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New LHV1000 HD DVR Firmware Upgrade

A new firmware version has been released for LHV1000 Series HD DVRs:

  • Version 00009 for 4-Channel (LHV1004)
  • Version 00035 for 8-Channel (LHV1008)
  • Version 00008 for 16-Channel (LHV1016)

DVR will notify you for the firmware upgrade on the monitor or when you connect on a smartphone or tablet if it is connected to the Internet.

The firmware upgrade contains the following system enhancements:

  • Improved process for upgrading firmware over the Internet.
  • Improved FLIR Cloud connectivity when viewing on mobile devices.

Firmware upgrade message on DVR

Firmware upgrade message on DVR

Firmware upgrade message on Mobile App

Mobile App Firmware upgrade message


It is very important not to unplug or power off the DVR during the firmware upgrade process.

If the DVR loses power during a firmware upgrade, it may not be able to start up successfully.
The firmware upgrade takes between 5-10 minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, and the DVR will reboot itself during the upgrade.

The firmware upgrade is completed when the multi-channel display returns to the monitor