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LND2152 Dome IP Camera - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the camera weatherproof?

A: Yes, the camera housing is fully weatherproof (IP66 rated). However, the Ethernet connector is not weatherproof. If water enters the Ethernet connector while the camera is operating, it can damage the camera.

Make sure the Ethernet connection is protected from water

If installing the camera outdoors, the Ethernet cable should be protected inside a wall or box. The camera features a cable-passthrough bracket, so the cables can be completely concealed inside the wall. If the connector cannot be concealed, you can protect the connection by wrapping it with tape.

Q: Can I mount the camera to the wall?

A: No, this camera is designed for ceiling mounting only. The image will appear sideways or upside down if mounted to a wall.

This camera is designed for ceiling mounting only


Last Updated: 11/7/2013