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LH040 Eco Series Vertical Security DVR with 960H


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LH040 Eco Series Vertical Security DVR with 960H

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world with the LH040 ECO Series DVR. The LH040 ECO series is built to blend seamlessly with modern entertainment electronics with an attractive white housing. The DVR features flexible placement options - position the DVR flat on its side or in a vertical orientation by attaching it to the included docking stand. This unique marriage of style and versatality means you can display your DVR proudly in your home entertainment unit, or easily stow it away from sight.

Lorex Stratus solution

Remote viewing with Stratus

The LH040 ECO Series uses Stratus Connectivity, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service. You can quickly and easily connect to your security system over the Internet using your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

security dvr with 960h resolution

Detailed 960H security footage

The LH040 ECO DVR is optimized for use with 960H compatible cameras. Industry leading 960H (960x480) recording resolution ensures high quality live-viewing and recording. A 34% increase over standard D1 resolution (DVD quality) and a 500% increase over CIF, gives a sharper, undistorted image with a true-to-life aspect ratio with no stretched image. The DVR is also backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.

Security certified hard drive

Security certified HDD

Record in real-time to the specialty 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 960H (960x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

Connect the ECO LH040 series DVR to a TV, PC, or CCTV monitors with industry standard HDMI, VGA & BNC inputs. The intuitive interface with simple icons allows for easy & efficient security DVR programming.

LH140 series compatibility chart

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.



Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • Tablet / smartphone viewing and playback 1
  • Lorex Stratus Connectivity - 3 step setup
  • Superior 960H Resolution - 34% more detailed and true-to-life images 2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HDTVs 3
  • Record to included security grade hard drive with no recurring fees
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Continuous, scheduled, and motion recording
  • Advanced mobile apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • H.264 video compression 4
  • Flexible DVR positing (Horizontal or Vertical) 6
  • 3 video outputs (HDMI, VGA and BNC) to connect multiple monitors
  • Pentaplex operation - view, record, playback, back up and remotely control the system simultaneously
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485) remotely control through App
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time
  • Automatic firmware upgrade over the Internet ensures your system is secure and up to date 5


1. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, check
2. Optimized when used with 960H compatible cameras. DVR is backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.
3. High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 960x480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
4. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
5. Both firmware and software must be updated to latest version to ensure remote connectivity. Always update to the latest software (available at after upgrading the DVR firmware.
6. For vertical mounting use the included docking stand. For maximum stability push down on the DVR until your hear a click.
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.








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1 out of 42


Location: Toronto,Ontario

Very easy to setup,night vision is clear and especially like the motion sensor detection,camera adjustment is also quite easy.
remote monitor with my iphone setup is simple as well.

2 out of 42


Location: Lac La Ronge Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada

I am pleased to have installed the Lorex LH040 Eco Series 4 camera wireless system.
This product is as easy to install as a basic home stereo system. The instructions are very good and the Lorex on line support is fantastic.
Cover your entry points and valuables, pack your bags and enjoy true freedom and peace of mind on your next vacation., business trip, or what ever takes you away from your home.

I was very pleased to plug everything in, flip the switch , and have my monitor light up. Following the initial smiles, it is easy to go on line and set up your pc and or your mobile devices to monitor the home base. I am pleased with the picture quality, the ease of set up, and the Lorex Brand support system.

Highly recommended, I would buy Lorex again and highly recommend these quality systems to friends and family.

3 out of 42


Location: Alberta

I have some issues in setup and get a very good technical support. I am happy with this product.

4 out of 42


Location: Georgetown ohio

I had a issue with some people trying to break into my garage door now that I have these up i haven't seen anything

5 out of 42


Location: Shelby nc

Got as a gift from son. Great to see the property while away. Customer service is available from lorex for you free of charge. It is a lot cheaper than paying for an alarm system. What you pay every month for alarm system you can buy your own and save money. No more monthly payments. Thanks to lorex I'm saving money now .

6 out of 42


Location: Trinidad

I purchased this product in 2014, great service thus far. Had one camera fail and I contacted Lorex for warranty, they sent me a replacement in 2 days. Ease of installation as these cameras are wireless. Highly recommended.

7 out of 42


Location: Houston, Texas

Even thought the web page shows free shipping for orders over $3.99 I was charged $10.18 and this charge did not show up on my order page.
I complained after I noticed that the numbers they had on my order page did not add up. I already had the unit before I check this out.
Well after I complained that the order did not add up they sent me an invoice with the $10.18 showing on their invoice.
Before you press buy make sure that the numbers they show you add up. Very deceptive practice of Lorex for this reason I am giving this product one star!

We apologize for any confusion with your invoice. We are in no way trying to deceive our customers. You were not charged for shipping and our sales team was happy to explain this to you. If you have any further questions please call us at 1-888-425-6739. Thank you.

8 out of 42


Location: Maryland

Amazing product! Excellent range! High definition! A must buy!

9 out of 42


Location: Alberta

Thus system works flawlessly! I have 4 wireless cameras on the go and would love to add more! Easy setup and easy to use! Thanks

10 out of 42


Location: New Jersey, USA

This product is really incredible. Upon purchase we were using it for one thing and that was to catch a suspicious act. That ended and we thought the cameras wouldnt be useful to us anymore. In reality they are very usefull and we use them for 24/7 home monitoring. Since im a "techy" guy the product was simple to put together and setup. Others might need some help or they can find the manual online to provide excellent walk-thru steps. When i opened the packaging I noticed a lot of different printed instructions, manuals, quick setup etc. This can really be confusing for some but my best advice is to sort them out. The only major issue I have is that when i connect my DVR to an ethernet port I get very poor service wirelessly to the rest of my home. That is my only major complaint but at the same time my internet connection is not the best nor will it ever be. Recently, one of my antennas stop working. The support was incredible and after some testing the tech decided to replace the antennas. You really cant go wrong with this product becuase their technical support is there to help you every step of the way. I give this a 5 because of the functionability of the product went well above my expectations.

One tip: If you place the product outdoors do not use the screws provided. They will rust and become a pain to move if you ever plan to move the cameras to different locations!

11 out of 42


Location: Peterborough

Remote Viewing Software Doesn't Work With Latest Mac Operating System (Which has been out for almost a year now!) OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan. Unless there is an update for the Lorex Stratus Client Software, I would NOT recommend this product if you want to connect remotely with a Mac Computer. PLEASE FIX THIS!

We're sorry you were experiencing some difficulty. Our technical support team was happy to help you get this working on your Mac computer. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

12 out of 42


Location: Conroe, TX

Great camera, easy setup, HORRIBLE Software which pretty much makes replay or anything other than live viewing worthless. So it's good if you want to sit and watch or check on something live, but the apps and computer software just don't cut it. No real need for a recorder if the software isn't plished enough to mine the data.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you with this. If you require any further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

13 out of 42


Location: MT

Your not going to beat this for the price. I followed the directions and the installation went smoothly. The cameras are pretty decent, with an aluminum body and relatively compact. I like them. Don't expect super high resolution. They are adequate given the price point. You can always upgrade the cameras and this detup will support an additional 2 cameras for a total of 4. For the value easily 5 stars. The only complaint I have as well is the visible infrared lights, could make the camera a target at night, we will see.

14 out of 42


Location: CT

Terrible product. Not user friendly at all. The rep. tried to help me connect but was unable to. Anyone want to pick it up from my garbage bin ?

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you had difficulty with your system. Our technical support team would have been happy to assist you further.

15 out of 42


Location: Aquebogue, New York

Easiest system to set up and get running. I would recommend.

16 out of 42


Location: Calgary

The system is ok for a budget priced unit. I was able to get the system up and running without to much difficulty. The wireless camera's work on the same frequency 2.4 that most home wireless signals also use, This causes very slow connections to the internet on our tablets, phone and other devices using the same frequency. Some routers will broadcast of a higher band 5.0 which works great but has a sorter range resulting in dead spots around the house. There is tons of information on the Lorex website it is hard to find the details. The online manual is ok but there is no definitions as to what impact an option has IE pre record. Also if you are setting up a remote connection to your table or phone , you will need to set up port forwarding on your router. If you do not and your router changes the IP port number as sometimes happens when you lease renews, you will not be able to connect through your phone or tablet.

17 out of 42


Location: PA

I purchased this product from Best Buy and the salesman told me that this is a great system and the video is crystal clear day and night were you can see the persons face. I had damage to my house last night so this morning I looked at the video and you can not see the persons face at all. Was on phone with tech support for about 2 hours and they couldn't help me. Kept making excuses. Two of my neighbors want to get cameras and now I have to tell them to stay away from Lorex. You sell these systems think you would have your own or would know of a good program to clean up the pictures. Nothing. This was a waste of my money and a waste of 2 hours of my time. Thanks for nothing not even an offer to upgrade to a better system. Thanks for nothing. I hope you like losing money cause I will tell my neighbors to find another brand. Also can't understand why your tech and customers service don't have a corporate phone number for people to call.
Would not recommend to anybody.

18 out of 42


Location: Williampsort, Pa

Camera's seem to work well in general and initial setup was quick but we encountered some difficulty. Firstly we experienced major interference with our wireless internet router. We are installing a new 5g router now and hopefully this will solve our problem. We are are also having some trouble with detection of certain types of motion on a few of the cameras and plan to call customer service once we develop a verifiable list of problems. It is possible we do not have the settings correct so I hesitate to condemn the system but we are certainly struggling. Better instruction details should have been included with the product as website searches for pertinent information has been cumbersome at best.

19 out of 42


Location: Missouri

Not user friendly, the mouse does not work, the remote does not work, had to buy additional range extenders to make it work as the box said it would. would not buy this brand again. Also, when I ordered the range extenders, they took money immediately, but did not ship for several weeks, and would not answer emails, or return calls asking where the product was. Had to file claim with paypal before product shipped.

20 out of 42


Location: Pearl


21 out of 42


Location: Connecticut

I give it only 4-stars. First the CONS, which are fairly minor, then the PROS:
CONS: (1) The mouse is MUCH too sensitive. A slight mouse movement equals a large screen movement. This makes "typing" into the on-screen keyboard very finicky. (2) No USB keyboard support to simplify username/password entry, so setup can be cumbersome. (3) DVR *ONLY* works with analog signals, will not directly support IP cameras, despite the usefulness of its LAN connection. (4) Cannot mask-out an area several pixels wide at extreme edges for the motion detection, causing some false triggering. (5) It took a few days to get a response from Tech Support. (6) The WEBsite form for customer Tech Support responses only allows three sentences each time, then simply ceases accepting input! This review, for example, would require about a DOZEN separate "comment" entries. (7) In night vision mode, a person less than about 10~15 feet from camera will have their face "washed-out" by excess brightness. (Auto AGC should compensate, but it doesn't.) (8) Video/control panel does not open in computer browser, it requires a specific app to open it in Windows. (Said app must be downloaded from the Internet, the one the DVR links to is non-Windows.) (9) Still cannot get Internet/remote access working, but inside our building WiFi coverage, it's good. (Could be router issues. Help files minimally helpful.) (10) Some of the included DVR wires are a little too short.
PROS: (1) Fairly easy to set up the wireless cameras, and they have reasonable signal range. (2) Cameras have good daylight image quality and excellent night vision range. (3) Ability to define motion-sensitive areas is great, except for pixel-edges referenced above. (4) The apps for iPhone and Android work well. (5) The auto-record setup for motion detection is fairly straightforward, but I am a very tech savvy person... so it may be more difficult for laypersons. (The over-sensitive mouse is also a factor.) (6) Ability to watch live video on more than one device or computer, simultaneously, is useful. (Set to 5 FPS each camera, we have two cams.) (7) For me, setting the DVR system up with a fixed IP address on our LAN was fairly easy, but again, I am an IT/Tech person.

22 out of 42


Location: Alliance, OH

I love our Lorex ECO outdoor surveillance system and Shawna at customer service was phenomenal! Installation was easy and after following the quick set-up instructions, I was able to see all outdoor areas of my home on TV, Laptop and, thanks to Shawna, my IPhone 6! My experience with Shawna at customer service was extremely positive; wait time was a few minutes, she did speak English, she very patiently talked through each issue I had questions about and was very diligent and thorough until they were completely resolved! I'm thrilled with the assurance that no matter where we are we can view what's going on at our home and I'm very grateful to Shawna for all of her assistance with making that possible!

23 out of 42


Location: us

very easy set up. trying out the phone app today

24 out of 42


Location: us

The cameras are great! The inordinate amount of hook-ups and connections is beyond ridiculous. Customer Support is a joke! And the apps... Waste of space - they don't even FUNCTION! I can't believe we wasted our money on this system! It bogs down our wifi, only runs in "relay" mode, and no one seems to know how to get it out of relay mode! The box had 4 cameras and the DVR, along with 10 "quick start guides," all having different model numbers. The website listed for support comes up with a 404 error, and their YouTube channel is worthless! Oh, and NO support for mac users! If I could give negative stars, I would!

25 out of 42


Location: Tennessee

The unit is easy to set up. There was a need to make sure the monitor and system were compatible as far as video resolution, but the technical support team worked me through it. Tech support were friendly, helpful and easily understood. The wait time was a problem, but the call back option freed me from listening to hours of elevator music.

Once the system was up and running, I found the images clear and satisfactory. What I haven't yet done is explore the setup options. Plan to play with them a bit this weekend.

After viewing the quality of the images produced by the system, I intend to buy two more cameras to complete the system. Overall, I'm pleased with the choice.

26 out of 42


Location: California

I would give your product a mediocre grade. For several hundred dollars I would expect: charger for DVR with longer cable; larger & stronger screws for mounting cameras to exterior wall; gaskets for mounting cameras outside; template for mounting holes; a mounting design which allows right-facing and left-facing full adjustment (the antenna does not allow tight left-facing position!); and manuals!! Please consider improving the installation kit. Also, the iPhone and Android apps are very slow. And the GUI: you need to move on from "DOS style menus" to something more up-to-date.

27 out of 42


Location: Texas

I'm fairly technical - and I am used to gadgets not working as advertised...So I was pleasantly surprised when I installed the cameras (4 camera system) hooked everything together using the picture instructions - turned on the DVR and up popped the 4-way split screen with a very clear picture...I've spent the past couple of days of just tinkering with things - trying to determine the optimal location for the DVR to maximum signal strength...I have a 2 story - 3200 sq ft - brick home and the signals are not all full bars - but enough to work. The record-on-motion feature is great...My wife and I have also loaded the apps on our IPhones and IPad - and our computers at work...It's really cool to keep an eye on our house while not there...Still trying to get the DDNS/website feature to work - but other than that I am very happy with the product and the quality of the technology so far...

28 out of 42


Location: Lake Orion, Mich

System works great! After 4 weeks of tinkering around. The one thing I would like to see are extension cords for the small antennas rather than fooling around with a " wired" range extender that has not proven itself yet. Waiting on the replacement for the first attempt. I may invent an extension cord if I can get the connectors! As others have said, the Support Department is very slow! But I will give the product a 5 Star!

29 out of 42


Location: ALBERTA

After reviewing many different systems, we settled off on the Lorex LH040 Eco. It was extremely easy to install, works incredibly well. We have it set up on computer, android phone, laptops, and can be accessed from anywhere. Excellent product. Very happy with it. Easy to follow installation instructions. Pictures are very clear. We like it very much.

30 out of 42


Location: Vancouver, BC

I bought the ECO LH040 Series. We love it.

Only issue is Lorex support... we bought it on Nov 10th and set it up on Nov 13th. One wireless camera worked great while the other had an "out of range" issue even at 15 feet unobstructed. We really tried everything to get it going. We did a "ticket" on Nov 13th. As of today Nov 17 we still didn't hear back from Lorex support.
Drastic issue = drastic measure... we replaced the defective wireless camera on our own!!!
Our system is up and running as it is supposed to be; Apps, Mac software etc everything is great.

Unfortunately Lorex "support" bring my rating down to a "2" instead of a "5" as it make me sneak my issue back to the store...

31 out of 42


Location: Ohio

Can't figure out how to down load software or apps. Also how do I connect this thin to my MAC. Instructions and info is like a 12 year old corrdinated it. Getting pissed

32 out of 42


Location: Hazleton, Pa

worked great for 3 days, then lost picture. Still have split screen with "Lorex" on all 4 screens. Reformatted HD as per troubleshooting guide, no luck.

33 out of 42


Location: Indiana

Happy with the cameras, happy with the easy camera installation, not happy with the lack of documentation for the recording unit ... not clear at all how to download and setup the recorder software ...

34 out of 42


Location: Florida

Setup took sometime. Picture quality and night vision good. I will buy 2 more cameras. Make sure you have high speed wifi(fiber optics is better). If you have problems with the iPhone app. after you downloaded. Delete it and load it again. That did the trick for me.

35 out of 42


Location: Grass Valley

A fascinating experience, so far. The two cameras operated quickly. Trying to get the system up to it's potential has been quite a chore. Reaching support by phone first major challenge. Three attempts of from 15 to 25 minutes with no success. Fourth try: 43 minutes of listening to the looped music tract until reaching a Canada. Very Indian accent. Being 87, hard to get my question understood. Recorded his answers to be able to re-listen to verify info. The email I tried took two days for an answer. Exact same info as I the quick start. Insufficient, causing my phone calls. Am in the process of trying one slow step at a time. Two or three a day?? Need to contact support right now to overcome a sign-on frustration. Probably need the one year warranty support to get to know what I need to know. Traveling again mid October. Hope to feel secure with LH040 by that time

36 out of 42


Location: home

Very easy set up and understanding of directions. Very good quality picture in day and night. Just wish they all came with the 2 way intercom

37 out of 42


Location: Vimy, Alberta

I found that the system was quite easy to install but I had one problem, phoned your I.T. and they helped me. the pictures are quite clear.

38 out of 42


Location: Rockford, IL

This is a review and instructions on how to configure the LH040 for use with the Apple Time Capsule.

If your not somewhat tech savvy, then find someone who is to assist you.

The LH040 is a nice system for home use, even though clarity in the evening is a bit to be desired. Even with the infrared built-in to the cameras, having more lighting outside, if using the indoor/outdoor provided cameras outdoors, would benefit your monitoring/recording in the evening.

You should have someone help you regardless of your expertise level as one person will need to mount and aim the camera, while another monitors the display and relays to you what looks good or not. (A two-way radio or mobile phone would be good in this situation).

NOTE: Do NOT mount the camera close in a corner with one side of the camera close to a solid wall otherwise in the evening, the infrared will bleed too much into the camera lens and wash out the picture.

Make certain on setup to keep the resolution MATCHED for your display. (ex. A 13? VGA monitor should be set at 800x600)

If the system mouse seems to disappear or become non-responsive, simply move the mouse, click either button and then on the provided remote, with the batteries inserted, press 000 (three zeros) then go back to the mouse. NOTE: You might have to repeat this process a few times, but it will work.

There is no keyboard with the LH040 system and every entry must be made using the bundled mouse. NOTE: A USB extension cable can be used on the mouse without any issues provided it is no longer than 1 meter (3 feet). Also note that speed of the mouse is fast and cannot be adjusted.

There is NO software included, other than what is installed and my unit did NOT come packaged with a users manual, even though the box was factory sealed.

To have the BEST experience with the LH040 unit, you will need the MAC address of the LH040. To locate this, use the included mouse and Right-click on the display then Enter the credentials (see your Quick Start Guide for the defaults, which should be ADMIN 000000, then click the Main Menu button, then System button, then select the Info tab. You will see the MAC address. Make a note of this as well as a note for the IP address.

I strongly urge you to use your technical expertise here or your technical buddy going forward because this is where you should hardcode all the MAC and IP from the LH040 into your router.

If you're on a PC (Windows based system) and are using a traditional Cisco/Linksys, D-Link, Netgear etc. router, then I would suggest following the Quick Networking Guide, in English, included.

However, with this said, if you are using an Apple Time Capsule, then you will need to follow the instructions below for the best experience. It took me a short while to figure this out, because LOREX does NOT include this amazing router in their Quick Networking Guide. Anyways, you will need to manually set up Port Mapping on Apple Time Capsule for ANY Lorex system.

Follow the following steps:

Open your Airport Utility, and then click Network

ADD the LOREX DVR into the DHCP Reservations list by clicking the (+) plus symbol.

Description: LOREX DVR
Reserve Address By: MAC Address (The LH040 MAC Address)
IPv4 Address: This will be the IP address shown on the LH040

Click Save, then under Port Settings by clicking the (+) plus symbol.

Public UDP Ports: (Leave Blank)
Public TCP Ports: 80, 90, 1025
Private IP address: This is the IP that was shown on the LH040 and what you entered into the DHCP section.
Public UDP Ports: (Leave Blank)
Private TCP Ports: 80, 90, 1025

Click Save and then click Update. Your Time Capsule will restart and your LH040 will then be viewable over the Internet using the Lorex Client for your computer, iPhone and Android. Follow the instructions from Lorex how to install and configure their client.

After doing all of this, everything will work!

39 out of 42


Location: Cabot, AR

Purchased system because of remote access and wireless installation. Had difficulty first logging onto unit. Mobile app would not take password. PC client software was not much better at first. Got both working after a very frustrating hour or so. The downloaded manual and lack of Lorex tech support were very aggravating. The cameras installed and connected very easily and quickly. Once the system was up and running it has good quality pictures and the LW2230 cameras work great in both day and night modes.

40 out of 42


Location: Tennessee

Good product! The cameras have a clear picture and the night vision picks up better than I had hoped for. The system ties into my PC and I was able to hook the video feed into a separate monitor with ease. I plan on purchasing an additional camera to expand our exterior coverage.

41 out of 42


Location: California

I, too, had an awful time with the "simple" installation instructions. And, no wonder a users manual is not included - it's 174 pages long. Why? and, the other reviewer is correct regarding the download of the software. I downloaded to our desktop at home and it immediately took over. The only thing I saw on the monitor was four blank screens. and then the program would freeze the mouse and I would have to re-boot. Needless to say, I have removed the program from our desktop and will, hopefully rely on managing this from my iPad. It's an awful expensive fix to just to position two cameras outside my garage.

42 out of 42


Location: Redondo beach,Ca

This product has been very difficult to get working. The web is filed with videos promising simplisity. I couldn't get my PC app to download. Then I tried my iPad which started to look promising, but then I couldn't get the cameras to connect. The directions
are very confusing and the support is based on east coast time which has compounded my troubles in obtaining manufacture help.



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Outdoor security camera, dome











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