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Lorex Stratus Connectivity
Stratus - Instantly connected


The Stratosphere is a layer of the atmosphere that facilitates air travel and connects the entire world. Similarly, Lorex Stratus Connectivity is a cloud-enabled service that allows for instant remote access to all future Lorex product platforms on any device from anywhere in the world.

Connect in 3 minutesInnovative Setup

The first complete cloud-enabled connectivity solution on the market, instantly connects you to your security system from anywhere, you can set up your system using an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet without even requiring the use of a computer. Lorex Stratus Connectivity will have you viewing your system remotely within minutes with just 3 simple steps. Download the free Stratus App for the DVR, scan the QR code on the DVR using the Stratus App, input your new password, and voila! Start viewing your system remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Setup Stratus Connectivity - Just 3 Simple Steps


Lorex stratus Connectivity

Free Mobile Apps

Download the free Lorex Stratus App for your DVR and receive free video streaming of your system to your smart device where ever you may be. Without sacrificing any features, Lorex Stratus supports remote access using PC, Mac, Android™, and iOS, with advanced controls, including; multi-channel live viewing, single channel search, playback, video and snap shot recording directly to your mobile device, and PTZ controls

No hidden recurring fees!

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Fast, Secure and Reliable

Straus Connectivity is unique in bringing cloud-connectivity to Security DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). The Stratus Cloud Connection uses Lorex authentication servers to perform a secure "handshake" between the DVR and the viewing device, establishing an encrypted connection over the Internet without any network configuration.

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  Lorex Stratus Connectivity Traditional Connectivity
Router port-forwarding Not needed Required

DDNS registration/
static IP address

Not needed Required
Dependence on Internet
Service Provider`s hardware
Not needed Yes
Computer required
for initial setup
Not needed Yes
Time to set up Under 3 minutes 30-45 minutes or longer
Technical support Not needed Complex setup often requires
interaction with tech support
Out of the box experience Excellent Overwhelmed by technical complexity