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Wi-Fi Wireless Home MonitorWi-Fi Wireless Home MonitorWi-Fi Wireless Home MonitorWi-Fi Wireless Home MonitorWi-Fi Wireless Home Monitor

Wi-Fi Wireless Home Monitor


3.3 ( 15 reviews )
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4.3"  LCD Monitor



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Wi-Fi Connected Wireless Home Monitor

See what's happening while you're at home or away. View live video on the portable and rechargeable handheld monitor, or connect and view with your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world with free iOS and Android apps. Set-up is quick and easy with a 3-step Wi-Fi set-up using your smart device, there's no pc required!

mobile appKeep an eye on what matters to you most and control the wireless pan & tilt camera using the portable 4.3" LCD monitor or straight from your tablet or smartphone using the LorexCare app! Tilt the camera up, down, left or right and digitally zoom in and out to get the best possible view. With scheduled, motion or manual recording you'll never miss a thing! To top it off, you can even turn on the motion tracking feature just in case.

Backlit buttonsStylish, backlit buttons ensure you always find the proper button, even when operating in the dark. The camera's automatic night vision provides a clear black and white image allowing you to see the details that matter.

Two Way TalkTwo-way audio between the camera and monitor means you can talk to a guest or family member, even if you are not in the same room. Expandable up to 4 cameras, install additional wireless cameras all around the house thanks to the secure long-range digital signal.

Remote Connectivity

Remote Connectivity

View video on your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world

Motion Tracking

Motion Tracking

The PT camera automatically tracks a moving object

Expandable System

Expandable System

System is expandable, allowing for additional camera channels.

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Care ‘N’ Share wireless baby monitor accessory camera

Care ‘N’ Share wireless baby monitor accessory camera

Model no.:BB311AC1B

Wireless camera accessory for Care N Share video baby monitor. Features two-way talk, night vision, temperature sensor and more.

In Stock

Reg.  $119.99


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15 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Seminole, fla
Date : August 16, 2013

Great system

I recommend this camera for normal use and it has a clear picture on the cell phone.

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Pet owner

Location: CA
Date : December 26, 2013

Really great for the price

What's great about it: 
Does what it is supposed to do at a great price

What's not so great: could you more options on the web ap


Set this up yesterday. Got it to watch puppies when we're out. Does exactly what it's supposed to do and does it well (at a reasonable price compared to other camera's on the market . Panning is easy, picture is great (adjustable picture quality to help when viewing remotely) and the night vision is surprisingly good! This unit works so well I decided to use it for some security as well. I just ordered (2) more camera's (can get up to (4)) to cover more area's. The IOS app is pretty plain with not many options but you can maneuver the panning and picture and sound is good. I would recommend this for home monitoring and/or security I would have marked 5 stars if not for the plain IOS app.



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Location: Michgan-USA
Date : February 24, 2014

Perfect! It helps me protect my family, even if I am far away from home! I totally recommend it!

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Location: Edmonton AB
Date : March 24, 2014

Cold, dead fingers.

After receiving this product and setting it up, my wife fell in love. We have since questioned why we stuck with the old fashioned audio monitors for so long. Long before you can hear an issue with our toddler's sleep being interrupted, you can see it with the night vision. He is 3 and has a variety of sleep issues. If you can catch it early enough, you can intervene and he has a fighting chance of sleeping through the night.

After having this system in our house for 3 days, my wife said that if someone said we had to go back to the old style monitors, they would have to pry this system out of her cold, dead fingers.

Add to that, the ability to connect via smart-phone when we are outside the house. That is just the icing on the cake.

Setup was straight-forward and the system was up and running within 30 minutes.

1) The way we use the monitor leaves it off the base for more than 3 hours at a time. We are ordering a power adapter just for the monitor so it doesn't have to be on the base.
2) Setting up DDNS is not possible, but I believe this is due to our ISP, not the device.

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Mr D

Location: Indiana
Date : June 30, 2014

Camera system was very easy to set up and works great. Also works well viewing remotely on smart phone.

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Location: NE
Date : February 12, 2014

we bought this camera to use as a baby monitor we were unable to use the wireless on our phones because we can't hook it up due to the fact that we have Verizon jetpack and there's no Ethernet cable hookup but the monitor seems to work good in our home so far, just wish we were able to get around hooking up to wireless without using the ethernet cord

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Bob B

Location: Fraser, CO
Date : May 5, 2014

I am very happy with the LW3451X system. It lets me remotely monitor my vacation home via the internet. I can access and redirect the camera from my tablet and smart phone, and it transmits color during the day and black and white at night, when the house is dark. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

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Cousin Alice

Location: Maryland
Date : December 8, 2014

Great product.

I am blessed with the honor to care for my cousin whom is at the wonderful age of 108 years young soon to be 109 years young in January of 2015. This monitor provides peace of mind at night and during the day as she goes threw her daily routine. Being able to keep an eye on her by myself and other family members keeps her independent and all of us happy. I planned to purchase more cameras but due to the small problem informed by the Tech. staff who will provide a replacement model which should give same great viewing, I will add on to the new model with more cameras. And will give reviews on that model. Would give 5 stars but small problem that is being corrected exists.

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Location: Indiana
Date : September 4, 2013

I bought this camera after the FOSCAM hacking problems, to replace the FOSCAMS we were using as a baby monitor. We bought one set to try it out, and planned on buying another camera or maybe a second set, as we have two daughters. However, the remote viewing feature is not working. It connects for (at the most) four minutes, then cannot find the camera. We bought this monitor so that my husband can peek in on the kids while working. Obviously, I would have bought a cheaper monitor that does not boast remote viewing.

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Location: Montreal Canada
Date : March 13, 2015

Got this a year ago here are my findings as of today (march 2015)

battery doesn't hold charge, got my 2nd battery already dying on me. Last a bit longer than the first but not quite the 5 hours advertised... I'd say about 3 hours at this point since last battery change (6mo)

No iOS 8 app yet! they don't have any update on it and they don't know squat about when it will be released. It's the only camera in their active lineup to not have an iOS 8 app. It says "coming soon" but that was back Dec 2014

If you bought the wifi craddle with it you are out of luck if you have an iPhone with iOS 8. I suppose the Android counterpart works but I can't verify this.

All in all, it works but there are some flaws in keeping this product useful in the long run.

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sort by :  Results: 1-10 of 15
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