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Introducing Lorex Stratus Connectivity

In the past 5 years, mobile devices have become deeply integrated in our lives. Following this trend, video surveillance technologies have become more connected. This enables one of the most captivating reasons to have a security camera system or home monitor—the peace of mind that you can view video from your system from anywhere in the world on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Until now, however, this has required a complicated process to set up your home network for remote access to your surveillance system. With the release of Stratus Connectivity, Lorex is eliminating these hassles, making remote access instant and simple.

Lorex systems with Stratus Connectivity

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What is Stratus Connectivity? 

The Stratosphere is a layer of the atmosphere that facilitates air travel and connects the entire world. Similarly, Lorex Stratus Connectivity is a cloud-enabled service that allows for instant remote access to all future Lorex product platforms on any device from anywhere in the world.


Compared to other remote connection methods available in the video surveillance market, Lorex Stratus Connectivity provides the following benefits:

  • Ease of use: Setup is done in 3 steps, without needing the skills of an IT pro.
  • Security and reliability: Unique system ID’s and passwords ensure only authorized individuals may access your video.
  • No compromises: Full control of the system is available via mobile app.
  • No recurring fees

How it works?

Lorex Stratus Connectivity uses cloud servers to enable Lorex security DVRs and other products to instantly connect with other devices over the Internet. A unique Device ID is encoded onto each system.

When you connect to your Lorex system, your viewing device sends this ID to a Stratus Connectivity server. The server uses this ID number to locate the system on the Internet and perform a secure handshake between the Lorex system and the viewing device. A private, encrypted tunnel is created to directly connect the surveillance system and the viewing device via a peer-to-peer connection.

In the event that a hardware firewall or other security settings prevent a tunnel from being created, Lorex Stratus Connectivity servers stream video from the system to the viewing device. This ensures connectivity in corporate environments. Video streamed through Lorex servers is still encrypted, and Lorex servers do not store any video footage.


Ease of use

In the past, remote access to your surveillance system required you to setup your home network for port forwarding. You also needed to register for DDNS service or have an expensive static IP address to maintain reliable connectivity. All of these steps added to the complexity and difficulty of the setup process, and often required lengthy calls to tech support or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when something went wrong.

Lorex Stratus Connectivity allows for instant connectivity to your Lorex system. To connect to your surveillance system over the Internet, simply download the free app on your smartphone or tablet, scan the QR code label on the Lorex system, and enter the password. You are then immediately connected to the system, and can view video from your cameras from any location.

1-2-3 Stratus Connectivity Setup


Lorex Stratus Connectivity vs. traditional remote connectivity


Lorex Stratus Connectivity


Router port-forwarding

Not needed


DDNS registration/static IP address

Not needed


Dependence on ISP (Internet Service Provider) hardware/support

Not needed


Computer required for initial setup

Not needed


Time to set up

Under 3 minutes

30-45 minutes or longer

Technical support

Not needed

Complex setup often requires interaction with tech support

Out of the box experience


Overwhelmed by technical complexity


Perfect for mobile

The explosion of mobile devices and cloud services is rapidly changing people’s expectations of technology. People want solutions that are instantly available from anywhere and on any device. They expect products to be fully-featured, but still easy to use. Lorex Stratus Connectivity delivers all of this. It provides a new, easy user experience for connecting to your surveillance system on a smart phone or tablet, and expands the capabilities of Lorex systems from pure security to awareness.

Lorex has designed Stratus Connectivity so that smartphones and tablets, the preferred connectivity devices, are the simplest to set up and the easiest to use. Mobile devices, such as iOS and Android™ smartphones and tablets, allow you to fully set up your system without needing to use a computer.

Security and reliability

To ensure the highest levels of security and privacy, each Stratus-enabled device has its own unique ID and password. During the initial set up, you will be asked to select a personal password for the system. You can then control access to your surveillance video by setting up user accounts for the system with varying levels of access.

The Stratus Connectivity servers are hosted in a world-class data center in North America with strict adherence to security and privacy. Redundant servers are in place to ensure continuous uptime and handle increases in demand from higher numbers of connected devices.

No compromises

Lorex Stratus Connectivity is a complete solution for remote access to your surveillance system. All the advanced capabilities that are available locally on the DVR can be accessed from a remote location, using the mobile apps or computer software. This includes:

  • Multiple-channel live viewing.
  • Searching and playing back live footage.
  • Backing up video clips to your device’s memory or hard drive.
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera controls.
  • Multi-user log in.
  • Remote configuration of DVR settings (available on PC/Mac clients only).

The Lorex Stratus mobile apps and computer software are provided free of charge, and there are no recurring fees to use the system. The applications can be installed on an unlimited number of devices, and up to 3 users may connect to the same Lorex system simultaneously.

Unique solution by Lorex

Lorex Stratus Connectivity is the first complete, cloud-based connectivity solution for security DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) available in the market.

Lorex Stratus Connectivity vs. other cloud-based solutions


Lorex Stratus Connectivity


Easy connect



QR code setup



View multiple cameras live



Remote playback
on all platforms


Paid subscription service

Backup video to mobile device



Remote PTZ control



While similar solutions are available for IP cameras, IP camera systems require you to connect to one camera at a time and have limitations in terms of storage capacity. The integration of the cloud into security DVRs allows unique capabilities, such as the ability to connect to a central site to view multiple surveillance cameras and to search for recorded video from high-capacity hard drives installed in the DVR. Lorex Stratus Connectivity is the first solution that combines the peace of mind of having a reliable, always-on surveillance recorder with the confidence that you can easily connect to the people and things that matter to you most.

Last updated: 9/27/13