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HD WiFi security cameras with remote vieiwng (2-pack)HD WiFi security cameras with remote vieiwng (2-pack)HD WiFi security cameras with remote vieiwng (2-pack)HD WiFi security cameras with remote vieiwng (2-pack)HD WiFi security cameras with remote vieiwng (2-pack)

HD WiFi security cameras with remote vieiwng (2-pack)


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2  Cameras

720p  Resolution

3 hour battery life

10FT  Night Vision

Play Video

The LorexBaby Little Link is a portable HD Wi-Fi video baby monitor that will give peace of mind to any parent. The Little Link is the first video baby monitor of its kind, combining HD image quality with wireless freedom and portability. This remarkable camera streams video over the Internet in 720p HD resolution, which you can watch on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. The Little Link's tiny size makes it extremely portable, and cordless operation for up to 3 hours means that you can take the camera out of the nursery or on the road at a moment's notice.

Model no.: LBN511-2PK

HD Viewing and Recording


HD Viewing and Recording

This remarkable camera streams video over the Internet and records video clips in stunning 720p HD resolution, which you can watch on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. See the HD difference and never miss a single detail of your baby's finest moments.


Portable and cordless


Portable and cordless

The camera comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, allowing you to keep an eye on your young ones virtually anywhere with up to 3 hours of cordless monitoring. The camera's tiny form factor makes it extremely portable, meaning you can take it on the road with you at a moment's notice.

Simple & Secure Setup


Simple & Secure Setup

The camera uses “Stratus Connectivity” integrated with the free app for smartphones and tablets, making it easy to connect to your camera, view live video, and configure monitoring features. The camera has a unique ID number which is used to perform a secure handshake with Lorex cloud servers, ensuring that your video feed is secure and protected from intrusion at all times.


Two-way talk


Two-way talk

There is nothing more comforting to a child than the sound of his mum's or dad's voice. Using the indispensable two-way talk feature, reassure your tot or toddler that you are still there.


Nightlight stand


Nightlight stand

The wireless camera has a built-in nightlight to softly illuminate the room and help your baby relax into sweet sleep. Think of it as an extra “security blanket”.

Crystal Clear Night Vision


Crystal Clear Night Vision

Crystal Clear Night Vision is the ultimate nightwatch that will look after your infant well beyond lights-out. Check in at any point in the night, trusting the precision of our black-and-white video feed.

SNAP ?N? SHARE Technology


SNAP ?N? SHARE Technology

Capture your newborn's cutest moments with a simple tap of a button. Snapshots and video clips are saved directly to your smartphone or tablet and can be shared with friends and family, or uploaded to your favorite social networks for everyone to see2.

Room Temperature Alerts


Room Temperature Alerts

Set temperature alerts remotely to help keep the nursery at a comfortable and safe temperature for your newborn. The camera sends an alert to your smartphone or tablet if the baby's room becomes too warm or too cool.

Free Mobile Apps


Free Mobile Apps

This camera has been designed with simple, on-the-go monitoring in mind. Busy parents can check on their baby using their smartphones and tablets. The free Lorex Baby Link app for iOS and Android devices makes it simple and intuitive to check up on your tiny dreamer wherever you are.

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20 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: NJ USA
Date : March 21, 2015

A decent camera. Be aware that the filter on the camera is for FLUORESCENT INDOOR LIGHTS in order to look color accurate! Other lights in your home will have images appear with a purple tone. I face mine out a window of the backyard and outdoor colors are good.

This works with iPhone 5, 6 and iPad, but the issues are the app crashing often as others note (mine cannot set Temp Alerts after the first use!! never saves and crashes every time). This is a product issue and forget support. As one person noted it would take hours to get someone by phone (do they only have one person taking calls??? ridiculous) and a sport ticket averages a 5 day response - Unacceptabe! Lorex Customer Service is lackluster and the only saving grace is they have a wide range of products at good prices. Jut hope yours works well.

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Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Date : January 20, 2015

Lorex LW200 cameras to a larger screen such as our IPAD. The price was also outstanding at about 20% of list during the 2014 holidays. Unfortunately, even after days and days of testing, moving routers, trying different channels on our Netgear N750 2.4/5 Ghz dual band router the connection was intermittent at best. Frequent disconnects, failure to connect, and reloading made the products useless for the purpose purchased. We could not depend upon monitoring our two sweet little grandchildren when they stayed the night with us about weekly in a bedroom 20 feet from our bed and IPAD. I did observe that the IPAD seem to have worse reception than my wife's IPhone in our home. Good quality product but plagued with connectivity issues which are probably only get worse with time to overcrowding airspace.
We returned ours for credit and went back the dependable LW200 cameras

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Location: Bolingbrook, IL
Date : December 30, 2014

My husband and I are expecting twins very soon, so we purchased this product because it was an excellent price for two cameras. The cameras were extremely easy to setup and install on the first device (iPhone 6) and we have downloaded and setup the app on three additional devices as well (1 additional iPhone 6 and 2 iPad minis) which were also very easy to setup. The instructions were very easy to understand and follow.
My only complaint thus far with the system is that you have to close out of one camera to view the second camera. The app software will not allow you to easily go between the two. Other then this minor issue, my husband and both love the camera/app system.

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Location: Michigan
Date : December 10, 2014

This is product is not compatible with the iPhone 6 plus, the Baby Link software needs updating for iOS 8.1.1. The video viewing in the app is intermittent, 2-3 seconds on and 5-8 seconds off.
This is unacceptable.
Wasted 2hrs on the phone with tech support with the final conclusion of non compatibility with iPhone6 /plus.
The product has decent day/night video and I would have kept it if it worked with my phone.

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Location: Denver, CO
Date : December 10, 2014

I bought this product in order to watch my dogs and my house. This product was easy to set up and I installed it on both my Android Samsung Galaxy S3 and my iPad. I can talk to my dogs and set alerts if the temperature in the room changes, there is noise, or movement. I can easily look into the rooms that I have set up with these monitors. Worth the investment.

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CCTV Expert

Location: Toronto
Date : September 29, 2014

We bought these nifty little cameras from Lorex about 3 months ago. Generally speaking, the cameras appear to be well made and the software seems to be pretty slick and functional. However we have had several instances where the ipad app just crashed or simply froze and that's disappointing. The software does not often like to save the settings to the cameras either. These issues are especially disappointing when we thought we could rely on these cameras and apps to keep us informed as to what was happening in the crib. I would now not rely on these solely, but I do find they are great when they work. My wife keeps calling these cameras her new favourite channel.

The real issue is not with either the devices or the software. It's with the support- or lack thereof. Being a CCTV expert in this industry, I know full well that occasionally devices fal and support or replacement is required. I have even come to expect. it. But I did not expect this....We had one camera go black on us after about 3 weeks of use and after many steps of troubleshooting, I called into Lorex to get some help on a Saturday morning immediately when support opened up the lines. I was told I would have a ridiculous 40 minute wait.

So instead of wasting an hour of my time on the phone waiting I opened a support ticket. It took the support team 40 plus hours to respond to my ticket opened through their ticketing system. I find this wait an example of poor customer support. Once I did get a response, I was told to simply call in to get a replacement setup because I had already done all the troubleshooting myself. So I am still expected to wait 45 minutes to talk to someone. I find this customer service really annoying. Why not just setup the return over the support ticket and save everyone the time and money!?

Overall, I think the product is above average, but dealing with the support issue really makes me weary of ever buying a lorex product again For that, I give this product a 2.

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Nicole T. "Mother of Two"

Location: Newington, CT
Date : July 1, 2014

This little gadget is really cool. It's convenient in that it transforms your cell phone into a baby monitor. In order to use, you must download the Lorex app for your phone. The biggest problem that I found is that Lorex uses it's own wifi which then switches you off of your homes wifi and it's a pain to keep switching back and forth. I wasn't able to find a way around but then again I'm not super up to date on technology. The picture is clear and sound is good. It offers a feature to talk into the room so you can soothe your baby without going in. Overall it's good / just wish it was easy to hook up to my home wifi.

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David Montgomery "Book Critic"

Date : June 19, 2014

I got this as a gift, but I tried it out first to make sure it worked. It was easy enough to set up -- although I do this kind of stuff fairly often, so I'm probably better at it than the average user. The quality is generally good -- good enough, anyway. It's a bit pricey, but definitely worth considering if you need video in your baby monitor.

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Vivian Deliz

Location: Stone Ridge, VA United States
Date : May 8, 2014

This is a really nice camera. Setting it up was very easy, got the app and I was ready to check it out.

I first tried the night time and was able to see when the baby turned around, it activated itself. I was able to talk to the baby and soothe him without having to go upstairs. I then played one of the lullabies and the baby fell asleep again.

You will need to have WiFi installed in your house to better utilize this product. We have wired and WiFi so we had no problems but for those with no WiFi this product will use your data plan.

I liked the product but with the current price there are other cheaper alternatives in the market.

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Ryan C. Holiday

Location: Los Angeles, California
Date : May 8, 2014

I was excited about this but after trying it out, realized it was essentially the same as my Dropcam (and they are the same price). The only additional feature this has that a Dropcam doesn't is that you can click the base and it turns into a light. My Dropcam on the other hand, is the same price, had a mic you can speak through and its cloud recording system actually recognizes and identifies common patterns of activity and alerts you. While this product here is specifically marketed as a baby monitor, it looks like there are better products out there--intended for general use yes--that do the same thing.

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StevenJM "stevenjm"

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date : May 5, 2014

For some reason I can't find the app on ITunes for use on my IPad but the app on my IPhone works perfectly. Easy set up; sets up quickly. Once the unit is on, everything can be controlled from the IPhone app. Picture is clear and using a landscape view makes the picture a good size for monitoring.

I don't know that the audio function is great, however. Difficult to hear sounds transmitted through the camera and I'm not sure that sound from phone to camera is much better. But I still give it 5 stars because the basic camera function works fine.

Other features:

- monitors motion in the room

- Neat night light in the base is useful for seeing the camera in a dark room without being glaring

- monitors room temperature and sends an alert if it goes above or below the min and max temps set

- can use to send alerts to email address

- can snap a picture or take a video via the phone

Makes a really useful baby monitor but would be useful for other monitoring needs as well. Camera is small enough to fit unobtrusively anywhere in the room and can be easily mounted on a wall if necessary. Charges quickly and the camera holds about a 3 hour charge without the plug. Probably would be more useful if the battery time were longer but really it's not the type of camera that one would want to use for long without a plug. Regardless despite a few limitations this is a terrific unit.

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tvtv3 "tvtv3"

Location: Sorento, IL United States
Date : April 29, 2014

I don't have a baby or child and I don't intend on having to live with one anytime soon (well, my current roommate acts like a child quite often, but he really is an adult). I only mention this because a person like me is not someone you would think would have a use for a baby monitor. However, I have discovered that baby monitors are a great and fairly inexpensive tool to use for general home surveillance as well as a way to take and capture unusual photographs.

From my experience so far, the LOREXBABY LBN511 LITTLE LINK HD WI-FI VIDEO BABY MONITOR seems to be a quality baby monitor. The monitor is wireless which is a huge plus (although it can also be an annoyance if you have limited tech experience or if you happen to experience some compatibility issues). The monitor has an internal battery that requires an initial charge. Once charged it doesn't need to be charged again until about 3-4 hours later. For those with a baby, this might be a little frustrating because it won't last through the night and makes a better device to use to monitor the baby while napping. Anyway, after initially charging the monitor all you need to do is download the app for the device to your smart phone or tablet and you're ready to do some baby watching from afar. I have an iPhone 4 and didn't have any trouble setting up the monitor.

Once you are set up, you can use the LOREXBABY LBN511 LITTLE LINK HD WI-FI VIDEO BABY MONITOR to take pictures and even video from your smart phone or tablet. The device has a two way talk feature which allows you to not only hear someone in a different room, but to talk to them as well.

There's a night vision feature on this monitor which is excellent. Personally, I found this to be one of the more exciting features about this particular baby monitor. The video that comes through with the night vision is some of the best I have seen: the picture is much clearer and more like watching black and white tv instead of the usual grainy and green images that a night vision feature usually transmits. There's also a night light on the base of the monitor that can be turned on and off either manually or remotely through your smartphone or tablet with the app.

Other features of the LOREXBABY LBN511 LITTLE LINK HD WI-FI VIDEO BABY MONITOR include sound, motion, and room temperature alerts and the typical lullaby feature that can play several different lullabies or one pre-recorded lullaby on repeat. The sound, motion, and room temperature alerts all you to configure the sensitivity of the monitor to notify you of any movement that is made, any unusual sounds, and if the temperature in the room changes. Not only will an alert be sent to your smartphone or tablet if any changes take place, but the video feature of the monitor will also begin recording once an alert is sent.

The only major flaw in using the LOREXBABY LBN511 LITTLE LINK HD WI-FI VIDEO BABY MONITOR is that you have to have an excellent wi-fi connection. If you live in an area where you don't have decent wi-fi or where there are frequent wi-fi outages, you would be better off looking at a different type of baby monitor.

Personally, I have really enjoyed using the the LOREXBABY LBN511 LITTLE LINK HD WI-FI VIDEO BABY MONITOR. Initially, I set it up to take some pictures and video outside of my apartment. Then I used it to take some pictures in the dark using the night vision feature: they look amazing. I was telling a friend of mine who does paranormal investigations about this device and when I am going to donate it to them to use later this summer and in the fall when they conduct some investigations. I have shown them some of the video and pictures I took using the night vision feature and they were really impressed with it. So, perhaps a decent baby monitor also makes a great tool in paranormal investigating, too.

My only previous experience in writing a review on Amazon for a baby monitor was the Levana 32108 Era Advanced 2.4 Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Picture Capture and Digital Zoom (Black). In comparison, I found the LOREXBABY LBN511 LITTLE LINK HD WI-FI VIDEO BABY MONITOR to be far superior. If you don't have a good wi-fi connection the Levana would be a decent buy. However, if you do have good wi-fi, the LorexBaby is a far better monitor.

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Location: New York
Date : April 26, 2014

Easy Set-Up

I like this baby monitor, the set up is very easy unlike some WIFI devices. Simply plug in the monitor, power it on and download the app (iphone / android only, sorry windows phone owners). It has instructions too should any issues arise. It has HD streaming and SD streaming depending on bandwidth (HD is required for good non-delayed audio transmission). Tt works well, even in our 4,000 sq ft space with minimal signal loss. The image is crisp and clear, it has a light option and two-way audio which is pretty nifty. I wish that I would be able to use it with my desktop PC, but other than that its pretty cool with a nice elegant design.

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Elaine Littau

Location: Texas Panhandle
Date : April 25, 2014

I was a little worried about getting the Lorex Baby video monitor because I was afraid it would be complicated to set up. I shouldn't have worried. Even though I'm not very tech savvy, (I can do a little, but not much.) this was an easy set up. Since I don't have a little child to monitor, except when my grandchildren visit, I pointed the camera at my back door. I think I want a couple more of these for other entry points of my house. The video plays as an app on my smart phone. I could have it on my computer, but I want to check on things while I am away from home. I like that it has the availability for me to speak through the monitor and to pick up the voice from the monitor. It is small and will record on a SD chip.

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Anatoly Zaretsky

Location: USA
Date : April 25, 2014

Finally a baby monitor done with the right technology in mind, compared to most of the marked that forces you to carry us less bulky end devices that all they have is a screen or a speaker.

I gave it 4 stars only due to the quality of the app.

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