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LNR300 Series Security NVR with Real-Time 1080p Recording


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LNR300 Series Security NVR with Real-Time 1080p Recording and Stratus Connectivity

Imagine awareness technology so lifelike that it rivals reality. The Lorex LNR300 Series Network Video Recorder (NVR) brings surveillance recordings to life in HD. Record video in real-time (30 frames per second) on up to 8 channels with full 1080p resolution. Don't miss a single detail with the ultimate in recording resolution and picture quality in your corner.

High definition IP camera

Compatibility Notice

This NVR is compatible with Lorex IP cameras that use PoE for power and data transmission over Ethernet cables. This HD NVR is not compatible with third-party IP cameras. Click here for full camera compatibility list.

Say goodbye to port forwarding and complex networking issues. The LNR300 Series is the first NVR with Lorex's quick-and-easy Stratus Connectivity - a cloud-based service that sets up a remote connection to your smartphone or tablet in minutes. Simply download the free app, scan the NVR's QR code and start monitoring your property in full HD. The exclusive app has a number of advanced features, such as playback mode and multi-camera viewing straight to your mobile device.

This NVR comes with a 100% duty cycle surveillance-grade hard drive to ensure you can monitor your property 24/7. Expand your storage space by up to 8TB (maximum of two 4TB hard drives) to suit your needs.

The LNR300 Series features a simplified installation that saves time when setting up your cameras. The auto-detect function automatically discovers and configures compatible IP cameras on the same local network as the NVR. Simply connect your cameras to the built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports using a single Cat5E Ethernet cable - no power supply required.

The Lorex LNR300 Series NVR paired with 1080p cameras combines the fluidity of real-time recording with stunning HD picture quality for a surveillance experience more lifelike than ever before. It's now easier than ever to view your world in full HD.

LH140 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.



Network Video Recorder Features:

  • FULL HD 1080P Resolution
  • Real-time Recording 30fps per channel (4/8 @1080p, 16ch@720p)
  • Recording speed @ 1080p (4/8/16 120/240/240fps)
  • Simultaneous Playback and Live view on the same screen
  • Selectable area Zoom during Live view and Playback
  • Easy camera installation using Power over Ethernet (CAT5) cable
  • 24/7 100% Duty Cycle Hard Disc Drive
  • Expandable High Capacity Storage up to 8TB (max 2x4TB HDD)
  • Mirror Hard Drive Recording - secure your recordings by backing up footage to an internal hard drive at the same time as recording to the primary hard drive1
  • HDMI output resolution 1080p & VGA output for simple connection to HDTVs (HDMI cable included)
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Backup & Remotely control the system simultaneously


Connectivity Features:

  • LOREX Stratus Solution - Quick & simple cloud connectivity 2
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smartphones 3
  • Dedicated iPad and Android tablet apps with multi-channel live viewing and playback
  • Lorex netHD Client Software:
    • PC (Microsoft Windows™ 8, 7) compatible using client software (included) & web browser
    • Mac remote client software (included) and Safari web browser
  • Instant e-mail alerts with snap shot attachments



1. Mirror recording requires a second hard drive (not included) to be installed in the NVR. Mirrored hard drive must be as large or larger than the primary hard drive to backup all recordings. Backup begins from when the mirrored hard drive is installed and configured.
2. Instant Mobile Viewing on iPad®, iPhone®, Android (version 2.3 & above). Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check as new smart phone models become available in the market.
3. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad®, iPhone®, Android (version 2.3 & above). Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.










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1 out of 137


Location: Houston, TX

The product is good. However, The support is terrible recently. I have been trying to contact the tech support 3 times last week and was put on hold for 2hrs. Trying back today and no luck yet. Also trying to leave the phone number on the queues for call back and no one ever call.

Our apologies for the wait to receive technical support. We were happy to assist you and get the issue resolved.

2 out of 137


Location: Modesto

Camera work clear .. just every once and awhile have a camera shut off and on.

3 out of 137


Location: BOCA RATON


4 out of 137


Location: California

After two years of using this product, I start to have so many problems watch my cameras thru my iPhone, the technical support just said what my data is slow and I have ATT company whit 4g, I tried with full bars and even like that I can't check my cameras, I am disgusted with this company.

We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty with the app. One of our senior reps would be happy to assist you further with this. Please give us a call at 1-877-755-6739.

5 out of 137


Location: California

After having high expectations, this product and Lorex overall has been one of the worst customer experiences I've ever had. Support is basically impossible to get. I had a power supply fail, and had to figure out how to contact the CEO of FLIR before I was able to get my problem resolved (after several unsuccessful attempts that worked!). On the DVR itself if I go into the maintenance tab the upgrade server dead ends, and I've never been able to successfully make a cloud connection to the product. While the product itself is fine, using it has been anything other than satisfactory. If you need security and aren't looking for a complicated system, I'd recommend Blink cameras, they work great. I want my Lorex product to work better and could get a lot more out of it. But it has turned out to be more trouble than it has been worth.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your system. Our technical support team was happy to assist you further. If you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-877-755-6739.

6 out of 137


Location: Alberta

Installed easy. Works as expected

7 out of 137


Location: Bellingham, WA

Security camera system-4 cameras LNR 300 series. Great product, would definitely recommend to others looking for a security system. Customer service is helpful with questions. The system works great at night and helps a lot with security around the house!

8 out of 137


Location: ak

This is the second unit I have owned and I like them. I am not very good with the computer and the tech line walked me through getting it set up. I am still having a problem with the email set up but as soon as I get time im sure some one there will help to get it set up. good quality pictures

9 out of 137


Location: San Francisco CA

I have had my security camera system for just over two years.
The good:
- great video quality (POE cameras w/1080p quality)
- hard drive works great and maintains approximately 7 days of video history (2 TB drive, 4 cameras on continuous record)
- once you master how to use the software, directly via the NVR or via the desktop software you can setup a large suite of options for how the cameras capture data and/or when and how you receive email notifications.
- easy to reset a camera that goes off line
- I have a monitor directly connected to my system and there are several features that I can use to set up what and how I want to view video surveillance on my monitor.
The bad
- the software is FAR from intuitive. By miles.
- customer support appears to be in Colombia and I feel I am training the reps on how the software works and how to execute setting features.
- DDNS is a 70/30 hit or miss for it to function. 70% miss
- locating and recording or copying video of a specific event is far from intuitive and requires an extensive amount of steps (but once you master that, the image quality is VERY good).
- tech support has yet to resolve how to identify a hacking issue I am experiencing. Currently I cannot receive email notifications due to someone running an automated hack software that is generating literally thousands of 'illegal log-in' emails, resulting in my ISP blocking incoming emails from Lorex's email server. This after creating two new Gmail email accounts and performing a factory reset of my system.

In summary
I do feel this is a good product and I would and have recommended to friends and family. It is unfortunate that technical support cannot or does not understand how the software is designed from a technical perspective to be able to truly assist customers with setup and configuration of their systems and or troubleshooting security issues (oddly this is a security system that lacks a strong level of security).

10 out of 137


Location: NY

Despite its overall bad software apps and PC/MAC software, my system has been working fine for 2 years. Yes, it has been frustrating how bad the software is (buggy, not at all user friendly, difficult to set up until you have messed for hours on end to learn the nuances... And terrible that you must name the cameras on every device... There is no way to do a common install)
But it all went to heck when Lorex did something bad on their end related to device registration about two weeks ago, and I can no longer access the system remotely. 3-4 hours on the help line with them Remote Desktop to me has gotten me in WORSE shape. They have now fully broken my system to the point that some of my cameras are gone and they can't figure out how to get them back and I cannot view on anything but PC connected to network... No phones or iPads. The support staff is truly incompetent... I kid you not, the last guy did NOT know the difference between a router and a modem... Seriously. They only read debugging steps from a book but have no knowledge of the system... My guess is that they are some third party that supports many products not just Lorex. I feel now that I have wasted over $3000 and countless hours of installation and phone time and the system doesn't work.
It appears that FLIR abandoning the original Lorex stuff and if you purchased it you are SOL.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you further and has attempted to reach you. Please give us a call back at your convenience - 1-877-755-6739. Monday to Saturday, 9am to 10pm EST

11 out of 137


Location: Fort Lauderdale

HD Pic quality is excellent and 1-2 times I had to contact Tech support the Agent was very very good.

12 out of 137


Location: 15900 s lemont road

I purchased Lorex directly from the company. The system at first was terrible, I had to return the NVR twice due to the lack of experience with the technical support section. The tech had me upgrade the system which it locked up and not work anymore. After a couple of years in use the system seems to work a like better. Recently I purchased a new top of the line Router and Seperate modem, since the transition my email notification DOES NOT work anymore. I called the tech on two occasions and after 6 hours on the phone no one could help me out. The tech requested me to contact the cable provider, the router company etc, and no results. It mind boggles me that if a tech can remote access into my system and my router he still couldn't figure out the problem.. I informed the tech of the cable modem was attached to the router and suddenly he advised me that could be the problem (just to get off phone) .. If he was remotely into my system, why couldn't he figure it out about the modem connection might be causing problem... A tech guy should know how to operate the system not just guess... So NOW I'm out of a system ... What do I do .....

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you're having difficulty with your system. Our technical support team was happy to assist you further with this and provide some advice. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

13 out of 137


Location: Longwood Florida

I purchased another brand at Costco and returned it due to poor resolution and poor analog cable construction. After that, I purchased the Lorex system with nine IP cameras and this is the system I have today. The resolution is noticeably better and the Ethernet cables are of much higher quality. The system has been in continuous operation for about 17 months with only one camera failure in which the camera was promptly replaced under warranty.

After I paid a friend to run the cables in the attic, the system was relatively easy to install. I am a retired television broadcast engineer so my view of "easy to install" might be somewhat colored by the fact that I am comfortable with video systems (but not crawling around in a Central Florida hot stuffy attic). With that being said, I have found that the technical customer service from Lorex is excellent. They really work hard to resolve issues that you may encounter like setting up the system for remote viewing.

One of the things that frustrates me a bit is not being able to find out what the actual image resolution is. I think it is approximately 700 TVL with some loss due to the compression algorithm. I have asked the tech support people for this information and they tell me that the resolution it 1080p. 1080p is a picture format, not a resolution. Evidently many other suppliers of security cameras also erroneously specify resolution in this way.

The cameras provide adequate daytime performance with good color, fair resolution and low noise. All in all, the pictures are pleasing but don't expect to read a license plate or identify a stranger across the street. The system came with six bullet and three dome cameras. Because the bullet cameras have three axes of adjustment, they are easy to adjust if mounted under a sloping soffit but the dome camera has only two axes of adjustment making it difficult to get an image that is not rotated to a degree.

Night performance is greatly reduced as the resolution falls and the noise levels rise significantly. I think this is due to the limits of the state of the art for this price level at this time. At night without supplemental illumination, you would be hard pressed to identify someone outside of a fairly limited distance but if a bear walks across the field of view it will be quite obvious. You might also be surprised by the number of nighttime flying insects that trip the motion detect if you have the motion sensitivity set too high.

The recorder offers a number parameters that can be changed to suit your needs but I recommend that you do not do much with them if you are not familiar with this kind of device without that excellent help from Lorex tech support. A wireless mouse (not included) makes the system easier to control than the supplied remote. The screen icons are a bit small though unless you have a very large screen. The fan in the NVR does produce a bit of noise so I wouldn't put it in a bedroom but a family room wold be fine.

At first, the android phone app would work only through my router via WIFI, it would not work over the internet. The problem was solved by a very helpful tech support guy at Tracfone. There were a number of parameters in the "access point names" tab that had to be changer or created. When he finished, I was able to look in on my dogs while I was miles away from home with the Lorex internal cameras; they were sleeping.

Costco currently (5-16-2016) offers a Lorex system with 12 cameras for about half the price I paid for my 9 camera system. It looks like a great buy.

14 out of 137


Location: Memphis, TN

I give Lorex nothing less than 5 stars. I have the 6 camera HD POE system in my business. The system is easy to use remotely. I love the smartphone app as the video is so clear. To top it off, the Lorex customer service is very helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them to others (already have) for business and home purposes.

15 out of 137


Location: Kissimmee, FL

The view on the cameras are great!! Everything is so clear and you can see everything.

16 out of 137


Location: Orange County

The worse product I have ever encountered for trying to play back saved videos. Video player does not work. Not even when downloading from the website, etc. Just a ridiculous product. Recording video and playing back from the NVR goes well thought, but have fun trying to play back any saved video...good luck.

We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with your system. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached Monday to Saturday, 9am - 10pm EST at 1-877-755-6739.

17 out of 137


Location: Surrey

I am again writing this review after 1.5 year. When I bought this 16 channel nvr in sep 2014 I've talked to couple of tech guys on lorex team to fix a problem that I was facing (i am sure others face this too) but I was told that the new update will fix those prob but it never happen even after 2 years. Actually the program is very poorly written for the bnc output part. If you run your cameras through Hdmi cable then the pic is excellent but when u tried to use the bnc output to view the cameras the program divided the whose screen into 16 equal segments (even if u got 8-9 channels) and left the half screen blank if u have only 8 cameras but I don't have this issue with hdmi output. There u can select the layout the way u want it but if the output is bnc then this problem arise. So this program and still like that even after 1.5 years. This is very poor from software point of side.


18 out of 137


Location: Pleasanton, CA

Bought this at Costco. My first attempt at camera security. Instructions were easy to understand and worked. Once I turned it on, I configured the remote ipad and iphone apps in seconds. Have had this unit for almost 2 years and love it. Works perfect and never had a single issue.

19 out of 137


Location: Houston, TX

I would say, run from this product.
I've a port go out on the back of the NVR.
Randomly cameras will just stop recording and you may have to unplug at the switch, or do a hard reset.
All of their software and firmware is so buggy & after almost two years of having these devices have still not seen any updates. More than likely they hired out their software guys and just haven't felt the need to invest in pleasing their customers.
I do have access to it on our ios and android devices, but the dang thing still will not send email alerts. If you have a "-" in your email, your out of luck as well.

So far, support has been useless. I've called in and submitted tickets. No help.

So, run. Run from this product.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you had troubles and we were happy to cover this under warranty for you. Should you require further assistance please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

20 out of 137


Location: California

Everything about this product is great except for the app...which didn't work prior to the phone call I just made SPECIAL THANKS TO GARY M!! I called and they were able to upload a APK patch to the Lorex Stratus software and now it works!!! I can view all my cams on the phone app. THANKS!!!

21 out of 137


Location: Maryland

For those having a problem with remote connection from an Android device after the Lollipop 5.0 upgrade you need to contact tech services directly. They were able to assist me and now I have remote connection on my Galaxy S5. I should have called them months ago.

22 out of 137


Location: Brooklyn, NY

I recently installed my Lorex 16-channel system with 13 cameras attached and it was a relatively painless set up. The most difficult part was running the wiring for the cameras but that process fell only on the challenges of the premises. I'm very thankful for the 100ft of wire which was included with each camera. Quick note about the POE cameras for the NVR: easy to install and even more so to adjust with that SINGLE ring and I don't miss the additional cable for power. Software set up was straightforward and everything came together nicely without issue.

My only disappointment was with the output from the RCA port...I wish it was more user definable with respect to screen configurations. I could only hope that a future firmware update would sort that problem as well as accommodate as many screen configurations from the HDMI/VGA port as can be found in the client software.

Besides all else, the system works very well and the resolution is superb. The Stratus apps for the iOS devices set up seamlessly with the QR code approach and the client software for both Mac & PC set up just as easily with manual input.

In all, my expectations were exceeded and I would recommend this system without thinking twice about it.

23 out of 137


Location: Brooklyn, NY

I recently installed my Lorex 16-channel system with 13 cameras attached and it was a relatively painless set up. The most difficult part was running the wiring for the cameras but that process fell only on the challenges of the premises. I'm very thankful for the 100ft of wire which was included with each camera. Quick note about the POE cameras for the NVR: easy to install and even more so to adjust with that SINGLE ring and I don't miss the additional cable for power. Software set up was straightforward and everything came together nicely without issue.

My only disappointment was with the output from the RCA port...I wish it was more user definable with respect to screen configurations. I could only hope that a future firmware update would sort that problem as well as accommodate as many screen configurations from the HDMI/VGA port as can be found in the client software.

Besides all else, the system works very well and the resolution is superb. The Stratus apps for the iOS devices set up seamlessly with the QR code approach and the client software for both Mac & PC set up just as easily with manual input.

In all, my expectations were exceeded and I would recommend this system without thinking twice about it.

24 out of 137


Location: Surrey BC

Easy to set up

25 out of 137


Location: Texas

Android app does not work - not at all - not for anyone. Lorex is aware and is apparently not going to fix it.

A class action lawsuit needs to be filed as this system is still being sold and is advertised to have an Android app. Lorex should either pull the affected products that claim to have an Android app or remove their claim to have that app.

26 out of 137


Location: Oskaloosa

I purchased this product. Spent $1500 and then told my friends about it and they bought and I set theirs up. Now none of us can see our cameras on our phones because this company will not upgrade their android software. We have tried to contact them at least 15 times and they could care less. I don't know why they can not fix the bug that causes the app to crash. Apparently they could careless about their customers. I would not recommend their products to anyone. I am very frustrated and have nothing good to say about them at this point. It is very embarrassing to recommend a product to friends and customers and then have it be a FLOP!!!

27 out of 137


Location: Nevada

Purchased the full system with 4 cameras, NVR and all connection cables. Comprehensive system. Reasonably straight forward installation and system fired up correctly right away. Used a HDMI monitor to set it up. Getting the remote access on my PC took several tries but that is now operating perfectly. Still have to get around an "create tunnel failed" error on Android. Picture quality is very acceptable both in daylight and night conditions.

However after Android updated it operating system at the beginning of May 2015 to Lollipop 5.0.1 the Lorex phone app stopped working. I notified support and also noticed by doing a web search this was a known problem. Lorex support acknowledged the problem but still 3 weeks later have not fixed their software. This makes remote access via the phone impossible and in essence renders the system useless. Therefore I have lowered my rating to 1 star until this gets resolved. If it is not resolved soon I will start a buyback process and remove the system, replacing it with one that does what it is supposed to do.

28 out of 137


Location: Quebec Canada

I like the image quality, but the sale service is nonexistent.
The software is terrible, remote review doesn't work on android phone using lollipop.
On my cellular phone, I have about 30 apps that work fine with lollipop except one that isn't working at all, guess witch one it is.
I got no answer from the rep. They are working on it he told me, it has been almost a year now with no solution.

29 out of 137


Location: Toronto, Ontario

Product idea is good, however, the execution and support from Lorex is absolutely the worst.

First the remote connect app does not work with the factory setting, you will have to setup DDNS in order to get the app working without crashing 10 seconds after opening the app. Second, after I update my phone OS to the latest Android system, the app does not work at all. It took Lorex half a year and still have not come up with an update. So the system is only doing half of what it supposed to do, extremely bad after sale service.

30 out of 137


Location: Spring, TX

Did my research on this NVR system. Ordered the 16 channel pkg with cameras and POE. Very EASY to setup.
I setup 15 Cameras with ZERO issues. So now I'm trying to complete the setup of the last channel with a PTZ camera and well much to my surprise I noticed that there were no PTZ cameras listed as available for this version. The OS on the system has the PTZ options. Surely there had to be a mistake. Well I called Lorex and the Sales team says PTZ will not work on this LNR300 NVR Series. I looked over the website and there is no where that indicates this.
I just spend 3500 on this system that is VERY LIMITED and I would consider OBSOLETE. I would have never gone with this model has I know this.


31 out of 137


Location: Oklahoma

The app does not work with this system if you are using lollipop 5.0.1
Worked fine until I updated my phone to the newest software. I use my phone constantly to view my cams and if they do not update this in a timely matter I will have to buy a different system (Brand) 3 stars for them not staying up with the technology changes

32 out of 137


Location: Maine

I did some significant research before deciding to buy this product. The picture quality is very good, but with 1080P cameras it should be. My biggest disappointment is with the software, especially the mobile application.

I use an Android operating system, and even the pre-lollipop had bugs and often crashed, now with lollipop it does not work at all! This was a major part of my decision to purchase this solution. I have spoken with tech support and they have no firm timeline to release a new version, which makes me believe either no one is working on it or their base product is not compatible to be modified to work.

Their web browser solution does not work as it never installs a working driver allowing you to view the cameras. It appears to give you a link to load them every time you access via the web, but it never does installs a working driver.

Now searching for a new solution since I have no faith this will ever be corrected. Recommend not buying a Lorex product unfortunately.

33 out of 137


Location: Chester VA

Excellent product. The HD allows you to see good detail. The POE camera saves having to run a separate power cable.

I would have liked if the Ethernet connector on the camera was built differently so as not to have to drill the big 1 1/4 hole to get it through the wall. Maybe some kind of intermediate connector?

Also I would have preferred a somewhat wider angle camera for my situation.

However I am happy with the picture and being able to access it remotely with my cell phone.

34 out of 137


Location: Elk Grove California

System hardware easy installs but the software has a lot issue. The App constantly crashes and the Stratus client slow also freeze a lot.

35 out of 137


Location: Nevada

They sell a unit that says you can access the camera's via a APP. THIS is not true . Their APP does not support Lollipop. and the APP has not been updated since 2013. They have known about this issue since November of 2014 and 6 months later still not fixed

36 out of 137


Location: Arizona

The entire system is easy to install (except for having to run cables throughout the attic) and the picture quality is awesome. However, I am very unimpressed with the software, both the PC client and the mobile apps. First, the include CD is relatively useless as the "Menu" all take you to the same product page where you then have to navigate on your own to find what you are looking for. The PC client software works OK but it is very clumsy to use. Finally, the Android apps simply do not work. I have been unable to get it to work on my LG3 phone or my Galaxy tablet. The app crashes or shuts down on its own. I have a tech support request ticket with no response yet. In my opinion, the lack of a functional mobile app is a killer as I would not have purchased this unit had I known that - instead, I bought in on their own hype where they say it only takes 30 minutes to set up. If the app performance improves, I would rate this higher.

37 out of 137


Location: California

Installed the Lorex 16 Channel HD NVR, MOD: LNR 4160 with 9 1080p Cameras. Cameras plugged into the NVR came up and worked great. Had a problem with the cameras plugged into the POE Switch but finally got them to connect to the NVR. Works exactly as they advertise. Great System, fantastic picture. Called tech support twice with no waiting. Courteous, professional and knowledgeable.

38 out of 137


Location: Baltimore, MD

I was very pleasantly surprised how simple the LNR system was to set up. Image quality is outstanding. Easily able to setup and view with my android phone. I can recommend this product without reservation.

39 out of 137


Location: Houston

This was very simple to get up and running from the NVR. The negatives are 1) there was no Mac disk image on the included CD--only a Windows executable; 2) you have to download a manual; and 3) the software is clumsy. The Mac version looks like a Windows interface--even the window controls are on the wrong side. The positives are 1) The Android app is simple to configure; 2) the image quality is good and 3) the NVR is easier to configure than the crappy client software.

40 out of 137


Location: Naperville, IL

I purchased the LNR 341 DVR with three HD 1080 resolution bullet cameras. I am really pleased with the system and picture resolution/quality. Lorex customer service assisted me to be able to view the system using my I-pad. Customer service is very good to get the remote viewing established. Used professional installation through Installnet. I recommed this system. First time Lorex customer. Decided in a few days after installation to add a fourth camera.

41 out of 137


Location: Venice, CA

I have been running this LNR300 series with 6 cameras for almost a year and I am pretty happy with it overall.

Hardware: Unit is well built and looks nice. Since there is a lot of processing for HD, the electricity use of the system (with 6 POE cameras) is about 37W. At night 45W, probably due to the IR LEDs for night vision. This is acceptable. There are cosmetic flaws: The blue LEDs for power and network are blindingly bright and very distracting in a darkened room. I guess they are designed to be seen in bright sunlight. They should be dimmable. OTOH, the red disk activity LED is so dim that is it difficult to even see if it is flashing.

Software/Firmware: There are several ways to interact with the unit: (1) directly on the TV, (2) using a web browser, (3) Using the netHD Stratus client software (4) using an app (phone or tablet).

(1) Directly on TV: System is OK and functional. Note that if you have an alphanumeric password, the password screen still comes up with a numeric keypad and it is not immediately obvious how to switch it to alphanumeric input. Even after figuring it out, it is difficult to tell if we are entering upper or lower case. Downloading video footage to a USB stick includes a viewer program (YouTube has no problems decoding the raw files, though). The player allows trimming (Who wants to upload a 1GB file?), but that is ridiculously crippled. The entry box for the output path is smaller than a postage stamp and there is no obvious way to select a valid path. Since this is part of the firmware, I hope it will get updated.
(2) Using a web browser: This is probably the preferred way locally. It seems most features and configurations are accessible.
(3) Using the netHD Stratus client: The program is quite impressive and allows connections to multiple DVRs. Since it is more universal, not all things are very intuitive, especially because the help file is missing (F1 or manual does nothing). The installation places a shortcut on the desktop and start menu that contains an incorrect start path ("C:\Program Files\Lorex netHD Stratus Client\Lorex netHD Stratus Client Client" Note the extra word "client" at the end, just delete it!). If you added a map picture to show the camera locations, saving the configuration does not include that map and it thus does not get restored later. It should! The HD Videos show distorted in the wrong aspect ratio (unless we maximize to the screen on a wide monitor). The event search is tedious: It only allows a max. 24hour search window and the inputs are date&time for start and end. This means that if you want to search for another day, you always need to adjust two time points and it scolds you if you accidentally select more than 24 hours. A much better interface would be to have a single selection for the start date&time and a selection for search window duration (e.g. 1..24 hours). Now all we need is to change the start date to search a different day. There is no obvious way to download footage to the PC directly. The program is quite demanding and does not run well on my older laptop (core2duo ~100% CPU use). Runs fine on the desktop.
(4) Phone/tablet app for android. Android phone app works fine. Tablet app seems MIA and does not install on most tablets (e.g. original Nexus 7, even though the android version is listed as compatible).

42 out of 137


Location: Ranch

Great product but need help to set up router ports. Tec support was very helpful and patient.

43 out of 137


Location: New Jersey

System worked good for 3 months then cameras stated dying 1 by 1 I am down 2 camera alrwady and worried. Spent $2,000 on this system and tech support has yet to reach other after 2 requests in the past week

Highly disappointed

44 out of 137


Location: mountain view ca

almost every thing is perfect! just when it comes to downland the software you will not find it easy.... ( there is not a title says download remote software ,strangely!!!) and the CD is only short cut to the web site and if you call lorex ,accept 40 mints waiting! ,and someone in company needs to pay attention not to start the device id with later L ! (common mistake as i )thanks after spent lot of time got it to work .by the way the default pass word is 6 zeros(000000) not any where in the catalog mentioned!!!!!

45 out of 137


Location: Metairie, LA

Easy to install. Great picture, except when when there is a sun/shadow on my driveway view. The shadowed area of the view is not that great. Mobile app works good on my iPhone/iPad. LNR360 1080P 16 channel system with 9 cameras and one camera bad out of the box, it will not focus. Lorex is going to repair/replace. If you have to contact tech support be prepared to be on hold for a while. I've talked to them 3 times and had to wait on hold for ~30 minutes each time, I even tried different times of the day to no avail. Because of the bad camera and long wait times for tech support I can only give the system a 3 star rating at this time.

46 out of 137


Location: NY

Purchased the LNR363 from Costco. Unit had three TB of memory and nine camera's. Equipment was installed in the common areas of a small apartment building. Installed the equipment myself. Installation was relatively easy.

Currently running four cameras on the system. Picture quality is excellent. Some small problems with the software but I was able to figure it out. In the six weeks the system has been in operation I have had only one occasion when one of the Cameras stopped operation. Simple to fix just had to unplug the camera wait about 30 seconds and plug it back in and it worked fine.

3 TB of storage gives me approx 3 weeks of video when cameras are set to record motion only.

As an aside, I found it interesting that the good tenants in the building had a positive response when they learned that the building was now under 24 hour surveillance. On the other hand the not so good tenants did not like the idea of surveillance cameras in the building.

Overall I am satisfied with the product.

47 out of 137


Location: Maryland

I purchased and installed the 1080p Power over internet camera system of 6 bullet cameras and 2 dome cameras with the Lorex 382 LNR recorder for about 1300.00. I installed the system over a few weekends doing 2 or three cameras per weekend. The install was not particularly difficult as long as you are comfortable on a ladder outside the house for 10-20 minutes at a time and learn to use a fish tape to route the wires. I definately recommned using an inexpensive fiber optic inspection camera (approx 50.00 at Harbor Freight Tools) to look inside any walls before you drill into any space. It also makes routing the cables much easier. The most time consuming process is pulling the cables thru the walls and the atic space to the entry site in the roof (soffit below the gutters). You need to pick a loaction where the sun won't shine into the camera and is somewhat sheltered from the elements. I did not have to drill thru any brick or stone- its really hard to do that). The power over internet type camera is the only way to go as you completly avoid more cable runs for power cables and avoid having to install groups of power transformers. The POE design also allows the system to operate from a single back up UPS design to keep the system operating for several hours in case of power failure. Attaching the camera to the walls/ceiling is easy once you have pulled the cables. You need to drill a 1 1/8" diameter hole at the camera site to fit the connection (this could be improved by the manufacturer). The picture quality is stunning and nite vision (reduced resolution) is excellent. The image detail is far superior to any other video system for security camera types). The software needs some revisions and the configuration to look at your system from an remote internet site is not very well wrtitten. You need to be network/computer skilled to get this feature to work. Rating: 5 stars for camera system and quality, 3 stars for software, 4 stars overall. I would buy the system again, it is superior to other alternatives.

48 out of 137


Location: Greenville, SC

I bought and installed this system in March 2014. Added a POE switch and more cameras a couple of months later to cover blind spots on my property. Daytime vision is crystal clear and the night time vision is outstanding even at 150 feet! Tech service helped me get up and running. If you need surveillance, this is your system.

49 out of 137


Location: Atlanta

Good system, terrible tech support.

I reported an issue with motion being too sensitive (40-50 emails a day), and was told to update the firmware of the DVR. My DVR was unable to do this, so I called in. The phone support person was completely useless. She reported that there was no firmware available, and was unsure why the support team suggested it. So who was incorrect here? My guess is the phone lady, because when I mentioned that the DVR couldn't connect to the FTP account for the firmware download, she reported that she did not know what FTP was, and had to put me on hold so she could Google it. COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL. The phone support woman seemed to be completely clueless when it came to support. Every question I asked, she had to put me on hold to google it, or ask a co-worker. In the end, she was just browsing the FAQ/Support section on the Lorex website.

So here's where I stand now - I receive 40-50 emails a day with false motion detection alerts. The system is set to the 2nd level of sensitivity on the cameras because when set to the lowest, the motion sensors NEVER get activated. I can stand in front of a camera and wave my arms and it doesn't trigger. The DVR has been reset to it's factory defaults multiple times, and there is no change.

50 out of 137


Location: Las Vegas


I want the newer system with the better remote access app. The one for this system crashes all the time.

The night vision is lousy. Brake lights or anything red cause it to be blotched out.

I'd give this system a 3 on a scale of 1-10.

51 out of 137


Location: winnipeg

Installed the Lorex camera system and it worked immediately. I had a few issues with passwords, adding additional devices, called the help line and they walked me through all the changes I needed to make and it works exactly as they advertise, hard to believe when everything involving a computer seems to be very complicated. Great job.

52 out of 137


Location: Western US

I bought this system to replace our existing 4 yr old Zmodo system because we wanted better video quality especially for night time surveillance outside our home.

The system was easy to setup and the cloud connectivity works well at this price point. I like that the remote monitoring does not hog up bandwidth all the time but only when a connection is created.

My only challenges were...

The night vision cameras are very good although you still will have a difficult time reading license plates 100 ft away.
The DVR is noisy because of the fan but keep it in the garage anyway.
The cable to connect the DVR to the Router is too short because I needed something at least 25ft.
Mounting the cameras externally requires a 1 inch hole through the wall to allow the RJ45 connector to get through.

53 out of 137


Location: Hill Country, Texas

I bought this system for installation at my garage (externally over the doors); 3 domes and 1 bullet camera. System is excellent. I originally had it connected to a 60" 1080p monitor, but picture is clearer on a 27" 1080p monitor. Have not setup remote viewing, but will do so shortly using my iPad with Retina display. I used a different wall mount for the dome cameras and totally enclosed the cat5e connections; this should provide a litle better weather proofing when it rains. Overall - very satisfied with the system. I'll probably add another hard disk for mirroring. Highly recommend this hi-def system!

54 out of 137


Location: Ill.

So far so good, support needs improvement.

55 out of 137


Location: Pittsbutgh, Pa

Love the product, everything works as it should Except the Lorex Client Software for my Mac.
Every time I open the software my wireless connection drops. I have tried deleting and reinstalling and everything else. Tech support has not been helpful either. Last call in I had to wait 40 minutes to speak with someone and everything they suggested I already did. They wait it was a operating system flaw and did not help me anymore.

I may have to send back the system if I cannot get this resolved.

56 out of 137


Location: Canada

I purchased / installed LNR382 with 6 cameras based on my neighbour's recommendation a couple of months ago. I installed this system by running the cable outside and inside my house all by myself. If I can do it, I think everyone can do it. Very easy.

I've kept the system up and running since then, and no issues at all.

The NVR machine I put into one of my bedrooms, and I can sleep with it, and not noise at all.

The next step is to install the app on my iPhone but I am not sure if it supports iOS 8 or not and when would be supported.

There is one thing about software, since I've just got 6 cameras, why can't I just have an option to display 6 cameras instead of 9 with 3 blank holes on my TV all the time? Can it be done?

With all being said, it is very good product and I enjoy it everyday.

57 out of 137


Location: Toronto, Ontario

Have had this system up and running for the past 3 months.

Overall Satisfaction (8/10)
- Cameras & NVR work great. I've had 2 incidents that were recorded on video, which the police have used -- they were amazed at the quality .... recording at 30 FPS also helps, as I was able to slow down the video to produce very clear slow-motion videos for the police to view.
- Ability to export to MP4 file is great -- very easy to upload to Youtube or convert to other file formats (would have been nice if software to convert from MP4 to other formats was included)

Hardware Installation (9/10)
- Fishing wires through walls was the most difficult part -- I ended up using bulk cat5e cables, as it was difficult to fish the wires with the ethernet jack still attached to the cable (especially, if you are trying to fish a 6 wires through a hole (I have 6 cameras).
- All cameras came with the required mounting hardware + templates (very easy to use)
- Jacks on cameras could be smaller to fish through wall / ceiling

More advanced installations (5/10)
- Installed system by connecting 2 cameras via cat5e to the NVR, and 4 additional cameras to a 3rd party POE hub.
- When looking for a 3rd party POE hub, make sure you get one that has the bandwidth for HD!! (I made the mistake and thought that a 10/100M POE hub was sufficient -- boy was I wrong! .... one of the cameras kept going offline .... I thought it was the wiring, so re-wired twice, only to find out that it was the crappy POE hub I bought -- went and bought a 10/100/1000 POE hub which now works)
- Figuring out how to connect each camera that was not connected directly to the NVR was also tricky -- had to play with IP settings on my router + manually change each port to point to the correct IP address

Remote Software (5/10)
- Android app works great when it hasn't crashed (seems to crash 2/5 times)
- Remote viewing on a phone sometimes works (kind of random when sometimes my phone can connect [via LTE connection] to my system, and sometimes it doesn't connect.
- Ability to remote playback recorded videos from the android app has been a lifesaver -- great feature
- PC software works great (crashes maybe 1/10 times, so more reliable than the android app, but still prone to crashing)
- Exporting to your computer is pretty easy via the PC client software
- Playing back videos is a bit more difficult (controls to pause / fast-forward / rewind seem to be in odd locations -- example, if you try and pause a frame during playback, you have to move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and press the pause button .... UI could use some tweaking).

Technical Support (n/a)
- Encountered my first problem this week (one of my 6 cameras failed this week)
- will update my review after this is resolved to give a rating.

58 out of 137


Location: US

Nice system. But it would be nicer if it had a PTZ camera, do you have any?

59 out of 137


Location: Charlotte, NC

I purchased the 9 camera bundle from Costco, easy to install and configure as long as you follow the simple instruction.

60 out of 137


Location: Austin, Texas

Product was easy to setup and the cameras have a good picture. I would rate at 5 stars if the following could be made better/more configurable:

1) Motion and Tamper detection.. sensitivities are not great but it works
2) Client software settings/documentation. Its not clear what all the settings do nor when to set them to certain values. Like sensitivity, nothing in the documentation nor client interface said whether 0 or 5 is more sensitive, had to do trial and error.

Generally the product is good. I have 5 of the 6 cameras that came with the system setup and working. Happy with purchase thus far.

61 out of 137


Location: Virginia

Bought the LNR382C6B from Costco for $999 (Sale ends 9/14/14). It came with 2 LND2152B Dome Cam, 4 LNB2153B and a LNR382 NVR. You can?t beat the price and the quality. Easy to install and set up. The picture can be a little grainy during low lights with the day time viewing (around dusk). Also when you setting up your remote over the Internet connection, I highly recommend to open a DDNS service with Lorex (Free) and configure your NVR with it. First I couldn?t get it to work even though I was doing all the right steeps. Came to find out later (4hr), that it was the DDNS service setup with Lorex that took a little bit longer to start working with the NVR. Lorex states it will take 10~15 minutes but give it a couple of hours if you feel that everything was done the right way (Port Forwarding, password and login from the email they send, See Appendix C: DDNS Setup in the LNR300_SERIES_MANUAL). One more thing that got me wondering was that the box for the NVR says LNR382 but the model is LNR380. The Cameras box says LNB2153B and LND2152B but the model numbers are MCNB2153 and MCND2152. They do not exist on Lorex Website.

62 out of 137


Location: Toledo,OH

Great system and pretty easy to set up.
Works great, clear and accurate with detail.

Software and apps are a little on the glitch side. Nonetheless, does all the important viewing
& configurations.

63 out of 137


Location: Manitoba, Canada

Tried to configure my LNR380 NVR to use NAS storage as both the manual and the software imply that this unit is capable. The NVR always shows the status of the NAS storage as offline even though I could access it from the network. After being unable to get the NVR to recognize and use the share I created on the NAS storage, I submitted a ticket to Lorex support. The response I got back was that the NVR doesn't support NAS. Why is it in the manual and why is the feature enabled in the software if it doesn't work? I can understand if they're still working on this but, don't advertise that the unit has this capability until it actually does have the capability. Not impressed with Lorex or Lorex support right now! I made a decision to purchase NAS storage based on this capability and now I can't use it for that purpose. Grrr!

64 out of 137


Location: USA

Hi All
I'm proud owner of 2 different equipment 1st LH158000 and now LNR 300,
there is a big different between this 2 equipment , from 960 H to full 1080P.
The picture is super!! I upgrade the hard drive from 2T to 2 4T on mirror specification.
Make sure to used surveillance hard driver WD purple model WD40PURXSP.
The set up was easy just 1 phone call and the customer Services rep (Fernando) was very skill
regarding the noises I got no complaint about the level of the fan.
if you upgrade from other lorex equipment like the eco line to LNR 300 you will find the setting a bit different but one you play with it you will found how much you can do and found the advance on this equipment.
Note: I own a restaurant and 2 guys make a robbery and we will be able to identify and give the police the video and clear picture of the 2 person.

65 out of 137


Location: Cornwall, Ontario

Called tech support, the recording said approximately 40 minute wait. I waited 1 hr and 30 minutes and then was cut off from their end.
Called again and another 40 minute announcement. Can't bear to wait again tonight.
Will have to try another day with more patience.

66 out of 137


Location: Miami, FL

I have spent several years researching various camera systems and this last month I made the plunge. I chose the Lorex system because of their solid reviews and really could not be happier. The good majority of my friends purchased the QSee and were happy, but I ventured for the Lorex. I made this decision on the great reviews the NVR received. I was spot on in my decision.

First, the cameras are well made and of a solid construction. They have an actual weight to them and are predominately of aluminum parts. The cameras were excellent in regular lighting and have an outstanding picture. In low lighting, which is rare, the cameras did not perform as well. I was still happy and impressed by their overall picture quality. As for the set-up, they could not be easier. I was expecting a difficult time, but the system picked up my cameras on my LAN. I utilized the POE switch on one side of my house and used the NVR on the other side which really helped on cabling and installation. This was another great selling point with the ip system. The only real negative is the RJ45 connection on the cameras are really big, so it requires a larger drill bit for passing through walls. Usually the cameras have a port you plug into, but these cameras have a pig tail and connector on the end. I guess it keeps moisture away from the connection, just had to invest in a large 1" drill bit to get the connector past the concrete walls.

I have to also mention that Costco support was also excellent helping me set up my router for port forwarding and helping me set up other items such as starting up the associated iPhone app. Both worked flawlessly and provided great shots of my residence during my recent vacation.

As for the company themselves, Lorex Technology, they were also extremely helpful. Embarassingly enough I though that I had an issue with the NVR since the picture colors were off (reds were blue and vice versa), although reluctant they immediately shipped me out a replacement under the DOA policy. So within days I had a new replacement and merely mailed the old one back inb same packaging. You have to ensure you ask for this policy if you have purchased the item from Costco within the last 90 days. They also helped send me additional mounting hardware after I lost some screws. So overall they have been outstanding in their support and assistance. As for the colors, the issue was with my monitor and not the system. So no fault of theirs, but had to do with my Samsung. I had to lower the setting for viewing purposes.

So overall a great system that is supported by a very solid company. It has been two months and I have'nt experienced any issues and the system has been flawless. I am somewhat tech saavy, but no expert and I was able to manage the set up. A big thumbs up to Lorex for a great product and their excellent support.

67 out of 137


Location: Falconer, NY

So far I don't have any problems with the LNR360, however instructions of any depth are lacking. I would like a manual for this amount of money invested. I have a mouse that is connected to the DNR, a remote with batteries that does nothing and a separate monitor. I have found nothing that says I need to be connected to a separate computer. I am going to upgrade to a wireless mouse (hope it works), I don't own a fancy phone so that option is out. Need to be able to control the record and playback, but I'm not able to access the controls since I'm not ADMIN and don't know the password. Other than that picture is better than others I've seen, but not clear. I will call Lorex when I have the time to sit and wait for answers.

68 out of 137


Location: Pittsburgh

Hardward appears to be of medium to high quality, but the customer service and technical support is almost non-exisitant! To start I ordered my system from Costco and it was missing two dome cameras. When I called Costco they said I could return it or call Lorex to provide the replacement cameras since the product ships directly from Lorex. I call customer support three time and fax the same information twice and send an email with the same requested info. I was told the emails were never received even though I have fax receipts showing they were received twice on their end. I started this process three days ago when I open my shippment still no communication from Lorex!
I have the system set up trying to get it to send email notifications. I have followed the maunuals directions to the letter and it will not send the email notifications. I made three calls to technical support on this issue totaling 5+ hours of my time, including hold time which has been 45 minutes plus each time. Still unable to get email triggers! Supid me had high hopes for this system and threw the boxes away, I will be retuning it to Costco in a trash bag. Buyer beware of the human aspect of using this Lorex system. If you do not need to talk to anyone you will love it!

69 out of 137


Location: San Francisco

This is the second review for this product. After several days work, now finally the lore LNR300 is working. The product is great! High resolution, was to set up, motion alerts by email work well after doing a port forwarding of my second router, mobile app works well, really like this product, have not tried PoE switch as I just used 7 cameras so far. Overall it is a good products.

The only pitfall I have so far is the automatic shutdown of my PC by Client Software and connectivity problem for both PC and Mac. As I put the NVR in Attic which is hard to access. The Client software will be very useful to control the NVR and replay the video through LAN.

70 out of 137


Location: Tucson, AZ

I purchased a HD IP based 12 camera system and had numerous unexplained failures. After 'Numerous' trouble tickets / calls to Tech Support finally they authorized the RMA. In my opinion, many of those in tech-support lack real-time failure diagnosis expertise and basic troubleshooting skills. I never received an actual response to a trouble ticket. All my tickets were closed with a comment the required troubleshooting is extremely complex and require you to call our tech-support people. The issue with calling in is you are going to spend 30 minutes on-hold, if you are lucky, my hold time far exceed that every time. Until you get to a higher level of tech-support you will get absolutely frustrated. My camera's were working but almost every time the tech told me it sounded like a cable connection problem at the camera and I needed to check the connection, reminded me of the early MS help-desk. The system is a good system once it's up and stable but it was painful.
I finally got a replacement NVR and immediately noticed the firmware version was different. It is installed and has been operating without incident. However, to make the exchange happen I had to speak with Customer Service and they did step-up and made the exchange occur in a timely manner. Now Customer Service did not actually ship the replacement, and apparently whoever did had no clue how to properly package electronic equipment. The outer box was huge, damaged in many places, lacked adequate packing material inside and the NVR box was too damaged. However, the hardware was operational. I rated my experience a '4' versa a '5' strictly based on tech-support. My HD system is the way to go anything else, in my opinion, is a waste of money. My installation took a long time because of the amount of cable pulled (used CAT 6 versa Lorex provided pre-made CAT 5) and the installation of many electrical boxes and conduit but the end result is well worth it. I am looking into purchasing a larger PoE Switch in order to move all my IP camera's off my NVR in order to move the NVR to a different location in my home. Lorex should consider making a 12 channel or larger PoE Switch available in order to allow for the separation of the NVR from the PoE hardware. Finally, if you are considering this system check at Costco they just added this system to there product line and the cost is significantly less than purchasing from Lorex direct.

71 out of 137


Location: Windsor, CA

I purchased the LNR382 NVR with six LNB2153B cameras in March of this year. The NVR and cameras were very easy to install and setup. I've not had any issues with the equipment. The quality of the live view video feed and playback is fantastic. I installed the app on my iPhone and Samsung tablet and configured the DDNS service for remote viewing. I would highly recommend this product to my family and friends.

72 out of 137


Location: Miami, FL

Purchased this unit in February with 10 dome cameras. Just installed it in June though due to renovation. Happy with the system for the most part. The HD resolution is very good but pixelization does occur when zooming in. User interface is a bit complicated but workable after thorough review of manual or tech support. Camera connections were simple to main DVR for up to 8 cams but network (LAN) search was required when using the switch to connect anything over that amount. Also have had to reboot the system a few times sporadically when changes were made to the configuration for all to properly function as intended. Overall I rated this unit 4 out of 5 stars.

73 out of 137


Location: Torrance, CA

So far don't believe the easy connect from any device, IT IS NOT EASY. Then you call tech support and 10 minute wait but when I call to buy the answer right away. My old system than died was easy this has major technical issues that Lorex needs to support. For right now four hours and all I can do is view at home.
I cant rate this even a one star for now.
Sad that everyone is ready to take $1400 to buy but any issues and your on hold to the point of just hanging up!!!

74 out of 137


Location: Texas

I replaced the older 720 system with the 108HD system. The difference is remarkable.The camera image is clear and sharp along with a wider angle of view. I am very pleased with the 1080 system. However, the software was not that easy to navigate for me, so I had my son do that. All in all the new system is really an improvement.

75 out of 137


Location: Toronto

After doing some shopping for a security systems I came across this Lorex Security system. LNR300 Series Security NVR with Real-Time 1080p Recording. In my opinion this is one the best systems I found. The installation was very easy not complicated. The cameras are very good and very clear. The night vision is also good. I am happy with this product. I would recommend this product for the price, installation, and quality of the pictures.

76 out of 137


Location: Mastic, NY

I own a computer store and purchased the Lorex LNR360 DVR with 16 HD 1080P Cameras and I am blown away with the amazing quality. The picture is crystal clear and even viewing from my ipad and iphone. The setup was on only 2 minutes using a QR Code! The wiring was very simple using a single 100ft Cat5e Cable (provided) plug n play. Overall the system should be rated number 1 in the market for its quality and easy install. I would recommend this to anyone with a med-large store and looking for excellent quality.

77 out of 137


Location: Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Overall, this unit does what it claims.

Remote connectivity is super quick and painless.
1080P recording and playback
IP cameras
Easy setup

Lack of accessory choices (no PTZ cameras, 6mm/12mm cameras, etc)
Lack of third party camera support. (Can only use Lorex cameras)
Software shows feature options that don't exist.
Customer support is slow.
Picture quality of current compatible cameras is 3 out of 5 stars. (Reading licence plates of slow moving vehicles is impossible at distances greater than 25 feet. Picture is too grainy at that distance to decipher plate numbers)

78 out of 137


Location: Henderson KY

Awesome camera view. Only wish there was more information that came with NVR to learn more about the settings within the system. Also wish there was more compatible products with this system. Like the PTZ camera.

79 out of 137


Location: Keller, TX

Customer support lets lots to be desired. Waiting for over 1 1/2 hrs with no response on the phone. If you are willing to wait forever then go ahead I would not recommend this product to anybody. Software is extremely bad it has lots of bells and whistles but not at all intuitive.

80 out of 137


Location: Port St Lucie fl

This is a update on other review I did when I first bought my system LNR382. I started having problems with the system freezing up. Called tech support again went through some trouble shooting and got it working. It worked for about a week and froze again . I called support and this time she said lets just send you a new system !! No problems at all ..I have read bad reviews about Lorex support but from what I have encountered they have been more than helpful.
If there is anything to complain about is the wait time on hold . I can understand it because when they get on the phone with your problem they do not try to hurry you off the phone they take as much time as need to diagnose or try to fix the problem you have.Even though I have had some problem with my system I still very pleased with Lorex..If it wasn't for customer service I may not feel that way ..Believe me this is a real review from a real customer...

81 out of 137


Location: California

Bought the 8 channels / 4 bullet cameras package from Costco.
The -ve first,
- the mouse was missing from the package (no big deal, there are plenty at home, but shouldn't happen),
- the CD is a joke, all it contains are links back to the Lorex suppport websites. It has neother real docs nor software.
- The Lorex NetHD Stratus Client doesn't have all the feature that the NVR has, e.g. I added a 5th camera that is connect to the LAN, but it could only be done with the "Menu" of the NVR.
- The display siize of the NVR is fixed, so you must use the right sized monitor, e.g. your old 17" flat planel sitting in the garage will not work well.
- There is no doc for the NetHD client for PC or Mac.
- While the doc say use "Lorox netHD Stratus Plus" for Android tablet, it is not available to my Nexus 7. Aftfer a little more tricks, I finally got to apps, and it said I had a incompatible device . So, at the end, there is no apps working for my Nexus 7. ** I hope Lorex support sees this and will get it fixed. **
Once I got passed the above frustration, I was rewarded with a stable security system.
So, here are the pos:
- the system works as expected once it is all set up, and it is very stable.
- the PnP set up was smooth. Plug the cameras into the PoE port, and they were all detected. You can virtually leave the default configuration as default, and it will start recording all four cameras until the disk is full and then start overwriting the oldest capture.
- Love the flexibility of adding cameras via the lan. This allows me not to run the cat 5 cables from one side of the house to the other side where the record is.
- Software works on PC, Mac, Ipad, Ipone, and Android phones. (No Andoid Tablet, see above).
In summary, there was some frustration during configurations, but at the end, I am say $$ well spent.

82 out of 137


Location: Las Vegas

Very disappointd in how complicated it is to network this system to the internet.

83 out of 137


Location: NJ

I purchased the LNR382 NVR a few months back. What a great system, so far I am very happy with my purchase. Picture quality is excellent, crisp & clear. Setup was easy and remote access setup in less than 5 minutes. The desktop software and iPhone software is very user friendly. If your looking for the latest in digital IP technology this is it, highly recommended.

84 out of 137


Location: CA

Very impressed with the image quality of these cameras and with the features of the recorder. Easily the best system in this price range.

The UI of the box is ok but not great. It would be nicer with a more simple and modern look.

It would be great if the cameras were available in more than one color to help them blend in. Also if it were me, I'd put the label with the identifying information on the top covered by the hat so things like the mac address of the camera are not visible to people walking by.

85 out of 137


Location: richmond indiana

We have been with lorex for about a year now the cameras are great and not too hard to see up and use but your customer service and your tech support are the worse in the business if you really care about your customers and want to grow your company you really need to work on this fast. We have been on the lines waiting for help for hours and not one time have they called us back when we have asked for a call back. And there is no one to complain to it?s like you in the upper management know how bad things are with your service and you hid from dealing with your customers. I hope you fix this soon or i will look some were else when i want to upgrade my cameras.

86 out of 137


Location: Farmington

Well built, quality of the product is very good, clarity of the picture delivered on day/night time is more than my expectation. iOS app worked on ipad air perfectly on wifi/ and on data service. Simply superb!!!

87 out of 137


Location: California

Update on my LNR380 System, I added Static IP address and since then the system has been rock solid. Caught two racoons and one person dumping garbage on my property. The playback feature is abit touchy, however, once I locked on what I wanted to see, the cameras worked great. I can clearly see what happen and when. Decided to add two more cameras to the system and order thru Lorex with a 15% discount.

Next challenge is monitoring the system thru the internet.

All in all, I am very pleased with the system and look forward in making it my home security video system .

88 out of 137


Location: Oregon

Purchased and LNR380 with four MCNB2153 bullet cameras. The most difficult part of the installation was fishing cables through walls and attics. However, my efforts were rewarded by the ease of hookup and the quality of the pictures. interface initially appears clunky but it is relatively intuitive and I had no problems navigating without resorting to the manual. Still having some issues with alarms but they are minor. In addition to the picture quality the best feature is the Stratus capability to view on your PC, ipad, and smartphone. I was going to give the system five stars but down rated it for the following reasons:

(1) Android app is not stable and crashes frequently. I would expect this to improve in a future release.

(2) The fan on the recorder is LOUD! If you can locate it in an out of the way place not frequented by humans, do so. If it is in the same room that you are, you may want to invest in some Bose headphones. Either that or convince yourself that you always wanted a white noise generator.

89 out of 137


Location: Fremont, CA

Bought LNR380 with 4 cameras from Costco. It is a good deal. Hardware wise, the product is OK. Software, I don't know how to say it. I am a computer guy and does not know how to set the configuration correctly. The software with the system is so bad. (Either the console, PC client, smartphone(android), Web base is a little better). The client stops all the time, could not zoom etc. On console, can not save configuration on some settings. Download is so slow(I am on Neatgear R7000 router and Comcast Xfinity, download speed is in 10s of KBs.

90 out of 137


Location: San Francisco

Excellent system very great high def on my monitor like all the features on this model lnr382

91 out of 137


Location: Folsom, CA

I purchased a 8 channel POE Stratus 1080p NVR system from Costco online (great price!). It came with 4 Bullet Cameras and 2 Dome Cameras. I was able to set up this system over one weekend - I have some indoors and outdoors and it took some time to neatly place/organize all the wiring. The only additional item I purchased was a dedicated HD monitor from Amazon for this system since I didn't want to use my existing PC monitor.

The picture quality and clarity is amazing with this system - even in the dark! Setting up the iPhone and iPad apps was easy by scanning the QR code on the DVR - literally took 1 minute and I could see all my cameras. Couldn't believe how easy it was. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this security camera system.

92 out of 137


Location: Port St Lucie Florida

I first bought a wireless system and after some research I found I should buy a hard wire NVR300.I sent the wireless one back without out even opening the box. Lorex was perfect about retuning it even though I was buying my new NVR300 through Costco.I had to pay shipping when retuning it which is understandable
When I was retuning it they said if I had any problems with the new one I bought from Costco just give them a call. My first thought was SURE you will help me.
I got the new system and hooked it up in the house to make sure all cameras work ,super easy just plug and play . So I tried to get the app for my phone to have live view.. That was a problem . I tried for several hours with no success. I was really not wanting to call tech support but I had to. My call was answered in about five minutes. I got a lady Karen who was fantastic with me . She took control of my computer and waked me through the process .Karen spent over a hour on the phone with me and I can not say enough about her patience with me I have no clue about routers. I'm not sure how the product is going to work yet once I get it hooked up outside but so far impressed with how easy and clear the picture are on the monitor I'm very impress so far with the support . I very happy I bought a Lorex.. system

93 out of 137


Location: Crescent City, CA

So far I have not been able to get this piece of crap to connect to my LG TV monitor, my PC or even get the remote with their new batteries to turn it off. The easy 3 minute setup does not work after 4 hours. I have used 2 different cable set ups (VGA HDMI) to the monitor. Also it took an hour to just register the warranty. Where the F is the unit IP address for the router/ Internet connection??? I have used computers since the first Atari pong system. Why is this so hard to even get to work. It runs BUT!!! The monitor says "Invalid format" after it shows LOREX on the LG screen, then goes blank. WFT!? Maybe in a few days I will get an email from service.

94 out of 137


Location: california

Went thru 1 dvr in 3 days. I understand electronics have issues. Lorex replace it via next day air. New dvr works perfect. Only flaw is running cable thru attic. Other than that they said 3 min to hook up and it sure takes 3 min or less. Resolution is great.

95 out of 137


Location: Dublin, CA

Easy to install and great features. The problem is with the bullet cameras. I have 2 and both kept losing signal. About 10 or more per day. I swapped the cameras around with the bullet to see if the wiring or station may be the problem. But in all cases, the problem followed the dome cameras.

96 out of 137


Location: Oregon

Very nice cameras sturdy and easy to connect with my I phones and Mac computer with the help of customer support. After port forwarding and setting DVR to static it connects flawlessly without a glitch. I have the 9 camera system form upgradable to 16 cameras. I plan on adding a few extra cameras.

97 out of 137


Location: Florida

this is my second review after a month of using this system and I have to say it fits what I need for the price that I pay for. recording is good so far. I was having problem with camera flashing when motion detect but after adjusting the camera sensor down, the problem stop thanks to tech support and by the way tech support are great after a reasonable amount of waiting time on the phone. this system has so much feature that i had to spend sometime reading the manual to make it works the way I wanted. Over all I would definitely recommend this system to you guys. the reason I want to write another review is just I want to give it a five stars instead of four with my previous review.

98 out of 137


Location: seaside oregon

first time purchase and installation... the lnr300 series nvr and 8 dome cameras installed very simply at our hotel.
very impressed with the image quality and the amount of programming features for camera recordings.
will purchase again.

99 out of 137


Location: Gray, Louisiana

Absolutely incredible! Take it out of the box, plug it in, mount cameras, good to go. The sharpness of the video must be seen to be believed. IR is also great although heavy fog will distort the video a bit. I am thoroughly pleased with this purchase. Customer assistance was not needed at any time so I cannot speak to the efficiency of that service. Remote access via my Samsung Galaxy S4 was a snap once I downloaded the correct app.
Impressed and happy.

100 out of 137


Location: Michigan

So far this system works great - pictures are great and POE is super - only 1 cable required.
I am continuing the install and getting up to speed on all the features.
I have only 1 - DISAPOINTMENT - that PTZ's are not available or supported.

As soon as a HD POE PTZ is available I will be purchaing at least 3 - lets go LOREX!

101 out of 137


Location: Greenville, SC

I purchased the LNR300 with eight cameras in January 2014. I recognized that we had blind spots in the coverage area and called to consult with Lorex tech service. Eddy suggested that I upgrade my system to the LNR363 with POE switch. This will allow me to add an additional eight cameras as needed. I ordered the system immediately. It arrived in a few days and only took an hour or so to switch the two DVR's. I am happy with Lorex and my Lorex system. Superior picture quality even at night up to 150 feet. Having the ability to view our property from anywhere in the world at any time, gives me the security I wanted. Don't delay, order your system now!

102 out of 137


Location: Las Vegas, NV

I purchased my NVR package (Model# LNR382C4B) along with (8) IP Cameras (Model # MCNB2153) in February 2014. I immediately opened the packages and got everything setup to test - in case I needed to send it back before the 30 day trial period was over. To my surprise, I had everything up and running and streaming to all of my devices in less than 30 minutes. I now have all (8) bullet cameras installed. I have a total of (5) on the exterior of my house covering the perimeter. The other (3) are inside - focused on key entry points. I still have to fine tune the motion detection. As others have mentioned, you can get many false positives because of wind debris, traffic shadows, flying insects and roaming animals. Otherwise, I rate this setup SIX STARS for its overall quality, ease of use and best bang for your buck. LOREX has really done a great job ? from design, packaging, application, programing and customer service.

103 out of 137


Location: ich1ban

upon further review (correct me if I'm wrong), the LNR200 and 300 series NVR DO NOT have any type of PTZ support or capabilities, so the tradeoff with this system is; HD quality equals the lack of pan, tilt and zoom capabilities therefore I'm subtracting two stars.

104 out of 137


Location: so cal

UPDATE - Earlier, I wrote a review giving this NVR a three star rating prematurely. I'm now changing it to five stars, it turns out that this NVR DOES support a PTZ camera specifically designed for it. I will delete my previous review as soon as I figure out how or if it is at all possible.

105 out of 137


Location: so cal

This NVR is pretty simple and straight forward with some great features and would've rated this five stars but decided to deduct two stars simply because there's no support for a PTZ camera.

106 out of 137


Location: Florida

I just received my LNR363 three days ago. I hook it up around my house with the cables I ran myself previously and it came out great. NVR detect all the cameras with no issue at all. The images are very sharp, night vision is great. what I like the most is the snapshot app from the phone. it look just like a picture that took from a camera that decent enough to see all the details of the view. I do have one camera that flashing every time motion detect and going back to normal. the rest of them do not do that and I am going to call tech support to find out if there is a configuration issue or bad camera which I will check back on after I get a chance to talk to tech support. over all, I like this system with all the feature that it offer. I will check back after sometime playing around with all the features. so far I would give it a 4 star just because one of my camera is having issue and some trouble shoot that I had to go through but I am loving it so far.

107 out of 137


Location: Vancouver BC

Overall I have been impressed with the quality of the LNR300 NVR system, especially with the ease of setting up the cameras and installing the software on my Windows PCs and iPhone/iPad. Within an hour I had my first camera setup with the system and was streaming images to a PC and iPhone.
I did however have a problem installing the Lorex on a Mac. The app returned errors and did not run so I submitted a support ticket on the Lorex site. I had a simple question asking what minimum version of Mac OSX was required to run the app. A week later I received a response to install the Safari components to get it to run. I was running the app and not using Safari, and they never answered my question about minimum version of Mac OSX. So I must drop my overall rating as the product works great and is well thought out however the support for the product was slow and did not address my question. So I am forced to call as it appears written tickets are not handled well by the Lorex support team.

108 out of 137


Location: Georgia

Great system, easy set up. My first time installing a security system and it was simple. Customer service is fairly slow to answer but besides that all good.

109 out of 137


Location: Texas

I have the LNR241C4B Security System which includes the LNR341 recorder and 4 LNB2153 Series cameras. Camera installation went smoothly following the instructions. I originally connected the cameras to my local network through a PoE switch since I already had Cat 6 cable from the central location to where I placed the NVR and connected it to a TV. The instructions say to have the NVR search for the cameras connected in this manner but it did not find them. I located the cameras on my local network, noted the IP addresses and entered them manually. I could view the cameras on the NVR but I could not connect to the system remotely. When I attempted to view remotely connection was made to one of the cameras rather than the NVR. After a very long session with Lorex support in which they connected to my network and verified all my NVR and router settings, they finally advised that the only way I would be able to view remotely was to connect the cameras directly to the NVR rather than through my local network. I then ran cable from each camera to the NVR and now I am able to view the NVR remotely using the Lorex mobile app on my phone but on my Android tablet I can connect but am unable to see video because it requires a plugin which, so far, I have been unable to acquire. I can connect remotely and view video on my laptop.
Otherwise, the system meets my needs. The HD picture quality is great during the daytime. However, at night under the infrared lighting on two of the cameras there is a lot of extraneous flying debris which triggers the motion detector. Configuration is easily done at the NVR or on a network computer. There was no instruction manual included for the NVR but it can be downloaded from the Lorex website. The manual was clear and easy to follow. I have had the system running for about two months now and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, configurable security system.

110 out of 137


Location: Dallas

It is a great product and we love it. It took whole day to install the cameras with the help of a installer due to difficult access to the attic. However, it worked extremely well as soon as we powered up. The quality is exceptional.

111 out of 137


Location: Iowa

NVR arrived with a dead network card.
The sent me a replacement but it took over 7 days.
Hooked up the cameras and one was dead and one displayed green.
Tech support did a remote but could not make the cameras work.
They sent two IP HD cameras and now everything is working fine.
Could have saved all the heartache and wasted time if quality control did
a better job of checking the gear out first.

112 out of 137


Location: c-store

this is one of the best Security camera i ever bought . very clear and good.i will recommend this to family and friends.

113 out of 137


Location: Stoughton ma

Good product
Bad suport

114 out of 137


Location: Grand Prairie

I purchase the LR380 with 6 bullet cameras and 1 extra dome type camera, the system came within days and very well package, nothing missing. After installation I noticed the dome camera dropping out, (off line) one or twice a day and it took myself to unplug and plug back the cable to get it back in line, call the customer service and they had me do a simple test to figure out the problem, found to be defective camera, a replacement camera it's on the way, no problem communicating with them, customer service is excellent and knowledgeable, they know their product well.
Bottom line I will recommend this system, it's a great product for the money, the picture quality is impressive.
I am very satisfied with the purchase.

115 out of 137


Location: Michigan

I purchased the LNR380 about a month ago and have been working thru all the initial setup hiccups and waiting to get them all ironed out before posting my review. Overall I give the system an 8.5/10. I had some problems initially with one of the dome cameras frequently losing sync. After about 10 days of this, I decided to get back up on the ladder and simply switch the two dome cameras around to see if it was the NVR's port being bad, or the camera or the network cord. This of course after I emailed Tech Support and got their standard pre-cued response of "reboot your unit to factory default settings". Thanks a bunch for that one! Anyways, after I switched the two cameras around, voila no signal lost. So no explanation as to what was really causing it, but apparently everything is now good.

I will say that the Stratus connectivity worked as described, although I could only get connected using the QR scan method, not manually inputing device id. But if you want emails you still have to understand your home network, router, and port forwarding. So for the people that were complaining in their reviews about that being complicated, it is if you don't have networking experience, if you do, it's pretty straight forward.

I have noticed that the emails sometimes do not get sent, sometimes the server loses connectivity according to the NVR when I test the status. I've made no changes to the settings and for whatever reasons it's intermittent. But for the most part it works 98% of the time as intended.

The other point of contention and the biggest issue with this system as other people have written about is the motion sensitivity. I will get emails with nothing in the snapshots, then I won't get emails when a human or car should be setting it off. Again it seems to work a majority of the time, but consistency here is what is important in this kind of system. If you're away and it doesn't happen to send an email the moment you get burglarized, you're not going to be happy. I fuddled with the motion sensitivity to no end, from changing the amount of squares to changing the slider bar (which conveniently isn't marked which is high and which is low) That took quite a bit of testing to figure out to the right is more sensitive. So long story short, you will get a lot of false alarms, especially for snow/wind, but when it works on humans and cars, it is great. Lorex definitely needs to adjust their algorithm so that you get motion on humans and cars, and not snowflakes or birds or leaves.

I am impressed with the cameras, both day and night. Obviously the more light the better it is, but you would definitely see a face of someone close by the camera. The NVR software itself is ok, it's a little clunky with that DOS kind of feel, where you're having to save this, apply that, click ok here all the time. But the amount of options it gives you with the scheduling and emails and alarms make up for it.

Installation wise, the hardest part is definitely running the network cables. Fishing lines thru the attic isn't much fun, but it is really plug and play once you get them run. Mounting the cameras are pretty easy as well, as they give you a template to mount the anchors and screws. The only slight negative is that the connection on the camera is in a square housing about 1 inch square, while the mounting template is circular, so do yourself a favor and get a 1 inch hole saw so you don't end trying to widen your hole because you're trying to put a square peg thru a round hole - literally.

Lastly, the other big complaint about this system in the reviews, was the fan. Yes, the fan is noisy, if white noise is noisy to you. If you've been in a server room before, it has that type of sound to it. I just partially close the door at night to the room I have it in and it's fine.

So to sum it all up, this is a great little system to give you piece of mind while you're away from home.

116 out of 137


Location: Colorado

I picked up the LNR380 system with 4 bullet and 2 dome cameras. Overall, the system and cameras are easy to install and connect. The hardest and most time consuming part is deciding where to mount the cameras and running the cat5e as needed.

The system software is pretty basic and easy to use, as is viewing and playback of image streams. The motion detection feature needs improvement (is fairly useless or constantly triggers), but I can overlook that based on the quality of the image captured by the cameras. The ability to add a second hard drive for either mirroring or expanding storage is a big plus also!

The one area that really needs improvement is the android app for mobile viewing. It's easy to setup and use, but it is almost guaranteed to crash every time you use it. Mobile viewing is a touted selling point for this system, and it's a badly flawed one.

For a consumer system, the features are good enough, the image quality is excellent, even in direct sun and at night (the IR night illumination is actually prettry good, even with the hot spots in the image) and it's at a price point that won't break the bank.

Lorex you've got a good system here - PLEASE revamp that mobile app and make it more stable if you're going to use it as a selling point.

117 out of 137


Location: Springfield, VA

I purchased Lorex 8 channels with 6 cameras the end of 2013. It has been two weeks from the time we completed installed this system tin our house. After two days of running, one of our cameras did not send a good signal; it was death and had to restart to work again. I contacted technical support and they replaced another one for us very quick by email (this replaced one works well at the first time until now); however, it was not good to call for supporting. To reach a technical support, it took me more than half hour of waiting; however, that technician did a wonderful job.
Form now, I can see what my kids is doing over my iPhone at work although it lasts only 10 minutes. After that, I have to reconnect to see for another 10 minutes. I installed Lorex software from our account and I can see the whole cameras from every computer in our hour. I love my current system because of clear, wonderful HD picture and it gives me a peace in our mine. Thank Lorex .

118 out of 137


Location: Grocery store

Best system I have ever set up. Easy to connect cameras easy to view remotely with iPhone app and computer. Dvr easily finds cameras and only run one wire. Would buy again.

119 out of 137


Location: Orlando, Florida

I purchased the LNR380 from Costco? 4 Bullet Cameras and 2 Dome Cameras and 2TB DVR.
Setup was very easy and straight forward. The camera quality was very impressive 1080p is the only way to go when it comes to Security Cameras anything less is a waste of time.
Cameras are very high quality (I really love the dome cameras).
POE makes it very simple for cable runs; nothing like pulling one cable.
DVR very easy to set-up; nice build quality.
Software loaded with professional features; typically found on ultra expensive systems.
Playback quality very clear and smooth.
Remote web-based software (for IPad and iPhone are first rate)
Need more bracket options for mounting cameras.
Had very difficult time finding mounting options from third party vendors; would be nice to see Lorex offering options that go along with their cameras.
Dynamic DNS bridge speed is slow.
Would be nice to have a real keyboard for the DVR instead of the on-screen.
UPS support for DVR interfacing to provide automated shutdown during power outrages.

120 out of 137


Location: Bel Air, MD

I was impressed with the value versus performance and decided to purchase the LNR380 for my small business. I purchased it through Costco which was quick and saved me a few dollars. Costco also has a better return policy. When I received the product, I was immediately impressed with the packaging and the quality of the components. The documentation is excellent. I had absolutely no problem installing the system in less than 15 minutes on my work bench using all six cameras. If you are going to use remote monitoring, go with this model since the Stratus Connectivity features makes remote connections a breeze. The smart device apps work very well. This is an excellent product and I am impressed with the quality.

After purchasing this unit for my business, I decided to get one for my home.

121 out of 137


Location: TN

I had previously owned a SD camera system, and was always unhappy with the video quality. The new system I purchased from Lorex with HD cameras and recorder are great. I like the fact that I can add more IP cameras to a switch if I want, and that I can record in multiple places at once. The Stratus setup was easy, and did not take long to set up. I have shown the system remotely (in another state) to co-workers, and they were very impressed . I would definitely recommend the product to anyone.

122 out of 137


Location: Spartanburg SC

I have spent three days on hold with my telephone to talk to their Tech support. I even left a call back number which they never called. i still have questions and will continue to call them but this is the worse service i have ever had. let me take that back. in order for you to call it service i would have spoken to someone. That never happened. I called the install company and they said they charge $100-$200 per camera to install and another fee to set up the system. Wow!
That's more than i paid for the system.

123 out of 137


Location: Oregon

We recently purchased a Lorex NVR HDNet LNR 8 camera system for our Homeowners' Association indoor/outdoor Tennis Facility. I am familiar with the Lorex HDNet NVR system as I have one of my own. I have been very pleased with my system and recommended LOREX without question.

This system replaces an old analog video system and with the ease of installation of the POE cat 5 cables to the cameras, the excellent quality of crystal clear pictures, the 1080p recording, this system is perfect and easy to install.

I am a retired television and satellite broadcast engineer and still amazed with quality of the Lorex products, tech supports and ease of operation.

124 out of 137


Location: Bruce Sprague


On the NVR menu, there are a few minor things?.the motion sensitivity setting is nebulous?..the more you slide it to the right makes it MORE sensitive (a moth will set it off), and the more you slide it to the left, makes it LESS sensitive (the moth will not set it off). This feature, and some others, and not labeled very well.

There are many settings and features to this system and you simply must read the instructions (RTFI). The first time you read it, much of it will go over your head. After you have set up the system, and played with all the settings? sections of the manual, and many things will make much more sense. Some features I do not use with my system (and I glossed over those items), but I know they exist if I ever want to use them.

Now on to Lorex support. I see on many reviews that it takes a long time to get thru to tech support on the phone. I was lucky?.I got my unit from Costco, and thru them, they have a direct hotline to Lorex, that gets me to tech support faster. I had two calls to Lorex (one, the default camera email method to Lorex did not work) and then the mouse RMA. Both calls the Lorex tech guys were really good, and they took care of my problems. But, if I did not have Costco to help, I may have been on hold for a long time. I also, sent a couple of email questions (you create a ?ticket?) to get a response for basic questions. It took Lorex about ten days for a response?.kind of slow if you ask me. It would be nice if Lorex had support on the weekends or longer hours at night?..right now it is only Monday thru Friday 8 to 8.

Overall, though, as long as you know the issues above, this system is very good. I plan on getting two more cameras soon. Hopefully this review will bump up my warranty to two years?.but hopefully I will not have to use it!

125 out of 137


Location: Kingwood, Texas

I got the Lorex NVR LNR382, with 6 HD 1080p cameras. Overall, this is an excellent security camera system. I have had other IP cams before, and this system is much better in many respects, including video quality, ease of set up, and easier access to internet and smartphones. This system is not cheap (costs $1299, but I got it on sale at Costco for $999), and there are a few issues, but bottom line?.I would highly recommend this system.

The video is very good. I would not say it is as pristine as HiDef shown on a fine high definition plasma screen display, but very very good compared to other cheaper security camera systems. The wide angle 75 degree camera is much better than most other cameras, too, and you can see much more of what you are monitoring. The new Stratus Connectivity system works great to set up all the settings, and the cameras getting power thru the Cat5e ethernet cables (POE) makes installation much easier.

I have had the system set up now for about two weeks, and the hardware is running fine. The NVR and the cameras all look well made?.time will tell how reliable they are. Presumably by posting a review with Lorex, they will extend the warranty to 2 years?..that is good.

But there are a few problems.

On the hardware side?..the supplied mouse seemed kind of cheap?.and after one week, it totally died. Lorex gave me an RMA and I sent it back (had to pay shipping)?.I have not gotten the replacement back yet. I had another mouse, and it works fine on the unit. If this mouse is the only thing that goes bad, this will be a moot point.

On the software side, there are a few things that are problematic. For the Mac, they have their Mac client app. It works ok, but when you quit the program, it will not quit (handshake will not release?)?.you eventually have to ?force quit? it. This program sometimes gets the ?beach ball? going when it seems to hang up?.but most of the time, if you wait, it will catch up. I do not know if this is a slow handshake problem. For the most part, though, the program does most of what it is supposed to do (see below the exception).

The Mac browser client (for Safari) has a download plugin and works well?.in fact, I use this primarily to make the NVR settings (except for motion settings?.see below)

One problem with both these apps (Mac or Safari client)?.is that the ?motion grid? (red crossing lines to define area)?seemingly does not work in these clients. In fact, I realized that when I was playing with those settings, that the ?motion? was completely turned off on the camera. The only reliable way to set this motion setting grid is on the NVR itself. This is critical, because if you set your NVR to capture only ?motion? events, then literally your stuff might not even be recording?.and of course, that could be a big problem if you miss videoing the guy breaking into your house or business. Moral of the story?..only set motion parameters on the NVR itself (but you can do most other operations from one of the clients). I have made it a habit to double check that events ARE being recorded once a week, by going in to ?playback? the previous week.

Speaking of recording?.you can have it either ?Continuous? or only when ?Motion? is detected. I chose ?motion? detection?..because it saves on hard drive space, and makes it much easier to find ?events?. On continuous mode, when playing back, there is no way to ?see? where the motion events take place. It would be nice if on the ?blue? playback track, you could ?see?, say RED marks showing where motion events take place.

On the smartphones and tablets (I have an iPhone and iPad), the Lorex apps work good?..however, make sure you are getting the LOREX netHD STRATUS PLUS apps. I could not make all this work for a couple of days, as I was using one of the many other Lorex apps (that do not work with this system)? have to have the right app!


126 out of 137


Location: Kingwood, Texas

I got the Lorex NVR LNR382, with 6 HD 1080p cameras. Overall, this is an excellent security camera system. I have had other IP cams before, and this system is much better in many respects, including video quality, ease of set up, and easier access to internet and smartphones. This system is not cheap (costs $1299, but I got it on sale at Costco for $999), and there are a few issues, but bottom line?.I would highly recommend this system.

The video is very good. I would not say it is as pristine as HiDef shown on a fine high definition plasma screen display, but very very good compared to other cheaper security camera systems. The wide angle 75 degree camera is much better than most other cameras, too, and you can see much more of what you are monitoring. The new Stratus Connectivity system works great to set up all the settings, and the cameras getting power thru the Cat5e ethernet cables (POE) makes installation much easier.

I have had the system set up now for about two weeks, and the hardware is running fine. The NVR and the cameras all look well made?.time will tell how reliable they are. Presumably by posting a review with Lorex, they will extend the warranty to 2 years?..that is good.

But there are a few problems.

On the hardware side?..the supplied mouse seemed kind of cheap?.and after one week, it totally died. Lorex gave me an RMA and I sent it back (had to pay shipping)?.I have not gotten the replacement back yet. I had another mouse, and it works fine on the unit. If this mouse is the only thing that goes bad, this will be a moot point.

On the software side, there are a few things that are problematic. For the Mac, they have their Mac client app. It works ok, but when you quit the program, it will not quit (handshake will not release?)?.you eventually have to ?force quit? it. This program sometimes gets the ?beach ball? going when it seems to hang up?.but most of the time, if you wait, it will catch up. I do not know if this is a slow handshake problem. For the most part, though, the program does most of what it is supposed to do (see below the exception).

The Mac browser client (for Safari) has a download plugin and works well?.in fact, I use this primarily to make the NVR settings (except for motion settings?.see below)

One problem with both these apps (Mac or Safari client)?.is that the ?motion grid? (red crossing lines to define area)?seemingly does not work in these clients. In fact, I realized that when I was playing with those settings, that the ?motion? was completely turned off on the camera. The only reliable way to set this motion setting grid is on the NVR itself. This is critical, because if you set your NVR to capture only ?motion? events, then literally your stuff might not even be recording?.and of course, that could be a big problem if you miss videoing the guy breaking into your house or business. Moral of the story?..only set motion parameters on the NVR itself (but you can do most other operations from one of the clients). I have made it a habit to double check that events ARE being recorded once a week, by going in to ?playback? the previous week.

Speaking of recording?.you can have it either ?Continuous? or only when ?Motion? is detected. I chose ?motion? detection?..because it saves on hard drive space, and makes it much easier to find ?events?. On continuous mode, when playing back, there is no way to ?see? where the motion events take place. It would be nice if on the ?blue? playback track, you could ?see?, say RED marks showing where motion events take place.

On the smartphones and tablets (I have an iPhone and iPad), the Lorex apps work good?..however, make sure you are getting the LOREX netHD STRATUS PLUS apps. I could not make all this work for a couple of days, as I was using one of the many other Lorex apps (that do not work with this system)? have to have the right app!


127 out of 137


Location: California

I purchased and installed an 8 channel PoE Stratus 1080p NVR system that came with 4 Bullet Cameras and 2 Dome Cameras. The kit came in one box, nicely packaged. I used videos on the web site and the single page quick start sheet that came with the unit to familiarize myself with the contents of the kit and the procedures to get the system up and running. Start up of the system was very straight forward using the default settings. I was able to connect to my iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC without any issues. I found using my iPhone for camera placement extremely helpful.

The true challenge in the overall effort is mounting the cameras and routing the cat5 cables. Depending on one?s installation site requirements this could be quite a daunting task. A few things would have made it easier for me. First, it would have been helpful if Lorex had a user forum or use case examples of typical household installations which could explain how cameras could be mounted in non-ideal situations. Second, it would be helpful if the cables on the bullet cameras were a little longer so that the coupler could stretch across the typical roof eave.

In the end, I was able to get my system up and running with all cameras working; I am very happy with the system?s image quality, functionality and ease of use. I cannot comment on long term reliability since the system has only been live for one week. I would recommend this product with the warning to be prepared to really think through the placement of the NVR, routing of wires and the mounting of cameras.

128 out of 137


Location: Alabama

Excellent! It took me 2 hours to run cables and install cameras. Pictures great., put app on Iphone. This is awesome i will be recommending to all I know.

129 out of 137


Location: Seattle

I received the system and installed it myself. The only problem that I experienced was a bad Cat5 cable that Lorex is replacing for me. The clarity of the cameras is outstanding. I do wish there was an updated manual for the NVR340 (Least I can't seem to find one). The ipad and iphone apps are very convenient.

130 out of 137


Location: Cambridge, OH

Here?s a follow up from my most recent review. I took a deep breath and called tech support again this morning. 1 hour wait, phone rang, no one there. 1 hr wait and no answer. Are you kidding me. Took a bigger deep breath and called again in the afternoon. To my surprise, after only a few minutes wait, a tech named Vitale answered. What a joy. 1st time in 3 days of reaching out to tech support that I got an answer in under 45 min . An even better joy, he knew the system inside and out and was able to quickly identify the issue and provide suggestions for resolution. After the call I followed up on one of the recommendations and boom, email was working. Thank you!

I have to say, I'm so far I'm very satisfied with the Lorex hardware, but the process of getting to where I'm at today, should not have been as long and painful as it was. Please continue providing a quality product, but please improve both the quantity and tech skills of your tech support team.

131 out of 137


Location: Cambridge, OH

Received a LNR340 several days ago. Plugged the cameras in, configured, no issues. Now for the most important thing for me, receiving emails for motion detection (using this to monitor a remote site and need to know when people are there). Keep getting error message. Called tech support. 45 min wait, then call got dropped. Called back. 45 min wait again. Finally got tech. 2 hours of him trying to figure out why email doesn't work, then call got dropped again. He had control of my PC when call dropped. I asked him, via remote connection, to call me back with number. He never did. So I called back. On hold 1 hour, then message comes on and says tech support closed for the evening. I build computers and set up networks routinely. This shouldn't be anywhere close to this hard. Lorex tech support is definitely lacking. LNR340 may be okay, but first impressions are very poor.

132 out of 137


Location: Chattanooga, TN

I purchased the LNR380 with 6 bullet cameras on Cyber Monday. It took about a week and two calls to get a shipping notification, but with the amount of Cyber Monday orders, I cannot complain. Once the order arrived, I was about to test one of the cameras and was very impressed with the clarity and picture of the HD cameras. Due to my work schedule I was not able to install the cameras for couple weeks. But I was able to complete the entire install in two days (it would only take about 7 hours for the entire project. I have an open attic area and a channel leading from the attic to the basment where the HVAC lines run. I ran all six PoE cables down the channel from the attic to the basment and was able to run them along the duct work to right under my bedroom. I have all the line running to my bedroom so that it is much easier to view the cameras from my HD tv mounted on the wall. All six lines were able to be run through a 1 inch hole in the floor joist only after the terminals on the PoE cables were staggered every 6 inches or so and secured with electrical tape. My cameras are secured to the eaves near the soffits. My eaves are vinyl but are very secure and I could not even pop them out of place if I tried. I was wanting to at least secure them to wood but as far as running the cables and the camera connection, the eaves worked the best. Like I said before, the picture quality is fantastic especially during the daylight when the cameras record in color. The IR for night recording works very well and the 150 ft view is very accurate. The motion detection however, is not working like I hoped. I set up the email alerts and set the sensitivity on high and I was recieving notifications every few minutes with no severe motion. Bugs flying in front of the lense and trees swaying seem to set it off. I even limited the motion field but was still receiving false alerts. I have submitted a help ticket to Lorex but due to the holidays I have not heard back yet. I did receive a notification that my ticket had been upgraded but I will submit a follow up review with the customer service experience. I would highly recommend this system, especially with the HD cameras, to anyone who would like that extra layer of security/protection and needs a high quality system. I plan on purchasing two addition cameras to fill my NVR and get the most out of it. I also recommend viewing on an HD TV and you will not be disappointed.

133 out of 137


Location: Tucson, AZ

I purchased a custom IP system (LNR360) with 12 camera's (9 bullet and 3 dome). The system arrived in three shipments but well within the expected delivery timeframe. All the hardware was received and I set up the NVR and PoE Switch and tested each camera and they worked properly. The only issue was each time I swapped camera's for some reason the system did not detect the camera and I had to restart the system each time. The resolution was very clear and I turned off the lights and the system switched to black & white without a problem. I will update this review once the camera's are installed outside. The only issue I had was the actual ordering of the system. I was unable to order the system on the Lorex web-site because the LNR360 was not yet on the site. This concerned me somewhat because I had to provide my credit card information over the phone which is something I do not like doing. The representatives I worked with did their best to listen to my goal and provide a viable solution which I purchased. My install is going to be a little different and I wish I could have purchased the system without the pre-made Cat-5 cables. According to sales the ordering system does not allow not to buy the LAN cable. I would have preferred to either forgo the LAN Cable or purchase un-terminated Cat 6 cable. Overall my experience with Lorex was positive and compared to other manufactures the cost for a NVR/PoE Switch and HD camera's was significantly less by several thousands of dollars. Based on my experience I would recommend a Lorex product for those wanting a good system at a reasonable price. One last point I really wished Lorex would change there warranty from one year to two.

134 out of 137


Location: Holly, MI

The LNR382 is still performing beyond my expectations after one month in use. The iPad and Android apps work great! According to Lorex Technical Assistance, though, expansion of the system is limited to only two camera models - ...there "are the only 2 styles (cameras) that are compatible with that model, cameras LNB2153B and LND2152B - it will not work with any other cameras, and we do not have a PTZ camera available for the LNR series." I would hope that this does not mean no other manufacturer's HD IP Camera will work with the LNR382.

135 out of 137


Location: Camden sc

Lorex worked with me very well on the order and shipping the correct NRV. The first one received was the 200 series not the 300. As of know the remote control does not work and I have been ask to send it back at my expense to get another one. I will do this soon but not my fault just my problem!! "The picture is great and ease of setup is very easy, including getting video on my phone. I love it.

136 out of 137


Location: sw fl

the picture quality on the lnr 382 is good till you zoom in then it is quite blurry . I have spent 9 HOURS ON HOLD over 3 days waiting for a tech to help me then when I got to speak with one he told me he has no idea how to fix my problem. the stratus remote connectivity app is total junk & doesn't work at all this is the only reason I bought this system because it said 3 minutes to view remotely total lie customer service is under staffed .

137 out of 137


Location: Californina

Purchased Model LNR363 16 camera system, very nice clean picture in day time, easy to connect with I phone, fan very noisy more that anyone want to hear about 3 times more loud than my refrigerator, was missing the PoE switch box twice until Costco call them and they suppose to send one.
Unable to connect remote viewing so far, the MAC address wont work, even Costco tech. support was unable to make it work.
The customer and technical service is very difficult to get a hold of, eventually you have to hang up the phone after been on hold for up to 2-1/2 hours.
Waiting for response for fan noise, hope there is fix for it otherwise I may have to return item, that is definitely a big issue. Other than that is very nice system.



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