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ECO3 series security DVR with 960H recording


(90 reviews)
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Digital video recorder with 960H recording

Maintain vigilance and experience true peace of mind with the LH140 ECO3 16-channel surveillance solution. Lorex was first to market with the industry leading 960H (960x480) recording resolution that ensures high quality live-viewing and recording. 960h is a 34% increase over standard D1 resolution and a 500% increase over CIF, giving a sharper, undistorted image with a true-to-life aspect ratio that enhances your ability to view your world.

LH140 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.



Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • 960H (960x480) recording resolution, D1/2CIF/CIF supported
  • H.264 video compression¹
  • Real time recording 30fps per channel: 8ch @960H, 16ch @ (480x240)
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485), controllable remotely via App
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard ²
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart Phones & Tablets †
  • PC and Mac(via Safari) compatible
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Accurate Time Stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time

Additional Features:

  • Keep in Touch with your world. PC or Mac to connect, view and control your system remotely.
  • You don?t have to be a wiz to set it this product. Internet setup wizard, and dedicated Apps give you the peace of mind at the tip of your fingers.
  • Simple to use Apps with multi-camera live viewing and instant connection allows you to keep an eye on the things that matter to you most.
  • PTZ camera supported - connect a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera and easily set tours and pre-sets to monitor a wider area of your property. You can also remotely control the camera via App. Record on a reliable 24/7 100% duty HDD (Hard Disc Drive) that is designed for surveillance purposes.
  • Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 960H (960x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time (720 x 480, 720 x 240 or 360 x 240). Simple setup - easy Copy feature allows you to copy your settings from one camera to all cameras saving you time when programming your DVR.
  • Dependable time stamps ? your DVR will always record with accurate time stamps thank to LOREX NTP (Network Time Protocol) that syncs with the atomic clock as well as advanced Day Light Saving modes.
  • Reliable DDNS and email relay service. Register for a free DDNS service (one web address to remember) providing you with connectivity you can count on at all times.
  • A total of 3 video outputs (HDMI, VGA, BNC) allows you to connect to multiple monitors simultaneously. Ideal for business applications where you have the DVR in the back office as well as a public view monitor.
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) allows you to monitor a scene in full screen mode while keeping an eye on up to two other locations simultaneously.
  • Digital zoom allows you to get a closer view while in live viewing full screen mode.
  • Unique continuous recording with motion activated visual alerts inform you when motion is detected (e.g. when someone enters your store). No longer do you have to make a choice between continuous or motion recording option.
  • HDMI output (HDMI cable included) for convenient connection to HD TVs.*


* Video output resolution scaled up, auto adjusts to the connected monitor via HDMI connection. High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 960 x 480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad®, iPhone®, Android (version 1.5 & above), Windows Mobile (6.0, 6.5). Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.










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1 out of 90


Location: Spyke's Bar

I really like this system, it makes my job a lot easier and with a lot less stress!

2 out of 90


Location: Stony Brook, NY

This product was installed in the house that we just bought. After a call to customer service / tech support to get it running and give me a tutorial, it is working and I am very impressed with the functionality. We feel very secure in our new home with this product installed.

3 out of 90


Location: LA

I bought LH140 surveillance camera at Costco in late 2004. Within a year, I have problem with the four cameras that had green color in the background. I contacted the Lorex support representatives to assist. The representatives informed me that they have issues with this product because the night vision reflection lights always defective. The support staff assisted to look into the matter through remote. After a year, the problem persists and I contacted the support staff again, I was told the warrant expired and I needs to purchase new cameras. I will not recommend this product to others since the company support representative is located in overseas.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with your cameras. Unfortunately we cannot replace them as they are well out of warranty. We have many new and updated systems available, as well as extended warranty options. Our sales team would be happy to assist you in selecting a system that best suits your needs. Please call us at 1-888-425-6739, option 1.

4 out of 90


Location: canada

great device, works fine, easy set up. had difficulty to locate the device ID even through the customer support team

5 out of 90


Location: Canada

Purchased this product a number of years ago.
Continues to work fine.
Picture quality not the greatest.
The iPhone app is difficult to set up.
DDNS is confusing.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

6 out of 90


Location: nyc

good machine and great tech support. final ddns mobile hook up a bit confusing but again tech support is really good.

7 out of 90


Location: VA

its not that bad of a device

8 out of 90


Location: isla mujeres

all its ok

9 out of 90


Location: Ga

The whole system is broken down after 2 years. 6 out of 8 cameras have been broken. (I put them out of sun, out of rain, and we don't really have snow in this area). In the first year, 2 of them got replaced. But no luck after 1 year warranty. The DVR not able to record more than 7 days and some of the cameras were not recording more than 1 day. And now the DVR kept on and off in less than 1 minutes. Total waste of money. The money I need to spend on to get a new replacement DVR will cost more than buying a new set.

Thank you for your feedback. Our sales team was happy to assist you with a solution.

10 out of 90


Location: Hayward,CA

Easy to work with.

11 out of 90


Location: Cypres Texas

Easy to install. Worked fantastic for 1 year. Then the color/tint went out on one of the camera's. My system is less than 2 years old and I have 6 out of the 8 camera's that have terrible color/tint problems. Just got off the phone with tech support and there is NO fix for the camera issue. They all have to be replaced. It is cheaper to buy an entire new system than to replace the camera's DVR still works fantastic but is useless without camera's. Considering buying the new HD system. Reluctant to spend another $500 if the system only works for little more than 1 year..I loved it for the first year. If you have the money to replace camera's frequently. Then that won't be a problem While it worked. I loved it.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry your cameras didn't last as long as expected and our offer was not satisfactory, this is not a typical occurrence.

12 out of 90


Location: Home

Requires a bit of patience to get the whole set-up going but their customer care and technical support are very friendly! Easy to access via mobile devices and iPads, and great interface on the computer as well! Overall, very pleased with the product!

13 out of 90


Location: Illinois, USA

Bought this system EOS3, just over a year ago, had trouble with it when I first hooked everything up, it has never just kept recording, picture would go blank after 3-4 days, unless you log into the system. now it seems to be worthless HDD light stays on and the DVR just beeps. reboots after 3-5 minutes.
when it did work the picture was good but no way to manually control the cameras from going into night mode.
So now I guess I may as well buy something else.

14 out of 90


Location: Quebec, Canada

Perfect for our small business use. Requires a bit of patience to get the whole set-up going but their customer care and technical support are very friendly! Easy to access via mobile devices and iPads, and great interface on the computer as well! Overall, very pleased with the product!

15 out of 90


Location: Toronto

Bought this DVR last year. It was easy to set up and reliable. The UI needs to be tweaked and updated to make it more user friendly. Mobile and Client remote access is great. Web access requires special plugins and does not seem to work that well across different internet browsers.

16 out of 90


Location: Eureka,CA

Very easy to setup and get going. User interface isn't the easiest and remote connectivity is definitely not for a beginner. All in all great security

17 out of 90




18 out of 90


Location: NJ

Very easy installation and very easy to set up for viewing with my laptop and on my iphone. The installation took about 30 minutes, but I'm pretty handy. If you're not used to doing DIY projects, it may take a few hours - especially the installation of the cameras, but once it's set up, it's works great.

19 out of 90


Location: gladwin mi

I purchased an eco series 16 channel dvr with 4 wired and 3 wireless cameras. It is a nice system, that was easy to set up the cameras and hook the system up to the Internet for remote viewing. The mobile app is good once you figure out how to load the system cameras into it. Overall im very satisfied with this product.

20 out of 90


Location: Central NJ

Purchased polycarbonate protected model camera system (8 in total) with one broken arm out of the box. I contacted support in which they state: will reply within 48 hours. I have yet to hear from them yet. Going on day 3.

They also claim to have apps for remote viewing, but all of the apps are very low quality. Look up the support for these apps to see email addressed from gmail,etc. and not Lorex themselves.

It claims to output simultaneously to multiple devices (HDMI, composite video,etc. ) But setting the composite output to 4 viewports (quad) viewing, still resorts to 16 camera view.

All in all, a bad experience and waste of money. You will be better going elsewhere. Their marketing and advertising is the only good thing I've seen.

Lastly, thank goodness I know networking. They claim to have a quick install program to set up your router for port forwarding. On a whim, I downloaded it. It was not working on my Linksys router. (Error found. You have received a NOT FOUND error on the webpage)

I will be returning the system as soon as possible. Please review their tech support and the following comments before attempting to use their service.

Side note: Their infrared cameras are a decent picture in complete darkness. I must admit, I was impressed. But be warned, you can only record 2 cameras in HD at a time. So on my 16 input DVR, with 8 of their HD cameras, I can only see 2 when recorded in HD, the rest are 320 at best.

21 out of 90


Location: Canada

It is good product.Easy to install and use.only hard for me to view on cell phone.but tech support explain it nicely.

22 out of 90


Location: B.C

Model LH146000 is a DVR which supports 4 wireless cameras - No problem with this. What is infuriating is the Technical Support which you will need I assure you to get the DDNS enabled. The DDNS setup allows you to remotely access and view that which you want monitoring. The Technical Support is an after thought - you can call them but the automated service puts you in an indefinite hold or you can e-mail to request a call back to which you get a reply advising the e-ticket is closed. Its akin to buying a commercial flight ticket only to find there is no pilot. Caveat emptor!

23 out of 90


Location: Texas

Very cool software, very advanced, integrated my previous Lorex camaras, so installation was a breeze. Still have to install the PTZ camara, but if it is like the installation of the other ones, it should be a piece of cake! love that I can check my stuff on my phone, Ipad and computer from home!

24 out of 90


Location: Marengo, IL

Our first time with a system like this. Easy to wire up with help. Little hard to understand the instructions, had to get help with the programing...............Things seem to be working and I have it programed to my cell and ipad. Great System

25 out of 90


Location: Patchogue NY

Customer Service is So so Not a Good I am talking India or Russian Not a American They don't Know to much not helping so
Technical service is good
i purchase this item from lorex online i make mistake buy from lorex if i buy from costco i never have a problem

26 out of 90


Location: Montana

This is a really good system for the price. The PTZ camera provides a great quality picture even at night. As mentioned by others, the Lorex technical support has been extremely helpful.

I rated this system 4-stars because the Lorex Mobile ECO app for iPhone works, but not very well. That said, I would definitely recommend this system to others.

27 out of 90


Location: Michigan

Loved the product till your firmware upgrade ruined my set up. Ohhh and your tech support were the worst ever.

28 out of 90


Location: Port St. Lucie, FL

I purchased my system (DVR w/4 cameras) directly from the Lorex Website. I've had my system since November and I am very thrilled with the quality, the service and the overall experience I've had thus far. The night vision and recording exceeded my expectations. I love the idea that I do not have to pay a monitoring company and that I can view my property anytime when I am away using the free mobile app.

29 out of 90


Location: Calgary, Alberta

I am very happy with the Lorex system we purchased from your online store.

After our break-in in January and another attempt after that, we decided that we would install a camera system. We checked out the big box stores and none had a wireless system available that would meet our needs nor were they affordable. So we went home and began our search on the internet when we came across the Lorex website. The system that caught our eye was the LH140 2 camera wireless system, not only for the great reviews but for the great price! When the shipment arrived, we couldn't wait to start setting it up. The instruction were clear and in plan language so setting the system up was a breeze. The only challenge we had was getting the view over the internet set up. So we called Lorex's technical support line and were very impressed with the staff as they were extremely helpful! and got us up and running in no time. Now we can access our system through our Ipad and Iphone no matter where we are.

We did ended up buying 1 more camera and just order another one today. So i your looking for a great and affordable security camera system you won't go wrong with the LH140.

30 out of 90


Location: Florida

I have been liking the simplicity and cost of the Lorex ECO3 DVR and 8 camera bundle. I had previously purchased a wireless Lorex system and although the setup and quality was great, the wireless signal clashed with my office router and made it useless (even with the workarounds), so I returned it to where I purchased and bought this wired system instead for a much better deal with many more options and benefits (besides the mobile app, read below).

This system we have now was easy to install with the drop ceiling & mounting the cameras was a breeze, but just had to make sure that the camera was set at the correct angle & distance before mounting. My trick to that was to first run the wires to the general area and then connect the camera to the DVR to get the live feed to my iPhone so I could see where it was best angled. Then I would continue the process of mounting and I repeated that per camera.

Thankfully I am inclined with networking so I was able to manually set the port forwarding and DNS setup without a hitch.

My only gripe is with the iPhone apps. The "Lorex Mobile Eco" app that is used for this DVR is terrible in design and functionality. It is not as easy to use or as functional as the "Lorex ECO Stratus Mobile App" which I used for viewing the wireless cameras I had before this one.

It would be nice to see Lorex come up with a new design for the "Lorex Mobile Eco" app. One that functions and is as usable as the "Lorex ECO Stratus Mobile App". I would have given a 5 star if it was not for this reason.

***If you want a good streamlined app for your phone, get a Lorex DVR that is using the "Lorex ECO Stratus Mobile App" since not all of their DVR's are using the same app.***

31 out of 90



the product is good but the customer service is deplorable. they sent me the wrong DVR, which was obsolete and then it took many, maddening calls, terminal on-holds, refusals to call me back, ignoring emails, and on and on....i cant say enough how terrible they were to deal with and i pray i dont have to ever call them. if i do i will throw the unit out and buy all brand new equipment thats how awful i felt about dealing with them. if you are gonna buy from them, pay more and buy it thru costco is what i hear

32 out of 90


Location: Quetzaltenango - Guatemala

Igual que en ocasiones anteriores, excelente producto, superior por mucho a los equipos de costo similar.
Sin embargo, el soporte para Latinoamerica siempre es complicado, sin ser un demérito para la calidad del producto.

33 out of 90


Location: ny

All the cameras work great with long distance night vision.. not the greatest resolution but still good. Remember even though the dvr says 960 .. the cameras are lower. The app and mobile but work great but after a difficult installation but used help from tech support, they helped fix everything.

34 out of 90


Location: Pensacola, FL

I purchased a Lorex surveillance in 1999 for my own protection due to a Domestic Violence situation and prior to my home being burglarized. This was definitely a stress relief for my household. I had a much older model and wanted to upgrade my system. First, I am extremely confident with Lorex Technology and the first model I had definitely served my purposes and more. The quality of my previous unit even withstood to the hurricanes including Ivan and Dennis which were the worse for the Pensacola area. Upon reading reviews of this product, it fits all of my needs including being able to have a camera inside my home as well as being able to monitor the system from my smart phone. My system will be installed very soon and again I am very confident about Lorex Technology brand quality. I read other reviews of other brands for product "quality" and price comparison. After a few reads, I returned to Lorex Technology without any doubt and made my purchase. Once my system has been installed, I will further add to my review. I purchased this item as an open box and everything was in perfect condition as if it were brand new. I received an excellent price for this system. I have never had any problems with Lorex company. All my questions are primarily conducted via email and have never had any problems. I am extremely excited about my new system and highly recommend Lorex Technology brand. Furthermore, I even received a discount on my homeowner's insurance for having installed a video surveillance system.

35 out of 90


Location: Indiana

Have only had it a few weeks, but so far the quality has been great!

Love the mobile app!

36 out of 90


Location: Pa

I believe the product will be extremely worth it's money once it connects to the Internet so I can review it on my pc and my iPhone. Nothing will connect properly and I'm VERY disappointed in this system, when it says its as easy as 1,2,3 to set up and run.

37 out of 90


Location: Texas

Great product with easy to understand instructions. Love the remote connectivity.

38 out of 90


Location: VA


39 out of 90


Location: Okotoks- Alberta

So far this is an amazing system, I called to ask a simple question and the customer service said well lets set it up right now, maybe 10 minutes top and I had everything wired and ready to go. Now that is service. Thank you Vivek for helping out.

Wireless cameras are the way to go, plug and go!

Highly recommend this system, the cameras work absolutely awesome at night time, which we got it for in the first place.

40 out of 90


Location: San Juan

I have been using Lorex products for a long time. the systems are very easy for setting up. and the picture quality are very good for the price.
But this model the play back of the saved video is very very BAD, EXTREMELY LAGGY . Even with the fast foward option at 16x it goes super slow... I had this model for 9 months and it already started to reboot by it self. and two(2) of the cameras are not working anymore.

I called because i bought all my lorex systems from them, they helped me open a ticket for support from lorex and told me to call their support # 1(888)425-6739 but is busy all the time. i have even tried the 1(877)755-6739 but is busy too.

I know the quality of lorex products. so I know it can be better and this is my first time calling for support but so far it has been a waste of time.

41 out of 90


Location: Georgia

So far I am very pleased with the entire system. The cameras are much better than I expected based on the total system price. The DVR seems well designed and very easy to navigate through the menus. With 16 channels and 2TB of disk space I should not have to upgrade for some time. So far Lorex support has been very good each time I have called.

42 out of 90


Location: KC,MO

The video quality live and playback is excellent. The system has all the features you need. Remote programing is very easy. Tech support is fast and fantastic.

43 out of 90


Location: New York

I have a caretaker that comes in to take care of an elderly parent. I can watch what she is doing. She takes great care of her but I still like to keep an eye on her. The system was easy to set up. The internet connection took a little time but once the great technical support people walked me through it I was able to connect in no time. Shout out to Harris who was very patient and helpful. Through Lorex with their promotions I was able to get this system and 4 more cameras at a very reasonable price. Now I have cameras everywhere. Be careful, once you start putting cameras up you will want them everywhere. You will find yourself buying more cameras. I went with the wireless cameras. I like them because I didn't have to drill any holes in the walls and you can put them anywhere as long as you have an outlet. nearby. I give this system the highest rating. I am very happy with it.

44 out of 90


Location: Vancouver BC

I purchased this system several weeks ago and I thought it might be difficult to set up. It was so simple my 14 year old grandson came and help to do the installation and set up the my router and internet viewing. Purchasing 2 more cameras to complete the system.

45 out of 90


Location: Florida

Disappointed, Ordered the ECO 3 8 channel system, received the ECO 3 16 channel system. No big deal but don?t need the larger unit. Powered up the system and nothing on the video monitor. Called Support which said it would be a 15 minute wait, an hour later someone picks up. I understand support is just following a troubleshooting sequence but they should at least know a small amount about the system they are troubleshooting. After an hour with support he figures out the unit is trash. Now I?m sure it will be weeks before I receive the new, correct, working unit. It?s a shame that after Lorex has your money the only recourse is to write them a bad review.

46 out of 90


Location: New Jersey

Excellent product. Great value for the money and fantastic quality. We are very happy with this system. Love that you can monitor everything from your iPhone. We purchased this product with 4 cameras. Cameras are excellent quality as well. Highly recommend this Lorex DVR and camera monitoring system!

47 out of 90


Location: El Paso tx

So far I like my system it needs a little improvements very little do. This is one of the best systems I had, for the money you can't ask for more.

48 out of 90


Location: Alabama

"Packaged came in good order including the 4 cameras the DVR, a remote control, a mouse, and Getting it set up with the cameras and recording was very easy. Getting the Router configured to allow access thru remote devices (smart phone) not quite so easy, still working on this. One thing I hadn't realized was that this required a physical connection to the router, so the system had to be set up beside the router.
So far the camera work fine, black/white for the night vision, color for lighted."

49 out of 90


Location: HOME

Bought this system when neighbors house got broke into . Pretty easy to hook up but had a little trouble syncing with iPhone but called tech support and he had me up and running in no time. pretty new to security systems but would highly reccomend this one. Pretty awesome that u can view ur home or where ever u have on ur cell phone. No instruction book with it though, comes with cd and now sure if manual is on that. so far been just winging it as i go. would have given 5 stars had it come with instructions booklet. have 4 cameras hooked up to it and all view real well

50 out of 90


Location: Holland MI

I love the security that the camera system brings to my business. I bought this one to replace a unit that was one year and 6 days old. Out of warranty. I used the professional installer and paid more than the unit to get it installed. Just the DVR was $260..then they wanted an additional $50.00 trip fee since I was 22 miles away from the installed. LOVE the product but Lorex needs to get a better installer network IMHO.

51 out of 90


Location: NY

This system is much better than the LH328 I had. Its great upgrade. I am able to play back from my Android Phone, Pad and PC. The setup is a bit tricky when you try to connect non-standard 80, 9000, 1025 ports. After some adjustment on the router and DVR this works great.

My Local Network cable modem service provider blocks port 80,8080 and others.
You need to try and find out which open port that you can use.

I would get another one if they have in stock.

52 out of 90


Location: Margate,N.J.

I purchased the Eco3 series security DVR with 960H recording and Six LW 2231 wireless cameras. The sales staff was excellent in setting up the order with their suggestions and Your technology staff was very helpful in setting up the system with me .The system is functioning well and I would recommend your products highly to any one interested in a wireless video security system.

53 out of 90


Location: Texas

I was involved in security cameras for years for my company. I choose #1 the Lorex security system for my home. I purchased it direct from Lorex website, happy with it with a new 960H technology with 2 wireless cameras. Easy setup for my Android phone, free DDNS domain..,sweet!!!

54 out of 90


Location: Binghamton, NY

The cameras show a very clear image. Very good video in the dark. Set up instructions could have been a bit clearer, but I eventually figured it out. I would recommend this system to others.

55 out of 90


Location: Sacramento

Physically installing the wires is a process, planning how to route the wires takes planning and a little bit of thought. routing all the wires to the Lorex hub creates a little bit of a mess. Be careful not to clip the small wires, consider purchasing longer more durable wires if needed, the set only came with 60 foot flimsy wires. Hooking up the system to the internet and the intranet requires speaking with the reps if it does not easily work the first time. Resgistering the product is required to make it all functional

56 out of 90


Location: Ohio

Great product for the price and I'm very happy with it for home use. Setup is easy to do and goes fairly quickly. It's nice to have the mobile app as well.

57 out of 90


Location: South Dakota

I am moderately satisfied with the Lorex system. As mentioned of other users, the operating instructions are vague for a first time user and patience and time during setup is required. The 4 wireless cameras that came with my system continue to be a challenge as they freeze or lose signal more than they work, even at a close distance. I would not recommend the wireless cameras until they are more perfected. Doing it over, I would highly suggest using wired cameras.

58 out of 90


Location: New York, NY

Once I had all of the cameras set up, I contacted technical support to help get everything up and running. It took a while to get a customer service technician on the line, but thereafter set up was seamless. I also had the technician help me set the recording features, and remote access on both my computer, smart phone and ipad mini. I love the fact I can see all the cameras anywhere, and anytime. This system was recommended to me, and I strongly recommend the Lorex system to you. I also bought mine at Costco, as they offer a nice package which would cost more if you had to buy it separately or elsewhere. Costco also offers their great return policy, which is an added bonus.

59 out of 90


Location: New York, NY

Once I had all of the cameras set up, I contacted technical support to help get everything up and running. It took a while to get a customer service technician on the line, but thereafter set up was seamless. I also had the technician help me set the recording features, and remote access on both my computer, smart phone and ipad mini. I love the fact I can see all the cameras anywhere, and anytime. This system was recommended to me, and I strongly recommend the Lorex system to you. I also bought mine at Costco, as they offer a nice package which would cost more if you had to buy it separately or elsewhere. Costco also offers their great return policy, which is an added bonus.

60 out of 90


Location: New York

This system was everything they said it would be. I installed everything with their directions alone, including the app for remote connectivity. I was amazed that there was not one issue on the install. The camera are great. The night vision is good too. The software is very flexible to use. This security system I would recommend it to anyone.

61 out of 90


Location: scarborough

I am very happy with the Lorex LH140 EC03.

62 out of 90


Location: Quetzaltenango - Guatemala

He usado Lorex desde el año 2006 y en todo momento el desempeño general ha sido muy satisfactorio. Eventualmente he encontrado problemas que se han resuelto prontamente.
Actualmente, con el último equipo instalado, encuentro que no es posible utilizar IExplorer en su versión a 64 bit y espero que igual que en ocasiones anteriores lo resuelvan prontamente.

63 out of 90


Location: Long Island NY

I am truly excited by this product. It was so easy to set up and learn how to use! Using the QR code to do the configuration made everything so easy and quick to do. I compared price and value across several different competitor's systems and this was the best value by far! The pictures are great day and night and the ability to hear from each camera is fabulous. I monitor my cameras on my iPhone and ipad and it's so easy. Thanks for a great product!

64 out of 90


Location: Houston

I bought this to replace a unit also Lorex (Model LH310) which I had purchase 3 Years ago, since I had no problems with that unit and since I had great support from Lorex I decided to upgrade to the LH148, Once again the installation was easy and with a minor problem with remote viewing (operator error on my part) Lorex customer support came trough again.
I would recommend this unit to anybody that needs home security and with remote viewing on your iphone or ipad you can't go wrong.

65 out of 90


Location: Vancouver

I am very happy with thus product. It was easy to setup and works well. The image is good and it offers peace of mind at a reasonable price.

66 out of 90


Location: Woodstock, Ontario

I cannot say whether the product is any good for sure as I am unable to get it to function properly. When I call tech support I wait for over 1 hour, then they transfer me to a level 2 tech and wait on hold for another hour. This is when I give up! The service provided by Lorex is terrible. For this reason I do not suggest any Lorex products. All I want is some service so that I can see if the product that I have purchased is any good. I know that Logitech has a great camera system available. I wonder if their service is better?

67 out of 90


Location: Colorado

After much research and contemplating I got the Lorex. 4 camera wireless system with 2 range extenders. After buying then you find out that the company recommends having only 2 wireless cameras due to interference! I have two cameras setup and they keep
"connecting" I loose the signal to each of them then they reconnect, but I'm losing precious time to blank screens. I also purchased 2 remote signal boosters that don't do anything for the signal strength. Field of view is pretty narrow also. I have contacted support to get remote monitoring setup ,cause the auto port forward fails. As of yet, no response on how to resolve.

I'm looking at returning the entire setup.

68 out of 90


Location: New Hampshire

Great system which is relatively easy to set up and the technical support is fantastic. I would definitely recommend this system to family and friends.

69 out of 90


Location: NJ

I was hesitant about buying a home monitoring system because there are so many to choose from. I finally settled on Lorex and I'm very happy that I did. The installation was simple and the wireless cameras have great range. I got 2 cameras, but will definitely be purchasing 2 more in the near future. I'm also very happy that I can monitor my home from my iPhone. I definitely recommend any of the Lorex products to anyone who is looking for a home monitoring system.

70 out of 90


Location: Brazil

Pretty disappointed with the hassle to have the system up and running.
At first, was not able to log into the menu, which did not accept the default password (000000), therefore having to call technical support. Technical support is knowledgeable, but the wait time is terrible, stayed on line for hours and had to wait even longer between transfers from level 1 to level 2 assistance. And it's not over yet, still can't connect through mobile devices.

71 out of 90


Location: California

I compared several systems and discovered that this is a best system for the price. The system features resolve my families state of mind. The online features is another reason why I purchased this system. Another feature included the ability to expand this system with additional camera. I highly recommend this system to all.

72 out of 90


Location: California

I compared several systems and discovered that this is a best system for the price. The system features resolve my families state of mind. The online features is another reason why I purchased this system. Another feature included the ability to expand this system with additional camera. I highly recommend this system to all.

73 out of 90


Location: SE Oklahoma

This system is a lot better than the Night Owl one I had. The only cons I have found was one of the cameras tends to switch on and off from night vision. I haven't pinpointed why it is doing it yet. great value for the money.

74 out of 90


Location: Spokane WA

I purchase the Lorex system from Costco. The 9 cameras (4 bullet - 4 Dome - 1 PTZ) came with the system, with the capability to expand up to 16 cameras.

I installed this system to provide views completely around my home. The images are outstanding. Having the ability to view my home via my iPhone when I'm away is great.

I looked at several systems and could not find a better value. The only issue that I had was that 4 of the cable was 10' short, so I have to order additional cable. This was not their fault - my home is just to long from camera to DVR.

75 out of 90


Location: washington

after 4-months of running time eco 3 dvr start shutting down ever 12-24 hours until we shut off annowing beeping and camera 1-6 shut down from from recording, now lorex assures us well receive new system 4-7 days after theyve recived crappy disfuncial dvr on our money to ship none the less, and now after they have signed for system since 5-days ago they have yet to respone to our earlier contact that we went 5days ago. save your money

76 out of 90


Location: Inman SC

This system was everything they said it would be. I installed everything with their directions alone, including the app for remote connectivity. I was amazed that there was not one issue on the install. The camera are great. The night vision is good too. The software is very flexible to use. This is my first security system and I would recommend it to anyone.

77 out of 90


Location: London, UK

Purchased system last week from B&H, had system up and running within 4-5 hours without any major setup issues. Added wireless support to DVR and re-located DVR to locked down area. Instructions were easy to follow and router setup was straight forward. Only gripe was DVR power supply died after 3 hours so probably not that robust as rest of system. Just need to add a dome camera and the system is complete. Now showing friends the system I have installed.

78 out of 90


Location: Northern Michigan

This system worked as soon as I plugged it in. My advice is to download the manual immediately before setting up. As a technology dabbler, there was a learning curve that I gladly conquered in order to set up port forwarding on my router and set a static LAN IP address for the DVR system. I found the Lorex instructions to be clear and accurate. The only trouble I had was when I didn't follow the instructions precisely. I smartly abandoned my external monitor as soon as I connected via my laptop, as it is much more convenient to use the laptop for monitoring during camera placement. Motion activated recording is precise and quick. The dvr is more security oriented than I expected - more than just cameras, it has plugs for an external alarm horn as well as a built in alarm triggered by motion that I will find useful when away from home. Cameras are small enough for flexibility, but big enough to deter intruders. Wires are easy to route around the house. The mobile app is limited to live viewing, but the real value is in the remote access you have thru a computer while away from home. You can change any settings quickly and download video and snapshots. It took me a couple days of tinkering to understand all the bells and whistles, but it is a really cool system. I would give it 5 stars, except that the 960H resolution DVR came with 760H cameras, so I am not able to take advantage of the full capability of the recorder. If you are on the fence, go for it. Just plan some time for installation and try to have fun.

79 out of 90


Location: Firestone

First off I want to say "great System" worked so well I bought another one for my renters!

In all fairness I will try and give an accurate description of the pro's and con's of my experience so future consumers can make an accurate decision.

1: Excellent product, better picture quality than expected!
2: Price, excellent value for the money!
3: Ease of set-up.
4: Tech Support.

1: operating instructions are a bit vague for a first time user.
2: Tech support can have a bit of a wait time.
3: Android app does need updating.

I bought the system (8 cameras 2Gb dvr) at Costco when it was on sale, total cost: $442.49, System has been up and running for several weeks now with no issues as of to date, in retrospect, and as I learn more about the features onboard, I am more happy that I bought the system now than I thought I was going to be !

I went with the hard wired cameras because
1: I was planning on running the full distance of the supplied cord, or longer if possible and was concerned about signal loss.
2: I felt a "wireless signal may be compromised in general, and
3: You have to run power anyway (however the power run can is "Independent" of the DVR and can be obtained "on site" of the camera installation).

I was very pleased to discover I could run my hard line over 350 feet using a Cat 5e cable in place of the supplied cord, with No noticable loss of signal or picture quality!
I was also pleased to discover I was able to use different cameras than strictly the ones supplied, I gained access to 2 "Dome" cameras and was able to install them very inconspicuously, plugged them in and they worked as good as the originals!

Actual setup is very easy, honestly probably arount the 8 year old level. the difficulty will arise in the consumers actual install, my house has 34 inch soffits and a very low pitched roof, so getting the wire run into my attic and maneuvering around once in there was my issue, ( would have been the same issue with any system!)

Having never had any experience with surveillance systems, there was much (industry standard knowledge) I just did not know! I did need Tech Support twice, unfortunately had directions been a tad bit more informative (and had I just reread them and started over) I wouldn't have needed to make the call at all, there are some great youtube instructional videos but they don't cover some of the best features available, I have a pond in my yard, the flowing water will cause the camera to record at all times, I was amazed to learn I can create an "Ignore" section within the cameras "field of view" to keep the camera from recording hours of "Nothing" anything approaching the pond and the camera records!
Incredibly, once you learn the system, it all makes sense and is very easy to use!

I'm remote viewing using a Samsung Note 2, there is much chatter about the "Android" app being "buggy" especially on Samsung products. What I found is that Samsung installs it's own App Killer in it's O.S. (operating system) so when the Lorex app goes idle, the app killer Freezes it. in my application, I simply "force stop" the app and reopen it, works everytime and keeps my battery from draining down by running a streaning app, Granted there could be a better way to set up the app but in my opinion it is not a "Deal Breaker".

In all, I am very pleased with the system and would recommend it for both home and business use, For the money, you wont come close to the same quality anywhere else!
Research all the features available (alert modes, screen section ignore, ease of playback, etc). and you wont be disappointed!

80 out of 90


Location: Toronto

after doing a lot of research on this product. It does all that it say and more. I'm very happy to own this. Its worth the money. Great customer service, Im shocked how friendly and helpful they are. I would recommend this product . 10 star product!!!!!!!!!

81 out of 90


Location: new york


82 out of 90


Location: Las Vegas

Good product nice features. Easy setup and intuitive controls. Good documentation and troubleshooting guides. Remote programming and setup is difficult and requires much study and work with router when IP address changes automatically (dynamic) remote contact fails. Instructions are to assign a (static) IP but this is not easy for someone not versed in router setup. Requires study.

83 out of 90


Location: Wa

Very satisfied with the cam system. I plan on adding more cameras since I only got the 4 camera system. Good system for the money.

84 out of 90


Location: Alaska

I've had several security camera systems in the past, this one has the best picture of any system I've used. Tech support was hard to get ahold of. And some of the instructions for hooking up multiple cameras could have been a little more clear, but once the settings and ddns was configured, all is good. Use the iPhone app all the time with it.
Suggestion; make a dedicated iPad app for the Eco series. Enlarging the iPhone app on an iPad is lame.

85 out of 90


Location: Ohio

A current surveillance system owner and was wanting to upgrade. Shopped extensively for about a year considering many brands and sellers, (swann, LG, Honeywell, Backstreet, etc) and I considered Price, Quality, Features and Dependability. Price is pretty easy. Features takes a lot of time and weighing individual need versus cost, Quality and Dependability, I relied lot on what some had to say in written reviews both at Lorex and at other seller sites. I even reviewed the Better Business Bureau website and after a delay, decided to go with Lorex.

For the money, the 960H 9 camera system fit my needs. It has the PTZ I desired and a very nice PTZ it is, aside from the blurred area on the 2 piece dome. The 4 domes and 4 bullets are all 960H as well. Maybe in the future Lorex will make those cameras in a zoom/focus (varifocal) offering with the package as the in the box cams are slightly blurry...

I installed the system myself with only a few speed bumps with an advanced install procedure running wiring through conduit and installing BNC keystone jacks in the walls. Had to create keystones for the power supplies but a simple process.

Needed assistance with the Port Forwarding so called Support... waited 30 minutes for a level 1 tech to say a level 2 tech would need to answer my question. Waited another 20 minutes then got the "unusually high wait time" apology and left my phone number when prompted. Supposedly within 24 hours someone is supposed to call. Its been 7 days. I ended up fixing the port forwarding myself. So thumbs down on the tech support. But 5 stars on everything else (except the blurry area on the dome)

Its also worth mentioning that lorex has many accessories that enable older cameras to be incorporated into the newer DVRs. Like 6pin Din to BNC adapters.

Overall, this system is performing as desired with above average results. I am sure Lorex will improve it's support over time.

86 out of 90


Location: New Jersey

Although is not an average price system, the money paid is completely worth it, not only you know you have a dvr that works great but the peace of mind that you know if something is not ok there will be someone on the line to help you out, to me was very important to know I will get support from someone in case I need to, there are other systems from China that are cheaper but you can't get the service you get from a LOREX device. In other words the DVR is just amazing, very easy to use and user friendly, the app works like magic once you get the idea of how to configure it, very happy with the purchase.

87 out of 90


Location: Northern Ontario

Very good system for the $- Easy viewing on iphone

88 out of 90


Location: Prairieville Louisiana

After checking out all the home surveillance camera systems out there, I chose Lorex. Biggest factors were most features, equipment, and technical support for the money, period! Especially important are the many how to videos, the noiseless DVR, and the fact that the system will email motion detection alerts which include a snapshot of what it caught on camera. I bought a REVO system from Sam's Club and the Lorex was far superior in every way. Have already convinced several friends and family to get a Lorex system of their own. Cudos Lorex!!!

89 out of 90


Location: pa

After two weeks i finally got the system up and running.Happy with the way the system works not so happy with the pan/zoom camera dose not focus very well .the technical support people are the most rudest i ever had to deal with it took them three days to figure out the port forwarding

90 out of 90


Location: Connecticut

I am very happy with the Lorex system I purchased from Costco. The technical support is very impressive and was extremely helpful in getting my system setup.

The 9 cameras (4 Bullet - 4 Dome - 1 Pan/Zoom) came with the system, but you can expand up to 16 cameras. The best part is the setup of motion detection on each camera. With this type of setup, you can save on disk space, but I doubt you will be worried about disk space because the system has a 2 terrabyte capacity.

This system can be monitored on an Iphone/Android or the internet. I shopped around and couldn't find a better value.



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