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iOS 10 Compatibility

Apple has released iOS 10, the latest operating system for iPhones and iPads. We are currently testing our product line with iOS 10 devices and will update this post once compatibility is confirmed.

Lorex iOS 10 app updates

Mobile App Name Compatible with iOS 10? Series / Model Numbers

FLIR Secure

FLIR Secure App

Yes LHV2000FS Series
DV700FS Series
LH041 Series
LH060 Series
LH070 Series
LNR600 Series

FLIR Cloud

FLIR Cloud App

Yes LHV1000 Series
LHV2000 Series
LHV0000 Series
DV700 Series
LNR100 Series
LNR110 Series
LNR400 Series
NR800 Series

Lorex netHD Stratus (Phone)
Lorex netHD Stratus Plus (Tablet)

Lorex netHD Stratus App

Yes LNR200 netHD Series
LNR300 netHD Series

Lorex ECO Stratus (Phone)
Lorex ECO Stratus HD (Tablet)

Lorex ECO Stratus App

Yes LHD200 ECO HD Series
LH160 ECO6 Series
LH150 ECO4 Series
LH050 ECO Series
LH040 ECO Series
LH030 ECO BlackBox 3 Series
LH020 ECO BlackBox 2 Series

Lorex SD Pro

Lorex SD Pro App

Yes LW2750 Series
LW2760 Series
LW2770 Series
LW2960 Series

Lorex Mobile ECO

Lorex Mobile ECO App

Yes LH010 ECO BlackBox Series
LH110 ECO Series
LH120 ECO+ Series
LH130 ECO2 Series
LH140 ECO3 Series

Lorex Ping (Phone)
Lorex Ping HD (Tablet)

Lorex Ping  App

Yes LNC100 Series
LNC116 Series
LNC200 Series
LNC216 / LNC226X Series
LNC234 / LNC254 Series

Last Updated: 09/26/2016