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IP network camerasIP network camerasIP network camerasIP network camerasIP network cameras

IP network cameras


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30FT  Night Vision

VGA  Resolution

Play Video

3-Pack of Wireless IP cameras for with advanced recording software

The LNC116 Lorex Vantage Stream Wireless Network Cameras allow users to remotely monitor their home or business through a secure, password protected connection that requires no networking knowledge. Simply connect the ip camera into a router, run the installation CD and users are on their way to see, hear and protect what matters to them most. View on your PC, Mac or compatible smartphone.

ip camera with iPhone iPad Mac android and PC connectivity

Setup recording on any device - no PC required.

ip camera with easy 3 step setupWith a quick & easy 3 Step Set-Up with no PC required, all you have to do to activate your camera is plug it into power, connect to the internet with the press of a button, then simply scan the QR code on the back of the camera with your smartphone or tablet using the free downloadable Stream App.  Never before has it been such a breeze to set-up a wireless network camera.  The QR code acts as the camera’s ID, and once you scan it, voila you’re instantly viewing live video right from your mobile device without the need of a PC!

WPS support for push button connection to home Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Ip camera with WPS featureVersatile and advanced the Stream is capable of connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi with WPS. Connect over Wi-Fi with no hardwired connection to the router necessary, so there’s no need for an Ethernet cable as long as your router has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function.  The camera can detect and connect to your Wi-Fi network and start streaming video right away.

IP Camera Supports up to 16 cameras for multi-location surveillance

ip camera with 16 channelsThe Vantage Stream IP Camera is ideal for consumers who want a reliable, affordable, and expandable solution for monitoring multiple locations.  Expand your view and watch over multiple locations with up to 16 additional cameras simultaneously!  The cameras are all linked using Lorex’s secure cloud connectivity, and the recording capacity can be upgraded according to user needs.  View your home, your office, or your vacation property all in one screen on your tablet, PC or Mac! You can even have up to 20 users connecting to each camera at a time, using a user-selected password so the video streams are secured and protected.

Advanced Recording options

IP camera with NAS supportConveniently choose to either record straight to your camera on a microSD card using the built-in video recorder, or record directly to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac with the free downloadable remote viewing Stream and L-View applications  for mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers.  Using H.264 video compression technology in the camera maximizes recording space and conserves Internet bandwidth. These applications give the user the ability to setup motion activated and scheduled recordings to the camera, microSD card, the local memory of the computer, smartphone, or tablet, or a Network Video Recorder (NAS - Network Attached Storage) with no recurring fees!  

Advanced calendar playback allows for easy video searching from microSD, PC, or NAS.

ip camera with recording and playback softwareThe advanced playback software for your PC or MAC the L-Play; enables your recorded footage where ever it is stored to be streamed over the Internet to be viewed on your personal computer.  Search for those important moments of your recordings using the advanced calendar playback menu, by selecting the year, month, date, the time of the day or just the motion recorded events.  You can even select specific snippets of your recordings right down to the second to be converted to .avi format making it easier to back-up or share the videos via your social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Dual motion detection technology for motion triggered recording and alerts

ip camera with motion detectionFeaturing dual motion detection technology with both Passive Infra-Red (PIR) and smart video motion detection.  Alert accuracy is drastically improved, providing superior motion sensing that ensures more precise motion-activated recordings, push notifications and email alerts with snapshot attachments of the event sent directly to your device. The built-in PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor tracks heat from moving objects such as people or animals, while the video motion detection with customizable sensitivity levels catches all the motion that doesn’t generate heat and is also outside of the PIR sensor’s 20ft range. Instantly know if anything happens at your home, small business or vacation properties all at once!

Night vision & unique Dual Lens design

ipcam with night visionThis camera was built with a dual lens to deliver enhanced day imagery and excellent night vision observation.  One lens is used specifically for day time operation providing a clean and colourful picture.  While the other lens is solely used during low light conditions, with the image automatically switching to a crisp and clear black & white night vision.  The camera features a powerful infrared LED that allows for viewing of up to 30ft away in total darkness.  Be in the know at all times no matter what time of day or night.

2-way audio intercom via computer or mobile.

Featuring a powerful built-in microphone that lets you hear what’s happening around the camera straight to your mobile device or computer.  The LIVE Stream also supports a two-way talk feature by connecting an accessory speaker (sold separately) to the audio jack, helStream bridge the gap between the camera and the end user.  Being able to talk to your camera from anywhere in the world is a great function to have. Whether you’re just upstairs in the house or traveling across the globe, you can calm your frantic pet or communicate with family members in the house with the press of a button!

Model no.: LNC116-3PK

Expandable System

Expandable System

Add cameras to your system to expand your monitoring capabilities.

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Two-Way Audio

Two-Way Audio

Audio capabilities due to the built-in microphone and speaker.

Recommended Accessory
English security decal

English security decal

Model no.:DECAL-EN

Very cost effective deterrent

In Stock

Reg.  $5.99


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100 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: California
Date : October 27, 2012

Great Camera, Easy Setup

Really nice camera, setup could be done using your mob device only, QR code for setup a nice feature as well. Really like it, using a baby monitor.

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Location: California
Date : October 27, 2012

Great Camera, Easy Setup

Really nice camera, setup could be done using your mob device only, QR code for setup a nice feature as well. Really like it, using a baby monitor.

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Location: Temecula, CA
Date : January 16, 2013

Great Purchase

Pros: i feel i have a safety net.

"You can't be everywhere at all times, this is the next best thing. I can see the office and the house on my phone day or night.

I had cust. svc. walk me through the setup and I coundn't be happier.

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Location: Glenview, IL
Date : January 17, 2013

Better than the Competitor

Pros: easy set-up

Cons: haven't found one


"I've worked with other surveillance systems before and nothing matches the quality of Lorex. Everything from the cameras to the technical support are top notch. You know once you open the box that you have purchased a quality product that will keep you, your family and/or business safe for years."

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Matt T

Location: Frisco TX
Date : April 2, 2013

This product has done what it has advertised. I have not fully installed all the functionality of it, but so far so good. I am planing to buy more to expand my cameras to 9.

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Bernard Jimenez

Date : April 27, 2013

It connects very easy both installation and monitoring.

I recommend this product 1000% yes 1000%

Picture quality is gret including mobile.

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Location: whitehall, PA
Date : May 25, 2013

great camera, easy installation , I recommend it to anybody

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Location: ALASKA
Date : July 17, 2013


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Location: Virginia
Date : July 20, 2013

Simple to set up from iPhone and iPad. Great quality. Love it!

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Location: Texas
Date : August 6, 2013

Love this camera it was a breeze to install and had preformed flawless. I would highly recommend this camera for anyone wanting to view in color over the web with your smart phone.

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Location: Miami
Date : August 12, 2013

So easy to use beats everithing on the market for a small camera.

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Location: Ohio
Date : August 29, 2013

Very easy camera to set up either wired or wireless. The camera has connected every time with my android phone using 4G and with wifi on my in house lan. The video is exceptional for the size and price of the camera.

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Location: northumberland pa
Date : September 3, 2013

Cameras are great. easy setup and operation. Just what I was looking for. I would recommend these cameras to anyone. Great product.

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Location: Connecticut
Date : September 16, 2013

Easy to install and operate. The record and play functions could be simplified. Overall very happy with the product.

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Date : October 7, 2013


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Location: Alexandria, VA
Date : October 8, 2013

This camera is great for checking on things when away. The motion-detection system offers sensitivity settings as well as a few storage or email options. The camera doesn't "look like a camera" and is less intimidating and noticeable for visitors (and burglars) than large lens alternatives. I like the iOS interface, and very importantly love this camera's ability to re-initialize itself after a connection loss (using WPA2 wifi encryption) which is critical when on travel. For the price I believe this is a very good choice for the price point and feature set combination, and as an IP cam it doesn't require a base station. If you need higher res than 640x480, it will either cost more or have fewer features overall at this price. My preference is to use 4 of these over a couple of wide angle hi-res cams for greater stealth and angle options, but again individual needs should be considered before choosing a cam. I have found tilt/pivot cams are great but tend to become center pieces instead of fixtures when placement is attempted and they are anything but subtle when moving.

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Location: Albuquerque, NM
Date : October 22, 2013

Our 88 and 92 year old dads live with us. What a relief to be able to check on them when we are out in the yard, or while running a short errand.

Unfortunately our suspicions were confirmed about one of the aides. It was distressing to watch one aide sit and text for 45 minutes without doing anything around the house or to help dad get ready for day-care. That really wasn't the intention of installing the LNC116s. It was really for safety issues. Nevertheless, it did explain why there did not seem to be much accomplished during their shift.

The installation was not completely seamless, yet not terrible. There are a lot of variables regarding the various networks that we use about town, and with the alleged "4G" mobile network. The software on both the Android devices and our iPads locks up from time to time, but again, that could be the network we are using to handshake with the LNC 116s. When it works, it works great. It works well most of the time. In fact, we just ordered six more LNC 116s and also purchased a Lorex Vantage ECO4 LH150 Series for the outside. It will be interesting to see how they compare.

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Location: Illinois
Date : November 8, 2013

What's great about it: Easy to set up and quick to send email notification

What's not so great: Directions a little bit confusing with passwords

I love it, I just wish it was buy one get one free :)

you can set the sensitive of the motion, sound and IP

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Location: Atlanta, GA
Date : November 8, 2013

What's great about it: Ease of install, ease of remote viewing/setting changes

What's not so great: User Manual could use some improvement

Short story: Don't believe the reviews. This product is way better than all the other ones at this price point. Hands down.

Long story:

I was skeptical when I read all the reviews. I understand that some people have technological challenges, but I must say, this was easy to install and set up. I'm totally new to in-home security, and I'm exceptionally happy I bought this product. A little patience and willingness to root around the User's Manual and the apps themselves, and you can figure this out easily.

A note about the alarms/ motion detection that I learned (i.e. remember this when you buy it): when you set an alarm, depending on how you set it, you get BOTH an email and a text alarm to your mobile device. This can be quite the nuisance. You need to ensure you turn off the alarms separately, if you have email alarms engaged. You do this in both the "alarm notification" field, and then drill down under "camera settings" > "schedule' > "email alarm.' I learned to simplify my life by just setting the notification alarms under the "alarm notification" field. If you do it this way, you just get a notification on your phone like any other app (i.e. your text messages, news apps breaking news etc).

You can also Change the Streaming settings on the fly, remotely, regardless of what other reviews say. If you are at work and over a good wifi or other net connection, you can stream crystal clear up to 1.5 Mps. The default to 64kbps is to make it easy to live stream over cellular data networks. My ipad is set up at 1.5 meg. My iphone is set up at 64 kbps. Don't forget, with a MicroSD card installed, it's recording at 1.5Mps anyway. You get awesome resolution when you play back from the SD card.

As for recording capacity, that's entirely contingent upon the size of Micro SD card you buy. I bought the 64 gig. The camera setup itself is wondrously easy. Mounting it upside down in my house, in a hidden corner, with a barking dog wanting to play at my feet...was not quite so easy.

You won't be disappointed, trust me. I'm going to buy two more cameras.

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Location: WV
Date : November 16, 2013

I got These cameras to monitor my Vacation home. So far my experience has been fabulous.

Pro's - Ease of setup by far. The videos made it look too easy. It's really that easy!!!!
Picture quality

Cons - Wish they had a Tech Forum. Didn't need it, but was looking before the Cameras arrived.

Will probably get an HD camera to add to my system!

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Don Quixote

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date : November 19, 2013

Great value, easy setup, works well for both day and night in our situation.

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Location: Nashville, TN
Date : November 24, 2013

The LNC116 3- pack is phase - one for my home security network. Connecting from a pc, to an Android, and an iPad was super successful. I found the ticket system essential while trouble shooting the DDNS system. I would recommend this system to any "semi-computer literate" friend.

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Location: Reno,nv
Date : November 28, 2013

Great Customer service And product.

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J. F.

Location: California
Date : December 4, 2013

Easy setup, a peace of mind when away from home

"WPS" to setup wireless connection works great and simple! I have all three cameras installed, I can see all three view angles of my house when I am on vacation on the beach using by Samsung Galaxy Note II. To save energy, I use SD card to record video. This is a great product.

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Location: Ohio
Date : December 9, 2013

I have 5 cameras, 4 lnc116 and 1 lnc204. They are very easy to set up and the 204 is EXTREMELY easy. It has higher definition (not by a lot) and a built in speaker which is nice. I had a problem with one lnc116 and Lorex replaced it immediately. These to me are the easiest and best for wireless.

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Location: Indiana
Date : December 14, 2013

easy to install and works great on PC and Cell phone

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Location: North Carolina
Date : December 16, 2013

Shopped for several months before deciding on the LNC116 3 pack and I could not be happier with that decision. Cameras are extremely easy to configure and the wifi capability makes it effortless to move them anywhere throughout the house. PC software and iPhone/iPad apps are very user friendly. The wife now has an extra layer of security and can check in on the teens.

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Robert Joki

Location: Portland OR
Date : December 18, 2013

I bought 16 of these to set up "vacation watch" on three different properties. I love the fact that I can view all 16 at the same time, even though they are on three separate networks in three different buildings. They were just a simple to set up as it sounded on this website. Load a little software on the PC - download an app to the ipad - and bingo, works like a charm. So many options are available as to picture quality etc. No port forwarding etc., like on my older Lorex system. I didn't have to call Pakistan or India to get it working correctly - yeah !!

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Location: Mason, MI
Date : December 23, 2013

I recently installed the LNC116-3PK and have been pleased with the simplicity of getting the cameras connected to my Wi-Fi network. The cameras are working good and I am still working on the best settings for each of the cameras to record into my NAS drive. I am considering purchasing another 3-PK to cover additional rooms.

It will give us some comfort knowing we have some level of security at home and away.

I would like to see an outdoor weatherproof camera with pan & tilt that would work on this platform.

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Location: Mason, MI
Date : December 27, 2013

The cameras were very easy to set up and the motion and PIR notifications work well to alert me on my cell phone if there is unusual activity caught by the cameras.

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Location: Chattanooga, TN
Date : January 16, 2014

I purchased 6 of these IP Cameras and had them up and going in a very short time. The instructional videos were great which helped a lot with the installation. I downloaded the software for my Mac and was viewing high quality color video with sound in minutes.

I then download Lorex Ping from the App store, installed it on my iphone, and was watching my home remotely from a local restaurant in less than 5 minutes. I will be buying more of these great cameras. Thanks Lorex for such an exceptional product.

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Location: Florida
Date : January 20, 2014

Very good cameras. I use them all in a wireless configuration. Easy connection, good color picture, acceptable black and white image. I did a lot of reviewing and comparison shopping, and found these to be the best for my use, especially for the cost. I initially bought 5 of them, and then purchased another 3, for a total of 8 LNC116's. Very happy so far.

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Location: Calgary
Date : February 4, 2014

These cameras were very easy to set up. I have an app on my android, my nexus tablet, ipad, wife's iphone, macbook and desktop. The cloud viewing is great and I can see my boys from my work or on the bus, anywhere at all, and it is very fast to bring up a camera. The night vision is very good, and I am able to make out everything in the room in pitch blackness. Even a soother that has fallen to the floor. The controls are good and intuitive and you can turn off all lights on the camera so the kids can sleep without a glowing eye in the room. I am very pleased with the quality. It just works so well!

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Location: Southwest TX
Date : March 4, 2014

Recently purchased a few LNC 116 cameras. I did extensive research into the home security realm having been a victim of home invasion. Did not want to pay a company to do something that Lorex allows ME to do and give me peace of mind!
Set up if very simple to do. My only draw back is the live feed is always a few seconds behind. I am not a computer guru so there may be a fix to this. Maybe a stonger or faster internet or both. The LNC 116 system has given me and my family peace of mind. Looking forward for more advanced, wireless, do-it-yourself products from Lorex. I will and have recommend this system to friends and family!

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Location: Montreal
Date : March 5, 2014

It's a great camera with compact size. The motion detection function is very useful and the video in the night is clear. You could receive email alarm when there is a motion detected. But you have to configure the SMTP server.
In conclusion, it is highly recommended.

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Location: United Arab Of Emirates
Date : March 14, 2014

the Camera is amazing, nice wide angle but i wish it had a built-in Speaker instead of simply and Audio Out ..

also wanted to have an easier interface to view it from my PC online .. my DDNS did not work .. it works only on my smartphone

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Joe M

Location: NJ
Date : March 18, 2014

Very easy to setup and works great. I amazed how well I can see my cameras from my Android device. L View on my pc is great. Technical support is good. If you have a problem write a ticket and you will get a response in a day. I recommend highly.

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Location: Pennsylvania
Date : March 28, 2014

I have shopped all over for a solid quality wifi camera and I think the dual lense technology of Lorex is the best and priced lower than lesser quality cameras. In this case you definitely get much more than you paid for. Set up is simple, setting scenes and alerts without having to pay a monthly fee is great too! Too many companies charge for access to your own equipment you purchased. I have it set up in my main house and vacation home it does not need a computer to work or plug into the router, and you can even turn off the annoying lights, many cameras out there don't allow for this! Awesome cameras!!

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Location: Brandon, Ms
Date : June 16, 2014

Very easy to set up and use quickly. I was able ot set up the camera on my ISO, android and PC devices. The software is straight forward and easy to follow. Once the camera is set up on wi-fi and connected to a router that is connected to the internet there is nothing else to do but enjoy and make use of the tool. The software takes care of DDNS automatically with no input needed from you at all. The picture looks very good in the day and excellent at night when it goes into a very sharp black and white mode. The only problem I have had is setting up an old Kindle Fire which will connect but then drops back out. I'm very happy with this purchase and have already bought 2 more and I'm planning to fix my mom up with some security of her own very soon.

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Location: Maryland
Date : June 20, 2014

Great security camera for the price. Very easy to set up on iPhone and IPad with the Ping App., and L-View download for my Mac. Had a slight problem with wifi connection at first, but that was due to my error. I purchased the 3 Pack to cover my door entrances, and recently ordered an additional single camera. Video is very good for viewing and play-back from SD Card or Mac and mobile devices. The auto infrared for night vision is great. Once I learned how to use these cameras, I'm very satisfied with my purchase, especially the price.

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Location: Chicago IL
Date : July 23, 2014

I searched for a while for a camera that would be easy to set up and offer good quality at a great price. This camera bundle fits the bill! Very easy to connect to my Android phone. Even easier to connect to PC with software that is included.

The video quality is very good even in darkness. Very impressed and happy with my purchase.

A very affordable products for multiple devices. I would say this cameral bundle is the way to go!

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Location: Stouffville, Ontario
Date : August 9, 2014

Everything works fine except one bug. I can't update the cameras' password after the initial changed from the default "lorex" password.

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Location: Springfield, MO
Date : September 20, 2014

Easy and quick setup. Camera image is very good. Audio microphone is very good. Have been able to setup all things that this camera advertises. Online manual is very easy to read and is very thorough. Had one occasion to call for tech support. (be prepared to wait awhile) Tech person was friendly and knowledgeable and showed me how to do what I wanted to do. ( I should have been able to figure it out on my own) Instructions said Micro SD card, which is hard to find at 32 GB. Turns out a SDHC card works just fine.

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Location: Springfield, MO
Date : October 2, 2014

Liked the first camera so much that I ordered a second one. Easy to set up and make it do everything advertised, except after motion was detected, the camera would disconnect for a couple of minutes. Emailed Lorex Technology, which answered within 24 hours. They advised me to "Reset" the camera. I did that and it cleared the problem. LPS setting (heat sensitivity) works very well for Email alarms.

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Location: Houston, TX
Date : November 12, 2014

I purchased these cameras after a home break-in and it was an impulse purchase. These are great cameras and setup is super easy. I'm not sure I'm going to keep them since I had hoped to place them outside by the front and back doors. They appear to be designed more so for indoor use. I do have one in a window facing the street and I already received alerts which I liked. I was concerned that the motion sensor would be affected by glass window but so far so good. I'm also able to get a live view on my iPhone which I really like!

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sort by :  Results: 1-45 of 100
The L-View Software listed below is the 4-channel version. If your computer does not have a CD drive or you do not have access to the CD, please register your product and create a technical support ticket including the model number, serial number, and camID (serial number and camID are printed on the back of your camera). We will send you an email containing a download link for the 16-Channel L-View and L-Play software.




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