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HD Security NVR with Real-time 1080p Recording and FLIR Cloud


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LNR110 Series HD Security NVR with Real-time 1080p Recording and FLIR Cloud Connectivity

Experience the next generation of premium, do-it-yourself security with the LNR110 Series Network Video Recorder (NVR). Our cutting-edge NVR is bundled with weatherproof HD IP cameras to provide stunning 1080p HD recording in real-time on all channels. Each camera requires just a single Ethernet cable connecting it to the NVR, which provides both power and video using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. Connect the cameras to the NVR's 8 integrated PoE ports for a truly plug-and-play surveillance experience that will have you up and running in no time. Maintain vigilance with the ultimate in recording resolution and picture quality in your corner.

The LNR110 Series features a simplified installation that saves time when setting up your cameras. The auto-detect function automatically discovers and configures compatible IP cameras on the same local network as the NVR. Simply connect your cameras to the built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports using a single Cat5E Ethernet cable - no power supply required.

High definition IP camera

Compatibility Notice

This HD NVR is compatible with Lorex PoE IP cameras only. It is not compatible with third-party IP cameras. Click here for full camera compatibility list.

FLIR Cloud connectivity solution

Remote viewing with FLIR Cloud

Introducing FLIR Cloud™, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service. Say goodbye to IP & router port forwarding issues - you can quickly and easily connect to your security system using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. FLIR Cloud™ connects you to your system remotely within minutes on your iOS® or Android™ device. Simply download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Stay abreast of important developments with push notifications for motion events, and instant email alerts with snapshot attachments.

Security certified hard drive

Reliable security grade HDD

Record surveillance footage to the security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 1080p HD (1920x1080) for the highest resolution, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV



Network Video Recorder Features:

  • High definition 1080p Recording
  • Real-time recording at 25/30fps per channel1
  • 4/8 Built in PoE (Power Over Ethernet) ports providing video and power on a single Ethernet cable
  • Automatically detects compatible IP cameras in the network2
  • Expand your system with a network PoE switch, sold separately3
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive4
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • Simultaneous playback and live view on the same screen
  • Selectable area digital zoom in live view and playback
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • H.264 video compression4
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs
  • Keep up to date with automatic firmware upgrades5
  • 3-step remote view with FLIR Cloud™6
  • PC and Mac compatible7
  • Free iOS and Android compatible apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot7
  • Dedicated iPad app with multi-channel live viewing and playback7
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth


1. Real time recording on 4/8 Channels at 1080p (1920x1080), 720p (1280x720).
2. Compatible with Lorex 1080p wired PoE HD cameras only. Click here for a list of compatible cameras.
3. 4 channel NVR includes 4 built in PoE ports. 8 channel NVR includes 8 built in PoE ports.
4. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
5. The NVR firmware and software must be upgraded to the latest version to use the FLIR Cloud™ service. When the system is connected to the Internet, it will automatically alert you if there is a firmware upgrade available.
6. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
7. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.








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1 out of 90


Location: Anaheim Hills, CA

The Lorex product was an easy set up. Camera quality is very good. When initially installing the cameras I had to call tech support for assistance. They were very helpful. I did have one camera that needed replacing and did get a replacement but had a difficult time reaching tech support. After many calls I did connect with a support person and all was good.

2 out of 90


Location: Massachusetts

This system is easy to set up and the clarity is amazing! If you plan on using this system for motion detection alerts be prepared for A LOT of false notifications! They have not built in algorithms to filter out tree shadows, sun, or other recurring repetitive in other words if you have a tree casting a shadow across your driveway you will get nothing but false alerts.
Their customer service is good, but they really need to work on some software modifications to eliminate false alerting when using motion detection.

3 out of 90


Location: Miami, FL USA

Purchased this HD IP system from for our gated community to replace an older analog system at the entrance and exit gates. System cost about 1/3 of what we were quoted by "professionals" for an inferior older style analog system. Installation is simple, truly plug and play and does not justify hiring a professional. Box comes everything needed to install the system cables, screws, anchors, etc. Only thing I need to complete the installation was a 3/4" drill bit, necessary to route cables through the wall, this is not clear in the instructions, but please note highly recommend you drill the 3/4" hole which clears the hard wired camera female connector where the single Cat5e ethernet cable (included) plugs into each camera. This way cameras sit flush on outside wall with no visible wires and replacement if needed takes just a couple of seconds to unplug the camera.
Once installed all cameras wee quickly recognized and system was up and running in no time.
Images are high definition and very clear, particularly daytime, allow to zoom in for details. At nighttime cameras are also very good but strong lights cause excessive glare which can interfere with nighttime details.
The Flir Cloud App was one key feature why we selected the system, the community wanted the ability to view incoming visitors who were calling for access on gate intercom. The reason I rated the system 4 stars and not 5 is the problems with the Flir Could app, this is the weakest area of the system and over time should be the strongest, since everyone really wants to see cameras from their mobile phones. I encourage Lorex to invest the resources to enhance and upgrade the app ASAP. Occasionally for example one of the cameras loses connection and cannot be viewed, only fix is rebooting camera, app also is a huge battery drain when being used (about 1% per minute!), etc. Tried it on iPhone and Android and both have same issues. Definitely the app has room for improvement.

4 out of 90


Location: NJ

We have used lorex wireless cameras for a few years. When we moved to a new home, we needed more cameras. We decided to use the this IP camera system. We couldn't be happier. The installation was simple, they are more reliable than the wireless and the interface on the software is excellent. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a security camera system.

5 out of 90


Location: Garden grove

I got this system at My husband installed it for me, lots of work but turn out great pictures, love it. I can view my house anytime and anywhere which is perfect. Just for our safety and peace of mind I'm glad that we got this system installed. We're very happy! Thanks Lorex

6 out of 90


Location: SF Bay Area

I just got this most of the way installed (still need to add more cameras) but so far its nice. Recordings are clean, and the setup overall was not too bad. A lot of tech stuff required so that I could log on with my computer, but I think that is just the nature of setting up that aspect. The iPhone app was simple. Overall, the UI on the actual box (as well as iPhone and the Mac OS app) are not very intuitive. Finding various things you want to do seems not apparent, and some things are buried in menus you wouldn't expect. And to review recordings requires more steps than should be necessary. Overall, its just not intuitive, and I am a pretty techy guy who works in the AV field, so I have a lot of experience working with devices and electronics. I think a rewrite of the UI for a firmware update would be VERY appreciated by everyone. Have someone who makes apps for Apple write this.

7 out of 90


Location: Rimouski quebec

Easy to configure and use. Really great image quality. Very happy with that product.

8 out of 90


Location: New Jersey

I get this system in Costco with 8 camera . Instalition was easy , and smooth . The view from camera fas awesome . I recommend this system to everyone

9 out of 90


Location: USA

I like the basics of the product, but you need to know how to use it, especially accessing recordings remotely. It's challenging to get help from the tech support, they're not fluent in technical aspects on how to set up, for example ddns (viewing from any browser), i ask for help, and a month later no response to my emails for help.

10 out of 90


Location: Va

Purchased at Costo with 8 cameras, PoE made it really nice for the installation. Only thing I wish I had educated myself more on before had was the field of view, the cameras were all 72 deg. but when used inside it leaves a lot of blind spots. I'm looking for a lens I can put over the dome to widen the view. I'd recommend finding 120+ degree for indoor/small area usage.

11 out of 90


Location: Gallatin, TN

I bought this system from Costco. It came with four 3MP cameras that use CAT5 or CAT6 wiring to make all connections, so the cameras do not need separate power supplies for each camera as long as they are plugged directly into the DVR. The installation went smoothly, the hardest part being fishing the cables from the camera locations to the DVR. I first tested the system before installation to make sure everything worked, and it did. After hooking up the system to my TV, I was able to see the great definition of the images. I downloaded the android app to my phone and scanned the QR code on the DVR and was almost instantly able to view the cameras with my phone.

For best cable routing, I located the DVR in a different area than my internet modem and router. This system needs a wired internet connection, so I bought a Netgear powerline 1200 to extend my connection. You plug one of the modules into a 120v outlet close to your router, and plug an ethernet cable into the module and the other end into your router. You plug the other module into a 120v outlet close to the DVR and connect the same way. It instantly gave me a strong, fast connection and everything works great, without having to string a long ethernet cable through several walls to the DVR.

I had some problems with installing the software on my Windows 10 PC, so I contacted Lorex tech support. My tech rep was great, and was able to resolve the problem. It was related to the latest Windows 10 update (thanks Microsoft). I am very happy with both the daytime and night vision of the cameras and hopefully the bad guys will see the cameras before breaking into my home, and decide they would rather not be on camera.

I have only had it a few days, but everything works as advertised, so I am happy with the purchase

12 out of 90


Location: Olympia, WA

I've had this NVR system for a month (purchased from Costco) and everything worked right out of the box. Connected it to my router, checked for any firmware updates (none required), all 4 cameras are working as expected (though they seem to initialize slowly before their video is shown on the monitor). The video from the cams shows a C in the lower left corner when in Continuous recording mode, and sometimes it shows an M when the cam detects Motion. This helps when you are searching recorded video, allows you to go directly to the Motion time-stamp on the recording to see what was happening.

One thing I wish the user manual would cover is how to run the "system" without it being connected to the router all the time. I don't like the idea of it always being "on-line" and available to a hacker. Anyway, when the system is not connected it will display an warning message on one of the cam screens saying it is not connected to the network. The cam with the warning message still is recording as expected but the monitor will not show live video because it is displaying the message.

Otherwise everything seems to be working.

13 out of 90


Location: San Marcos CA

I have had this product for a month and it is working perfectly fine. At the beginning I had the problem with viewing cameras on my laptop but customer service helped me to resolve it when I called them. Overall I like it very much.

14 out of 90


Location: NY

Cameras and systems work okay cannot read license plates even if it's less than 20 feet away FLIR app crashes all the time. Would give it four and a half Stars if the app worked well.

15 out of 90


Location: NJ

I've had the system for a few months now. No issues mostly, but once in a while I have to reboot the system as some cameras disappear. Also, I found that the playback interface is not very straightforward and some of the web controls do not seem to work as expected. It is certainly best to set up motion based recording, but even then it is a challenge as far as playback is concerned.

Overall a good system, but software needs an upgrade to be more user friendly.

16 out of 90


Location: San Diego, CA

I can't say enough how pleased I am with the quality of the system. The picture quality is superb and the ability to watch the cameras live with the iPhone app while away from home is amazing. No monthly fee either!

The NVR is quiet and doesn't get nearly as hot as my cable box. The 2 TB drive will probably be enough for most people, but I decided to purchase a 4 TB drive to double the capacity and it was a 5 minute upgrade. Very simple.

5 stars all around.

17 out of 90


Location: Fulsear, TX

I bought this product from during one of their sales promotion. This is the third DVR system I have bought, the previous two being other brands. I returned the earlier ones as they were no match to the features - cost of this particular DVR from Lorex.
The DVR and the cameras are very well built and easy to install plus configure. I have installed cameras two ways: 1) connected directly to the DVR, and 2) via another PoE switch on the same network. The DVR recognized all cameras as soon as they were connected, making the installation a breeze.
I am currently exploring system capabilities and configuring the system slowly. There are so many things that can be done. My suggestion: read the manual (, see the videos ( and take your time to configure.
My only struggle is how to create a two-way communication channel with the front camera. I will update the review if I find a way.
To summarize: great product that I would recommend to anyone,

18 out of 90


Location: Northwest Ohio

I purchased my system through Costco. Shipping was fast and I received the system in a few days. Had a good feeling about the product before I even opened the box. No rattling or sound of loose components. Very professionally packaged. I could tell by the quality of all the components and packaging/presentation that I made a good choice in purchasing a Lorex system. While i have yet to install the system, I have hooked it all up to test the components and am quite pleased. Will more than likely be ordering additional cameras and cables soon. I won't hesitate to recommend the Lorex product to anyone. Thanks Lorex for the professionalism you bring to the industry.

19 out of 90


Location: California

I purchased this product from Costco.One of my friends recommended Lorex Camera and security NVR system.
I went for this product since it is based on latest technology of using 1 cable to the camera and also I got it at a discounted price at Costco .So far so good .One issue for which I have not called the tech support yetis that ,one of the camera losses the connectivity to the NVR system after 2 - 3 days , rebooting the Camera by taking the cable out from the port fixes it .Since I am not using all the 8 ports so currently I have changed the port for that camera to another port ,to troubleshoot the issue .If the issue persists I will call the technical support soon to get it correct.Rest of other camera have been functioning correctly.

20 out of 90


Location: Indiana

The main reason that I chose this system is because it was the only system that I found that would send instant push notifications of motion detection. This was a requirement as all others just offer email. And when seconds count, I don't have time for an email. I do have two complaints. The setup experience could be more simplified. Once you get the hang of it, it's not bad but it still doesn't make sense. And secondly, the iOS app could use some work. It requires me (or anyone) to force close the application in order for it to work the next time you want to use it.

21 out of 90


Location: San Jose, CA

I bought the 4 camera system from Costco. The NVR is very quiet and the motion masking is really a neat feature. The setup was not as straight forward as I would have liked it but I got it to work without technical support. I am very pleased with the purchase.

22 out of 90


Location: California

The picture quality and ease of set up ( LNR110 Series) is hands down great! I am basing this against my old Samsung Security cam where I had to call technical support for them to remotely configure my system. Anyway, just one issue that I am currently facing is that one of the camera lost video signal. I chatted with technical support regarding this issue and was advised that I will need to get a replacement. Good thing is that this is still under warranty. For now , I'd give it 3 stars pending how long they will send a replacement (just created a ticket today). If all goes well without any run around, this is a solid 5 stars!!

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We hope the replacement camera is working well.

23 out of 90


Location: Rochester NY

I recently purchased my 2nd set of Lorex 1080P cameras for my house. The quality of the image is very good and the setup was very easy. I have my Iphone set up where I can see the cameras remotely and that was very easy to set up. The only thing I would caution is that the placement of the cameras needs to be in an area where they will not get wet and you need to make sure that the Ethernet cable is oriented so that the female connector points down. My only issues have been related to damage caused by moisture infiltration of the camera and associated cabling. The cameras come with a waterproof connector but the Ethernet cable that is supplied has a standard RJ45 connector that does not mate up with the waterproof connector on the camera side. I would buy them again!

24 out of 90


Location: Texas

Very unhappy with the setup for getting Lorex security to work on android phone/tablets. Still have not able to get it to work on FLIR. Will have to call customer support on weekend .

We're sorry to hear you're having difficulty and would be happy to help you. Please give us a call at 1-877-755-6739.

25 out of 90


Location: NJ

Remote viewing set up is bit complex. Will continue to update

26 out of 90


Location: Texas

I purchased the system from CostCo and am very pleased. Install of cameras was easy other than the time needed to route wiring in my attic. I'm very pleased with the NVR system and all FLIR apps for all my devices. Setup of the the apps and connection to the system took maybe 20 minutes and I can watch all my cameras anywhere I have WIFI access via my phone. I highly recommend this system to any DIY types.

27 out of 90


Location: Sunnyvale

I bought a security system from Costco with 8 3M bullet-style cameras. I had it professionally installed and it was setup like a breeze. Great to be able to access the video feed from home and away, equally easily. I was surprised by how good the quality of the video recording is. A couple of weeks later I had an issue with access and I was helped by a very knowledgable and helpful rep. Very good experience so far.

28 out of 90


Location: Turlock

I bought the 4 camera system from Costco & I am extremely satisfied. I did call Customer support to get help with the setup, but besides that it is very easy to use and they have excellent Tech support.

29 out of 90


Location: Houston TX

Replaced an older system purchased at Costco. No comparison. Have trimmed down security zones and proximity detector sends alert. Camera 1080 resolution is great and like how all the zones can be viewed on Android and PC. Have room for expansion and will add a couple more cameras. A little confusing with all the menu choices, but picking it up better every day.

30 out of 90


Location: ontario, canada

The issue I'm having with this system is you can't hide the date/time and label. It just happens to be in the wrong place, re-positioning the camera creates physical obstructions.

Just be aware when you see pictures online, the date and time can't be hidden.

31 out of 90


Location: Washington State

I purchased an 8 camera system from and have so far installed 5 of the 8 cameras. It took some getting used to the menus but the system is working well. Remote viewing on a LAN works well also. I had hoped to be able to see more detail, like a license plate number, at a distance but I may have expected too much. I would also like to be able zoom in on playback using the NVR but can do so by copying a portion of the video and viewing it with a computer and software. Night vision works well also. Overall it is a good system for the price. The NVR did have some trouble displaying in "view 8" and "view 9" mode but after a few days is worked itself out.

32 out of 90


Location: Utah

The Lorex HD Security NVR with Real-time 1080p Recording and FLIR Cloud

LNR110-Series works great. Easy to set up and easy to use. I wish they could get their software to work with Google Chrome or Saffari!

33 out of 90


Location: Western Colorado

I purchased the Lorex 8-Channel HD IP NVR with 2TB HDD, 8 3MP system from Costco Online. As always, Costco is exceptional at getting things to me quickly. The system was packed very well and as someone who has dealt with IP cameras before, was easy to understand and setup. I setup the complete system on a table before I started mounting cameras and running cable. What I found right away was that I had a bad Cat 5 cable. So, I called up Lorex and here is where I began to understand the reasonable price of the system. The first time I called, I waited on-hold for about 20 minutes and then was transferred to an answering system. The next day I called again first thing in the morning and actually got a human in customer service. But wait, you can't call CS if you have a problem with your system. You have to hang up and call Tech. Support first. They diagnose the issue (yes, I indeed have a bad cable) and then issue a support ticket that customer service uses to ship a new cable with. So after going through their system, getting assurance that a new cable would be sent out and even getting an email that stated the cable would be sent, I'm still waiting. To date, it's been 3 weeks since I called.

Now, I have the tools to crimp new ends on to a CAT cable, tools to test CAT cables, and even an extra CAT cable that I ended up using to replace their bad cable. But, if you buy something, it should work out of the box or it should be replaced in a reasonable amount of time. I'm just glad that so far all of the cameras and the DVR seem to be working as advertised. At this point if I were still waiting for a replacement camera or DVR, I would be packing it up and sending it back. So you might want to factor in the cost of an extra cable just in case you have the same issue!

Now for the good. The system is really, really easy to setup. Once you've tested the system to make sure everything works, it's just a matter of deciding where to mount the cameras and run the cables. This is easily done by using the phone app which is simple to setup by scanning a QR code on top of the DVR. I set the DVR in a central location and took the cable-connected camera to where I thought I should mount it. Then looking through the camera using the phone app, I could fine tune the position and the final angles before tightening everything down. Then it's just a matter of drilling holes and routing the cable between the final DVR location and the camera.

The PC software, although clunky and dated looking, is infinitely better than the browser based software I used with my old Panasonic IP cameras. In fact without really knowing what I was doing, I was able to find some video that showed some kids vandalizing an item in front of my building at 3:50 am. And the video is really clear! Overall I'm really happy with the purchase but also somewhat disappointed that I didn't get a 16-channel DVR instead. I can see wanting to add more cameras in the future!

Given that the install was super easy, that the easy to connect Android software (although very buggy and low resolution) allows aiming and setup of the cameras as well as remote viewing, and that the PC software allows fairly easy navigation and viewing; I would have no problem recommending Lorex to anyone looking for a first or starter system. The two caveats being that their customer service/tech support/warranty replacement system is definitely sub-par, and it seems that setting up remote viewing on PCs over the web is a lot more involved than it should be.

34 out of 90


Location: Anderson

This product was ordered on line thru Costco. The setup was easy . I would order the cameras with color night vision in the future . Although mine work well. The color is great , and and very clear. I would recommend this system to anyone . I would appreciate a more detailed printed manual ....for "how to use". I am older and do not navigate the computer well. I have already recommended this system to a friend.

Thank you for your feedback. You can find the full manual under the Downloads tab of this page. Here is the link for your convenience

35 out of 90


Location: Washington

Super easy to use product. Software interface could use some work to make it more user friendly, and a manual should be included with the product as there are many great options. Overall wonderful!

36 out of 90


Location: Mississauga, Ontario

Ordered LNR114 2 camera system from Costco online; unit arrived in 3 days, so happy with delivery time.

Camera and mounts are metal and quite solid, came with two 100 feet of cat5 type cable and screw mount templates. Picture quality is excellent for me, very sharp.

Cables came in two tightly bundled coils, which took some time to straighten out before stringing it.

Instructions for setting up to view via phone, tablet, PC were provided, and worked using my home wi-fi, however, I haven't tried a remote view on phone/PC from outside my home's network. I suspect I may need to do some more research to get this to work given the things I have read around need for port forwarding and creating a DDNS....although Lorex provides a port forwarding utility and DDNS registration, I have yet to give these a try.

It would be helpful if Lorex was more definitive on whether this unit could be mounted outside in the open....although it is designed for outdoors, the Lorex documentation states placing it in a sheltered location was recommended. My guess is they wouldn't want you to have the connection between the cat5 cable and the camera connector exposed. The unit did come with what looked like two weather sealed connector covers BUT useful only if you are comfortable enough to cut the cat5 connector, feed it through the hole of the weather sealed connector and then have right tool to crimp to re-attach the cat5 connector; this wasn't something I was prepared to do.

As my locations are not sheltered, I ended up picking up a round Carlton electrical box from Lowes for each camera, and placed the connections inside. Spray painting the boxes to match house bricks helped keep them inconspicuous. Lastly I took a deep Rubbermaid container and cut it diagonally to create a makeshift cover, spray painted it and mounted it over the camera. Lorex could probably make money selling a cover accessory :) if the camera really needs to be sheltered.

Overall, now that system is up, am quite happy with it. Hopefully the cameras will survive our harsh Canadian winters.

37 out of 90


Location: Oceanside, CA

So far I am not very impressed with this product. To start, one of the IP Cameras was defective right out of the box. I contacted customer support and am still waiting for a new replacement. The quality of the video from the working cameras seems to be decent, but only when viewing onsite locally. My biggest complaint is the remote viewing capabilities and software. The FLIR Cloud app is HORRIBLE on every device I've tried it on including my laptop, desktop, iphone, and android. The cameras seldom even show up, and in the rare occasion that they do show up, they are sluggish, jerky, and lag terribly... and this is even in the SUB (low res) settings. I have plenty of internet speed where the system is located at my business (50 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up) and even faster internet at my house. They seriously need to fix there remote viewing capabilities if they want to keep customers, and gain new ones. Until then, they will continue to get poor reviews in my opinion.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were having difficulty and were happy to assist you with this. If you ever have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-888-425-6739.

38 out of 90


Location: United Kingdom

OK, i purchased this lorax system as i needed a HD system at short notice after an attempted break in, and wanted somthing simple to instal, at around £600 for a 4 camera system i expected a lot but as seems to be with many manufacturers specs cant be taken for granted. Firstly i will say instilation was simple and straight forward and build quiality is really good but as with most things technical what really matters is the software and thats where this system has been let down. Its a poor show that it is late 2016 now and the firmware on my box (still being the latest available) is well over a year old and there are so many bugs which need fixing it makes the box pretty usless. So just so. e of the major issues 1. running 4 cameras at 1080p on a preset bitrate/framerate means the software/hardware can not handle it so recording is sporadic and stops for periods on some channels, meaning if like me you paid extra money for something supposed to be top notch to get the best quality then be prepaired to be let down and to settle for medioca quality at 1080p as only setting a medium bit rate will get it to record when it should. 2. playback, this system is awfull, the search bar is basicly unusable it bearly ever plays back on clicking motion events, and camera synorisation is far from synced, also all recorded cameras dont always appear. I thought Swann systems were bad but compared to this ones interface theres is fantastic. 3. ddns, absolute knightmare, works intermittently, however i will not comment further on this as there are many factors that can cause IP problems. 4. mouse control only sometimes does this works as it should i.e clicking to zoom to a single camera dosent always work. These are just some of the issues i'm having with my system so I realy hope Lorex read this and correct these in a software update soon otherwise i will not be investing in Lorrex again.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with your system. Please give us a call at 1-877-755-6739.

39 out of 90


Location: Louisian

I installed my Lorex camera system last week. Still learning to operate the DVR. Has great picture quality. Facial recognition is very good. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I parked my car with the license plate showing, about 60' away, and could not read the license plate from that distance. Overall I'm satisified for the price. Got a $300.00 discount from Costco

40 out of 90


Location: Irvine CA

Great Camera and great product. I also called and they supported.

41 out of 90


Location: Puerto Rico

This is my 2nd system, the fist NVR. The image quality is excellent, even at night. The view range is more than acceptable, on mobile devices you are able to zoom images even without PTZ cameras, and this is a plus! When problems occurs, support respond on an acceptable time.

42 out of 90


Location: St. Louis, MO

This is our third surveillance system we have purchased, each one from a different company. The first one was a VCR, after our home was burglarized. The second was a DVR with analog cameras and now the NVR with digital cameras from Lorex, thru First, the way the product was packaged, it was far superior to the other systems. Second, the foam rubber in the camera base, where other companies have stopped using it. It helps in weatherproofing the camera but also helps in installation. We have aluminum soffits; in some areas it is impossible to loosen it enough to insert wood to anchor the cameras. To install those cameras we use “Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape”, with the foam rubber you have much more surface area to help hold the cameras in place. The screws that came with the cameras are much heftier than the systems we’ve had in the past. The way the cameras are adjusted with the Single-screw bracket makes it much easier, and the mounting template also helps in ease of installation.
With our last system there were up to four power adapters and the DVR, there was a lot of heat being generated, with the PoE we have eliminated two adapters. The DVR in our old system had some noise, but the new NVR is much quieter.
The last thing I would like to mention is the FLIR Cloud App. It has not been that long since I bought a smart phone and a tablet. I had to ask my grandchild what is an App and where is this App store located. So when I got ready to hookup my tablet to the new system I was a little nervous. However it was super simple and I look forward to hooking it up to my smart phone. I would give 5 stars, however I have not dealt with customer service and since the system has only been running a few days now, I do not know how reliable it is, and both are important elements in the rating. But with the experience thus far, I am confident everything will be fine.

43 out of 90


Location: newyork

This is a great product with very good picture quality. Order two more for my Friends.

44 out of 90


Location: Los Angeles, CA

I purchased this system at Costco. Great camera quality with crisp, vivid, detailed images. It really makes security much more robust when you can examine the level of detail that these cameras capture. The interface is fairly intuitive and easy to get set up within a reasonable time frame. All in all, an incredible system for the price.

45 out of 90


Location: Scottsdale AZ

This is a great product, easy to install. Only down side is I wish it there was a complete users manual included. It is a pain to have to go in and print over 185 pages just to have instructions to do one thing.

46 out of 90


Location: Valley Stream, New York

Great product. Can watch from work. Might need to upgrade hardrive for more spcace. Great quality and picture.

47 out of 90


Location: North Hills, CA

Easy to install and set up. Very clear video even at night mode.
Created user accounts for others to remotely see video from their phones, however, Flir App on Android can't stream the video. Its just blank/black square on the screen. However, admin (myself) can see video remotely from my phone.

48 out of 90


Location: Renton, wa

I had to replace the system that had from Lorex that I had problems with and was very loud. This new System the Lorex LNr 110 is very very quiet and has great pictures .Got it from COSTCO and at a great price. Very pleased .

49 out of 90


Location: Livermore, CA

This is the best bang for your buck system. It can run 8 cameras in 3MP resolution at 25 FPS and it still manages to be quiet. The previous Lorex unit I had was extremely loud, but you barely hear a whisper from this one at 10 feet away. My only complaint is the lack of dual drive support. I would like the option to run two drives in a mirror to ensure that no data loss will occur in the event of a drive failure. Nevertheless, it's a good upgrade t my system and I got it at a great price from Costco.

50 out of 90


Location: Toronto

The product is robust and the picture quality is excellent. Local viewing is great and instantaneous. The only area of improvement is improve remote viewing which in my case seems to be intermittent.

51 out of 90


Location: Modesto, CA

The setup is easy and the hardest part is running the wires. Very high end picture quality and cameras are well built. I recommend this system

52 out of 90


Location: Kentucky

This was so simple to set up. Just plug the camera's in and they added themselves to the NVR. I really like how easy it was setting up remote access on my smart phone using the FLIR Cloud. After following the simple instructions I was able to remote into my camera's no matter where I am and see what's going on around my house. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone looking to add camera's to their home or small business.

53 out of 90


Location: Tn

This system is so easy to set up, the only thing is i wish the connections were smaller for putting holes in home for wiring.

54 out of 90


Location: Quebec

Acheté chez Costco. Bon produit. L'application Android fonctionne bien sur mon Samsung S5 tant pour la lecture des enregistrements que pour modifier les paramètres de mes caméras à distance. J'aurais aimé connaître un peu mieux les différentes caractéristiques des caméras grand angle vs angle restreint. Lors de l'installation, l'un des câbles s'est avéré défectueux. J'ai immédiatement communiqué avec Lorex bien qu'il eut été 21:30. Excellent service à la clientèle. Un agent, extrêmement gentil et poli, à offert des excuses et un remplacement.

Par ailleurs, les détecteurs de mouvement sont assez sensibles. Si vous choisissez de placer vos caméras près de la végétation, vous risquez de recevoir des alertes pour le passage des moineaux. Prenez note que les caméras pivotent très peu sur leur socle. Je vous suggère de faire des tests d'image avant de percer quoique ce soit et de les installer définitivement.

55 out of 90


Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

I've had the LNR110 / 2TB / 4x 3MP cameras setup for about a week now; I purchased from The image quality is fantastic day and night. The setup was easy enough after running cables; the software is fairly plug and play. I am disappointed that the email snapshots are single images; often they do not have anything useful in them, and sending 3 would be much better/likely show you what caused the motion alert. One of my four cameras quit working a few days in. It isn't replaced yet, but Lorex support has so far been responsive.

56 out of 90


Location: Vancouver, Canada

This kit is easy to install, love the PoE feature of this NVR. Makes it easy to connect the HD cameras with only a simple CAT5 network cable -- no need for extra power runs. Remote apps for IOS works fine, the Android apps is more finicky -- should be fine if you have fairly recent phone or tablet. Love that I didn't have to mess with any firewall settings on my network -- just register on the Lord's website to make it work, works fine even if your ISP uses dynamic IP addresses.

57 out of 90


Location: San Francisco

Installation was simple. Hardest part was wiring the Ethernet cable around the house. The camera and NVR looks great. The 1080p image is also very good, but not as great as I was expecting ( to see car license plate). I had trouble with connecting the system with my monitor using HDMI to DVI adapter, and the IT support was very helpful throughout the troubleshooting steps. It was quick to get help on a Monday as well. I also got help setting up FlirCloud Client.

Here's why I had to take a star away; The camera doesn't have enough swivel angel for adjustment. If you're installing the camera yourself, you will have to screw it into the wall and estimate where you'd like to record. If it's not good enough, you'd have to make additional drilling holes/screw to adjust until you get it's right. This can be solved by having 2 people doing a simple installation. NVR doesn't have power switch, so only way to restart the system is unplugging the power cord.

Overall, this camera system is great and I would recommend to get it.

58 out of 90


Location: Massachusetts

This system is pretty much plug and play, very easy initial setup - most difficult thing is running the Cat5e cables. Once you have the system running it takes a bit of patience to get the motion zones set property so that shadows don't cause constant alerts but it's easy to pickup how the system works so this just takes a bit of trial and error. Customer service has been great, still unable to get the email alerts working but am using push notifications on my iPhone so I don't really need them right now.

59 out of 90


Location: California

The LOREX camera system seems to be of good quality. Technical support has been excellent insofar and I would definitely recommend them.

60 out of 90


Location: Los Angeles

I purchased this system from, and i found it to be very easy to install and set-up. Some of the more advanced features, like email alerts etc, were not as intuitive as initial set-up, but the tech support was easy to reach and very helpful. Once I figured out the correct settings, I found the picture quality, both locally and when viewing remotely, very high quality.

61 out of 90


Location: Glendale, CA

I purchased LOREX NVR 110 series camera from SAMs club online where it was available. I am very happy with the product, it does everything I wanted. The hard drive can record for 7days at 720p resolution or for 3 days at 1080p. The box came with everything needed and we just had to intstall it. The good thing about NVR cameras is that it has power supply through the same cable, and no additional power cables were required. I would recommend this product to anyone!!!

62 out of 90


Location: Phoenix, AZ.

Since I am getting a little long in the tooth to climb around in attics, I had an installer put the system in. Once all the wiring was in, it was a simple plug in operation and the entire set up was a breeze. This particular system has great cameras and the NVR has a 2 TB drive for full time recording. I got the system from Costco for a very good price.
The images are clear (even at night) and details are easily seen. I really like having the FLIR Cloud as I can access it on my computer as well as the TV where the NVR is situated.

I highly recommend this system if you are looking for a surveillance system.

63 out of 90


Location: Chicago,IL

Switched over from a set of IP cameras using a PC based recording system. The PoE Cameras make setup easier and more flexible. As long as you are setting it up in a basic way, it is extremely easy. We tried a few other more complicated camera setup configuration and encountered a bit of trouble and could not find more technical information to figure it out so ended back at the basic setup of cameras to nvr to internet. Our original ONVIF compatible IP cameras also worked with the NVR using the correct settings. Overall happy with the unit and purchase.

64 out of 90


Location: norcal

Purchased the Lorex 8 channel NVR from Costco. Easy to setup and was viewing online within the hour. Very intuitive compared to previous security camera system I purchased from Q-See. Picture is what I would expect for a 1080p system. Overall a positive experience so far.

65 out of 90


Location: San Diego

I bought this set from Costco.
The video is quite clear. With the power-over-ethernet all we had to do was run cat5e cable along the eves to the camera locations.
The NVR does run a little hot so I added an external USB fan. I do wish the documentation was a little more technical. I would like to know what 3rd party cameras I can or cannot add to the system.

Overall - I'm very happy

66 out of 90


Location: BC, Canada

I think this is a great product I can not go into to much detail as we just received them, but I can tell you the image is nice and clear and the price was right.

67 out of 90


Location: Denver, CO

Great product. Very impressed overall with NVR and Lorex cameras, picture quality is great. Installation was easy!

68 out of 90


Location: Columbus, OH

I purchased this unit (bundled with 4 x 3MP HD cameras) after purchasing and returning a Swann system which was a total disappointment (was broken from the start and support was a nightmare). After thorough research, I decided on this unit as a replacement and am pleased with the results. The cameras are significantly better based on the noticeable difference in image area (resolution) despite having roughly the same specs. I cant really explain this because I had thought resolution was universal, but I am also no expert. The setup was simple and FLIR cloud makes remote monitoring a snap (without opening ports on your firewall). By contrast, you must open ports in your firewall with a Swann system. The software is somewhat clunky and some of the settings are not super intuitive, but I have found this was also the case with Swann. I am deducting 1 star simply for the software/interface which could use some improvement, but again this seems to be a consistent deficiency for the two I have tried (Swann/Lorex).

69 out of 90


Location: Georgia

Great Product. Very Easy to install. The app does go offline and come back but overall is realiable. Would recommend to a friend.

70 out of 90


Location: Texas

Purchased the NVR bundled with 4 cameras from Costco. This is my first surveillance system and the unit is working beyond expectations including remote viewing with the FLIR Cloud app on my Android. I knew I could trust this company when I was able to call for technical support a few weeks before I even bought the product. Because these are IP cameras you have lots of flexibility in configuration and install. I needed to run all the output from from a POE switch back to my DEMARC over Powerline Ethernet injectors the switch carrries the output back from all 4 cameras over one ethernet cable. Something that could no be done with analog. Call them ahead of time if you have questions. Great product, Great company. Knew I could trust them when I saw COSTCO was selling them as well.

71 out of 90


Location: Greer, SC

The system works great, extremely easily setup with it finding the cameras with no intervention from me each time. The picture is crisp and clear from the cameras, and it accomplishes everything I was hoping it would. The only issues I have are that I can not get the email alerts setup and working at all, and there is some work that could be done on the interface and usability of the software and apps. It seems all ways of accessing the system offer different ways of going about doing things, and may confuse the situation. It seems it's always best to setup the events on the system itself... viewing from apps is fine. I just think there could definitely be some development on the software/app side all around to make it cleaner and perhaps some built in help files or descriptions of what the different options do. I look forward to the updates.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with setting up the email alerts. Please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

72 out of 90


Location: atx

Purchased the NVR bundled with 4 cameras from Costco. This is my first surveillance system and the unit is working beyond expectations including remote viewing with the FLIR Cloud app on my iPhone. Follow these instructions to setup email alerts using Gmail - and set "Allow less secure apps" to ON.

73 out of 90


Location: Phoenix Arizona

This was much easier to set up than I anticipated. The iPhone App and even the PC desktop apps are very powerful and easy to connect using nothing more than a scanned QR code. You'l need to spend some time getting comfortable in the applications (both inside of the NVR and remotely via the Apps) but once you learn your way around, the settings and placement of tools is pretty intuitive. The NVR is very quick! All feeds begin streaming right away and playback is nearly instantaneous. For the most part, the default settings have been rock solid for me but I was also pleased to see there are quite a few customization options built in for tweaking the system depending on my installation. It seems like a good balance between "easy to use" and customization (which are usually mutually exclusive). As far as notifications, my only gripe is that snapshots are taken only after 10 seconds have passed, which often means the movement trigger has already left the scene. Hopefully they build in a selection option for 3-5 seconds in a future patch. Beyond that, the email alerts have been very fast (within seconds). The Quality of the cameras is stellar; The NVR is completely silent and seems to give off very little heat, though I haven't been taxing the system with a full load of 8 cameras yet. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the purchase.

74 out of 90


Location: Miami Florida

I purchased this system thru Costco to replace my existing camera system (the hard drive stopped working in my old system). Except for having to crawl around in the attic pulling cables, everything else worked great right out of the box. I find the POE connections work well, and I am pleased with the system. I will probably replace two of the cameras as they don't quite give me the facial detail I was looking for, but other than that I would rate it an 8 out of 10.

My old system cost me about $1,500, and was installed by contractors, who had to come back on 3 different occasions. I'm more of a do-it-yourself kind of guy, and found the installation was not an issue. With the money I saved by doing it myself, I can buy the better cameras.

75 out of 90


Location: Kentucky

I have only had this product up and running for a week now and am very pleased. The installation went smooth and uneventful. The daytime quality is good but was I a little disappointed with the night vision quality. However the price was well worth it for a 2gig hard drive and 4 quality built cameras. I will update after I have them for a while if my opinion changes.

76 out of 90


Location: Columbus, Ohio

So easy to install. Great upgrade from our previous analog system, the DVR is easy to use and the playback works as expected.

77 out of 90


Location: San Diego

Great product... Clear cameras. Much better than my 4 yr old Q-See system.

Only complaint is the documentation of where to go and what software to use to view on the phone is absolutely terrible.... (the documentation).

Save yourself the trouble and download the Flir Cloud program... There's a hidden QR code you can scan to automatically setup the app with the remote viewing. Took me an hour to find where the code was hidden but once found, it immediately set the correct settings and now we're online...

4 stars only because the documentation is crap

78 out of 90


Location: Texas

This is a great product. I don't have much experience with the competition since this is my first home security camera system. Ultimately I chose this system because it was on sale at Costco and had everything I was looking for: 1080P, digital PoE connections and lots of cameras. Performance of the system is great, installation was straightforward, everything needed was included, and I didn't have to troubleshoot anything. Packaging and shipping couldn't have been better. The app works well enough, and playback is simple once you get used to it. The only thinget I'm having trouble with is setting up the DDNS (for logging in from any computer, anywhere). System is great for making sure the house is secure, monitoring activities out on the street, and keeping an eye on pets. Happy with my purchase.

79 out of 90


Location: Miami, FL

I bought the system at Bj's Wholesale Club . The price was great because was on sale. It came with the cables and connectors that simplify the installation. The video quality is awesome , also at night. I got problem with one of my cameras, on the night vision led, but I contacted Customer Support and they replaced for a new one without cost to me.I like the system for the quality and the price.

80 out of 90


Location: Brooklyn, NY

I've tried a few security systems from other brands in the price range of the LNR110 Series and i always come away with a feeling of disappointment. I was a bit skeptical of the LNR110 Series 8 Channel HD 1080p NVR system but i saw it at Costco on sale and to decided to take a chance as i have some trust with Costco and believe for the most part they research and sell quality products to their members. I must say i could not have been happier with this product. I love this P.O.E system, video quality is very good and clear even at night, just a very good product and good bang for the buck.

81 out of 90


Location: Nor Cal

Got these NVR-(POE) set at Costco. This is a great system and value. The NVR is compact and easy enough to install. The cameras IP 3MP are very clear and easy to install. The system comes with 60ft Cat 5e POE cables and this makes it very nice since most installations will not require more that that. There are a few nits that I would like to address. Its more with the support site than the hardware itself. There needs to be a clear way to get to what we need. access to software, firmware and documentation that is up-to-date is sorely needed. an example of his is that the setup video for creating a DDNS connection is on an older version an d it wasn't til I clicked on the "cloud" tab on my account page that it is now located there, not where mentioned in the video. Also after setting up DDNS, it has disappeared from my "Cloud" tab and I cannot connect to troubleshoot my issues with it...

Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our technical support team at 1-877-755-6739 for assistance.

82 out of 90


Location: Minneapolis, MN

The installation was straight forward. If not for all the attic time running the cables, it would have been a snap. Only 1 wire to run was fantastic and no electrical work was the reason I went with this system. My biggest concern to date has been the performance of the app. It has on numerous occasions failed to find my system. Many times I will need to exit out of the app and open it again to get it to work. The remote viewing is another key component of why I went with this system and so far it has been lacking.

Thank you for your feedback. We have just released an update to the iPhone app. Please make sure you have the latest version installed. If you are still having difficulty, please contact our technical support team at 1-877-755-6739.

83 out of 90


Location: S.Ca

Got these NVR-(POE) set at Costco - Couldn't be happier, Unbelievable clarity during day as well as night, now my wife wants cameras on the inside, will have to add more POE,S or channels (upgrade to a 16- channel system) or perhaps go wireless and buy the Lore cameras for inside. The motions and the clarity are really stunning with this system, I can watch the kids outside while they are playing, My wife also wants to hook up a big monitor on the wall inside my office where we have the NVR so she can view everything big, My wife is far more excited about the system than I am and I am pretty impressed, Thanks Lorex for an awesome security system!

84 out of 90


Location: Fountain Inn, SC

I have been looking for a security camera SYSTEM for a long time. I ordered the Lorex Model LNR1180 because it advertised an all inclusive system ( less the monitor) and not only the 1080 HD but the ease of installation. I wanted to test run at my house before purchasing a SYSTEM for our church. I have installed only one camera (in a effort to find and stalk a dog food predator). I am amazed at the ease of installation and set up. It performs wonderfully in daylight and at night! I was prepared for a full day of installation, but it only took an hour for the first camera and about 20 minutes on the initial launch. The software and interface are easy to operate and I'm sure I will find more ease of operation as I use it more. I would definitely recommend it for the do it yourselfer.

85 out of 90


Location: New Jersey

Got these NVR-(POE) set at Costco -
Best set of POE cameras on the market, the image is the best I've seen so far,
Comparing it to Q-see and swann-pro which I've previously owned.
The installation was a no-brainier, just one cable connection and the set up took me less than 3 minutes.
The software could use a little more features for the user, other than that the set is a good high quality camera at an affordable price .
Couldn't be happier.

86 out of 90


Location: Los Angeles, CA

High quality system that is packed with features. Camera quality is great and essential for capturing details that may be needed at a later time. As has been stated in another review, the software interface has a bit of a learning curve but all in all, the combination of price and features cannot be beat.

87 out of 90


Location: Hopatcong, NJ

Purchased this system through costco and am extremely happy with the quality of this NVR and Cameras. The NVR is extremely quiet but the software is a little difficult to navigate and takes some getting used to. The picture clarity exceeded all expectations and the ease of the Plug and Play POE made the install a breeze. The only downside is the cameras at night attract a lot of bugs and sets off the motion activated recording. Also, recommend changing out the provided mouse as it is not the best quality and was broken out of the box.

88 out of 90


Location: Florida

I bought this unit after my car was broken into on my driveway. When I received it I was surprised at how small and compact the NVR was. This gave me more options on where to place the unit. After "playing" with the NVR and cameras for a couple of evenings before installing them, I became familiar with the setup and felt ready to install it. I also configured the remote access over my LAN as well as through the FLIR client. Both worked as expected.

Installation was relatively easy and setup was quick. I called technical support to get a few questions answered and then I was all set to go. Unit is working great. I would definitely buy another if the need arises.

89 out of 90


Location: Florida

We had a vehicle stolen and the low grade camera system we had only allowed us to watch our cat get stolen. I now have this lorex system and its great. Our street lights give enough light that i dont have to use the ir lights,so video and details are great. Also being able to disable ir lights allows me to see tag numbers at night.

90 out of 90


Location: Los Angeles Lennox Area

I am very delighted and happy with my HD 8-Camera Security System that I purchased on February 17, 2016. My system allows me a live 2 camera view of each sides of my residence with 24-hour daily recording and live viewing via my Android Cell Phone from where ever I am away from home. The Daytime Color View is bright, clear and sharp and the Nighttime Black/White View is also excellent. I think that I received Good Value for my purchase and the value was made better with the discount sale price purchase at Costco. Whenever I am home or away from home, I feel more secure with the 24 hour daily monitoring and recording. Also, I think the visibility of the cameras are a deterrant from unlawful entry into my residence. I would recommend this security camera system for anyone thinking of purchasing a good security camera system.



100FT Cat5e Extension Cable


200FT Cat5e Extension Cable



300FT Cat5e Extension Cable


Security surveillance microphone


8-Channel PoE Switch


HD IP camera with color night vision


HD IP camera with color night vision


HD IP camera with night vision









2K Security System with 24 IP Cameras




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