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LBC7041 Security Camera - Frequently Asked Questions

Relevant Models / Series: LBC7041


Q: Why are there bright spots in the image when night vision is activated?

A: If the camera's sunshade is pushed too far forward, infrared light from the night vision LEDs may reflect off of the white tracks on the inside of the sunshade. This may cause bright spots or cloudiness in the image.

Bright spots caused by the camera's sunshade

The solution to this is to push the sunshade back so it is aligned with the back of the camera (see below) or remove the sunshade from the camera. Removing the sunshade is only recommended if the camera is installed indoors or in a sheltered outdoor location, as direct sunlight may overexpose the image.

Incorrect sunshade position Recommended sunshade position

If you need to position the sunshade further forward, an alternative solution is to mask the white tracks underneath the sunshade with a dark, non-reflective color.


Last Updated: 5/10/2013