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Wireless home security system featuring 6 night vision security cameras






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Wireless home security system featuring 6 long range night vision security cameras

LW166W security camera system

Enjoy the simple installation of a wireless security system, with this exclusive security solution from Lorex. This home security monitoring system with six wireless cameras is designed to exceed your expectations and will provide you with excellent video quality, day and night. The wireless security cameras quickly connect to the Lorex cutting edge DV700 digital video recorder (DVR) without the need to run video cables, resulting in a simple and clean security installation.





1080P DVR can support up to 16 cameras



6 Wireless security cameras



Maximum night vision



Maximum capacity 1 x 4TB hard drive

Lorex SignalGuard Technology provides stable and reliable wireless security camera video

Stable & reliable wireless video with SignalGuard technology

If the signal strength drops (or if a camera disconnects) Lorex’s SignalGuard technology will automatically reset, and work to maintain a strong video feed. Conflicts with competing wireless signals are minimized thanks to the LW2287B’s next generation adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) interference reduction technology.

See what your security cameras see, from anywhere in the world with FLIR Cloud connectivity

View security cameras remotely with FLIR Cloud™

The LW166 by Lorex is designed to work seamlessly with FLIR Cloud™, our innovative solution for managing and viewing your security system over the internet. Connect your DVR to FLIR Cloud™ and easily view your entire system, from virtually anywhere in the world. Simply download our free apps to your smartphone, tablet or computer, scan the QR code on your DVR, and start viewing the live feed from your Lorex security cameras.

Works With

listen-in audio wireless security camera

Listen-in audio for enhanced security monitoring

Listen-in recording allows you to expand your security coverage beyond the field of view (FOV) of your security camera. Using the audio channel on the DV700 DVR enables you to monitor audio from one of your LW2287B wireless cameras. This can assist in detecting and interpreting events, even when they occur off-screen.

LW2287B wireless bullet security cameras with night vision

Night vision security cameras that monitor ’round the clock

The LW2287B’s long range night vision helps you experience clear and fluid footage around-the-clock. Delivering up to a 140 feet of night vision range, these security cameras will never leave you in the dark.

LW2287B Night Vision Range
LW2287B wireless security camera IP66 Weatherproof & vandal resistant cameras

Security cameras meant for the outdoors

Engineered with an IP66 weatherproof rating, the LW166’s six wireless security cameras are well equipped for installation indoor and outdoor (or both). They feature high gain antennas that extend the outdoor wireless range. This means that your security cameras can be placed up to 500ft (152m) away from their receivers. Feel truly confident knowing that your security cameras are safe outdoors. Our vandal resistant housing helps your cameras repel attacks, while the cable pass-through mounting bracket protects the cables from being tampered with.

Security-grade hard drive 3TB for high workloads

Security grade hard drive reliability

The 3TB security certified hard drive within the DV700 HD DVR from Lorex will provide you with weeks or even months of reliable footage. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at a lower resolution or utilize the scheduled and motion recording features to extend your record time.

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.



DV7163 Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • 720p @ Real-time (30fps per channel)
  • Supports 2.0 MP (1080p @ 15fps per channel)
  • See double the detail of 960H
  • Ideal for retrofit using existing coax cable
  • Easy, secure cloud connection
  • Zero video latency
  • Cabling up to 2300ft (700m)
  • FLIR DDNS service option
  • HDMI/VGA/Simultaneous video output
  • 3TB HDD included
  • Supports 1x HDD (up to 4TB)
  • 2x USB 2.0, Audio I/O, RS485

LW2287B Wireless Security Camera Features:

  • Real-Time (up to 30fps) wireless video with MPEG-4 compression @ 640x480 (VGA) resolution1
  • SignalGuard Technology continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detecting low signal strength
  • Next generation adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces signal conflicts with competing signals
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio
  • Auto-mechanical infrared camera filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • High powered IR LEDs for long Range night vision range up to 140ft (42m) / 90ft (27m)2
  • Simple installation. No video cable required3
  • Weatherproof (IP66) camera and power connectors for outdoor or indoor installation4
  • Easily connects to any surveillance DVR (BNC) or TV (RCA)
  • High gain antennas provide up to 160ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range5
  • Heavy-duty durable metal housing
  • Vandal resistant camera design with cable pass-through mounting brackets

System Includes:

  • 1 x DVR with Pre-Installed HDD
  • 1 x 12V DC Power Supply
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x USB Mouse
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • Quick Start Guides

Each Wireless Camera Includes:

  • 1 x Indoor/Outdoor wireless camera
  • 1 x Wireless receiver
  • 2 x Power adapters (for camera and receiver)
  • 2 x Antennas
  • 1 x BNC/RCA adapter
  • Quick setup guide

Disclaimers wireless camera:

1. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.
2. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in total darkness and typical outdoor night time ambient lighting. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption.
3. Camera and receiver require a wired connection to an electrical outlet (power adaptors included).
4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area required.
5. Wireless cameras automatically reconnect with the receiver upon detecting low signal strength to optimize the wireless connection. Maximum wireless transmission range of 160ft (50m) indoors / 500ft (152m) outdoors. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in the path of the wireless signal.
* Using multiple receivers in close proximity to each other may cause a slowdown in frame rate performance.










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1 out of 141



April 22, 2016

Location: Colorado

Wireless Systems: WARNING - THEY ARE NOT WIRELESS. YOU NEED 110Volt power at each camera. If you are handy pulling electrical wire thru soffit or walls on a house, you might as well save some money and just get the Wired System. Assuming wireless meant not having to run wires to each camera, I brought this home from a Sams Club. Only then did I happen to catch on the box that the cameras need power at each camera* So I called b4 opening to confirm that they need a separate 110Volt outlet to power each camera and she said yes. Not sure if the rest of the buyers who got this installed just were lucky enough to have a close by outlet, but to mean wireless means wireless. You would thing that the cameras might be able to be powered by a littium battery or something.

Much more expensive to try to place 110V power by each camera. I end up having to fish wires thru the soffit, etc. I might as well get the wired system and fish the low voltage wire that both sends the camera signal and the power on a BNC cord or the like. LOREX : Save the consumer a trip to the store 2x by CLEARLY stating that 110Volt power plug needed at EACH camera outlet.

Well that's my 2 Cents.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any misunderstanding in this matter. We hope the system is working well for you.

2 out of 141



March 20, 2016

Location: Bumpass, VA

This is my third Lorex camera system. Having problems only recording when there is motion to conserve disk space and avoiding searching through all data stored. Otherwise I would like to see wireless cameras at 1080 vs. the 720 that I have.

3 out of 141



February 7, 2016

Location: New Hampshire

There was a mixup and I had to wait 2 months for the arrival of the system. It is very simple to setup and get it going. I have had no issues with it so far. Until spring when I can get power run to where I want to mount the cameras outside I have some of the cameras mounted in temp locations. My only wish is that wireless camera would focus in (Zoom). They will digitally zoom.
I'm happy with the product so far.

4 out of 141



January 8, 2016

Location: Albuquerque NM

The system came complete with everything needed to be up and running quickly. The only problem we encountered was trying to connect remotely and the problem was more with the Apple router. Once we changed out the router we had no problems and the system has been working well. Great solution if you can drill holes to run wires.

5 out of 141



January 2, 2016

Location: Denver, CO

Very easy setup. I did not expect it to be so easy. High quality product would recommend highly.

6 out of 141



December 29, 2015

Location: California

Very easy to install. Images are clear. Motion detection is a little sensitive--still working on setting. Still have three cameras to install but so far so good. Lorex really ought to provide hard copy owners manual, however tech support is pretty good. Forget leaving your name and number and expecting a call back from customer service.

7 out of 141



December 5, 2015

Location: Indianapolis

Very easy to install. The audio portion is a plus.

8 out of 141



November 24, 2015

Location: Commerce, MI

Set up was fairly easy but had to wire in outlets for a couple of cameras. As I plugged in the devices everything quickly came on line. I had to order a couple of range extenders for the guest house but have not had an opportunity to install these yet.

9 out of 141



November 23, 2015

Location: Texas

Had no problem with set up and tech support is good. Wish I had ordered range extenders with original purchase. Delivery is very slow

10 out of 141



November 23, 2015

Location: Torrance, CA

I had a problem with the DVR but the tech support person (Jordan B.) was very helpful and courteous. I received a replacement in about a week.

11 out of 141

The Greek


November 9, 2015

Location: Raleigh, NC

This was n easy to set up solution, and the WiFi worked as I thought.

12 out of 141



October 8, 2015

Location: CA

after I post first review for my purchased, Lorex jenny give me quick response for my issue,and she is very nice and very patient to solve my problem. great company and great employee.

13 out of 141



September 25, 2015

Location: MA USA

Initially I had given this product two stars dues to my own inability to set it to sent notifications. I am revising that review for I was able to get support to put the required setting and now I am receiving the notification. The customer service is great. It seems Lorex has turned greatly worked on its customer service to match the outstanding products they have.
What I love about this system
The night vision is great
The wireless component enable me to put the cameras where I want without running wires
The system is easy to set up
It delivers clear pictures and videos
The secure online transmission the eliminates privacy concerns
It is very responsive and reliable
The only reason I did not give it five stars is I wish it was easier to input using its remote. It is cumbersome to key in information using the remote. The other reason it that the DVR is not the most quiet DVR. Otherwise it is a great system and I would recommend to anyone that needs a reliable security system for home or business.

14 out of 141



September 13, 2015

Location: Nor'eastern PA

Once you have it up and running, it's a great system, but getting there is a battle. The "Quick Start" guide is anything but, leaving out crucial elements that would make the setup painless. Only after downloading the full manual did things go smoother. C'mon guys, ya gotta put the manual in the box!

15 out of 141



September 12, 2015

Location: Haymaker, Va

I love this system. It's very easy to install and to configure. Within minutes of starting my installation, my system was operating.
I would love to see one improvement. That would be to allow the DVR to communicate with my wifi without connecting to my router via cat 5 cable. This would allow for a better hiding space of the DVR out of view of unwanted guess

16 out of 141



September 11, 2015

Location: Ontario, Canada

wow! This systems is better than I expected and was very easy to set up. Really like the night vision. I would certainly recommend this wireless system

17 out of 141



September 7, 2015

Location: SC

Wireless cameras work well. Much better than I expected.

18 out of 141



August 28, 2015

Location: kentucky

so far this system is ok. not great yet. kind of hard for me to figure out the programing so far. the cameras dont get a very good signal and the farthest one away is only about 30 feet. i had another older lorex 4 camera wireless system with a small monitor with the cameras in the same locations that had excellent signals. the cameras have great night vision but so far are not much better in the daylight than my older system. hopefully this system gets better as i learn the system better

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you with setting up your system to get the best results possible. If you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to call us back at 1-877-755-6739.

19 out of 141



August 16, 2015

Location: South Florida

After researching on YouTube and in the local stores and online, I found the Lorex Wireless 4 camera unit to be reliable and easy to setup and use, this unit is priced right.
Very effective. I like the Iphone App for this product. However, the cameras that came in the SamsClub bundle, LX445W does NOT have audio capability. It can be a bit mis-leading because most of the paperwork states that the cameras do.
I highly recommend the two or four Wireless units.

20 out of 141



August 5, 2015

Location: Edmonton Canada

Great Product! I highly recommend this! Very easy setup, and it works on my Android phone so I can see my home at all times! I love how it will record only the sections you have selected on the screen and you can set the sensitivity. Their Customer Service is excellent. They really take the time to explain and help you with anything. Can't go wrong buying this product, sure beats the dumb alarm companies that charge you for nothing.

21 out of 141

Rick C


August 2, 2015

Location: illinois

Purchased this system and was very happy with the easy setup. Viewing with my iPhone was also very easy to set up. I ordered a 19 inch monitor along with the system and it sits on top of the DVR and does not take up much room. I would definitely recommend this system to a friend.

22 out of 141

Garage Guy


July 28, 2015

Location: West Kootenays

easy setup - sync the cameras and then set them up and checked them on the ipad before mounting them to make sure the range was good -- tech support are good also

23 out of 141



July 27, 2015

Location: clawson mi.

product arrived when promised. impressed with quality of cameras, have not received dvr as of yet. being shipped seperatly. cant wait to finish installation. the peace of mind that this system will bring is worth the value to me. I will review this product again after installation and testing are complete.

Great to hear that your DVR has arrived. We hope your system is now up and running well, if you require assistance at any time, please contact us at 1-888-425-6739.

24 out of 141



July 27, 2015

Location: Las Vegas

Great product! Easiest set up ever. Great reception from cameras to receivers. Planing on buying extra ones. I would recommend it.

25 out of 141



July 23, 2015

Location: California

Excellent DVR and cameras. I would highly recommend this package to anyone looking for a robust wireless camera security solution.

26 out of 141



July 21, 2015

Location: Spokane

Ordered the product because of the good reviews. We found the system easy to setup, it provides good pictures. We are still trying to find the best place to locate the system for the best coverage of our property and may need to add the extender to reach the back of our lot. Great product!

27 out of 141



July 19, 2015

Location: Rochester, NY

Amazed at how easy it was to set up the system, Great pictures. Excellent night vision. Did not know that I had a family of rabbits in my backyard but the first night revealed at least 6 critters. It was fun watching a thunderstorm via the cameras.

Glad I made the purchase.

28 out of 141



July 16, 2015

Location: Florida

I received the product in a timely manner but the packet with the remote and the mouse was missing. The customer service support was excellent and the customer service representative made sure that I received the missing items in a timely manner. Other than that it was easy to install and now I have peace of mind when I travel.

29 out of 141



July 12, 2015

Location: Wisconsin

own a bar ... BEST $$$ TO SPENT! added PTZ and a few OUTDOOR for parking lot. I SEE EVERYTHING WHEN I'M NOT THERE!!!! no more GETTING RIPPED OFF!!!!! EXCELLENT!!!! can't imagine NOT HAVING THIS!!! gives me power and more importantly peace of mind!

30 out of 141



June 29, 2015

Location: New Jersey

Great Product, very easy to use and install.

31 out of 141



June 27, 2015

Location: vermont

compared to my last system I had, this system is stand up. set up was easy, online connections are great. one drawback, this system should run on 5Ghz instead of 2.4. tech support is also excellent.

32 out of 141



June 23, 2015

Location: Tacoma

YP you are right. If it used 5Ghz I would have to rate it a 10

33 out of 141



June 22, 2015

Location: Los Altos, CA

The product is very easy to install. The wireless camera uses 2.4GHz. It would be nicer to have a selection of 5.0GHz to avoid the conflict with the router.

34 out of 141



June 19, 2015

Location: Winnipeg

I bought three of these system with extended entina, I like the clarity of the cameras and the range they provide. I had a issue with dvr setting and the service has been very helpful and professional.

35 out of 141



June 19, 2015

Location: Tacoma

This is a great product, It was easy to install and set up. Everything works as advertised by Lorex. I down loaded the phone app and it is great too. I rate this product 5 out of 5.

36 out of 141



June 10, 2015

Location: Nort Carolina

I got this system at Sams club for 399.00.. At first I had trouble getting the remote and mouse to work so I called LOREX and it was an instant fix... A very good system i'd say

37 out of 141



June 8, 2015

Location: La Verne, CA

Hardware and account setup was simple. Getting the sysytem set up to view live video over the internet to my phone was not. Fortunately the tech support was superb. After a 12 minute wait the tech rep gained remote access to both my computer and router to configure both. After 10 minutes, he (Christopher) got everything working right. I was pretty frustrated with the system until the tech help.

Wireless camera range is good--signals from cameras in garage need to go through 2 cinderblock and 1 drywall wall, but they work fine. Night vision resolution inside the garage is good, camera facing entrance walkway is fair.

Overall, I would (and probably will) buy additional Lorex products, likely hi-def cameras.

38 out of 141



May 26, 2015

Location: Colorado

The customer service at Lorex has been really nice and helpful, unfortunately our DVR had an issue, but the customer service responded so quick and we have it resolved.
Pretty easy to install all the system and easy to use.
Highly recommended.!

39 out of 141



May 23, 2015

Location: Florida

I purchased this system about one year ago, just before I went on vacation to Asia for 5 weeks. Well.....I was burglarized. The crooks walked around my house and then removed my electric meter before entering. Too Late for them! I already had a video of them on my 2 camera system. That 4 second clip of them checking out my back door was enough for the police to identify them and put them in jail. A life of crime is stupid, but better to be prepared as this Lorex system did for me.

40 out of 141



May 11, 2015

Location: Winston,Ga

Easy Setup fairly intuitive wireless range needs a boost though. I'm less than 50ft from any camera and the signal is lower than expected. Adding better antennas helps.

41 out of 141



May 8, 2015

Location: NC

I like the clarity of the cameras and the range they provide. I had a issue with one camera and the service has been very helpful and professional.

42 out of 141



May 5, 2015

Location: Bellefontaine,Ohio

Love the cameras ease of installation,install cameras under the eves of the roof.screwes on cameres are in the way when I try to level all cameras. Need HI-Def wireless cameras.

43 out of 141



April 30, 2015

Location: LA, Calif

I had the system installed, not a handyman. The 6 camera wireless system works fine. Only negative was 2 cameras give a picture which is slanted, not vertically straight up and down. Otherwise, the pictures are great!!

44 out of 141



April 12, 2015

Location: BC Canada

I set this up for my father so he and I can keep an eye on his place. The product seems good and the cameras were easy to set up with good quality vision. The documentation needs work and I still can't get Motion Detection recording to work - only Continuous.

45 out of 141



April 6, 2015

Location: Portage IN

I absolutely love the ability to watch from anywhere. I had my wireless system installed with six
cameras so I can see everything at anytime. I also love the ability to go back in time to reveiw.

46 out of 141



April 6, 2015

Location: San Pedro Ca

I am very please with the ease of installation! Followed all instructions and everything operating Most Excellent!!

Dave Amberik

47 out of 141


March 28, 2015

Location: Las Vegas nv

I bought this to replace a set of cameras my wife bought without consulting me because they were cheap. But not really because I never got them to record a thing. On the other hand, with this product I had to go to the great length of plugging everything in to make it all work. After I set up my account and warranty I have been watching my carport from 200 miles away, which is a pleasure, and a good thing as I'd left the gate open. I got someone to close it. Thanks, Lorex, for a useful and easy to use product!

48 out of 141


March 25, 2015

Location: Arkansas

Wireless cameras made the installation a breeze (as power was already available). Range has been a bit of a challenge, but we've been able to tweak the receiver location and make it work. I was a little taken back by the fact that the Quick Start Guide for the LW2232 cameras ( states: "t is not recommended to install more than 4 digital wireless security cameras (2 receivers) in the same environment to maintain optimal video frame rate performance." And they sold me 6 digital wireless camera with 3 receivers as a kit! Regardless, the units work well. The software in the DVR could use some usability improvements, like an option to change the administrator login timeout, and maybe the ability to attach a USB keyboard to make initial setup easier.

But in general, we're satisfied with the system. It's doing what we bought it to do!

49 out of 141


March 10, 2015

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Up and running for 2 months. Transmitter and receiver signals not as strong as expected. Going through 2 walls and 40 feet apart and signal drops offs down to a bar or less. Cameras still operate but will get the out of range warnings once in a while for a few seconds.

Had it operating in cold weather -20 Deg C and they seem to work good in the cold.

All in all good product, clear picture.


50 out of 141



March 9, 2015

Location: edmonton alberta canada

love this system easy to use going to buy two more cameras

51 out of 141


March 9, 2015

Location: Georgia

Easy set up!

52 out of 141


March 9, 2015

Location: Md

I purchased LH160 ECO 6 Series in Jan 2015. The system installation went very well and system is working fine. Connecting to network was fairly straight forward, although documented procedure was a little confusion.

Downside: Customer support is poor. Tried for a week to contact support through emails, website, and telephone with no response. However, when I finally reached a technician on the phone I received very good assistance.

53 out of 141


February 13, 2015

Location: Early Texas

This si a good product! I would recommend it to anyone.

54 out of 141


February 6, 2015

Location: Sturgeon County Alberta Canada

So far the system work, I had to go back a 7 days for the date and 4 hours for the time to get it set right. I don't know why that is. I'll give the techs. a call, I only installed 4 cameras. Will install the other 2 in the spring.Works OK so far the cameras don't have a very good aiming system compared to my old system, but the price was not bad I would add a PTZ camera and dome camera and maybe a couple of hard wired cameras plus some extension cables. other wise it seems to be not a bad system, only time will tell.

55 out of 141


February 1, 2015

Location: upstate ny

love it,
everything it should be and more

56 out of 141



January 22, 2015

Location: CT

I bought this LW48LH-4PK security system at the end of November 2014. I received it quickly, installed the dvr and all 6 wireless camera's. Compared to some other wireless camera security systems, this system is leaps and bounds ahead. Setting this systems up consists of plugging in the dvr to power/internet, then mounting/plugging in each camera. After hooking up all 3 receivers, each camera immediately connected the second I plugged it in. There are MANY people complaining about the mobile viewing app, I have not had any issues with it. I open up the app, wait about 5 seconds for it to connect to my dvr, and am instantly viewing all of my camera's. As for those who gave poor reviews because the dvr's FAN is too loud...c'mon REALLY? The FAN is too loud? Where do these people come up with this stuff?? Probably the same people who give tires bad reviews because of the excessive road noise... BOTTOM LINE, if you are looking for an affordable, simple to use, and upgradeable security camera system then buy this system...

57 out of 141



January 22, 2015

Location: TEXAS

Being on a private road this system works great to see who is on this road. It even covers my entry door. It was a system that was very easy to install.

58 out of 141



January 18, 2015

Location: Philadelphia

I have two Lw2110 - great camera for the money - they do all I need - generally a clear picture - and the support is excellent.

59 out of 141



January 6, 2015

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This thing was super easy to install and the cameras synced up as soon as I plugged them in. The motion detection does take some tweaking, and if you live in winter weather area be prepared for lots of notifications in snowstorms. I already have a few friends looking at it and wanting my help to install the same system. Love that I can expand with a wider variety of camera options as I get more familiar with the system. The setup/configuration instructions were a bit generic, but eventually through trial/error and just exploring the GUI I was able to get it all working. Really love the live and remote playback capabilities over my android phone. This feature was next to impossible with another brand system I initially tried for indoor security. Overall, I am happy with this, especially at the price and hoping I can get the motion alerts tweaked in time for summer as I bought this primarily for a little peace of mind while we are away at our houseboat on the river.

60 out of 141



January 3, 2015

Location: Toronto

Very easy to install. I love the fact that it is way cheaper than paying the monthly charges.

61 out of 141



December 30, 2014

Location: Home

I would rate 0 If I can!!!

The system is flawless. Loved the easy setup!

They sent me a wrong system which is still ok but to make them aware of the issue I have been calling everyday! and no response still!!!


Company is UN-responsive, Called several times and left numbers with automatic call back system, no calls back! I am currently on hold from 35 minutes and still no one to get a hold on.

62 out of 141



December 10, 2014

Location: Lubbock, TX USA

I love this system. Very easy to install and immediatley you can start seeing your sites in perfect image. Hope to add to the system in the near future.

63 out of 141



December 1, 2014

Location: nyc, ny

like system but i am annoyed that there is no printed instruction booklet included with the system. please let me know where i can get a printed booklet. thanks

64 out of 141



November 10, 2014

Location: Pueblo, CO

These cameras were very easy to install with good instructions. They work well with our situation. Our parking area needed cameras on the light poles with the furthest distance being 180 feet from the receiver. They work great.

65 out of 141



October 15, 2014

Location: Tampa FL

I am still amazed at the quality of this product for everything I got and the price!! Easy to install and set up and great instructions. My office is 5000 sq ft and I put up 6 wireless and 2 domed cameras and they all work as prescribed.

66 out of 141



October 12, 2014

Location: alberta

The equipment was delivered in record time and a temporary installation completed in no time.
Resolution in daylight is excellent but distance significantly reduced at night. Nonetheless facial recognition is possible at about 30 feet.
The dvr is 'extremely' noisey due to a fan that runs continuously and at high noise level. This is a possible cause to return the product.
Set up is still not complete as yet but, experimenting in setting up to record upon motion detection has been unsuccessful todate and will require a call to the service centre to activate.

67 out of 141



October 12, 2014

Location: Coulterville, Calif.


I Bought the Lorex Model NO: ACCANTD9 directions antennas for my VANTAGE LW2231
to get around trees and over obstacle's,
as a result of using the directional antenna's, with the 20 foot cord I get a solid signal from each of my eight cameras. some of which 0ver 400 feet distance,

Thank you for a fine product.

68 out of 141



October 2, 2014

Location: Minnesota

I have been very pleased with the system's images and options.

The wirelss cameras work well yet coudl definatey use longer power cables.

The DVR needed to be replaced due to excessive noise.

Outside of these, the system is doing all we expected it to do.

69 out of 141



October 1, 2014

Location: Ontario

I am not really happy with the product and I don't see my product in the list.

70 out of 141



September 28, 2014

Location: Kingwood, Texas

I am very please with the product. I had a problem with network connectivity, but it was addressed exceptionally well by the Support Folk.

71 out of 141



September 20, 2014

Location: San Diego CA

I connected the system around and inside my house. The set up was flawless. The only thing I did to simplify the set up is buy extension power cables so I do not have to install a new out and I could use my existing outlets. I it working great so and I love ithis system. Thank you Lorez

72 out of 141



September 4, 2014

Location: DeSoto, Texas

I am being sued by a roofer that is also a member of my church. My insurance company is only paying for part of the hail damage to my roof. He got upset when I didn't sign over the check to him to do the work and he claimed I canceled the contract. Thank goodness the camera's have him coming to my home and getting in an argument with my wife. I have the date and time from multiple angles. The judge was able to clearly see everything and dismissed the case. I am very pleased with the ease of operation and functionality of the DVR and the LW2110 camera's.

73 out of 141

Jerry W


September 1, 2014

Location: Los Angeles

Really great product. Super easy to set up - worked perfectly right out of the box. Excellent picture quality and loads of features and settings so that you can configure it any way you like. Internet access is very simple - nothing to setup; it's just there and ready to go. An excellent value for the money and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality system at a reasonable price.

74 out of 141



August 22, 2014

Location: Elgin Texas USA

We are very pleased with the security camera. We have caught on camera a man and woman stealing our gas cans - they are in jail for burglary now. We have caught on camera a man also stealing our gas cans - he is also in jail for burglary now. The county deputy says that this product is much better than most security cameras located in local stores.

75 out of 141



August 12, 2014

Location: OKC

Purchased this product from box store and had temporary set up in short time. Video quality and smart phone interface very good. Overall, very pleased with the features for the price and would definitely recommend this camera system.

76 out of 141



July 22, 2014

Location: Tennessee

We bought the wireless DVR security system after a break-in. Being able to receive alerts and monitor our property when away has brought us a lot of peace! Thus system is easy to setup and configure. We have even added an additional camera. Couldn't be happier!

77 out of 141

Happy and Safe


July 2, 2014

Location: Neches River

Nice system. Easy set up. I may use a similar system in our new office.

78 out of 141



June 30, 2014

Location: Hsv. Alabama

Extremely easy to setup the DVR. Would recommend purchasing LED monitor for in home viewing. App for remote monitoring on laptop or smart phone works well.Camera IR works well in little to no light. With wireless cameras, I wish I could find power cable extenders without the additional video cable also attached. I plan to purchase an additional two cameras.

79 out of 141

Couldn't be happier


May 3, 2014

Location: Arizona

From the time of arrival to install it was easy.
System was easy to setup and install. I have dvr hooked to modem and I have only been using my smart phone. The app is great and product seems to be holding up well.

80 out of 141



April 13, 2014

Location: Mississippi

I installed the system last month and I am very pleased with it. I record 7/24 and have 2 cameras pointing to the road and two more covering around the house. This is my second Lorex wireless system the other system was 4 yrs old so I upgrade to the new one.

81 out of 141



April 10, 2014

Location: Minnesota

Hooked up 4 camera wireless system to my iMac. Wireless range is good. Camera images are good.Setup is a little difficult because DVR needs to be connected to router with a cable. Don't have a monitor attached. I have some control with my computer and with mu iPad though not exactly the same as shown in instructions. I'm not sure if the Lorex system is slowing down my wifi network. I am still working with the system. I haven't quite figured out how to review images in the playback mode. Good system if it is not slowing my wifi.

82 out of 141



March 26, 2014

Location: Florida

Very easy to install.The IR night vision and range is great.I highly reccomend this product for home use.I have all entrances/exits covered with the 4 Lorex cameras.I was also surprised to find helpful the technical staff is.Great job guys.

83 out of 141


March 11, 2014

Location: NH

Really like the system. It was very easy to set up. Not as impressed with the web access on my phone. At least half the time I try to check the cameras with my Iphone 5, the system can't connect.

84 out of 141

R. Laird


March 10, 2014

Location: Elkton, MD

Overwhelming Technology !!

SUPERBE CUSTOMER SERVICE in responding to set up needs

85 out of 141



February 26, 2014

Location: Caledonia,MN

I am very pleased! The ability to view my property while I am out of town has been wonderful!
I feel more relaxed knowing I can view when I want wherever I am! Excellent!

86 out of 141



February 23, 2014

Location: New York

Our Lorex camera system is great. Can't say enough about the quality of the picture and the night vision works great. We can watch the deer 25 yards away. Only problem....which isn't any big deal... is the mouse driven input is somewhat cumbersome. I am used to a keyboard. We have had another camera in use outside and this system is way better. The recording feature is excellent and I am sure the remote viewing will be beneficial. I would highly recommend this system.

87 out of 141



February 5, 2014

Location: Orange County

Great wireless security system. Had absolutely no problem installing the cameras and have no dead spots, wifi picks up fine. I couldn't find any Lorex DC extension cords to use, but found some that needed to be modified easily. Once that was done, the system was up and running. Great night vision and great clarity. Would recommend this item and have to my neighbors.

88 out of 141



January 31, 2014

Location: Arkansas

Purchased this set, with an additional set of wireless cameras. It arrived ahead of schedule. The people at the web store were very helpful. Everything set up pretty easy. Could not get the ddns service to work. Called support, a young man named Nick was very pleasant and helpful. Took a few but we had everything up and running before we got off the phone. The system is very nice, clear video, even the night vision is very good. Not sure about the distance, but it is plenty for our needs. We hope to be able to add more cameras in the future. Right now we have one spare, and it is a great system. Service is great, what more could you ask for!

89 out of 141



January 25, 2014

Location: Jayess, MS

This is my second wireless security system. I have to say this is the best I have seen. I actually placed a camera in my moms sun room which is 450 feet from where I have the DVR and got a perfect picture, and that is with two buildings between the houses. The signal strength did not show any bars, but the video is what I want. I have now completed my installation and plan to order two more cameras in the near future. It was easy to install and the DVR easy to set up. I have it on my computer desk with a 22" HD tv plugged into the DVR. I know that I will learn more as I go, but the essentials were very easy to master. I highly recommend this system.

90 out of 141



December 29, 2013

Location: Shawnee, OK

I received this security system as a Christmas present and I am very impressed with the high resolution of the video and snapshots! It was very easy to setup! I was worried about trying to setup the p[ort forwarding, but with the new stratus connectivity through the cloud, it was a breeze! I just downloaded the app for my android smartphone, entered the device ID and it was done. It is piece of mind to be able to monitor my cameras while away from home. I highly recommend this system!!

91 out of 141



December 16, 2013

Location: Amarillo, TX

Easy to install. Works well.

92 out of 141

Chip & Michelle


November 28, 2013

Location: Warren, Oh

Wonderful products, wondurful service sll the way around. Two thumbs up.

93 out of 141



November 27, 2013

Location: NL

After researching for a security system--I finally settled on this one. It arrived on time and was easy to set up. I had no issues whatsoever. I am really pleased and I am looking forward to ordering two more cameras. Very, very easy to set up and grat quality.

94 out of 141



November 22, 2013

Location: Roanoke, va

System is very good, although not really user friendly. I have one of the two camera mounted and have to get ac power to the second one. This is the hardest part of the camera install, except fishing the wire through to the inside of the house. The Black Box 2 software is quite confusing, but I am slowly figuring it out. Have not yet been able to connect using my Iphone or the internet. Just keep getting connection failed prompts. I am going to call Lorex on Monday. Called on Friday and had a 30 minute wait. I think it is a good system, just a bit clunky to use. Cannot get the motion sensor on the camera to work yet.

95 out of 141



November 9, 2013

Location: California

I was a senior review editor for technology publications of more than 1 million circulation for 30 years. I have installed and reviewed every kind of computer, networking and telecommunications product for both consumer and business going back to the Apple II. Unfortunately, this may have been my worst experience. The documentation was four pieces that offered different and sometimes conflicting setup protocols without a match between product model numbers and the manuals. Setup was needlessly complicated and tortuous and there are many needless and ongoing usability hassles that have been solved in other products many years prior. Support was inadequate, leaving me waiting on the phone for a half hour to talk to a diffident technician in India for just the first level of support. In order to solve the problem I was having I was told I would have to wait another half hour to talk to another technician. The hardware appears to be very good -- although, again, operation is replete with many poorly thought-out usability issues such as typing in one of several IDs and passwords for every new operation. It will require a lot more time for me to familiarize myself with all aspects of this product's non-intuitive operation.

96 out of 141



October 30, 2013

Location: Home


97 out of 141



October 27, 2013

Location: PA

I Have a 2 camera system LH024000 Great system, and easy to install. Wish I had gotten 4 cameras. I'm ordering two more cameras and longer power cables. Power adapters for cameras too short, needed extension cables. All cables too short they could be a lot longer. Only bad part is the app for I phones, they need to update this app or get a better one. Yes I Recommend this product,

98 out of 141

Baltimore Charlie


October 22, 2013

Location: Middle River, MD

I bought this system to eye-ball our large koi fish pond, to evaluate what predators were going after our fish. So motion detection was crucial. In addition, I will use the other cameras for garden-variety home-security surveillance.

Setup issues:

Remote (DDNS) access:
1. It ONLY works with IE. They don't tell you this anywhere, before or after you buy it.
3. Often (true in my case), your router won't let you use DDNS from a computer connected to the router. I can only use or test remote access from elsewhere...not at home.
2. The iPad app itself simply does not work, at least not with my perfectly working iPad2. The will not even load properly. With tech support on the phone, we tried to load the iPHONE app onto the iPAD. That does not work either.
3. The cameras do not swivel fully. You must be VERY careful how you mount them!

4. I had to replace an installed camera. The pairing instructions (between cameras and dual-channel receiver) do not match the hardware. Instructions say to press a button until the channel you want flashes. Well, BOTH lights flash on the receiver! --But apparently at different rates of flashing. You have to do it by trial-and-error, but you CAN make it work. It sure would be nice if there were some way to re-set the receivers!

Defective DVR Behavior initially:
5. The cameras and DVR would detect motion, but did not "alarm-mark" the files accordingly. Tech support determined, after a lot of testing ( live, with me) that it was a bad DVR, and authorized a return. 2 days later, as I was preparing to disconnect it and ship it back, it suddenly seemed to working properly! I am holding off for see what happens next.

WIRELESS ISSUES CAUTIONS: This system uses the same radio frequencies as wireless routers.
---The router can interfere with camera signals and vice-versa.
---Nearby signals (from outside of the home) can also interfere.
--- There can also be some data-overloading of the router-- so it can slow down your wireless service to your computers...
Wiring the cameras directly to the DVR would be superior, but for me it was impractical.
I think this is why there are so few wireless camera systems on the market.

CAUTION: You are best off dedicating a monitor to the DVR. When you use the PC interface, you cannot replay quickly (8x limit), and the system (whether my pretty-fast PC or the system itself) cannot fast-forward quickly, especially if you are viewing more than one channel. Even then, it slows down replay after awhile.

With a dedicated monitor (I now use a TV Set with its "PC" input -- just plain-Jane VGA) connected to the DVR directly, you can get REAL 6x playback and MUCH better control and performance. HEY! -almost anybody can find a TV set or inexpensive monitor for this purpose.

1. NICE FEATURE: The dual-channel receivers keep things a lot neater.
2. You get a lot for your money, if you can live through the setup agony.

TECH SUPPORT: It's a long wait, but they will help you.

BOTTOM LINE: Would I but this system again? YES.

99 out of 141



October 15, 2013

Location: North Carolina

Ordered camera system and received in about 4 days. Had looked at a similar system at Costco to compare. Mounted two cameras on my detached garage. Mounting was a breeze. Other 2 cameras mounted around the house. Setup was fairly easy and had no issues with basic setup. Had to call technical support to help set up email feature for motion detect. Wait was a little long, but got good, straight forward information.

100 out of 141



October 14, 2013

Location: Largo Florida

Everything was easy to install out of thhe box. We use the system for our home & are 100% satisfied. Was wondering if you could e-mail me if the cameras go on sale, we only got two with our system & would like two more.

101 out of 141

Joe LoCastro


October 14, 2013

Location: Philadelphia

I have the out door wireless 4 camera system which I purchased from Amazon about two months ago and I love the system. Installation was easy and monitoring on my Android SmartPhone was also easy to setup and use. I purchased the system to monitor my three dogs while I am not at home and also feel secure with the security aspect. The one problem that I did have and am still in the process of correcting has to do with two of the cameras do not work well and had to be replaced. Unfortunately my installation required a roofer and getting him back to switch out the cameras has been difficult and I am still waiting. Two of the cameras work perfectly well and the third one has to be reset every time it switched to night mode to get an image. Resetting is a matter of unplugging the power then plugging back in, but every night is too much. The other camera that had to be replaced has a slightly blurry image, enough to be bothersome regarding detail. So in conclusion my suggestion to Lorex is to improve on the quality control. The cost of installing cameras more than once will driving up the cost. At lease test the system before installing on the second floor outside. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in a video surveillance system. Lorex is very fast with the replacement of parts.

102 out of 141



October 14, 2013

Location: Georgia

Ordered the product for my veterinary clinic. Easy to set up. Works great. So good, I ordered the same system for my home. Only thing I have to learn how to do is figure out how to program it to send an e-mail when motion is detected after my clinic is closed.

103 out of 141



October 13, 2013

Location: Canada

This system is very easy to set up. Took about 2 hours in total. The camera brackets are easy to install the only wire is the power cord which could be a little heavier quality. The cameras cane on line as soon as I powered up the hdd. The Internet monitoring worked just as quickly. The smartphone app works just as easily on Android. No complaints except picture quality could be little clearer, but thats the trade off for the ease of wireless.

104 out of 141



October 7, 2013

Location: Laurel, MD

I purchased the Lorex wireless security camera and DVR system to help monitor a second home. The cameras and DVR all came as advertised packaged neatly in one box. I was able to install the remote cameras and set up the DVR in one afternoon. And with the Lorex Stratus Cloud Connectivity I was able to set up the remote viewing via my laptop easily. Very good system and value.

105 out of 141



October 2, 2013

Location: ohio

What a great system. My wife kept bugging me to get a camera system. Glad I chose this one. I am happy and so is my WIFE.

106 out of 141



October 1, 2013

Location: Oakville, Ontario

Purchased dvr with 2 cameras; setup was quick and easy. The picture quality was great and the ease of which remote viewing via cell phone was established is extremely handy. Network set up was quick and pretty simple. Purchased 2 additional cameras, these to were easily integrated into the system. All in all, very pleased with the system.

107 out of 141



October 1, 2013

Location: TN

Bought the blackbox sys w/2 wireless cameras; followed instructions and voile! It works. I have even put the cameras on the web, that is, when I hit the test button in the install software, the video appears, even though out 2Wire router model isn't listed. Overall, I would recommend this system.


108 out of 141



September 30, 2013

Location: Lexington, MA

Purchased this product and installed it over the past weekend. Installation overall was pretty easy and took me about 3-4 hours. Instructions are a bit vague and sometimes difficult to follow, but the quick start guides give you enough information to get going and the client tools are relaively intuitive. I was also frankly surprised about the strenghth of signals for the wireless cameras. My DVR is in the basement and I have a camera, outside, under the eave of my second floor and the signal is surprisingly good.

I would give this product 5 stars if it were not for a few of nit-picky issues.

1. The cables supplied with the wireless cameras (for power) are woefully short. They really should ship these with longer extension cables.

2. The Apple IOS application for the cameras - both iPhone and iPad are pretty lame. There's no capability to remotely view recordings - all you can do is view live. People always have their mobile devices but are not always at their PC. Hopefully that will be improved in a future release.

3. The instructions to capture motion are pretty poor. If it were not for the fact that I configured a similar system for my office, I probably would have needed to call support. Also, be prepared for fine tuning of the motion parameters. My first day, I got 350 email alerts. Not what I'm looking for!

4. Beware, this system ships and is configured default with little or no security and to get the remote capabilities working, you are opening up holes in your router to make it accessible. There are multiple areas where you need to go in and change default passwords to make this more secure. Instructions are provided for this, but you need to seek that out and should do it right away.

5. It appears that the maximum password length for the system (and remote access) is just six characters. I would prefer at least 8 and hope that will be improved in future updates.

Overally, I'm very happy with the quality of this product. The screen resolution is pretty good - it's not High Def, but good for an above average basic system and enough to get a good shot of the face of any "unwelcome" guest.

109 out of 141



September 27, 2013

Location: Savannah

The product appears to be working as advertised. It was reasonably easy to set up and get running. The tech manual is not as helpful as it might be. Tech support was slow to respond to questions, but the initial setup was possible without any outside help.

Overall I am quite happy with the experience, from buying to installation. The equipment seems topnotch for the few days it has been up and running.

110 out of 141



September 25, 2013

Location: Chicago

Nice system, but the android app is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

111 out of 141



September 20, 2013

Location: Connecticut

I initially purchased 2 of the cameras with the DVR and it was easy to set-up and worked very well so I ordered 2 more cameras. One of the second two cameras did not work on arrival. Lorex sent a replacement camera and issued a UPS return label for the return immediately. The second camera functioned normally.
I am very happy with the system and would purchase Lorex again. I may extend my system with these excellent wireless cameras and DVR. It works flawlessly on the WIFI and I can view it from anywhere. I initially had difficulty setting up the WIFI away-from-home ability to view the cameras but the technical support (2nd Lever support) was very helpful and got it functioning on WIFI within about 10 minutes.

112 out of 141



September 16, 2013

Location: Las Vegas

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. i was fully prepared - before I received the product - to ship it back it it did not meet my every requirement -- but it did! The vision at night EXCEEDS my expectations. The set up was not as easy as some of the other reviewers say but I don't know if they utilized the remote access features -- that was the hard part.

I should not have assumed the DVR was wireless, but I did assume. That is my one recommendation to Lorex. You MUST hard wire this DVR to your router. In my set up, and I am sure thousands of other owners', my router is not where I wanted to set up this equipment. In my layman's opinion, they could have easily built in a wireless access to your home network. I have to run an ethernet cable, 40 feet, through and in my exterior walls for this to be hard wired.

Other than that, I am very pleased. The menu on the DVR takes a while to get used to as it is very proprietery. But my advice for a new purchaser is don't try to take it out of the box and get it working in an hour. Plan for your learning curve to take a few days and be patient with that.

I reluctantly did just that and now I am glad I did.

113 out of 141

Buckeyes # 1


September 14, 2013

Location: Rockbridge, Ohio.

This is a great system easy to install and set up daytime vision is very clear but 1 camera has bad view on night view. This system is about a 1/3 the price of ADT systems and has a lot for features. Plan to add another system to property in the near future.

114 out of 141



September 1, 2013

Location: California

Great resolution on cameras everything I expected. Looking to add two more cameras.

115 out of 141



August 20, 2013

Location: Hope Mills

Great system and easy set up utilizing a monitor. Struggled trying to connect system for the ability to pull camera's up on the desk top and smart phone. Called tech support and the steps used by tech support were completely different from the directions on the quick connect page. Still not able to connect with smarty phone. Again, system is great for use of a stand alone monitor.

116 out of 141



August 11, 2013

Location: seattle

Thank you, Perfect system for a small home or business. Sets up right out of the box. Able to view remotely from any computer or smart phone.

117 out of 141



August 9, 2013

Location: San Diego CA. 92114

I bought this wireless camera w/DVR it works very good the picture is so clear and night vision is very good. I can recommend this to all my friends..

118 out of 141



August 9, 2013

Location: San Diego CA. 92114

I bought this wireless camera w/DVR it works very good the picture is so clear and night vision is very good. I can recommend this to all my friends..

119 out of 141



August 9, 2013

Location: Biloxi, MS

I really like the product so far. I have only had it for a week. The install was not as easy as the box says, but customer support helped me get it right even though it took a while for someone to call me back. All in all it has been a good experience.

120 out of 141



August 3, 2013

Location: Honolulu

I am writing this review simply to get an additional year on my warranty - with that said my product is the lh014501h - I keep choosing the product from the website and I come to this one.

With that said I am happy with the product when it is working - the setup is easy and straight forward.

I do have a concern with tech support and company policy - while waiting on the phone for someone in tech support to answer, it was clearly stated that I will get no help unless I registered the product.

OK I registered the product called back and waited for about 20 minutes to speak to a tech support person. It was determined that one of the power adapters supplied with the camera is defective. A simple thing - well first I have to send the power adapter back to Lorex, then wait at least five business days (according to tech support email) before they will be ready to ship a new power supply so I figure it will be about two weeks before I see the replacement power supply.

Oh yes the Tech support person asked me to repeat all the info I had inputted in the online registration. He informed me that Tech support does not have access to the online registration forms. I still had to send a copy of the receipt with the power supply.

Aloha for now

121 out of 141



July 25, 2013

Location: Brooklyn, ny

Cameras are great once installed. Getting them installed (by me, not a professional) was extremely frustrating and difficult. Now that they are up and running though its perfect. I can see it from my phone, which is what I needed. Still haven't figured out how to remote view from my computer but that's less important for my daily needs at my business.
My biggest sources of frustration were the sales guy telling me I could use my laptop to set up the system, no you need a monitor to connect to the blackbox and port forwarding. Had I known these few things wound be annoying I might have done a few things different. But it was really only a few hours of stress. All is great now.

122 out of 141



July 11, 2013

Location: Pittsburgh, Pa

One word.....EASY!!!!!! Alone and pretty much tech challenged I managed to install, and begin using this (4) camera system in about (2) hours and most of that was getting power to camera site.

The online support is great and again EASY!!!! It almost does everything for you. Honestly, if you have a need and you have power source where your cameras will be installed, you will be up and running very quickly.

Thought that watching from another location would be impossibe for ME, but again,, EASY. If you know your router info it is like magic!!!

Oh, quality is very good. This is my second system with some years inbetween and boy , things have gotten better and Easier.



123 out of 141



July 8, 2013



124 out of 141



July 7, 2013

Location: Willow Grove NB

Overall works great. Put it in the garage and purchased a powerline AV 1-port adapter kit which connected to my wireless router in the house. It would be nice if unit was wireless not Ethernet connection. Wasn't do hard to install considering I have no computer training. The remote is a bit slow when trying to set up without the mouse.

125 out of 141



June 12, 2013

Location: San Diego, CA

Very easy to set up with basic settings. Easy to install using software. Lots of options. Installed on iPad and iPhone using apps. Seems like a very good system. Hopefully it will stand the test of time, because these cameras are outdoors.

126 out of 141



April 30, 2013

Location: Union City, CA

The 8 channel DVR from Lorex is definitely at the top of the choices for a remote monitoring system. The only drawback is the somewhat grainy image you get under low light, and at night.

127 out of 141



April 8, 2013

Location: Oakland, Tn.

After a month of use, I am very happy with the operation of this camera system. The only drawback has been the limited range between the camera and receiver(50ft) thru a brick wall. Otherwise, everything has worked extremely well.

128 out of 141



March 28, 2013

Location: NY

In general, we are pleased with the system. We did have issues setting it up initially as it interfered with our cordless phone and wireless internet router. We ended up purchasing a new phone (different frequency) and hardwired a computer that was close to a camera. We also have the same issue of the wireless cameras disconnecting occasionally, as Molly2123 mentioned. It is therefore important to check the monitor on a regular basis to reset the cameras, if necessary.

129 out of 141



March 26, 2013

Location: Wendell, NC

When I received my order, I opened the box, hooked it up and it worked superb. I was instantly amazed. I work at a company that has a system by another brand and you can barely recognize what's in the picture. My system is extremely clear. I upgraded my 500 Gb HDD to a 2 Tb in less than 10 minutes. All of my cameras are outside and work great. Night vision is in black and white but great. I view the system on the Internet and can view it on my Droid Razr smart phone in my home but when I leave the house, I can't get it. I don't know what's up with that! I have had my system for 6 months and I highly recommend it.

130 out of 141

Charlie B


May 1, 2012

Good camera

My best camera out of four different types. Great IR range, a little too bright at night for indoor use, but easily remedied by covering some of the LEDs. Plan to buy another or two.

131 out of 141

Video John


May 1, 2012

Location: Louisville, TN

Security Camera

I monitor people coming and going from the front of my home this includes autos. It works at night time. The picture is clear enough for me but could be better.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

132 out of 141



March 22, 2012

Location: Markham, ON

Great for safety

Easy setup...

good to have it monitoring your small home

only one drawback... may interfere with your other wireless electronics, say cordless and yes, your wireless network...

133 out of 141



March 22, 2012

Location: Markham, ON

Great for safety

"Easy setup...

good to have it monitoring your small home

only one drawback... may intervene your other wireless electronics, say cordless and yes, your wireless network..."

134 out of 141

Solar Guy


February 17, 2012

Good camera

I have been using these cameras for almost a year monitoring a remote location. They work fine unless you mount them too far away from the DVR. Then they disconnect and often won't reconnect. In my case, the range seems to be about 50 feet or less if there are a lot of walls between the camera and the DVR. Of course, you also need to be able to run a 12V power supply to the cameras.

For distant placements, I'm switching to wired Lorex cameras.

135 out of 141

Mr Heartland


February 16, 2012

Location: Indiana on a Hobby farm


The LW2275 wireless cameras were added to our 19LW system. The cameras are located inside and out around our farm house. I believe I'm going to need a range booster for the outside wireless camera as its reception at 50 yards is not adequate. Inside, the wireless camera goes right through the walls for excellent reception

136 out of 141



February 16, 2012

Location: Chicago

Good Value

Perfect system for a small home or business. Sets up right out of the box. Able to view remotely from any computer or smart phone.

137 out of 141



February 15, 2012

Location: California

LW2275 review

Image quality is nice and stable if you have strong signal. If signal is lesser, then there is some distortion and dropout.

Occasionally, camera will indicate "connecting" and can only be resolved by power cycling the camera.

I have camera initially connected to TV, but later have moved it to a DVR.

I would like to see the camera have a wider angle of view.

138 out of 141



February 15, 2012

Location: ELGIN, ILL.

Great wireless system

I use this wireless system for home, love the fact you can simply look at the Cameras thru the web!  I have a four camera system now and plan on buying four more wireless cameras to a total of 8-Cameras. Great night vision too.

I give this system an AAA++++.

Thanks Lorex. :-)

139 out of 141



February 15, 2012

Location: Brockton MA

Best thing we did

We are very pleased with this purchase. There is only one thing since it is wireless the camera do tend to lose connection from time to time we just have to unplug them and and reconnect them and then they reset. Everything goes back to normal.

140 out of 141

Dan A


February 15, 2012

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Wireless  camera system

The price was right on this camera. Not sure if there is a series that offers a wider angle view or higher definition in wireless. I would definitely want better clarity. But for the price, easy set up and operation.

141 out of 141



July 26, 2011





Wireless range extender antenna


HD 720p wireless security camera


Wireless security surveillance camera


English security decal








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