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Lorex Client 11 - PC Client Software for ECO3 LH140, ECO2 LH130, ECO+ LH120, and ECO BLACKBOX LH010 Series - FAQ

Relevant Models / Series: ECO3 LH140 Series (LH148, LH146), LH130 Series (LH138, LH136), LH120 Series (LH126), LH010 Series (LH014, LH018, LH016)

ECO3 LH140 Series Download / Upgrades Available: Click here
ECO2 LH130 Series Downloads / Upgrades Available: Click here
ECO+ LH120 Series Downloads / Upgrades Available: Click here
ECO BLACKBOX LH010 Series Downloads / Upgrades Available: Click Here


Lorex Client 11 is a client software for PC that allows you to connect to an ECO DVR in one of the Series listed above on a PC and view your cameras from anywhere in the world. Lorex Client 11 is a free download from the downloads tab for your DVR series.

NOTE: Before you can connect to your DVR over the Internet, you must complete port forwarding and DDNS setup. See the Quick Start Guide for your DVR for detailed instructions specific to your system, or see Easy Connect Wizard - Auto Port Forwarding your Router for details on port forwarding and Lorex DDNS - Remote Viewing for DDNS registration instructions.


To connect to your DVR using Lorex Client 11:

  1. Download Client Software for PC from the ECO2 LH130 Series downloads tab, ECO+ LH120 Series downloads tab, or ECO BLACK BOX LH010 Series downloads tab.
  2. Extract the installer file from the .zip and double-click the installer to begin the installation.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
  4. Once installation is finished, double-click the Lorex Client 11 icon Lorex client 11 icon from the desktop. The DVR login screen appears.
  5. Configure the following:
    • IP Address: Enter the DDNS address or local IP address of your DVR. The DDNS address must include the URL Request you created when you registered for DDNS, followed by For example, if your URL request is tomsmith, enter The DVR's local IP address can be obtained by pressing Enter button on the front panel of the DVR or by right-clicking and then clicking Main Menu Main Menu button>System>Info (an example of a local IP address is
    • User Name: Enter the DVR's username. The default user name is admin.
    • Password: Enter the DVR's password. By default, the password is left blank.
    • Client: Enter the Client Port number of your DVR. By default, this is 9000. If the Client Port has been changed, you can find it by pressing Enter button on the front panel or by right-clicking and then clicking Main Menu Main Menu button>System>Info.
      Lorex Client 11 login screen
  6. Click Login to access your DVR. Lorex Client 11 connects to your DVR and streams live video from your cameras. The interface for Lorex Client 11 is identical to the web client interface used when you connect to your DVR using Internet Explorer. See "Remote Viewing" in your DVR Manual for details.


Last Updated: 9/17/2012

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