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CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
  • CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
3.5 inch monitor
1 Camera included
Two way audio
4 Camera support
8 hour battery life
Night Vision
Temperature monitor
Play Video

The latest addition to our technological family: the innovative CARE ‘N’ SHARE Video Monitor. With enhanced, user-friendly features, it is now easier than ever to keep a close eye on your little one from afar. Purchase CARE ‘N’ SHARE to experience firsthand the countless benefits built into Lorex Baby’s ground-breaking surveillance system. This unit is fully equipped with Two-Way Talk, Sleep & Soothe Sounds, and Crystal Clear Night Vision to help you look after your darling newborn from a distance as he or she sleeps soundly - and securely - in the nursery. What’s more, our state-of-the-art SNAP ‘N’ SHARE technology enables parents to digitally photograph their bundles of joy at any precious moment, night or day.

Model no.: Care-N-Share-Series

Snap ‘N’ Share

Snap ‘N’ Share

With one click on your monitor, remotely capture photographs of your newborn!

Sleep and soothe

Sleep and soothe

Five unique sounds from nature that can be controlled remotely

Handheld LCD Monitor

Handheld LCD Monitor

Light and portable monitor that allows you to monitor your loved ones from any place in the house.

CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor


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99 Reviews & Ratings
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Location: New Hampshire
Date : March 17, 2015

I have had this monitor for less than a year and have had the same problem twice. It starts off with horrible static, then it produces no sound at all and now the battery dies after being unplugged for less than 5 minutes. The first time they sent me a replacement monitor and this time they keep saying they will get back to me. I live in a large two story home with three children and not being able to hear them if they need me is not a good feeling. The customer service is horrible. The product is less than ideal and for the money I spent I am furious that no one cares to get back to me to at least help solve the problem. We are looking into buying multiple security cameras for our home and business, but after these experiences we will be buying else where!

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Location: Slippery Rock, PA
Date : March 8, 2015

We loved this system when we first got it. We loved that we could take pics and videos with the monitor. We loved the range and quality of the system. Unfortunately, the wi-fi cradle was never included and have not been able to communicate with anyone from Lorex about purchasing one. Then the battery BLEW up in size. Emailed Lorex and they were sending a replacement monitor. Not just a new battery (which you cannot find anywhere to replace them), so that was great. We got it and it worked for a bit then started increasing in size again. I reached out again and it has been 1 month with still no response from them. I just purchased a totally different baby monitoring system, NOT Lorex. This product had the promise to be a great monitor, but the battery has been proven to be an issue. Not just with our family. If Lorex would just get it figured out, we would have stayed loyal. Get your act together Lorex Baby.

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Location: Columbia, SC
Date : March 5, 2015

I was very pleased with the unit I purchased until the battery expanded and needed to be replaced. I called for a battery replacement and received an entire new unit. At no time did customer service suggest that they were sending a replacement unit or indicate that I would need to return the old unit. I now need a new battery AGAIN (this is the third in 10 months) because apparently they cannot produce a battery that doesn't blow up, and now they claim that they sent an email with a return label (they did NOT) and that I will have to either return the defective unit (which I threw out) or pay for a new battery. This camera has limited usage, frequently loses signal, has the WORST battery I've ever encountered, both because of the expanding and it's ability to hold a charge. I DEFINITELY recommend that consumers look elsewhere for baby monitor products, as I will be.

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Location: Long Island, NY
Date : February 18, 2015

For the money, very good product. The night vision is very good, which is probably the thing I was most worried about. The battery in the monitor stopped holding a charge but they were able to send us a new one without much trouble. If you plan to mount the camera on a wall I'd recommend not using their wall anchors, very cheap. Other than those two things, I would recommend this product

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Location: NC
Date : February 9, 2015

Very reliable. We had an issue with the battery, but had the unit quickly replaced after contacting Lorex technology. We recommend this product.

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Location: Québec
Date : January 26, 2015

Excellent product so far , its very clear and very clear vision. I even bought another gift for my brother.

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Satisfied customer

Location: Kentucky
Date : January 11, 2015

This unit was bought as a replacement to another one we had which broke after 2 years of use. Was very excited about the new features on this one including a nightlight and temperature indicator. Wish the cameras had backup batteries in them like the old ones though so they could be used when not plugged in.. Had a bad camera when purchased.. It had a high screeching noise sound to it.. Contacted technical support and they sent us a new one.. Also just had the battery go bad in the unit itself but are working with Lorex to get a new one sent out now. So far a good company who honora their warranty and has good products. Would recommend.

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Location: Ontario
Date : January 10, 2015

Bought this for our new baby. Love it so far. Picture is very clear. Night vision works better than expected. Love the long range, can be outside in the yard with other kids and it still works well. Also a big fan of the soothing sounds and 2-way talking. Even bought it for a gift for my sister-in-law

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Location: Ohio
Date : December 22, 2014

Love this monitor for so many reasons and it has been great for 9 months. Until the battery expanded and blew the back off the monitor. Seems faulty and unsafe. Trying to work with customer services to get a replacement but it's a slow process. Hope nothing happens before I get a new one, while I am still using this faulty one.

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Location: Denver
Date : December 22, 2014

The battery started to fail after 8 months, and now has inflated to twice its size after 12. I have sent in a request for a replacement, and I am still waiting for a response.

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Disappointed new mom

Location: USA
Date : December 13, 2014

I purchased this monitor on a recommendation from a friend. When it arrived, the sound didn't work, so I had to return and made the mistake of re-ordering the same monitor. The second one worked for about 3 months and then the tracking piece that allows you to move the camera fell off and can't be reattached. In addition to this, the battery life is awful. It will be on the charger all night and take it off and the battery is at zero about to shut off.

I have been trying for months to get someone on the phone without success. I recently opened a ticket online and they responded that I had to call in this issue that they couldn't help me. This after multiple 30+ minutes on hold on the phone and leaving a call back number with no callback.

I don't normally write reviews but when I got am email today from Lorex telling me they would extend my warranty for a year if I wrote a review I decided to share my experience as I can't get anyone to honor my current warranty much less an extended one.

I do not recommend this product and potentially this company based on my experience thus far.

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Location: Wisconsin
Date : December 1, 2014

Monitors battery is absolute junk. With video off it only lasts about an hour. This is complete garbage, stay away from this monitor. Poor customer service tried to contact them for a replacement battery and I get no response.

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Location: Mex
Date : November 28, 2014

Very good camera. I love the tracking motion to follow my baby although sometimes didnt see rapid movements but it catch them soon or later after.
The only thing its that joystick in the monitor it very delicated so one time I dont know if was for use or defect that didnt respond and finally falls down. I sent a mail to Lorex for that but Im still having no response, I hope soon they care about it and fix it.
After all its a great gear for parents!

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Location: KY
Date : November 20, 2014

Horrible! I have only had this monitor for about 9 months and it doesn't hold a charge longer than 15 minutes. Wouldn't recommend this product, and definitely wouldn't purchase from them again!

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Location: warwick
Date : November 18, 2014

Good product. Easy to use and set up. My only issue is with the monitor and battery life. Doesn't seem to hold a charge for very long.

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CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor
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