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FLIR Cloud™ Apps Frequently Asked Questions

FLIR Cloud™ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I install the FLIR Cloud Client on Mac OS X v10.8?

A: Mac OS X v10.8 and later has a security feature called Gatekeeper™ turned on by default. Gatekeeper allows users to install apps only from the Mac App Store, or from a list of identified developers. This means that the FLIR Cloud Client needs authorization to install.

To complete installation, you can either install manually or change your Gatekeeper settings.

To install the app manually:

  1. Click and drag the installer file to your Desktop.

  2. Hold the Control button and click the installer, and then click Open .

  3. Click Open .

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

To change your Gatekeeper settings:

  1. Open the Apple menu.
  2. Navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab.
  3. Click the lock icon labeled "Click the lock to make changes".

  4. To unlock Security & Privacy preferences, enter your username and password and click Unlock.

  5. Under Allow apps downloaded from, select Anywhere.
  6. Click Allow From Anywhere.

Q: I am getting a "Failed to login" message when connecting on iPhone. What do I do?

A: This message appears on the 1.0.9 version of the FLIR Cloud™ iPhone app when the QR code is scanned before the Name field is filled in.

To connect:

  1. Before pressing the Scan QR Code button, tap the Name field and give the system any name of your choice (such as Home or Office).
    Manually enter the Device ID that is printed on the label on the top panel of your system, and then enter the Name field.
  2. Enter the rest of your system's information as normal and then press Start Live Preview to save the system information and open live view.
FLIR Cloud connectivity solution

Q: What is FLIR Cloud™?

A: FLIR Cloud™ is an exclusive cloud-enabled service that allows for remote access to your system over the Internet without requiring any network configuration, DDNS registration, or port forwarding. Each system includes a Device ID, a unique code that allows your system to handshake with Lorex’s servers for a secure, instant connection over the Internet.

The system supports remote access using PC, Mac, Android™, and iOS, and you can connect to your system for the first time on any smartphone or tablet by simply scanning the QR code. A computer is not required for the initial setup.

Please note that an upload speed of 1Mbps or higher is required to enable video streaming over the Internet.

Q: When I connect, I get the message “Current connection is connected via relay, the connection will be disconnected in 10 min.” What does that mean?

A: This message indicates the system is connected using relay mode. Relay mode works in the event that a hardware firewall or other security settings prevent direct peer-to-peer connection between the system and the viewing device. In relay mode, the video is sent from the system to the viewing device through the FLIR Cloud™ servers.

Because of the high bandwidth usage in relay mode, the connection will be automatically disconnected after 10 minutes of continuous use. After being disconnected, you can reconnect to the system right away.

Q: The system is prompting me for a firmware upgrade. Is this required?

A: Yes, your system's firmware must be upgraded to the latest version to get the best experience using the FLIR Cloud™ apps. For your convenience, when it is connected to the Internet, the system will automatically alert you if there is a firmware upgrade available. Once the firmware update is complete, check the downloads tab to update the PC or Mac Client Software or check the Google Play Store for Android™ or the App Store for iOS for mobile app updates.

NOTE: During the firmware upgrade process, do not unplug or power off the DVR or NVR. Firmware upgrades typically take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

Q: What do I do if I am having difficulty connecting to the system using FLIR Cloud™?

A: The first thing to check is to make sure your system is connected to the Internet. Make sure the system is connected to your router using an Ethernet cable and then restart the system by turning it off and on with the power switch.

Double check that you have entered the correct Device ID, User Name, Password, and Client Port for your system.

  • Device ID: You can find the Device ID printed on the QR code label on the top panel of your system.

  • User Name: Default is admin.
  • Password: Default is 000000. For security, the first time you connect with the app you will be asked to change the password.
  • Client Port: Default is 35000.

Connection issues may also be caused by a slow connection. An upload speed of 1Mbps or higher is required to enable video streaming over the Internet. You can reduce the quality of the system's sub stream to improve the performance and reliability of the connection. The sub stream is the lower quality video stream that is used to stream video to devices over the Internet.

NOTE: Changing sub stream settings does not affect the quality of recordings saved to the system's hard drive. The quality for recordings is controlled by the main stream settings.

To change the sub stream settings:

  1. On the system, right-click and then click Main Menu. From the Main Menu, click and select .

    NOTE: For LNR100 Series, click and then click Recording.

  2. Under Channel, select 1.
  3. Configure the right column to set the sub stream settings. The following settings are recommended to improve the connectivity for slower Internet connections.
    • Resolution: CIF.
    • Frame Rate (FPS): 10.
    • Bitrate: 128.

  4. Click Copy. Click All and then click OK. This copies the sub stream settings to all channels.
  5. Click OK to save settings.

Q: How many users can be connected to the system remotely at the same time?

A: Up to 3 users can be connected to the system at the same time.

Q: I have forgotten the password for my system. What do I do?

A: If you have forgotten the password for your system, you must call Lorex Technical Support to have the password reset. For security, there is no way to reset the password yourself. Before calling Technical Support, please ensure your system is connected to your network (connect the system to your router with an Ethernet cable and restart the system).

Last Updated: 5/14/2015