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4 channel DVR with 960H recording



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LH04045G Security DVR with 960H


Watch over your world from anywhere in the world with the LH04045G DVR. This DVR features our Stratus cloud connection service that allows you to remotely connect to your security system using your mobile device or computer. Connect the LH04045G DVR to a TV, PC, or CCTV monitors with industry standard HDMI, VGA & BNC inputs. The intuitive interface with simple icons allows for easy and efficient security DVR programming.





DVR supports up to 4 cameras



Superior 960H resolution



Maximum Capacity 1 x 4TB hard drives

Stratus connectivity

Stratus connectivity

The LH04045G uses Stratus Connectivity, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service. You can quickly and easily connect to your security system over the Internet using your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Download the free app, scan the QR code on the DVR and start viewing your world securely online. Compatible with iOS®, Android™ devices.

Works With

security dvr with 960h resolution

960H Resolution

The LH04045G DVR is optimized for use with 960H compatible cameras. Industry leading 960H (960x480) recording resolution ensures high quality live-viewing and recording. A 34% increase over standard D1 resolution (DVD quality) and a 500% increase over CIF, gives a sharper, undistorted image with a true-to-life aspect ratio with no stretched image. The DVR is also backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.

Security certified hard drive

High quality hard drive reliability

Record in real-time to the specialty 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 960H (960x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time.


DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Stratus Connection and Apps

Stratus cloud connectivity will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.




Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • Tablet / smartphone viewing and playback1
  • Lorex Stratus Connectivity - 3 step setup
  • Superior 960H Resolution - 34% more detailed and true-to-life images2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HDTVs3
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • Advanced mobile apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • H.264 video compression4
  • 3 video outputs (HDMI, VGA and BNC) to connect multiple monitors
  • Pentaplex operation - view, record, playback, back up & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485) remotely control through App
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time
  • Automatic firmware upgrade over the Internet ensures your system is secure and up to date5

1. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, check
2. Optimized when used with 960H compatible cameras. DVR is backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.
3. High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 960x480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
4. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
5. Both firmware and software must be updated to latest version to ensure remote connectivity. Always update to the latest software (available at after upgrading the DVR firmware.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.








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1 out of 22


Location: Vermont

I bought this to replace a slightly older unit that burned out. We've got about a half dozen of these camera systems throughout the company. Some are better than others but for the price they are good. When I purchased this one, it had the white chasis with the bnc adapter for four cables pictured on the sale page and I received this one is now as pictured above so I was a little confused when I opened the box. Besides the connector and the larger metal box chasis for the DVR, does not seem to be much difference between the two.

2 out of 22


Location: Lancaster County, Pa

After having a problem with my first dvr, the Customer Represenative was a big help and very professional. My new unit works great so far. Thank you Lorex for the no hassle warranty.
We are a military family and we greatly depend on this camera system for security.
God Bless America.

3 out of 22


Location: Aquebogue, New York

I purchased this DVR as a replacement to one from a different company that had stopped working. I found the Lorex easy to set up and use on my laptop, phone, and tablet although I am using it with existing cameras from a competitor that I purchased 3 years ago. I would highly recommend this DVR.

4 out of 22


Location: California

I would give your product a mediocre grade. For several hundred dollars I would expect: charger for DVR with longer cable; larger & stronger screws for mounting cameras to exterior wall; gaskets for mounting cameras outside; template for mounting holes; a mounting design which allows right-facing and left-facing full adjustment (the antenna does not allow tight left-facing position!); and manuals!! Please consider improving the installation kit. Also, the iPhone and Android apps are very slow. And the GUI: you need to move on from "DOS style menus" to something more up-to-date.

5 out of 22


Location: Texas

I'm fairly technical - and I am used to gadgets not working as advertised...So I was pleasantly surprised when I installed the cameras (4 camera system) hooked everything together using the picture instructions - turned on the DVR and up popped the 4-way split screen with a very clear picture...I've spent the past couple of days of just tinkering with things - trying to determine the optimal location for the DVR to maximum signal strength...I have a 2 story - 3200 sq ft - brick home and the signals are not all full bars - but enough to work. The record-on-motion feature is great...My wife and I have also loaded the apps on our IPhones and IPad - and our computers at work...It's really cool to keep an eye on our house while not there...Still trying to get the DDNS/website feature to work - but other than that I am very happy with the product and the quality of the technology so far...

6 out of 22


Location: Lake Orion, Mich

System works great! After 4 weeks of tinkering around. The one thing I would like to see are extension cords for the small antennas rather than fooling around with a " wired" range extender that has not proven itself yet. Waiting on the replacement for the first attempt. I may invent an extension cord if I can get the connectors! As others have said, the Support Department is very slow! But I will give the product a 5 Star!

7 out of 22


Location: ALBERTA

After reviewing many different systems, we settled off on the Lorex LH040 Eco. It was extremely easy to install, works incredibly well. We have it set up on computer, android phone, laptops, and can be accessed from anywhere. Excellent product. Very happy with it. Easy to follow installation instructions. Pictures are very clear. We like it very much.

8 out of 22


Location: Vancouver, BC

I bought the ECO LH040 Series. We love it. Only issue is Lorex support... we bought it on Nov 10th and set it up on Nov 13th. One wireless camera worked great while the other had an "out of range" issue even at 15 feet unobstructed. We really tried everything to get it going. We did a "ticket" on Nov 13th. As of today Nov 17 we still didn't hear back from Lorex support. Drastic issue = drastic measure... we replaced the defective wireless camera on our own!!! Our system is up and running as it is supposed to be; Apps, Mac software etc everything is great. Unfortunately Lorex "support" bring my rating down to a "2" instead of a "5" as it make me sneak my issue back to the store...

9 out of 22


Location: Ohio

Can't figure out how to down load software or apps. Also how do I connect this thin to my MAC. Instructions and info is like a 12 year old corrdinated it. Getting pissed

10 out of 22


Location: Indiana

Happy with the cameras, happy with the easy camera installation, not happy with the lack of documentation for the recording unit ... not clear at all how to download and setup the recorder software ...

11 out of 22


Location: Florida

Setup took sometime. Picture quality and night vision good. I will buy 2 more cameras. Make sure you have high speed wifi(fiber optics is better). If you have problems with the iPhone app. after you downloaded. Delete it and load it again. That did the trick for me.

12 out of 22


Location: Grass Valley

A fascinating experience, so far. The two cameras operated quickly. Trying to get the system up to it's potential has been quite a chore. Reaching support by phone first major challenge. Three attempts of from 15 to 25 minutes with no success. Fourth try: 43 minutes of listening to the looped music tract until reaching a Canada. Very Indian accent. Being 87, hard to get my question understood. Recorded his answers to be able to re-listen to verify info. The email I tried took two days for an answer. Exact same info as I the quick start. Insufficient, causing my phone calls. Am in the process of trying one slow step at a time. Two or three a day?? Need to contact support right now to overcome a sign-on frustration. Probably need the one year warranty support to get to know what I need to know. Traveling again mid October. Hope to feel secure with LH040 by that time

13 out of 22


Location: home

Very easy set up and understanding of directions. Very good quality picture in day and night. Just wish they all came with the 2 way intercom

14 out of 22


Location: Vimy, Alberta

I found that the system was quite easy to install but I had one problem, phoned your I.T. and they helped me. the pictures are quite clear.

15 out of 22


Location: Rockford, IL

This is a review and instructions on how to configure the LH040 for use with the Apple Time Capsule. If your not somewhat tech savvy, then find someone who is to assist you. The LH040 is a nice system for home use, even though clarity in the evening is a bit to be desired. Even with the infrared built-in to the cameras, having more lighting outside, if using the indoor/outdoor provided cameras outdoors, would benefit your monitoring/recording in the evening. You should have someone help you regardless of your expertise level as one person will need to mount and aim the camera, while another monitors the display and relays to you what looks good or not. (A two-way radio or mobile phone would be good in this situation). NOTE: Do NOT mount the camera close in a corner with one side of the camera close to a solid wall otherwise in the evening, the infrared will bleed too much into the camera lens and wash out the picture. Make certain on setup to keep the resolution MATCHED for your display. (ex. A 13? VGA monitor should be set at 800x600) If the system mouse seems to disappear or become non-responsive, simply move the mouse, click either button and then on the provided remote, with the batteries inserted, press 000 (three zeros) then go back to the mouse. NOTE: You might have to repeat this process a few times, but it will work. There is no keyboard with the LH040 system and every entry must be made using the bundled mouse. NOTE: A USB extension cable can be used on the mouse without any issues provided it is no longer than 1 meter (3 feet). Also note that speed of the mouse is fast and cannot be adjusted. There is NO software included, other than what is installed and my unit did NOT come packaged with a users manual, even though the box was factory sealed. To have the BEST experience with the LH040 unit, you will need the MAC address of the LH040. To locate this, use the included mouse and Right-click on the display then Enter the credentials (see your Quick Start Guide for the defaults, which should be ADMIN 000000, then click the Main Menu button, then System button, then select the Info tab. You will see the MAC address. Make a note of this as well as a note for the IP address. I strongly urge you to use your technical expertise here or your technical buddy going forward because this is where you should hardcode all the MAC and IP from the LH040 into your router. If you're on a PC (Windows based system) and are using a traditional Cisco/Linksys, D-Link, Netgear etc. router, then I would suggest following the Quick Networking Guide, in English, included. However, with this said, if you are using an Apple Time Capsule, then you will need to follow the instructions below for the best experience. It took me a short while to figure this out, because LOREX does NOT include this amazing router in their Quick Networking Guide. Anyways, you will need to manually set up Port Mapping on Apple Time Capsule for ANY Lorex system. Follow the following steps: Open your Airport Utility, and then click Network ADD the LOREX DVR into the DHCP Reservations list by clicking the (+) plus symbol. Description: LOREX DVR Reserve Address By: MAC Address (The LH040 MAC Address) IPv4 Address: This will be the IP address shown on the LH040 Click Save, then under Port Settings by clicking the (+) plus symbol. Description: PERSONAL WEB SHARING Public UDP Ports: (Leave Blank) Public TCP Ports: 80, 90, 1025 Private IP address: This is the IP that was shown on the LH040 and what you entered into the DHCP section. Public UDP Ports: (Leave Blank) Private TCP Ports: 80, 90, 1025 Click Save and then click Update. Your Time Capsule will restart and your LH040 will then be viewable over the Internet using the Lorex Client for your computer, iPhone and Android. Follow the instructions from Lorex how to install and configure their client. After doing all of this, everything will work!

16 out of 22


Location: Cabot, AR

Purchased system because of remote access and wireless installation. Had difficulty first logging onto unit. Mobile app would not take password. PC client software was not much better at first. Got both working after a very frustrating hour or so. The downloaded manual and lack of Lorex tech support were very aggravating. The cameras installed and connected very easily and quickly. Once the system was up and running it has good quality pictures and the LW2230 cameras work great in both day and night modes.

17 out of 22


Location: Tennessee

Good product! The cameras have a clear picture and the night vision picks up better than I had hoped for. The system ties into my PC and I was able to hook the video feed into a separate monitor with ease. I plan on purchasing an additional camera to expand our exterior coverage.

18 out of 22


Location: California

I, too, had an awful time with the "simple" installation instructions. And, no wonder a users manual is not included - it's 174 pages long. Why? and, the other reviewer is correct regarding the download of the software. I downloaded to our desktop at home and it immediately took over. The only thing I saw on the monitor was four blank screens. and then the program would freeze the mouse and I would have to re-boot. Needless to say, I have removed the program from our desktop and will, hopefully rely on managing this from my iPad. It's an awful expensive fix to just to position two cameras outside my garage.

19 out of 22


Location: Redondo beach,Ca

This product has been very difficult to get working. The web is filed with videos promising simplisity. I couldn't get my PC app to download. Then I tried my iPad which started to look promising, but then I couldn't get the cameras to connect. The directions are very confusing and the support is based on east coast time which has compounded my troubles in obtaining manufacture help.

20 out of 22


Location: New York

Performance Internet Remote Viewing Day/Night...

"Works well for what it is, a security DVR..."

"I wanted a security DVR that would work well hidden away and hooked up to my high def TV..."

"All my cameras are outdoor and they work well, motion detection can be easily triggered  even a grainy picture such as you see with night vision trips it off..."

21 out of 22


Location: WA

Pros: Works well for what it is, a security DVR. Relatively small. Has a remote sensor so it can be hidden away. Much easier to use with the included mouse than the remote...however the remote does work.

Finding events is fast using the wheel on the mouse. When you use the remote you have to hit the + an - button again, and again, and again...

Cons: The internet / network feature is VERY klunky. Doesn't work half the time...will work/not work within a few second. If you're getting it for this feature, don't. It's an almost worthless feature.

The remote isn't that intuitive...for example you have an "enter" key. These days when you have 4 buttons around a center in many cell phones...the center button is enter. However the remote does work but it's slow in comparison to using the mouse.

Other Thoughts: I wanted a security DVR that would work well hidden away and hooked up to my high def TV. This one fits the bill. I have this unit in a "secret compartment" in the ceiling of my finished basement. Granted this isn't perfect security but there are several wires going into the wall...cable, internet and so forth so hopefully a thief won't notice the extra least it will be harder to steal. I also have this hooked up to a KVM switch between my media player computer and this.

It's responded well to being disconnected and reconnected several times. I have one camera recording at the highest definition and at 15 fps, and the others at highest def 7.5 fps. It'll record about 4 days which is plenty for me. In 6 months it's had zero recording errors.

22 out of 22


Location: Palm Springs , CA

I wanted to see how difficult it would be to set up before I dumped a bunch on dough into a full system. I was actually pleasantly surprised! It comes with a quick setup guide and a full instruction booklet and supportng software. The unit is easy to setup and attach a wired or wireless cameras to. You should be able to get the system up and running on the "bench" in very little time. Follow the guide instructions closely. It did get a little tricky configuring the router correctly for remote viewing. I ended up buying a new router for my system, as mine was about 4 years old. I did a firmware update and loaded Lorex's mobile app into my Android phone. After some tinker time it was up and running! Tech support was very helpful. I think the equipment is quality and a great value for the money. Like I said you need to be a little tech savy when it comes to configuring the system for external viewing. The numerous Lorex models and what applies to this model may be a bit confusing..

Pros: Quality, decent Documentation, Easy Setup

Cons: Configuration process for viewing remotely, ether via web or mobile device a little challengingI ordered this DVR with one (1) wired Pro Camera (Cvc6985u) to start out.



Wireless range extender antenna


3 Terabyte Surveillance Hard Drive



2 Terabyte Surveillance Hard Drive



English security decal









HD 1080p 12-camera home security system




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