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High definition IP camera for homeHigh definition IP camera for homeHigh definition IP camera for homeHigh definition IP camera for homeHigh definition IP camera for home

High definition IP camera for home


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720p  Resolution

Wi-Fi / WPS

30FT  Night Vision

4 Channel Software

Play Video

Wireless HD IP camera with night vision and motion detection for home monitoring

Experience the home video monitor of tomorrow today! The LNC200 Series are the first wireless IP cameras of their kind, capturing 720p HD video in real-time (30fps). Connect to the camera using your computer, smartphone or tablet to monitor your property from anywhere in the world. The LNC200 Series goes a step beyond other home video monitors with additional features to help you stay connected – a built-in temperature sensor, two-way audio using an internal microphone and speaker, and advanced motion/audio sensors are just a few of the things that put this wireless HD IP camera ahead of its time.

ip camera with iPhone iPad Mac android and PC connectivity

Simple 3 step setup on smartphones & tablets

For quick & easy 3 step setup, all you have to do is download the free Lorex Ping app, scan the QR code on the back of the camera with your smartphone or tablet, and start viewing live video from the camera. Never before has it been such a breeze to set-up a wireless network camera.  The QR code acts as the camera’s ID, and once you scan it, you’re instantly connected to the camera over the Internet.

ip camera set-up in 3 easy steps

Dual Lens Technology

For home and business owners who want to stay aware of their property 24/7, the integrated dual lens allows the camera to record high quality HD video in all light conditions. One lens is devoted to daytime viewing, providing pristine and colorful video. The other lens is specially designed for low-light conditions, offering you authentic footage around the clock. The camera boasts a powerful infrared LED that allows for clear nighttime viewing up to 30ft (9m) away in total darkness.

Dual Lens

Configure your camera on any device -
no PC required

The LNC200 Series is optimized for use with mobile devices. The free Lorex Ping app allows you to connect to the camera in mere minutes using a supported iOS® or Android™ device. You can also connect to the camera using a PC or Mac computer. Lorex’s suite of free camera management applications for mobile devices & computers give you complete control of your IP camera from anywhere in the world.

Connect to LNC26 from any device

Advanced recording options

LNC200 Series cameras let you record video to a variety of devices. You can record to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac using Lorex’s free camera management software. The camera also supports microSD storage for recording directly to the camera, as well as recording to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with no recurring fees! The camera uses H.264 video compression technology to maximize recording space and conserve Internet bandwidth so you can playback captured footage on your device straight away.

IP camera with NAS support

Notifications for motion and audio alerts

The powerful LNC200 Series allows you to setup alerts for sounds and movement captured by the camera. The camera keeps you informed by sending a notification to your email when a loud noise occurs at your property, or if movement was detected while you’re away. Notifications come with a snapshot attachment of the event so you know exactly what happened.

IP camera with audio alerts

Model no.: LNC204

Two-Way Audio

Two-Way Audio

The IP camera supports two-way voice communication over the Internet. This camera has a built-in speaker.

SD recording

SD recording

microSD recording & playback supported

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Recommended Accessory
Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)

Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)

Model no.:LNC204-3PK

Easy to use home IP camera for security surveillance, features high definition video, night vision and motion detection

In Stock

Reg.  $579.99


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31 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Houston tx
Date : February 1, 2015

PERFECT solution to watching your elderly parent. My Dad suffers with dementia and this camera has given me such piece of mind. I can watch him throughout the day and hear/speak to him throughout the day. I didn't get him the life alert because he would forget to use it, but this camera gives me much more access. If he falls, I can see it and call for help. He has a small apartment so 2 cameras did the trick. Super easy set up. No computer required. Cameras do not go offline very often and when they do, they reset themselves and find their signal (unlike our older lorex models that constantly go offline and have to be a manually reset). These cameras are really worth every cent just for the piece of mind. App is very easy to use. I couldn't get the audio to work but it was user error-I had my phone on vibrate. Haha. It still allowed me to talk to my Dad but it didn't allow me to hear him. Just an FYI for any others that have this issue. I bought two.

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Location: St. Louis, MO
Date : December 29, 2014

Not recommended if you require wireless (WiFi) connectivity. I received two of these units (one that I purchased directly and a second as a warranty replacement). Both were very easy to set up and worked fine for 3-4 days, but then failed. In both cases, the units would still work fine if connected via ethernet, but would not connect or work via WiFi. I tried resetting the units (multiple times), power cycling, leaving unplugged for a few days (to cool off), numerous wireless changes, etc. and nothing was able to get the units working again. All other WiFi gear in my house continued to work fine throughout the duration, so I believe the problem was squarely with the Lorex product.

I called Lorex technical support, and this proved to be an exercise in frustration. The tech walked me through all of the typical steps (e.g., make sure the unit is plugged in, reinitialize it, etc.), none of which helped. After over an hour on the phone and the fourth or fifth time of asknig me to reset / reinitialize the unit again

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Location: Westminster, CO
Date : December 3, 2014

Here's my "take". I don't try to contact Lorex by phone, I create a "Ticket" and that seems to work pretty well. You have to log in to read the ticket, but at least I get answers. It's a bit of back and forth as you are not directly talking to anyone, so communication by email is 'iffy' at best, and at times you need to clearly spell out what is going on - or write it again.

I've had 2 LNC204's (from Costco; on sale $199 for both) for many months. I lost connection very often, and I worked on this for many months. Used a Range Extender, which worked pretty well, but I did not like that solution. I finally moved my router to a more central location, and it took some doing, but it's much better now for all wireless products I have. I don't lose connection any more.

My main issue is that the Temp readings from the 2 cameras are 20 degrees different. I have used a good Fluke meter to check the temps right at the camera's, and one camera is very good, within 1-2 degrees, the other is way off. I am working this with Lorex now via the "Ticket" format they have - sending emails back and forth. Lorex has indicated they will replace the one camera, but this has not happened yet - so I hope it does.

They have new mobile software (12/1/2014) that allows a graph of the temperature, but it only works on one of my cameras. I hope to get it working on the other one soon. (could be a firmware issue? see below)

For the money, these are decent cameras. The Wi-Fi is easy to set up (but I've done it about 50 times, so I know how, but the instructions are clear and easy to follow).

I'd like to be able to send pictures via email to be more clear in my emails, but this is not possible.

I had two Samsung wireless cameras, and a Panasonic (this was a great pan and zoom, but hard to set up - however Panasonic tech support was great - and not hard to contact - they really knew their stuff, and got this camera working in 15 minutes - I had to change settings in the router to allow an open port).. anyway, the Lorex cameras are much easier to use.

For the money, these are nice cameras - not professional, but do the job. I like the new mobile app, but I hope to get the temp chart working on both cameras.

I do not see any firmware updates for this camera, and it's been out a long time. One of my camera's is 030515, the other is 030504 - not sure if this is an issue or not (with the temp reading being different and no Temp chart on one camera) but I hope, thru the Ticket process, I get this resolved.

For now, I'm going to rate these camera's a 3 star, but if the above issues get resolved, then it goes to a 4.

Oh, the alarms and emails work well. The motion alarm is sensitive to light - as headlights set it off, so I have disabled and just keep them recording all the time. One other thing, when you review the recorded information, you need to scroll all the way down many, many, dates to get to the latest recording (today), they should put the latest recording on top - not at the bottom. Sort of a Last Recorded / First Played back set up.

If I can edit this I will should the above issues get taken care of. This was written on 12/2/2014.

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Location: Canada
Date : November 29, 2014

I bought 2 of these cameras and found the setup very straight forward. The camera's clarity is not great under low light conditions. The features of the cameras are great.... Having the alarm notifications relieves some stress of travel. The temperature sensor allows for monitoring of the furnace... All in all, I am pleased with my choice...

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Location: NY,NY
Date : November 17, 2014

LOREX HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. CALLED 3 TIMES TODAY AND ALL THREE TIMES SAID WAITING TIME WAS 40 MINUTES. ON 1ST CALL WAITED 25 MINUTES AND COULD NOT WAIT ANY LONGER!!! TRIED TO EMAIL THEM BUT HAD TO GO THROUGH A REDICULOUS REGISTRATION PROCESS FIRST. I want to know how to set up these stupid cameras to make sure they work before registering them. I bought a 2 pk of the Lorex LNC204. The documentation on CD says it is for 2 different models. Cannot get either to be recognized via Wi-Fi and only one I could get set up using an Ethernet cable which is ridiculous since the cameras would be about 15-20 feet from the router. if you have all day to play with them and then wait another day on hold to try to get someone at Lorex go ahead.

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Location: bucks county pa
Date : November 12, 2014

I have used a pair of these cameras for a week now. The initial set up is very easy. The app is confusing and does not hold my settings. Sometimes it asks for a password and sometimes it doesn't. The recording to a sd card is nice and sometimes I can access these clips on a mobile device, other times I cannot. I'm not sure if the quality is good enough to identify someone so I'll work on that next. From my research, these are better than what's out there but not really user friendly yet and the customer service is poor.

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Location: Canada
Date : October 30, 2014

Good product.
Choice of apps confusing on iTunes store: which app is for which product. It is difficult to see at first sight.
The ipad app for LNC204 camera working almost perfectly: I am not able to have the sound notification working.
Impossible to download the iphone app from ITUNES. It does not exist... Very strange...
It is often difficult to connect to the camera when away from home, from outside the local area network.

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Location: Toronto
Date : October 30, 2014

Just got 2 cameras.Set up with wifi and ipad and iphone went well with the "Quick Mobile Guide".
One camera took a few minutes to read the QR Code.Downloaded the manual and walked through everything.Also set up on my PC.
There are a lot of features on these cameras.
I am still learning but am happy with the products.

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Ann B

Location: Milford, OH
Date : September 27, 2014

Just bought this camera and after some difficulty setting it up following the instructions for my Android, it is now working. Instructions provided are not really helpful. Had to set it up with the Ethernet cable directly from the router and then struggled to get the connection to my mobile. Fortunately for me, my son-in-law is an IT professional. However, frustration on both parts finally forced me to contact technical support. First spent about an hour on hold, finally reached a very patient and informative gentlemen who provided much help and direction. It would be helpful to have more detailed printed instructions. The CD provided didn't really help through the installation process.

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Location: INDIANA
Date : September 17, 2014

Just bought this camera for inside the house so I could keep track on what was going on when I was not there. The video on how easy it was to set up and get an app is what sold me on it. I had another brand before and it was and still is not viewable on my cell phone. The lorex cam works good ,I got it going so I could see it on my phone pretty easy with it still hardwired to router. The QR code reader did not work as easy as the video and getting it to work with out being wired to the router was not easy at all.Eventually after 2 days of trying different things I got it to work without being wired to router. So far I am satisfied with the results,just could of been a little more user friendly with wi fi.

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Location: FL
Date : July 25, 2014

Its overall a good product. Only issues i have it's if setting continuous recording, it will only take 5min, stop for 5 min, then started up in 5 min to start recording again. So, with 5 minutes gap in between, i think thats an issue that Lorex should address and fix this problem.
The other thing i wish to control is to have motion higher than 10. Basically i am getting alert if room getting brighter or darker.
This product is very easy to setup.

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Location: Saint Louis
Date : April 11, 2014

I just finished putting up a 200-series camera up to monitor our cars parked in front of the house (and the front walk). I set it up to record (continuous loop) to a 32 GB micro SD card for stand-alone operation. It runs day and night providing good images in daylight, twilight and at night.

The camera "looks" out through the front window - so to get glare free operation (the night-vision IR LED reflects off the window glass) I just taped over the IR LED, the cameras night vision lens still picks up enough light for good images. Lorex should provide an option to disable the IR LED.

We pick up streaming images to iOS, Android and PC devices. Wi-fi install was simple and straightforward. The camera is flexible and a good bargain for the price!

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Pat D

Location: Quebec
Date : April 5, 2014

Great HD cam. Easy to setup if you have a router with WPS. THe L-View software is not working perfectly, but with a smart phone, it is easy to see live video. Also, the notifications (and schedules) are working fine.

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Location: Pennsylvania
Date : March 16, 2014

I recently purchased my second LNC204 camera. These cameras are very versatile. I mounted my first camera under the kitchen cupboard near a receptacle. It views across the kitchen towards the rear door of my home. If an intruder enters the door this camera will email snapshots before they can get to the camera. I mounted the second camera bracket to a stained block of wood I can place this cam anywhere that is near an outlet. I can even connect it to my Ethernet port out in my detached garage. I can guard the front door and stairs coming up from the basement. I can watch my pet or the sump pump in the basement while I am at work. These cams have a sensor to monitor temperature. I have the kitchen cam set to give me an alert if the temp rises above a set point. This may detect a fire. The list of applications seem endless.
I was most impressed with the free Lorex Ping App. All of the settings and alerts can be easily set from this app. Smartphone Image quality seems good. The image on my laptop using the included L-View software is very impressive. I had only minor issues with setting the cams up with my wireless network. I think the instructions could be a little better. Overall, I love these cameras.

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Location: Savannah, GA
Date : March 11, 2014

Camera arrived on time. Packaging was good. Started and ran perfectly right out of the box. Connected and viewed with both Ping and L-View without issue. I like it!

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