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Outdoor Surveillance Camera System with Wireless CamerasOutdoor Surveillance Camera System with Wireless CamerasOutdoor Surveillance Camera System with Wireless CamerasOutdoor Surveillance Camera System with Wireless CamerasOutdoor Surveillance Camera System with Wireless Cameras

Outdoor Surveillance Camera System with Wireless Cameras


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960H, 34% more video
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12  Channels

12  Cameras

1TB  Hard Drive

700  TVL

140FT  Night Vision

960H  Resolution


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A flexible, wired/wireless security camera system from Lorex

This flexible wired/wireless security camera system helps you stay connected to your home, business, or vacation property when you can't be there. Our powerful 12-channel LH160 ECO6 Security DVR is the centerpiece of this versatile wired/wireless security system. With 12 surveillance cameras in total, including 8 wired cameras and 4 wireless cameras it is easy watch over the things that matter most. Record in real-time on every channel and capture every detail of the scene as if you were there yourself. Stay connected using our free security monitoring apps for iOS® and Android™ devices.

The 8 weatherproof wired bullet cameras boast 700TVL resolution for stunning 960H image quality with accurate color reproduction. Wired or wireless, the surveillance cameras included in the L7-1212W feature long-range infrared (IR) night vision, making this system ideal for 24-hour monitoring. The wireless cameras don’t require video cabling, making them easy to install anywhere, even detached buildings.

Remote viewing with Stratus Connectivity

Introducing Stratus Connectivity – our quick, innovative cloud connection service that allows you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world. Stratus Connectivity allows you to set up and view your surveillance cameras over the Internet in minutes on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Simply download the free Lorex ECO Stratus app on your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device, scan the QR code on the security DVR and start viewing your world.

Lorex Stratus Connectivity

Record in 960H resolution

Record detailed security footage from the 700TVL cameras in stunning 960H resolution. 960H is a new standard for surveillance cameras and security DVRs that provides high resolution images using advanced image sensors. The result is superior images that are 34% larger than D1 and more than 500% larger than CIF. Record at 960H to improve recording efficiency while capturing true-to-life, non-stretched security footage that leaves nothing to the imagination.

960H recording resolution

World-class night vision surveillance cameras

Even in the darkest of nights, stay confident that your surveillance cameras will never miss a beat. Lorex cameras feature premium night vision range with high-powered infrared (IR) LEDs for uncompromising performance in the dark. Experience clear, detailed images up to 130ft (40m) away in regular nighttime conditions, and up to 90ft (28m) away in total darkness. Auto-light compensation prevents wash-out effects, allowing you to identify faces and fine details in the dark.

CVC7711 night vision bullet cameras

Cold climate weatherproof surveillance cameras

The robust, weatherproof surveillance cameras are IP66-rated to ensure protection against the elements. Be it heavy wind, rain, or snow, these cameras hold their own against any type of weather in temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C). The cable pass-through design of the cameras conceals power cables for a clean installation and adds protection against vandalism.

CVC7711 weatherproof bullet cameras

Premium wireless security cameras

Wireless convenience without compromise. The L7-1212W includes 4 premium wireless security cameras. No need to run video cables – the wireless cameras send video to your DVR or a TV / monitor. Wireless cameras give you the flexible installation options, and feature a wireless range of up to 450ft (137m) outdoors and up to 150ft (46m) indoors. These cameras are weatherproof and are egineered with a small form factor, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. With night vision up to 140ft (43m) and a built-in infrared filter you can rely on high-grade performance in all lighting conditions.

LW2277 wireless camera

SignalGuard technology

SignalGuard technology continuously monitors the signal quality from the wireless security cameras. Cameras will reconnect automatically upon detecting interference or low signal strength which equates to dependable, around-the-clock surveillance monitoring. Next generation Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology reduces interference and ensures the wireless signal is secure at all times.

Signal guard technology

Security grade hard drive

Record video to our 1TB security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at the highest resolution for the most detailed footage, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

1TB HDD pre-installed

Image resolution comparison

960H image resolution comparison

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and PC

Model no.: L7-1212W

HDTV Ready

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

Night Vision

Night Vision

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Recommended Accessory
19inch LED security monitor for security camera DVR

19inch LED security monitor for security camera DVR

Model no.:L19LE12B

19 inch security monitor that works with Lorex Digital Video Recorders. Energy efficient LED technology

In Stock

Reg.  $179.99


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30 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Southwest Montana
Date : April 12, 2015

Purchased an L7-1212W system and am so far satisfied with it. It would be nice to have had a hard copy of the operatorís manual included with the shipment. This was a replacement for an older Lorex system.
I did not notice that the wireless cameras and receiver antennas were nine volt dc with different size connectors from the replaced wireless cameras and antennas, requiring me to purchase adapter connectors to match my already installed sixty foot extension wiring.
Nice product for the a reasonable price

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Location: Ohio
Date : January 24, 2015

System works well and pleased with distance of wireless cameras. Not the best instructions, better have patience if you have any questions. Tried to contact customer service several times and have yet talked to anybody without waiting for a call back several hours or days later

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Location: Mexico
Date : January 15, 2015

Bueno Bonito y Barato... muy facil de instalar y de ver desde tu celular (mas que de la computadora) viene con todo lo necesario, Vale lo que cuesta

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Oregon native

Location: Oregon
Date : January 1, 2015

I recently just purchased this security camera system. This system came with four wireless and four wired cameras. I was told that I could add up to two wireless cameras which I did. After spending most of the day hooking up the cameras the overall picture was good. The cameras are actually excellent if you have exceptional lighting. I should note that at night the black and white picture is ok at best which was expected.

I hooked up all the cameras and had to find a 6 foot electical strip to plug in all of these plug ins which is a pain. You have to seperate the attennas ir order to have crisp coverage. Keep in mind that you will have lots of wires that need to be plugged in and hiding them may be a challange. I am worried to see my electical bill after the first month of operation

Once I plugged in all 10 cameras my wireless coverage for my computer and Ipad went way down. I now have to unplug several cameras for time when I want to use my cameras. I called customer support (overall wait was just over an hour) I learned that the speed of my internet was not sufficient enough to cover all cameras. I wish I knew that before purchasing this!!

I have alot to read and learn. I am happy with the coverage and hope to learn more about what these cameras have to offer long term.

If I were to do this again, I would probably opt for a four camera system. The extra cameras are nice, but don't like the idea of unplugging cameras to run my wireless computer around my house.

Do your research and learn the pros and cons of ordering the system of your needs.

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Location: CT
Date : December 20, 2014

Overall, this product met our expectations. Based on this being an "HD" level camera we did expect the quality of the video to be a little higher. We are able to identify a person from 20 feet away or so, but unable to read a license plate at such distance. Once setup the system is easy to use and navigate. The app for iPhone / iPad works great... better on the iPad than iPhone. The reviews for this app were relatively low, but we have had no problems with them. The night vision of the camera is much better than expected.

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Location: California
Date : October 12, 2014

Just purchased the L227541 combo system with 4 wired and 4 wireless cameras to protect our home. Travel a lot and wanted to be able to check on our home and family while on the go. The Stratus Connectivity allows me to view all cameras and check live and recorded video via iPhone app. Couldn't ask for a better combination package and wireless access. My neighbor installed a Lorex security system and has been very pleased, why I purchased mine. Ron

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Location: Clifton
Date : October 3, 2014

I have just purchased this system for my home. This is a great product I would recommend highly. Very easy to set up, and great images from all the cameras. This will give me peace of mind for when I go away. Thank you Lorex.

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Location: port orchard wa
Date : September 23, 2014

I bought this system for our 5 acre farm. I travel alot so its nice to check in on the animals from a far and also to help with security when and if something ever happens! We also use one of the wireless cameras to monitor our gate at our entrance. Love it and excited to add more cameras do more angles! I would rate it a five, but have had some connection issues, but all seem to be working great now!

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Location: North Carolina
Date : September 18, 2014

I purchased this system for a property at another location based on another satisfied Lorex owner. I will have a wiring contractor install the hard wires into the property and use the wireless inside. The installation testing so far is good. I am pleased with the wireless cameras and system setup. My suggestions for improvement would be multiple email capability for alerts. Playback as a deliverable after recording is cumbersome so far. The DDNS option is very good. If the hard wired cameras can survive a bit of a harsh environment - I will be pleased.

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Lac Dion

Location: Quebec, Canada
Date : August 29, 2014

I have just purchased this system for my home. This is an awsome product I would recommend highly. Very easy to set up, and great images from all the cameras. This will give me peace of mind for when I go away. Thank you Lorex.

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Location: Mexico
Date : June 19, 2014

Everything worked perfect as described on the webpage. Remote connectivity seems to have lots of downtime or sometimes difficulties to connect, I need to try couple times before establish a connection.

Great deal for this package.

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Location: New Jersey
Date : May 16, 2014

The product is great- but what makes it better and is rather complicated, is the installation of the hardwired cameras - the results are spectacular! The wireless cameras are good but not as good. Although they have a microphone- I can only hear the buzzing of the birds and the howling of the wind. Overall, I spent a pretty penny installing the hardwired cameras, and it was well worth it. If money is an issue get the wireless cameras only, along with a separate router or a double frequency router so you can work on your computer with having to disable the cameras.

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Location: OHIO
Date : November 17, 2013

The package of 2 night cameras and two wifi cameras arrived fairly soon after ordering. However one of the wifi cameras after warm-up displayed erratic behavior no matter where placed outside or even inside the aluminum-sided dwelling. Lorex was very cooperative and promptly sent a replacement camera and a return mailer for the erratic camera.
I believe that the problem may actually have been in the small power supply for the camera. This particular power supply runs quite hot and may be underdesigned as I was able to detect occasional voltage drop-offs. I communicated this to Lorex but they had closed out the ticket. Fortunately I had a replacement Lorex power supply.
The set up was easy for the display and for our iPad and worked on our internal network. Getting the system to work via the internet was more complicated and consequently with the previously mentioned difficulty, took longer. However I am pleased with the final result.

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Location: Tucson
Date : November 11, 2013

I bought this system based on reviews and specs. Do yourself a favor and don't buy one of these. The dvr didn't work right from the start. It wouldn't keep the date and time. Two tech support people didn't have a fix. Well...... a few days later the cause showed up. The hard drive died. The system stopped recording and rebooted constantly. Epic fail! I'm returning it for a refund.
Now the good part. I bought an Eco4 system from Costco for less money.This system Iis much much better than the one I am returning. I understand Lorex needs to liquidate old stock but the price of the old equipment needs to be a lot less to be of any value at all. The Eco4 surpasses all my expectations based on my experience with the old system.

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Location: Tucson
Date : October 30, 2013

After doing a lot of research for a system that would fit my needs, I settled on this 4 camera with two wired and two wireless cameras. The setup was straight forward and the cameras work about as well as can be expected for a low cost security system. The interface of the DVR is not very easy to figure out. With the downloaded manual and some practice, it gets somewhat better. The remote viewing is NOT what is stated for easy set up. After doing everything in the self help support section, the access from a phone or tablet will not produce video. A request to customer support explaining the issue has not been answered. I can't call during the hours available for support so I am using PC software to view my system remotely. I will continue trying to contact support by email but so far I'm not impressed comparing the experience to other web based companies I use.

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