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HD WiFi security camera with remote viewingHD WiFi security camera with remote viewingHD WiFi security camera with remote viewingHD WiFi security camera with remote viewingHD WiFi security camera with remote viewing

HD WiFi security camera with remote viewing


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720p  Resolution

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The LorexBaby Little Link is a portable HD Wi-Fi video baby monitor that will give peace of mind to any parent. The Little Link is the first video baby monitor of its kind, combining HD image quality with wireless freedom and portability. This remarkable camera streams video over the Internet in 720p HD resolution, which you can watch on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. The Little Link's tiny size makes it extremely portable, and cordless operation for up to 3 hours means that you can take the camera out of the nursery or on the road at a moment's notice.

Model no.: LBN511

HD Viewing and Recording


HD Viewing and Recording

This remarkable camera streams video over the Internet and records video clips in stunning 720p HD resolution, which you can watch on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. See the HD difference and never miss a single detail of your baby's finest moments.


Portable and cordless


Portable and cordless

The camera comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, allowing you to keep an eye on your young ones virtually anywhere with up to 3 hours of cordless monitoring. The camera's tiny form factor makes it extremely portable, meaning you can take it on the road with you at a moment's notice.

Simple & Secure Setup


Simple & Secure Setup

The camera uses “Stratus Connectivity” integrated with the free app for smartphones and tablets, making it easy to connect to your camera, view live video, and configure monitoring features. The camera has a unique ID number which is used to perform a secure handshake with Lorex cloud servers, ensuring that your video feed is secure and protected from intrusion at all times.


Two-way talk


Two-way talk

There is nothing more comforting to a child than the sound of his mum's or dad's voice. Using the indispensable two-way talk feature, reassure your tot or toddler that you are still there.


Nightlight stand


Nightlight stand

The wireless camera has a built-in nightlight to softly illuminate the room and help your baby relax into sweet sleep. Think of it as an extra “security blanket”.

Crystal Clear Night Vision


Crystal Clear Night Vision

Crystal Clear Night Vision is the ultimate nightwatch that will look after your infant well beyond lights-out. Check in at any point in the night, trusting the precision of our black-and-white video feed.

SNAP ?N? SHARE Technology


SNAP ?N? SHARE Technology

Capture your newborn's cutest moments with a simple tap of a button. Snapshots and video clips are saved directly to your smartphone or tablet and can be shared with friends and family, or uploaded to your favorite social networks for everyone to see2.

Room Temperature Alerts


Room Temperature Alerts

Set temperature alerts remotely to help keep the nursery at a comfortable and safe temperature for your newborn. The camera sends an alert to your smartphone or tablet if the baby's room becomes too warm or too cool.

Free Mobile Apps


Free Mobile Apps

This camera has been designed with simple, on-the-go monitoring in mind. Busy parents can check on their baby using their smartphones and tablets. The free Lorex Baby Link app for iOS and Android devices makes it simple and intuitive to check up on your tiny dreamer wherever you are.

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42 Reviews & Ratings
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Date : May 22, 2014

I like the idea of the wifi feature of this monitor, and I hope it's safe and secure. I didn't experience any problems installing this. My phone is new enough that it was compatible, but I would suggest that everyone check compatibility before investing in this monitor.

The images are fairly clear on SD mode. HD was too slow, but isn't really necessary for us. The color is decent as long as the room is well lit. The night vision works well, better than I expected. I was able to capture still images, which was nice. I haven't tried to record videos, probably because all I see are two little dogs sleeping all day. I do seem to lose contact every now and then, but it works well most of the time.

The unit is lightweight and small. The nightlight is a nice touch and puts out just the right amount of light. It's easy to use, and I like the way it looks. Overall, I think this is a good monitor with nice features.

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Chris Jaronsky

Location: NJ, USA
Date : May 22, 2014

I set this monitor up for our dog. I know, but my babies are all grown now. The set up was pretty easy. I had it up and working in a few minutes. The HD setting sometimes runs a bit slow, maybe that is my wireless? Not sure because my wireless usually runs pretty fast? I did have to reload the app twice after a few days. Seems to be better now.

The two way communication is pretty cool. I think it freaks my dog out when I tell her to get off the couch. She looks startled, can't figure out where the voice is coming from because she watched me leave the house. But it works, she gets off the couch.

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G. Ware

Location: Colorado, USA
Date : June 1, 2014

This is a nice camera, whether used for a baby or not. Setup was easy for watching it within my house but I have not been able to get it to work outside of the house. My home network has double NAT, meaning I have a router behind my DSL router so that is probably the reason but there are no instructions within the monitor for any port forwarding. So for now I will review the camera itself and how it worked when at home.

Setup was easy with a a simple download of the iPhone application to connect to the camera. The camera has its own hotspot so you have to set your phone wireless to connect to the Lorex web cam wireless first. Once connected you can adjust the settings, including home wifi, camera password, camera name, and different video settings. Once I finished those steps, connecting to the camera was simple when I was connected to the camera hotspot. I wasn't able to yet to connect to it from my home wifi while at home or remote. The application on your phone lets you see the video and make some settings changes like volume. The camera has some features designed for baby's where you can turn on a little night light on the camera that lights up the bottom of the camera in a soothing white. You can also tell the camera to play some sounds. The camera also has a temperature gauge and will send you an alert on your phone if the room the camera is in becomes too hot. The one feature this camera has that others I have seen do not is bi-directional talk. You can hear the baby by the camera and you can say things from your phone that will play over the camera. You can take pictures and record as well, there is a slot for a microSD card for added storage. The camera does come with a built in batter that will last a couple of hours if needed.

Overall this is a nice camera and has a lot of features designed for monitoring a baby. If you are looking for a nanny cam where you can watch things while at work, you might have to figure out how to get it to work remotely as I have to.

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Grimmy "Grimmy"

Location: MD, USA
Date : June 18, 2014


Hotspot technology does not require router connection, 300' range (I've only tested this within the house, with no issues)

Password security

Camera can be used without the base; 3 hours of operation on rechargeable battery

Great night vision

Night light, lullaby tunes

Take pictures and video to your phone (1280x720 or 848x480 resolution)

Two-way talk

Motion event recording to optional SD card

Motion, sound, or temperature alerts, all of which work pretty well


3-hour battery life is not much, although not sure when you would use this. You could pair it with a portable recharger, I suppose. Still, a nice option.

Cannot view on PC or Mac

Couldn't seem to record video AND two-way talk at the same time

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Location: Canada
Date : December 15, 2014

The setup was fairly straight forward - however, it took several tries for the camera to link up.
The good news is that you don't have to punch any firewall holes inbound. I assume the camera connects to a Lorex controlled server - which you then connect to for Internet viewing.

The picture quality is definitely better than most. I haven't tried the motion sensor. The only feature that would have been nice is the ability to control panning, remotely.

Appe works on iphone 5s, Nexus 5s, and Nexus 7 2013. Does not work with Nexus 7 (original).

All Nexus devices are running Android Lollipop.

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Location: New York
Date : February 5, 2015

Bought this as a dog-cam and doubly as a security camera after my house got broken into recently. When I first received it, I set everything up and it worked beautifully for a good 40 minutes or so-- until the light at the top went out and the camera disconnected entirely. The nightlight still worked but the camera wouldn't turn on anymore. I had activated my warranty and opened a ticket on the website, and someone responded to it the next day. They told me to call the company, so I did, and after about 20 minutes of one-sided "uh-huh, let me just check something, mm-hmm, okay, let's see..., alright" the guy agreed that a replacement was in order. He mentioned how customer service was backed up because of recent holiday and cyber Monday orders, so it took a little over a week for them to send me the replacement. I was instructed that I would later receive an email with a print-out for a pre-paid packaging slip to stick on the box to return the broken camera, but never got it (it's been about 1-2 weeks since I received the replacement), so now I have an expensive nightlight in a box, taking up space and ready to ship back.

Customer service was pretty good. Didn't give me trouble for asking for a replacement and didn't take terribly long to send it. Set up was pretty easy, I just placed it atop my dresser in the corner. The wire is more than long enough, and it sees across the entire room horizontally (but not vertically-- I can't see my floor where my dog lays down and at someone standing in front of the camera at the same time). Video quality is good for the price (I bought it at a special discount of $45). A huge plus for me is that if you supply your email address in the app, you can opt to receive email notifications with pictures, which I did, whenever it detects motion, audio, or temperature change. You can also take a picture or record a video saved to your phone for free. Those are features that were hard to find when I was researching cameras, especially for free (ie. Dropcam requires you to pay a subscription for those).

I use an iPhone and the app is a little wonky. Some of the buttons only work sometimes, like the Talk button-- I had to press it on, off, then on again for it to start working. Same goes for the Audio to listen through the cam. It doesn't pick up enough light to stay in full color mode; a lot of the time it stays in black and white night-vision (which is creepy). The audio has a delay of a few seconds; video has a delay of about half a second at best, up to 2 seconds at worst, as I've seen. Audio isn't very clear both ways, and because of the long delay, not recommended for emergencies.

Overall, I don't regret this purchase. It might not be worth the original price listing of $200, but it certainly was worth the $45 that I got it for!

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Location: new york
Date : February 22, 2015

Bought two-camera pack during Black Friday sale at a relatively nice price. The first camera stopped working after 2 weeks. Took some time to exchange it. The replacement works fine so far. I use Android phone and tablet. It works perfectly with Samsung galaxy note 3 and 4 phones but does not work with any of my tablets. There are some issues with the color of the pictures but overall the quality is OK. I bought it as a dog-watching camera, so it works fine for that purpose. I had really big problem with my two previous Lorex camera systems as after their warranty had expired I was not able to set up remote viewing connection without being forced to pay for technical support, so I just use them for local monitoring. I wonder if the same thing is going to happen after the warranty expires for this unit.

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Location: Toronto, ON
Date : February 28, 2015

Great camera, I use it as a security camera for my house. HD Video is great and much better than those non-hd ones. I wish there were more options in the settings, like turning off audio, turning off IR leds from coming on at night. I wish there was an option to set how long recorded clips are. I wish it had motion detection zones so that you can block certain areas of the video from detecting motion.

Otherwise great camera, very useful, but with some software tweaks it could provide some great options.

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Literary Wonders!

Location: Piedmont Triad
Date : April 21, 2014

As the title of this review says, this product just wasn't what I expected it to be. I was exciting when I ordered it through the Vine program. I have recently taken physical custody of my mischievous 3-year-old grandchild. I wanted to be able to keep an eye on her when I wasn't able to be in the same room with her and I found this product to be a bit difficult to use. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and to this day, I cannot get it to work on my phone. I've uninstalled and re-installed the required app and when I try to start it, it switches my wif-fi to 4G which can be pricey if it exceeds my data plan. I utilized the mini disc that came with it and it was just worthless. When you click on the many resources and apps it says are on the disc, it takes you to the company's website. One of the resources on the disc is supposed to be the user manual, which takes you to the Lorex website, and for the life of me, I cannot find a user manual anywhere on it.

I wasn't going to give up, so I tried the app from the Google Play store on my husband's Motorola Razr and it works just fine. I then tried downloading it on my iPad and first had problems, but was finally able to find the app by going through the Play Store through Google Search, because when I tried to put in the name of the app directly through the Play Store, it says app not found. I eventually got it to work on my iPad, but after about an hour it told me it couldn't locate my camera or it couldn't connect to the internet. Very irritating.

Enough about my irritation, I will say that while connected to my husband's phone, the video is excellent. There is a delay from time to time but overall it has a good photo. The camera has night vision and a night light which I think it pretty cool. It has an option to capture photos or recover videos as well as sound and talk. Good product, if you can get it to work with your device. And, I'm in no means blaming the product, however, it seems to have obvious compatibility issues. I would think for $200 list pricing, this product would connect like a charm. And for $200, I would expect to receive 2 devices instead of the one that you get. I know home security system devices that come with 5 cameras for the same price.

If the compatibility issues could be resolve this would up my rating to a 5.

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Ryan C. Holiday

Location: Los Angeles, California
Date : May 8, 2014

I was excited about this but after trying it out, realized it was essentially the same as my Dropcam (and they are the same price). The only additional feature this has that a Dropcam doesn't is that you can click the base and it turns into a light. My Dropcam on the other hand, is the same price, had a mic you can speak through and its cloud recording system actually recognizes and identifies common patterns of activity and alerts you. While this product here is specifically marketed as a baby monitor, it looks like there are better products out there--intended for general use yes--that do the same thing.

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D. Vance

Location: Central USA
Date : May 17, 2014

If I had written this review the first day we hooked the LorexBaby Little Link up, I would have given it 5 stars.Really easy to set up and simple to use. Awesome clear picture, love the voice ability, LOVE the lullabys, super love that I can watch the baby on my phone.

But the next morning, no picture. We reinstalled, started over again, PERFECT! For a couple of hours, then Poof! no picture.

We noticed that there a note to keep the monitor at 62 degrees (seriously? in a baby's room?) so thought maybe it had overheated as the room temp was 72 degrees. Removed the camera from the room to the coolest place we could find in our house for a few hours, then replaced it. Working again!

Room temp now 67 degrees. Two hours later, no picture. Ok, maybe it's overheating because we are keeping it plugged it? Unplugged it, allowed it to die, then keep track of how long it is on. Still turns itself off.

We've tried turning the music off, turning the night light off, wondering it those are somehow draining it? Nothing works.

We are at a loss as to how to keep it running. The only thing that has worked at all is to remove the camera and cool it, and then get a few hours of use before it once again stops.

The product is a wonderful idea, and when it works, it is truly fantastic. Sadly, for us, that is about 10 hours of use in almost a month of owning it.

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Middle age tech freak

Location: Auburn, CA United States
Date : May 23, 2014

As others have noted, it can be a bit challenging to set up. I use it as a little surveillance tool to keep an eye on the yard through a window (therefore, inside and protected from the elements). It works well for this, but I don't use the sound, lullaby etc. capabilities. The family is expecting its first grandchild, so I will probably use the whole setup as intended down the road. In the meanwhile it works - the nightvision is actually pretty decent. It reminds me of car backup cameras - able to work in all light and switch modes automatically. The wifi connection works OK, but would be better if you have outstanding connectivity - which I don't. But, it works OK - I'm not looking for high speed HD video in this case.

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R. Phillips

Location: MS, USA
Date : May 28, 2014

Well I was able to set right up after downloading the Lorex Baby app. I was excited to get to use this because I was about to vacation and wanted to be able to check on the pets at home. I never could get it to work. I searched and searched for answers. The Lorex baby site is not user friendly at all for technical issues. They really need to revamp this and possibly even get some live chat. I think that would do wonders for customer loyalty and satisfaction. After trying too much I just gave up. I thought the DVD provided might give some answers or lead to a better ability to do this, but it was of no help. I searched on sites outside of Lorex as well, to no avail.

That said, when in the home my camera worked great. The 2-way communication was great and the extra features such as music playing for baby were flawless. Because most will want the ability to use this out of the home, I am on the fence about recommending this.

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Angela Thompson "Angiegirl"

Location: Rocky Mountains
Date : June 19, 2014

This little baby monitor works quite well. It's the 4th such monitor I've used and in the end I've been as happy with the LorexBaby as any I've tried. The app (only tested on an iPhone 5s) is a bit fussy, but once set up works well. If you don't get it working right away stick with it a bit and you'll get there. The angle of view is about right for my use but some people might wish for a bit wider view. The image quality is nothing special, but enough for it's intended purpose. I have found the night vision feature (which only works in SD mode) to be less that perfect, but I use the camera to look at a whole room and the LED IR lights have a hard time filling a room. Up closer (if the camera is setup to look into a crib for example) it would work very well. There are a lot of options in this category now and while the LorexBaby Little Link HD doesn't shine, it holds it's own nicely.

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Nicole T. "Mother of Two"

Location: Newington, CT
Date : July 1, 2014

This little gadget is really cool. It's convenient in that it transforms your cell phone into a baby monitor. In order to use, you must download the Lorex app for your phone. The biggest problem that I found is that Lorex uses it's own wifi which then switches you off of your homes wifi and it's a pain to keep switching back and forth. I wasn't able to find a way around but then again I'm not super up to date on technology. The picture is clear and sound is good. It offers a feature to talk into the room so you can soothe your baby without going in. Overall it's good / just wish it was easy to hook up to my home wifi.

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