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LH040 ECO Series Security DVR - Frequently Asked Questions

Relevant models / series: LH0404

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Q: How do I connect wireless cameras to my LH040 Series DVR?

The LH040 ECO Series DVR is provided with an Octopus cable that is used to connect cameras to the system. The instructions below for connecting wireless cameras to the DVR are based on the LW2232 Series wireless cameras.

To connect wireless cameras to LH040 ECO Series DVR:

Connection diagram for connecting LW2232 wireless cameras to LH040 DVR
  1. Connect the power cable(s) from your wireless camera(s) to the included power adapter(s). Plug the power adapter into a power outlet or surge protector.

    NOTE: Power outlet must be in a sheltered location.
  2. Connect the Octopus cable provided with the DVR to the Video Input 1–4 / Video Output / Audio Input 1–2 / Audio Output port on the rear panel of the DVR.
  3. Connect the two BNC video cables from the wireless receiver to the yellow V-IN connectors on the Octopus cable.
  4. Connect the wireless receiver to the included power adapter. Plug the power adapter into a power outlet or surge protector.
  5. Place the receiver in a location that will have clear reception to your cameras.

    NOTE: If one of your cameras is out of range, the corresponding channel indicator LED will flash on and off rapidly.


Last Updated: 8/15/2014