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LHD100 Series - Hard Drive Storage Calculator FAQ

Relevant Models / Series: LHD100 Series (LHD104)

Downloads / Upgrades Available: Click here

HD Storage Calculator is a software for LHD100 Series High Definition DVR's that calculates the amount of storage time available depending on hard drive space and recording parameters. Please note that recording times are estimated and actual recording time may vary depending on factors such as movement in the scene.

NOTE: HD Storage Calculator is only available for PC.


Using HD Storage Calaculator

  1. Download Storage Calculator for PC from the Downloads tab for LHD100 Series.
  2. Extract the contents of the .zip file into a folder.
  3. Open the folder and double-click Calculator.exe.
  4. Set your desired recording parameters for each camera by double-clicking in the top area of the screen.
    NOTE: Default recording parameters for the system are: Very High Recording Quality, 1080P Recording Resolution, a Frame Rate of 5 Frames per Second, Recording 24 Hours a Day.
  5. Under HDD capacity, use the drop-down menu to select the number of hard drives you plan to use with the system (the DVR supports a maximum of 2 hard drives). Enter the total combined storage size of the hard drives you intend to use with the system in GB.
    NOTE: 1TB equals approximately 1000GB. To ensure an accurate caluclation, it is recommended to enter values of 500GB and higher.
  6. Click Calculate. The approximated duration of recording time is shown under Day / Hour.
    calculator interface



Last Updated: 10/18/2012