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Cloud Connection Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Connection Lorex's new IP cameras feature Cloud Connection for secure video streaming over the Internet without requiring any network knowledge or configuration. This FAQ explains how Cloud Connection works and keeps your video private and safe.


Q: How does Cloud Connection work?

A: Cloud Connection uses Lorex authentication servers to perform a secure "handshake" between the camera and the viewing device, establishing a connection over the Internet without any network configuration.

When you connect to your camera, your viewing device sends the ID and password for your camera to the authentication server. The authentication server finds the camera on the Internet and sends it the ID and password. This ensures that no one may view the video stream without knowing the camera's ID and password. The ID and password for multiple cameras can be saved on your viewing device, which allows for a solution that can grow according to your surveillance or monitoring needs.


ID and password sent from viewing device to Lorex server then to camera. Video stream sent to the viewing device

Cloud Connection Secure Handshake


Video is streamed in one of two ways: it is sent directly from the camera to the viewing devices, or it is streamed from the camera to the viewing devices through Lorex video streaming servers. This allows up to 20 users to view the camera at once, without running into bandwidth limitations.

Cloud Connection with a single user
Multi-user Cloud Connection
Cloud Connection Streaming Types


Q: Is my video secure?

A: Yes. The password sent to the camera and the video are encrypted when being sent between the camera and the viewing device or Lorex video servers. This means they cannot be intercepted while streaming over the Internet. The camera password is required to view your video, so only you or the people you share the password with can access the video stream.


Q: Are Lorex Cloud Connection administrators able to view video from my camera?

A: No, no one may view your video without the password for the camera, and no one from Lorex is able to access your video or passwords. The password is only stored locally in the camera. It is not stored on any Lorex servers.

To maintain your privacy, be careful who you share your camera password with.


Q: Is a subscription or recurring fee required to use this service?

A: No, there is no subscription or fees required to use the Cloud Connection service. We do recommend that you register your product to receive warranty coverage and technical support.


Q: Can I stop sharing the password with someone?

A: Yes, you can always use the camera's software to change the password, if you want to stop sharing the video feed.


Q: Do Lorex servers store or record any video?

A: Lorex servers do not store or record any of the video from the camera. All video recording is saved to the camera's microSD card or directly to the memory of the viewing devices.

No Internet bandwidth is required to use microSD card recording or to record to a computer, smartphone, or tablet on the same network as the camera. Some Internet bandwidth is used when recording to a computer, smartphone, or tablet over the Internet.


Last Updated: 28/11/2012