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Wireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera systemWireless home security camera system

Wireless home security camera system


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4  Channels

4  Cameras

7"  Monitor

40FT  Night Vision

Two-Way Talk

Play Video

Includes 4 cameras and monitor

Keep an eye on what goes on in and around your home or business with this home security camera system from Lorex. With 4 digital wireless cameras and a 7-inch LCD monitor, this is the perfect easy setup, no hassle video monitoring solution. Lorex LW491 is an easy to install video monitoring for home.

Home monitoring simplified: no video cables, no expensive installation, no recurring fees. Place the cameras indoors or outdoors, power up, and start monitoring! The effective wireless range is

picture frame mode

Picture frame mode

Be discreet and secure. Lorex monitoring system features a picture frame mode that conceals the fact that the unit is actually a surveillance recorder. Personal photos or pictures can be uploaded to the SD card from any PC computer. The monitor will display them when the system is idle. When the motion is detected, the system will display the triggered camera in a full screen mode.

wireless home camera system with remote vieweing

Remote monitoring

View your home while you are away. Connecting your system through Skype™ is a convenient and free way of viewing your camera from anywhere in the world using the internet connection. Connect the wireless receiver to your computer using the included USB cable and set up your Skype™ app. You will be able to see a live video from your camera #1 on any Skype™ compatible smartphone or computer.

Built-in recording

Lorex home security system allows to choose between movement activated or continuous recording, only one camera can be recorded at a time. The recordings are kept on a regular SD card (2Gb card is included, maximum supported size is 32Gb). Every video file is time and date stamped for easier access.

Plug and play wireless

Plug & Play Setup

The LW491 camera system includes 4 digital wireless indoor/outdoor security cameras with audio and 1 monitor with built-in wireless receiver. The cameras are easily paired to the receiver: activate the pairing function on the monitor and press the button on the camera. Then mount the cameras to a wall, ceiling, or other flat surface and connect to a power outlet. The monitor will pick up all cameras right away.

Multiple viewing options

Multiple Viewing Options

The wireless receiver is paired to all 4 cameras and supports single-channel viewing and quad viewing. This means you can view the cameras one-at-a-time in full-screen, or view all cameras at once using Quad View. There is also Auto Scan mode, which cycles through all 4 cameras individually in full-screen automatically.

SD Recording

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Night/Day Video

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

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281 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Chicago
Date : April 27, 2015

Survived extrme winter here in our area and customer technical support respond quick online by the ticket system..great product so far hope it last...thanks Lorex.

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Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Date : April 26, 2015

Lorex system was easy to install. Tech was very helpful - one camera was hard to pair - and he remedied the situation quickly. Picture quality is outstanding. Great system!

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Location: Amissville, VA
Date : April 20, 2015

I bought the system (lw2932) because of the easy install and fair price. I installed everything in a couple of hours, and I am very meticulous when it comes to hiding wires, camera angles, etc. The system has been operational for approximately two weeks now and is working flawlessly. Two cameras are on my house (under porch roof/deck) and two are on the shed (under overhang) approximately fifty feet from the house. I keep the monitor/dvr in the kitchen near the computer and the signal is strong on all four cameras. I love being able to keep track of the kids outside while sitting inside. They think it's funny when I ask them why they are in the shed from the camera! The monitor is great and the settings are easy to use. Motion detection is adjustable and works great. Night vision is amazing. I have no issues and the system works as described. I inserted a 32 gb card ($20) and set it to record all four cameras when any single camera detects motion. On this setting I have found that I still have video from 2 weeks ago. I highly recommend this product for residential or business use.

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Location: Georgia
Date : April 13, 2015

So far we are pleased with our purchase. We have 3 of the 4 cameras up and running and had no issues getting everything set up. We have not done the Skype with the cameras at this point but are excited to have the option.

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Location: Florida
Date : April 3, 2015

For personal or small-scale business use, this product performs adequately. Although the resolution and variety of functions are below par, when I bought this particular model on sale it had the most bang for the buck.

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Location: Warren, MI
Date : March 29, 2015

Great Product!!! Haven't been able to put it up in the locations I want due to weather, but have been playing around with them in the house (watching the dogs). Got it hooked up to Skype, it was very easy to do. Glad we purchased this item.

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Location: Deerfield/Pompano Beaches
Date : March 26, 2015

Great product! Took about 4 days to place the 4 cameras since I had to run the power wire
in conduit for security reasons and appearance requirements for the condominium building.

Very satisfied with the product (so far-3 weeks). Had problem with cameras picking up
"ghost" images during the night vision due to arranging the cameras with overlapping views
where one would trigger the motion detection of the other. After correcting the AIM the
problem disappeared.

Love the intercom capability, only wish the refresh rate (frames per second) were higher so
the images would not jerk like an older movie. Great color and great night vision.

I sleep at night with the monitor viewable from the bed and when the alarm sounds and the
cameras begin a 30-second motion recording, I can easily see IF anything needs attention.

Only hope other tenants don't get jealous and tamper with my cameras to alter the aim or the know "human nature"

Had an X-10 camera system that lasted over 15 years....let's see if this system lasts that long
or longer(?)...hehehe

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Location: wisconsin
Date : March 22, 2015

Good product, easy to set up picture quality very good

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Location: Spring Hill, Gl.
Date : March 14, 2015

This is a great product. Picture quality is very good even in the dark. Easy setup also.

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Location: Vine Grove
Date : March 14, 2015

This was a replacement system and set up very quick. Lorex needs a system to repair units that are out of warranty at a reasonable cost.

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Location: phoenix
Date : March 14, 2015

Great day time picture and motion detection. I was hoping for better in the night time. Overall it meets my expectations. Tech help is wonderful and they have accomodated me on anything i need or have a question about.

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Location: Fl
Date : March 10, 2015

We have this wireless system and it works great. Easy to set up

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Location: San Diego, CA
Date : March 9, 2015

I'm rating this product with 2 stars just because on the first shipment, I received a bad (doesn't work at all) monitor. I wish they've tested this equipment before packaging it. So I shipped it back for a new one. Got a new one, it worked very good for 1-1/2 weeks and was so excited that it was working..., but I had the same problem with the monitor, it just gave up, nothing comes up on the screen. So, I'm still waiting for another replacement. I hope the third one will last a long long time!!!

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Location: oak forest Il
Date : March 9, 2015

I am very happy with the lorex unit I bought. I'm pleased with the price and it is very easy to set up.
Just follow the step by step instructions and you can't go wrong. I've had my monitoring system for 3 months and it purrs like a kitten.

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Location: Auburn
Date : March 9, 2015

I have had this camera system for about 6 weeks now. LW 2932. It is working great. The signal is good and the picture is good. Once you get the hang of the monitor it is easy to
program and operate.

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Home wireless video security system

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Wireless home security camera system
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