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Security DVR system Edge2 series


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LH330 series - Edge2 security DVR system

Keep in Touch. Stay Connected. The LH330 is the smallest full-featured security DVR system in the market and guarantees powerful performance in a compact size. Utilize the High Definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV. Use your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac to connect, view and control your system. Internet setup wizard, triple touch operation and dedicated Apps give you the peace of mind at the tip of your fingers.

LH300 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.



Security DVR system features:

  • HDMI output in full 1080p - simple connection to HDTVs¹
  • Triple Touch Technology using a touch screen monitor², Light touch front panel controls, smartphones / tablets
  • 24x7 100% duty cycle HDD
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Backup & Remotely control the system simultaneously
  • Recording options : Motion, schedule or continuous
  • Small form factor (11.6 x 6.5 x 1.3 inches)
  • 3 x USB 2.0 ports (mouse, touch monitor, backup, firmware upgrade)
  • VESA Mount (easily mounts to the back of an LCD monitor) ††
  • Flex IR extender for remote control (line-of-sight not required)
  • Swipe-to-Switch dynamic allocation of camera location in live viewing
  • Intuitive search at your finger tips with multi-channel preview second by second
  • Scroll-to-Search through recorded event list with image preview
  • Covert camera feature allows the security DVR system administrator to monitor cameras while hiding them for regular users.
  • Multi-language interface (21 languages supported)
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485)


  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smartphones†
  • Dedicated iPad app with multi-channel live viewing, playback, backup & setup.
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard ³
  • Lorex Edge Client Software:
    • PC (Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP compatible) using client software (included) & web browser.
    • Mac remote client software (included)
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant e-mail alerts with snap shot attachments and web link

Additional Features:

  • Detail you can count on day and night. HD output (HDMI) with exceptional playback quality.
  • Keep in Touch with your world. Use your smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac to connect , view and control your system.
  • Reliability you can depend on. Powerful performance in a compact size.
  • Slim yet powerful. The smallest full-featured DVR in the market.
  • Ease of use, end to end. Internet setup wizard, touch operation and dedicated Apps give you the peace of mind at the tip of your fingers.
  • Finger -tip operation. Point, Tap, scroll and swipe to control your DVR.
  • Backup critical video the way that suits you best. USB external storage or remotely to your tablet or PC. Swipe-to-Switch. Dynamic allocation of camera position in live viewing mode.
  • Scroll-to-Search. Unique event log search while viewing playback footage for an efficient review of events that happened in the course of a day.

System Includes:

  • 1 x 8 or 16 Channel DVR with pre-installed HDD
  • 1 x Remote Control & "Flex IR "
  • 1 x Mouse
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • 2 x Octopus BNC Connector (16-channel only)
  • 2 x screws (for key-hole style VESA mounting)
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x CD with Client Software and Auto Port Forward Wizard


    1. HDMI output 1080p (1920x1080) for high definition multi-channel live viewing only. High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 704x480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
    2. Touch operation with Windows™ 7 Touch compatible touch screen monitor via USB connection.
    3. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
    † Instant Mobile Viewing on iPad™, iPhone™ , BlackBerry (supported model numbers: 9000, 9700, 9800) and Android (version 2.1). Selectable one channel live viewing. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check as new smart phone models become available in the market.
    †† Easily mounts to the back of an LCD monitor with VESA standard mounting holes and an independent stand. Requires clear access to the 75 x 75,100 x100 & 200 x 200 mm VESA mounting holes.










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    1 out of 59


    Location: Residence

    After the house was burgled, I got the Lorex Edge+. Set up was not easy, but tech support is great. After two years, the touch screen stopped working, but I use the supplied computer mouse and have no problem. What has impressed me most is the customer service. Just last week, I had to call because my internet provided changed my IP address and I could not connect to my Lorex remotely. In five minutes the tech had me up and running and taught me how to overcome the problem if it ever happens again. The camera quality, day and night, is excellent.

    2 out of 59


    Location: Toronto

    I am very happy with the new dvr,I had problems with the first one but after the new replacement is working just fine. I'll refer it to anyone.
    Thanks Lorex
    Manuel Machado

    3 out of 59


    Location: Kansas

    This seemed like a good product at first. I have had it for about 2 years now I got it back in 2013. I will not recommend this product because it has an overheating issue. The sticker at the bottom will peel off due to the heat. I noticed an oil dripping from the side and their it went the thermal pad inside had gotten to hot and melted. I am not happy with this dvr.

    Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your DVR. Our sales team would be happy to assist you and we now offer extended warranties. Please call us at 1-888-425-6739

    4 out of 59


    Location: NC USA

    My DVD only went 2 years. Called customer support and they said it was my router. That was wrong. The LAN port is gone. I still can save video but can access from Internet. Got a ticket in now to see if I can add a USB wireless converter to get it back online. We shall see.

    5 out of 59


    Location: 38965

    I'll tell you what, when you 70 years old can't see can't hear and can't remember you need a dose of lorex tecnical support those boys will take over and fix, hookup or what ever your needs are, and got good equipment. One call that's all.

    Thanks Lorex

    6 out of 59


    Location: CA

    After almost 3 years my DVR has died. First certain cameras would go dark on the monitor and the last few months the video would just reset by itself. Now the system no longer powers on, but you can hear a slight fan noise. Ticket was put in a few days ago but nobody has contacted me. Not sure if I want to upgrade to a HD system or just get a new DVR.

    Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support and sales teams would be happy to assist you 1-888-425-6739.

    7 out of 59


    Location: CA

    The system is flexible to upgrade with other camera. Glad to see Home Depot has a session for Lorex accessories and gives me some idea how I can expand my home security system after talking to their crews.

    8 out of 59


    Location: california

    Customer service was great...unfortunately I needed it. 8 channel dvr broke after 3 years. I was told that it was not uncommon and that I could expect that from new one.

    Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear your DVR did not last as long as expected and would like to assure you this is not a typical circumstance. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your new DVR, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-425-6739.

    9 out of 59


    Location: Toronto, Ontario

    The lorex system I have is amazing. The setup was easy and the instructions were easy to follow. The system meets my needs. I would recommend this system to my family and friends.

    10 out of 59


    Location: los angeles

    The lorex system I have has 8 cameras, a dvr, and a monitor. The cameras work well and consistently, the dvr records and operates as advertised, and the monitor allows me to see it easily either on a grid or from one camera at a time.

    11 out of 59


    Location: Fort Myers, FL

    I bought the system about 3 years ago. The daytime camera quality is okay, the nighttime quality is barely acceptable. The touchscreen monitor lost it's abiltity for touch after about 6 months, but the mouse still worked so I was okay with it. A number of the cameras started losing their infrared night lights and I've had to replace several that went totally dead, but others I let go with just partial lights. Now the DVR is completely dead. I had an electrician check the little transformer to make sure it was okay, then searched for a fuse or something, but nothing. It's dead after 3 years, so I am back on this site to buy another, simply because I know all the current camera wiring connections will be compatible with it. It is an okay system, but it's too daunting to start completely over with a whole new system, so I am going to buy another DVR.

    12 out of 59


    Location: New Brunswick, Canada

    This product works very well. The only issue we have is that the model we bought only a couple of years ago has now been discontinued and it was a little hard getting the proper tech. support for it but it all worked out and we are a very satisfied customer.

    13 out of 59


    Location: Beaufort SC

    Nice system, opened box and had it working on the bench within an hour. Looking forward to see what newer technology is available to enhance the system I have.

    14 out of 59


    Location: DVR unit failed - Ticket #736672


    After less than 2 years, my Edge2 DVR has failed. Like some other reviews on here, the trouble started with a high-pitch whining sound. Others have said this was a hard drive failure. I'm not sure. Personally, I thought it was the fan that failed. I tried turning it off, but you can't. It only has a "high" and "low" settinI set the fan to Low, the pitch of the whining sound got lower. A couple weeks later, the unit failed. Still no response from Lorex on my Ticket (#736672). I want to send it back for repair. Submitted my Ticket on 02/01/15, today is 02/12. Still no response.

    15 out of 59


    Location: home

    system seems to work fine for what I need

    16 out of 59


    Location: Fort Worth

    Playback isn't easy to do and events doesn't work. Remote view: had to reload software several times. Outside camera are poor quality. Night vision is the worst thing on the system. Camera will not lock in place. I'm always adjusting them. Fans are very load and had to move it DVR to a closet.

    17 out of 59


    Location: LA MIRADA

    EXCELLENT systems and NEW style IR cameras which I will replace some older model cameras currently installed. These cameras apparently have new wider optics and enhanced IR capability. I use additional IR emitters on most cameras to extend the nighttime vision of cameras in my main and getaway houses. This DVR system was purchased to have a spare DVR because of several prior DVR Hard Drives have failed and doing without system for about 4 weeks when DVR is being replaced under warranty. IT is strange that you can buy a new system like this and get within a week BUT warranty replacement takes 4 or 5 weeks.

    Warranty replacement DVR in LM is up and running and works remotely on cell phone and tablets BUT having problems with remote hook-up with LKE DVR and router. Finally got Lorex PW changed. LOREX would not let me log-on over the week-end in LKE when CS is closed. JUST got PW changed so I could log on while in LM. PTZ is not setup yet in both houses. I will review and give results. EXTREMLY difficult getting wired to connect inside back of DVR for PTZ cameras. Should redesign push-in connectors in back of DVR.

    18 out of 59


    Location: LM OR LKE

    BOUGHT system as an extra system for when I have to return a DVR for warranty replacement. I wait an average of 4 weeks to receive replacement and I am out of any video surrvelance. I am using the 4 camera's to replace older cameras with the new IR and wider angle of these included cameras. I will report my review after I install them in two different homes that have existing systems.

    DVR harddrives are only lasting weeks to several months before bearing start with a high pitched noise and then start switching video off and on continuous. Warranty replaced ok.

    19 out of 59


    Location: LA MIRADA

    CONTINUATION OF TICKET # 527295. The various different Mobile SW that three different tech said to use to connect tablets were WRONG. I experimented with ALL the APPS and the correct APP that worked with my LH340 Edge 3 Series was Lorex Mobile-Edge. I first got my wife Samsung Note 8 and the my Nexus 7 tablet to connect. My Samsung S4 cell phone worked on an OLD version of Edge with my DVR. ECO did not work. Mobile View Lite did not work.

    20 out of 59


    Location: LA MIRADA

    LH 348
    3rd replacement DVR by Lorex under warranty. Installed 07/13/14 and all 8 cameras came up and working. I have not tried to configue the PTZ camera yet. I installed the local viewing software and working great on my 2nd monitor in my home office from DVR in kitchen. Attempt to install remote software AS USUAL and the port forwarding FAILED. Called Technical Support on 07/23/14 and RAM was unable to log into my router. I called back an hour later and talked to REMO, and he was able to login to PC and server and setup port forwarding correctly and saw my cameras on his monitor.

    Last night. I edited the Lorex SW previously downloaded and changed the PORT on my Samsung S4 cell phone and it instantly displayed my 8 cameras remotely. Remo told me to download Lorex Mobile Live for my Samsung and Nexus tablets BUT the install FAILED. I called Lorex TS today 07/23/14 and talked to NICK and he said tht the correct tablet SW is Lorex Mobile H. I have not tried yet. My wife is anxious to see cameras on her Samsung Note 8 tablet. It is noce to sit in my office and see the 8 cameras on one enlarged full screen.

    We have an additional Lorex system at our LAKE house and like to see each other when we are away at the different houses. Next to setup the new system remotely at the lake house.

    I should get a commission from Lorex as I have gotten about 12 friends and neighbors to buy systems directly from Lorex or Costco. Advantage to buy from Lorex is that any part of your system can be returned to Lorex for replacement. Costco. you must return the whole system.

    Recent ticket #: 527295

    21 out of 59


    Location: Georgia

    I have had some cameras fail and DVR had a imaging issue. Lorex has stood by there product and replaced all items with great service.

    22 out of 59


    Location: St-Jérçome, québec, Canada

    Very satisfied with recent aquisition. The system is working perfectly and provide clear image, easy to install with good instructions. I now feel secure and can review all events.

    23 out of 59


    Location: LA MIRADA, CA.

    3rd DVR is being replaced on RMA. Sent 6/5/14 by UPS and now 06/23/14. Waiting for new DVR and I hope that HDD does not start whinning and crash as the prior HDD's did. Another DVR at lake house did reboot itself over the week-end and automatically switches from show 8 cameras to only showing one camera. I hope that this is not indicating a failure on this DVR?? This is a replacement of another DVR that burned up by its power supply that was out of warranty.

    24 out of 59


    Location: Fort Worth, TX

    DVR worked great for about one week. Appears to be a hard drive issue (not really Lorex's fault). Customer support is issuing me a new DVR. System was great while it was working

    25 out of 59


    Location: LA MIRADA

    ORIGINAL LH330 EDGE2 SERIES DVR GOES INTO A CYCLE OF TURNING OFF AND ON CONTINUALLY. Turn off power strip for several hours and turn back on and system sometimes stays on for a few minutes and system goes back to cycle of turning on and off. DVR was replaced on warranty and received 03/18/14, I set up cable to replacement DVR. Everything sounds good and works ok. 03/29/14, DVR hardrive/FAN? starts making noise like 1st DVR and starts it ON/OFF cycling like original DVR. # 8 camera stopped working and getting video errors. Replaced #8 camera and DVR shows #8 camera working ok BUT does not stay on very long before cycling starts again. 06/02/14 will statrt procerss to request replacement again.

    26 out of 59


    Location: Alabama

    I bought the LH330 and have been very pleased with how easy it was to set up. I was also pleased with how simple it was to set the port forwarding up and being able to view my cameras over the internet. it is very user friendly, I would recommend this to a friend.

    27 out of 59


    Location: los Angeles

    Bought this product .Had someone to install and program it for me I was able to view my property remotely for the first day but after that I kept on getting network failed .I called the person back and it seems to be doing good .Great price and picture quality is good too.

    28 out of 59


    Location: Minburn, IA

    I purchased the Lorex Edge DVR and cameras as well as 2 additional wireless cameras for a total of 10 cameras. My review is mixed. Let's start with the bad. I've owned the system for 9 months. I've already had one complete camera failure and am currently experiencing 2 more camera failures of the infra red (night vision). I currently have 3 other cameras that are experiencing a blurry haze over the bottom 24%-30% of the camera view. No idea why. When I contacted support about this I was told I should contact customer service. Based on how they handled my last failure I will have to be without 1/2 my cameras for 2-3 weeks while I send mine in and have them send me back refurbished cameras. Found that a little annoying and not the best of customer service. Now the good. Couldn't be an easier install or actually using the product. Love the ability to log in at anytime, from anywhere and inspect my property. Searching and playback are also a breeze. Overall I'm content with the product just feel when the product fails when it's under warranty that the customer shouldn't have to wait weeks for a replacement. I feel that a replacement should be sent out immediately with a call tag to pick up the failed product.

    29 out of 59


    Location: BC

    I set my system to record only if it detect motion. However, I have continual adjusts camera sensitivity and coverage features and still experiencing tons of junk video recordings which is making it extremely difficult to find the video clip I need. It say it detected motion and therefore start recording eventhough there is no activity in the coverage area. Sensitivity set too low will not detect a human - I watched a man go undetected when he walked to his truck, but the camera detected it only after he drive his truck. When I have to sieve thru the junk, I find the search feature in both the DVR and computer not helpful. This problem is best solved by improving the camera's motion detect feature.

    30 out of 59


    Location: Campbellford

    We actually use the LH340 on our farm as a monitor during birthing of our Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Warm Bloods (Horses). It makes the midnight to 6 AM watch quite comfortable, especially on freezing nights in the barn. When it works, it works great. The set up, given we have PC's and MAC's can be problematic but Lorex's Tech support is A 1 when it comes to PC C 1 when it comes to MAC. For example, this year poor Crystal has spent hours on the phone with me trying to get service to our MAC's. It seems that unless you have OS 10.8 now, you have compatibility issues even on internet. But she's still trying. For that reason (MAC compatibility) I have to give 4 + star system a 3. Thank Goat we have a couple of PC's here.

    31 out of 59


    Location: California

    The worst customer service that i have ever experienced. First DVR I had was working then got unplugged then would not power back up. Took over 4 months to get replaced. two months into it the second DVR had to be unplugged and once plugged back in will not power back up.

    32 out of 59


    Location: Orange, CA 92867

    I purchased and installed the Lorex LH 338 series Security DVR system for my business in October 2012. I am very impressed and amazed by the functions and features provided by the system: specifically the depth and clarity of vision captured by the DVR and camera; its playback capability; the ease of its online accessibility for monitoring and playback; the ease of its remote manipulation of systems configuration. All of these high tech capabilities in one system coupled by durability is the primary reason that I would recommend Lorex products to anyone.

    33 out of 59


    Location: purgatory

    the worst customer service

    34 out of 59


    Location: CA

    This DVR replaced a crashed DVR that burned its hard drive and monitor up. Now this DVR HD is resetting itself every few seconds and HD is pulsing and loosing its video from the 8 cameras. It took me 6 months to get last DVR replaced and I am going to try getting this last replaced DVR replaced.

    35 out of 59


    Location: Newtown, PA

    Very happy with my purchase. Instructions for Set-up were very good. Had problems achieving Remote viewing and found the Technology Dept very helpful throughout the process. I am now able to view all 8 cameras from my home computer easily. I recommend downloading Lorex software for Remote Access vs.other access options (i.e. Opening site with I.D. Address). Again, the Technology Group patiently worked with me and my Remote Access is successfully up and running.

    36 out of 59


    Location: arkansas

    We have the LH330 edge 2 series. For the most part I have been very pleased not only with the system but the service. I have had a couple of problems with the cameras but when contacting Lorex they are very supportive and help you immediately. Their service and support has been very good. I only had one issue and that was setting up remote viewing on my IPhone. I know I am somewhat challenged when it comes to technology and the install was not as easy as I thought but the Technical support dept was very supportive. Unfortunately the router and DVR couldn't read each other so I was unable to place the device where I wanted. The thought was the Ethernet cable was extended too far or it could've been other interruption. Also, it seems new products are always coming out and they are even better than this one. I especially like kowing there is products where the Ping App works and things run smoother with set up. If I ever have to replace my system I will certainly get one with this option. We have been pleased enough with the system and the service provided that we encouraged our son and his wife to purchase from Lorex and they were lucky enough to buy a newer system that allows remote viewing set up through the Ping App and just by scanning the bar code. I would certainly buy Lorex again as I am overall satisfied with everything.

    37 out of 59


    Location: Hamilton,Ontario

    Just want to respond to a ticket I opened with Lorex regarding one of the cameras night vision was not working, and determined that the camera needed to be replaced. Sent the camera out and 3 days later they sent me a replacement, no questions asked, since it was under warranty. So far I have been very impressed with the Lorex products and support. I would definitely purchase other Lorex products, and definitely would recommend this company to others for any security needs.

    38 out of 59


    Location: Land O Lakes, Florida

    I recently purchased and installed The Lorex LH340 Edge 3 system with 8 cameras. Installation was very easy. No setup other than plugging in and the quality of the cameras in daylight as well as evening is unbelievable. In my career I have seen many cameras but nothing like the quality of 960 H (Model LBC7051) is unmatched by anyone I have seen. I strongly recommend Lorex for your security needs.

    39 out of 59


    Location: Los Angeles County, CA

    I received this DVR today as a replacement to the previous DVR that I purchased in July 2013. So far, it was easy to set up and the quality of the pictures is better than the previous DVR. I would recommend this product.

    40 out of 59


    Location: Lansdowne

    Purchased Edge2 8 camera system from Costco Dec 2012. The system worked well for almost 1 year, the DVR failed and was replaced by Lorex. I have been happy with this system and would recomend it. Remote viewing while away from home is great piece of mind.

    41 out of 59


    Location: SF Bay Area

    I purchased an Edge 3 DVR and found it's
    menus to be very intuitive. I seriously doubt
    most users would be less than satisfied with
    this excellent security machine. It has already
    gotten 2 convictions for us to its credit.

    42 out of 59


    Location: madison wv

    had one camera go bad and it was replaced with no problem, good service

    43 out of 59


    Location: New York

    DVR product worked great with the 8- camera system. Very satisfied and was user friendly, easy set-up.

    44 out of 59


    Location: California

    Just received our DVR. Set-up was easy and the picture quality is excellent.
    So far so good....will update as when we have a little more experience.
    I will say, the shipping was very slow....caused all kinds of time sensitive problems. Shipping was supposed to be included but they charged me $47.82. I will be calling them as I'm sure it was a mistake.

    45 out of 59


    Location: Michigan

    Edge 2 DVR (8 CH) with 21.5" Touchscreen Monitor (Costco)..

    This is my first home surveillance system, so I have no previous experience to compare it to. However, I can say that I am VERY happy with my purchase. Overall, it is a great and user-friendly system for the money..


    - Easy to set up
    - User manual is surprisingly very good and easy to follow. The DVR & features are easy to learn.
    - DVR has many great features that can be fine-tuned to your preferences and needs.. motion sensing, motion alarms, recording schedules, custom camera titles, etc.
    - Picture quality of supplied cameras is solid (Although, I'm only using 2 of them. The rest, I upgraded by purchasing some of my own vandal-resistant dome cameras)
    - Controls for PTZ camera (purchased separately) work fairly well
    - Lorex Mobile app for remote/phone viewing works very well for me on my Android

    Things that I would like to see improved, or features added, in the future firmware upgrades (if possible):

    - Changing default User ID & Passwords. As of right now, you CAN change your default passwords to your own custom passwords. However, your passwords are still limited to 4-digit pin numbers. I would like more options for this (The ability to use letters in your passwords, and passwords longer than 4-characters, etc). Changing the User ID is supposed to be possible, too, but I still can't figure out how to do it, even after emailing tech support.

    - Motion sensing works very well, but produces a lot of false positives (mostly at night). Even with the sensitivity set to low. After some research, I found that this is due to passing cars with headlights, or my motion sensing flood lights turning on and off. The change in light, moving shadows in the monitored area, pixels changing from dark to light, back to dark, etc.. this is perceived as "motion". It's not really a "flaw" of the DVR, that's just the technology that it uses for motion sensing. A limitation of that technology. Just mentioning it, because you'll find that the audible motion alarms will getting annoying very quickly if they're enabled at night. Be conscious of enabling motion detection and alarms on cameras with street view of passing cars, or near your motion sensing flood lights.

    - PTZ camera presets. As of now, you can set as many as 50 presets for your Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera (labeled #1-50). I think a cool feature in the future would be the ability to custom name your presets (The same way you can custom name your cameras). It is difficulty to remember what your presets are after you've entered them. For instance, if I could rename my presets from "#1" to "Driveway"..#2 to "Mailbox", #3 to "Neighbor's house", that would be extremely helpful.

    - The Lorex Mobile app for phone viewing seems to work better on iOS than it does on Android. On the iPhone, you can swipe between cameras. On Android, you cannot.

    - You cannot see your custom camera titles when viewing on the phone app. Not sure why. It would be great if you could add that, as well. Or, if it's not possible for some reason, then maybe update the app so that you can just change the titles within the app, itself. I know the app really has nothing to do with the Edge DVR. I'm just sort of reviewing the system as a whole, I guess.

    - Maybe a camera "widget" in the future? Like an email widget, that can be placed right on your phone's homescreen? Although, I can see that maybe there would be concerns about data usage with live video feeds, and maintaining a connection. Probably not that practical. But, maybe a widget for the homescreen that just shows live "snapshots" when you refresh the widget? Similar to updating your News widgets or email widgets, it would just show a current snapshot? That would be cool.

    - I would like the option of getting my motion alert pictures via text/SMS/MMS, instead of by email. Viewing them would be much faster that way. More convenient.

    46 out of 59


    Location: League City TX

    The DVR and wireless cameras have worked flawlessly. Because of the location where I had to install a couple of the cameras the signal strength is only 1 bar but the video is just as good as the other cameras with a full 4 bars. Setting up the remote access can be a difficult. If you need to call tech support be prepared to be on hold for anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours. I have recommended this system to several friends and many of them have bought the wireless DVR package. They have all been pleased with the equipment but a few of them had to call tech support and all were frustrated with the wait time.

    47 out of 59


    Location: Houston, TX

    Purchased 8 channel 1 year ago. DVR went out before warranty expired but they replaced no problem. The remote setup I little difficult to set up but eventually got through it. Once set up the system worked extremely well. Camera clarity is excellent and I am experiencing no delay when viewing remotely. I would recommend this product.

    48 out of 59


    Location: Renton

    I absolutely love this system. It is so nice to be able to watch my house and garage. Cameras at night are super.

    49 out of 59


    Location: Houston, Texas

    This is a follow up post to my original purchase in June system with 8 channel Edge DVR and 7 cameras running 24/7 plugged into a UPS worked perfect for 10 months....then it started shutting off on its own randomly and then really struggled to run longer than 2 hours....talked to technical and tried various things like rebooting, new software etc but still did not they replaced it free of charge with a refurbished unit......within one week it started doing the same thing....this time no questions asked, they replaced it with a new one which has been running perfect for the last week....why the 4 stars for having 3 units within 14 months ? customer service...they back what they are selling and because I wrote a review the first time around...they gave me a 2 yr warranty which came in handy...once you install this system...and can access it off your phones etc to make sure the kids are home safe after school ( and petty issues happening around your yard ) is well worth the expense.

    50 out of 59


    Location: Sea Gate,Brooklyn,NY

    I have 2 lorex DVRs.
    Both are 8 channel systems.
    Running at full capacity with respect to cameras.
    Both run 24/7.

    -Very Reliable.
    -Does as described LOCALLY & REMOTELY (Online/iphone).
    -Lorex dns is a life saver when it comes to port forwarding

    -GUI can be confusing at times.
    -Resolution can be improved.

    51 out of 59


    Location: Somewhere on hold with lorex

    Just and update to my last post.

    I hope someone in customer support is reading this. After sending in 2 more tickets for support I have yet to hear back from them. After 2 months of trying to figure our why I do not get remote audio still nothing.

    Called tec support this morning ( Aug 16th) at 8 am after 15 min of being on hold, was discounted. I called right back, and again after 14 min, was disconnected. Thinking perhaps 3 times a charm, I called the sales line...I am presently at 20 min and counting and still waiting on hold. That is now 47 min on hold.. I wish I was kidding but from the time I have bought this unit I have probably spent 3 hours on hold in total.

    Well, just hung up after 23 min on that call, 50 min in total this morning. Lorex does have an option while waiting on hold to leave your number to have them to call you back. However, I have done this twice....they do call back a few days later. However if you miss that call back, they leave a message to call them back on their tech number......guess what happens when you call it.......on hold..and the process starts all over again.

    What good is a product if there is VERY LITTLE support to it.

    52 out of 59


    Location: Toronto

    I bought this unit as part of a full system with (4) dome cams. It took about 9 days to get the system shipped to southern Ontario.

    System was not to hard to set up once you ran all the cables.

    On site set up only took about 20 min.

    Online set up took a few hours though so we could view the cams remotely.

    THE BAD.

    I find the controls on the front of the units panel very sensitive.

    Only (1) Audio in jack. Not and issue if running one cam, but this is an (8) cam system.

    Lorex does not really make any dome cams that have mic's built into them.

    With above, you have to buy a mic and pick (1) cam to set it up run with on software.

    My biggest issue is REMOTE audio. To date after over a month of calls, and waiting for call backs, unable to hear sound remotely. Sound has been tested at the location, and is recording on the PVR. However as said, no sound via web. I have called a few times to support, but level one has no idea. After about 20 min, asked to hold for level 2, wait times can be 20 plus min. I gave up last time after a total of 48 min. Sent E mails/tickets in and do get a reply about 5 or 6 days later. For the most part just say contact level (2) support with a phone number.

    Last, as of Aug 14th 2013, still no updates to use an Android phone to view cams.

    SUPPORT Issues

    Getting better but need more people in level (2) staff.

    As I am sure most of you know that have called, just have 45 min to spare when calling in if you want a level (2) person. Best to call at 8 am !!

    In short, yes the unit d

    53 out of 59


    Location: Castro Valley, CA

    I like the functionality of the product. The camera resolution is very good during the day and fairly good at night. Had some problems trying to figure out how to set up remote viewing. The users manual could definitely be written better. However, customer support is very helpful getting it set up.

    54 out of 59


    Location: NY

    This is the only security unit that I have ever owned and to be perfectly honest, quite disappointed. The DVR's recording are ok, but the cameras constantly need to be reset (by unplugging them at the camera end/ or unplugging the DVR and sometimes both) I've returned four cameras because of moisture in the lens (couldn't even make out the picture) and am currently returning 1 camera because it just stopped connecting and another because it has to be right next to the antenna to pick up the signal. The cameras are a whole different issue. The wireless have an extreme difficult time picking up the signal when placed a very short distance apart (30-40 ft). Constantly freezing and not recording. Yah it's great to monitor your cameras on your iphone, but half the time when your away, your cameras lost the signal and need to be reset but your not home to reset them so you have no video feed to view. Also the wireless cameras interfere with your WiFi. Your phone, laptop, ipod, ipad will either have a difficult time to connect and/or will connect and eventually drop the connection because of it being so slow. Also had an attempted burglary while my cameras were recording, and couldn't see well enough to even get a useful description for the police. Bottom line, I'm not sure if the average homeowner could afford a camera security system that would be effective for the purpose for which we buy them, but this one comes up short. I've got $2000 in my system while a Remington 870 12 gauge will cost you $320 and will be money better spent.

    55 out of 59


    After a few months of use, pleasantly surprised on the logical arrangement and ease of operating the menu and features. Provides critical features w/straight-forward usability w/o excessive gimmicks or features unlikely to be used. Particularly like the unit's very small physical footprint and the small but powerful remote control, which is simple to use and can do just about everything you need it to do. From my recliner I can easily adjust motion sensor field of view and sensitivity of any camera, quickly review motion alarms or footage recorded minutes or days before, and do many other things. You can also use the remote to instantly record a still JPEG image or to record a "movie" of an incident onto a USB "Flash/Thumb" Drive. I keep one attached to the DVR.

    I keep the small recorder out of sight behind some stuff inside one of my cabinets, and run the IR extension line out the back with the small sensor on the end taped relatively out of sight but still in operable view of the remote control. I can easily and quickly switch from watching TV to viewing all or any one of the cameras, and vice-versa, or I sometimes leave the cameras on while home and not watching TV. The DVR fan has 3 speeds. I use the medium speed, which keeps the unit inside the enclosed cabinet relatively cool, and is still very quiet.

    For my set-up, I have 4 cameras set at max resolution that record around the clock, which continuosly records for about 9 days before recording over the oldest footage (the duration is visible on the screen and actively changes as you make changes to parameters in the Menu). Of course you can increase duration by recording at set times and/or days instead of 24-7, reducing the frame rate or quality on one or more cameras, or using fewer cameras. A continuous 9 days history is more than enough for me.

    I have not yet tried to set up the mobile connectivity, so cannot comment on this application. Will update when I do.

    56 out of 59


    Location: WI

    So far I really like this LH3361001 system. I wish you could hear the audio when I have more than 1 camera viewed. You have to have just one camera on screen (even though you set only one camera for audio) to hear the audio. This is the reason for 4 stars.

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    57 out of 59


    Location: Union, NJ

    This item is of good quality, directions are excellent and customer support is available to answer any questions

    58 out of 59


    Location: West Virginia

    Received it on time have had no trouble at all out of it (3 months) hooked right up very easy reviewing things is very easy nothing wrong at all so far at has been a good purchase

    59 out of 59


    Location: Coral Springs,FL

    I purchased Lorex Edge DVR II, to replace PC GV card with the Lorex DVR I am so satisfied with the Lorex DVR than I was with my previous product. Very user friendly

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend



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