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LHD100 Series - Lorex Mobile HD Plus for iPad™ FAQ

Relevant Models / Series: LHD100 Series (LHD104)

Downloads / Upgrades Available: Click here

Lorex Mobile HD Plus is an iPad application for LHD100 Series High Definition DVR's that allows you to view your cameras live and playback recorded footage directly to your iPad™.


Connecting to your DVR using Lorex Mobile HD Plus

  1. Download the Lorex Mobile HD Plus app from the App Store.
  2. Touch the Lorex Mobile HD Plus icon (Lorex Mobile HD icon) from your home screen to start the app.
  3. Touch +.
    Click +
  4. Enter the following:
    • Site Name: Enter a name for your DVR of your choice.
    • IP/Host: Enter the DDNS address of the DVR (e.g.

      NOTE: Some routers may prevent you from connecting to your DVR using a DDNS address on a local network. If you are unable to connect, try disabling WiFi on your mobile device and attempt to connect using the 3G or mobile network. If you need to use WiFi, use the DVR's internal IP address to connect. Note that you cannot connect to the internal IP address over the Internet.

    • Port: Enter the DVR's Client Port number (default: 3000).
    • User Name: Enter the DVR's User Name (default: admin).
    • Password: Enter the DVR's Password (default: 00000).
      Add your DVR information


  5. Touch Done.
  6. Touch the name of your DVR in Site List to connect. The app connects and streams live video from your cameras.


Using Lorex Mobile HD Plus

You can use Lorex Mobile HD Plus in either portrait or landscape mode.

Lorex Mobile HD Plus interface

NOTE: Remote viewing resolution is set to CIF (352 x 240) by default. It is selectable in the Bandwidth tab on the DVR up to 720p (1280 x 720), however increasing the resolution will increase the amount of bandwidth required for remote viewing and may affect performance due to bandwidth constraints.


Using Playback

NOTE: Using Playback requires you to download video from the DVR at the full high definition recording resolution. This may require large amounts of data. If using over a 3G or mobile network, charges may vary based on provider.

  1. Touch the screen to bring up the menu, and press Playback button.
  2. Touch a channel to playback then touch Goto.

    Select a channel and touch Goto
  3. Swipe up and down to select a time and date to playback and touch Done.

    Slide up and down to select a time and press done
  4. The app downloads the recorded video from the DVR. Touch > to start playback.
  5. Use the playback controls to control playback.
  6. To exit Playback, press Back button. If Back button is not shown, tap the screen.


Site List

Use the Site List to manage connection information for your DVR or multiple DVRs.

To modify a DVR:

  1. Touch Edit DVR button.
    Touch > to modify DVR connection info
  2. Edit the DVR connection information as needed and touch Done.


To delete a DVR:

  1. Touch Edit.
    Touch Edit
  2. Touch -, and then touch Delete.
    Press -
    Press Delete


Last Updated: 7/31/2012