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Surveillance DVR networkable 16 channel with 500GB hard drive



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Professional surveillance DVR

Ideal for home and commercial applications, the LH200 Series DVRs are remarkably innovative and affordable. The digital video recorder is one of the most connected and compatible H.264 DVRs on the market today. Mobile viewing is supported on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, iPad and Android Tablets, in addition to full Mac compatibility.

Works With

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Easy Connection

Simple installation process for user convenience.




Security DVR

  • H.264 compression, supports D1 @ 120fps resolution video recording
  • Security Certified Hard Disk with up to 2TB of data storage
  • Back-up through USB port to Flash and optical drives
  • Excellent quality live and recorded video and audio
  • 480fps real-time viewing
  • CMS-DH application supports up to 300 DVRs, 64 channels, live-playback,
  • E-map, full control, up to 8 screen display
  • 3G Smart phone view, supports BlackBerry, iPhone and Android
  • Dual Streaming
  • PIP in Live mode: monitor two cameras at once, using picture-in-picture mode
  • D1 Real-time recording (4ch)
  • Touch screen Windows 7 compatible
  • NTP/Time Zone (DST): Synchronize your DVR time with internet time server. Setup Time Zone for day light saving time
  • High Speed Backup: 75sec for backup
  • 220MB of footage via USB flash memory
  • Support backup to external devices while recording
  • Fully compatible with both PC and Mac








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1 out of 5


Location: Toronto

I experienced reliability problems with this unit since I first installed it. The unit would shut down for no apparent reason. It has been very difficult getting appropriate level of support to fix the problem. After waiting for 90 minutes in the technical support queue I was disconnected. I have since opened a ticket on line and two business days later I am still waiting. I am almost at the point of giving up on the product and this company altogether.

2 out of 5


Location: Irvne, ca

10 out of 10

Pros: add a pro

"Scores 10 our of 10 for me needs.

1. Easy set up

2. Great quailty day and Night

3. Support was about a 2hr call back it was a Wednesday at 1pm PDT.

4. Would have liked a bit more simplicity for internet connection, but with Support it was about a 2min call for set up.

Thanks Lorex"

3 out of 5


Location: Chicago, IL

Quick and Easy Installation

Easy Installation, great video and playback. I see some owners weren't happy with the IPhone and BB applications. I haven't tried so I can neither confirm or deny. I do know that for the money it is a great product.

4 out of 5


Location: Seattle, WA

Good Unit for Average Home Users

Bought this system online and it arrived in about a week later. The setup was relatively simple but the network setup for viewing remotely was complex and required multiple calls to tech support group. I usually get to talk to a tech person after a short wait. Technicians have been very helpfull to help me configured network setup.

Had problem setting up to view video on newer monitor as it requires to lower the refresh rate. If I did that then it would affect the TV viewing. It works fine with older CRT monitor.


Video looks decent during the day but lack detail at night. I added a motion detector light to the driveway area to help enhance the video. It gave better pictures on the objects but the face get white out and not recognizable.

Single remote access to the system is a big draw back for me. Not being able to view video recorded ealier is another drawback

5 out of 5


Location: Norfolk, VA

A Great product and excellent price

I am electronics engineer and have worked with video systems for many years. The quality of this system out-of-the-box was impressive to me and I am fully satisfied with its performance in all respects. I was able to set up and learn all of the primary features in a short period of time. The instruction manual was excellent and answered all of my questions. I checked out the four cameras with a standard TV test pattern chart and the cameras met or exceeded the resolution specs. The color, B&W, And IR illumination modes were all acceptable to me. The camera 59 deg. field of view provides wide coverage. However, the camera must be mounted close enough to the object -- e.g.,, face -- to provide the required object recognition. The digital recording system -- 500 gb-- works great and provides seven day - 24 hour coverage at the highest resolution setting on two of the four cameras for my setup. The image motion sensing capability exceeded my expectations since it is independently controllable for sensitivity, selectable regions of the field of view that are active, and has an active audible alarm for each camera. The recording playback is full- featured allowing both slow and multiple-speed continuous playback, list selection and playback of motion-triggered events and ability to externally capture and save video sections using a USB port. It is important to note that this product can be registered -- listed in warranty fine-print -- and when this is done, software can be downloaded from Lorex that allows free internet remote access to the system from any remote location with an internet access.

This is a great product and the sale price makes it a best buy for me



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Surveillance DVR networkable 16 channel with 500GB hard drive
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