

282 out of 313


Location: BOSTON,MA


283 out of 313


Location: vancouver

could not install the software on windows 10. Please help. android app works great.

Please contact our technical support team and they will be happy to assist you - 1-877-755-6739.

284 out of 313


Location: Home

I like the system, however I did have a few problems. The first system I purchased did not work. The DVR would come on but it was not recording anything. I returned the entire system and got a replacement. The replacement system is working well so far. I will say that the BNC connectors are too close together.

285 out of 313


Location: Bay Area, CA

So far, this has been a good system. I purchased this from Costco about 5 months ago when my truck was stolen off my driveway. I made a few modifications to the camera necks with some pvc pipe to get from under the roof where I mounted the cameras. Installation wasn't too bad, as long as you're ok with going under your house, or up in your crawl space to run the wires. It all depends where you house your hard drive. However, it recently began to shut down and restart every so often. I tried numerous restarts like others have posted here, and unplugging of cables/hard drives, but it's not working right. I'm on hold right now 15 minutes in, and waiting to see how this can be resolved. Now I've been told they can't hear me on the other end of the line, and they'll call me back. Not very pleased. If this is resolved quickly, I will repost an update and raise my rating.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were having trouble with your system but we were happy to resolve this for you. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

286 out of 313


Location: La

Worst products and customer service.

We apologize for any difficulty you experienced. Our technical support team was happy to assist you as needed. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

287 out of 313


Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Very good system, however we did have a few problems. The first system we purchased did not work at all. The DVR would not even come on and would just beep continuously. We returned the entire system and got a replacement. The replacement system is working well. We are happy with the camera resolution and ease of installation.

288 out of 313


Location: Bothell, WA

Lorex 1080p HD system is very nice. The clarity of picture is great. They have also provided better cloud support and playback functionality. I give it four stars since the wires coming with the system are not long enough. Also the wire connectors at the end of the camera are too short. The cameras are nice though.

289 out of 313


Location: El Cajon, CA

This is a great system! Very good resolution, even on sub-stream, but only one complaint. Of all the 4 Lorex systems i've owned, this one has the BNC connectors too close together. This is about a LHV 2000 8 camera system. The best system so far!

290 out of 313


Location: San Diego

I purchased the LHV2000 series, 16ch with 12c cameras. from the very first day, it would reset in the mornings every day. i could sit and watch it auto go through a shut down and restart for about 5-10 times while i was waiting to leave for work. I could look in the log and see that it is only occurring in the mornings.

I called tech support on 2/2/16 and the tech had me go through powering down, reseating the connectors for the hard drive and restarting, and formatting the hard drive, then told me if it still continued to call back and they would get me a replacement sent out right away.

Well on 2/3/16 I called back to let them know, the problem still exists and please send me a replacement. But NOOOOOO, now the tech makes me power down, unplug the network cable, hard drive and all the frigging cameras, then turn on to see if it would see the hard drive unplugged. then power down, plug in the hard drive, power up and format the hard drive AGAIN, then plug in the network cable and all the cameras. So now i am supposed to try that and call back if it doesn't work.

Big surprise but it doesn't work still, so i call back and they finally agree to send me a replacement. 5 days go by and they send me an email saying they haven't heard from me in 5 days so they are going to close the ticket. i respond, WTF, you are suppose to be sending me a replacement, DON'T CLOSED THE TICKET. The call me the next day with the excuse, their network crash and lost all their info (right, nice excuse) and they would get me a replacement out right away.

Well 5 days later, i get an email from them wanting a copy of my receipt. again, WTF, i registered through their web site with all the warranty information including my info, the DVR info and a copy of the receipt. So i email them the receipt. Well it is now 2/19/16 and I still do not have a replacement.

For 17 days, i have been trying to use a broken down POS to try and protect my property and Lorex is either not capable or doesn't care. If I don't have a replacement soon, i am going to go to costco, buy another one, take the new DVR out of the box, put the POS DVR back in the box and return it for refund.

I certainly would not recommend this company. If i could go lower than 1 star I would

We sincerely apologize for any difficulty. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have with Lorex and your feedback is important to us for ongoing improvements. Thank you.

291 out of 313


Location: Ontario, Canada

After review other similar products on the marked, the LVH2000 series with a 8 channel input seemed to be a good choice for me.

- set up for local network connection was basically right out of the box
- BNC connects provide a solid connection
- power connections to cameras bundled with BNC connections is great
- able to mix camera types, wired and wireless

- camera cable length was only 60ft. For me this was abit short especially when trying to hide the cabling
- cameras are fixed, so no way of zooming in, which in todays age a digital picture should be able to zoom with out a special lens.
- claim there is a far night vision distance, so far I have not obtain them and viewing during night (play back or live) video seems hard to view. Could be i just need to play around with the setting more.

292 out of 313


Location: albuquerque

First camera system I have ever owned and very happy with the over all quality/suppot. The hardware/software looks and works great. The mobile app is very handy and works great. I also like the ddns capability of viewing my system from any computer using a web address. Also the price was really great through costco. I would highly recommend this product! Thank you Lorex!

293 out of 313


Location: Mo

I got a LHV 21082T the packing and shipping of this security system was great.I have not had any trouble with it yet. Knock on wood. The high def cameras are great. The system works great at night. I love how long this system will record for its like 10 days. I had trouble with registering the system on line so i called customer support. You cant ask for a more polite customer service. The system was very easy to install.If any problems you can go to Lorex home page for the trouble shooting videos and advice very helpful. If i had to rate my experience with this system i would give it a 10+ Thank You Lorex.

294 out of 313


Location: Castaic, CA

I purchased this reciever, 6 months ago and have had to replace it twice for hard drive malfunction. The hard drive goes bad after a few short months and begins to reboot itself every 2 minutes shutting down and restarting and beeping constantly, not allowing you to go past the main LOREX screen before it shuts down and reboots itself over and over and over and over and over. Very annoying and a big waste of money. Im giving it one last shot by trying out another replacement reciever and I have to admit that I'm very worried that within the next month or two, I'll be dealing with another bad reciever with another bad hard drive. fingers crossed.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope the replacement works well for you. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

295 out of 313


Location: Memphis,tn

Terrible product. IF this goes out of support you will never be able to reset your password and then the system is useless. While this is in support you MUST call tech support to reset your lost password. They must generate a new temporary password for you or any thief to get into a system....

The cables are custom and TOO short. This forces you to waste more money for other longer low quality cables... I am returning this to the store

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry this product did not meet your expectations.

296 out of 313


Location: Jacksonville, FL

When I installed this system I was quite pleased.
When it's working, it's great!
However within 2 months it quit.
It started turning itself off and back on.
I contacted Lorex Tech Support and jumped through some tests.
Tech Support concluded unit is defective and I would have a replacement within the week.
That was 2 weeks ago.
5 phone calls later and I'm still without the product that I paid for.
All in all the product when working is good, but if you need customer service, forget it.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the difficulty you experienced and hope the replacement works well for you.

297 out of 313


Location: winnipeg, canada

bought product at costco in canada, works well.

298 out of 313


Location: Texas

So far the device is just what I wanted.

299 out of 313


Location: juncos ,puerto Rico 777


300 out of 313


Location: Saint John, NB

Very pleased with this product. It worked great right from the start. Quality is very good. DVR is not noisy at all.

301 out of 313


Location: California

Cam system and DVR set up simply, however beware of weak website navigation trying to download Flir;

1."Download tabs" (link) leads to "product info" and you must find the "Download tab" again. Click it and this leads to PDF documents at top (must scroll down to FLIR). Download means download on all web constructed sites.

2. Link to how-to-videos leads to a chart with no videos at all.

This is like how governments build web-sites not tech people. If they could get the ABC's right I'd offer up a better review. This kind of lack of attention to details degrades the value of my purchase in my opinion.

302 out of 313


Location: San Pedro CA

Great Product and a great price.

Tech support fixed all issues quickly and professionally. Works much better than previous system from another company and cost 1/2 the price.

303 out of 313


Location: las vegas

system works great. Lorex support called me regarding a ticket I opened and resolved my issue with getting my iPhone 6 plus to go online with my cameras.I was very impressed with Lorex support. Other reviews shop frustration with the FLIR Cloud application ,buy Lorex support resolved all issues I had.

304 out of 313


Location: Gilbert, Arizona

I have tested a number of multiple camera security systems. This is the Second Lorex system Ive purchased (16 channel 12 camera 2TB 1080p) because i was so pleased with the first one( 8 channel 8 camera 1TB 720p) which i still have and use at a different location).

I am most pleased by the ease versatility of remote viewing. The Flir Cloud Client for Android works like a charm with the Free Lorex DDNS service, the Flir Cloud Client for the PC allows for ease of use and control of the DVR head unit while at home.

The quality of the image, the ability to control resolution, everything about these units work just like the should.

I have had some questions about issue presented because of my ISP blocking ports and prevent viewing, but the phone SUPPORT i received fixed the issue by walking me through port forwarding my router. Support is always able to answer any question or help me work though any issue i am having ( which is usually self created).

you will not be disappointed with Lorex products !

305 out of 313


Location: Los Altos, CA

I bought this 12-camera system to upgrade an older 8-camera system from a different manufacturer. The resolution on the Lorex system is much better than my old system and the FLIR Cloud PC software has better functionality. I have had two occasions to contact technical support and on both occasions my issues were fixed promptly. So far, overall I am very pleased.

306 out of 313


Location: Sunland, CA

So far so good, works great at night and helps us feel little more secure. Able to see everything on my phone 24/7. Camera quality is excellent.

307 out of 313


Location: Bronx, New York

I just bought this Hd model bundle deal from I bought it with the hd cameras, it is super clear and to use it it's super easy, and if you have any difficulty customer service is super helpful, I have never had surveillance cameras this beautiful

308 out of 313


Location: Enfield CT

I just bought the the stys, love the HD picture, still trying to figure out how to work it but the support is really good....

309 out of 313


Location: Dallas, TX

Got this from Costco at a great price for the 1080p and 2TB HD. The picture is great during the day and at night, it's ok. The IR doesn't go great on the outside of you have it mounted high on a two story house. I plan on buying more floyd lights to supplement for that. The flir app good use some upgrading to remember your product so you don't have to select it every time you log in. Besides that,pretty nice and I would recommend. I don't know about their customer service yet, I hired done local professionals for the install.

310 out of 313


Location: Sunnyvale, CA

I got this system from Costco. The configuration was straight forward. Ended up using google smtp server for email alert. Initially, I had to hook up a monitor to the DVR because when I booted it for the first time, it prompted for firmware upgrade. After the upgrade, I can take the monitor off and configure the DVR through my PC using Flir Cloud Client.
Downloaded the Flir Apps to our Ipads and iphones - everything works correctly. The picture quality is very good. I am still learning about all the advanced features of the system.

311 out of 313


Location: texas

great product easy to use!!!!!!

312 out of 313


Location: PA

Hey Vinnie,

Where did you buy this? I can't find them anywhere! I was at the B&H "superstore" and they didn't have them. Do you have the 1080p version?


313 out of 313


Location: NY

The installation instructions and process was clearly explained and went along without a hitch, although at 66 years old, my knees took a beating while crawling around my attic for a couple of days running the wiring. Other than that it was a snap and very straightforward.

Video quality is excellent on all 8 cameras, day or night and review/playback is easy too...Just like any other program, the more you use it the easier it becomes.

Neighbor saw the system & quality and went out and purchased one for himself too.

Review on my Samsung Galaxy tablet is clear too and very easy to work.

Would definitely recommend this system to any potential purchaser.



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