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ECO series stand alone security DVR


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Eco LH110 series Security DVR

The LH110 Eco security DVR provides peace of mind and dependability without breaking the bank. Record in real-time on every channel and view on three monitors at the same time. With internet and remote connectivity to today's major mobile devices, the Eco Security DVR ensures you are always aware of what's going on in your world.

LH110 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.



Network Security DVR features:

  • 4 channel digital video recorder
  • H.264 compression video compression¹
  • Real time recording @ 360 x 240 resolution
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed


  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones†
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard ²
  • PC (Microsoft Windows™ 7/Vista/XP) compatible using Internet Explorer® browser
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts

System Includes:

  • 1 x 4/8/16 Channel network security DVR with pre-installed HDD
  • 1 x Easy-to-follow Quick Setup Guide and Manual
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Mouse
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • 1 x CD


1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
3. PC (Microsoft Windows™ 7/Vista/XP) compatible using Internet Explorer browser. Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6 using Safari browser 5.1.
† Instant Smart Phone Compatibility on iPhone™, Android (version 1.5 & above), Window Mobile (6.0, 6.5), Symbian 3rd & 5th generation phones. Selectable one channel live viewing. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check as new smart phone models become available in the market.










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1 out of 133


Location: Home

Basic setup fairly easy to do, got the system up on my home network, but have not been able to set up DDNS, the FAQ does not address the issue(s) I'm having. Now I have to take time to get phone assistance during the week which means taking off work. Very frustrating.

We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with the DDNS set up. OUr technical support team is also available on Saturdays for your convenience. The hours are Monday to Saturday, 9am to 10pm EST 1-877-755-6739.

2 out of 133


Location: Sudbury

It's great product , best value, easy to install and very good customer support. I bought this product for all my Bussines .

3 out of 133


Location: Honduras

Great Product

4 out of 133


Location: Missouri

Looking very forward to the mobile app update! Other than that this system is very good, clear details and the night vision is fabulous! What a great sense of safety now, Thanks to Lorex!

5 out of 133


Location: Mission hills, Ca

Overall great product swapped out my whole dvr system to lorex from having Swann and it's one of the best choices I've done!!!

6 out of 133


Location: Keswick, Va

I wrote probably a 250 word report, press the submit key and it tells me "Due to security my session was timed out" I'm not a happy camper because of that!

7 out of 133


Location: Bayamon, Puerto Rico

After couple of years still received great support for ddns installation and so far the quality has been very good.

8 out of 133


Location: Drayton Valley

It exceeded our expectations and so far it's doing a good job for what we are need it for!

I was not impressed with the setup process, it was way more complicated than it had it be and the night vision also isn't that great.

Decent product and hopefully it catches some bad guys!

9 out of 133


Location: Ontario

The product is great, quality of the image/video is great, and lots of additional features built-in. The only downside for me: it is not very intuitive to configure, and the user guides are somehow not always very detailed, making the whole installation process (beyond the easy first steps that are indeed plug and play) a bit cumbersome. Once you get a little bit deeper into the beast, it takes some patience... I haven't tried to call their support service yet, I may have to do that to complete the setup the way I want it.

10 out of 133


Location: Virginia

It is a very nice system once you get it set up

11 out of 133


Location: New Fairfield Ct

I purchased the lorex dvr/4 camera system. After only a few months the Ethernet card inside the dvr stopped working and I was no longer able to view the system on my phone which was the reason I purchased this system.
Luckily my neighbor had purchased the same system after my recommendation. Because he was moving he let me use his dvr so I can reconnect to the Internet via my phone to view my house. Here is the heart of the review.
I was lucky to call and connect with Joshawah G.
He was a godsend!! So patient and knowledgeable of every aspect of the settings that needed changing and his demeanor was incredible when my laptops for remote term was failing. After finally getting the right laptop to remote into. He got all my settings to work and everything perfect.
I cannot praise Joshawah enough!! He is so talented and calm and respectable, I wish I were able to rip him. And shake his hand!!
Thank you Joshawah for your incredible support!! You absolutely deserve a raise!!!!!
Thank you Lorex for having such a fantastic man in your customer support. I cannot praise him enough!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

12 out of 133


Location: Studio City

Best, simple and easy to install.
Good customer support.

13 out of 133


Location: 1635 north lake avenue, Pasadena, ca, 91104

Best, simple and easy to install cctv. Love it
Everyone must try at home.

14 out of 133


Location: 192.168.0

I highly recommend this product and if I can get it to work on Internet it will be much better

15 out of 133


Location: Sacramento California

I cant say enough about the lorex staff they are great 5 stars all the way

16 out of 133


Location: Holywood FL

Hi, I am needing the extended warranty for my LH110.
I don't have remote conectivity for my LH 110

can you help me?


Alex Salaza

Please call our technical support team at 1-877-755-6739 for assistance.

17 out of 133


Location: Quebec

Tres bon service pour le support, il technicien a prit son temps et et arranger mon probleme pour voir mes camera sur mon telephone mobile.
Extremely good service from support, the technician took is time and fix my problem of seeing my camera on my mobile phone.


18 out of 133


Location: Santa Fe, NM

I have had success with this product in the past. Installed a like system. I've had trouble with port forwarding, even with the Lorex software to do so. The trouble may be with the Lorex DDNS, however, I cannot edit my entries or remove the data from the Lorex Cloud. Wish there were easy installation instructions. It should be an easy process. Clearer and updated examples pertaining to entries would really help. Looks like I will now rely on a Lorex tech for help. Cameras are a bit weak and you will destroy them if you are not really careful. They do give a good picture thought.

Please find all of our installation guides and the full manual under the Documentation tab of this page. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you. Please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

19 out of 133


Location: Belgrade,mt

Received this as a Cristmas gift and finally got around to installing it. Really clear picture and great coverage with the cameras. Equal to or better picture quality than my wife's security system at her work. The system I have I had to run wires from camera to system which was very labor intensive. If I had a choice I would go wireless in future. My family feels a lot more secure and keep track of the dog out in the yard.

20 out of 133


Location: Baja California Mexico

This is an excellent product, i travel all the time and with this device i can see my busness everywhere that i go.. i recomend it so much..

21 out of 133


Location: Quebec

Really good sytem, problem with my wizard port but support are on the top A1
Fast support

22 out of 133


Location: Mexico

Brought this down to my condo in Mexico to keep an eye on the place. Works fine as as standalone unit but creating a view via the internet proved difficult or impossible without additional information. After an hour or two with tech support, in order to view on the internet I needed to port forward through my router which required unknown username and password to my TELMEX router. So for my purpose this was not the right product. I use Qsee at my other home and setup was a sinch with an app to my phone, almost automatic. This unit is great if you just want to record what happens but way too complicated relative to others for internet set up.

23 out of 133


Location: California

This is by far the worst product I have EVER owned. I have had nothing but problems since I purchased this product. I have had 2 cameras go out. one was replaced after Lorex sent it to the wrong address. Now I have been waiting over a month for my second camera. Lorex don't know what is going on but they have already authorized a replacement. By the way did I mention all this is still under Warrantee. I can't get this thing to connect to remote view. Even with many attempts through the Technical support line. Just a big problem don't even waste your time or money with none of these Lorex products. Buyer beware....

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize there was a delay with your replacement but hope everything is working well for you now. Our technical support team was happy to resolve any issues you were experiencing. Should you need further assistance, please contact us at 1-877-755-6739.

24 out of 133


Location: CA

great co Ser

25 out of 133


Location: Germantown,Md

This camera system helped in the arrest of burglary suspects caught on camera two houses away from mine.Although the resolution could be better,it was good enough as part of the overall evidence including phone records and other data to put the suspects under arrest.The incident occured October 27,2014.A video of the burglary in process and the NBC tv coverage on Friday October 31th is available upon request.

26 out of 133


Location: San Antonio

My cameras didnt make it past 5 months, customer service did not help! Buy from someone else, waste of money and time! Go wired, wireless suck! Looking for someone with better customer service!

27 out of 133


Location: Louisville ky

I got it a year ago, it broke easily, image quality is not good and customer service is suck so so so so bad, I can't even use any words to explain how bad the customer service it is! They never answer their phone for help, and not repairable product! So not recommend!!!

28 out of 133


Location: Florida

This was my first CCTV system. So cost was important to me the over all install went smoothly. The picture were good and the night vision is impressive for the money spent. After about 6 months my dvr quit working Unit was under warrenty, I call in they sent out a replacement I reinstalled it and was back up a running again. I since have put a battery backup power supply to protect the second unit. The only issue I had was trying to set up the "didn't" service for the replacement unit . Still working on that waiting for the "ticket" responce

29 out of 133


Location: Florida

So I bought an LW2110, the image quality is decent. wireless range is poor, 50 feet at best and the WL2110 receivers die every six months or so then they hit you with $ 65.00 to buy one replacement receiver

30 out of 133




31 out of 133


Location: NC

this camera system is a joke for remote operations. You have to do this and that and stand on your head while you enter the password! I mean really. Whats so hard about having it where you enter your info off the HDD and then your name and password and that's it! Jeezzzz this thing cant even recognize the password it sent to me!!! WTW!!! Frustrated beyond belief

32 out of 133


Location: Elgin, Il.

Great product, picture quality very good. Night Vision amazing. This is my 2nd system from lorex and I'm Very happy with it. The set up was super easy! I would buy it again and did. Great customer service with warranty also!

33 out of 133


Location: Hawaii

Purchased the product couple weeks ago. Local set up was not to hard. Just install the camera and run the line back to the unit. You have to have a HDMI TV or a computer monitor you can connect the unit to to do initial setup. Then you install the client direct it to the IP address and you can do most things from your computer except changing the http port which you have to do directly on the unit while it is attached to the TV.

One note is to assign a static IP Address on the the DVR. This should be a high number outside those assigned by the router. Also had a time finding where to set up the port forward on my linksys. It was under Application and Gaming.

Some of the more difficult things were to get the remote connection working. You have to set up the DDNS at the Lorex site. The android Lorex Stratus app worked only after changing the Client Port from 1025 to 9000. But I did finally get it working with a lot of time and testing. And the iPad app same thing.
Night view is not quite as good as I would like but all in all I think it is a good system for the price and would purchase it again.

34 out of 133


Location: FL

Two cameras failed in a year and support sucks. Don't buy unless you want cameras to fail right away and no one at Lorex bother to call you. Leaving higher marks since the lows one don't seem to make the board all the time,.

35 out of 133


Location: FL

Support sucks

36 out of 133


Location: California

I purchased my Lorex camera system about 3 years ago now, and its still running strong. It was very easy to install and setup. I am very pleased with my purchase, and I see it as one of the most valuable investments I have ever made. I recommend Lorex to anyone I speak to who is looking into a security camera system. With the online support and remote access viewing features, you can't go wrong with a Lorex camera system.

37 out of 133


Location: NY

Hi I have only had the system for 2 weeks and still cannot get remote viewing to work through my iPhone. Tech support tried very hard to help me but to no avail. They sent me a new DVR thinking that was the problem. The new DVR did not allow remote access with my iPhone either. I find it very frustrating because I really want want to view my cameras remotely. Lorex offered to send me another DVR. I have not decided how I want to proceed. Everything else else works great with the system. Picture quality is good andI give a thumbs up for everything but iPhone remote access.

38 out of 133


Location: Woodstock, Ontario

I purchased the LH110 Eco series DVR with 4 cameras 2 years ago. Its a great system, the only problem I had is 1 camera failed. I'm sure partly my fault as it sits in direct sunlight for a couple of hours a day so I bought 2 new cameras this week. The delivery came super fast and now I am back up and running with no problems. Thanks Lorex for your professional service, it is appreciated. I am safe and protected with the Lorex system and there are NO monthly fees. Remember you can view your system across the world which I have been in Greece and Hawaii watching my staff. A Happy Lorex Customer.

39 out of 133


Location: rogers arkansas

have had nothing but problems with the system would not recommend it to anybody

40 out of 133


Location: Cypress, TX

PURE JUNK! Stay away from this stuff. I am 4 months out of warranty and I have had 3 of my 4 cameras fail. My last camera is getting dimmer by the day, and I expect it to fail soon. Lorex basically there is nothing they can do. Don't throw your money away like I did.

41 out of 133


Location: Petaluma, CA

Excellent support. Solved my port forwarding problem that two tech guys from ATT could not solve for more than two hours. Thanks to Erin from Vancouver, Canada.

42 out of 133


Location: panama

I have a monitoring system lorex security ECO series stand alone DVR LH-118.
is that from time to time the mouse froze, researching on internet lei that there was an upgrade to correct this.
under the upgrade (Firmware - 8-Channel LH110 ECO Series -. v of this page (lorex).
do every procedure as indicated.
dvr reboots but only lorex logo appears, and does nothing more.

the dvr does not work now I recommend do about it.

thank you


43 out of 133


Location: Nashville, TN, USA

I am on phase -three for my home security network. This DVR is needed to operate the LZC 7091 PK2 cameras. I waited until I had everything operational before reviewing. The installation manual is well written. Set-up was extremely easy. The chapter on accessing your DVR remotely is awesome. The Lorex Team always thinks outside the box and ships quality equipment inside their boxes. The system was baptized with fire the first week I installed it. Three high school students trespassed our property to turn on our garden hose at 3:30 in the morning. I was able to retrace their activities in a non confrontational method. Consequentially I had to remove the handles form the facets to prevent temptation. My family was over joyed that I didn't have to flee the house to confront when I can remain inside and photograph.
Good job and excellant product

44 out of 133


Location: Mexico

As far as i hav review the guide for remote monitoring is incomplete, i suggest the company pay more attention on the manual and technical support online since videos, documentation and pdf guides were evaluated as incomplete for the consumers in your own webpage.
Also the eco series has very bad resolution y the cameras
Again my main issue is remote monitoring incomplete support for clients

45 out of 133


Location: Costa Rica

The support from this company seems non existent.

My router was not listed to set up port forwarding so I sent a request for help. This is all I got.

Hello Craig

You recently submitted ticket number 349885 has been updated by a member of our team.

You Asked Us: router not listed

You can log into yourMy Lorex Account to view your ticket and provide additional comments.

We hope this has answered your question sufficiently. Please contact us again if you require any additional information.

Thank you,
Lorex Technology.

NO HELP.. just a generic message.

Can i get some help please

Hi, Thank you for contacting Lorex technical support, I have received your request on port forwarding your rotuer, since this issue has complex steps, it would be best for you to call in and speak to a technical support agent and we can remote connect to your computer and walk you through all the steps in a live environment. The number to call for Technical Support is 1-877-755-6739. Thank you, Lorex Technical Support Technical Support Hours of Operation Mon - Sun, 5:00am- 8:00pm PST 1-877-755-6739 Option 1 English, 2 French, 3 Spanish

46 out of 133



espero poder conectarme a internet por

47 out of 133


Location: Indianapolis

Installed this with 3 cameras so far. The DVR and cameras look to be of high quality. The user interface to this is very wonky. I have my DVR connected to our TV. You can use the remote to type data in (user names, DNS, passwords, etc) but only do that if you want to age a year. I find myself having to get up and use the attached mouse. The user interface of the system is wonky and primitive too but acceptable.

Setting it up to be viewed via the internet and the Android APP is difficult but doable. It's almost as if a non-technical person wrote the documentation in the way they understood it, not as it actually should be done.

All-in-all, so far, a great system but just a chore to do things on. But all that effort is behind me.

48 out of 133


Location: Miami

Immediately after posting my review, I received a phone call from Ally from the tech support department as well as her supervisor.
I have to admit that they took my complain really seriously and they took the time and correct actions to fix my issues.
This is the tech support that I remember from Lorex. I think I just got the one person that was not helpful at the time of my call
I hope you guys keep the good service and products.
Thanks for the help

49 out of 133


Location: Miami, Fl

I like your product but your tech supper SUCKS!, I called you tech support department and they couldn't help me. The guy didn't know what the hell he was doing. At the end I ask for an RMA because i wanted to return this one and get another one back. but he refused to do it.

So I now want to returned and forget about sending one back, just send my money back.

I have use you guys in the past and use your tech support, but you can see that you guys have anew tech support group and it is really bad. you should try to improve that department.
The person that I talk was Ron (No last Name) he refuse to give me a last name or transfer to a supervisor, Case number 511901

50 out of 133


Location: Boston

This product is great Lorex has one of the best cameras and excellent tech support ...

51 out of 133


Location: Eureka Springs, AR

We bought this system about one year ago and it is working just fine. We had zero problems with it, but we recently discovered, that this system is getting already old.
Lorex has developed a new software for the PC to view and work with the system, which will not work with this unit at all. I like to have current stuff, and I am actually disappointed, that they sold me an old, almost discontinued system. I am sure, we could have done much better, if we would have been a bit better informed, we have would have spend a little bit more, but what the heck. The new software works also better on my iphone, but not with this system, so buy a higher number like a 150 series to be happy with it.

52 out of 133


Location: Home

Went to get tech support and after 30 days they want to charge me for It. Need to get help with remote acess to my smart phone. I would not recommend this just for this reason .

Hello, the tech support is free for all Lorex customers. Please call 1-877-425-6739 for assistance.

53 out of 133


Location: Halifax, NS - Canada

Lorex service rocks they are the BEST in the market. Customer service especially their Technical support is Top of the Line there's no doubt. I consider myself very lucky to have the best security with support. I have no words to thank them for their extraordinary service and I will always recommend them to my friends and family members.

Once again thank you for all the great work and support.

Muhammad (Halifax, NS - Canada)

54 out of 133


Location: USA

This camera system works great, and is very user friendly. Easy to install, and use.

55 out of 133



I bought the system in december , went up easy has great camrea veiws i love my system , also had to call in for suports and recived a live person to talk to great job lorex!

56 out of 133


Location: Venezuela

Tengo mas de un mes con las camaras instaladas y todo funciona bien, coneccion remota, via smart phone perfecto. Muy facil de instalar y configurar todo, simplemente siguiendo paso a paso las instrucciones en el manual. La gente de soporte tecnico brindan muy buena atencion, gente profesional, dispuestos a resolver cualquier problema.

57 out of 133


Location: CNY

No happy with this setup. Main unit quit in under a year and now one of the cameras is inop. Would not recommend this product. Had to purchase new equipment as warranty had run out.

58 out of 133


Location: Portland

Good performance on the DVR, this is my second system from Lorex and they have met my expectation.

59 out of 133


Location: Northern Ohio

Overall the system works very well. I had read some reviews stating it was very difficult to install, but found it very easy to get up and running. I especially like the interface with my IPhone which allows remote viewing.

60 out of 133


Location: Sao Paulo,Brazil-Seattle,WA

I loved the cameras and the facility of install it, but I have a problem: My Internet Provider changes the IP address too often and the DDNS didn't do it and I have to do it personally via internet. It brings me a problem: I loose the access via internet every day.
So my suggestion is getting a camera that don't have the obligation of using the DDNS from Lorex and/or Lorex DDNS be more accurate and fast to change the IP address.
I bought the cameras on US and took to Brazil to get surveillance down there.

61 out of 133


Location: Texas

Works awesome.

No issues at all and I would recommend this to others.

62 out of 133


Location: Texas

At this point I'm not very happy with this system. The video quality is poor, and the recorded video is worthless. I have requested assistance, however when I first purchased the set, I needed to reset the password and eventually had to call because I got not response.

63 out of 133


Location: Germantown,MD

This DVR is easy to set up and the remote viewing on another device is more user friendly than my previous Lorex DVR.For the person with not alot of computer experience it is not easy to set up the port forwarding as I required help from your technical staff.Overall it is a big step up my previous DVR...

64 out of 133


Location: Washington state

It worked for a while. Unfortunately the dvr produces an error message which is not detailed in the manual, which is frustrating. I'm pretty good technically, but if Lorex isn't familiar enough with its own product to document how it works in their user manuals, I am forced to having to deal with technical support. (I didn't find the website any more helpful than the manual.)

After being unable to reach technical support by phone, due to the long wait required, I was finally able to elicit a response from the online "help" by inputting a request on line. They suggested I pay an additional $200 to get the hard drive to work. Sort of makes me wonder about the argument Lorex makes for ordering harddrives directly from Lorex, especially since this one didn't last as long as the warranty claimed by the website literature. So far my experience with Lorex and their support does not encourage me to invest additional money with them. I'm disappointed.

65 out of 133


Location: Kansas City

Waiting on hold for an hour and listening to the awful music while on hold, not pleasant. BUT, Lorex tech Steven handled my problem within 15 minutes. Very helpful, very professional. I could not ask for more. Thanks very much and again Steven was great.

66 out of 133


Location: Waterloo Ontario

Lorex has delivered to ma a new camera to replace the existing camera that had a focus issue. It was delivered to my door by courier within 2 days of contacting Lorex of the problem!
I am completely impressed and More than satisfied with their prompt service.

thanks to Lorex and all your team members regarding your prompt have gained a customer for life!!

67 out of 133


Location: New York

Very good cameras

68 out of 133


Location: Oklahoma

The Home Owners Association where I live decided to purchase the ECO LH110 series with 4 wired cameras to maintain surveillance over a club house and pool area that, in the past has had relatively minor issues with vandalism. The individuals selected to procure, install and maintain the system evaluated several vendors and their systems before deciding on the Lorex model. Ease of installation, cost, quality and support were the most important concerns of the committee that made the decision to go with Lorex.

Now that the system has been installed and operating for several months we are very pleased with our decision to go with the Lorex product. Once the cameras, cabling and network were all in place the system was turned on and the configuration began. We followed the manual (excellent by the way) and in a couple of hours had the system recording and archiving video. During the initial configuration we needed additional information and found the information at the Lorex support site. No additional support has been needed, so we can't vouch for the strength of their support staff, but have no doubts that it too would be as helpful as the website has been.

Anyone considering a security system would be wise to consider the Lorex brand.

69 out of 133


Location: Colorado

I think this product is a good buy. The price was affordable, and it was pretty easy to set up and use locally in my office. My only complaint is that I had trouble getting remote access using my iPad, PC and smartphone. I called customer support several times, but never received a call back. I would recommend buying this product only if you consider yourself technically competent. I rate the product 4/5 stars, but customer support 0/5 stars.

70 out of 133


Location: TN

Easy to setup and install.

I had a DVR fail two days after install
Technical support -poorly trained
Replacement DVR will take 2 weeks or 7-10 business to send out.

71 out of 133


Location: El Salvador

Definitivamente recomiendo los equipos marca Lorex, son sistemas muy estables y con grandes ventajas a muy bajo precio.

72 out of 133


Location: Canada

I like the product. Affordable, reliable and good quality. My only concern is the technical aspects.
Would really appreciate if a video tutorial on how to install, access remotely from another computer, playback, etc...could be posted thru youtube.

73 out of 133


Location: Massachusetts

Great system - this is my second purchase from Lorex. Love the remote viewing capability - the mobile app could be a little more user friendly - I would like to be able to move between cameras easier . But overall , very pleased and would recommend .

74 out of 133


Location: Woodstock , Maine

This review involves a system consisting of an LH110 DVR and both an LBC7081 wired, high resolution camera and an LW2110 wireless camera. This system was purchased for the purpose of remote viewing with motion detection. For starters and for anyone that thinks this is a plug and play system I think that's a fantasy. As a practical matter it has taken about 3 months to get everything working and in place. That can partly be traced to the DVR manual that does not go into sufficient detail to overcome some of the practical problems that were encountered. Most of these problems were eventually solved by numerous calls to the help line. Typical wait times were 20 minutes and then a significant problem involved what can only be described as "language barriers". Eventually the system got working and one of the problems that has not been resolved is why we can connect with some laptops and not others. This is a typical problem that is not addressed in the manuals. With all that said, the questions are about what has been learned with regards to the objectives. First, if anyone is interested in such things as facial resolution and/or resolving a license plate, I do not recommend a wireless camera. They may be attractive for their simplicity and for motion detection but for resolution they are lacking. For resolution the LBC7081 is far better. However, to put this in perspective, and for anyone familiar with a game tracking camera the latter actually has better quality and resolution. Here are some rough figures on what I have determined in an actual setup. LBC7081 -- Trigger at about 30' at sensitivity of 3 License plate resolution at 20-25 ' Facial Recognition at 20-30 ' (marginal) LW2110 -- Trigger at about 30' at sensitivity 0f 2; camera located about 60' from receiver with]transmission through 1 wooden wall License plate resolution -- questionable at any distance due to picture quality Facial recognition -- 15-20 ' but marginal quality that would probably never hold up in court. Overall I would rate this entire system as between OK and good for the purpose of remote viewing of scenery and probably to detect if any "event" has occurred. However, resoltuion remains marginal.

75 out of 133


Location: phoenix, AZ

Price was great. Cams was not clear as i through they would be.. DVR have good features too. I like the internet viewing on the system. Overall, it is not a bad product, but cameras are not as clear.

76 out of 133


Location: Maryland

This product is great for at home video footage. We feel more comfortable leaving our store at night, knowing it is under surveillance. We would recommend this product to other business owners.

77 out of 133


Location: ocean city md

I purchased this product online...lorex consultants were very helpful through out the whole ordering and setup process..I would definetly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quick easy and reliable system for home or business... The online option for viewing cameras is definetly worth the extra money.. also the clarity of the cameras during infrared mode are just as clear as the day time mode... overall I am very satisfied with the product...

78 out of 133


Location: miami florida

Great price for top quality security system. Easy installation. Has held up to hot and wet Florida conditions. Im very happy with this purchase.

79 out of 133


Location: ca

All products must be evaluated on a Price / Performance relationship.... Lorex systems give you a ton for your money. There is NO doubt about that. This LH110 is no exception, however, if you are a newb at this game, don't expect it to be plug n play. Unless you are retired and have days to spend with tech support and reading manuals, this can be frustrating, as remember too, this is not an entry level system, it has a lot of capabilities. I have installed 6 systems, this is my latest... First the good... Lots of features... very capable system, I love the dual outputs for remote displays, which you can set to display an option of 4 different camera groupings through Video out. Android and Apple compatible. Decent documentation, far from great, but considering the price and the 800 number, again, u get a lot for your money... ONce up and running, this is a very powerful system. Connection with Android and Apple devices, good, not great...more below... The not so good... User manual leaves out some information details, such as Video OUt for "spot monitor", although its not called that for 8 camera system. Even support techs had no information on such. But through experimentation, yep, good ol trial n error, sure u can waste half a day figuring this out... it has great remote display capability for a low cost system. I was surprised even 800 support staff had no documentation of this. The method of recording motion is quite cumbersome.... you have to learn the Lorex way for everything. Lorex needs better UI, should consult with customers. Apple and Android apps work, documentation is decent, but still a lot that falls through the cracks, so be prepared to call support staff, as they do this all day long...all the brains in the world wont help if its something you have no way of knowing. Shortcoming of apps IMO.... they need to have two screens, so 8 cameras vs. just 4 cameras, such a hassle always changing the camera in the window... The systems programing on the DVR VGA displays has odd color mixes, hard to see what your doing...they need a better color scheme, quite strange. Pop up HELP boxes would sure help simplify some of the verbiage while your programming. I could not find a save function, whereas you save all your settings in the event you loose the entire system, otherwise you must re program everything. In the end, not counting physical wiring and set up....I got the system to perform all desired tasks... only 3 calls to tech support.... total programing time, and system check, about 18 hours. And that is after doing 6 similar systems over the past 5 years. I work with computers all day... :-) But to be fair, I push these systems to the max.

80 out of 133


Location: Maryland

This is a good product for the price. Had a hard time setting the remote connectivity option with my Sonic Firewall. However, we got it to work! The quality of the video is average. I would buy from Lorex again.

81 out of 133


Location: california

The best CCTV system at an affordable price. I can configure within minutes in my cellphone

82 out of 133


Location: Washington

I am satisfied with my system I have learned a few things through trial and error. I had my car broken into and got it on camera but it was night and the angle my camera was at made it impossible to see faces. Also fog really has a bad effect on the recording. Other than that they work great. The DVR is easy to use and save video clips from.

83 out of 133


Location: Indiana

This product was nothing but trouble from the begininng. It seems to have lost or would not play back video on several occasions, other times it would not bootup. I had very little success with Lorex Support. They always seemed to follow the same steps: Upgrade firmware, reformat hard drive, reset settings to default, etc.. After the first year and mulitple calls to Lorex, the device was replaced and I am waiting to see how long this one lasts before it starts developing problems. I would do my best to dissuade anyone from buying a Lorex product.

84 out of 133


Location: North Carolina

I purchased 5 systems over the past year. They have been very easy to install. We've had some connectivity issues but have worked through them. I love the ability to visually check on my businesses from the office or smartphone. So far, they work great and the latest software update was quick and simple.

85 out of 133


Location: Fenton, MO

We have had our system for almost a year and have been pleased with the system. The internet hook up was a little problematic, but it was an easy fix. The night vision pictures are good. We currently have seven cams hooked up. Two of them are wireless. We are about to install an 8th camera. I'd recommend this system for effective home or small business monitoring. It's an affordable, user friendly solution.

86 out of 133


Location: Ohio

Skeptical at first. Charger to dvr did not work at time of purchase. Too a few weeks to get it replaced. Once accomplished it was much easier to set up and operate than expected. The cameras give decent pictures and even work in very dim light . If there is any doubt you should have concerning your system, just call support as I did, they have the answers to your questions and are excellent in setting up the mobile app.

87 out of 133


Location: Veracruz, Mexico

I have had my home security for the better part of this year and I have no problems with it except for those of my own misunderstanding. It is very easy to use, completely reliable and very high quality of product that I have found it useful several times, for proofs to rely on in some incidents in my neighborhood. 24/7 use, excellent quality of the monitoring via Internet and very little maintenance required on the very plus side. Overall, an excellent choice.

88 out of 133


Location: Minnesota

This is a great security system, easy to set up and the software is really easy to navigate. Customer service and tech support was really helpfull in solving any of my issues. I would recommand this to anyone looking for high quality security system at a low price. HDMI output to my 32 inch lcd tv prduces perfect high quality videos.

I have it running 24/7 on motion recording and I love the post 30 second recording feature. catches/records everything before the motion is sensed. Awsome!!!!

Thanks Lorex!

89 out of 133


Location: Ottawa

I purchased this Lorex system for my shop with 8 cameras, and the system has worked great. I am not saying there haven't been a few issues - as the interface is a bit dated and awkward, however, it has functioned fabulously. I particularly like being able to watch what is happening remotely. I was on vacation last week and noticed the back gate was left open - I just called one of my team and they quickly returned to work and rectified the issue.

I few tips... If you are getting a larger system like 8 cameras you will likely need more cables as your runs will be long. The 100 foot cable that you can get as an option are great. I orderd 1 and should have got 3...

90 out of 133


Location: New York

Purchased this DVR along with 4 LW2110 Wireless Cameras. Set up was straight forward and easy and the system worked flawlessly intially. Two cameras stopped transmitting within a couple of days, but were replaced after a phone call and trouble shooting with Tech Support. The replacement cameras, as well as the originals have been operating now for the last 7 months.
The DVR has operated without a hitch, and even caught a tree falling down during Hurricane Sandy. I have recently upgraded 2 of the Cameras to LW2281s to get a better frame rate, better field of view, clarity and sound. The new cameras integrated with the system flawlessly.

I am very happy with the product quality and performance, and have plans to upgrade the remaining original cameras in the near future.

I would highly recommend Lorex Products to anyone thinking of buying them.

91 out of 133


Location: NA

The only thing I don't like it's that the IP service leaves my router configuration wide open to attack from the whole world; it has already been hacked once. Seems really sketchy and vulnerable, they should fix that.

92 out of 133


Location: México

Tengo un tiempo con las caras y me parecen excelentes aunque tuve muchos problemas para poder instalarlas. No hubiera podido sin ayuda. Por lo demás creo q es un muy buen sistema pues puedo monitorear desde mi teléfono y desde otras ciudades. Sería maravilloso que pudiera hacerse grabaciones y fotos desde el teléfono también :)

I have it for some some time. The picture looks excellent although I had many problems when installing. Could not do it without help. Otherwise it is a very good system I can monitor it from my phone and from other cities. It would be wonderful if it could do recordings and photos from the phone too :)

93 out of 133


Location: MI

System works great. Set up took several call to tech service but we got it working.

94 out of 133


Location: New Jersey

Great product at a great price. Works good and love that I can watch on my iPhone with easy set up.

95 out of 133


Location: Virginia

I researched a security system for a year. My Lorex purchase was a great move! Tech support is great and the product was mostly easy to set-up. I love to show it off to family and friends. The app on my phone is great! Good home system, with motion detection. I recommend the 4 wireless, DVR 8 sys.

96 out of 133


Location: bayonne nj

great system and great price I use my smart phone and check my home all day see whos home and see all is safe I was so happy with it and the price was great too I reccomend to all my friends

97 out of 133


Location: Lawrence Ma

I purchased this product a year ago. I never have any problem. I went to Europe and Africa and I was able to watch my house. I have a high speed internet in my house so the picture load fast. I can say this product is stable with quality and price. The picture is sharp and I cannot ask for more. The technical support is great. They know they stuff. You can spend a lot of money for the DVR system and paid a monitoring company. I have a lot of friends who bought the system because they saw it in my house.

98 out of 133


Location: Baytown

I love it! I haven't had any major issues and love that I can call tech support if I have any concerns & they can walk me step by step. I have recommended this product to friends & family. I really like that you are able to view it mobile for free!

99 out of 133


Location: Pittsburgh PA

A good overall system. Easy to set up and remote into. iPhone app works well. The wireless cameras do lose connection with the DVR and need reset at least once a month.

100 out of 133


Location: USA

Why am I giving this device a one-star rating? Because the software powering its internet access is horribly insecure. As far as the cameras, resolution, features, and usability, it's great. But part of the reason I bought it was to be able to look at the camera feeds from anywhere. However, in late January 2013, the security community was alerted to the laughable security of the device. As published on the console-cowboys blog, if you know the IP address of the device (or, assuming you're port-forwarding to the DVR from your modem/router, the IP address of your modem) then a few lines of python code will allow you to quickly extract the administrator password. Even worse is what I discovered. One of the things the DVR lets you do is give it the username and password of your email, and then it can email you alerts. By altering the console-cowboys python code with one line, I was able to extract that username and password in clear text. Yup, that's right. For the past six months I've owned this device, I've been exposing my email password to the world. I should have known better than to give a consumer-grade black box my email password and expect it to be treated confidentially.

Why does this happen? Because the web interface to the DVR is very poorly written. When a web client talks to the DVR to try to authenticate the user, the DVR sends ALL the usernames and passwords and extra information (like my email and password) in plain text to the client to authenticate! This is TERRIBLE! Why would you do this???

I immediately removed the email notification feature and changed my password. I then turned off port forwarding to the device, and made the interface accessible only from within my network. Now, I can access it from outside my network, but only over a VPN connection. Is this a lot of work? Yes. It is worth it? Definitely. If I want to connect to my DVR from outside my network (say, with my iPhone), I first start a VPN connection to my home network. I then connect to the device with its 192.168.x.x address instead of the lorexddns address. Now it's immune to outside threats. At least until I find some other rookie mistake they've made implementing security.

In early February, Lorex released a firmware update for this device. Of course, they didn't bother notifying me until weeks later; the only way you'd know is if you checked their website. The new firmware solves the most serious problem. It is no longer possible to send the DVR a payload over port 9000 that makes it cough up all the usernames and passwords it knows. HOWEVER, problems remain.

The software encrypts the username and password before transmitting it to the device. Problem #1, there's no salting. The encrypted hash that gets sent is always the same. So, anyone sniffing the network when the user authenticates will get a username and password token that are just as good as knowing the password. Of course, this is immaterial, since the device STILL responds with the usernames and passwords in plain text. And once again, if you were dumb enough to trust this device with your email username and password, that gets sent plain text too. So I still can't recommend using this device over anything but a private LAN that you trust.

The javascript code that runs a lot of this is a hilarious read. All the comments are in Chinese, and a lot of English response strings are written in "Engrish." If it weren't for the fact that I have uPnP turned off on my router and am blocking Chinese IP address space and haven't given it my email password, and use it only over my LAN or a VPN, I'd trust the thing about as far as I could throw it.

101 out of 133


Location: 131 Rocky Bay Road, RR#1 Descousse, Pondville N.S. B0E1K0

Great product fairly easy to install, even for somebody with no computer experience. Works great, I just got an update for the DVR and am almost ready to add more cameras. GREAT product. Great for home protection Thanks Lorex.. BERNIE

102 out of 133


Location: North Carolina

Overall, excellent. Had two cameras with video problems (IR was not working properly), they were replaced quickly. Internet access works great. Setup and user instructions are well written. Longer cables on the wireless receivers would help separate the receivers to reduce interference. The only issue that I have had is with the wireless cameras when using two wireless laptops within a few feet of the cameras. This will sometimes cause the cameras to fail and have to be powered off and on. As with all communications gear, power fluctuations can also cause issues. I use a timer and have the camera cycle off and one once a day to clear all of these issues.

103 out of 133


Location: US

I have this system for about 9 months now. All the cameras work fine and never had a problem with the system working as it should. However the really downside of this system is that it is to complicated to set up. The interface font is too small to see properly when you are navigating through the interface firmware. It takes forever to make a change. They need to update the firmware to fix this really bad problem.

104 out of 133


Location: Houston, Tx

This is my first security system and i am very happy with it. Easy to set up an use. No problems and the online function is very nice. Works perfect on my iPad and my android phone.

105 out of 133


Location: Springfield Pa

This is the simplest and most dependable security system I have ever owned, I have one for home and one for my vacation home in Seaisle New Jersey and it is very economical....I have also bought some wireless cameras using skype to view and it is flawless!!!

106 out of 133


Location: New Jersey

I was skeptical on the quality of this item, but was fairly pleased with the quality and ease of use once I set it up. Very helpful Tech Support.

107 out of 133


Location: Illinois


108 out of 133


Location: Franklin sq NY

It the best . Easy install and great viewing on iPhone and all my computers . Simply and easy great tech support I would recommend it to all

109 out of 133


Location: Outer Banks, NC

I really like the product. The set up required a couple of geeks and a couple of laborers but initially the result was amazing. My phone, my laptop, my home system are all picking up the signals perfectly for 6 months. At 6 months one of the cameras went blurry and flickering. Issue 1. - You need to be on site for technical support to help diagnose issue. Issue 2 - These are remote cameras and cannot be reset from 300 miles away. Issue 3 - Technical support is slow to respond.
Once i reset cameras and replaced the broken camera, the customer support was most helpful in replacing camera and cable without issue. Except now the camera works on any port but the cable wont work and I am 300 miles away again. So the product gets higher rating then the technical support group but customer support came through with flying colors.

110 out of 133


Location: México

I bought the Lorex LH110 and is a very good team, high quality, and I would like have more accessories in my country and it's hard to get the accessories and I would get another 4 cameras and unfortunately sold separately. Lorex LH110 This is very useful because I can view the cameras from any location with Internet access.

111 out of 133


Location: West Covina CA.

Good products, easy to install , very good service I had no problem with tech support at all , they are very helpful.

112 out of 133


Location: Louisville Ky

Hello i purchased this Lorex system last year and had No problems with it. It was easy to set up and easy to use with the mobile App I can view my house from any where. The thing I like most is being able to do this. This gives me comfort. I would recommend this Eco to anyone that wants an affordable and reliable video camera solution. Tech support is their for you 24/7.

113 out of 133


Location: Halifax NS

Works well and easy setup

114 out of 133


Location: South Florida

The Lorex system was purchased as a bundle with the cameras. The cameras aren't the BEST, but they are economical and gets the job done. The DVR was easy to set up and get working on all client applications, web applications, and iPhone remote viewing. The iPhone app could use playback capabilities, as right now it only allows to view live. The DVR has many features that are excellent - motion alarms, infrared, easy searching by date. Takes a little to get used to using the menus with the remote or mouse, but it gets the job done at an economical price. The support is phenomenal as well!

115 out of 133


Location: Atlanta

This is a great system. I had trouble setting it up, but all it took was one phone call and customer service took care of everything with no wait time. I have no complaints about this system at all. A must get to protect your house.

116 out of 133


Location: Idaho

My Lorex system has been up and running now for several months. I now feel I can give a fairly good review of the product. I have an 8 channel DVR with 4 cameras. This system I have is wireless. I had a little trouble understanding how to view the system remotely, I called in and requested help and 1/2 hour later the system was up and I could remotely view my 4 cameras. I have read where other people have had trouble with getting help. This has not happened in my case, so far anyway. I know I had to read all the info in the booklet very carefully to understand how to accomplish certain tasks on this system. Once I understood - I was able to perform the task OK. Back to how my system is running. It does what I set out to accomplish. I monitor 4 areas of my house and so far it has not failed me. The cameras are not super expensive ones, but I am able to monitor what is going on from afar. All my cameras are in range as suggested in the directions and they have performed properly. Overall I am satisfied and I like my system. I have read a lot of bad stuff out there about Lorex and I somewhat feel they are getting a bad rap. You don't have to be techy to install this system but it does not hurt to be familiar with certain computer tasks and terms.

117 out of 133


Location: Traverse City, Mi. USA

Nice system. First one I've ever setup. Pretty simple, just make sure you RTFM (Read The Fine Manual), and the documentation that comes with the system is pretty good.

DVR is simple to navigate (have to plug in a mouse) and get around in.

One wish list item I would have is that a USB keyboard would work, or maybe thats just my keyboard that wouldn't work with the system, cause trying to login in with only the Mouse is a bit of a pain. Do able, just a pain.

Once it's on your local network, then it's a breeze to get around.

Also the DDNS system they've built works great. But make sure you have the uplink bandwidth cause sending all the streaming video will slow others down the network.

With my system we have 4 wireless cameras. You really do need to make sure the cameras and the receivers have a clear line of sight to each other. The ranges that are listed about the camera are a best case range. I could only get about half of what was listed and that was by using the included bnc video cables (good job putting those in by the way) and running the receivers out the window into a home made weather proof housing.

Other wish list item and this is just because I don't trust hard drives. Would love a raid1 option to mirror the hard drive. Or maybe a way to plug in a external drive and have the system automatically back up each days new video files to the external drive. Just a thought.


118 out of 133


Location: Truro, NS

Bought this sept, 2012. Was easy set up. Hard time at getting it so I can watch on my phone, but teck support is great. I like being able to see what is going on when I am not at home. One thining I wish I did was get the wireless camera's. I would reccomend this sysyem. Works well and easy to figure out with a little reading and time to play with it.

119 out of 133


Location: TX.

I had this system that includes 8 cameras installed by professionals, with high quality cable, connectors etc. This system worked when installed. Lorex did help over the phone set ports on my computer for internet viewing. Weeks later 2 of the 8 cameras broke, no night vision and very fuzzy day vision.
I called Lorex and spent a total of over 6 hours (mostly on hold). Problem never solved, now the system is not recording. I am not a give me free kind of person, I asked to buy 2 cameras to replace the broken ones. The folks answering the phones seem to have no knowledge of the products or ability to sell me 2 cameras. Level 2 technicians are required, so you are issued a ticket # and told to wait for a level 2 tech.

120 out of 133


Location: mechanicsville

Purchased Lorex system last year. Easy to set up. Problem with hard drive approx.6months. Customer service was helpful and prompt. Replace unit. Replace unit now has fan problems.
Customer service is helpful and prompt to fix problem.

121 out of 133


Location: Mexico

Hi, I have purchased my first lorex Systems about 10 months ago, I was able to install all the system by myself including setting up Internet and mobile access. It's great to be able to see my business froma anywhere in the world from my mobile phone.

The best review I can give is that I just bought my second system for another business .

I recommend the product for any business owner or if you want to get security in home also.

Great products and user interface including the web interface.

Gerardo Gonzalez

122 out of 133


Location: toronto

I bought this as a package with 4 cameras + monitor. It works fine after installation. The tech support is very helpful and my setup was done with one phone call. One of my cams died on me after a few months and I called for warranty but was told that I have to send the suspected defective cam back for them to check before they are willing to send me the replacement. My system was installed by an installer and I explained that I have to pay the installer twice (dismantled and reinstalled) to do this. I suggested them to send me the replacement so my installer can take down the old one and replace with the new one at the same time to save me paying twice but the warranty department did not agree to co-operate - very bad service, don't care the trouble I have to go thru. I am now stuck with only 3 cameras. I hope Lorex after reading this review can help me out with this problem.

123 out of 133


Location: Livonia MI

Purchased a 8 channel system. A couple of weeks after the warranty ran out one of the cameras malfuntctioned with out night vision. I called tech support hotline and they told me to check the camera with a known good one, and the night vision worked. Went through hoops to try to get a replacement. I sent a faxed letter and with the customer return number. Tech support told me to produce a receipt but I didn't get a receipt, it was purchased online from lorex. I later recieved a letter stating that I needed the receipt and again I called customer service and was out on hold forever (as least 10 min.). So I just wrote it off. So here is my input hence the complaint.
Now that I have left my review does this mean that you will now replace the defective camera? You have me on file and you can check out the faxed letter and claim number you have sent me.

124 out of 133


Location: Pasadena

Easy to use. Very reliable

125 out of 133


Location: colorado

DVR has been bullet proof and always works as designed. Remote viewing has been easy and play back viewing has been a great feature. Wireless cameras have proven to be unreliable and cannot be counted on for long term unattended viewing. Suggest hard wired cameras if system is to be used remotely for over a week or two at a time.

126 out of 133


Location: Utah, USA

LOREX LH118501 is installed at my home and provides complete wrap-around surveillance of my property. The system was pre-wired during home construction then set up by a local expert. The system was fiddly to set up on iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Blackberry, PC but tech support was efficient and walked me through it. We can easily monitor the exterior using any of our devices. I can recommend LOREX and their tech support as a very good solution for surveillance security.

127 out of 133


Location: southern cal

eveverything works great. can remotley see it on computer as well as smartphone. hardest part was wiring it up but is worth it. great picture during the day, the nite vision is sort blurry but can make it all out. running 5 cams on 8 channel set up. paide 399 on amazon for 4 cams, 8 ch. dvr and a 13inch led monitor. excellent price. as i compared systems. purchased summer of 2012 still works great ... spring of 13

128 out of 133


Location: Las Vegas, NV.

This is my first system so I can't compare it to others. That being said, I think it's doing the job for what it's intended for. I have already caught several criminals in the act with this system. The cameras are interchangeable and I love the online viewing capabilities. I can view my house from anywhere in the world on a PC or my smart phone free of charge.

129 out of 133


Location: San Francisco

We were using this for six months now and only have one problem. One of the wireless camera got some water inside after couple days of rain . Called customer service and they mailed us a new camera. It serves the purpose I intend to when I purchase this CCTV.

130 out of 133


Location: U.S.A.

System was easy to set up and use. My DVR crashed after a few months and had to be replaced. A few days ago one of my cameras stopped working.

131 out of 133


Location: Florida, U

I bought this 8-channel DVR with 4 wireless cameras in September of 2012. A basic set-up was done and a remote viewing over the Internet was no problem at this location(where the system was installed). However, I left there after two months. I have been trying to get monitoring of this place via Internet but to no avail. I am waiting for a chat with the customer service when I return there in April of this year(next month). The DVR and the cameras are all okay and I recommend this system to anyone who needs it.

132 out of 133


Location: South Carolina, USA

Sceptical at first, but much easier to set up and operate than expected. The cameras give sharp pictures and even work in very dim light . The recorder is so easy to operate, anyone
should be able to operate the unit in no time flat. If there is any doubt you should have concerning your system, just call support as I did, they have the answers to your questions.

133 out of 133


Location: Montréal

Hi have purcahsed this Lorex system last year and had 0 problems with it. Easy to set up easy to use and with the mobile App I can view my house and get emails of any mouvement not wanted. The thing I like most is the motion detector and that you can chose the section of the motion This makes it easy to record less (if you have a street or lots of mouvement on one of your cams). I would recommand this Eco to anyone that wants an affordable and reliable Video camera solution. I called Tech support to set it up when I had to connect it to internet. I did the mistake and they found it right away. Real pros from A to Z



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