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Motion Surveillance CameraMotion Surveillance CameraMotion Surveillance CameraMotion Surveillance CameraMotion Surveillance Camera

Motion Surveillance Camera


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40FT  Night Vision

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Wireless surveillance system with built-in video recorder and indoor/outdoor motion activated camera

The Lorex LW2301 is a digital wireless video security system with SD card recording. This is a fast and easy way to add video security to your home or small business providing video signal that is clear, secure, and interference-free. The digital wireless micro-receiver easily plugs directly into your TV, DVR or surveillance monitor. Set up the security camera near the front or back doors, garage, backyard, patio, kid's room, or any location that you would like to keep an eye on. No need to run video cables between the cameras and the receiver. With the LW2301 digital wireless technology, installation is made easy! Just connect the camera and receiver to a nearby power outlet and you're all set. Protect your home, family or business with ease using the Lorex LW2301 digital wireless video security system. The system can be used for continuous video recording or as motion activated camera

Model no.: LW2301

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

WiFi Friendly

WiFi Friendly

System won't interfere with WiFi signals.

SD Recording

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Recommended Accessory
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Omni-directional wireless range extender antenna

Model no.:ACCANTO8

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In Stock

Reg.  $99.99


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Reviews & Ratings
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Location: San Antonio, TX.
Date : November 24, 2014

I have had the SD9 system for almost 1 year. Just recently one of my three cameras developed a crack in the housing which allowed water to infiltrate the camera. I called Lorex Service and received a new camera in a few days. It was still under warranty so there was no charge for the camera or shipping. The cameras are very sensitive and detect motion out to about 80 feet, which, is more than the 40 feet as mentioned in the instructions. I recommend this system very highly and the Service and Support departments have been very helpful. They could add more people to reduce the wait times incurred to talk to a representative.

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Location: u.s.
Date : September 23, 2013

Remote DOA, otherwise so far so good.

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Location: brooklyn
Date : September 5, 2013

Great and easy set up very clear sound and pick could of made more durable

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Date : August 6, 2011

Really Good Security Camera

I bought this camera since I am a single mom of 2 and recently have had some problems with the new neighbours ringing my doorbell in the middle of the night and running off, and allowing their dog to do its business in front of my yard. This camera was so easy to install. Had it all set up within 10 minutes! The day and night video is perfect for my front yard needs. I love the remote. I have it set on motion detection. I wish the motion would go until the motion is done since it only records for 5, 15 or 30 sec. Longer would be nice. Very easy to switch from motion detection to constant record, my first security camera so overall it does what I need it to. Love It!!!!!!

What's great about it: Works great for keeping an eye on my front yard

What's not so great: Wish motion detection was longer than 30 seconds.

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: Puyallup, WA
Date : June 12, 2011

Good entry level, you get what you pay for

I purchased the camera after my family and I came home to minor damage to our garage door. We spent under $200 for one camera and the SD DVR with remote. Really liked the easy to navigate menu, ease of set up, and microphone on the camera. We noticed that the camera began losing resolution after six months (the IR sensor, which regulates when to activate the IR lights, burnt out). The colors are now muted with exception to the color red. Unfortunately, the one-year warranty DOES NOT covers IR lights, bulbs, and or sensors. Additionally, the SD DVR has started to become unresponsive and does not always receive commands. If you need a camera for under $200 with decent sound and picture quality, pick it up but be prepared to replace it within a year with a better system.

What's great about it: Easy to set up, great price, good daylight resolution

What's not so great: poor image quality overall, motion blur, "white-out" from IR at night

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Location: Arvada, CO
Date : February 15, 2011

Very easy to use!


This is the easiest security system I have ever setup literally the hardest part of the installation is attaching the camera to the house. Everything else was plug and play. I hooked everything up and had it all set up within 5 minutes. The video quality is great day or night. It's a very simple system that has a few great features.

The only gripe I have about it is that the motion recording feature is time sensitive you can select intervals of 5, 15 or 30 seconds of recording after the motion sensors are triggered. I just wish it would continue recording until there is no longer motion detected.

What's great about it: Easy to setup, install, and use

What's not so great: Motion sensor recording not what I was expecting?

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: portland, oregon
Date : September 24, 2010

DIY Video Security System

From out of the box, to a functioning video/audio security system in less than a half hour. I positioned a camera outside under the roof over-hang to cover the off street side of my business. The infrared lights on the camera work great during the hours of darkness and during the daytime, the camera provides a satisfactory picture of the area. The only drawback has been washed out color images captured in daylight. The daytime video looks like it’s captured in B&W. The heat sensor enables the camera to capture targets entering the field of view 24/7. The digital wireless communication between the monitor and the camera works fine for my application on a wood frame building. The distance between the components is less than 75 feet and only three interior walls between the camera and monitor. (I use a 10 inch portable DVD player to view the camera.) The weather has been wet and rainy since the installation with much of the rain falling directly onto the camera. So far, no adverse results. If I had to do it over again, I would purchase more cameras because they seem a better value when purchased in a system rather than a standalone item. Ten years ago this would have cost over a thousand dollars, taken hours to install and have been hard wired in making it almost impossible to relocate. Now set-up & moving it is a piece of cake.

What's great about it: portable, easy installation, good picture

What's not so great: daytime color

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: Stockton, CA USA
Date : May 1, 2010

Easy to install and Great Night Vision

I just installed this today and for someone who does not know much about projects at home. I am able to install this in minutes! you can mount it anywhere and it holds real tight, the remote control comes in handy because you can adjust the settings to your preference, the night vision is clear and the audio recording is sharp, it does not glare even if you mount it or hide it behind a glass window from your house, i will highly recommend this to anybody!

What's great about it: portable, excellent night vision quality, does not require DVR recorder, clear video footage

What's not so great: wish it’s a little cheaper

I would recommend this to a friend!

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Location: Austin, TX
Date : April 11, 2010


Excellent choice for a no-nonsense security camera. Easy to set up; easy to use; picture was very good. And, Best Buy had the best price; no surprise there.

What's great about it: Ease of use; setup; picture; features

What's not so great: nothing that I can think of?

I would recommend this to a friend!

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