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Sweet Peep video baby monitor
  • Sweet Peep video baby monitor
  • Sweet Peep video baby monitor
  • Sweet Peep video baby monitor
  • Sweet Peep video baby monitor
  • Sweet Peep video baby monitor
2.4 inch monitor
1 Camera included
Two way audio
4 Camera support
8 hour battery life
Play Video

From the world's best baby monitor makers comes SWEET PEEP™. Rest assured that this brand new video baby monitor will keep you tuned in to your bundle of joy, no matter where you are in the house. No stork could ever deliver so many picture-perfect features in such a small package! One that is distinctly durable and attractive, we might add. Purchase SWEET PEEP™ and enjoy all the value-added benefits including bright, crisp vision by day and night.

Model no.: BB2411

Built-in lullabies

Built-in lullabies

Soothe baby remotely with built-in lullabies

Expandable Solution

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras

Two way talk

Two way talk

The baby monitor allows you to hear your baby and talk back

Sweet Peep video baby monitor


4.6 ( 70 reviews )
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70 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: California
Date : February 19, 2015

Love it! Worked great and did it's job.. Was much more rugged than the others.

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Mother of 2

Location: Carleton Place
Date : December 5, 2014

TWO of them broke!

We are incredibly disappointed. After purchasing one video and camera monitor for $99 at Walmart, and hooking-up the camera to the video properly, the video one night started beeping softly and saying "out of range." My room is next to my son's room, so there was no way it was out of range. Nevertheless, we hooked-up the signals again and it worked well for another week. After that, the video was not showing anything at all. We tried all of the buttons and the monitor was not showing us anything at all. We have an older child and decided to buy this product again due to the great price. All other video-monitors were above $250. We used the recording part of the first one with the new set. We now had 2 cameras hooked-up to the new video (as is was written that we were allowed to on the instructions). ONE WEEK IN, the video part stopped working again! I had been using this product for my daycare children as well. We will NOT be purchasing any more products from the LOREX company. The monitors just do not last!

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Location: Argentina
Date : October 2, 2014

After 5 nights, the power plug was broken, it got stuck inside camara. And i bought a more expansive one than pic

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Captain Canuck

Location: Canada
Date : August 28, 2014

We did a ton of research online, as well as polling people for their experience with various types and brands of baby monitors. With the amount of options, it's quite frankly overwhelming. Combine that with the potential to spends hundreds of dollars, and it's a big decision. We chose the sweet peep video monitor and we couldn't be more pleased. The unit is compact, easy to setup and use, and completely reliable which is crucial. The sound and video quality are much better than expected, and among the very best we've seen.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product to any of our friends and family, and have done so. Buy with confidence.

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Johnny D

Location: Peterborough, ON
Date : May 8, 2014

The BB2411, I bought this for my Daughter who had actually sourced this product. I checked it out against other brands and felt that she had made a good decision. I must say that when she got it and we set it up it was amazing from the moment we turned it on. The picture quality is great, and she really loves the two way communication. She says the lullabies are a perfect touch to have with a monitoring device. Great Job LOREX!!

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Location: GTA
Date : May 5, 2014

this is our second try at a lorex baby monitor. its great!
We had a more expensive model ($280) with a bigger screen, the monitor cradle was horrible at charging, short battery life, etc etc
We loved the night vision, so decided to give Lorex another try. Got this one on sale, was worried as it is so much cheaper
It doesnt have features such as moving camera remotely and iphone app (we could never get the previous iphone app to work anyway) but really - we dont need to adjust the camera remotely as its pointing at the crib. Screen size is small, but does the job nicely, great night vision, can zoom. Can talk back. Can have noise activated and control sensitivity of noise.
Using the menu functions is a lot easier than the more expensive version.
Definately happy with the product, and for the price, don't think it can be beat!
When the first lorex baby monitor was working so poorly, we considered other companies for around the $250-300 range. So glad to give Lorex another shot. This is real value for money. Works great. And no stupid charging cradle to put it in, has a simple plug for charging.
PS. I never leave it off the charger for long - so do not know how well battery life will last, I assume, not that long!
Would recommend to friends.

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Location: Canada
Date : March 24, 2014

This monitor is great!! I never thought I needed a video monitor until I received this one. Very clear video day & night. Great sound! I love the zoom in option so I can see if my little one is actually asleep!! I also love that the camera can be mounted on the wall. Great product and great price.

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Location: BC
Date : January 28, 2014

So far I like this monitor. The range is fine for my very small suite and the picture both day and night is adequate. The sound detection is good as well. I like the features on this monitor and find them easy to use. I gave it 4 stars because my sister in law has this same monitor and her use of range has decreased in the 7 months she's had it (cannot use it reliably outside her small house) but I don't know if there are other factors contributing to this. Will see how it performs for me over time!

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Location: NYC
Date : November 7, 2013

This baby monitor has been working out excellently for my family. The set up was easy and use is straightforward. I love the large screen and zoom features. The night light has come in handy a few times as well. The picture quality is great compared to similarly priced video monitors. I think this would also make a great nanny cam with the sd card and other features. Oh and this monitor is not annoying with excessive loud beeping.

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Location: Simpsonville, SC
Date : November 7, 2013

I feel I received what I paid for. The only down side is it is not a wide angle. I receive good reception and I even ordered another one. Thanks.

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Date : November 7, 2013

Great little baby monitor for the price. The screen is nice, and you can see in the dark very well. If you are price conscious and cannot justify dropping $250 on a top-of-the-line monitor, then you won't be disappointed in this cheaper alternative!

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Susan Nettles

Date : November 7, 2013

I really like this baby monitor, I could see things perfectly while I was cooking, going to the bathroom, watching TV etc. in the Living Room. This is the best thing in the world to have if you are worried about someone in another room or outside etc. you can put it anywhere & make sure everything is alright. This one doesn't have sound so I had to buy one that did I used this one until the other one arrived but I really love them both. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

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M. Castillo

Location: Cicero, IL
Date : November 7, 2013

Easy to use and set up. Has a lot of nice extras and you can easily monitor baby. Convenient, portable around a decent sized house.

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Location: Texas
Date : November 7, 2013

I love the clarity of this monitor, you can literally watch your little one breath. It is amazing. The night vision is a pretty neat feature as well, though we keep our infant's room pretty bright, this doesn't do a lot for us, but, we tested it in the dark and it does work very well. Being able to talk to your baby through the monitor doesn't help us a ton yet, but as he grows, I could see us saying "it's time to lay down" that sort of thing, and I think we will love that.

My only issue with this monitor is the lack of range. It is not a huge issue inside the house, but if you thought you would take this outside while you sit on the back porch or do a little gardening, it won't work. I know many people would never use it in this way, so I consider that just a quibble.

If you are in the market for a monitor, and you have used an audio only monitor in the past you will never again use anything else. This is a purchase you will love!

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Date : November 7, 2013

I love this monitor! I had the old version and it broke on me after about a year so I decided to try a different monitor, HATED IT, then bought a different one, HATED IT too!!! So I decided to go back to the original brand I used Lorex and wow Love it even more than the first Lorex I purchased!

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Sweet Peep video baby monitor
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