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Wireless outdoor IP cameras - 2 packWireless outdoor IP cameras - 2 packWireless outdoor IP cameras - 2 packWireless outdoor IP cameras - 2 packWireless outdoor IP cameras - 2 pack

Wireless outdoor IP cameras - 2 pack


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720p  Resolution

2  Cameras

Wi-Fi / WPS


Wireless HD Outdoor Network Cameras with 720p Resolution

Experience the simplicity of plug-and-play setup in a fully weatherproof indoor/outdoor (IP66 rated) metal housing security camera. View and record stunning HD video with no recurring fees. Connect to the camera on a wireless WiFi connection or by wiring the camera with Ethernet cable - the choice is yours! With the Lorex Stratus 3-step setup, it is quick and easy to view to your camera on a smartphone or tablet. Simply activate your camera by downloading the free Lorex Ping app and scanning the QR code on the camera to get started. View your world in different lighting conditions with Dual Lens technology - one sensor for daytime viewing providing pristine and colorful video, and the other sensor offering you authentic footage all through the night.

Live video and audio

Live Video and audio Keep track of your world from anywhere in the world. Access any of your IP security cameras using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac to view a stunning, real time surveillance footage. The LNC226x features a high definition image sensor as well as the built-in microphone for audio monitoring.

Cloud connectivity

Stratus cloud connectivity Stratus 3-step setup, it is quick and easy to view to your camera on a smartphone or tablet. Simply activate your camera by downloading the free Lorex Ping app and scanning the QR code on the camera to get started.

High Definition, 720p recording resolution

ip camer with 720p recording LNC226x allows several video recording options. Live video recording can be done when connected to the camera using a supported smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Continuous, scheduled or alert-activated recording is performed by 16 channel PC / Mac software that is included with the unit. The wireless IP camera also supports NAS and recording on a built-in Micro SD card (Not included)

Motion- and sound-activated alerts

camera with motion detection Stay aware of every sight and sound at your household or business with smart video motion detection and a built-in microphone. In the event of an intrusion, the camera can send an email with a picture attachment, or an instant notification to a smartphone.

Dual Lens technology

Dual Lens The LNC226X is ideal for homeowners who want to stay aware of their property 24/7. It comes with a dual lens; one is devoted to daytime viewing, providing pristine and colorful video. The other lens is specially designed for low-light conditions, offering you authentic footage around the clock. The cameras boast a powerful infrared LED that allows for viewing of up to 50ft away in total darkness.

Weather resistant housing

weather resistant ip camera Built to withstand even the harshest conditions, the LNC226x is protected from the rain, snow, dust and low temperatures. Designed to work in the Northern American climate, the camera can operate in the temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C), protecting your property all year round.

Simple installation

ip camera installation The LNC226x can be connected to the router using either the Wi-Fi connection, or an Ethernet cable. When used as a in a wireless mode, the camera can be installed in locations that are difficult to reach or where it is hard to run the cable back to the router. The wired connection is useful for areas that have no Wi-Fi signal, or when installing multiple cameras causes interference. Bear in mind, the camera requires access to an electrical outlet.

Model no.: LNC226X-2PK

Micro SD Compatible

Micro SD Compatible

Record and store video on the Micro SD supported system.

Secured Network

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Expandable System

Expandable System

System is expandable, allowing for additional camera channels.

Recommended Accessory
Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)

Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)

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Easy to use home IP camera for security surveillance, features high definition video, night vision and motion detection

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Reg.  $579.99


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30 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: Boisbriand, Qc
Date : March 28, 2015

For versatility, I would give it a 6 stars out of 5. You can connect at the same time with iphone, windows and mac. The recording is done on the sd card so no need to have a dedicated computer to record. Support wifi but signal drop quickly du to outside house material. Very easy to use network cable to extend the connection if needed. Image quality is awsome. Support night vision with 2 differents sensors. Free remote connexion over 3G or LTE. Excellent customer support. The only problem I found so far is the stability of the mac software. I used a old mac mini to show the front door camera during the day and the software crash after 2-3 hours. I need to contact technical support about that but I'm hoping that this problem will be fix in future software release.

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Location: California
Date : March 21, 2015

I bought these to watch for vandalism at my home. Day is very good but the night is a bit fuzzy. Set-up was not easy Lorex tech support was great and quite helpful.

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Location: New Albany,Oh
Date : March 10, 2015

Purchased the LNC226 cameras in Nov 2014. Cameras work fine and pic is clear. The software L-Play sucks, period. Thought might be my system perhaps, settings etc. New computer system with super speed, memory etc, but the software still sucks.
Camera's don't play as they should. Can't access SD-card easily and takes forever to download recorded information. Audio cuts in and out. Video does same.

I think over-all a good company with a good product..... just need to update the support software so that cameras can be accessed easily and they stay on! Also, recorded information can be accessed easily as well. Need to make the software as good as the cameras.

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Location: North Fort Myers, Florida
Date : February 26, 2015

I have purchased 3 LNC216 and 2 LNC226 Lorex camera and love them. They were easy to hook up as stated in the product information. I have also worked with Lorex customer service and technical departments and they have been helpful. I would recomend Lorex products!!

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Location: Seattle
Date : February 22, 2015

Its very easy to install. i like the camera for the price I pad. I recommend buying this camera for wire free installation

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Location: Fremont, CA
Date : January 30, 2015

I have a few professional suggestions - after installing more than 40 of this model I would strongly recommend 2 things;
#1 is to add a 2-3 inch pig-tail WiFi antenna to the back surface area (I looked inside and it is do-able).
#2 Add a right-click option to "copy" or "send to" when viewing the recorded SD files in the L-View SD playback window.

OR for #2 any method for archiving a file without having to remove the card from the camera.

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Location: north dakota
Date : January 26, 2015

I purchased one for my garage and im very satisified with it. Its really easy to set up. I put a wi fi extender and that stopped it from disconnecting and reconnecting. It nice when you're not home and you get automatic pings/emails when someone pulls into the yard. The product also works in the extreme cold havent had one problem in the cold weather. i'd recomend this product to anyone.

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Location: EBK
Date : January 6, 2015

I purchased the twin pack LNC 226X recently and am very satisfied. The picture is very high quality, and they hooked into our house wifi without a hitch. The motion alarm is easy to set up, and the Ping software on the Samsung Android phone also connected without any problems.

The only difference I experienced from the LNC 216 indoor WIFI cameras is that these LNC 226X cameras seem to disconnect every so often from the wifi and then reconnect, while the 216 cameras stay connected all the time, so not sure what the problem is. When I hardwired the 226X cameras with an Ethernet Wifi cable, they then stayed connected fine, so something I have to resolve yet with Lorex, it has nothing to do with distance from the Wifi source, as I did a number of trials comparing the 216s and the 226s, but for some reason, the 226s do not seem to want to stay connected in a steady state.

But other than that, I am extremely satisfied with these outdoor cameras and would recommend them.

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Location: Saratoga, CA, USA
Date : January 4, 2015

I bought a 2 pack. It's been about a month since they are in use. I rate them 1 star for the following reasons.
- Poor connection. I cannot get stable connection when I place the camera more than 40 ft and thru 2 dry walls.
- Video delay. The video is not real time on my iPhone. There is a 3-5 second delay.
- Night vision video/images are poor. The camera has 3 LEDs, vs. 10 or more in most night vision security cameras.
FYI, I use a high speed router.

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Location: Canada
Date : December 28, 2014

I am very much disappointed with this camera and the product lines that they carry.... first of all it even does not work with their own 300 series NVR. I have tried calling tech support and they haven't even bothered to call back after putting me on hold to wait for the next available agent for over 1 hour. the email I received when I contacted them also on line read that someone will get back to me. its been over a week now. I will never recommend these products to anyone.

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Location: Coal Township, PA
Date : December 15, 2014

Purchased this camera in addition to the LNC 16 & the LNC 216 and let me say I am so glad to I didnt listen to the negative comments. I am in a VERY poor cell phone area, yet I can watch my cameras even without 4G. With 4G the viewing and talking feature on the 216 model works perfect. Works also with Wifi but works better with 4G. Slight lag with WiFi but still works good. My only issue is with this above mentioned 226X camera. The software right now has an issue getting sound on my andriod device. No issues with the 16 & 216. I called Tech support and they are trying to fix the issue. My son has an i-phone and the 226 is working just perfect. So far I love the cameras I purchased, just hoping they fix the software issue soon.

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Don T

Location: Ohio
Date : December 11, 2014

Installed completely in two hours. Picture was clear and served my purpose very well.

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Miller Beach Tom

Location: Chicago Area
Date : December 8, 2014

I bought two of these cameras. Both physically installed very easily. I drilled a hole in the exterior wall of my house for the Cat 5 cable, connected one wirelessly and one wired. Both installed flawlessly. Connectivity is easy IF you are patient and follow the instructions. The viewing areas is easy to adjust. The ability to record via micro sd card or a server is great. Playback is easy. There are lots of great features, including night vision and the ability to set recording to motion only as well as viewing them from anywhere. I bought these to compliment the interior IP cameras. I now have four and plan to increase my count. I have not noticed any lag in internet performance with four cameras on my network. In summary, the cameras work as advertised.

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Location: New Albany, OH
Date : November 19, 2014

Awesome camera system! These IP cameras work perfectly!

I bought the 2-Pack LNC226X camera set. Easy to setup and deliver an excellent picture. I have them connected to my router via wifi . The Windows/Mac L-view and L-play CD software that is included with the LNC226X works great. The iPhone Ping app lets me check on the house while away. Love it! Set up instructions seem a little daunting at first, but read the installation instructions first and you will have with no problems at all. Installation was quick and easy.

We received our cameras within a week. I was a little concerned about the package getting delivered without damage. Not to worry! Cameras were bubble wrapped, surrounded with packing paper. Everything arrived in perfect condition thanks to the Lorex packing people.

Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are great with extensive options using PING to tailor you camera as needed for both day and night.

Would like to purchase another camera soon, I am waiting for price to come down. To purchase just one camera is rather expensive. Would like to see the price around half the purchase price of the 2pk system.

Thank You, Lorex!

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Location: Wickliffe OH
Date : November 12, 2014

The quality of the image is great. The ease of setting up the units is simple. The only problem I have is that, "out of the box", it does not have the expected RF range. I bought 2 cameras. The first camera is 21 feet from the RF router and direct "line of site" through a window. The second camera is 41 feet from the RF router and direct "line of site" through a window. The 21 foot one works fine. The 41 foot camera stays connected for about 50 seconds. It then disconnects for about 15 seconds and then reconnects. This happens over and over again. I have laptops that connect to the same RF router up to about 100 feet away through walls. If I cannot get this resolved, I will have to throw them away and go to a competitor.

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Wireless outdoor IP cameras - 2 pack
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