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Windows 8 Compatibility for Skype™ enabled Lorex Products

Lorex products with remote connectivity using Skype™  are compatible with Windows 8, using both the Skype app from the Windows Store and Skype for Windows Desktop.
Click here for instructions on how to download Skype for Windows Desktop

Click here for instructions on how to connect to your Lorex product using the Skype app from the Windows Store

Click here to see which Lorex systems are compatible with Windows 8

NOTE: The Skype™ app from the Windows Store is not currently supported by these models. Windows RT, which runs on Surface RT tablets, and Windows Phone are also not supported. Lorex is working to release updates to support these platforms. Instructions for Skype™ software or the Skype™ website are provided as guidelines only. Skype™ may change their website / interface without prior notice