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For parents, homeowners, pet owners and caregivers LIVE is the instant wireless video monitoring solution that provides a much-needed extra pair of eyes (or more), delivering the confidence you seek to connect and monitor the most important things in your busy lives, without being tethered. LIVE puts you in control, connecting you to multiple rooms with one quick view.  LIVE gives you the confidence to go about your busy day and still being able to keep a vigilant eye on all you hold dear.

They took care of you, now it’s your turn to take care of them

When it’s time to take care of the ones who took care of you, let Lorex help. Connecting with relatives — and ensuring their comfort and safety — is only the push of a button away. Isn’t your peace of mind worth it?

They Took Care of You, Now It?s Your Turn to Take Care of Them
Plugged into Skype

Remote Connectivity

Caring for an elderly relative can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to satisfy all the competing demands of career, family, and life. Now you can stay connected with the people that matter to you most using innovative remote connectivity solution. Lorex products include free remote viewing application software. Connect from wherever you are — anywhere in the world — and with free internet viewing, with no additional charges. The result is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all is well.

Home and away monitoring

While at home, caregivers can use the computer or a tablet to check that everything is okay. But when you need to step out, all you need to launch an app on the smartphone do is log into your home camera

Home and Away Monitoring
Checking In

Checking in

No more worrisome hours wondering about your elderly relatives while you’re away. Connecting with them is simple. Whether you’re halfway around the world or just a room away, you can check in at any time to ensure your family members are safe and secure, giving you the confidence to go about your life without distracting concerns.


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