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How to Resolve Rebooting Issues on ECO Series DVR's

Relevant Models / Series: LH110 ECO Series (LH114, LH118, LH116), LH120 ECO+ Series (LH126), LH130 ECO2 Series (LH138, LH136), LH010 ECO BLACKBOX Series (LH014, LH018, LH016)


After a power outage, ECO Series DVR's may reboot on a constant or random basis or may have one of the following issues:

  • Intermittent/unstable remote access. If you do manage to connect, the page is blank.
  • HDD activity LED is no longer flashing.
  • No menu access - mouse, remote, or front panel controls do not respond.


These issues can be corrected by formatting the hard drive using the procedure below:

NOTE: Formatting the hard drive will erase all data stored on the drive. If possible, it is recommended to backup any critical video before performing the steps below.

  1. Power off the DVR.
  2. Disconnect all the cameras from the DVR. This prevents the system from recording when it powers back on.
  3. Power the DVR back on.
  4. Right-click and then click Main Menu (Main Menu button icon used on some systems)>Device>HDD.
    NOTE: If you can't access the menu, press 0 three times on the remote or press and hold the rewind button on the front panel for 6 seconds. This will switch the system interface between BNC and VGA outputs.
  5. Click the checkbox under Select to choose the drive you wish to reformat.
  6. Click Format HDD.

    Check Select then click Format HDD
    HDD menu for LH110 Series shown
  7. When the warning window appears, click OK. Wait for the system to format the hard drive.
  8. Once formatting is complete, reconnect your cameras. The HDD activity LED will start blinking if continuous recording is enabled.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your DVR is running the latest firmware. Check the the Downloads tab for your DVR series to locate the latest firmware for your model. You can view the firmware version your system is running by pressing Enter button on the front panel or by right-clicking and selecting Main Menu (Main Menu button)>System>Info.


Tips to ensure system stability:

  • To power off or restart the DVR, right-click, click Main Menu (Main Menu button)>Advanced>Maintain or System, and then click Power Off or Reboot.
  • Connect the DVR and cameras to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). A UPS has a built-in battery that will keep your system running during a power failure. The amount of time that a UPS can keep your equipment running varies on the model of UPS and the number and type of devices connected to it.


Last Updated: 11/8/2012