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LW3451X Wireless Home Monitor - Frequently Asked Questions

Relevant Models / Series: LW3451X


Q: Why are only 2 power adapters included with this product?

A: The product comes with one power adapter for the camera and one power adapter for both the Wi-Fi cradle and handheld monitor. The power adapter for the Wi-Fi cradle and handheld monitor is meant to be connected to the Wi-Fi cradle, and it both powers the Wi-Fi cradle and charges the battery in the handheld monitor when the handheld monitor is placed in the Wi-Fi cradle.

You can tell which device each power adapter is for by looking at the labels on the power adapter cables.


Q: How does the remote connection work?

A: This product includes a unique Wi-Fi cradle that can stream video from the camera(s) to a smartphone or tablet over the Internet when the handheld monitor is placed on it. The system allows remote connectivity to your cameras in the following way:

* You must connect the Wi-Fi cradle to your router using the included Ethernet cable to connect the system to your wireless network the first time.


Q: What devices can I use to connect to the system?

The Lorex Care app supports the following devices:

  • iPhone®/iPad®: iOS v.5.1 and above is required.
  • Android™ smartphones and tablets: Android™ v2.3 and above is required.


Q: The battery in my LCD monitor is not holding charge or is showing signs of expansion. What do I do?

A: Some LW3451X systems may have one of the following issues with the rechargeable battery in the LCD monitor.

  • Battery not functioning or holding any charge.
  • Battery life is reduced. Normal battery life is 5 hours.
  • Battery is showing signs of expansion. This is not dangerous due to safety features designed in the battery, but it should still be replaced.

If your system has one of these issues, contact Lorex customer service for a replacement.

Once you get your new LCD monitor, make sure to follow the proper maintenance steps for rechargeable batteries. If the product is not in use for an extended period of time, disconnect the battery or make sure to charge it at least once every 6 months.


Last Updated: 4/25/2014