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Internet Explorer 11 FAQs

Q: Why do I see a blank screen when connecting to my DVR / NVR in Internet Explorer 11?

A: Microsoft has recently released a new browser version, Internet Explorer 11. The new browser has introduced safety features that require additional authorization to run browser plugins, such as those used for remote access to Lorex systems. Use the following procedure to access your system using Internet Explorer 11:

To access your DVR / NVR remotely using Internet Explorer 11:

  1. Enter the system's IP or DDNS address into your browser window and press Enter. The following alert message appears near the bottom of the browser window.

    Run control message

  2. Click Run control. The browser refreshes and the alert message disappears.
  3. Click the settings icon (Settings icon) in the upper-right corner of the browser window.
  4. Click Compatibility View settings.

    Click Compatibility View settings

  5. Click Add to add the system's IP or DDNS address to the list of trusted websites.

    Click Compatibility View settings

  6. Click Close. The log in screen appears immediately after closing. Connect to your system normally.

NOTE: This procedure will not be required for future logins, as Internet Explorer 11 stores a list of trusted web addresses in the browser history. If you delete the browser history, you will need to complete this procedure again in order to connect to your system.

Q: I have an ECO Series DVR. Why can't I see playback controls in Internet Explorer 11?

A: When playing back video from your DVR using the Internet Explorer 11 browser, the playback controls are hidden on some ECO systems (highlighted in red below). We are currently investigating this issue and will release an update shortly.

Last Updated: 22/10/2013