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Lorex Remote Access Windows 8 Tips & FAQ

Lorex's current DVR's, IP cameras, and home monitors are compatible with Windows 8. Here are some tips to help you get connected to your Lorex system on your new Windows 8 PC.

Click here for Lorex systems compatibility with Windows 8.

Q: Windows 8 is blocking me from installing software for my Lorex system. What do I do?

A: When installing Lorex software in Windows 8, you may see a message like the one below.

Windows 8 Smart Screen

This is a security message to prevent users from downloading malicious software from the Internet. All software provided by Lorex is safe and will not harm your computer.

To bypass this message and install Lorex software:

  1. Click More info.

    click more info
  2. Click Run anyway to proceed with the installation.

    Click Run anyway to proceed with installation
  3. Follow the prompts to complete installation.

Q: Why do I see a blank or gray screen when connecting to my Lorex system in Internet Explorer 10?

A: Internet Explorer 10 has two modes in Windows 8. There is a Desktop mode, that runs in a window like in previous versions of Windows, and there is a full-screen, tablet-style mode.

Lorex systems are designed to run in the Desktop version of Internet Explorer 10. You can quickly switch an address from the full-screen version of Internet Explorer to the Desktop version using following steps.

To switch an Internet address to the Desktop Internet Explorer browser:

  • Click Wrench icon then click View on the desktop.

Click View on the desktop


TIP: It is recommended to use Run as administrator mode when opening Internet Explorer to connect to your Lorex system. This will ensure that you can use the full capabilities of the system, including saving video files to your computer's hard drive.

To open Internet Explorer in Run as administrator mode in Windows 8:

  1. From the Desktop, right-click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar.
  2. Right-click Internet Explorer and select Run as Administrator.

    Right-click Internet Explorer icon then Internet Exploer. Click Run as admin
  3. Accept any security warnings that appear.
  4. Connect to your Lorex system as normal.

Q: Can I connect to my Lorex system on a Surface RT tablet or in Windows RT?

A: Not at this time. The Surface RT and Windows RT are specifically designed for tablets and will only run software downloaded from the Windows Store. Please check back for future compatibility updates.

Lorex Systems that are compatible with Windows 8 can be connected to using a Surface Pro or other tablet device running Windows 8. Click here for Lorex systems compatibility with Windows 8.

Q: Can I connect to my Lorex system on Windows Phone?

A: Not at this time.

Q: I have a Lorex product with Skype™ compatibility. Can I connect to my cameras remotely with Skype™ on Windows 8?

A: Yes. The latest driver software allows you to connect to your cameras using the Skype™ app from the Windows Store.

As an alternative to downloading the Skype™ app from the Windows Store, you may download Skype™ for Windows desktop from Both versions of Skype allow you to connect to your cameras remotely.

NOTE: There are two drivers available for PC based on your computer system type: one for 32-bit operating systems, and one for 64-bit. You must determine which system type you have and install the corresponding camera driver. Click here for instructions installing the latest drivers and connecting to your system using the Skype app.

NOTE: Lorex products with Skype connectivity do not support Windows RT or Windows Phone.

Last Updated: 11/12/2013