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Introducing Lorex MPX

Q: What is Lorex MPX?

A: Lorex MPX is a video surveillance format that delivers HD 1080p video over coaxial video cabling. With MPX, upgrading to HD is easier and cheaper than ever as it eliminates the expense and hassle of re-cabling if you are already using RG59 or RG6 cabling.

Additionally, MPX enables functionality previously unattainable over coax, such as full PTZ control without additional cabling. It also supports traditional BNC analog cameras, allowing you to continue using your favorite cameras after upgrading.

Q: What are the benefits of MPX?

A: Lorex MPX offers a number of significant benefits over traditional analog video surveillance systems, most notably:

  • High definition, 1080p (1920 × 1080) image quality
  • Long range, zero-latency, reliable video transmission
  • Strong anti-interference capability
  • Support for traditional BNC analog cameras
  • Auto detect and full control of PTZ cameras over video cables

Q: How does MPX fit with existing analog systems?

A: Lorex MPX bundles are designed to be installed as a complete new system or as an upgrade / replacement to an older analog system. As such, Lorex MPX DVR models will support MPX, Lorex HD 720p and standard analog cameras, giving you the flexibility to either keep existing analog cameras or seamlessly upgrade to an end-to-end HD solution.

Q: How do I connect a Lorex MPX camera to my DVR?

A: Lorex MPX cameras feature dual output (MPX / HD and analog / 960H). For more information on compatible Lorex MPX / HD DVRs, see the Lorex HD Camera Compatibility Chart.

If you are connecting the camera to a Lorex MPX DVR, connect the green BNC connector labelled "MPX" to a BNC port on your DVR.

If you are connecting to a 960H analog DVR, connect the yellow BNC connector labelled "Analog" to a BNC port on your DVR.

Q: Which type of applications is MPX best suited for?

A: MPX is an excellent option for new and existing customers alike. While new customers are getting a cost-effective HD surveillance solution, if you're upgrading from an SD system, you can enjoy the benefits of HD surveillance without the need to run new cabling.

Q: What types of cabling does MPX work with?

A: Your Lorex MPX system comes with a 60ft (18.4m) cable for each camera, but you can extend the cable run for your camera depending on the cable type used.

NOTE: The extension cable must be a single stretch of cable between the DVR and camera. You cannot connect multiple extension cables to each other.

You cannot connect multiple extension cables to each other

Option 1: RG59 coaxial siamese cable up to 300ft / 92m (video and power)

You can extend the video and power signal up to 300ft / 92m using RG59 coaxial cables available from Lorex.

RG59/Power extension cable
RG59/Power cable

If you need to extend the cable beyond the length of the included extension cable, Lorex provides the following options:

  • MCBL-100MRG59B: 100ft high performance mini-RG59/Power cable (click here)
  • MCBL-200MRG59B: 200ft high performance mini-RG59/Power cable (click here)
  • MCBL-300MRG59B: 300ft high performance mini-RG59/Power cable (click here)

Option 2: RG59 coaxial cable up to 800ft / 242m (video only)

You can extend the video signal up to 800ft / 242m using RG59 cables. In order to do this, you must connect the power adapter directly to the camera (see diagram below).

You can purchase longer cable runs from your local building supply store. Make sure any cables you buy come with pre-installed BNC connectors on each end and follow the specification below.

  • RG59 or RG6 20AWG Conductor 95% Braid CSA/UL or C(UL) approved

Q: How does MPX perform at night?

A: With MPX, you can expect excellent nighttime performance beyond that of Lorex's prior video surveillance products. MPX provides clear, detailed nighttime images for a premium HD surveillance solution at all times.


FLIR Cloud connectivity solution

Q: Can I use my smartphone to view video on an MPX system?

A: Lorex MPX systems feature remote viewing capabilities for popular mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop (Windows, OS X) platforms via FLIR Cloud. With FLIR Cloud, remote access to MPX DVRs involves no complex networking steps. Simply download the free FLIR Cloud app, scan the QR code on the DVR and start viewing live video from multiple cameras while on the go.

Last Updated: 07/28/2015