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Full HD network video surveillance recorder


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netHD network video surveillance recorder

View your world like never before in Full High Definition 1080p viewing and real time recording, adding a whole new dimension to your monitoring. The netHD NVR security system (LNR200) brings a more heightened level of detail and clarity to your surveillance and awareness needs.

HD NVR with HDMI support

1080p high definition security footage

The Lorex netHD Lorex NVR features stunning real-time 30 fps recording on each channel at 1080p resolution providing you with that crucial peace-of-mind knowing that the recorded footage is of the highest quality. Watch live surveillance video or review the recordings on your TV in High Definition. The Lorex netHD NVR can be connected to any compatible HD TV using the included HDMI cable.

High definition IP camera

Compatibility Notice

This NVR is compatible with Lorex IP cameras that use PoE for power and data transmission over Ethernet cables. This HD NVR is not compatible with third-party IP cameras. Click here for full camera compatibility list.

Access your netHD NVR system at your convenience from anywhere in the world on your PC or Mac with free remote viewing software, and on your tablet or smartphone using free dedicated Lorex® apps. The dual streaming function allows for bandwidth efficient transmissions over the internet while still recording HD quality video to the NVR. The user friendly and exclusive Lorex® Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard provides a quick and simple step by step setup process to access the free Lorex® DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service). Assuring a secure and constant connection over the internet while providing a reliable and customizable email notification service with snapshot attachments and accurate time synchronization with NTP (Network Time Protocol).

easy installation via power over ethernet

Power over ethernet installation

Connect and install the IP cameras in minutes. Additional Lorex® cameras will be discovered and configured automatically. The netHD NVR is equipped with PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports that eliminate the need of extra cables and power supplies for the IP cameras.

LNR200 series security NVR compatibility chart

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.




  • FULL HD 1080P Resolution
  • Real-time Recording at 1080P Resolution (30 fps recording on each channel)
  • Simultaneous Playback and Live view on the same screen
  • Selectable area Zoom during Live and Playback display
  • Easy Camera Installation using Power over Ethernet (CAT5) cable
  • 24/7 100% Duty Cycle Hard Disc Drive
  • Expandable High Capacity Storage - up to 8TB (2 x HDD up to 4TB each)
  • Mirror Hard Drive Recording - secure your recordings by backing up footage to an internal hard drive at the same time as recording to the primary hard drive 1
  • HDMI output resolution 1080p & VGA output for simple connection to HDTVs
  • (HDMI cable included)
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Backup & Remotely control the system simultaneously

Connectivity Features :

  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smartphones 2
  • Dedicated iPad® and Android tablet apps with multi-channel live viewing and playback
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard3
  • Lorex netHD Client Software:
  • PC (Microsoft Windows™ 8, 7) compatible using client software (included) & web browser
  • Mac remote client software (included) and Safari web browser
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant e-mail alerts with snap shot attachments of event and web link

1. Mirror recording requires a second hard drive (not included) be installed in the NVR. Mirror hard drive must be as large or larger than primary hard drive to backup all recordings. Backup begins from when mirror hard drive is installed and configured.
2. Instant Mobile Viewing on iPad®, iPhone®, Android (version 2.3 & above). Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check as new smart phone models become available in the market.
3. Requires a high speed Internet connection and a router (not included).










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1 out of 41


Location: USA

For my business, my NVR and cameras do the trick to keep an eye on everything. On top of this, the cameras and NVR provide crisp and high-definition video!

2 out of 41


Location: Los Angeles


I'm not happy at all, let me start over. First, it was installed professionally and the system was up and running, what a great picture. Then, three days later, the NVR "Shut Down" and can't be turned on, the NVR is dead. I tried plugging it in other outlets, no go. The NVR is completely DEAD. I need a new NVR after three days. the NVR was also very loud. I really don't know about LOREX at this time, let see how they handle this...

3 out of 41


Location: Indiana

Great NVR and great cameras. Easy to set up!. Picture quality is outstanding. I have owned other brand systems and they dont even come close to Lorex. I'm a Lorex customer for life!

4 out of 41




5 out of 41


Location: Chicago IL

I purchased the camera system LNR280 - from Costco for the business and works great. I recommend it to all the business owners.

6 out of 41


Location: Virginia

When I first hooked up the 4 Outdoor HD camera's, 3 of the 4 cameras had condensation/fog build up after a couple hours. Tech support was easy to work with and they shipped new replacement cameras at no charge. Customer service was great, new cameras work great and the picture is very clear. Highly recommend product!

7 out of 41


Location: Portland, OR

I purchased the LNR280 from Costco. This system works amazing.

8 out of 41


Location: Fl

I purchased the 6 camera setup that also had the NR 808 NVR. The system is 1080p with POE. The system works really well. The cameras are very clear. The NVR gui is a little difficult to use, but after a little trial and error its workable. The one thing I wish Lorex did was to use quieter fans in the NVR

9 out of 41


Location: Iowa

This product is great. We have used it several times to identify people who were trespassing on our property. I have recommended to several people since my installation.

10 out of 41


Location: San Diego

This's good hardware system but disappointed software. I spent 2 days but couldn't get the DDNS to work. Also, worked with 2 tech reps but couldn't solve the issue.
Image: good.
Basic Setup: easy.
Network setup: confused.
Support document: lack.

11 out of 41


Location: CA

Have been using the system for 2 years
Video Quality is great
Customer service has been excellent, as I had to contact on couple of issues
Working with them on a minor issue now

12 out of 41


Location: philadelphia


We're sorry you are having trouble and have tried to contact you to assist. Please contact our technical support team at your convenience 1-877-755-6739.

13 out of 41


Location: Prescott Valkey, Arizona

I purchased this system through Costco in 2013, after thieves took expensive wrought iron furniture from my front porch. The system came with four cameras, which were easy enough to install. I chose this system because it was 1080p HD, automatically switch to infrared at night, and the cameras were PoE, powered over ethernet, meaning I did not have to run separate power cables to each camera - they are powered by the unit once plugged in.

Two things I should mention here: my cameras, which are 12 feet or more up from ground level, need periodic cleaning as bugs, spider webs, fecal matter from birds and water spots from rain/snow all impact picture clarity. Also, the ethernet connection between the camera and the extension cables that run ro the unit are not weatherproof. Mine are all inside, and sealed with a high quality electrical tape for added security.

One feature that I really liked was that I could view my cameras remotely via iPhones and iPads as we travel often. I regret not getting a pan/tilt/zoom set-up...

I had only a few minor issues that required me to contact support. I did so during off-peak hours and connected with the fairly quickly. My issue had to do with not having a static IP for the unit, and the support team remotely accessed my computer and modem, opened more ports, and quickly solved my issue. They were efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable.

My Recorder was barely two years old when my internet connectivity quit and left me unable to view my cameras on my iDevices. After troubleshooting the unit it was determined that the internet module went defective and the unit would have to be replaced. With no warranty left, the expense fell to me. They offered me a new one at a special and reasonable price, and it arrived within a couple of days. Within an hour I was back on line.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this system. It's perfect for my situation: cost effective, good support, good equipment. I'm sure there are better options out there but not at this pricepoint. This system and Lorex are good fit for me.

14 out of 41


Location: Ontario

UPDATE:19.Oct.2015..just under 3mo over 1 year Warranty.
Previous Review was to increase Warranty by ONE full year, but does not show in my account info. However I was generally satisfied with the product and remote accessibility (previous comment about software remains the same)
To date TWO of four cams installed outside are showing poor picture quality, detailed observation now impossible. Possible/likely cause moisture in the optics, outside lens spotless.
Considering a purchase of LOREX Security System? Do yourself a favor and try to contact LOREX phone number, in particular in regard to Warranty. I can not imagine that anyone from LOREX ever tried to call this number from within USA/Canada.
Product/Service rating suffers significantly.
LOREX, if anyone cares, fix this issue a.s.a.p....please

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support and customer service teams were happy to assist you and we're glad your cameras are working again. Should you need assistance in the future, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

15 out of 41


Location: California, US

it says on Lorex website that Lollipop is now supported. see below


But can't see how to update the software.....

Our technical support team was happy to assist you with this matter. If anyone is experiencing a similar issue, please contact our technical support team at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

16 out of 41


Location: USA

Lorex Tech support is terrible. Some of the Lorex mobile apps will not work with Lolipop OS for Android. Even though Lorex knows of this issue, which has been present for months, they are dragging their feet to address the issue and fix the problem. If ability to remotely view your cameras is important to you, don't want your time with Lorex as they could apparently care less about their customers needs.

17 out of 41


Location: Moses Lake, WA

This is my second Lorex security system. I installed an 8 camera system for my residence and I am very pleased with its performance. The second system I just bought for my commercial office building and all went very smoothly. Installation was easy and Lorex support is great. Do not call Lorex during the peak hours, the wait time might be 15 to 20 minutes, but they do get back with you and the assistance is great. I am having little issue with one camera, however I don't foresee any exchange problem.

18 out of 41


Location: Ontario

Package arrived in good condition. Initial setup of NVR and cams to check components was very simple, picture appeared...yeah!. Unfortunately the 'Stratus Cloud' setup took a turn for the worse. E-mail notification feature just did not want to work. Even resetting the entire system and now getting serious into reading the instructions, no e-mail. Help is only a phone call away, right. First technician was mainly interested in getting ALL information that one can give. In return I got a 'case number' and was informed, in contrast to the instructions, that the 'DDNS' must be set up for the e-mail to work. Since this need to be done in order to access the system via the Internet no problem, done. Testing, testing... no e-mail and no connection to the system via the Internet. Second day second technician, same questions. Result, "since you are on satellite system the email and DDNS server will not work. Case closed, received e-mail, that the assigned case number is now closed.
To return or not to return, that is the question!
Just could not give up. In the meantime things are looking up, both e-mal and DDNS finally are working with three cameras set up.
At this stage the first impression is this: Picture quality is good as it should be at 1080p. At total darkness visibility is less than 30 ft (9m). The GUI of the software installed on the NVR is outdated. The software for the WIN 8.1 is much better. The Android software is extremely limited in its functions, unfortunately precisely where one wishes to be able to do more, when away from home. The hope is to become more familiar with all the different looking and functioning Apps and perhaps an 'executive decision' to make them all look, work and feel the same. Well enough talk, need to install the remaining three cams. The question remains: 'To return or not to return'.

19 out of 41


Location: Oakland Ca

I purchased the LNR200 and 4 cameras about 8 months ago. I'm quite happy with the system. The picture quality is very good. If I was going to get a system, I wanted to ensure the views were adequate to do such things as reliably identify people and read license plates, and this system does the trick. I purchased and added a second hard drive and was pleased to find the DVR was all ready to accept the second drive, complete with power and sata connections. My experience was that I needed to enclose the camera/ethernet connections to ensure reliable continuing connectivity. I found the cameras would drop connections after awhile and I'd have to get out the ladder, clean off the connection and reconnect after several months. I've since used an electrical conduit box to shield the connection from the weather and that seems to be working nicely. The client software and the browser connections work nicely and were easy to establish.

20 out of 41


Location: NH

Received package quickly from the Lorex webstore. Well packed with no shipping issues. Setup was rather quick and easy and configuration was very simple. Images are very crisp and clear during day and night views are OK considering.

This system was fairly expensive but I would recommend it to anyone. I always tell people, how much would you pay to know who broke into your home or was unwanted on your property? Surely a lot more than what this system cost!!

21 out of 41


Location: Laurelville, OH

We ordered 2 eight camera HD 1080 packages. One to install in our barn and one to install in our house. The one DVR worked great, the second would not connect up to the cameras. We contacted Lorex and they sent us a replacement immediately. Replacement works great!

22 out of 41


Location: Potomac, MD

Lorex Video Security system

I have been looking for security system for a while. Fun part of any project is to read about different technologies and select the right product that you believe will meet your need. I wanted a system that is easy to install, and has 1080P capability. After looking at different manufactures, I settled for Lorex. Once I found the POE (Power over Ethernet) function was available and I don?t have to run the power cables to the cameras, I was sold on the concept and acquired the Lorex LNR282C6B ? NVR based system from Costco. Costco had a special going on for the reduced price. This package came with 6 cameras (2 IP Dome cameras and 4 IP Bullet Camera)

First I tested all the cables and the cameras in one location by connecting each cable and camera to NVR. I was able to install the system with some help in running the cables. Three cables were more than 100 feet long therefore I added the adaptors and another 25 feet prefabricated cables. Since some of the cables were running from the attic, I taped the connector with the electrical tape to ensure good connections.
The system has been running very good. I would say the picture quality during the day time is excellent and night time could be better. If there is reasonable amount of light at night the picture quality is not too bad.
It took a phone call to make the iPhone app to work. Lorex does provide you a DDNS service and that is a very good feature, otherwise you have to find a service provider and then keep track of the DNS renewal.

I have all my cameras to record on Motion detection ? I have tried different settings, but I would say the motion detector is bit sensitive and records a lot.
I will highly recommend this unit.

23 out of 41


Location: Whitemouth

Very happy with the picture quality. Set up wasn't too difficult. Fan on receiver unit a little noisy, but not offensive.

24 out of 41


Location: New York

My system has a very loud hard drive. Customer service has now agreed to replace it. Hopefully, when replaced the issue will be fully resolved. Otherwise the system is great. Please consider this a preliminary review.

25 out of 41


Location: Nyc

This camera has really come through for my family. People in our neighborhood (including neighbors) had been doing mischievous and spiteful things to mine and my other neighbors stuff. Other people had been bothering my cats. Aside from being reliable and easy to use, this camera has acted as a deterrent to those people looking to cause trouble and it also will ensure accountability if anyone decides to mess or steal more of our stuff in the future. These cameras will catch them. After a power outage I had to call customer support for assistance and it was a positive experience. I have recommended lorex to several friends already and will continue to do so. Thank you.

26 out of 41


Location: hesperia

Great system BUT trying to get help by phone is a joke. Tried 1st time, on hold 1hr. 2nd time, on hold 3 hr... gave up. Tried email, said they responded, but nothing in my mail, still no luck. Would be a great system if I could get it to work like I need it to.. probably would with a little techno help! :(

27 out of 41


Location: Maui, HI

Lorex security system is not bad for consumer grade. Not for Professional Grade

I have purchase two LNR280's and both are fair with good vandal proof cams for the money. Better deal at time through Costco.

Issue, if your anything goes wrong with your system like the NVR or cams. You'll need to deal with the other side of Lorex that sell to Costco. So;

Pros: Fair to good consumer grade CCTV security system

Cons: Just about everything.
No west coast tech for HI and Cal. Time zone kills us.
No true American speaking tech
Lock of trouble shooting info for more trouble issues
No trouble shoot video for DIY people
Very long wait time for level 1 and 2
RNA for returns with products purchase from Costco extremely slow to no responds. Need to call a few time.
8 PoE LNR280 has no expandable switch box. If you plan to add more cams to your LNR200, you'll need to purchase their LNR300 with comes with a switch box. Yes, that's right!
The LNR 300 is just like the LNR200/280 except it allows one to add 8 more cams for a total of 16 cams.

The list goes on.

For a better and professional grade CCTV security system. Checkout Backstreet surveillance. They have life time tech support and true security system. They are easier to get a hold of and better time zone.

SR, Maui,HI

28 out of 41


Location: Hemet, CA

Apparently Lorex doesn't consider their system to be necessary for a business. We purchased this system due in August, 2013 a number of attempted and actual break-ins. Since then we have had two of the six ports we use stop working.
Following is the text of the RMA authorization:

Upon receipt of your defective, we will ship the replacement within 4-7 days.
Should you have any questions, you may call us at 1-888-425-6739 ext 2.

By the time I package it up, ship it at my expense, send it to Lorex, and wait for a replacement unit, I expect at least 3 weeks will pass. Hopefully we don't have another break-in in the meantime.

29 out of 41


Location: Kihei, HI

This is my second purchase of Lorex LNR280. does have the best and newest Lorex products, including the LNR280. The bad thing is that Lorex does not inform you of the better deals that they sell to Costco, and that they give Costco the newest products first like the LNR280 with Stratus Connectivity. Anyway, I did purchase their LNR280 because it's a good product and could use a few more features.

One does need help from Tech level II support. Expect to wait for 30-50 min. Once you get their help for either the DDNS or other issues.

I too would suggest to first download the software to the computer you plan to view the cams. Once you have done that and follow the instructions, there's a good chance you'll get it up and running. Getting the cell phone apps is a not that hard. The new instructions spell it almost out for you. Be patient when installing the system. Please follow the quick step setup, and you're half way there.

It would be nice if Lorex redesigns it Cat5e cable connection from the camera. As it set now, if you plan to install it to ceiling, you'll need to drill a 1-inch hole just to get the connector through. Poorly designed. It should be detachable.

FYI, Just if you're not a member yet and check with them first before purchasing any Lorex security home or business CCTVs. Then go to Lorex website to compare the prices. Castco will get you better deals. Pick up other Lorex items that Costco does not curry.

PS. Read the reviews before you purchase anything from Lorex and/or anywhere.

Best of luck,

30 out of 41


Location: Iowa

This was the 3rd Security system I tried other ones were a different brand and not HD one claimed to be DVD quality that was not even VHS quality. As for the Lorex my order had a slight hold up due to they only had 4 camera's in-stock at the time so I called and asked what the hold up was and they offered to send the system out with the 4 Camera's and send the other 2 when they came in-stock. Shipping was very fast after that and the other 2 cameras showed up 2 days after the system. Day time picture is high quality HD night time pictures still have some noise in them and room for improvement. I called Lorex twice about this after sitting on hold for 40 minutes they logged in remotely to look at some recordings and said that was a great picture I disagreed. They told me that was the best picture quality I would get at night and there was nothing I could adjust for settings. The second time I called and was on the Phone for an hour half after all the hold time and my called getting transferred to the next higher department, nothing same thing there is no setting to adjust that's just it. Well Lorex's tech does't know much about these camera's then. If you plug a camera directly into your router if your router is not POE you will need a power supply to power the camera. You can log into the camera after finding the correct IP address through your routers settings page. Use the generic log in info from Lorex to sign into the camera. There is some many setting that you can adjust to improve night time quality I can not believe you can not access these setting from the NVR. I really hope Lorex puts out an update to make this possible through the NVR. There is DVR's out there that cost $200.00 that can access these setting. So you can adjust these settings to achieve the best picture for your application and then just unplug the camera plug it back into the NVR the camera retains the settings you made. If you have your NVR setup for online viewing you can view the camera you are adjusting through the NVR, you have to go into Camera setting on the NVR change the IP to Manual and type in the same IP address that you used to log directly into the camera. It takes a few minutes for it to find the camera and you can adjust the settings on your computer while viewing live picture on your NVR plus you can go walk in front of the camera come back and view the last recording so you can achieve the best Facial Recognition. I hope this helps some people there is nothing in the manual about this and Lorex tech either doesn't know how to do it or doesn't want people doing this. The best thing is if you mess up and can't get the camera back to the best settings just hit the reset button on the camera and try again.

I like the system I think it has alot of potential especially for the money it is by no means a inexpensive system but for 1080p IP camera's at 3.0 mpeg you won't find a better deal. I am just hopping Lorex keeps improving on the Software and these setting become available through the NVR and maybe more. This is why I give it 4 stars if I could access these setting through the NVR it would be a 5 star system for sure.

31 out of 41


Location: Greeley, CO

This system is great. Easy setup and the cameras' night vision truly blew me away. Great image settings and such a great job.

32 out of 41


Location: San Francisco Bay Area

My overall experience with purchasing this camera system has been an interesting one! First I think once you get everything installed, the system works great. I however do have several issues that occurred that I would like to address.

1) There were suppose to be 8 cameras in my order, 4 bullet and 4 dome. The bullets were shipped and the dome cameras were not! No indication of partial shipment prior to receiving the order, etc. I had to contact Lorex to ask them what was going on. I was then told the camera's would not arrive for another 2+ Months. This was not acceptable to me and I was informed that they could send me 4 bullet cameras to replace the Dome cameras. I told them i had ordered this system because i wanted the dome cameras. They also failed to mention the dome cameras are more expensive and there was no offer to refund the price difference
2) Dome Cameras are Ceiling Mount Only! It does not say this anywhere on any advertisement for this package, nor does it mention this under the literature of the camera itself. Customer support did not hesitate to respond that these camera's are Ceiling Mount only and offered to replace them with bullet cameras.
3) Customer Service at this company sucks! The online ticketing system is a joke! I opened a ticket that sat there, untouched for 9 days! I had to go online to the Lorex Facebook page and complain in order to get Customer Service to address my ticket! I was then told by the Customer Service rep that I needed to call customer service to resolve my issues! (Once again, the online ticket system is a waste of time)
4) One of the bullet cameras allowed moisture to absorbed and the lens was completely fogged over. I went and looked at the camera and the lens was covered with Moisture. (The camera is rated IP66 and was mounted under an eave! It has not rained in months, so not sure where the moisture is coming from. Was told by the customer service rep, in response to the ticket I placed online, that i needed to call customer service to have the camera replaced. Once again, useless online ticketing system.
5) A 32" LED TV came with the package I ordered from Lorex. I asked to be provided with the manufacturer of the TV, so that I could add it to my universal remote. I was told "It is China, the TV model is Lorex and there is no universal remote code! " I do not find this answer acceptable!
6) Be prepared to do a lot of adjustments to your camera's between daylight and nighttime. I have found you have to settle for a medium happy between the two. I can get really good daytime recordings., but had to make changes to correct IR whiteout, etc at night!

Other than the issues above, the system works great, was easy to configure, Remote Access via the internet or cell phone works great.. The camera's provide excellent viewing and the NVR records and plays back great. If they could only do something about the horrible customer service!

33 out of 41


Location: Mississauga

It is a good security camara system. Except if you need to use longer Ethernet cable. Because it doesn't work if the cable longer then 100 feet (although it said it can be use up to 300 feet).

34 out of 41


Location: Westminster, California

I just installed the Forex security system with 4 cameras today. So far, the quality is exceptional and crystal clear. The sales representative I spoke on the phone recommended the newer version that came out because it's better due to real time recording. We hired a security camera specialist in town to install and set-up the system on our house, connected it to the TV, and connect it to the internet modem so we can watch it via our smartphone and Iphone. We paid him $400 and so far it's been a good experience. Daytime quality extremely clear, at night black and white quality is good. We can see visual image in detail of the people in front of our house, side-alley, etc very well in the dark.

Everything has been a good experience. The company just needs to hire more people to answer the phone quicker. I've called them like 4 times and each time I had to wait at least 10-15 minutes before someone answers the phone to help us.

35 out of 41


Location: San Diego

As a homeowner and first time installer for a video surveillance camera system, the NVR 8 channel, model LNR280 and compatible 1080P IP bullet and dome cameras are comfort for your security. The cameras record things you never realized were happening around your house. I?ve had the system for about 6 months use.

The hardware setup is easy, the setup charts and diagrams instructions are good. There are some software setting for the network with Ports, IP/DDNS Addresses where the non tech installer may need some help, including setting up cameras on the PC and iPodtouch/Android Smartphone. With Lorex great tech support the system was running smoothly in a couple of days.

The interior IP cameras work as expected and a snap to set up.
The exterior IP cameras on the other hand are a challenge and take some effort to set up the right motion recording settings, it really depends on your surroundings. The weather, insects and your landscaping all play a critical part in the motion detection. At night the cameras sees some motion we are not able to see with the naked eye, spiders, bugs, flying insects, early morning fog and car headlights trigger the motion detection. During the day, the sun and wind create moving tree shadows, moving plant shrubbery all triggering the motion detection. The infra-red camera lights attract bugs.

I?ve installed black light bug zappers and sprayed flying insect repellent around the cameras with some success

Overall I?m very happy with the video surveillance system. Suggest Lorex improve the exterior camera motion detection where is records mostly people or animal movement. Better still have PIR alarm inputs on the NVR to attach PIR motion sensors.

36 out of 41


Location: USA

This is one of the more complete camera setups that I have ever owned. The fact that it was all Ethernet based made it easy to run only one cable and not have to worry about power. I have 6 cameras hooked up with no issues. The night vision works better then expected.

37 out of 41


Location: Miami. Fl.

Easy to instal, great visibility, but way more trouble than I expected for the set up like for off site computer viewing also mobile iPhone I have not been able to set up. When you call technical support is somewhere in a foreign country so don't expect good service. I am going to have to spend money to have a professional come out and configure my cameras and computers.

38 out of 41


Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I installed the LNR 240 with four outdoor cameras. The product worked exactly as advertised and was very simple to install. I needed a bit of help from Lorex with the DDNS service, but they guided me along and everything works just great. And the price is right too!!

I will be installing a second system in another building in about a month.

39 out of 41


Location: New Jersey

I purchased the LNR280 from Costco, 8 port 6 camera High Definition NVR.

HD camera picture is clear and crisp in both daylight and in no light conditions. Daylight is as good as an HD TV.

Initial local setup is easy; connecting all 6 cameras to test was no problem and all 6 worked great.

Setting up the Internet viewing needed to get Lorex Tech Support level 2 involved to configure the Verizon router for port forwarding. The Tech Support level 1 and level 2 phone call took about 25 minutes before I was able to speak to a live tech. Both Level 1 and 2 were knowledgeable on the product, although level 2 seemed to be a bit preoccupied with some other issues. Level 1 support Kathrin was very helpful in answering my questions without the need to read from a script and when she couldn?t accurately answer she sent me over to L2.

The wiring of the Ethernet cables through the walls can be a challenge. Special care needs to be taken with the Ethernet heads. It would have been nice to have the heads come with some type of cover, but protecting them with a covering of tape did the trick. All the Ethernet cables are 100 ft. in length and I have a ton of extra cable coiled up in the basement. Being able to order variable length cables would fix this.

I would suggest downloading the manual for reference. One of the recording options ?Continuous & Motion? had me confused as to what it actually meant and the manual cleared that up.

The local access via the NVR and Web works fine. On the other hand the downloaded client on the PC or MAC does not work if you change the admin password from the default of ?000000?. Lorex support states that this will be corrected in a future release of the firmware.

I don?t find the NVR fan as loud as some of the posts on the Internet. The NVR is in a well-ventilated cabinet in my family room and is not auditable. Also, the NVR box doesn?t let off a lot of heat, less than my MAC laptop.

So far the system has been up for a week with no issues.

40 out of 41


Location: Fremont, CA

This is a review of the Lorex LNR280 HD NVR system with 4 HD IP cameras, which is an upgrade to my existing Lorex LH-314 Edge system.


* Picture Quality - The IP cameras delivers 1080p full frame. When piped to my HD 1080p HDTV, the picture is crystal clear. Compared to my previous analog cameras, this vast quality jump justifies the upgrade.

Good Points:

* The unit comes with a client software to access the NVR remotely, though not all the functions which are available directly on the NVR are supported, like digital zoom.

*The streaming to the PC client, or IPad/Android app is via a compressed stream. The live stream is pretty good, though you don't get the full 1080p resolution.

The Weak Points:

*Quality Control: One of the four cameras had a stuck IR filter, which should have disengaged when in night mode. This defective camera should have never left the factory.

* Fan noise: the little fan is very loud with a high annoying pitch. So the DVR must now reside inside a closet. This makes the direct control of the NVR not practical, and the remote client software is a must.

* Client Software: With the DVR in the closet, I have to control the DVR with the client software. Though functional, this software does not have all of the functions of the main NVR.

* App for Android Tablet, "Lorex netHD Plus": The app works, but can practically only support live view. There is no search function for motion or alarm, and the playback function interface is clunky.

The Bad points:

* The motion detection is really sensitive, to the point that a fly would trigger motion. With the sensitivity set to min, I still get about 100 triggers per camera daily! This is clearly a problem with the algorithm, in that the motion is compared within each of the little user-defined box, rather than the total of all the boxes. The fix would just require changing a couple of lines of code. There is no excuse for not fixing this.

* The remote viewing function for both the PC client and Android App is useless outside of my home network because of the tremendous bandwidth requirement for the full 1080p. It would work if the NVR stream the playback viewing also in the compressed resolution, much like the live streaming. This allows the playback stream to be function, and once interesting frames are identified, we can then switch to 1080p for a closer look.

* The android app does not have a search for motion or alarm; so a playback function, even if it works, is not useful. The app must support search for motion/alarm. Also, I find that the drag/drop "feature" to be annoying, a simple touch-click on the camera does nothing, and that you have to hold, then drag to a window is kind of ridiculous. Advice to the app developer: make it simple, no need for the fancy non-functional "features".

In summary, this product is worthy of the upgrade, although there are numerous issues, of which some, like the fan, are just annoyances, while others, like the remote playback is totally useless. Expect the picture quality of the recording to be exceptional, and the client software and smart phone/pad/tablet apps to be usable, but have lots of limitations.

The good news is that these bad points are fixable with firmware and software upgrades. Let's hope that Lorex management acknowledges them, and commit to a time line for these fixes, namely:

- Fix the motion sensitivity
- Support compress streaming on playback ( just like live)
- Add search function to Android app

41 out of 41


Location: New York City

I got this 8 camera system for a week now,
Pros: DVR set up was very easy; just plug and play to watch on the monitor. By following the step by step guide it?s quite easy to set-up for internet or remote access viewing from anywhere. It was much more time consuming to run all the cables & install all the cameras at various locations!
Day time picture quality is excellent! Night time picture quality is very good compared to other systems!
Cons: the DVR system is rather noisy compared to my previous DVR & all my other electronics>, the company can do a better job with this!



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