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Automatic firmware upgrade for ECO4 DVRs 

A firmware upgrade is available for 8-channel ECO4 DVRs (LH158). Your DVR will notify you for the firmware upgrade if it is connected to the Internet.

The firmware upgrade contains the following system enhancements:
  • Added option to save back up video files as .avi or .h264 files directly from the system.
  • When backing up video files from the system, the Lorex back up player is automatically saved to the USB drive.
  • Removed Auto Reboot menu.
  • Fixed video shaking issue with cameras connected to 24V AC power. This does not affect Lorex cameras, which all use 12V DC power.
  • Fixed ghosting issue.
It is very important not to unplug or power off the DVR during the firmware upgrade process.

If the DVR loses power during a firmware upgrade, it may not be able to start up successfully. The firmware upgrade takes between 4-5 minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, and the DVR will reboot itself during the upgrade. The firmware upgrade is completed when the multi-channel display returns to the monitor.
Once the firmware upgrade is complete, you must also update your PC or Mac client software to the latest version to connect to your system. The PC client software must be v1.1.1186.0 or higher. The Mac client software must be v1.0.30 or higher. Click here to download the Client Software.

View this video for a demo of the automatic firmware upgrade feature.