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How to secure your Lorex security system?

Keeping your video surveillance system secure and private is important. As stated in your instruction manual, setting a personalized and secure password is a priority.

Whether it relates to local access to your system (e.g. can employees in your business change settings) or remote access over the internet (e.g. who is authorized to log in remotely), you want to make sure that only authorized people have access to your system.  

Below are a few recommended steps to secure your video surveillance solution:

  1. Personalize your password.
    1. It is essential to change your administrator password and all the default passwords of your system.  
    2. It is important to pick a strong password that is not easy to guess.
    3. For added security, it is recommended that the password for your device is different from your other passwords.  
    4. It is good practice to update your password regularly.
    5. Keeping your password on or near your device is not recommended.  
    6. For information on how to change the password on your specific system:
      1. Visit  and search for your model number to find the instruction manual or FAQ.
      2. If your system is older than 3 years,  this information  will be available from the  “Discontinued/Downloads” link.  
  2. Be selective with whom you provide access to your system and what level of access you grant them. Your system has different authority levels, and administrator authority should be limited to  you only. Creating accounts with user status and configuring access permissions allows you to limit the actions that people can perform.
  3. Keep your system up to date.  Check for the latest firmware and software updates for your specific model.


Changing your password is simple and fast. It will not impact other settings of your system. Should you have further questions please contact us directly.

Thank you for choosing LOREX.